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Mabie/Maybee/Mabee in the 1880 US Federal Census

Transcribed by Steve Mabie

Last Revision Date: 12/14/2014

1880 Census Key:
Column 1: Name
Column 2: Relationship to head of household
Column 3: Gender
Column 4: Marital Status (M=Married; S=Single; W=Widowed; D=Divorced)
Column 5: Race (W=White; B=Black; MU=Mulatto; I=Indian)
Column 6: Age
Column 7: Birthplace
Column 8: Occupation
Column 9: Parents' Birthplace (Fa=Father; Ma=Mother)

NOTE: Notes appearing in red text below a transcription are my comments.

Barbour County, Clayton, Page 246A, National Archives Film T9-0003
   James W. Mabey Head M M W 55   GAFarmerFa: VAMo: GA
   Mary A. Mabey Wife F M W 48   ALKeeping HouseFa: GAMo: GA
   Mary W. Mabey Daughter F S W 18   ALNo OccupationFa: GAMo: AL
   James F. Mabey Son M S W 16   ALAt SchoolFa: GAMo: AL
   Carrie J. Mabey Daughter F S W 14   ALAt SchoolFa: GAMo: AL
   Annie L. Mabey Daughter F S W  8   ALAt SchoolFa: GAMo: AL
Marshall County, Beat 16, Page 270C, National Archives Film T9-0024
   James T. Mabey Head M M W 37   GAFarmerFa: GAMo: GA
   Feriba L. Mabey Wife F M W 30   ALKeeping HouseFa: ALMo: AL
   Pocahontas Mabey Daughter F S W 12   ALFa: GAMo: AL
   Joel W. Mabey Son M S W 10   ALFa: GAMo: AL
   Soloman F. Mabey Son M S W  8   ALFa: GAMo: AL
   Ephrum J. Mabey Son M S W  6   ALFa: GAMo: AL
   Cora Lee Mabey Daughter F S W  4   ALFa: GAMo: AL
   James M. Mabey Son M S W  7 mo ALFa: GAMo: AL
Marion County, Bearden, Page 74D, National Archives Film T9-0051
   James Meabe Head M M W 40   TNFarmingFa: TNMo: TN
   Lucinda Meabe Wife F M W 37   TNFa: TNMo: TN
   Mary Meabe Daughter F S W 18   ARFa: TNMo: TN
   Adam Meabe Son M S W 16   ARFa: TNMo: TN
   Margret Meabe Daughter F S W 14   ARFa: TNMo: TN
   America Meabe Daughter F S W 12   ARFa: TNMo: TN
   William Meabe Son M S W 10   ARFa: TNMo: TN
   Julie Meabe Daughter F S W  8   ARFa: TNMo: TN
   Martha Meabe Daughter F S W  6   ARFa: TNMo: TN
   Franklin Meabe Son M S W  3   ARFa: TNMo: TN
Amador County, Township 2, Page 26D, National Archives Film T9-0063
   Hial N. Maybee Head M M W 45   CANCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Susan G. Maybee Wife F M W 33   MEKeeping HouseFa: MEMo: ME
   Herbert Maybee Son M S W  7   CAAt HomeFa: CANMo: ME
Marin County, Novats, Page 63B, National Archives Film T9-0068
   John Mabee Head M M W 64   CANLaborerFa: VAMo: NJ
   Elisabeth Mabee Wife F M W 62   CANKeeping HouseFa: SCTMo: SCT
   John Mabee Son M S W 21   MNLaborerFa: CANMo: CAN
San Francisco County, San Francisco, E.D. 144, Page 369D, National Archives Film T9-0076
   Charles M. Mayby Head M M W 41   CTJanitorFa: CTMo: CT
   Sarah Jane Mayby Wife F M W 36   PAKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: WAL
   Jennie Mayby Daughter F S W 12   DCAt SchoolFa: CTMo: PA
   Annie L. Mayby Daughter F S W 10   CAAt SchoolFa: CTMo: PA
   Charles M. Mayby Son M S W  8   CAAt SchoolFa: CTMo: PA
   Wm. Leon Mayby Son M S W  6   CAAt SchoolFa: CTMo: PA
   Sarah I. Mayby Daughter F S W  4   CAFa: CTMo: PA
   Daisey Mayby Daughter F S W  2   CAFa: CTMo: PA
   Note: Birthplace of wife's parents are enumerated as Philadelphia and Wales. Jennie's birthplace is listed as "Wash. DC."
San Francisco County, San Francisco, E.D. 223, Pages 391A & 391B, National Archives Film T9-0079
   Peter Mabie Head M M W 50   NYAuctioneerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabie Wife F M W 49   ENGKeeps HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
   Kate R. Mabie Daughter F S W 22   JCAt HomeFa: NYMo: ENG
   Julian C. Mabie Son M S W 16   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: ENG
   May F. Mabie Daughter F S W 14   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: ENG
   Frank D. S. Mabie Son M S W 11   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: ENG
   A. H. Mabie Son M S W  9   NYFa: NYMo: ENG
   W. C. Mabie Son M S W  6   NJFa: NYMo: ENG
   Note: Mary's birthplace says "London" as does the Birthplace of all children's mother. Kate's birthplace is Jersey City.
Santa Barbara County, Lompoc, Page 551C, National Archives Film T9-0081
   Charles J. Mabbey Boarder M S W 17   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in house of George and Sarah J. Butchart
Sonoma County, Petaluma, Page 69A, National Archives Film T9-0084
   Frank Maby Boarder M S W 28   MIStore ClerkFa: CANMo: CAN
   Note: Boarding in house of Adolphus and Ellen Johnson
Trinity County, Douglas City, Page 578A, National Archives Film T9-0085
   Frank Mabie Head M M W 31   ILMinierFa: NYMo: NY
   Emma Mabie Wife F M W 30   NHKeeping HouseFa: NHMo: NH
   Leland Mabie Son M S W  2   CAFa: ILMo: NH
   Elsa Mabie Daughter F S W  5 mo CAFa: ILMo: NH
Trinity County, Douglas City, Page 578B, National Archives Film T9-0085
   Hiram Mabie Head M M W 60   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth Mabie Wife F M W 56   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Arapahoe County, Denver, Page 72A, National Archives Film T9-0087
   W. A. Mabee Head M M W 35 CANHotel KeeperFa: CANMo: CAN
   Susan Mabee Wife F M W 24 CANKeeps HouseFa: CANMo: CAN
   Eva M. Mabee Daughter F S W  2 CAN Fa: CANMo: CAN
   Alfred L. Mabee Son M S W  1 CAN Fa: CANMo: CAN
Arapahoe County, Denver, Page 91A, National Archives Film T9-0088
   James Mabee Boarder M  W 23 NYFa:Mo:
Arapahoe County, Denver, Page 346B, National Archives Film T9-0088
   Frank Maybee Boarder M S W 20 NYWorks In BrickyardFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of Wm. and Eliz. Hopkins.
Chaffee County, Buena Vista, Page 6D, National Archives Film T9-0089
   W. H. Mabee Head M M W 27 ILRR manFa: MOMo: IL
   Nellie Mabee Wife F M W 21 ILSeamstressFa: ILMo: PA
Chaffee County, Maysville, Page 57B, National Archives Film T9-0089
   N. Mabee Head M M W 32 ILLaborerFa: PAMo: FRA
   Note: Both the first initial and the age are very difficult to make out.
Gilpin County, Central City, Page 15A, National Archives Film T9-0090
   George W. Mabee Head M M W 37 NYMiningFa: NYMo: NY
   Hattie Mabee Wife F M W 28 ILKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: MO
   George Mabee Son M S W  3 COFa: NYMo: IL
   Julia Mabee Daughter F S W 2M COFa: NYMo: IL
Lake County, Iron Hill, Page 502D, National Archives Film T9-0091
   Augustus S. Mabie Head M M W 30 NY Works on MineFa: NYMo: NY
   Louisa Mabie Wife F M W 27 VAHousekeeperFa: NYMo: NY
   Arthur Mabie Son M S W 6 NYvFa: NYMo: NY
Fairfield County, Bridgeport, Pages 515D, 516A, National Archives Film T9-0095
   John S. Ryckman Head M M W 70   NYBakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Catherine Ryckman Wife F M W 38   CTKeep HouseFa: CTMo: CT
   Albert Ryckman Son M S W 18   CT Wk-Sew Mach ShopFa: NYMo: CT
   Minnie Ryckman Daughter F S W 16   CTFa: NYMo: CT
   Alice Maby Boarder F S W  1   CTFa: USAMo: CT
Fairfield County, Bridgeport, Page 537B, National Archives Film T9-0095
   Edward W. Maby Head M M W 43   NYBarberFa: NYMo: NY
   Margaret A. Maby Wife F M W 44   NYKeep HouseFa: ENGMo: NY
Fairfield County, Bridgeport, Page 591B, National Archives Film T9-0095
   William Maybee Boarder M M W 38   NYLetter CarrierFa: NYMo: ENG
   William Maybee Son M S W 12   CTSchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in house of Anthony B. and Elizabeth W. Guernsey
Fairfield County, Danbury, Page 34B, National Archives Film T9-0094
   Orlando Mabie Head M M W 41   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Katie M. Mabie Wife F M W 36   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Howard Mabie Son M S W 16   CTWks In Boot FactoryFa: NYMo: NY
   Louis Mabie Son M S W  4   CTFa: NYMo: NY
Fairfield County, Danbury, Page 49D, National Archives Film T9-0094
   Martin Mabie Head M M W 42   NYCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Hester A. Mabie Wife F M W 38   CTKeeping HouseFa: CTMo: CT
   George Mabie Son M S W 17   CTCarpenters ApprenticeFa: NYMo: CT
   Samuel Mabie Son M S W 13   CTAt SchoolFa: NYMo: CT
   Alfred L. Mabie Son M S W  7   CTAt SchoolFa: NYMo: CT
Fairfield County, Danbury, Page 70C, National Archives Film T9-0094
   Isaac Mabie Head M M W 39   NYBrick MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah J. Mabie Wife F M W 29   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: ENG
   Charles W. Mabie Son M S W 12   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary E. Mabie Daughter F S W  7   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Ida M. Mabie Daughter F S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Olive Mabie Mother F W W 67   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Fairfield County, Danbury, Page 92D, National Archives Film T9-0094
   William F. Mabie Head M M W 40   NYBrick MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Phebe J. Mabie Wife F M W 35   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   John Mabie Son M S W 14   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Everett E. Mabie Son M S W 12   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Fairfield County, Danbury, Page 95D, National Archives Film T9-0094
   Charles E. Mabie Head M M W 36   NYBrick MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary F. Mabie Wife F M W 35   NYkeeping houseFa: NYMo: NY
   George E. Mabie Son M S W 12   NYworks at brick yardFa: NYMo: NY
   Cora F. Mabie Daughter F S W  9   NYat schoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Josephine B. Mabie Daughter F S W   6,   CTat schoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Harriet A. Mabie Daughter F S W   4   CT Fa: NYMo: NY
Fairfield County, Danbury, Page 142D, National Archives Film T9-0094
   Frank Mabie Boarder M M W 30   NYBlock MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary E. Mabie Wife F M W 25   NJFa: NYMo: NY
   Arthur F. Mabie Son M S W  1   CTAt HomeFa: NYMo: NJ
   Note: Boarding at house of Mary Barnum
Fairfield County, Greenwich, Page 459C, National Archives Film T9-0097
   Hamilton Wright Mabie Boarder M M W 34   NYEditorFa: NYMo: NY
   Jeanette Triver Mabie Wife F M W 26   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Lorraine T. Mabie Daughter F S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding at house of Julia Ann Button
Fairfield County, Stamford, Page 403A, National Archives Film T9-0097
   Deborah Maybee Head F W W 70   CTKeeping HouseFa: CTMo: CT
Middlesex County, Middletown, Page 27C, National Archives Film T9-0102
   Mary E. Maby Inmate F M W 32   CTHousewifeFa:Mo:
   Note: Connecticut Hospital for the Insane
New Haven County, Southbury, Page 233B, National Archives Film T9-0103
   Mary Mabee Head F W W 62   CTKeeps HouseFa: CTMo: CT
   William Hayes   M S W 17   CTDrives Team On R.R.Fa: CTMo: CT
Dakota Territory:
Cass County, Fargo, Page 244D, National Archives Film T9-0111
   W. W. Maybee Boarder M S W 23   CANClerk In StoreFa: CANMo: CAN
   Note: Living in a hotel
Pennington County, Rochford, Page 111C, National Archives Film T9-0114
   Leonard Mabey Head M W W 33   NYPlacer MinerFa: NYMo: NY
Turner County, Township 99 of Range 52, Page 290D, National Archives Film T9-0114
   Jane E. Maybee Head F S W 30   CANHouse KeeperFa: CANMo: NJ
Turner County, Township 99 of Range 52, Page 290D, National Archives Film T9-0114
   Oliver W. Maybee Head M S W 22   CANFarmerFa: CANMo: NJ
Turner County, Township 99 of Range 52, Page 290D, National Archives Film T9-0114
   Gabriel D. Maybee Head M S W 26   CANFarmerFa: CANMo: NJ
Turner County, Township 99 of Range 52, Page 290D, National Archives Film T9-0114
   Oliver D. Maybee Head M M W 55   CANFarmerFa: CANMo: SCO
   Susan Maybee Wife F M W 57   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary Maybee Daughter F S W 18   CANAttending SchoolFa: CANMo: NJ
   Cecelia Maybee Daughter F S W 16   CANAttending SchoolFa: CANMo: NJ
   Freeman Maybee Son M S W 16   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: NJ
   Maitland Maybee Son M S W 10   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: NJ
Turner County, Township 99 of Range 53, Page 346C, National Archives Film T9-0114
   Gabriel Mabee Head M S W 27   CANFarmerFa: CANMo: NJ
   Note: see above
Adams County, Keene, Page 174, National Archives Film T9-0174
   Obadiah Maybay Head M M W 33   ILFarmerFa:ILMo:OH
   Martha E. Maybay Wife F M W 23   MOKeeping HouseFa:PAMo:VA
   George F. Maybay Son M S W  6   ILAttended schoolFa:ILMo:MO
   William Maybay Son M S W  4   ILFa:ILMo:MO
Boone County, Bonus, Page 367A, National Archives Film T9-0176
   Jacob Mabie Head M M W 33   ILFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabie Wife F M W 40   MIKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Julia Mabie Sister F S W 36   ILAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Aaron Mabie Father M M W 72   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Amy Mabie Mother F M W 73   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Boone County, Bonus, Page 370C, National Archives Film T9-0176
   Daniel Mabie Head M M W 63   NYFarmerFa: 46 NYMo: 46 MA
   Elizabeth S. Mabie Wife F M W 46   ENGKeeping HouseFa: 46 ENGMo: 46 ENG
   Fannie E. Mabie Daughter F S W 24   ILSchool TeacherFa: 46 NYMo: 46 ENG
   Nellie Mabie Daughter F S W  8   ILFa: 46 NYMo: 46 ENG
Cook County, Chicago, E.D. 98, Page 354A, National Archives Film T9-0192
   Charles Maybe Boarder M S W 24   IABookkeeperFa: IAMo: IA
   Note: Boarding in the house of Charlotte Bayless
Cook County, Chicago, E.D. 109, Page 656B, National Archives Film T9-0193
   Robert D. Mabey Head M M W 41   ENGTailorFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Emmily Mabey Wife F M W 41   ENGFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Albert J. Mabey Son M S W 17   ENGDry Goods ClerkFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Arthur N. Mabey Son M S W 16   ENGFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Emma L. Mabey Daughter F S W 15   ENGFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Robert C. Mabey Son M S W  8   ENGAttending SchoolFa: ENGMo: ENG
De Witt County, Wilson, Page 489A, National Archives Film T9-0203
   Harry Maybee Hand M S W 21   KYFa: KYMo: KY
   Note: Living with Nicklas Foley, Stock Dealer
Effingham County, Altamont, Page 385C, National Archives Film T9-0205
   Simon Maybee Head M M W 51   CAN WCarpenterFa: CANMo: CAN
   Mary J. Maybee Wife F M W 50   CAN WKeeping HouseFa: CANMo: CAN
   Simon Maybee Son M S W 22   CANBrick MoulderFa: CANMo: CAN
   Nelson Maybee Son M S W 18   CANCommon LaborerFa: CANMo: CAN
   Franklin Maybee Son M S W 14   ILAt HomeFa: CANMo: CAN
Fayette County, Loudon, Page 73D, National Archives Film T9-0206
   Mary Mabee Head F W W 49   ENGKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Arther Mabee Son M S W 20   CANFarm LaborerFa: CANMo: ENG
   Hannah Mabee Daughter F S W 17   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: ENG
   Marshal Mabee Son M S W 14   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: ENG
Fayette County, Loudon, Page 73D, National Archives Film T9-0206
   Orrin Mabee Boarder M S W 12   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: ENG
   Note: Boarding with William and Sarah Smith
Ford County, Paxton, Page 373A, National Archives Film T9-0206
   John Maybee Head M M W 27   WI Fa:    Mo:
   Sarah Maybee Wife F M W 23   WIFa:    Mo:
   Alzina Maybee Daughter F S W  5   WIFa:    Mo: WI
Jo Daviess County, East Dubuque, Page 212D, National Archives Film T9-0216
   Alexander Mabee Head M M W 53   CANHotel KeeperFa: NBMo: NY
   Sarah A. Mabee Wife F M W 47   NYKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Jane Mabee Daughter F S W 22   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: NY
   Betsy Mabee Daughter F S W 20   CANDressmakerFa: CANMo: NY
   William Mabee Son M S W 17   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: NY
   Mary Mabee Daughter F S W 14   IAAt HomeFa: CANMo: NY
   Sarah Mabee Daughter F S W 11   IAAt HomeFa: CANMo: NY
   Louis L. Mabee Son M S W  8   IAFa: CANMo: NY
   Bertie Mabee Son M S W  6   IAFa: CANMo: NY
Kankakee County, Sumner, Page 30B, National Archives Film T9-0219
   Peter Mabe Boarder M D W 40   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding with Patrick H. and Celestia S. Burchard
Lee County, Amboy, Page 160B, National Archives Film T9-0225
   S. B. Mabey Head M M W 36   ILMinisterFa: ILMo: IL
   Mary Mabey Wife F M W 33   ILFa: ILMo: IL
Lee County, Dixon, Ward 4, Page 286B, National Archives Film T9-0225
   George J. Anderson Head M M W 65   NYCarpenterFa: PAMo: MD
   Margaret Anderson Wife F M W 63   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: SCO
   Orville B. Anderson Son M S W 31   NYMillrightFa: NYMo: NY
   Isebella Maibie Mother-in-Law F W W 95   SCOFa: SCOMo: SCO
Macoupin County, Polk, Page 274C, National Archives Film T9-0232
   Crist. Mabee Servant M S W 17   CANFarm LaborerFa: CANMo: ENG
   Note: Residing with Lucius B. and Ann E. Corbin
Madison County, Choteau, Page 286D, National Archives Film T9-0233
   John Mabee Head M M W 68   KYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Frederick Mabee Son M S W 32   ILFarmerFa: KYMo: IL
   Note: See below
Madison County, Venice, Page 384B, National Archives Film T9-0233
   John Mabee Head M M W 69   KYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Nancy Mabee Wife F M W 70   KYKeeping HouseFa: DEMo: DE
   Kate Jester   F S W 25   DEFa: DEMo: DE
   John Course Grandson M S W 19   ILFarmerFa: KYMo: IL
Moultrie County, Sullivan, Page 450D, National Archives Film T9-0239
   Robert Mabey Head M M W 41   INFarmerFa: NYMo: KY
   Martha Mabey Wife F M W 38   INHousekeepingFa:    Mo:
   William Mabey Son M S W 18   INFarm HandFa: INMo: IN
   Laura Mabey Daughter F S W 16   INHousekeepingFa: INMo: IN
   John Mabey Son M S W 13   INFarm HandFa: INMo: IN
   Charley Mabey Son M S W  9   INFa: INMo: IN
   Mode Mabey Son M S W  7   INFa: INMo: IN
   Hetty Mabey Daughter F S W  5   ILFa: INMo: IN
   Dennis Mabey Son M S W  3   ILFa: INMo: IN
Rock Island County, Moline, 2nd Ward, Page 367A, National Archives Film T9-0245
   Henry Mabie Boarder M S B 20   ALLaborerFa: ALMo: AL
   Note: Boarding with Edward and Parthena Dunn
Rock Island County, South Moline, Page 442D, National Archives Film T9-0246
   Daniel M. Mabie Head M M W 37   NYPrinterFa: NYMo: NY
   Sophia A. M. Mabie Wife F M W 32   ILKeeping HouseFa: VTMo: NY
   Lola L. Mabie Daughter F S W 10   WIAttending SchoolFa: NYMo: IL
   Stella E. Mabie Daughter F S W  8   ILFa: NYMo: IL
   Avah P. Mabie Son M S W  6   ILFa: NYMo: IL
Shelby County, Dry Point, Village of Cowden, Page 75D, National Archives Film T9-0251
   Alfred Mabee Head M M W 45 CAN WPainterFa: CANMo: CAN
   Eliza A. Mabee Wife F M W 43   CANKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: NY
   Samuel E. Mabee Son M M W 24   CANPainterFa: CANMo: CAN
   Mary A. Mabee DauInLaw F M W 19   ILKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: OH
   Willy A. Mabee Son M S W 15   CANAt SchoolFa: CANMo: CAN
   Ida E. Mabee Daughter F S W 12   ILAt SchoolFa: CANMo: CAN
   Maud Mabee Daughter F S W 9 mo ILFa: CANMo: IL
   Mabell Mabee Daughter F S W 9 mo ILFa: CANMo: IL
Stephenson County, Harlem, Page 145D, National Archives Film T9-0252
   Alanson Maybie Boarder M S W 36   NYCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding with family of Joseph and Mary A. Hutmacher
Winnebago County, Harlem, Page 60B, National Archives Film T9-0261
   R. T. Mabie Head M M W 70   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   S. M. Mabie Wife F M W 72   NYKeeps HouseFa: MAMo: VT
   Eugene Mabie Son M S W 35   ILFarmingFa: NYMo: NY
Winnebago County, Harlem, Page 62A, National Archives Film T9-0261
   Peter Mabie Head M M W 66   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary D. Mabie Wife F M W 59   MAKeeps HouseFa: CTMo: MA
   Homer C. Mabie Son M S W 30   ILFarmingFa: NYMo: MA
   Adda Mabie Daughter F S W 24   ILAt HomeFa: NYMo: MA
   Willie Mabie Son M S W 17   ILFarmingFa: NYMo: MA
Winnebago County, Rockford, Pages 241D & 242A, National Archives Film T9-0261
   John S. Mabie Head M M W 43   NYMinisterFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabie Wife F M W 33   ILKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: OH
   Edith Mabie Daughter F S W 17   ILAt SchoolFa: NYMo: IL
   Gertrude Mabie Daughter F S W 14   IAAt SchoolFa: NYMo: IL
   Maude Mabie Daughter F S W  5   ILFa: NYMo: IL
   Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Mother-in-Law F W W 63   OHAt HomeFa: VAMo: VA
Winnebago County, Roscoe, Page 296D, National Archives Film T9-0262
   C. Vincent Head M M W 60   NYCarpenter & FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Jane E. Vincent Wife F M W 54   NYHouse KeeperFa: NYMo: NY
   Charles E. Vincent Son M S W 22   ILFa: NYMo: NY
   Joshua Mabie Son-in-Law M M W 33   OHFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Ellen A. Mabie Daughter F M W 26   ILHouse KeeperFa: NYMo: NY
Winnebago County, Winnebago, Page 326D, National Archives Film T9-0262
   Edward Maby Servant M S W 16   IAFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: PA
   Note: Residing with family of Frederick and Ada N. Lane
Elkhart County, Elkhart, Page 546D, National Archives Film T9-0275
   George Maybee Head M M W 46   MINo OccupationFa: NYMo: NY
   Rachel Maybee Wife F M W 49   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Note: George is listed as "Cripple"
Fayette County, Jackson, Page 134B, National Archives Film T9-0276
   Robert Maybee Head M M W 64   PAFarm LaborerFa: PAMo: PA
   Martha Maybee Wife F M W 53   INKeeping HouseFa: INMo: IN
   Mary Maybee Daughter F S W 33   INAt HomeFa: PAMo: IN
   Francis Maybee Daughter F S W 27   INAt HomeFa: PAMo: IN
   Amanda Maybee Daughter F S W 24   INAt HomeFa: PAMo: IN
   Urbanis Maybee Son M S W 22   INFarm LaborerFa: INMo: IN
   Charles Maybee Son M S W 14   INAt HomeFa: INMo: IN
   Burton Salom Grandson M S W  4   INFa: PAMo: IN
   Edwin Maybee Son M S W 12   INFa: PAMo: IN
Fayette County, Jennings, Page 98B, National Archives Film T9-0276
   George Maybe Servant M S W 19   INFarming ApprenticeFa: KYMo: OH
   Note: Residing with Jesse P. and Margarette Elliott
Huntington County, Huntington, Page 718D, National Archives Film T9-0285
   Thomas J. Jones Head M M W 40   OHTeamsterFa: OHMo: OH
   Elizabeth Jones Wife F M W 35   INHousewifeFa: OHMo: OH
   Clara B. Jones Daughter F S W 14   INAttends SchoolFa: OHMo: IN
   Lillie A. Jones Daughter F S W 12   INAttends SchoolFa: OHMo: IN
   George Mabey Boarder M S W 28   OHTeamsterFa: Mo:
   Note: George W. Maybee married Clara B. Jones on 4/27/1882 in Huntington County.
Jennings County, Spencer, Page 451D, National Archives Film T9-0288
   Sarah Mabie Head F W W 54   INKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: PA
   William Mabie Son M S W 23   INFarmingFa: CANMo: IN
   Hugh S. Mabie Son M S W 22   CANWorking On FarmFa: CANMo: IN
   Samuel A. Mabie Son M S W 20   CANWorking On FarmFa: CANMo: IN
   Mary A. Mabie Daughter F S W 16   INAt SchoolFa: CANMo: IN
   Colista B. Mabie Daughter F S W 14   INAt SchoolFa: CANMo: IN
   Anna J. Mabie Daughter F S W 12   INAt SchoolFa: CANMo: IN
Kosciusko County, Tippecanoe, Page 112B, National Archives Film T9-0290
   William Mabie Head M M W 24   INFarmerFa: OHMo: OH
   Catharine Mabie Wife F M W 25   INKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: OH
   Birtie Mabie Son M S W  2   INFa: INMo: IN
Kosciusko County, Tippecanoe, Page 113C, National Archives Film T9-0290
   Eli Mabie Head M M W 50   OHFarmerFa: NYMo: PA
   Eliza A. Mabie Wife F M W 44   OHKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: VA
   Rose Mabie Daughter F S W 17   INFa: OHMo: OH
   Jessie O. Mabie Daughter F S W  3   IN  Fa: OHMo: OH
Kosciusko County, Tippecanoe, Page 116B, National Archives Film T9-0290
   John Mabie Head M M W 27   INFarmerFa: OHMo: IN
   Ann Mabie Wife F M W 28   INKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: PA
   Della Mabie Daughter F S W  4   INFa: INMo: IN
   Willie Mabie Son M S W 8 mo INFa: INMo: IN
Kosciusko County, Pierceton, Page 142B, National Archives Film T9-0290
   James Maby Head M M W 72   NYHouse CarpenterFa: *Mo: NY
   Emaline Maby Wife F M W 57   NYHouse KeeperFa: ENGMo: MA
   Note: For some strange reason, the birthplace of James' father was enumerated as Wurtemburg instead of NY.
Kosciusko County, Warsaw, Page 283D, National Archives Film T9-0290
   Amos T. L. Kist Head M M W 53   OHIndian AgentFa: VAMo: OH
   Elizabeth Kist Wife F M W 44   OHKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: VA
   Zoe Kist Daughter F S W 26   INFa: OHMo: OH
   Mellie Kist Daughter F S W 11   INAt HomeFa: OHMo: OH
   Dayton Mabie Son M S W 23   INAt HomeFa: OHMo: OH
   Oraialee J. Mabie Daughter F S W 16   INAt HomeFa: OHMo: OH
   Lot Dalbert Mabie Son M S W 14   INAt HomeFa: OHMo: OH
Lagrange County, Bloomfield, Page 358A, National Archives Film T9-0290
   Homer J. Maybee Head M M W 26   INFarmerFa: OHMo: OH
   Lily Maybee Wife F M W 19   OHKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: OH
Lagrange County, Clay, Page 381A, National Archives Film T9-0291
   Cornelius Mabee Head M M W 49   PAFarm LaborerFa: Mo:
   Mary Mabee Wife F M W 28   OHKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: OH
   Essa Mabee Daughter F S W  7   INFa: PAMo: OH
   Desra Mabee Daughter F S W  4   INFa: PAMo: OH
Lagrange County, Ontario, Page 318C, National Archives Film T9-0290
   Amos Maybee Head M M W 25   PADay LaborerFa: PAMo: PA
   Betsy Maybee Wife F M W 24   INKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
   Maybee Son M S W 1 mo INFa: PAMo: IN
Lagrange County, Greenfield, Page 333C, National Archives Film T9-0290
   Eston Boyd Head M M W 47   PAFarmerFa: PAMo: PA
   Magdelena Boyd Wife F M W 42   OHKeeps HouseFa: PAMo: PA
   Harvey M. Maybee Stepson M S W 18   INWorks On FarmFa: PAMo: OH
   Homer Maybee Stepson M S W  5   INFa: PAMo: OH
   Chancey E. Boyd Son M S W 13   MIWorks On FarmFa: PAMo: PA
   John Edwin Boyd Son M S W 13   MIWorks On FarmFa: PAMo: PA
   Catharine Boyd Daughter F S W 10   MIFa: PAMo: PA
   Jacob Boyd Son M S W  9   MIFa: PAMo: PA
   Minda Boyd Daughter F S W  5   MIFa: PAMo: PA
   Edna Alice Boyd Daughter F S W  4   MI  Fa: PAMo: PA
   Delilah Boyd Daughter F S W 18   MIFa: PAMo: PA
Lagrange County, Springfield, Page 340C, National Archives Film T9-0290
   Alonzo Maybe Servant M - W 18   INFarm LaborerFa: Mo:
   Note: Residing with Alexander and Isabelle Williams
Lagrange County, Springfield, Page 345B, National Archives Film T9-0290
   Anna Maybee Boarder F S W  5   OHDress MakerFa: NJ  Mo: MA
   Note: Boarding in house of Ira and Ellen Talmage
Lagrange County, Springfield, Page 349A, National Archives Film T9-0290
   Frank Maybee Head M M W 21   INFarm LaborerFa: INMo: OH
   Catherine Maybee Wife F M W 18   INKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
   Minnie Maybee Daughter F S W 8 mo INFa: INMo: IN
Marion County, Indianapolis, 6th Ward, Page 169B, National Archives Film T9-0295
   Henry C. Mabie Head M M W 33   ILMinisterFa: NYMo: NY
   Edith R. Mabie Wife F M W 35   ENGKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: ENG
   Henry S. Mabie Son M S W  9   ILAt SchoolFa: ILMo: ENG
   Muriel K. Mabie Daughter F S W  7   ILAt SchoolFa: ILMo: ENG
   Florence R. Mabie Daughter F S W  4   MAFa: ILMo: ENG
Marion County, Indianapolis, 6th Ward, Page 187A, National Archives Film T9-0295
   Mary Mabbie Servant F S W 18   INServantFa: INMo: IN
   Note: Residing in the household of August & Mary Buschmann.
Marion County, Indianapolis, 9th Ward, Page 286B, National Archives Film T9-0295
   Dayton Mabie Boarder M S W 23   INStudentFa: OHMo: OH
   Note: Boarding in house run by Cynthia C. Barnum
Morgan County, Washington, Page 137B, National Archives Film T9-0301
   Jacke Mabee Head M M W 29   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Rebecca Mabee Wife F M W 24   INKeeping HouseFa: INMo: IN
   William Mabee Son M S W  5   INFa: INMo: IN
   Evaline Mabee Daughter F S W  3   INFa: NJ  Mo: IN
   Joseph Mabee Son M S W 8 mo INFa: NJ  Mo: IN
Morgan County, Washington, Page 137B, National Archives Film T9-0301
   William Mabee Head M M W 58   NJCarpenterFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Catharine Mabee Wife F M W 57   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Katy Mabee Daughter F S W 21   INAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Sallie Mabee Daughter F S W 18   INAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Noble County, Wayne, Page 309A, National Archives Film T9-0301
   George Maybee Head M M W 35   PAFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Calista Maybee Wife F M W 39   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Stetson Step-Daughter F S W 17   ILAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Nellie Maybee Daughter F S W  9   INFa: PAMo: NY
   Birdie Maybee Daughter F S W  5   INFa: PAMo: NY
Porter County, Union, Page 438A, National Archives Film T9-0304
   Geo. Quartzrass Head M M W 67   NYFarmerFa: MAMo: IRE
   Sarah Quartzrass Wife F M W 52   CANKeeping HouseFa: VTMo: NY
   Adalie Mabee Sister F W W 56   NYHouse KeeperFa: VTMo: NY
Rush County, Arlington, Page 73C, National Archives Film T9-0308
   John F. Mabee Head M M W 29   MIWorks In SawmillFa: CANMo: CAN
   Icy Mabee Wife F M W 21   INKeeps HouseFa: INMo: IN
Steuben Couty, Flint, Page 268B, National Archives Film T9-0312
   George Mabie Head M M W 20   OHFarmingFa: Mo:
   Jane Mabie Wife F M W 24   MIKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: OH
Steuben Couty, Jackson, Page 275C, National Archives Film T9-0312
   J. Monroe Mabie Laborer M S W 24   OHFarm HandFa: NYMo: OH
   Note: Residing with David and Polly Benninghoof
Steuben Couty, Jackson, Page 275D, National Archives Film T9-0312
   Robert Mabie Head M M W 53   OHFarmingFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah J. Mabie Wife F M W 47   OHKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: PA
   Alonzo Mabie Son M S W 18   INFarm HandFa: OHMo: OH
   Almyra Mabie Daughter F S W 14   INHouse KeeperFa: OHMo: OH
   William Mabie Son M S W 11   INAttending SchoolFa: OHMo: OH
   Cora E. Mabie Daughter F S W  8   INAttending SchoolFa: OHMo: OH
   Rosetta Mabie Daughter F S W  4   INFa: OHMo: OH
Steuben Couty, Hudson, Page 292D, National Archives Film T9-0312
   Henry Mabie Head M M W 43   OHWagon MakerFa: OHMo: OH
   Rody A. Mabie Wife F M W 42   OHKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: OH
   Hellen Mabie Daughter F S W 17   INAt SchoolFa: OHMo: OH
   George W. Mabie Son M S W 14   INAt Work Pres MonthFa: OHMo: OH
Wells County, Lancaster, Page 55D, National Archives Film T9-0323
   Jacob Maybe   M   W 24   OHLaborerFa: PAMo: OH
   Note: Residing with family of William and Mary E. McAfee
Wells County, Lancaster, Page 60A, National Archives Film T9-0323
   William W. Brown Head M M W 27   INFarmerFa: NCMo: NC
   Lydia Brown Wife F M W 26   OHKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: PA
   Francis M. Brown Son M S W  4   INFa: INMo: OH
   Lillie V. Brown Daughter F S W  2   INFa: INMo: OH
   Elizabeth Mabee Mother-in-Law F W W 60   PAAt HomeFa: PAMo: PA
   Eliza J. Mabee Sis-in-Law F S W 20   INAt HomeFa: OHMo: PA
   George Carr Nephew M S W 14   INOn FarmFa: OHMo: OH
Adams County, Douglas, Page 137B, National Archives Film T9-0325
   Lyman T. Maybee Head M M W 45   PATeamsterFa: NYMo: NY
   Martha Maybee Wife F M W 40   PAKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: PA
   Sarah L. Maybee Daughter F S W 15   KSAt HomeFa: PAMo: PA
   Nancy J. Maybee Daughter F S W 13   KSAt HomeFa: PAMo: PA
   Amarita E. Maybee Daughter F S W 13   KSAt HomeFa: PAMo: PA
   Alicia Maybee Daughter F S W 10   KSAt HomeFa: PAMo: PA
   Martha Maybee Daughter F S W  5   KSAt HomeFa: PAMo: PA
Adams County, Corning, Page 149A, National Archives Film T9-0325
   Albert M. Maybee Boarder M S W 24   PALaborerFa: PAMo: PA
   Note: Boarding in house of Elizabeth Wright.
Buena Vista County, Nokomis, Page 26D, National Archives Film T9-0329
   Libbens J. Mabie Head M M W 24   IAFarmerFa: NYMo: OH
   Sarah B. Mabie Wife F M W 22   IAKeeping HouseFa: INMo: IN
   Dayton A. Mabie Son M S W 11 mo IAFa: IAMo: IA
   Peter Mabie Father M W W 73   IALives With SonFa: IAMo: IA
Butler County, Butler, Page 136A, National Archives Film T9-0330
   Ira Mabie Head M M W 43   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Jennie M. Mabie Wife F M W 42   NYKeeping HouseFa: CTMo: NY
   Nettie S. Mabie Daughter F S W 15   ILAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Butler County, Cold Water, Page 144C, National Archives Film T9-0330
   Fred D. Mabee Head  M M W 43   CAN WRestaurant KeeperFa: CANMo: CAN
   Sarah A. Mabee Wife F M  W 38   NHKeeping HouseFa: NHMo: NH
   Mary A. Mabee Daughter F S W 15   ILAt SchoolFa: CANMo: NH
   Charles Mabee Son M S W 10   IAAt SchoolFa: CANMo: NH
   Fred L. Mabee Son M S W  9   IAFa: CANMo: NH
   Ella Mabee Daughter F S W  6   IAFa: CANMo: NH
   Myrtle Mabee Daughter F S W  5   IAFa: CANMo: NH
Carroll County, Arcadia, Page 356B, National Archives Film T9-0330
   H. Bartlett Head M M W 56   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Charlott Bartlett Wife F M W 46   CANKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
   Orin Bartlett Son M S W 28   ILFarmerFa: NYMo: CAN
   Ida Bartlett Daughter F S W 24   ILTeacherFa: NYMo: CAN
   Catherine Bartlett Mother F W W 81   NYNoneFa: Mo:
   M. Mabee Mother-in-Law F W W 67   PANoneFa: PAMo: PA
Cerro Gordo County, Clear Lake, Page 236A, National Archives Film T9-0331
   Charles E. Mabie Head M M W 25   WILife InsuranceFa: NYMo: NY
   Mina Mabie Wife F M W 22   IAFa: OHMo: VT
Cerro Gordo County, Mason City, Pages 269A & 269B, National Archives Film T9-0331
   Alonzo G. Mabie Head M M W 52   NYTeamsterFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah Mabie Wife F M W 45   NYHousekeepingFa: NHMo: NY
   Frederick Mabie Son M S W 25   MIDraymanFa: NYMo: NY
   Wm. A. Mabie Son M S W 22   MICigar ManufacturerFa: NYMo: NY
   Frank Leslie Mabie Son M S W 17   IAUnemployedFa: NYMo: NY
   Helen Mabie Daughter F S W 15   IAAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Harry L. Mabie Son M S W 12   IAAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Bird Mabie Son M S W  9   IAAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Clara Mabie Daughter F S W  7   IAAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Roy Mabie Son M S W  3   IAFa: NYMo: NY
Chickasaw County, Fredericksburg, Page 412B, National Archives Film T9-0332
   Charles Mabie Head M M W 52   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Elmira Mabie Wife F M W 46   NYKeeps HouseFa: VTMo: NY
   Jay L. Mabie Son M S W 17   ILFarm HandFa: NYMo: NY
Greene County, Jefferson, Page 281A, National Archives Film T9-0341
   James L. Mabie Head M M W 27   NYBarbing WireFa: NYMo: NY
   Ella Mabie Wife F M W 20   OHKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: NY
Greene County, Jefferson, Page 281A, National Archives Film T9-0341
   Albert I. Mabie Head M M W 29   NYBarbing WireFa: NYMo: NY
   Minie E. Mabie Wife F M W 26   ILKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: IN
Greene County, Jefferson, Page 281B, National Archives Film T9-0341
   Daniel K. Mabie Head M M W 61   NYPhysicianFa: NYMo: NY
   Aneliza Mabie Wife F M W 52   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Everet M. Mabie Son M S W 21   WIBarbing WireFa: NYMo: NY
   Maggie Mabie Daughter F S W 16   WITeaching MusicFa: NYMo: NY
Grundy County, Reinbeck, Page 371B, National Archives Film T9-0341
   A. F. Mabee   M S W 36   CANLaborerFa: CANMo: CAN
   Note: Residing in house of George and Helen Dobler.
Hancock County, Concord, Page 300D, National Archives Film T9-0342
   C. B. Mabee Head M M W 29   ILReal Estate DealerFa: NYMo: NY
   Josie A. Mabee Wife F M W 24   WIKeeps HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Mildred Mabee Daughter F S W 7 mo IA  Fa: ILMo: WI
Hardin County, Hardin, Page 359D, National Archives Film T9-0343
   John Maybee Servant M S W 22   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: ENG
   Note: Residing in house of Riley Weiland.
Hardin County, Hardin, Page 364A, National Archives Film T9-0343
   William C. Maybee Head M M W 50   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Jane Maybee Wife F M W 47   ENGKeeping HouseFa: ENMo: ENG
   Clyde Maybee Son M S W 19   NYFa: NYMo: ENG
   Bertha M. Maybee Daughter F S W 14   NYFa: NYMo: ENG
   Daisy M. Maybee Daughter F S W  6   IAFa: NYMo: ENG
Iowa County, Hilton, Page 210B, National Archives Film T9-0345
   John Mabie Servant M S W 15   WIFarm ServantFa: WIMo: WI
   Note: Residing with Theodore and Mary B. Raynor. Also, see below.
Iowa County, Marengo, Page 167B, National Archives Film T9-0345
   Mary E. Mabie Head F W W 52   NYHousekeeper At HomeFa: MDMo: NY
   Franklin J. Mabie Son M S W 22   WILaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   William O. Mabie Son M S W 20   WILaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Anna M. Mabie Daughter F S W 18   WIHouseworkFa: NYMo: NY
   John C. Mabie Son M S W 16   WILaborFa: NYMo: NY
   Madaline Mabie Daughter F S W 12   WIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Myra C. Mabie Daughter F S W  7   WIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Marshall County, Liberty, Page 77A, National Archives Film T9-0355
   Jasper Mabee Head M M W 27   INFarmingFa: INMo: IN
   Georgeana Mabee Wife F M W 23   IAKeeping HouseFa: VAMo: KY
   George Mabee Son M S W  5   IAFa: INMo: IN
   Edward Mabee Son M S W 4 mo IAFa: INMo: IN
   Mary Mabee Aunt F S W 21   IAVisitorFa: OHMo:
Marshall County, Minerva, Page 198D, National Archives Film T9-0355
   Marie Mabie Servant F S W 21   IAHousekeeperFa: INMo: IN
   Note: Residing with Wilhelm and Martha Clemons.
O'Brien County, Sheldon, Page 294C, National Archives Film T9-0358
   Oscar P. Mabee   M S W 23   CANDentistFa: CANMo: OH
   Note: Living in hotel.
Polk County, Des Moines, 5th Ward, Page 386B, National Archives Film T9-0360
   Edwin Mabie Boarder M S W 20   CANBrakeman R.R.Fa: CANMo: CAN
   Note: Thomas and Apha Birney
Sioux County, Sheridan, Page 142A, National Archives Film T9-0364
   John Maybee Head M   W 21   HANLaborerFa: HANMo: HAN
   Note: The name is written very clearly, however, "Hanover" is repeated for most of the page, making it questionable.
Tama County, Carlton, Page 407C, National Archives Film T9-0365
   Alford E. Mabee Boarder M S W 27   CANCarpenterFa: CANMo: CAN
   Note: Boarding in house of Jacob and Isabelle Babcock.
Warren County, Indianola, Page 377A, National Archives Film T9-0368
   C. C. Mabee Head M M W 58   NYMinisterFa: NYMo: NY
   Mathiny Mabee Wife F M W 45   PAKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: PA
   Eugene L. Mabee Son M S W 22   IATeaching SchoolFa: NYMo: PA
   Mary C. Mabee Daughter F S W 18   IAFa: NYMo: PA
   Thomas E. Mabee Son M S W 15   IAFa: NYMo: PA
Wayne County, Walnut, Page 394B, National Archives Film T9-0369
   William T. Maybee Head M M W 28   OHFarmerFa: OHMo: VA
   Hettie Maybee Wife F M W 23   IAKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: OH
   Margaret A. Maybee Sister F S W 16   OHKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: VA
   Emma L. Maybee Sister F S W 13   OHAttending SchoolFa: OHMo: VA
Allen County, Geneva, Page 53D, National Archives Film T9-0372
   Edward Mabie Head M M W 42   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Clara Mabie Wife F M W 17   KSKeeping HouseFa: AlsMo: ENG
   Steven G. Mabie Father M W W 65   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary T. Mabie Sister F S W 39   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Allen County, Humboldt, Page 65C, National Archives Film T9-0372
   James L. Maybee Head M M W 28   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary J. Maybee Wife F M W 29   KYHousekeeperFa: OHMo: OH
   Alpha Maybee Son M S W  8   KSFa: NYMo: KY
   Lotta Maybee Daughter F S W  4   KSFa: NYMo: KY
Allen County, Humboldt, Pages 65C & 65 D, National Archives Film T9-0372
   William H. Maybee Head M M W 53   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Hannah Maybee Wife F M W 48   NYHousekeeperFa: VTMo: VT
   Loesa M. Maybee Daughter F S W 21   INTeacherFa: NYMo: NY
   William E. O. Maybee Son M S W  4   KSFa: NYMo: NY
   Minnie L. Maybee Daughter F S W  9   KSAdoptedFa: unk.Mo: unk.
Allen County, Iola, Page 83C, National Archives Film T9-0372
   Alphonso M. Maybie Head M M W 21   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: OH
   Emma Maybie Wife F M W 19   KSKeeping HouseFa: MOMo: MO
   Milley Maybie Mother F W W 46   OHAt HomeFa: OHMo: OH
Allen County, Iola, Page 85D, National Archives Film T9-0372
   Andrew Maybie Servant M S W 26   IAFarm LaborerFa: MIMo: IL
   Note: Residing with Robert and Sarah Cook.
Allen County, Iola, Page 95B, National Archives Film T9-0372
   Stella Mabie Servant F S W 22   NYServantFa: NYMo: OH
   Note: Residing with Henry and Lizzie Perkins.
Clay County, Highland, Page 130C, National Archives Film T9-0376
   David A. Mabie Head M M W 29   INFarmerFa: PAMo:
   Priscilla Mabie Wife F M W 23   INKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: VT
   Lewis A. Mabie Son M S W  2   KSFa: INMo: IN
Clay County, Highland, Page 131B, National Archives Film T9-0376
   Samuel C. Mabie Head M M W 33   INFarmerFa: PAMo: OH
   Louisa A. Mabie Wife F M W 31   INKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
   William K. Mabie Son M S W 11   IAFarm Laborer Fa: INMo: IN
   Clara Belle Mabie Daughter F S W 10   IAFa: INMo: IN
   Anna Mabie Daughter F S W  7   KSFa: INMo: IN
   Charles C. Mabie Son M S W  2   KSFa: INMo: IN
Cowley County, Sheridan, Page 595A, National Archives Film T9-0377
   Ezra A. Mabee Head M M W 56   CANFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Rozanna Mabee Wife F M W 47   CANKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: CAN
   Estella Mabee Daughter F S W 23   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: CAN
   Ridley Mabee Son M S W 21   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: CAN
   Hattie Mabee Daughter F S W 19   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: CAN
   Jennie Mabee Daughter F S W 17   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: CAN
   Fannie Mabee Daughter F S W 13   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: CAN
   Oscar Mabee Son M S W 11   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: CAN
   Rosa Mabee Daughter F S W  8   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: CAN
   Orvill Mabee Son M S W  5   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: CAN
Miami County, Osage, Page 380C, National Archives Film T9-0389
   Chas. Maby   M S W 23   INWorks On FarmFa: Mo:
   Note: Residing with family of O. P. and Julia A. Tenney.
Osage County, Agency, Page 32C, National Archives Film T9-0391
   Sarah Mabie Head F W W 52   OHKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: OH
   Hester Mabie Daughter F S W 21   INAt HomeFa: NYMo: OH
   Lidanda Mabie Son M S W 19   INAt HomeFa: NYMo: OH
   Bevia Mabie Son M S W 15   INAt HomeFa: NYMo: OH
   William Mabie Son M S W 10   INAt HomeFa: NYMo: OH
Pottawatomie County, Blue, Page 276D, National Archives Film T9-0393
   Newton Maybee Head M M W 40   PAFarmerFa: NYMo: VT
   Sarah Maybee Wife F M W 29   ILFa: ILMo: IL
   Charles Maybee Son M S W 12   KSAt SchoolFa: PAMo: IL
   Martha Maybee Daughter F S W 10   KSAt SchoolFa: PAMo: IL
   John E. Maybee Son M S W  8   KSAt SchoolFa: PAMo: IL
   Frank Maybee Son M S W  5   KSAt SchoolFa: PAMo: IL
   Jane Maybee Daughter F S W  2   KSAt HomeFa: PAMo: IL
Wallace County, Wallace, Page 444A, National Archives Film T9-0399
   Patrick Mabay Boarder M S W 22   MOCook In HotelFa: IREMo: IRE
   Note: Residing in hotel.
Aroostook County, Amity, Page 388A, National Archives Film T9-0477
   William Mabee Boarder M W W 70   CANFa: Mo:
   Note: Boarding in house of Hannah Greenleaf.
Washington County, Eastport, Page 196A, National Archives Film T9-0489
   Nancy Mabee Head F W W 72   MEHousekeeperFa: NHMo: NH
   Note: Running boarding house.
Washington County, Eastport, Page 211C, National Archives Film T9-0490
   Henry G. Capen Head M M W 49   MECarpenterFa: MEMo: ME
   Mary J. Capen Wife F M W 46   MEFa: MEMo: ME
   Annie Capen Daughter F S W 22   MEClerk In StoreFa: MEMo: ME
   Nellie A. Capen Daughter F S W 21   MEDress MakerFa: MEMo: ME
   William Capen Son M S W 17   MESardine Fact. WorkerFa: MEMo: ME
   Harry L. Capen Son M S W 13   MEAt HomeFa: MEMo: ME
   Mattie P. Capen Daughter F S W  9   MEIn SchoolFa: MEMo: ME
   Edgar L. Capen Son M S W  5   MEAt HomeFa: MEMo: ME
   Jane Mabee Mother-in-Law F   W 68   NSNo OccupationFa: NSMo: NS
Washington County, Eastport, Page 235B, National Archives Film T9-0490
   Frank Mabee Head M M W 56   NBBootmakerFa: NSMo: NS
   Mirian Mabee Wife F M W 50   NSKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: ME
   Thomas Mabee Son M S W 28   MEFa: NBMo: ME
   George W. Mabee Son M S W 21   METelegraph OperatorFa: NBMo: ME
   Fred W. Mabee Son M S W 14   MEAt SchoolFa: NBMo: ME
   Mary Mabee Daughter F S W 12   MEAt SchoolFa: NBMo: ME
   Jacob P. Mabee Son M S W  8   MEAt SchoolFa: NBMo: ME
Baltimore County, Baltimore, Precinct 4, 20th Ward, Page 438D, National Archives Film T9-0505
   Alexander S. Mabee Head M M W 27   MDLocksmithFa: MDMo: MD
   Lida Mabee Wife F M W 21   MDKeeping HouseFa: MDMo: MD
   Thaddeus W. Mabee Brother M S W 23   MDStamping Embroid.Fa: MDMo: MD
Berkshire County, Pittsfield, Page 443D, National Archives Film T9-0522
   Simon Maybe Head M S W  4   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: With the West Pittsfield Shakers, East Family.
Middlesex County, Ward 4, Cambridge, Page 240A, National Archives Film T9-0544
   Harriet Mabie Roomer F S W 27   NBWorks BookbinderyFa: NBMo: NB
   Note: Boarding in house of Geo. H. and Emma J. Whitcroft.
Middlesex County, Ward 2, Lowell, Page 217C, National Archives Film T9-0544
   Abbie L. Maybee Head F W W 50   VTKeeping HouseFa: VTMo: VT
   Note: Running boarding house.
Middlesex County, Ward 2, Somerville, Page 266B, National Archives Film T9-0546
   Horatio M. Mabie Head M M W 30   NHCarpenterFa: NBMo: NB
   Mary A. Mabie Wife F M W 26   NHKeeping HouseFa: NHMo: NH
   Mabel J. Mabie Daughter F S W  2   MAFa: NHMo: NH
Middlesex County, Ward 2, Somerville, Page 283C, National Archives Film T9-0546
   James Mabee Head M M W 35   NBCarpenterFa: NBMo: NB
   Margaret Mabee Wife F M W 27   MAKeeping HouseFa: MAMo: MA
   Ada Mabee Daughter F S W 10   MAAt SchoolFa: NBMo: MA
   Anna Mabee Daughter F S W  8   MAAt SchoolFa: NBMo: MA
   Catharine Mabee Daughter F S W  3   MAAt HomeFa: NBMo: MA
   Susie Mabee Daughter F S W  1   MAAt HomeFa: NBMo: MA
Norfolk County, Quincy, Page 190D, National Archives Film T9-0549
   Thomas Mabie Head M M W 23   NBWheelwrightFa: NBMo: IRE
   Amurilla F. Mabie Wife F M W 29   NSHousekeepingFa: MEMo: NS
   Alexander Mabie Boarder M S W 21   NSBlacksmithFa: NSMo: NS
Plymouth County, Plymouth, Page 479A, National Archives Film T9-0551
   Alexander Maybee Boarder M S W 24   NBBrick MakerFa: NBMo: NB
   Note: Boarding in house of William and Louisa H. Wick.
Suffolk County, Ward 6, Boston, Page 372D, National Archives Film T9-0554
   Corneilus Bradley Head M M W 40   NBLaborerFa: IREMo: IRE
   Jane Bradley Wife F M W 45   NBKeeps HouseFa: SCTMo: NB
   Charlotte Maybee Step-Daughter F M W 30   NBAt HomeFa: ENGMo: NB
   William Maybee StepGrandson M S W  6   NYAt HomeFa: NBMo: NB
Suffolk County, Boston, E.D. 759, Page 349D, National Archives Film T9-0560
   Charles Mabee   M S W 10   NBAt SchoolFa: NBMo: NB
   Note: Residing in the Marcella Street Home.
Allegan County, Watson, Page 261C, National Archives Film T9-0569
   George Maybee Head M M W 53   CANFarmingFa: NYMo: NY
   Gennette Maybee Wife F M W 47   PAKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Emma Maybee Daughter F S W 20   MIAt HomeFa: CANMo: PA
   Ella Maybee Daughter F S W 16   MIAt HomeFa: CANMo: PA
   Etta Maybee Daughter F S W 10   MIAttending SchoolFa: CANMo: PA
   Mary Maybee Daughter F S W  8   MIAttending SchoolFa: CANMo: PA
Antrim County, Central Lake, Page 571A, National Archives Film T9-0570
   Lora Mabie Head M M W 29   MIFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Phebe Mabie Wife F M W 18   CANKeeping HouseFa: CANMo: CAN
   Manerva Mabie Daughter F S W  1   MIFa: MIMo: CAN
Branch County, Bethel, Page 472A, National Archives Film T9-0573
   Rosanah Maybee Head F W W 54   NYKeeping HouseFa: CTMo: ONT
   Munson Maybee Son M S W 33   PALaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Maybee Daughter F S W 17   OHAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Margret Cook Mother F W W 80   CANBoarderFa: ONTMo: ONT
Calhoun County, Homer, Page 242D, National Archives Film T9-0575
   George Mabee Head M M W 33   MIFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah J. Mabee Wife F M W 30   MIKeeping HouseFa: MIMo: MI
   Miles J. Mabee Son M S W  6   MIAt SchoolFa: MIMo: MI
   George E. Mabee Son M S W  4   MIFa: MIMo: MI
   Aaron G. Mabee Son M S W  2   MIFa: MIMo: MI
Cass County, Volinia, Page 604B, National Archives Film T9-0575
   C. John Mabie Head M M W 90   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Jane Mabie Wife F M W 76   NJHouse KeeperFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Clare County, Farwell, Page 238D, National Archives Film T9-0576
   Oakley W. Mabie Head M M W 35   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Kathrine M. Mabie Wife F M W 29   MIKeep HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Conger Mabie Son M S W  9   MIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: MI
Clare County, Farwell, Michigan, Page 238D, National Archives Film T9-0576
   Clark Mabie Head M M W 31   NYStore ClerkFa: NYMo: NY
   Laurie Mabie Wife F M W 24   MIKeep HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Charles McDonald Son-in-Law M S W  8   MIAt SchoolFa: MIMo: MI
   Note: The enumerator wrote son-in-law for the last relationship. Step-son is more likely.
Delta County, Escanaba, Page 647A, National Archives Film T9-0577
   John James Maybee Boarder M M W 38   NYLoc. EngineerFa: Mo:
   Note: Living in hotel.
Hillsdale County, Jonesville, Page 103B, National Archives Film T9-0580
   Myron Powell Head M M W 57   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Lucinda Powell Wife F M W 54   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Nancy Maybee Daughter F M W 19   MNAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Hillsdale County, Litchfield, Page 180A, National Archives Film T9-0581
   Israel Mabee   M M W 30   MIFarm LaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Note: Living in house of David and Maryette Hiller.
Hillsdale County, Litchfield, Page 182B, National Archives Film T9-0581
   William H. Maybee Head M M W 58   NYBroom MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Marinda F. Maybee Wife F M W 56   QUEKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Ida H. Maybee Daughter F S W 26   MISchool TeacherFa: NYMo: QUE
   William R. Maybee Son M S W 31   MIFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: QUE
Huron County, Dwight, Page 68C, National Archives Film T9-0582
   Lambert Maybee Head M M W 35   MICarpenterFa: Mo: MI
   Sarah Maybee Wife F M W 25   MIKeeping HouseFa: MIMo: CAN
   Sarah Maybee Daughter F S W  6   MIFa: MIMo: MI
   Lambert Maybee Son M S W  4   MIFa: MIMo: MI
   Joseph Maybee Son M S W  2   MIFa: MIMo: MI
   Mary Maybee Daughter F S W  2   MIFa: MIMo: MI
Huron County, Dwight, Page 68D, National Archives Film T9-0582
   Leander Maybee Head M M W 29   MICarpenterFa: PAMo: MI
   Annie Maybee Wife F M W 22   MIKeeping HouseFa: MIMo: CAN
   James Maybee Son M S W  3   MIFa: MIMo: MI
   George Maybee Son M S W 3 mo MIFa: MIMo: MI
Huron County, White Rock, Page 212D, National Archives Film T9-0582
   Joseph Maybee Head M M W 40   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Drucilla Maybee Wife F M W 42   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Ingham County, Lansing, 6th Ward, Page 403A, National Archives Film T9-0583
   Mariah Mabee Head F W W 79   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Albert B. Mabee   M D W 37   NYLecturingFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: No relationship is given on the census form. Middle initial is not at all clear.
Ingham County, Williamston, Page 578B, National Archives Film T9-0583
   George Mabee Boarder M S W 24   MIButcherFa: NYMo: CAN
   Note: Living in hotel.
Ionia County, Ionia, Page 111B, National Archives Film T9-0583
   Adelbert Mabie Servant M M W 28   MIFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Residing in house of George J. and Frances J. Hayes.
Ionia County, Muir, Page 200A, National Archives Film T9-0584
   Clara J. Mabie Servant F M W 26   MIServantFa: NYMo: PA
   Note: Residing in house of Jay and Ellen Olmstead.
Isabella County, Chippewa, Page 473B, National Archives Film T9-0584
   John Richmond Head M M W 29   CANFarmerFa: CANMo: CAN
   Eliza J Richmond Wife F M W 26   CANKeeping HouseFa: CANMo: CAN
   Alice Richmond Daughter F S W  4   MIFa: CANMo: CAN
   Jesse T. Richmond Son M S W  2   MIFa: CANMo: CAN
   Isobella Richmond Daughter F S W  1   MIFa: CANMo: CAN
   George Maby Cousin M S W 33   CANLaborerFa: CANMo: CAN
Isabella County, Chippewa, Page 475B, National Archives Film T9-0584
   Jesse T. Richmond Head M M W 49   CANFarmerFa: NYMo: CAN
   Lyda Richmond Wife F M W 41   CANKeeping HouseFa: CANMo: CAN
   Estella L. Richmond Daughter F S W 11   CANAt SchoolFa: CANMo: CAN
   Mary M. Richmond Daughter F S W  8   CANFa: CANMo: CAN
   George Richmond Son M S W 14   CANAt HomeFa: CANMo: CAN
   Jane J. Maby Boarder F S W 21   CANHouse KeeperFa: CANMo: CAN
Isabella County, Union, Page 551D, National Archives Film T9-0584
   James Maybee Head M M W 34   CANLaborerFa: CANMo: CAN
   Clarrisa Maybee Wife F M W 28   CANKeeping HouseFa: CANMo: CAN
   George H. Maybee Son M S W  2   CANFa: CANMo: CAN
Jackson County, Leoni, Page 115B, National Archives Film T9-0585
   John R. Maybee Head M M W 40   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Emma Maybee Wife F M W 30   MIKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
   Willie Maybee Son M S W 12   MIAt HomeFa: NYMo: MI
   Eddy Withey Servant M S W 17   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Cora Withey Niece F S W  5   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Phebe Slayton Mother F W W 74   NYFa: VTMo: VT
Jackson County, Rives, Page 194A, National Archives Film T9-0585
   John Mabee Head M M W 68   NYRetired FarmerFa: NYMo: CT
   Desire F. Mabee Wife F M W 65   NYKeeping HouseFa: VTMo: VT
Jackson County, Rives, Page 194B, National Archives Film T9-0585
   James Mabee Head M M W 28   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Harriet Mabee Wife F M W 22   MIKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Minnie Mabee Daughter F S W  5   MIFa: NYMo: MI
   John J. Mabee Son M S W  3   MIFa: NYMo: MI
   Frankie M. Mabee Daughter F S W 7 mo MIFa: NYMo: MI
   Francis L. Collar   M S W 30   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Francis Collar was a cousin of James Mabee.
Jackson County, Summit, Page 247D, National Archives Film T9-0585
   Carrie Mabee Servant F S W 18   MIServantFa: Mo:
   Note: Residing in house of Elizabeth O'Brien.
Kent County, Alpine, Page 595A, National Archives Film T9-0587
   Wm. Maybee Boarder M S W 36   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in house of Joseph E. and Johanna Tirus.
Kent County, Grand Rapids, Page 513D, National Archives Film T9-0588
   Frank Maybee Head M M W 39   NYBroom ManufactorFa: NYMo: NY
   Margaret Maybee Wife F M W 38   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Albert Maybee Son M S W 18   NYBroom MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Eva Maybee Daughter F S W 15   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   John Maybee Son M S W 11   MIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Freddie Maybee Son M S W  9   MIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Betsie Maybee Daughter F S W  3   MIAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Kent County, Solon, Page 442A, National Archives Film T9-0587
   William M. Mabie Boarder M D W 28   NYFarm HandFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in house of George W. and Clara M. Fullington.
Kent County, Solon, Page 442A, National Archives Film T9-0587
   Anor Mabie Head F W W 82   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Edmin Mabie Son M S W 37   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
Kent County, Solon, Pages 443C & 443D, National Archives Film T9-0587
   Nelson Mabie Head M M W 47   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Catharine Mabie Wife F M W 45   CANKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Amos F. Mabie Son M S W 27   NYFarm HelpFa: NYMo: NY
Kent County, Solon, Page 448B, National Archives Film T9-0587
   Elias Mabie Head M M W 45   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Rhoda Mabie Wife F M W 41   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Delmer E. Mabie Son M S W 14   MIAttending SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Charles W. Mabie Son M S W 19   MIFa: NYMo: NY
Lapeer County, Burlington, Page 147D, National Archives Film T9-0589
   George Maby Head M M W 35   CANFarmerFa: CANMo: CAN
   Martha Maby Wife F M W 37   CANKeeping HouseFa: CANMo: CAN
   William H. Maby Son M S W 12   MIFa: CANMo: CAN
   Oliver P. Maby Son M S W 10   MIFa: CANMo: CAN
   John F. Maby Son M S W  6   MIFa: CANMo: CAN
   Luly M. Maby Daughter F S W 3 mo MIFa: CANMo: CAN
Lenawee County, Adrian, Page 50C, National Archives Film T9-0590
   Mary Mabee Head F S W 44   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: VT
   Mary Mabee Mother F W W 70   VTAt HomeFa: VTMo: VT
   Addie Stout Sister F W W 36   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: VT
   Hessie M. Stout Niece F S W  6   MIFa: MIMo: NY
Lenawee County, Fairfield, Page 189D, National Archives Film T9-0591
   John C. Maibee Head M M W 38   NYMillerFa: NYMo: NY
   Caroline N. Maibee Wife F M W 34   MIKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   James J. Maibee Son M S W  9   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: MI
   Charles R. Maibee Son M S W  5   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: MI
Macomb County, Lenox, Page 438B, National Archives Film T9-0592
   John P. Mabee Head M M W 55   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Cadelia J. Mabee Wife F M W 42   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Henry E. Dyer Stepson M S W 19   MIFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Rober C. Dyer Stepson M S W 17   MIGoing To SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Martin Mabee Son M S W  9   MI  Fa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabee Daughter F S W  8   MIFa: NYMo: NY
   Hattie Mabee Daughter F S W  3   MIFa: NYMo: NY
Macomb County, Richmond, Page 510C, National Archives Film T9-0593
   George Mabee Head M M W 36   NYFarmer Fa: NYMo: NY
   Palen Mabee Wife F M W 23   CANKeeping HouseFa: CANMo: CAN
   Eleanor Mabee Mother F W W 72   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Monroe County, Bedford, Pages 285D & 286A, National Archives Film T9-0595
   Jacob Maybee Head M M W 66   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Christina E. Maybee Wife F M W 59   GERKeeping HouseFa: GERMo: GER
   Abram Maybee Son M S W 20   MIAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: N
   John P. Moser Orphan M S W 20   OHWorks On FarmFa: GERMo: GER
   John W. Moser Orphan M S W 17   OHWorks On FarmFa: GERMo: GER
   Frederice C. Moser Orphan M S W 15   OHWorks On FarmFa: GERMo: GER
   Daniel F. Moser Orphan M S W 10   OHFa: GERMo: GER
   Frances Maybee   F M W 19   OHFa: PAMo: PA
   Ise A. Maybee Daughter F S W  1   MIFa: OHMo: MI
   Note: The mother's birthplace for Abram is incomplete on the census form, consisting only of the letter "N." From the 1850 Census, Jacob's first wife, Margaret, was born in Ohio. In 1860, Margaret was apparently deceased, and Abram was listed as 8 months old. Nor is it clear from this enumeration how Frances is related to the family, but it appears she is Jacob's daughter-in-law. Finally, it appears that Ise is the daughter of Frances, and perhaps her parents' birth locations are reversed.
Monroe County, Bedford, Page 292B, National Archives Film T9-0595
   Samuel Maybee Head M M W 36   OHFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: OH
   Addie Maybee Wife F M W 27   NYKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Hattie M. Maybee Daughter F S W  7   MIFa: OHMo: NY
   Altie E. Maybee Daughter F S W  5   MIFa: OHMo: NY
Monroe County, Exeter, Page 376A, National Archives Film T9-0595
   Abram Maybee Head M M W 46   OHFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Maria Maybee Wife F M W 36   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Lizzie Maybee Daughter F S W 12   MIAt SchoolFa: OHMo: NY
   Marilla Maybee Daughter F S W  9   MIAt SchoolFa: OHMo: NY
   George Maybee Son M S W  5   MIFa: OHMo: NY
Monroe County, Exeter, Page 376A, National Archives Film T9-0595
   Norman Maybee Head M M W 48   CANDay LaborerFa: NYMo: CT
   Parnelia Maybee Wife F M W 47   CANKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: CAN
   Nelson Maybee Son M S W 16   MIAt SchoolFa: CANMo: NY
   Maggie Maybee Daughter F S W 11   MIAt SchoolFa: CANMo: NY
   Carrie Maybee  Daughter F S W  8   MIFa: CANMo: NY
   George Maybee Son M S W  6   MIFa: CANMo: NY
   Edith Johnson Step-Daughter F S W 14   CANAt SchoolFa: CANMo: CAN
Monroe County, Whiteford, Page 601C, National Archives Film T9-0596
   Edwin Maybee Head M M W 34   MIFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: OH
   Harriet E. Maybee  Wife F M W 29   CANKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: CAN
   Alfred E. Maybee Son M S W  7   MIFa: MIMo: CAN
   Harper Maybee Son M S W  4   MIFa: MIMo: CAN
   Jessie M. Maybee Daughter F S W  2   MIFa: MIMo: CAN
   Harriet Smith Mother-in-Law F W W 56 CANHouse KeepingFa: NHMo: CAN
Montcalm County, Bushnell, Page 41A, National Archives Film T9-0596
   Joel W. Mabie Head M M W 45   MIFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Rachel S. Mabie Wife F M W 49   MIKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: PA
   Edith Mabie Daughter F S W 14    MIAt HomeFa: NYMo: PA
   Charles L. Mabie Son M S W 11   MIAt HomeFa: NYMo: PA
   Silon Mabie Daughter F S W  8   MIFa: NYMo: PA
   Angeline L. Mabie Daughter F S W  6   MIFa: NYMo: PA
Montcalm County, Bushnell, Page 45B, National Archives Film T9-0596
   Chester Mabie Head M M W 44   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Pheobe Mabie Wife F M W 39   NYKeeping HouseFa: MAMo: MA
   Dora M. Mabie Daughter F S W 15   MIAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Montcalm County, Bushnell, Page 54C, National Archives Film T9-0596
   S.A. Mabie Head M M W 49   NYFarmerFa: CTMo: CT
   Lavina Mabie Wife F M W 42   NYKeeping HouseFa: CTMo: VT
   William A. Mabie Son M S W 16   MIAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Zella Mabie Daughter F S W 12   MIAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Raymond Mabie Son M S W 14   MIAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary M. Mabie  Daughter F S W  4   MIFa: NYMo: NY
Montcalm County, Evergreen, Page 134A, National Archives Film T9-0596
   Hiram Mabie Head M M W 38   CANLaborerFa: FRAMo: FRA
   Lorinda Mabie Wife F M W 44   MIKeeping HouseFa: VTMo: NY
   Effie L. Mabie Daughter F S W  4   MIFa: CANMo: MI
Montcalm County, Fairplain, Page 145A, National Archives Film T9-0596
   Simon Mabee Head M M W 55   CANFarmerFa: NBMo: NY
   Elvena M. Mabee Wife F M W 54   NYKeeping HouseFa: MAMo: NY
   Elmer H. Hardy Stepson M S W 15   MISchoolFa: INMo: NY
Montcalm County, Reynolds, Page 312B, National Archives Film T9-0597
   Rinard Mabee Head M M W 46   CANGrocerFa: CANMo: CAN
   Catherine Mabee Wife F M W 45   CANWorks At HomeFa: CANMo: CAN
   Emma Mabee Daughter F S W 18   CANWorks At HomeFa: CANMo: CAN
   Byron Mabee Son M S W 14   CANAt SchoolFa: CANMo: CAN
   Phemie Mabee Daughter F S W 11   CANAt SchoolFa: CANMo: CAN
Muskegon County, Muskegon, 2nd Ward, Page 224D, National Archives Film T9-0597
   Cathaine Maybe   F W W 52   NBNurseFa: IREMo: MAR
   Note: Residing in house of Jacob and Catharine Hetzs. Mother's birthplace is listed as Martinique.
Newaygo County, Monroe, Page 293C, National Archives Film T9-0598
   Albert Maybee Boarder M S W 30   MIForemanFa: CANMo: CAN
   Note: Boarding in house of Delva and Anna Kinny.
Oakland County, Independence, Page 175A, National Archives Film T9-0598
   John Maybee Head M W W 74   NJRetired FarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Jessee Maybee Son M M W 50    NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Martha A. Maybee Daugh-in-Law F M W 49   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   John Maybee Grandson M S W 21   MIWorks On FarmFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Isabella Maybee GDaughter F S W 18   MIAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary Maybee GDaughter F S W 14   MIAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Lottie Simerson Niece F S W 20   MIServantFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Oakland County, Troy, Page 416C, National Archives Film T9-0599
   Isaac Mabee Head M W W 55   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth Mabee Daughter F S W 24   MIFa: NYMo: NY
Ottawa County, Crockery, Page 286C, National Archives Film T9-0600
   John F. Maby Head M M W 55   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary A. Maby Wife F M W 55   OHKeeping HouseFa: Mo: NY
   Lillian Bunnell Daughter F S W 20   MIHelping At HomeFa: NYMo: OH
   Minnie Rose GDaughter F S W 11   MIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Saginaw County, East Saginaw, Page 258D, National Archives Film T9-0602
   Neil McAuliffe Head M M W 29   IREAuctioneerFa: IREMo: IRE
   Georgia McAuliffe Wife F M W 24   MIKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Ella Mabee Sister F S W 18   MIAt HomeFa: ENGMo: ENG
Sanilac County, Elk, Page 57B, National Archives Film T9-0605
   James Maybee Head M M W 38   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Maybee Wife F M W 40   CANKeeping HouseFa: SCOMo: SCO
Sanilac County, Port Sanilac, Page 224A, National Archives Film T9-0606
   Augusta Maybee Servant F S W 23   MIHouse WorkFa: MIMo: NY
   Note: Residing in house of William and Persis E. Wordmouse.
   On 2/27/1884, Augusta Frances Maybee married Henry Walter Brown in Sanilac County.
Shiawassee County, Laingsburg, Page 517A, National Archives Film T9-0606
   George Mabee Head M M W 53   CANCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Lydia A. Mabee Wife F M W 48   CANHouse KeepingFa: NYMo: NY
   Rosa Mabee Daughter F S W 15   CANAt SchoolFa: CANMo: CAN
   Emma Mabee Daughter F S W 12   CANAt SchoolFa: CANMo: CAN
   Thomas Mabee Son M S W  9   CANAt SchoolFa: CANMo: CAN
Tuscola County, Kingston, Page 203D, National Archives Film T9-0607
   William Mabee Head M M W 38   CANFarmerFa: CANMo: CAN
   Sarah Mabee Wife F M W 41   MIKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Julia E. Mabee Daughter F S W 11   MIAttending SchoolFa: CANMo: MI
   Kitty A. Mabee Daughter F S W  7   MIAttending SchoolFa: CANMo: MI
   Jessee Mabee Son M S W  3   MIFa: CANMo: MI
Van Buren County, Bangor, Page 349A, National Archives Film T9-0607
   Framan Maybee   M S W 20   MIFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Residing in the house of Wm. S. and Mary J. Charles.
Van Buren, Bloomingdale, Page 377D, National Archives Film T9-0607
   Lavina P. Maybee Head F W W 53   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: LI
   Truman D. Maybee Son M S W 21   MIWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Julia E. Maybee Daughter F S W 17   MIFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Lavina's mother's birthplace enumerated as "Long Island"
Van Buren County, Geneva, Page 439D, National Archives Film T9-0607
   Milton Maybee Head M M W 33   MICarpenter Fa: CANMo: NY
   Cora E. Maybee Wife F M W 22   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Francis E. Maybee Daughter F S W  2   MIFa: MIMo: NY
   Leona Maybee Daughter F S W 4 mo MIFa: NYMo: MI
Van Buren County, Geneva, Page 444C, National Archives Film T9-0607
   John Maybee Head M M W 54   CANLaborerFa: CANMo: NY
   Jane Maybee Wife F M W 46   ENGHouse KeeperFa: ENGMo: ENG
   William Maybee Son M S W 18   CANAt SchoolFa: CANMo: ENG
   Mary E. Maybee Daughter F S W 16   CANAt SchoolFa: CANMo: ENG
   John Maybee Son M S W 14   MIAt SchoolFa: CANMo: ENG
   Fredrick Maybee Son M S W 13   MIAt SchoolFa: CANMo: ENG
   Joseph Maybee Son M S W 11   MIFa: CANMo: ENG
   Louis G. Maybee Son M S W  9   MIFa: CANMo: ENG
   Lulia J. Maybee Daughter F S W 6 mo MIFa: CANMo: ENG
Van Buren County, Paw Paw, Page 526C, National Archives Film T9-0608
   Jessie Maybie Head M M B 79   VAFarmerFa: VAMo: VA
   Frances Maybie Wife F M B 53   NCKeeping HouseFa: NCMo: NC
   Cornelius Maybie Son M S B 29   INFarmerFa: VAMo: NC
   Thomas Maybie Son M S B 19   INAt HomeFa: VAMo: NC
   Jessie Maybie Son M S B 16   INAt HomeFa: VAMo: NC
   Amanda Maybie Daughter F S B 15   INAt HomeFa: VAMo: NC
   Susan Maybie Daughter F S B 13   INAt HomeFa: VAMo: NC
   Franklyn Jones Grandson M S B 12   INAt HomeFa: VAMo: NC
Van Buren County, South Haven, Page 592A, National Archives Film T9-0608
   John W. Maybee Head M M W 36   CANClerkFa: NYMo: NY
   Dora F. Maybee Wife F M W 36   MAKeeping HouseFa: MAMo: MA
Van Buren County, South Haven, Page 595C, National Archives Film T9-0608
   Livonia Maybee   F W W 43   NYCook in HotelFa: NYMo: NY
Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor, 4th Ward, Page 73B, National Archives Film T9-0608
   Gethro Mabee Head M M MU 32   NYDraymanFa: NYMo: NY
   Lucinda Mabee Wife F M W 30   MIFa: MIMo: MI
   Christopher Mabee Son M S MU 12   MIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: MI
   Annie Mabee Daughter F S MU  2   MIFa: NYMo: MI
   James Mabee Grandfather M W MU 75   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Meeker County, Manannah, Page 218A, National Archives Film T9-0626
   Charles Maybie Boarder M M W 78   CANFa: NYMo: NY
   Harriet Maybie Boarder F M W 70   CANFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Living in hotel run by James A. and Adelia Lee.
Sherburne County, Elk River, Page 162B, National Archives Film T9-0633
   Alfred L. Lovett Head M M W 66   MEFarmerFa: MEMo: ME
   Julia A. Lovett Wife F M W 58   MEKeeping HouseFa: MEMo: ME
   Benj. F. Mabee Son-in-Law M M W 34   CANFarmerFa: NYMo: CAN
   Laura A. Mabee Daughter F M W 23   MEKeeping HouseFa: MEMo: ME
   Raymond L. Mabee Grandson M S W  2   CAAt HomeFa: CANMo: ME
   Carl K. Mabee Grandson M S W 6 mo MNAt HomeFa: CANMo: ME
Sherburne County, Elk River, Page 165D, National Archives Film T9-0633
   Wm. B. Mabie Head M M W 54   NYWorks In Saw MilllFa: NYMo: NY
   Theria Mabie Wife F M W 28   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Levi W. Mabie Son M S W 23   MNCooperFa: NYMo: CAN
   Nellie Mabie Daughter F S W 17   MNWorks In HouseFa: NYMo: CAN
   Dora Mabie Daughter F S W 14   MNAt SchoolFa: NYMo: CAN
   Ernest Bush Stepson M S W  9   PAAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Clarence Bush Stepson M S W  7   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Wabasha County, Lake, 1st Ward, Page 391A, National Archives Film T9-0635
   Joseph E. Mabey Head M M W 34   ENGButcherFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Lucinda Mabey Wife F M W 30   MIKeeping HouseFa: MEMo: OH
   Harry Mabey Son M S W 12   MNAt SchoolFa: ENGMo: MI
   Mabel Mabey Daughter F S W 10   MNAt SchoolFa: ENGMo: MI
   Lulu Mabey Daughter F S W  8   MNAt SchoolFa: ENGMo: MI
   Nellie Mabey Daughter F S W  6   MNFa: ENGMo: MI
   Perley Mabey Son M S W  4   MNFa: ENGMo: MI
   Joseph Mabey Son M S W  2   MNFa: ENGMo: MI
Wabasha County, Lake, 1st Ward, Page 392D, National Archives Film T9-0635
   Alfred Mabey Head M M W 46   ENGGrain DealerFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Carrie Mabey Wife F M W 26   ONTKeeping HouseFa: ONTMo: ONT
   Ida Mabey Daughter F S W 19   ONTAt SchoolFa: ENGMo: PA
   George Mabey Son M S W 13   MNFa: ENGMo: PA
   Walter Mabey Son M S W 2 mo MNFa: ENGMo: ONT
Bates County, Boone, Page 16A, National Archives Film T9-0673
   Austin Hatcher Head M M W 28   ILFarmerFa: VAMo: IL
   Irena Hatcher Wife F M W 27   OHKeeping HouseFa: HOLMo: NY
   Lou Austin Hatcher Son M S W  9   MOFa: ILMo: OH
   Frank W. Hatcher Son M S W  7   MOFa: ILMo: OH
   Reece Hatcher Son M S W  1   MOFa: ILMo: OH
   Mary Mabee Mother-in-Law F W W 59   NYFa: VTMo: VT
   John Mabee Bro-in-Law M S W 29   OHFa: HOLMo: NY
Bates County, Vinton, Page 23B, National Archives Film T9-0673
   Joseph Maybee   M   W 21   TXWagon MakerFa: OHMo: OH
   Note: Residing in house of Thomas J. and Sarah C. Hackett.
Bates County, West Point, Page 19A, National Archives Film T9-0673
   Lewis Maybee Head M M W 54   NYOrchardistFa: NYMo: NY
   Elisabeth Maybee Wife F M W 58   OHKeeping HouseFa: VAMo: VA
   Rece Maybee Son M M W 21   TXFarmerFa: NYMo: OH
   Dora Maybee Daugh-in-Law F M W 19   MOKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
Caldwell County, Kingston, Page 361C, National Archives Film T9-0677
   S. P. Mabee Head M M W 40   ILFarmingFa: OHMo: CT
   Mary Mabee Wife F M W 38   INKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: NJ
   Frank Mabee Son M S W 14   ILFa: ILMo: IN
   George Mabee Son M S W 12   MOFa: ILMo: IN
   Cora Mabee Daughter F S W 10   MOFa: ILMo: IN
   Herbert Mabee Son M S W  8   MOFa: ILMo: IN
   Sella Mabee Daughter F S W  6   MOFa: ILMo: IN
   Eda Mabee Daughter F S W  3   MOFa: ILMo: IN
   John Mabee Son M S W  1   MOFa: ILMo: IN
Grundy County, Trenton, Page 434D, National Archives Film T9-0688
   Walter L. Mabey Head M M W 29   NYFarmerFa: Mo:
   Minerva L. Mabey Wife F M W 27   MOKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: IN
   Amy Mabey Daughter F S W  4   MOFa: NYMo: MO
   John L. Mabey Son M S W  2   MOFa: NYMo: MO
Iron County, Arcadia, Page 541D, National Archives Film T9-0691
   Frank Maybee Head M M W 35   ILFarmerFa: QUEMo: QUE
   Lilly Maybee Wife F M W 17   MOKeeping HouseFa: USAMo: USA
Iron County, Arcadia, Page 542A, National Archives Film T9-0691
   William Maybee Head M M W 40   QUEWorks On FarmFa: QUEMo: QUE
   Missouri Maybee Wife F M W 23   MOKeeping HouseFa: TNMo: MO
   Jessie E. Maybee Daughter F S W 12   MOFa: QUEMo: MO
   Margaret Maybee Daughter F S W 10   MOFa: QUEMo: MO
   Charlotte Maybee Daughter F S W  4   MOFa: QUEMo: MO
   Mattie Maybee Daughter F S W  2   MOFa: QUEMo: MO
   America A. Phillips Step-Daughter F S W  8   MOFa: USAMo: MO
Jackson County, Kansas City, 2nd Ward, Page 136A, National Archives Film T9-0692
   Albert Maybee   M S W 19   NYLivery Stable WorkerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Living with G. J. Adams and Alfred Gillin.
Jackson County, Kansas City, 2nd Ward, Page 145C, National Archives Film T9-0692
   Geo. Maybee Boarder M S W 20   CANMachinistFa: Mo:
   Note: Boarding in house of F. G. and Lucy Holton.
Jackson County, Kansas City, 2nd Ward, Page 152A, National Archives Film T9-0692
   Planck Maybee   M S W 19   MECookFa: Mo:
   Note: Listed with others under "Scattered Names", given name illegible.
Jefferson County, Central, Page 95D, National Archives Film T9-0695
   John Mabee Head M M W 36   MOFarmerFa: HOLMo: HOL
   Martha Mabee Wife F M W 24   MOKeeping HouseFa: SWIMo: MO
Linn County, Laclede, Page 477A, National Archives Film T9-0700
   Ed Maybee Head M M W 26   MOCommercial TravelerFa: Mo:
   Fanny Maybee Wife F M W 26   MOKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
   Harry Maybee Son M S W  7   MOFa: MOMo: MO
Linn County, Laclede, Page 478C, National Archives Film T9-0700
   James Maybee Head M M W 52   CANFarmerFa: CANMo: CAN
   Ann Maybee Wife F  M W 51   ENGKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   George Maybee Son M S W 13   CANFa: CANMo: ENG
Mercer County, Ravanna, Page 102D, National Archives Film T9-0703
   John Wilcox Head M M W 62   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah Wilcox Wife F M W 56   OHKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: PA
   Philip Wilcox Son M S W 25   INFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: OH
   Ellen Wilcox Daughter F S W 18   IAAt HomeFa: NYMo: OH
   James Wilcox Son M S W 14   IAFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: OH
   William E. Wilcox Son M S W 12   MOAt SchoolFa: NYMo: OH
   Forest E. Maybee Grandson M S W  1   MOFa: IAMo: PA
Mississippi County, Charleston, Page 270A, National Archives Film T9-0703
   Wm. A. Bush Head M M W 29   MODpt. Cirt. Co. ClkFa: MOMo: MD
   Maggie A. Bush Wife F M W 22   MOKeeping HouseFa: MOMo: KY
   Arthur T. Bush Brother M S W  9   MOAt HomeFa: MOMo: KY
   Hattie R. Mabee Adopt. Daughter F S W 18   MOAt HomeFa: Mo:
   Oscar T. Guthrie Boarder M S W 21   MOClerk In StoreFa: KYMo: KY
New Madrid County, New Madrid, Page 336B, National Archives Film T9-0705
   Louisa J. Mabee Boarder F W W 38   TNKeeping HouseFa: TNMo: TN
   Note: Boarding in the house of Polline Wilshire.
Pike County, Louisiana, Page 481B, National Archives Film T9-0709
   Euphoria Maybee Servant F S W 13   MODom ServantFa: MOMo: KY
   Note: Residing in the house of Orphus and Julia Bryson.
Scotland County, Mount Pleasant, Page 225B, National Archives Film T9-0737
   L. H. Mabie Head M M W 46   OHFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary B. Mabie Wife F M W 40   OHKeeping HouseFa: VAMo: VA
   Lissie M. Mabie Daughter F S W 14   IAHouse WorkFa: OHMo: OH
   Sarah Mabie Daughter F S W 12   IAHouse WorkFa: OHMo: OH
   James Mabie Son M S W 10   IAFa: OHMo: OH
   Martha M. Mabie Daughter F S W  8   IAFa: OHMo: OH
   Mary J. Mabie Daughter F S W  6   DAKFa: OHMo: OH
   L. J. Mabie Son M S W  4   DAKFa: OHMo: OH
   William E. Mabie Son M S W  2   MOFa: OHMo: OH
Stoddard County, Liberty, Page 645A, National Archives Film T9-0738
   Oscar Maybey Boarder M S W 17   NJWork In MillFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Note: Boarding in the house of James and Frances Smith.
Clay County, Spring Ranch, Page 128B, National Archives Film T9-0745
   Norman Maybee Head M M W 40   OHFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Cecilia Maybee Wife F M W 28   IAKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: OH
   Alice Maybee Daughter F S W  2   NEFa: OHMo: IA
   Tunis Maybee Brother M S W 27   INWorks On FarmFa: INMo: NY
   Note: The entries for Tunis are as enumerated.
Furnas County, New Era, Page 666A, National Archives Film T9-0749
   S. E. Maybee Head M M W 59   NYCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   L. C. Maybee Wife F M W 44   MIKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
   Edwin D. Maybee Son M S W 17   ILFarmerFa: NYMo: MI
   W. A. Maybee Son M S W 13   ILHerding StockFa: NYMo: MI
   Mendora Maybee Daughter F S W 11   ILAt SchoolFa: NYMo: MI
   Netta A. Maybee Daughter F S W  9   ILFa: NYMo: MI
   Elizabeth Maybee Daughter F S W  6   ILFa: NYMo: MI
   Joseph Maybee Son M S W  4   ILFa: NYMo: MI
Holt County, Paddock, Page 476C, National Archives Film T9-0750
   William Maybee Head M M W 35   MIFarmingFa: NYMo: NY
   Rachel Maybee Wife F W W 30   NYHouse KeepingFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Maybee Daughter F S W 10   MNKeeping HouseFa: MIMo: NY
   Hattie Maybee Daughter F S W  8   MIFa: MIMo: NY
   Fredric Maybee Son M S W  7   MNFa: MIMo: NY
   David Maybee Father M M W 80   NYFarmingFa: NYMo: NY
New Hampshire:
Coos County, Stratford, Page 178B, National Archives Film T9-0762
   William Mabey Head M M W 57   MELaborerFa: MEMo: ME
   Julia A. Mabey Wife F M W 60   MEKeeping HouseFa: MEMo: ME
   Mary E. Mabey Daughter F S W 29   MEAt HomeFa: MEMo: ME
Coos County, Stratford, Page 178B, National Archives Film T9-0762
   Elias B. Mabey Head M M W 26   MEWork On R. R.Fa: MEMo: ME
   Elsie Mabey Wife F M W 21   NHKeeping HouseFa: NHMo: NH
   Eugine Mabey Son M S W  3   NHFa: MEMo: NH
   Alma B. Mabey Daughter F S W  1   NHFa: MEMo: NH
Grafton County, Lebanon, Page 312D, National Archives Film T9-0765
   Katharine Maby Head F S W 60   IREKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
New Jersey:
Bergen County, Englewood, Page 220C, National Archives Film T9-0770
   Henry Mabie Head M M W 37   NYExpress ClerkFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary C. Mabie Wife F M W 36   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Henry C. Mabie Son M S W 14   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Ada E. Mabie Daughter F S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Bergen County, Englewood, Page 242B, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Isaac C. Mabie Head M M W 36   NJCarpenterFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Sarah L. Mabie Wife F M W 32   NJKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NJ
   Clarence Mabie Son M S W 11   NYFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Ward Mabie Son M S W  9   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Lydecker Mabie Son M S W  6   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Sarah M. Mabie Daughter F S W  4   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Isaac Mabie Jr. Son M S W  1   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Bergen County, Englewood, Page 247C, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Samuel Mabie Head M M W 24   NJSoap AgentFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Ella Mabie Wife F M W 22   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Stella Mabie Daughter F S W  4   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Lester Mabie Son M S W  1   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NY
Bergen County, Englewood, Page 248A, National Archives Film T9-0771
   John J. Mabie Head M M W 37   NJCar BuilderFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Sarah M. Mabie Wife F M W 31   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Bergen County, Franklin, Page 264C, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Maria Mabie Head F W W 58   NYKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Moses D. Mabie Son M S W 36   NJWorks In Silk MillFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Peter Mabie Son M S W 20   NJWorks In Silk MillFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Elizabeth Mabie Daughter F S W 16   NJWorks In Silk MillFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Cornelius Mabie Son M S W 13   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Maggie Mabie Daughter F S W 11   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Emma Mabie GDaughter F S W 15   NJWorks In Silk MillFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Maria Mabie GDaughter F S W 13   NJWorks In Silk MillFa: NJ  Mo: NY
Bergen County, Hackensack, Page 439C, National Archives Film T9-0771
   George Mabie Head M M W 31   NJFish MarketFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Louise Mabie Wife F M W 33   NYKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Clarence Mabie Son M S W  8   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Christina Mabie Daughter F S W  7   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   William Mabie Son M S W  5   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Elmer Mabie Son M S W  3   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NY
Bergen County, Hackensack, Page 439C, National Archives Film T9-0771
   John J. Mabie Head M M W 28   NJLicensed VenderFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Margaretta Mabie Wife F M W 25   NYKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Jennie Mabie Daughter F S W  6   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NY
Bergen County, Hackensack, Page 443D, National Archives Film T9-0771
   John H. Mabie Head M M W 33   NYPencil Case MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Irene Mabie Wife F M W 33   NYKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   May Mabie Daughter F S W  3   NJFa: NYMo: NY
   Charles Mabie Son M S W  7   NJAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Bergen County, Hackensack, Page 450A, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Daniel Mabie Head M M W 51   NJCarpenterFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Euphemia Mabie Wife F M W 50   NYKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Myers Mabie Son M S W 21   NJClerk In StoreFa: NJ  Mo: NY
Bergen County, Hackensack, Page 452A, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Henry J. Herring Head M M W 41   NJConstableFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Anna E. Herring Wife F M W 41   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Maggie Herring Daughter F S W 15   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Libbie Herring Daughter F S W  6   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Albert J. Herring Son M S W  9   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Eliza Mabie Mother-in-Law F W W 77   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Bergen County, Hackensack, Page 454A, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Peter Mabie Head M M W 55   NJTeamsterFa: NJ  Mo:
   Angelene Mabie Wife F M W 50   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   John D. Mabie Son M S W 19   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Ernst A. Mabie Son M S W 18   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   David Mabie Son M S W  5   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Calvin Mabie Son M S W 10   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Bergen County, Harrington, Page 293D, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Henry Mabey Head M M W 41   NJCarpenterFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Sophia Mabey Wife F M W 30   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Isaac Mabey Son M S W  7   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Warren Mabey Son M S W  5   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Cornelius Mabey Son M S W 2 mo NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Bergen County, Harrington, Page 304A, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Andrew E. Mabie Head M M W 39   NYGentlemanFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Margaret A. Mabie Wife F M W 34   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Edgar Mabie Son M S W 13   NJFa: NYMo: NJ
Bergen County, Hohokus, Page 314B, National Archives Film T9-0771
   John Maby Head M M W 35   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Kate Maby Wife F M W 36   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Bergen County, Hohokus, Page 320A, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Phebe Mabe Head F M W 26   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Charles Mabe Son M S W 10   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Anna Mabe Daughter F S W  8   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   William Mabe Son M S W  5   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Bergen County, Midland, Page 405B, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Isaac O. Mabie Head M M W 63   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Jane Mabie Wife F M W 58   NYKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Bergen County, Ridgefield, Page 523C, National Archives Film T9-0771
   James Mabie Head M M W 63   NJCarpenterFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Elizabeth Mabie Wife F M W 56   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Walter Mabie Son M S W 20   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   George W. Mabie Son M S W 16   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Bergen County, Ridgefield, Page 527D, National Archives Film T9-0771
   John Mabie Head M M W 61   NYRetired JewelerFa: NYMo: NY
   Emigene Mabie Wife F M W 35   RIKeeping HouseFa: RIMo: RI
Bergen County, Ridgewood, Bergen County, Page 546C, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Peter J. Mabie Head M M W 30   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabie Wife F M W 20   CANKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Mattie Mabie Daughter F S W  9   NJFa: NYMo: NJ
   Carrie Mabie Daughter F S W  4   NJFa: NYMo: NJ
Bergen County, Ridgewood, Bergen County, Pages 547A & 547B, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Stephen S. Mabie Head M M W 29   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Harriet Mabie Wife F M W 31   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Lillian Mabie Daughter F S W  8   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Julia Mabie Daughter F S W  5   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Eliza Mabie Daughter F S W  4   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Bergen County, Ridgewood, Bergen County, Page 548D, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Frederick Mabie Head M M W 35   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Nancy A. Mabie Wife F M W 36   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Peter Mabie Son M S W 14   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Tyler Mabie Son M S W 11   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Frederick Mabie Son M S W  9   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Annie Mabie Daughter F S W  7   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Emma Mabie Daughter F S W  2   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Bergen County, Washington, Bergen County, Page 607C, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Calvin Mabie   M S W 12   NJFarm LaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Note: Residing with family of C. H. and Savina Devoe.
Bergen County, Washington, Bergen County, Page 618B, National Archives Film T9-0771
   Edward Mabie Head M M W 21   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Hannah Mabie Wife F M W 21   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Bergen County, Washington, Bergen County, Page 618B, National Archives Film T9-0771
   John Mabie Head M M W 50   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Jane Mabie Wife F M W 51   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Cumberland County, District 1 And 2, Landis, Page 332B, National Archives Film T9-0776
   Phiba J. Mayby Head F W W 47   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Ernest Hampsted Grandson M S W  8   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Essex County, Mont Clair, Pages 39C & 39D, National Archives Film T9-0780
   David Mabie Head M M W 65   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Eliza Mabie Wife F M W 65   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Thadeus D. Mabie Son M M W 38   NJButcherFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Elizabeth Mabie Daugh-in-Law F M W 36   PAFa: PAMo: PA
   Martha Mabie GDaughter F S W 7 mo NJFa: NJ  Mo: PA
   James W. Mabie Son M M W 35   NJButcherFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Sarah Mabie Daugh-in-Law F M W 28   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Cora Mabie Grandson M S W  7   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   David Mabie Grandson M S W  3   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Essex County, Newark, Ward 8, Page 120D, National Archives Film T9-0777
   James B. Ridge Head M M W 35   ILHat CurlerFa: CTMo: CT
   Matilda Ridge Wife F M W 29   NYKeeping HouseFa: CTMo: CT
   Wilson Gregory Boarder M S W 29   PANews DealerFa: PAMo: PA
   Eugene Kent Boarder M M W 30   PABookkeeperFa: PAMo: PA
   Mary Kent Wife F M W 28   PABoarderFa: PAMo: PA
   Frank Kent Son M S W  6   NJFa: PAMo: PA
   Eugene Simons Nephew M S W 15   NJBoarderFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Fred Conklin Boarder M S W 21   CTBookkeeperFa: CTMo: CT
   Nettie J. Maybie Sister F S W 41   NJHat TrimmerFa: CTMo: CT
   Note: It is not clear whose sister Nettie was.
Essex County, Newark, Ward 9, Page 244C, National Archives Film T9-0778
   George Mabee Head M M W 35   PACarpenterFa: PAMo: PA
   Mary Mabee Wife F M W 24   NYKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
Essex County, Newark, Ward 15, Page 272B, National Archives Film T9-0779
   Jacob Maybie Head M M W 28   NJKeeps Butcher StoreFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Sarah J. Maybie Wife F M W 25   NJKeeps HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Hudson County, Jersey City, District 1, Precinct 4, Page 98D, National Archives Film T9-0782
   Chester W. Mabie Head M M W 52   NJMusic TeacherFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary E. Mabie Wife F M W 50   NYKeeps HouseFa: CTMo: CT
   Emeline Mabie Daughter F S W 20   NYAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Wm.W. Mabie Son M S W 18   NYClerk LawyerFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Martha E. Mabie Daughter F S W 13   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NY
Hudson County, Jersey City, District 2, Precinct 3, Page 265B, National Archives Film T9-0782
   John A. Pierce Head M M W 50   NYMasonFa: NYMo: NY
   Susan A. Pierce Wife F M W 53   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Wm. B. Pierce Son M M W 24   NJCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Maggie Pierce Wife F M W 22   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   John Pierce Son M S W 22   NJClerkFa: NYMo: NY
   Clara Pierce Daughter F S W 18   NJAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Charlotte A. Horton   F W W 61   NHKeeping HouseFa: NHMo: NH
   A. Jarvis Mabie Niece F S W 15   NYAt HomeFa: ENGMo: NY
   John Walter Mabie Nephew M S W 13   NJAt HomeFa: ENGMo: NY
   Ella Jane Mabie Niece F S W  8   NYAt SchoolFa: ENGMo: NY
   Grace F. Mabie Niece F S W  1   NJAt HomeFa: ENGMo: NY
   John F. York Nephew M S W 21   INMachinistFa: NJ  Mo: NH
Hudson County, Jersey City, District 2, Precinct 4, Pages 291C & 291D, National Archives Film T9-0782
   James J. Mabee Head M M W 39   NJEngineerFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Alice Mabee Wife F M W 37   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Jessie Mabee Daughter F S W 16   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Robert Mabee Son M S W 14   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Frank Mabee Son M S W 12   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Frederick Mabee Son M S W  9   NYAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Ida Mabee Daughter F S W  3   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Harry Mabee Son M S W  1   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Hudson County, Jersey City, District 3, Precinct 6, Page 51A, National Archives Film T9-0783
   Watson Maibe Head M M W 25   NJOffice ClerkFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Nellie Maibe Wife F M W 21   NJHousekeeperFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Hudson County, Jersey City, District 3, Precinct 8, Page 99A, National Archives Film T9-0783
   Francis Mabie Head M M W 54   NJShip CarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth Mabie Wife F M W 39   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Etta G. Mabie Daughter F S W 16   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Cora Oks Niece F S W 12   MAAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Hudson County, Jersey City, District 3, Precinct 3, Page 502B, National Archives Film T9-0783
   Louisa Maybee Boarder F W W 35   NYFa: FRAMo: FRA
   Grace Maybee Daughter F S W 14   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   George Maybee Son M S W  5   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in house of Edward and Adeline Secor.
Hudson County, Jersey City, District 5, Precinct 4, Page 463D, National Archives Film T9-0784
   Mary Myers Head F W W 40   NJSeamstressFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Laura M. Mabie Daughter F S W  8   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Middlesex County, New Market, Page 231B, National Archives Film T9-0790
   Margaret Mabie Servant F S W 28   NJServantFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Note: Residing in house of Wm. V. and Hannah A. Dunham.
Monmouth County, Middletown, Page 224B, National Archives Film T9-0791
   William Maby Servant M S W 28   NYFishermanFa: NYMo: NJ
   Note: Residing in house of Martin and Eliza A. Lohsen.
Monmouth County, Middletown, Page 225D, National Archives Film T9-0791
   Mary Mabey Head F W W 60   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary Tilton Daughter F M W 23   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NJ
   Samuel Tilton Son-in-Law M M W 28   NJShoemakerFa: NYMo: NJ
   Adinna Tilton GDaughter F S W  6   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NY
Monmouth County, Middletown, Page 227C, National Archives Film T9-0791
   Deborah A. Mabey Head F W W 54   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Monmouth County, Middletown, Page 263D, National Archives Film T9-0791
   Cordelia Maybe Servant F W W 50   NJDomestic ServantFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Note: Residing in house of Russell G. and Susie E. Andrews
Monmouth County, Middletown, Page 263D, National Archives Film T9-0791
   Maria L. Mabie Servant F S W 22   NJDomestic ServantFa: NYMo: NJ
   Note: Residing in house of Charles Lufburrow.
Monmouth County, Shrewsbury, Page 448C, National Archives Film T9-0792
   Hattie Maby Servant F S W 20   NJServantFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Note: Residing in house of Sidney B. and Mary E. West.
Morris County, Mendham, Page 196C, National Archives Film T9-0793
   Benjamin Morris Head M M W 60   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary A. Morris Wife F M W 56   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary C. Morris Daughter F S W 19   NJDress MakerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   George E. Morris Son M S W 18   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Annie Mabbee Mother-in-Law F W W 88   NJInfirmFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Morris County, Mountville, Page 196C, National Archives Film T9-0793
   William Mabey Head M M W 44   NJFarmingFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Catharine Mabey Wife F M W 35   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Eliza J. Mabey Daughter F S W 14   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Theodore Mabey Son M S W 17   NJWorks On FarmFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary F. Mabey Daughter F S W 12   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   William H. Mabey Son M S W 11   NJWorks On FarmFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   George W. Mabey Son M S W  8   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Emma Mabey Daughter F S W  5   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Bertha C. Mabey Daughter F S W  2   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Stella Mabey Daughter F S W 1 mo NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Morris County, Pequannock, Page 315D, National Archives Film T9-0793
   Peter Mabie Head M W W 50   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Annie Mabie Daughter F S W 17   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Edward Mabie Son M S W 15   NJFarm LaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   David Mabie Son M S W 11   NJFarm LaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Joseph Mabie Son M S W  9   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Harrett Mabie Daughter F S W  5   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Morris County, Pequannock, Page 315D, National Archives Film T9-0793
   John Mabie Head M M W 76   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Phebie Mabie Wife F M W 42   NJKeeps HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Elizabeth Mabie Daughter F M W 17   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   John Mabie Son M S W 13   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Effie Mabie Daughter F S W 10   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Burta Mabie Daughter F S W  7   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Charles Caurter Son-in-Law M M W 20   NJIn Rubber WorksFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   John Mabie Grandson M M W 28   NJFarm LaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Bella Mabie Wife F M W 29   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Morris County, Pequannock, Page 316A, National Archives Film T9-0793
   Daniel Mabie Head M M W 32   NJRubber MillFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Emma Mabie Wife F M W 25   NJKeeps HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Jennie Mabie Daughter F S W  4   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Robert Mabie Son M S W  2   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Morris County, Pequannock, Page 322B, National Archives Film T9-0793
   Munson Mabie Head M M W 45   NJLaborer On R.R.Fa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Catarine Mabie Wife F M W 43   NJKeeps HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Abram Mabie Son M S W 20   NJLaborer On R.R.Fa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Martin Mabie Son M S W 18   NJLaborer On R.R.Fa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Annie Mabie Daughter F S W 15   NJRubber MillFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   William Mabie Son M S W 10   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Winne Mabie Daughter F S W  8   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   James Mabie Son M S W  5   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Thomas Mabie Son M S W  3   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Morris County, Upper Hibernia, Pages 496B & 497C, National Archives Film T9-0793
   Martin Maybee Head M M W 29   NJMinerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Laura Maybee Wife F M W 28   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   William Maybee Cousin M S W 30   NJFannerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Israel Maybee Brother M S W 19   NJMinerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Ruth Smith Sis-in-Law F S W 19   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Passaic County, Paterson, Page 177C, National Archives Film T9-0796
   Langford C. Mabie Head M M W 42   NYEngineer R. R.Fa: Mo:
   Margaret Ann Mabie Wife F M W 35   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo:
   Mary E. Mabie Daughter F S W 18   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   David Henry Mabie Son M S W 17   MAWks In Brass FoundryFa: NYMo: NY
   Charles L. Mabie Son M S W 13   MAAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Evaline B. Mabie Daughter F S W  7   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Geraldine K. Mabie Daughter F S W  7   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Ida Ann Mabie Daughter F S W  5   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Passaic County, Paterson, Page 297B, National Archives Film T9-0796
   Ann Mabie Head F W W 53   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah Vandine Daughter F M W 24   NJSilk MillFa: NYMo: NY
   John A. Mabie Son M M W 21   NJShirt MillFa: NYMo: NY
   Aaron Mabie Son M S W 20   NJCotton MillFa: NYMo: NY
   Emma Van Allen Daughter F M W 18   NJCotton MillFa: NYMo: NY
   Garrett Van Allen Son-in-Law M   W 25   NJPainterFa: NYMo: NY
   David Van Allen Son-in-Law M   W 25   NJSilk MillFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Casper Van Dein Grandson M S W  8   NJFa: Mo:
   Jenine Van Dein GDaughter F S W  6   NJFa: Mo:
   Bertha Van Dein GDaughter F S W 10 mo NJFa: Mo:
Passaic County, Pompton, Page 312B, National Archives Film T9-0794
   David Mabee Head M M W 24   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Hanah Mabee Wife F M W 25   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   William Mabee Son M S W  6   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Anna E. Mabee Daughter F S W  5   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   David H. Mabee Son M S W  3   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Passaic County, Pompton, Page 317D, National Archives Film T9-0794
   Peter W. Mabee Head M M W 50   NJPainterFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Anneliza Mabee Wife F M W 42   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   John L. Mabee Son M S W 22   NJBlacksmithFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Whitfield Mabee Son M S W 19   NJWorks In RubbermillFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary E. Mabee Daughter F S W 11   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Charles E. Mabee Son M S W  9   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   William Mabee Son M S W  6   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Catarina Mabee Daughter F S W  1   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Passaic County, West Milford, Page 331A, National Archives Film T9-0794
   Anis Mayby Head F W W 50   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Horace Mayby Son M S W 22   NJFarmingFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Perie Mayby Son M S W 18   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Frances Mayby Daughter F S W 16   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Samuel Mayby Son M S W 12   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Abraham Mayby Son M S W  9   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Annis Mayby Daughter F S W  6   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Passaic County, West Milford, Page 332D, National Archives Film T9-0794
   George Mabee Head M M W 25   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Candace Mabee Wife F M W 22   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Sarah M. Mabee Daughter F S W  2   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Eva Mabee Daughter F S W 2 mo NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Passaic County, West Milford, Page 332D, National Archives Film T9-0794
   Benjamin Mabee Head M M W 62   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Emoline Mabee Wife F M W 54   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Daniel Mabee Son M S W 18   NJWork On FarmFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Elmira Mabee Daughter F S W 16   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Marriah Mabee Daughter F S W 14   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Theadore Mabee Son M S W 12   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Benjamin Mabee Son M S W 10   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Passaic County, West Milford, Page 334C, National Archives Film T9-0794
   John W. Mabee Head M M W 23   NJFarmingFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Amanda Mabee Wife F M W 22   MIKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Passaic County, West Milford, Page 334D, National Archives Film T9-0794
   Thomas Mabee Head M M W 26   NJFarmingFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Adaline Mabee Wife F M W 25   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabee Daughter F S W  2   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Ellabelle Mabee Daughter F S W  1   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NY
Passaic County, West Milford, Page 334D, National Archives Film T9-0794
   Frank Mabee Head M S W 27   NJFarmingFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary L. Mabee Sister F S W 25   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Passaic County, West Milford, Page 335A, National Archives Film T9-0794
   John Mabee Head M S W 38   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Sussex County, Hardyston, Page 64C, National Archives Film T9-0798
   Martin B. Mabee Head M M W 29   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Sarah M. Mabee Wife F M W 27   NJKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NJ
   Clara K. Mabee Daughter F S W  6   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Frank A. Mabee Son M S W  4   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Sussex County, Hardyston, Page 64D, National Archives Film T9-0798
   Jesse Dennis Head M M W 45   NJHotel KeeperFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Anna M. Dennis Wife F M W 35   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Etta May Dennis Daughter F   W 15   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Eleanor Dennis Sister F   W 51   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Eliza A. Mabie Mother-in-Law F   W 63   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Sussex County, Hardyston, Page 73B, National Archives Film T9-0798
   Martin W. Mabee Head M M W 37   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Emma J. Mabee Wife F M W 30   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Lizzie A. Mabee Daughter F S W  9   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Fred L. Mabee Son M S W  8   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Alice W. Mabee Daughter F S W  6   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Sussex County, Lafayette, Page 92A, National Archives Film T9-0798
   Austin Mabee Head M M W 41   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Merabah E. Mabee Wife F M W 37   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Robert A. Mabee Son M S W 15   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Abram E. Mabee Son M S W 13   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Francis P. Mabee Son M S W 11   NJAt SchoolFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Jennie Mabee Daughter F S W  9   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Dora Mabee Daughter F S W  7   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Bessie K. Mabee Daughter F S W  4   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Sussex County, Lafayette, Page 92B, National Archives Film T9-0798
   Edward Mabee Head M M W 49   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary Mabee Wife F M W 46   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   John Mabee Son M S W 25   NJWorks On FarmFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Sussex County, Lafayette, Page 92B, National Archives Film T9-0798
   Simeon Mabee Head M M W 53   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary Mabee Wife F M W 48   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Annettie Mabee Daughter F   W 20   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Sussex County, Newton, Page 121C, National Archives Film T9-0798
   Samuel W. Mabee Head M M W 31   NJBakerFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Phebe H. Mabee Wife F M W 28   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Elly O. Roe Sis-in-Law F S W 20   NJNo OccupationFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Sussex County, Newton, Page 122B, National Archives Film T9-0798
   Elissabeth Mabee Head F W W 54   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Theodore E. Mabee Son M S W 22   NJWorks In BakeryFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Alfred H. Mabee Son M S W 18   NJWorks In Shoe FactoryFa: NJ  Mo: NY
   Clarisa J. Harding Sister F S W 52   NYNo OccupationFa: NYMo: NY
Sussex County, Vernon, Page 205A, National Archives Film T9-0799
   John Mabee Head M M W 64   NJFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Hester L. Mabee Wife F M W 51   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Benjamin F. Mabee Nephew M S W 22   NJWorks On FarmFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Sussex County, Vernon, Page 207B, National Archives Film T9-0799
   Collins Maybee Head M M W 58   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Eliza J. Maybee Wife F M W 53   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   James L. Maybee Son M S W 25   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   William E. Maybee Son M S  W 20   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Seely T. Maybee Son M S  W 18   NJWorks On FarmFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Collins C. Maybee Son M S  W 16   NJWorks On FarmFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Abram P. Maybee Son M S  W 14   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   John E. Maybee Son M S W 12   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Sussex County, Wantage, Page 239A, National Archives Film T9-0799
   Nicholas Mabee Head M M W 38   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Eliza E. Mabee Wife F M W 38   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Lela E. Mabee Daughter F S W 13   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Judson D. Mabee Son M S W 11   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Bertie C. Mabee Son M S W  7   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
New York:
Albany County, Albany, 10th Ward, Page 31A, National Archives Film T9-0806
   Alonzo Mabey Head M M W 30   NYShipping ClerkFa: NYMo: NY
   Ursula Mabey Wife F M W 30   MAFa: MAMo: NY
Albany County, Albany, 17th Ward, Page 465B, National Archives Film T9-0807
   Simon Maybee Head M M W 50   NYCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah Maybee Wife F M W 44   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Hannah Slater Mother-in-Law F W W 74   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Albany County, Albany, 17th Ward, Page 483A, National Archives Film T9-0807
   Henry Maybee Boarder M M W 27   NYFlagmanFa: NYMo: NY
   Nellie C. Maybee Wife F M W 21   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Maybee Daughter F S W 4 mo NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of Ezra Yager.
Albany County, Cohoes, Page 532C, National Archives Film T9-0808
   William Maby Head M M W 31   ENGSaloon KeeperFa: ENGMo: IRE
   Julia Maby Wife F M W 25   NYHouse KeeperFa: IREMo: IRE
   John Maby Son M S W  1   NYFa: ENGMo: NY
   Mary A. Maby Daughter F S W 2 mo NYFa: ENGMo: NY
Albany County, Rensselaerville, Page 168B, National Archives Film T9-0807
   Nancy Maybee Head F W W 46   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Libbie Maybee   F S W 17   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Albany County, Rensselaerville, Page 176B, National Archives Film T9-0807
   Anna M. Dean Head F W W 81   NYHouse KeepingFa: CTMo: CT
   Hannah Maybey Sister F W W 71   NYHouse KeepingFa: CTMo: CT
Albany County, Westerlo, Page 197D, National Archives Film T9-0807
   Marsellus Mabey Head M M W 30   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Juliette Mabey Wife F M W 30   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Albany County, Westerlo, Page 211D, National Archives Film T9-0807
   Solomon E. Mabey Head M M W 44   NYDealer Farm ProduceFa: NYMo: NY
   Hannah Mabey Wife F M W 45   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Carrie Mabey Daughter F S W 16   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Ella Mabey Daughter F S W  7   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Albany County, Westerlo, Page 212B, National Archives Film T9-0807
   Jeremiah Mabey Head M M W 52   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Eleaner Mabey Wife F M W 44   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Reuben Mabey Son M S W 16   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
Alleghany County, Amity, Page 67B, National Archives Film T9-0809
   Levi Mabee Head M M W 68   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Eliza Mabee Wife F M W 46   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Alleghany County, Angelica, Page 109B, National Archives Film T9-0809
   William Mabie Head M M W 39   NYPhotographerFa: NYMo: NY
   Lina N. Mabie Wife F M W 32   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Gracie B. Mabie Daughter F S W  8   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Alleghany County, Bolivar, Page 142C, National Archives Film T9-0809
   Philip Maybe Head M M W 58   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Lydia Maybe Wife F M W 29   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Charles Maybe Son M S W  8   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Melissa Maybe Daughter F S W  6   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   William Maybe Son M S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Alleghany County, Cuba, Page 222D, National Archives Film T9-0809
   John Maybee Boarder M S W 23   NYFarm HandFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of Samuel and Catharine Morgan.
Alleghany County, Friendship, Page 233A, National Archives Film T9-0809
   Alonzo Mabe Head M M W 55   NYBlacksmithFa: NYMo: NY
   Sophiah D. Mabe Wife F M W 53   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Alleghany County, Granger, Page 264B, National Archives Film T9-0809
   Tryphena Mabie Head F W W 45   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: CT
   John Mabie Son M S W  5   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Ettie Mabie Daughter F S W  3   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Alleghany County, Grove, Page 279D, National Archives Film T9-0809
   Timothy Mabie Head M M W 74   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Eliza Ann Mabie Wife F M W 64   PAKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: PA
   Eliza J. Mabie Daughter F S W 37   NYTeaching SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Ella M. Mabie Adopt. Daughter F S W 18   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: ENG
Alleghany County, Grove, Page 282B, National Archives Film T9-0809
   Edwin Mabie Head M M W 41   NYFarmer & J. P.Fa: NYMo: NY
   Lucy Jane Mabie Wife F M W 31   NYKeeping HouseFa: MAMo: NY
   Annie E. Mabie Daughter F S W 10   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Frank T. Mabie Son M S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Alleghany County, Hume, Page 301C, National Archives Film T9-0809
   A. Maibee Head F W W 56   NYKeeping HouseFa: MAMo: CT
Alleghany County, Scio, Page 347C, National Archives Film T9-0809
   Isaac Pendleton Head M M W 38   NYFarmerFa: Mo:
   Mary Pendleton Wife F M W 35   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Dora Maybee Step-Daughter F S W 11   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Lewis Maybee Stepson M S W  7   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Claude Maybee Stepson M S W  5   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Alleghany County, Scio, Page 348A, National Archives Film T9-0809
   George Maybee Head M M W 40   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Anna Maybee Wife F M W 26   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Berdell Maybee Son M S W  6   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Ida Maybee Daughter F S W  4   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Alleghany County, Wirt, Page 446A, National Archives Film T9-0810
   Stephen Maybee Head M M W 49   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth Maybee Wife F M W 41   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Ardella Maybee Daughter F W W 22   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Horatio Maybee Son M S W 14   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Eva Maybee Daughter F S W 11   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Alice Maybee Daughter F S W  8   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Seymour Maybee Son M S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Phebe Maybee Daughter F S W 9 mo NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Flora Newell GDaughter F S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Myron Newell Grandson M S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Cattaraugus County, Ellicottville, Page 156C, National Archives Film T9-0811
   Julia Maybee Head F W B 63   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Mellissa Maybee Daughter F S B 24   CANDomestic ServantFa: NYMo: NY
   Julia Maybee Daughter F S B 22   CANDomestic ServantFa: NYMo: NY
   Minnie Maybee Daughter F S B 12   CANAttending SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Benjamin Maybee Grandson M S B  5   CANAttending SchoolFa: NYMo: CAN
Cattaraugus County, Ellicottville, Page 157B, National Archives Film T9-0811
   Abram Maybee Head M M B 42   NYBarberFa: NYMo: NY
   Martha A. Maybee Wife F M MU 35   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Cattaraugus County, Farmersville, Page 170A, National Archives Film T9-0811
   George Mabey Head M M W 22   NYFarm LabourerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Maybey Wife F M W 23   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: MI
   Note: Both spellings of surname appear on census form.
Cattaraugus County, Ischua, Page 268B, National Archives Film T9-0812
   Philinde Maybee Head F W W 60   NYFa: PAMo: NY
   William Maybee Son M S W 30   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   John Maybee Son M S W 22   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
Cattaraugus County, Perrysburgh, Page 20D, National Archives Film T9-0812
   Guy Maybe Head M M W 47   NYFarmerFa: Mo:
   Esther Maybe Wife F M I 50   NYKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
   Alex Maybe Son M S I 15   NYFa: Mo:
   Aurelia Maybe Daughter F S I 17   NYAt HomeFa: Mo:
Cattaraugus County, Red House, Page 100A, National Archives Film T9-0812
   Lucina Maybee Head F M W 37   NYKeeps HouseFa: Mo:
   Elmer Everets Son M S W 14   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Cattaraugus County, Salamanca, Page 105D, National Archives Film T9-0812
   Enos Maybee Head M   W 45   NYFarmerFa: NYMo:
   James Maybee Father M   W 75   NYFa: Mo:
Cattaraugus County, Salamanca, Page 125D, National Archives Film T9-0813
   Harmon Mabie Head M M W 58   NYTeamsterFa: NYMo: NY
   Eliza Mabie Wife F M W 56   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Cayuga County, Fleming, Page 49D, National Archives Film T9-0814
   Nelson Mabey Head M M W 62   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Eveline Mabey Wife F M W 54   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Charles Mabey Son M S W 12   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Cayuga County, Fleming, Page 50A, National Archives Film T9-0814
   George W. Mabey Head M M W 56   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Louisa A. Mabey Wife F M W 58   MAKeeping HouseFa: MAMo: MA
   Ellen M. Mabey Daugh-in-Law F W W 25   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Cayuga County, Fleming, Page 57D, National Archives Film T9-0814
   George F. Mabey Head M M W 40   NYBlacksmithFa: NYMo: NY
   Loretta Mabey Wife F M W 38   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Frederick Mabey Son M S W 14   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Cayuga County, Fleming, Page 57D, National Archives Film T9-0814
   Byron Mabey Head M M W 36   MIBlacksmithFa: NYMo: NY
   Belle Mabey Wife F M W 28   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Clayton G. Mabey Son M S W  7   NYFa: MIMo: NY
   Horace B. Gaston Father-in-Law M W W 59   NYGrocerFa: NYMo: MA
Cayuga County, Fleming, Page 58A, National Archives Film T9-0814
   Menzo Mabey Head M M W 30   MIWagon MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Eva Mabey Wife F M W 24   NYFa: MAMo: NY
Chautauqua County, Ellery, Page 234D, National Archives Film T9-0815
   Matilda Maybee Head F W W 72   NYHouse KeepingFa: NYMo: NY
Chemung County, Big Flats, Page 179C, National Archives Film T9-0816
   George Maybee Head M M W 25   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Josephene Maybee Wife F M W 24   NYKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
   Nettie Maybee Daughter F S W 3 mo NYFa: NYMo: NY
Chemung County, Big Flats, Page 182B, National Archives Film T9-0816
   Nathaniel Maybee Head M M W 71   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah M. Maybee Wife F M W 67   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Chemung County, Elmira, Page 235C, National Archives Film T9-0817
   George Maby Head M M W 54   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth Maby Wife F M W 62   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Dubois Maby Son M M W 28   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Emma Maby Daugh-in-Law F M W 26   PAAt HomeFa: GERMo: GER
   Selah B. Maby Grandson M S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: PA
   Sara E. Maby GDaughter F S W 6 mo NYFa: NYMo: PA
Chemung County, Van Ettenville, Page 561B, National Archives Film T9-0817
   Elizbeth Mabee   F S W 26   NYTeaching SchoolFa: Mo:
   Note: Residing in the house of Daniel and Sarah Briggs
Chemung County, Van Ettenville, Page 562C, National Archives Film T9-0817
   Sarrah A. Mabee Head F W W 38   NYKeeping HouseFa: CTMo: NY
   Judd Mabee Son M S W 18   NYClerks In StoreFa: NYMo: NY
   George H. Mabee Son M S W 17   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
Chenango County, Norwich, Page 251A, National Archives Film T9-0818
   John M. Mabie Boarder M S W 60   NYKeeps Livery StableFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Living in hotel.
Columbia County, Gallatin, Page 190D, National Archives Film T9-0821
   Julia A. Smith Head F W W 68   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Rufus Smith Son M S W 27   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Milton Smith Son M S W 29   NYNo OccupationFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Smith Daughter F S W 24   NYDress MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Christopher Maybe Brother M S W 73   NYNo OccupationFa: NYMo: NY
Delaware County, Colchester, Page 49D, National Archives Film T9-0822
   Alanson Maybee Head M M W 57   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary A. Maybee Wife F M W 47   IREKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
   William R. Maybee Son M S W 27   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: IRE
   Alexander Maybee Son M S W 18   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: IRE
   Mary J. Maybee Daughter F S W 17   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: IRE
   John Maybee Son M S W 12   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: IRE
Delaware County, Franklin, Page 152D, National Archives Film T9-0823
   Elijah Maybee Head M M W 74   NYBlacksmithFa: NYMo: NY
   Susan Maybee Wife F M W 48   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: CT
Delaware County, Hancock, Page 216A, National Archives Film T9-0823
   James Maybe Head M M W 63   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Hannah Maybe Wife F M W 51   NYHouse KeepingFa: NYMo: NY
   Kate Maybe Daughter F S W  6   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Delaware County, Harpersfield, Page 233B, National Archives Film T9-0823
   Stephen E. Maynard Head M M W 34   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Jennette Maynard Wife F M W 33   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: MA
   Monroe Mabey Nephew M S W 12   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
Delaware County, Kortright, Page 257A, National Archives Film T9-0823
   George Maybee   M S W 23   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Residing in the house of John Mitchell.
Delaware County, Meredith, Page 294C, National Archives Film T9-0823
   Charles Maybee Head M M W 63   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Amelia Maybee Wife F M W 45   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Levy Maybee Son M S W 13   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Ester C. Maybee Daughter F S W  6   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Dutchess County, Amenia, Page 25B, National Archives Film T9-0824
   Levi Mabey Head M M W 55   PACarpenterFa: Mo:
   Sarah Mabey Wife F M W 52   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Dutchess County, Clinton, Page 58D, National Archives Film T9-0824
   Michael Maybee Head M M W 56   NYStone MasonFa: CTMo: NY
   Mary Maybee Wife F M W 56   IREKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
Dutchess County, Dover, Page 88D, National Archives Film T9-0824
   Hiram Mabie Head M M W 57    NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Julia Mabie Wife F M W 50   NYKeep HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary E. Mabie Daughter F S W 27   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Washington Mabie Son M S W 25   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Carie M. Mabie Daughter F S W 18   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Florance Mabie Daughter F S W 13   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Dutchess County, Poughkeepsie, Page 34B, National Archives Film T9-0825
   William Pinckney Head M M W 68   NYButcherFa: NYMo: NY
   Claracy J. Pinckney Wife F M W 58   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Carrie Pinckney Daughter F S W 15   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   William W. Mabie Son-in-Law M M W 22   NYTeacherFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary E. Mabie Daughter F M W 22   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Dutchess County, Poughkeepsie, Page 37D, National Archives Film T9-0825
   George Mabey Head M M W 34   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary E. Mabey Wife F M W 39   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   George Mabey Son M S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Dutchess County, Poughkeepsie, Page 241D, National Archives Film T9-0825
   Daniel Mabbie Head M M W 49   NYCarmanFa: NYMo: NY
   Adaline Mabbie Wife F M W 38   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Joseph B. Mabbie Son M S W  15   NYWorks at GardeningFa: NYMo: NY
   Charles Mabbie Son M S W  12   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Edward Mabbie Son M S W  10   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Minnie Mabbie Daughter F S W  8   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Frank Mabbie Son M S W  6   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Susie Mabbie Daughter F S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Dutchess County, Rhinecliff, Page 317B, National Archives Film T9-0825
   Brundage Maby Head M M W 51   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth Maby Wife F M W 47   ENGKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   John Maby Son M S W 19   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Arvy Maby Son M S W 15   NYFa: NYMo: ENG
   Vanderhoof Maby Son M S W 12   NYFa: NYMo: ENG
   Lewis Maby Son M S W 10   NYFa: NYMo: ENG
Dutchess County, Rhinecliff, Pages 318D & 319A, National Archives Film T9-0825
   Clinton Mabie Head M M W 49   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Maria L. Mabie Wife F M W 40   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Ellsworth Mabie Son M S W 18   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Washington Mabie Son M S W 17   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Maggie Mabie Daughter F S W 14   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Edward Mabie Son M S W 12   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Andrew Mabie Son M S W 10   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabie Mother F W W 86   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Phillips Mother-in-Law F W W 69   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Andrew Phillips Bro-in-Law M S W 30   NYWorks On R.R.Fa: NYMo: NY
Dutchess County, Wappinger, Page 450A, National Archives Film T9-0826
   Joseph Mabie Head M M W 47   NYWorks In Overall FactoryFa: NYMo: NY
   Ellen Mabie Wife F M W 40   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Erie County, Buffalo, 1st Ward, Page 298A, National Archives Film T9-0827
   Emma Mabey Head F W W 45   ENGKeeps Variety StoreFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Charles Mabey Son M S W 19   ENGLaborerFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Alfred Mabey Son M S W 17   ENGWork In Flour MillFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Wallis Mabey Son M S W 15   ENGClerk In StoreFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Mary Jane Mabey Daughter F S W 13   ENGAttend SchoolFa: ENGMo: ENG
   William Mabey Son M S W  7   NYAttend SchoolFa: ENGMo: ENG
Erie County, Buffalo, 2nd Ward, Page 467A, National Archives Film T9-0828
   Moses T. Mabey Head M M W 50   NYShoe StoreFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary A. Mabey Wife F M W 48   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Ida B. Mabey Daughter F S W 23   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Hattie E. Mabey Daughter F S W 21   NYSchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Anna E. Mabey Daughter F S W 15   NYSchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Webster B. Mabey Son M S W 13   NYSchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Erie County, Buffalo, 8th Ward, District 1, Page 411D, National Archives Film T9-0830
   Patrick Maby Boarder M S W 28   IRELaborerFa: IREMo: IRE
   Note: Boarding in house of James and Emma Phillips.
Erie County, Buffalo, 9th Ward, Page 6A, National Archives Film T9-0831
   Mary Maby Servant F M W 24   NYServantFa: HOLMo: HOL
   Note: Residing in the house of L. A. Sealey.
Erie County, Buffalo, 9th Ward Page 76B, National Archives Film T9-0831
   William Mabie Head M M W 55   NYCartmanFa: NYMo: NY
   Lydia A. Mabie Wife F M W 48   CANKeeping HouseFa: MAMo: NY
   Edwin L. Mabie Son M S W 30   NYCartmanFa: NYMo: CAN
   William S. Mabie Son M S W 26   NYHackmanFa: NYMo: CAN
   Laura A. Mabie Daughter F S W 20   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: CAN
Erie County, Buffalo, 11th Ward, Page 339A, National Archives Film T9-0831
   Charles W. Stiles Head M M W 45   NYPolice ManFa: NYMo: NY
   Edna Stiles Wife F M W 38   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Ida Stiles Daughter F S W 18   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Julia Stiles Daughter F S W 21   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Jos. Maybee Bro-in-Law M M W 41   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Druella Maybee Sis-in-Law F M W 40   NYHouse KeeperFa: NYMo: NY
Erie County, Tonawanda, Page 171D, National Archives Film T9-0827
   Nicholas Maybe Head M M W 35   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Jennie Maybe Wife F M W 22   NYKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
   William Maybe Son M S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Jesse Maybe Son M S W  2   NY Fa: NYMo: NY
   Edger Maybe Boarder M M W 31   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Olive Maybe Boarder F M W 26   MIAt HomeFa: OHMo: OH
Erie County, Tonawanda, Page 177D, National Archives Film T9-0827
   Levi Mabee Head M M W 24   NYBoatmanFa: NYMo: NY
   Charlotte Mabee Wife F M W 22   CANKeeping HouseFa: BADMo: NY
   Margarette Mabee Mother F W W 67   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   William Mabee Brother M S W 26   NYBoatingFa: NYMo: NY
Fulton County, Johnstown, District 1, Page 72B, National Archives Film T9-0834
   Edward Mabey Head M M W 36   NYLabourerFa: HOLMo: NY
   Jane Mabey Wife F M W 27   NYKeeping HouseFa: SCOMo: NY
Greene County, Cairo, Page , National Archilves Film T9-0836
Enoch Mabey Head M M W 84 NYDotageFa: NYMo: NY
Mary Mabey Wife F M W 80 NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Sarah A. Holmes Daughter F W W 44 NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Rose A. Holmes Gdaughter F S W 17 NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Greene County, Durham, Page 212A, National Archives Film T9-0836
   George Mabey Head M M W 45   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Hellen Mabey Wife F M W 36   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Emma Robertson Daughter F S W 12   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Greene County, Durham, Page 218C, National Archives Film T9-0836
   Horace Mabey Head M M W 36   NYFarmingFa: NYMo: ENG
   Laura Mabey Wife F M W 32   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Cora Mabey Daughter F S W  6   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Emily C. Mabey Daughter F S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Eliza Mabey Mother F W W 72   ENGAt HomeFa: ENGMo: ENG
Greene County, Greenville, Page 257C, National Archives Film T9-0836
   John Mabie Head M M W 49   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Freelove Mabie Wife F M W 48   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Oscar Mabie Son M M W 29   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Janie Mabie Daugh-in-Law F M W 26   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Leonia Mabie GDaughter F S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Anna Mabie Daughter F S W 11   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Arvey Mabie Son M S W  6   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Greene County, Greenville, Page 258A, National Archives Film T9-0836
   Mary Mabey Head F W W 45 NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Clifford Mabey Son M S W 21 NYDry Goods ClerkFa: NYMo: NY
   Johanna Mabey Daughter F S W 17 NYAt homeFa: NYMo: NY
Greene County, Greenville, Page 261C, National Archives Film T9-0836
   Adalaide A. Mabey Head F W W 57   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Adalaide Mabey Daughter F S W 33   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: The real name of the elder Adalaide was Lozina, widow of Justice Mabey.
Greene County, Halcott, Page 268B, National Archives Film T9-0836
   Theadore Mabey Head M M W 33   NYShoemakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Charlotte Mabey Wife F M W 28   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Adali Mabey Daughter F S W  3   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Adali Mabey Mother F W W 67   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Herkimer County, Danube, Page 28C, National Archives Film T9-0837
   Jasper Mabee Head M M W 55   NYBoot & Shoe MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Angeline Mabee Wife F M W 54   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Herkimer County, Stark, Page 413C, National Archives Film T9-0838
   Daniel Mabie Head M M W 31   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabie Wife F M W 21   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Julius Mabie Son M S W 1 mo NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Emma Van Buren Sis-in-Law F S W 15   NYBoardingFa: NYMo: NY
Herkimer County, Stark, Page 413D, National Archives Film T9-0838
   William Mabie Head M M W 32   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary C. Mabie Wife F M W 36   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Jefferson County, Pamelia, Page 328A, National Archives Film T9-0839
   Mary Ann Walts Head F W W 54   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Barnard Maby Father M W W 75   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Chester Buck Adopted Son M S W 12   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 25, Page 587B, National Archives Film T9-0841
   Arthur O'Connor Head M M W 45   NYSeamanFa: NYMo: NY
   Carrie C. O'Connor Wife F M W 33   NYKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
   Fred I. Maby Son M S W 10   NJGoing To SchoolFa: NYMo: IRE
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 55, Page 222C, National Archives Film T9-0844
   Margaret Maybee Head F W W 62   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Wm. M. Maybee Son M S W 30   NYWks. HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Ed. J. Schofield Son-in-Law M M W 28   NYMarine Ins.Fa: NYMo: NY
   Julia B. Schofield Daughter F M W 27   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Maybee Schofield GDaughter F S W  3   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Maimee Schofield GDaughter F S W  1   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Sidney Cornell Brother M M W 65   NYBankerFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah A. Cornell Sis-in-Law F M W 63   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 63, Page 398C, National Archives Film T9-0844
   Cornelius Mabie Head M M W 60   NYWatch AgentFa: NYMo: MA
   Mary Mabie Wife F M W 22   NJKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Cornelia Mabie Daughter F S W 14   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: ENG
   Edward P. Mabie Son M S W  9   NJAt SchoolFa: NYMo: ENG
   Florence Mabie Daughter F S W  4   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: ENG
   Grace Mabie Daughter F S W  2   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: ENG
   William Mead Bro-in-Law M S W 19   NJWorks In Clock FactoryFa: ENGMo: ENG
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 93, Page 453A, National Archives Film T9-0846
   George W. Mabie Head M M W 35   NYGold Pen Manf.Fa: NYMo: NY
   Ann M. Mabie Wife F M W 32   MAFa: MAMo: MA
   Mabel A. Mabie Daughter F S W  6   NY Fa: NYMo: MA
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 110, Page 108A, National Archives Film T9-0847
   Peter Mabye Head M M W 52   NYCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Harriet Mabye Wife F M W 42   ENGKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Carrie Mabye Daughter F M W 22   NJFa: NYMo: ENG
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 137, Page 13B, National Archives Film T9-0849
   John Mabie Head M M W 60   NYNews DealerFa: NYMo: NY
   Hannah Mabie Wife F M W 52   NYKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: NY
   Ada Mabie Daughter F S W 28   NYBook SewerFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth Mabie Daughter F M W 25   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Caroline Mabie Daughter F S W 22   NYBook SewerFa: NYMo: NY
   Maragret Mabie Daughter F S W 18   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Robert Mabie Son M S W 15   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Jessie Mabie Daughter F S W  9   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 177, Page 173B, National Archives Film T9-0852
   Mary Byrt Head F W W 68   ENGKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Emma Byrt Daughter F S W 22   NYTeacher At SchoolFa: IREMo: ENG
   Elisabeth Mabey Sister F W W 64   ENGAt HomeFa: ENGMo: ENG
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 197, Page 95D, National Archives Film T9-0853
   Mary Maybee   F S W 37   NYSchool TeacherFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Residing in the house of Elbert and Mary E. Bennett.
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 210, Page 351B, National Archives Film T9-0854
   Peter Mabie Head M M W 50   NYAuctioneerFa: NYMo: NY
   Maria Mabie Wife F M W 50   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Fannie Mabie Daughter F S W 20   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Ida Mabie Daughter F S W 16   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Marie Mabie Daughter F S W 15   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 216, Page 475C, National Archives Film T9-0854
   Alonzo Mabee Boarder M S W 27   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of Kate Garrity.
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 224, Page 79C, National Archives Film T9-0855
   John H. Stiles Head M M W 56   NYBuilderFa: NYMo: NY
   Elisabeth R. Stiles Wife F M W 54   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Maria L. Mabee Daughter F S W 32   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Leonard S. Mabee   M S W 12   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 234, Page 343A, National Archives Film T9-0855
   Alexander Mabee Head M M W 62   NYDruggistFa: NYMo: NJ
   Alice D. Mabee Wife F M W 59   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NJ
   Elias M. Mabee Son M S W 33   NYClerk In StoreFa: NYMo: NY
   Luther P. Mabee Son M S W 28   NYClerk In StoreFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth Snethen Sis-in-Law F S W 79   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Kings County, Brooklyn, E.D. 245, Page 49D, National Archives Film T9-0856
   Geo. W. Mabie Boarder M M W 32   NYBookkeeperFa: NYMo: NY
   Eliza Mabie Wife F M W 26   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Walter B. Mabie Son M S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of Samuel and Leah Bowne.
Madison County, Sullivan, Page 419D, National Archives Film T9-0860
   Maria Mabie Head F W W 66   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Charlotte E. Hall Daughter F M W 42   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   F. Ernest Hall Grandson M S W 18   NYPrint OfficeFa: NYMo: NY
   Lizzie E. Hall GDaughter F S W 16   NYSchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Maggie M. Hall GDaughter F S W 14   NYSchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Monroe County, Rochester, 9th Ward, Page 22D, National Archives Film T9-0863
   John Mabee Head M M W 38   CANShoe FactoryFa: CANMo: IRE
   Jane Mabee Wife F M W 36   IREKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
   George Mabee Son M S W 10   NYSchoolFa: CANMo: IRE
Monroe County, Rochester, 9th Ward, Page 69C, National Archives Film T9-0863
   Eugene Maby  M S B 19   CANWorks in Tailor ShopFa: CANMo: CAN
   NOTE: Prisoner in Western House of Refuge.
Montgomery County, Florida, Page 205C, National Archives Film T9-0865
   Ella Maby  F S W  9   NYBoardingFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of Thomas and Minerva Kerns.
Montgomery County, Glen, Page 251A, National Archives Film T9-0865
   Abram Mabee Head M M W 39   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Anna Mabee Wife F M W 29   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabee Daughter F S W 5 mo NYFa: NYMo: NY
Montgomery County, Glen, Page 251A, National Archives Film T9-0865
   Peter H. Mabee Head M S W 43   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Mariah Mabee Mother F W W 80   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Ada Van Horn Niece F S W 17   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Grace Van Horn Niece F S W  7   NYFa: NYMo: NY
New York County, New York, E.D. 114, Page 176B, National Archives Film T9-0872
   Nancy Mabie Head F W W 78   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Amelia Mabie Daughter F S W 47   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
New York County, New York, E.D. 173, Page 47A, National Archives Film T9-0874
   Adely Meaby Boarder F S W 21   ENGDomestic ServantFa: IREMo: IRE
   Note: Boarding in the house of Samuel and Lizzie Johnson.
New York County, New York, E.D. 177, Page 111B, National Archives Film T9-0874
   Maria Mabie Boarder F W W 51   MEStraw Hat MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of Isabella McLaughlin.
New York County, New York, E.D. 181, Page 162A, National Archives Film T9-0874
   Adelaide Mabie Head F S W 28   NYNurse AgencyFa: NYMo: NY
New York County, New York, E.D. 238, Page 611A, National Archives Film T9-0877
   Rachel Mabe Head F W W 50   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Anna Mabe Daughter F S W 25   NYFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
New York County, New York, E.D. 283, Page 167A, National Archives Film T9-0880
   W. J. Mabee Lodger M S W 27   NYMachanicFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Living in hotel.
New York County, New York, E.D. 289, Page 275C, National Archives Film T9-0880
   Chas. Mabie Friend M S W 19   NYJanitorFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Residing in the house of Zepheniah and Sophia Smith.
New York County, New York, E.D. 326, Page 348B, National Archives Film T9-0882
   Susan Mabie Head F S W 64   NYTailoressFa: NYMo: NY
   Abelie Mabie Sister F S W 60   NYTailoressFa: NYMo: NY
New York County, New York, E.D. 338, Page 547C, National Archives Film T9-0883
   George Mabie Boarder M S W 22   NYWheel WrightFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of Eveline Merritt.
New York County, New York, E.D. 384, Page 168D, National Archives Film T9-0885
   Anna Mabie Head F W W 34   NYDress MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Hattie Mabie Daughter F S W  8   NYFa: NYMo: NY
New York County, New York, E.D. 450, Page 184C, National Archives Film T9-0888
   Richard Mabie Head M M W 34   NYFeed Co. ClerkFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Lucia Mabie Wife F M W 25   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Phebe Mabie Daughter F S W  1   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
New York County, New York, E.D. 454, Page 241D, National Archives Film T9-0889
   Abel Mabie Head M M W 61   NJCarpenterFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Phoebe Mabie Wife F M W 62   NJKeep HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   William Mabie Son M W W 24   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
New York County, New York, E.D. 485, Page 134C, National Archives Film T9-0890
   Charles Mabee Boarder M M W 40   CANCarpenterFa: CANMo: CAN
   Note: Boarding in the house of John and Anna O'Flaherty.
New York County, New York, E.D. 494, Page 310C, National Archives Film T9-0890
   Sarah A. Maby Head F W W 55   NYSeamstressFa: CTMo: CT
New York County, New York, E.D. 532, Page 402A, National Archives Film T9-0892
   Aron Mabie Head M M W 57   NJPolicemanFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Jane Mabie Wife F M W 49   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Jennie Mabie Daughter F S W 28   NYDress MakingFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Huldah Mabie Daughter F S W 25   NYDress MakingFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Emma Mabie Daughter F S W 21   NYDress MakingFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Henretta L. Mabie Daughter F S W 19   NYMusic TeacherFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Ida Mabie Daughter F S W 17   NYDress MakingFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
New York County, New York, E.D. 586, Page 495C, National Archives Film T9-0895
   Levi Mabie Head M M W 58   NYBuilderFa: NYMo: NY
   Hariet L. Mabie Wife F M W 46   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Charles E. Mabie Son M S W 30   NYCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
New York County, New York, E.D. 604, Page 266D, National Archives Film T9-0896
   John Gardener Head M M W 56   NJChair FactoryFa: NJ  Mo: DE
   Mary Gardener Wife F M W 38   INKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   John Gardener Son M S W 18   NYChair FactoryFa: NJ  Mo: IN
   Mabel Gardener Daughter F S W 16   NJSchoolFa: NJ  Mo: IN
   Grace Gardener Daughter F S W 14   NYSchoolFa: NJ  Mo: IN
   Leonard Gardener Son M S W 11   NYSchoolFa: NJ  Mo: IN
   Maud Gardener Daughter F S W  7   NYSchoolFa: NJ  Mo: IN
   Walter Gardener Son M S W  6   NYSchoolFa: NJ  Mo: IN
   Mary Mabie Mother-in-Law F W W 65   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
New York County, New York, E.D. 624, Page 273C, National Archives Film T9-0897
   Elijah Maybee Boarder M S W 25   NYTeamsterFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Living in hotel.
Niagara County, Lewiston, Page 75A, National Archives Film T9-0900
   Edward Mabee Head M M W 74   NYRet. FarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Susan Mabee Wife F M W 64   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Niagara County, Royalton, Page 297D, National Archives Film T9-0901
   Marcus Mabee Head M M W 52   NYMillerFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth C. Mabee Wife F M W 48   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Eugene H. Mabee Son M S W 23   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Marcus Mabee Son M S W 11   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Oneida County, Camden, Page 134D, National Archives Film T9-0902
   Franklin G. Mabie Head M M W 37   NYCabinet MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Nancy Mabie Wife F M W 28   NYHouse KeeperFa: VTMo: NY
   Edward Mabie Son M S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Oneida County, Camden, Page 140D, National Archives Film T9-0902
   Stephen V. Palms Head M M W 45   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Hannah M. Palms Wife F M W 46   NYHouse KeeperFa: NYMo: NY
   Flora I. Palms Daughter F S W  7   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Clarance E. Mabie Son-in-Law M M W 27   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Cora E. Mabie Daughter F M W 26   NYHouse KeeperFa: NYMo: NY
   Katie J. Mabie GDaughter F S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Oneida County, Vienna, 3rd District, Page 373D, National Archives Film T9-0904
   Theron Mabie Head M M W 32   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Cora Mabie Wife F M W 30   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Warren Mabie Son M S W  7   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Ada Mabie Daughter F S W  3   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Onondaga County, Geddes, Page 243B, National Archives Film T9-0905
   Margaret Mabie   F S W 14   NYInmateFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Inmate of the New York Asylum For Idiots.
Onondaga County, Manlius, Page 49C, National Archives Film T9-0906
   A. S. Mabee Head M M W 57   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah A. Mabee Wife F M W 45   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Annie Mabee Daughter F S W 25   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Onondaga County, Manlius, Page 49D, National Archives Film T9-0906
   Thomas Freeborn Head M M W 66   NYFarmerFa: RIMo: RI
   Lany Freeborn Wife F M W 60   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Albert C. Freeborn Son M S W 21   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Ann Hoag Daughter F W W 34   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Oliver T. Hoag Grandson M S W 12   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah L. Hoag GDaughter F S W 10   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Blanch N. Hoag GDaughter F S W  7   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Wm. Mabee Boarder M S W 51   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: William Mabee was the brother of Lany Freeborn.
Onondaga County, Manlius, Page 49D, National Archives Film T9-0906
   Anne Mabee Head F W W 68   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Onondaga County, Manlius, Page 53C, National Archives Film T9-0906
   Oliver Mabie Head M M W 54   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Rebeca Mabie Wife F M W 44   NYKeeping HouseFa: CTMo: VT
   Joel W. Mabie Son M S W 13   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Cathrine J. Mabie Daughter F S W  9   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Oliver C. Mabie Son M S W  7   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Henry E. Mabie Son M S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Cathrine Mabie Mother F W W 84   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Onondaga County, Onondaga, Page 98D, National Archives Film T9-0906
   Harman P. Maybee Head M M W 74   NYJournal Column.Fa: NYMo: NY
   Rachael A. Maybee Wife F M W 57   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: CT
Onondaga County, Spafford, Page 321A, National Archives Film T9-0906
   Maria Mabie Boarder F S W 69   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of V. C. and Martha Roe.
Onondaga County, Syracuse, 5th Ward, Page 263D, National Archives Film T9-0907
   Aaron Mabie Head M M W 63   NYCarpenter & JoinerFa: NYMo: NY
   Phoebe Mabie Wife F M W 63   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Gardner H. Stone Son-in-Law M M W 36   VTShoe MakerFa: VTMo: VT
   Alice Stone Daughter F M W 31   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Flora Stone GDaughter F S W  3   NYFa: VTMo: NY
Onondaga County, Syracuse, Page 351A, National Archives Film T9-0908
   John Mabie Head M M W 90   NYRetired GentFa: NYMo: NY
   Margaret Mabie Daughter F S W 58   NYNo BusinessFa: NYMo: NY
   John Mabie Jr. Son M S W 49   NYNo BusinessFa: NYMo: NY
   William H. Cook Grandson M S W 25   NYNews AgentFa: NYMo: NY
Onondaga County, Syracuse, 8th Ward, Page 496B, National Archives Film T9-0908
   Frank Maybie Head M M W 26   NYCartmanFa: NYMo: NY
   Flora Maybie Wife F M W 23   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Charles Maybie Son M S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Orange County, Chester, Pages 32A & 32B, National Archives Film T9-0910
   Elmer S. Earl Head M M W 33   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Julia C. Earl Wife F M W 33   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Nicholas Mabee Stepson M S W 14   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Jessie Mabee Stepson M S W 12   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Chas.R. Earl Son M S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Carrie B. Earl Daughter F S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Libbie Ecerk Sis-in-Law F S W 40   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Orange County, Chester, Page 48A, National Archives Film T9-0910
   Jacob Mabee, Jr. Head M M W 30   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Manda M. Mabee Wife F M W 27   NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Lilly Maud Mabee Daughter F S W  5   NYFa: NYMo: NJ
   Jesse Mabee Son M S W  3   NYFa: NYMo: NJ
Orange County, Goshen, Page 243C, National Archives Film T9-0910
   James O. Mabee Head M M W 55   NYRetired FarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Lavina Mabee Wife F M W 45   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Orange County, Goshen, Page 274D, National Archives Film T9-0910
   John Mabee Head M S W 58   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
Orange County, Middletown, E.D. 39, Page 228A, National Archives Film T9-0911
   Carrol M. Maybee Head M M W 24   PAHat StiffnerFa: PAMo: PA
   Ida S. Maybee Wife F M W 23   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Grace L. Maybee Daughter F S W  3  NY Fa: PAMo: NY
   Clarence E. Maybee Son M S W  1  NY Fa: PAMo: NY
   Samuel J. Fullerton Brother-in-law M S W    PAHatterFa: NYMo: NY
   NOTE: On the actual census forms, this family was enumerated with the surname Munson, rather than Maybee.
   However, in reality, this is the family of Carl Munson Maybee.
Orange County, Middletown, 1st Ward, Page 273C, National Archives Film T9-0911
   James W. Wiley Head M M W 33   PASteel MelterFa: PAMo: PA
   Mary E. Wiley Wife F M W 28   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   James W. Wiley Son M S W  9   PAAt HomeFa: PAMo: PA
   George Wiley Son M S W  4   PAFa: PAMo: PA
   Emmet Mabee Stepson M S W  6   NYAt HomeFa: PAMo: NY
   Frances Rogers Sis-in-Law F S W 17   NYHat Factory WorkerFa: PAMo: NY
Orange County, Montgomery, District 1, Page 417C, National Archives Film T9-0910
   Abel Maybee Head M M W 50   NYGardnerFa: NYMo: CT
   Elizabeth Maybee Wife F M W 52   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Orange County, Newburgh, 3rd Ward, Page 138D, National Archives Film T9-0911
   Jeremiah D. Mabie Head M M W 40   NYHouse FurnishingsFa: NYMo: NY
   Hellen Mabie Wife F M W 41   NJKeeps HouseFa: SCOMo: SCO
   Hellen S. Mabie Daughter F S W 15   NYWorks MillineryFa: NYMo: NJ
   William H. Mabie Son M S W  6   NYFa: NYMo: NJ
Orange County, Newburgh, 3rd Ward, Page 143B, National Archives Film T9-0911
   David A. Mabie Head M M W 68   NYHardware DealerFa: NYMo: NY
   Susan M. Mabie Wife F M W 62   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Orange County, Port Jervis, Page 142D, National Archives Film T9-0910
   Thomas G. Mabie Head M M W 39   NYR.R. ConductorFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah Mabie Wife F M W 26   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: PA
Orange County, Warwick, Page 354B, National Archives Film T9-0912
   William Mabee Servant M S W 21   NJFa: Mo:
   Note: Residing with John H. and Anna W. Houston.
Orange County, Warwick, Page 358A, National Archives Film T9-0912
   Jacob Mabee Head M M W 77   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Hannah Mabee Wife F M W 66   NYKeep HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Carrie Mabee Daughter F S W 34   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Kate Wilcox Daughter F W W 27   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
Orange County, Warwick, Page 368B, National Archives Film T9-0912
   James D. Mabee Head M M W 25   NYPrinterFa: NYMo: NY
   Emma Mabee Wife F M W 22   NYHousekeeperFa: NYMo: NY
   Olive Mabee Daughter F S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Orange County, Warwick, Pages 369C & 369D, National Archives Film T9-0912
   John Mabee Head M M W 69   NYGrocery ManFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth Mabee Wife F M W 59   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   John Mabee Jr. Son M S W 37   NYR. R. BrakemanFa: NYMo: NY
   William O. Mabee Son M S W 34   NYTraveling Agt.Fa: NYMo: NY
   Keturah J. Winans Daughter F M W 29   NYHousekeeperFa: NYMo: NY
   Maud I. Winans GDaughter F S W  8   ILFa: NYMo: NY
   Grace M. Winans GDaughter F S W  5   OHFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary E. Hall Daughter F M W 27   NYDress MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   George F. Hall Grandson M S W  8   NYFa: SWEMo: NY
   Hester A. Mabee Daughter F S W 22   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Magdeline Mabee Daughter F S W 19   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Alice B. Mabee Daughter F S W 17   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Orange County, Warwick, Page 370B, National Archives Film T9-0912
   Robert E. Mabee Head M M W 30   NJWork On FarmFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Hannah M. Mabee Wife F M W 20   NJHouse KeeperFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Eva M. Mabee Daughter F S W 7 mo NJFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Orleans County, Carlton, Page 89D, National Archives Film T9-0912
   Loftus Maybee Head M M W 36   CANFarmerFa: NYMo: CAN
   Fronia Maybee Wife F M W 30   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Wright Daughter F S W  8   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Fred Maybee Brother M S W 19   CANLaborerFa: NYMo: CAN
Orleans County, Murray, Page 173A, National Archives Film T9-0912
   Leonard Mabee Head M M W 49   NYFarmerFa: ENGMo: GER
   Mary Mabee Wife F M W 37   NYKeeping HouseFa: CANMo: ENG
   Wm. Henry Maybee Son M S W 17   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Leonard Mabee Son M S W 16   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Lydia L. Mabee Daughter F S W 14   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary M. Mabee Daughter F S W 12   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Eliza Mabee Daughter F S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Charlotte Mabee Daughter F S W 1 mo NYFa: NYMo: NY
Orleans County, Murray, Page 183B, National Archives Film T9-0912
   Charles A. Mabie Head M M W 34   NYJewelerFa: NYMo: NY
   Julia S. Mabie Wife F M W 30   NYKeeping HouseFa: VTMo: VT
   Mattie E. Mabie Daughter F S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Oswego County, Parish, Page 22B, National Archives Film T9-0915
   Mariah Maby Head F W W 64   NYAt HomeFa: RIMo: VT
Oswego County, Parish, Page 28B, National Archives Film T9-0915
   A. M. Maybee Head M M W 51   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth Maybee Wife F M W 51   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Oswego County, Richland, Page 77A, National Archives Film T9-0915
   Orin Maybee Head M M W 49   NYFarmerFa: CTMo: CT
   Sarah Maybee Wife F M W 44   NYKeeping HouseFa: VAMo: NY
   Sylvenus Maybee Son M S W 20   NYFarmingFa: NYMo: NY
   Edeth Maybee Daughter F S W 12   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Asa Clark Father-in-Law M W W 79   VTFarmerFa: Mo:
Oswego County, Richland, Page 77A, National Archives Film T9-0915
   Joseph Maybee Head M M W 25   NYFarmingFa: NYMo: NY
   Ella Maybee Wife F M W 23   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Leta Maybee Daughter F S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Otsego County, Roseboom, Page 458C, National Archives Film T9-0916
   Arbie O. Mabie Head M M W 49   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Louise Mabie Wife F M W 45   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Oscar Mabie Son M S W 20   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Eva Mabie Daughter F S W 17   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Elmer Mabie Son M S W 16   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Gifford Mabie Son M S W 14   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Ella Mabie Daughter F S W  5   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Otsego County, Roseboom, Page 458D, National Archives Film T9-0916
   Washington Mabie Head M M W 37   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Tenettie Mabie Wife F M W 37   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Emmet Mabie Son M S W  7   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Ine Mabie Daughter F S W  3   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Otsego County, Roseboom, Page 460D, National Archives Film T9-0916
   William H. Mabie Head M M W 39   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Effie Mabie Wife F M W 27   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Ine E. Badgley Step-Daughter F S W  3   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Clara Badgley Step-Daughter F S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Clara J. Bellinger Sis-in-Law F S W 15   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Otsego County, Roseboom, Page 465A, National Archives Film T9-0916
   David Mabie Head M M W 42   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: CT
   Kate A. Mabie Wife F M W 38   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Nettie Mabie Daughter F S W 11   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Seward L. Mabie Son M S W  9   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   S. Vena Mabie Daughter F S W  8   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Minnie Mabie Daughter F S W  3   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Leona Mabie Daughter F S W 8 mo NYFa: NYMo: NY
Otsego County, Roseboom, Page 465A, National Archives Film T9-0916
   John P. Mabie Head M M W 47   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Jane Mabie Wife F M W 44   NYKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: NY
   James H. Mabie Son M S W 18   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Alice A. Mabie Daughter F S W 16   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Carrie Mabie Daughter F S W  8   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Clara Mabie Daughter F S W  8   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Putnam County, Carmel, District 2, Page 26B, National Archives Film T9-0917
   Mary Mabie Boarder F S B  5   NYFa: VAMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of Charles and Elizabeth Butler.
Putnam County, Kent, Page 44C, National Archives Film T9-0917
   William W. Mabie   M S W 40   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Residing in the house of Ezra and Hannah Caldwell.
Putnam County, Patterson, Page 46B, National Archives Film T9-0917
   Wm. A. Mabie Head M M W 52   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Laura A. Mabie Wife F M W 61   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Etta A. Houes Niece F   W 18   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Putnam County, Patterson, Page 47C, National Archives Film T9-0917
   Chauncy Mabby Head M M W 28   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: Ire
   Phoebe Mabby Wife F M W 18   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Edward Mabby Son M S W  7 mo   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Putnam County, Patterson, Page 53C, National Archives Film T9-0917
   Annie Dayton Head F W W 45   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Mattie H. Dayton Daughter F S W 19   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Nancy Mabie Mother F W W 76   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Putnam County, Patterson, Page 56A, National Archives Film T9-0917
   Sylvester Mabie Head M M W 74   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Caroline A. Mabie Wife F M W 71   NYKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: NY
   Henry Mabie Son M M W 38   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Maria Mabie Daugh-in-Law F M W 31   CTAt HomeFa: CTMo: CT
   Grace Mabie GDaughter F S W  6   CTAt SchoolFa: NYMo: CT
Queens County, Oyster Bay, Page 389D, National Archives Film T9-0919
   Garrett Maybee Head M M W 61   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Lydia Maybee Wife F M W 62   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Annie Maybee Daughter F S W 35   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Queens County, Oyster Bay, Pages 435B & 436C, National Archives Film T9-0919
   Wm Simonson Head M M W 71   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Simonson Wife F M W 68   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Wm. Henry Simonson Son M M W 43   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Hester Simonson Daugh-in-Law F M W 28   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Ann Maybee Sis-in-Law F W W 70   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Queens County, Valley Stream, Page 456B, National Archives Film T9-0918
   R. H. Thomas Head M M W 26   NYMerchantFa: HALMo: NY
   Olivia Thomas Wife F M W 25   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Olivia Thomas Daughter F S W  3   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth Eyre Mother-in-Law F W W 65   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Margaret Wood Sis-in-Law F S W 30   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary J. Maybe Aunt F S W 50   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Father of R. H. Thomas was born in Hallifax.
Rennselaer County, Troy, Page 573B, National Archives Film T9-0921
   Otto Schmidt Head M M W 24   PRUDeals In Old CoinsFa: PRUMo: PRU
   Emma Schmidt Wife F M W 22   ILKeeping HouseFa: NSMo: NY
   Otto Schmidt Son M S W 9 mo MAHomeFa: PRUMo: DE
   Frank Mabee Father-in-Law M M W 51   NSPhysicianFa: NSMo: ENG
   George Mabee Bro-in-Law M S W 14   NYClerk In Coin StoreFa: NSMo: NY
   Jennie Mabee Mother-in-Law F M W 47   NYLives In FamilyFa: IREMo: NJ
Rockland County, Orangetown, District 1, Page 132A, National Archives Film T9-0924
   William A. Mabie Head M M W 69   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Maria Mabie Wife F M W 57   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Peter W. Mabie Son M M W 32   NJCarpenterFa: NYMo: NJ
   Catharine Ann Mabie Daugh-in-Law F M W 26   NYAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Rockland County, Orangetown, District 1, Page 132A, National Archives Film T9-0924
   Cornelius Mabie Head M M W 65   NYCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah Mabie Wife F M W 65   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   William Mabie Son M S W 22   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
Rockland County, Orangetown, District 1, Page 133D, National Archives Film T9-0924
   Jacob B. Mabie Head M M W 63   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Leah Mabie Wife F M W 61   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Hester Mabie Daughter F S W 30   NYDressmakerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Rockland County, Orangetown, District 2, Page 153A, National Archives Film T9-0924
   John V. B. Johnson Head M M W 61   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Jane Johnson Wife F M W 62   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   George C. Taylor Son-in-Law M M W 54   NYClerk On Rail RoadFa: NYMo: NY
   Margaret Taylor Daughter F M W 42   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Jennie Taylor GDaughter F S W 21   NYSchool TeacherFa: NYMo: NY
   Newton Rutter Son-in-Law M M W 30   MDRail Road ClerkFa: MDMo: MD
   Evaline Rutter Daughter F M W 22   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Margaret Mabie Mother-in-Law F W W 86   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Susan Day Cousin F W W 80   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Rockland County, Orangetown, District 2, Page 153A, National Archives Film T9-0924
   John Mabie   M S W 55   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Note: Residing in the house of Samuel A. and Sarah Haring
Rockland County, Orangetown, District 2, Page 153B, National Archives Film T9-0924
   Adolphus Mabie Head M M W 42   NYGrocerFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah Mabie Wife F M W 36   NYKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NY
Rockland County, Orangetown, District 3, Nyack, Page 188B, National Archives Film T9-0924
   Cornelius P. Mabie Head M M W 76   NYRetired MillerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabie Wife F M W 72   NY Keeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Rockland County, Orangetown, District 4, Page 203C, National Archives Film T9-0924
   Cornelius Maby   M W W 64   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Residing in the house of Joseph and Rachel A. Ekne (?)
Rockland County, Orangetown, District 4, Page 203C, National Archives Film T9-0924
   David Mabie Head M S W 27   NYFarmingFa: NYMo: NY
   Eva Mabie Wife F M W 22   NYHousekeepingFa: NYMo: NY
Rockland County, Ramapo, District 3, Page 263B, National Archives Film T9-0924
   Peter L. Mabie Head M M W 86   NYNoneFa: NYMo: NY
   Catharine Mabie Wife F M W 67   NJKeeps HouseFa: PAMo: NJ
Saratoga County, Day, Pages 100D & 101A, National Archives Film T9-0928
   Elijah Maybe Head M M W 26   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Sobrina Maybe Wife F M W 22   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: VT
   James S. Maybe Son M S W  5   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Saratoga County, Hadley, Page 182C, National Archives Film T9-0928
   James Maby Head M M W 70   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Clarissa Maby Wife F M W 67   NYHouse WorkFa: CTMo: NY
   Nora Maby Adopt. Daughter F S W  9   NYAt SchoolFa: Mo: NY
   John Hurd Stepson M S W 30   NYFarm LaborerFa: VTMo: NY
Saratoga County, Milton, District 1, Pages 250D & 251A, National Archives Film T9-0928
   George West Head M M W 57   ENGPaper ManufacturerFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Louisa West Wife F M W 57   ENGKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Douglass W. Maybee  Son-in-Law M M W 32   NYSupt. Paper MillFa: NYMo: NY
   Florence L. Maybee Daughter F M W 24   MAAt HomeFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Louisa W. Maybee GDaughter F S W  3   NYFa: NYMo: MA
   George W. Maybee Grandson M S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: MA
   Walter W. Maybee Grandson M S W 5 mo NYFa: NYMo: MA
Saratoga County, Milton, District 2, Pages 273D & 274A, National Archives Film T9-0928
   Benjamin Maybe Head M M W 41   NJFa: NJ  Mo: PA
   Janet Maybe Wife F M W 40   SCOKeeping HouseFa: SCOMo: SCO
   William Maybe Son M S W 21   NJTanneryFa: NJ  Mo: SCO
   Amelia Maybe Daughter F S W 19   NJFa: NJ  Mo: SCO
   James Maybe Son M S W 13   NYFa: NJ  Mo: SCO
Saratoga County, Saratoga Springs, Page 440C, National Archives Film T9-0929
   J. H. Mabie Head M M W 51   NYBoarding HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary E. Mabie Wife F M W 48   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Minnie Mabie Daughter F S W 14   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Eddie Mabie Son M S W  8   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Lulu Mabie Daughter F S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Schenectady County, Glenville, Page 42A, National Archives Film T9-0929
   Elizabeth Mabee Head F W W 39   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Louise Mabee Daughter F S W 26   NYAt HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   William Mabee Son M S W 24   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   George Mabee Son M S W 17   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Bertha Mabee Daughter F S W  9   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Curtis Mabee Son M S W  6   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Schenectady County, Glenville, Page 46B, National Archives Film T9-0929
   Steven Maynard Head M M W 55   ENGFarmerFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Abigal Maynard Wife F M W 53   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Steven Mabee Grandson M S W 10   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Schenectady County, Glenville, Page 48A, National Archives Film T9-0929
   Aaron R. Mabee Head M M W 46   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Catherine Mabee Wife F M W 44   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   David B. Mabee Son M S W 18   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Gertie E. Mabee Daughter F S W 12   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Isadore Mabee Daughter F S W  7   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Schenectady County, Glenville, Page 48A, National Archives Film T9-0929
   Isaac Mabee Head M M W 60   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Margaret Mabee Wife F M W 51   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Lansing Mabee Son M M W 23   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Simeon Mabee Son M S W 22   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Hattie Mabee Daugh-in-Law F M W 18   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Schenectady County, Glenville, Page 49C, National Archives Film T9-0929
   George H. Mabee Hired Man M S W 17   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Residing in the house of John H. and Elizabeth Knapp.
Schenectady County, Glenville, Page 49C, National Archives Film T9-0929
   Nicholas Mabee Head M M W 44   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Helen Mabee Wife F M W 32   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Louise Mabee Daughter F S W  9   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   John Mabee Son M S W  5   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Vedder Mabee Son M S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Schenectady County, Glenville, Page 49C, National Archives Film T9-0929
   Jerome Mabee Head M M W 40   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Jemima Mabee Wife F M W 33   ENGKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Matilda Mabee Daughter F S W 12   NYFa: NYMo: ENG
   Lucy Mabee Daughter F S W 10   NYFa: NYMo: ENG
   Nettie Mabee Daughter F S W  7   NYFa: NYMo: ENG
   Jacob Mabee Son M S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: ENG
   Teller Mabee Son M S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: ENG
Schenectady County, Glenville, Page 50B, National Archives Film T9-0929
   William Mabee Head M M W 37   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Tilla Mabee Wife F M W 33   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Edward Mabee Son M S W 11   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Frank Mabee Son M S W  6   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Lina Mabee Daughter F S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   John Mabee Father M W W 76   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Schenectady County, Rotterdam, District 1, Page 91B, National Archives Film T9-0929
   Jacob Mabee Head M S W 43   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Margaret Mabee Sister F S W 33   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Rachel F. Mabee Sister F S W 29   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Eva Mabee Niece F S W 14   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Simon Mabee Nephew M S W 11   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Schenectady County, Schenectady, 2nd Ward, Page 141D, National Archives Film T9-0929
   Matilda Maby Servant F S W 15   NYServantFa: NYMo: ENG
   Note: Residing and working in hotel.
Schenectady County, Schenectady, 5th Ward, Page 251A, National Archives Film T9-0930
   Levi Mabee Head M M W 30   NYCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Anna Mabee Wife F M W 29   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Stephen Mabee Son M S W  9   NYSchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   John Mabee Son M S W  8   NYSchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Frank Mabee Son M S W  6   NYSchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Delbert Mabee Son M S W  3   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Lewis Mabee Son M S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Schoharie County, Conesville, Page 99C, National Archives Film T9-0930
   Isaac Maybee Head M M W 41   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Ervilla Maybee Wife F M W 40   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Edith Maybee Daughter F S W 13   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Miran Maybee Son M S W  9   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Polly Eltan Mother-in-Law F W W 77   NYHousekeeperFa: NYMo: NY
Schoharie County, Fulton, Page 129B, National Archives Film T9-0931
   George Maybee Head M M W 50   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Maybee Wife F M W 55   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Issac Maybee Son M S W 26   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Nelson Maybee Son M S W 22   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
Schoharie County, Fulton, Page 137B, National Archives Film T9-0931
   Orrin Mabee Head M M W 35   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Maria Mabee Wife F M W 33   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Schoharie County, Fulton, Page 138D, National Archives Film T9-0931
   George Vanvoris Head M M W 57   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Vanvoris Wife F M W 55   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Martha Morey Mother-in-Law F W W 88   NYBoardingFa: NYMo: NY
   Theodore Vanvors Son M S W 22   NYTeacherFa: NYMo: NY
   Rosa Maybee Adopt. Daughter F S W 10   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Harvey Vanvors Son M S W 25   NYTeacherFa: NYMo: NY
Schoharie County, Gilboa, Page 157B, National Archives Film T9-0931
   William Maybie Head M M W 47   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Maybie Wife F M W 44   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Charles Maybie Son M S W 12   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   William Maybie Son M S W  9   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Schoharie County, Gilboa, Page 165A, National Archives Film T9-0931
   Rhoda Mabee   F S W 19   NYServantFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Residing in the house of Charles and Phoeba Frazer.
Schoharie County, Gilboa, Page 165A, National Archives Film T9-0931
   Alvah Mabey Head M M W 27   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Belle Mabey Wife F M W 20   NYKeeping HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Schoharie County, Gilboa, Page 165B, National Archives Film T9-0931
   Stephen Mabey Head M M W 54   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Harriet Mabey Wife F M W 40   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Willard Mabey Son M S W 17   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Stephen Mabey Son M S W 15   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Ella Mabey Daughter F S W 12   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Mina Mabey Daughter F S W  8   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Schoharie County, Gilboa, Page 165B, National Archives Film T9-0931
   Isaac Mabey Head M W W 86   NJRetired FarmerFa: NYMo: CT
   Sarah Mabey Daughter F S W 35   NYKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NY
Schoharie County, Gilboa, Page 166C, National Archives Film T9-0931
   Lydia Mabey   F S W 55   NYServantFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Residing in the house of Ezra W. and Hannah Selleck.
Schuyler County, Alpine, Page 266C, National Archives Film T9-0930
   Jacob Mabee Head M M W 28   NYBlacksmithFa: NYMo: NY
   Albina Mabee Wife F M W 27   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Fred Mabee Son M S W  9   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Ada Mabee Daughter F S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Harry Mabee Son M S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: NY
St. Lawrence County, Edwards, Page 207B, National Archives Film T9-0925
   John H. Maybee Head M M W 50   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Fanny Maybee Wife F M W 40   NYKeeping HouseFa: VTMo: NY
   Viola Maybee Daughter F S W 18   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Irena Maybee Daughter F S W 17   NYAttending SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Addison Maybee Son M S W 15   NYFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Frank Maybee Son M S W 11   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Florilla Maybee Daughter F S W  9   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Lenora Maybee Daughter F S W  8   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
St. Lawrence County, Fine, Page 215A, National Archives Film T9-0925
   Nelson Maybee Head M M W 45   NYBlacksmithingFa: NYMo: NY
   Eliza Maybee Wife F M W 39   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   John H. Maybee Son M S W 20   NYWorks In SawmillFa: NYMo: NY
   Anna Maybee Daughter F S W 19   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Levi Maybee Son M S W 17   NYBlacksmithingFa: NYMo: NY
   George Maybee Son M S W 12   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Burton Maybee Son M S W  5   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Webster Maybee Son M S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
St. Lawrence County, Gouverneur, Page 407A, National Archives Film T9-0927
   John Maybee Boarder M S W 20   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of Jessie and Mehitable Cliford.
St. Lawrence County, Hermon, Pages 282D & 283A, National Archives Film T9-0925
   Joshua Maybee Head M M W 46   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Martha Maybee Wife F M W 45   NYKeeping HouseFa: MAMo: MA
   Barney Maybee Son M S W 21   NYFa: NYMo: NY
St. Lawrence County, Russell, Page 37A, National Archives Film T9-0926
   Abraham Maybee Head M M W 62   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Jane C. Maybee Wife F M W 48   NYKeeping HouseFa: CTMo: VT
   Maly Maybee Son M S W  6   NYAdoptedFa: NYMo: NY
Suffolk County, Huntington, Page 251A, National Archives Film T9-0935
   Sarah Maybee Boarder F S W 27   NYSchool TeacherFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of Esther Rogers.
Suffolk County, Southampton, Page 490C, National Archives Film T9-0935
   Elizabeth Hallock Head F W W 72   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Harmon Frankfort Son M S W 33   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Andrew Frankfort Son M S W 29   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Marion Mabie GDaughter F S W 20   NYHouse HelpFa: NYMo: NY
Sullivan County, Callicoon, District 2, Page 53C, National Archives Film T9-0936
   George W. Maybee Boarder M M W 35   NYSchool TeacherFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of William J. and Lovena Harding. Also, see below.
Sullivan County, Tusten, Page 367D & 368A, National Archives Film T9-0936
   George Maybee Head M M W 37   NYSchool TeacherFa: NYMo: NY
   Jaine Maybee Wife F M W 36   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Corria Maybee Daughter F S W 13   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Earnist Maybee Son M S W 11   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Bruice Maybee Son M S W  7   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Gurtrude Maybee Daughter F S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Sullivan County, Lumberland, Page 214C, National Archives Film T9-0936
   Charles Mabee Boarder M S W 30   CANStone CutterFa: CANMo: CAN
   Note: Boarding in the house of Joseph and Jemimia Crane.
Sullivan County, Rockland, Page 303C, National Archives Film T9-0936
   James M. Mabee Boarder M W W 29   NYLawyerFa: NYMo: NY
   Louise Mabee Boarder F S W  3   NYFa: HANMo: HAN
   Note: Living in hotel.
Tioga County, Owego, Page 179B, National Archives Film T9-0937
   John A. Mabee Head M M W 24   NYBookkeeperFa: NYMo: NY
   Minnie E. Mabee Wife F M W 18   NYBoardingFa: NYMo: NY
   John A. Mabee Son M S W 9 mo NYFa: NYMo: NY
Tioga County, Owego, Page 198D, National Archives Film T9-0937
   Rodric Mabee Head M M W 54   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Nancy Mabee Wife F M W 42   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Annabell Mabee Daughter F S W 20   NYAssists In HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Harriet Mabee Daughter F S W 18   NYAssists In HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Maria Mabee Daughter F S W 15   NYGoes To SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Tilson Mabee Son M S W 13   NYGoes To SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Lilly A. Mabee Daughter F S W 11   NYGoes To SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Norden B. Mabee Son M S W  8   NYGoes To SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Tioga County, Owego, Page 246C, National Archives Film T9-0937
   Foster N. Mabee Head M M W 40   NYRR PaymasterFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth L. Mabee Wife F M W 34   NYKeep HouseFa: NYMo: ENG
   Susie C. Mabee Daughter F S W  7   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Marion B. Mabee Daughter F S W  2   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Tompkins County, Danby, Page 38C, National Archives Film T9-0938
   Harriett E. Mabee Head F W W 53   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Joanna O. Gunderman Daughter F M W 23   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Thomas W. Mabee Son M S W 19   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
Tompkins County, Danby, Page 43A, National Archives Film T9-0938
   Miles Mabee Head M M W 43   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Emma J. Mabee Wife F M W 32   NYKeeping HouseFa: Mo: CT
   George H. Mabee Son M S W  9   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Arthur Mabee Son M S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Tompkins County, Danby, Pages 43B & 44C, National Archives Film T9-0938
   Charles C. Mabee Head M M W 29   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NJ
   Mary E. Mabee Wife F M W 27   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Fanny E. Mabee Daughter F S W 3   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Tompkins County, Danby, Page 46D, National Archives Film T9-0938
   William H. Mabee Head M M W 39   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Eliza P. Mabee Wife F M W 44   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: VT
Tompkins County, Danby, Page 47A, National Archives Film T9-0938
   Julius C. Masterson Head M M W 52   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Lucinda J. Masterson Wife F M W 50   NYKeeping HouseFa: NHMo: NH
   Floyd T. Mabee Cousin M S W 13   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
Tompkins County, Danby, Page 47B, National Archives Film T9-0938
   Fred P. Mabee  M S W 15   NYWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Residing in the house of Charles H. and Rebecka A. Ostrander.
Tompkins County, Enfield, Page 110B, National Archives Film T9-0938
   Samuel Mabey Head M M W 38   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Welthie Mabey Wife F M W 35   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Edgar Mabey Son M S W  9   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Arthur Mabey Son M S W  6   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Tompkins County, Ithaca, Page 209A, National Archives Film T9-0938
   Nathaniel Mabee Head M M W 34   NYBaggage ExpressFa: NYMo: NY
   Ema Mabee Wife F M W 32   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Wilton Mabee Son M S W  6   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Edna S. Mabee Daughter F S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Tompkins County, Ithaca, Page 212D, National Archives Film T9-0938
   Julia Betts Head F W W 60   NYBoarding HouseFa: CTMo: NY
   Anna Betts Daughter F S W 39   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Frank Betts Son M S W 37   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Cassandana Betts Daughter F S W 28   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
   John Mabee Son-in-Law M M W 60   NJFarmerFa: CTMo: CT
   Eliza Mabee Daughter F S W 42   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Lola Mabee GDaughter F S W 12   NYSchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Tompkins County, Ithaca, Page 250C, National Archives Film T9-0938
   Moses Mabee Head M M W 34   NYCartmanFa: NYMo: FRA
   Amelia Mabee Wife F M W 32   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: FRA
   Charles G. Mabee Son M S W 13   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: FRA
   Minnie A. Mabee Daughter F S W 11   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: FRA
   Bertie Mabee Son M S W  5   NYFa: NYMo: FRA
Tompkins County, Ithaca, Page 250C, National Archives Film T9-0938
   Martin V. Mabee Head M M W 37   NYCartmanFa: NYMo: NY
   Margaret F. Mabee Wife F M W 41   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Ulster County, Marlborough, Pages 474C & 475D, National Archives Film T9-0941
   Uriah Mabie Head M M W 48   NYFruit GrowerFa: NYMo: NY
   Nancy Mabie Wife F M W 47   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Rosella Mabie Daughter F S W 23   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Henrietta Mabie Daughter F S W 17   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Edwin Mabie Son M S W  8   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Ulster County, Marlborough, Page 480D, National Archives Film T9-0941
   Lewis Mabie Head M M W 60   NYFruit GrowerFa: NYMo: NY
   Rebeca Mabie Wife F M W 58   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Ulster County, Esopus, Port Ewen, Page 30B, National Archives Film T9-0939
   Winfield Mabee Head M M W 27   NYBoatmanFa: NYMo: NY
   Emma Mabee Wife F M W 27   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Ulster County, Esopus, Port Ewen, Page 31D, National Archives Film T9-0939
   Henry Mabee Head M M W 64   NYBoatmanFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabee Wife F M W 57   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Monroe Mabee Son M S W 21   NYBoatmanFa: NYMo: NY
   Lucy Mabee Daughter F S W 17   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary F. Mabee Daughter F S W 15   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Ulster County, Shandaken, Page 185B, National Archives Film T9-0940
   Egbert Maybe Head M M W 59   NJFarmerFa: Mo:
   Ellen Maybe Wife F M W 58   NJKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
   Note: Birthplace is very suspect from the way the enumerator filled out this page.
Wayne County, Butler, Page 73A, National Archives Film T9-0943
   Isaac Maybie Head M M W 46   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Elizabeth Maybie Wife F M W 42   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   William Maybie Son M S W 15   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Ella Maybie Daughter F S W 13   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   George Maybie Son M S W 10   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Westchester County, Cortland, Page 101D, National Archives Film T9-0945
   Dorlin Mabie Head M M W 27   NYClerk In StoreFa: NYMo: NY
   Ida M. Mabie Wife F M W 22   CTKeeps HouseFa: CTMo: NY
   Fred Mabie Son M S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: CT
Westchester County, Cortland, Page 102B, National Archives Film T9-0945
   Alonzo Mabie Head M D W 33   NYCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Minnie Mabie Daughter F S W 12   NYAdoptedFa: NYMo: NY
   Charley Mabie Son M S W  8   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Cythera Mabie Sister F S W 24   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Westchester County, Cortland, Page 105C, National Archives Film T9-0945
   Hiram Mabie Head M M W 73   NYWorks In FoundryFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabie Wife F M W 72   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   John Mabie Son M S W 38   NYForeman In FoundryFa: NYMo: NY
   James Mabie Son M M W 32   NYSoda Water ManufacturerFa: NYMo: NY
   Augusta Mabie Daugh-in-Law F M W 30   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Westchester County, Cortland, Page 112D, National Archives Film T9-0945
   John Mabie Head M M W 32   NYKeeps Shoe StoreFa: NYMo: NY
   Emma Mabie Wife F M W 28   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Lulu Mabie Daughter F S W  4   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Westchester County, Cortland, Page 118A, National Archives Film T9-0945
   Jane Mabie Head F W W 55   IREKeeps HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
   Sarah Mabie Daughter F S W 28   NYDress MakerFa: NYMo: IRE
   Maggie Mabie Daughter F S W 26   NYSchool TeacherFa: NYMo: IRE
   Anna Mabie Daughter F S W 21   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: IRE
Westchester County, Cortland, Page 122B, National Archives Film T9-0945
   Fanny Mabie Boarder F W W 63   NYFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of Emeline Gerrow.
Westchester County, Cortland, Page 124A, National Archives Film T9-0945
   Jane Mabie Head F S W 74   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Amsa L. Mabie Brother M S W 68   NYCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
Westchester County, Cortland, Page 126A, National Archives Film T9-0945
   William Mabie Head M M W 41   NYBrick MakerFa: NYMo: NY
   Jane A. Mabie Wife F M W 38   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Austin D. Mabie Son M S W 15   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   William A. Mabie Son M S W 10   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Louis F. Mabie Son M S W  7   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Jennie F. Mabie Daughter F S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: NY
Westchester County, Greenburgh, Page 288A, National Archives Film T9-0945
   Joseph W. Mabee Head M M W 40   NYCnty Sav. Bank Sec.Fa: NYMo: NY
   Julia Mabee Wife F M W 36   CTKeeping HouseFa: CTMo: CT
   Joseph G. Mabee Son M S W  7   NYFa: NYMo: CT
   Charles D. Mabee Son M S W  5   NYFa: NYMo: CT
   Herbert T. Mabee Son M S W  1   NYFa: NYMo: CT
   Jeannetta Mabee Mother F W W 70   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Westchester County, Mount Pleasant, District 1, Page 459B, National Archives Film T9-0946
   Levi J. Mabie Head M M W 59   NYNoneFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah Mabie Wife F M W 58   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Edgar W. Mabie Son M S W 21   NYClerk In Dry Goods StoreFa: NYMo: NY
Westchester County, Mount Pleasant, District 3, Page 476C, National Archives Film T9-0946
   Nelson Mabie Head M M W 56   NYRetired MerchantFa: NYMo: NY
   Sarah L. Mabie Wife F M W 63   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Nelson Mabie Son M S W 21   NYAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Westchester County, Pelham, Page 186B, National Archives Film T9-0946
   Isaac Maybe Boarder M W W 50   NYShip CarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of George L. and Henrietta Weeks.
Westchester County, White Plains, Page 396D, National Archives Film T9-0947
   Alonzo Mabee Head M M W 54   NYCarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary A. Mabee Wife F M W 50   IREKeeps HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
   Emma A. Mabee Daughter F S W 26   NYDressmakerFa: NYMo: IRE
   Wilbur N. Mabee Son M S W 22   NYCarpenterFa: NYMo: IRE
   Carrie E. Mabee Daughter F S W 18   NYSchool TeacherFa: NYMo: IRE
North Carolina:
Ashe County, Helton, Page 551C, National Archives Film T9-0952
   Phebe Mink Head F W W 68 NCKeeping HouseFa: NCMo: NC
   Mahala Mink Daughter F S W 39 VAAt HomeFa: NCMo: VA
   Grarvill Mink Grandson M S W 13 NCWork On FarmFa: NCMo: NC
   Wilson Mink Grandson M S W 11 NCWork On FarmFa: NCMo: NC
   Martha B. Maybe GDaughter F S W 7 VAAt HomeFa: VAMo: NC
Allen County, Lima, Page 545D, National Archives Film T9-0990
   Elsworth Mabbey Boarder M S W 18   OHShoemakerFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Note: Boarding in house of Charles & Nellie Schnable (see Hardin County below).
Auglaize County, St. Marys, Page 511B, National Archives Film T9-0994
   Rebecka Maybee Servant F W W 50   OHServantFa: OHMo: OH
   Note: Residing in house of Joseph and Arrilla Dowty.
Hardin County, Forest, Page 108D, National Archives Film T9-1030
   Jesse T. Mabbey Head M M W 49   NYJustice of the PeaceFa: NYMo: NY
   Isabella Mabbey Wife F M W 40   ENGKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Laura Mabbey Daughter F S W 21 OHAt HomeFa: NYMo: ENG
   Harry Mabbey Son M S W 19 OHShoemakerFa: NYMo: ENG
   Elsworth Mabbey Son M S W 17 OHShoemakerFa: NYMo: ENG
   Orilla Mabbey Daughter F S W 16 OHAt HomeFa: NYMo: ENG
   Carroll Mabbey Son M S W 12 OHAt SchoolFa: NYMo: ENG
   Florence Mabbey Daughter F S W 10 OHAt HomeFa: NYMo: ENG
Lucas County, Toledo, 6th Ward Precinct B, Page 367B, National Archives Film T9-1043
   Ida Maybee Boarder F S W 19   MIHouse WorkingFa: NYMo: MA
   Note: Boarding in the house of F. and Marselle Zwilling.
Lucas County, Toledo, 6th Ward Precinct B, Page 367B, National Archives Film T9-1043
   Almira Maybee Head F W W 47   MAKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Frank E. Maybee Son M S W 23   MIBlacksmithFa: NYMo: MA
   Cassia Maybee Daughter F S W 17   MIHouseworkingFa: NYMo: MA
   Lucy Maybee Daughter F S W 14   MIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: MA
   Charles Moses Son-in-Law M M W 24   MIFarmerFa: NYMo: MA
   Eva Moses Daughter F M W 21   MIDressmakerFa: NYMo: MA
Richland County, Mansfield, Page 322C, National Archives Film T9-1062
   Delvene Mabee Head M M W 29   MDMachinistFa: FRAMo: MD
   Mary A. Mabee Wife F M W 25   MDKeeping HouseFa: MDMo: ENG
   Florence A. Mabee Daughter F S W  2   INFa: MDMo: MD
   Walter Ashton Bro-in-Law M S W 18   MDPainterFa: MDMo: ENG
Richland County, Springfield, Page 217C, National Archives Film T9-1061
   Benjamin Mabee Head M M W 63   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: CT
   Sarah Mabee Wife F M W 62   ENGHousekeeperFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Frank Mabee Son M S W 22   MIWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: ENG
Richland County, Washington, Page 239A, National Archives Film T9-1061
   Alfonse Mabee Head M M W 42   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: ENG
   Elizabeth Mabee Wife F M W 33   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: CT
   Cora Mabee Daughter F S W 14   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabee Daughter F S W 12   NYHomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Alfonso Mabee Son M S W  1   OHFa: NYMo: NY
Union County, Taylor, Page 137A, National Archives Film T9-1073
   Hiram Maybee Head M M W 29   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Anna Maybee Wife F M W 31   OHKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: OH
   Marj. Minnie Maybee Daughter F S W 11 mo OHAdoptedFa: OHMo: OH
Umatilla County, Greasewood, Page 99A, National Archives Film T9-1084
   Chas. Maybee Head M M W 52   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Maybee Wife F M W 35   KYKeeping HouseFa: KYMo: KY
   Clara Maybee Daughter F S W 12   KSFa: NYMo: KY
   Charles Maybee Son M S W 10   KSFa: NYMo: KY
   George Maybee Son M S W  7   KSFa: NYMo: KY
   Alice Maybee Daughter F S W  5   KSFa: NYMo: KY
   Jennie Maybee Daughter F S W  3   KSFa: NYMo: KY
Beaver County, Rochester, Page 433A, National Archives Film T9-1097
   Minnie Mabie Pupil F S W 12   PAScholarFa: PAMo:
   Note: Evangelical Lutheran Orphans Home.
Bradford County, Asylum, Pages 26D & 27A, National Archives Film T9-1104
   Fred Johnson Head M S W 30   PAFarmerFa: PAMo: PA
   Saphora Johnson Sister F D W 35   PAKeeps HouseFa: PAMo: PA
   Andrew Davison Nephew M S W  9   PAAt HomeFa: PAMo: PA
   Lester Mabie Nephew M S W  3   PAAt HomeFa: PAMo: PA
   Ulysses Miller Nephew M S W 10 mo PAAt HomeFa: PAMo: PA
Bradford County, South Towanda, Page 462B, National Archives Film T9-1105
   Mary Mabee Head F W W 70   MDKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: PA
   Jonas Mabee Son M S W 31   PALaborerFa: NYMo: MD
Bradford County, Towanda, 1st Ward, Page 416B, National Archives Film T9-1104
   Albert Maybee Head M M W 43   PABrick & StonemasonFa: NYMo: PA
   Jane Maybee Wife F M W 39   PAKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: PA
   Ida Maybee Daughter F S W 22   PAFa: PAMo: PA
Bucks County, Morrisville, Page 417C, National Archives Film T9-1106
   William Mabey Head M M W 50   NJCar Wheel InspectorFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Mary Mabey Wife F M W 57   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   David Mabey Son M S W 21   NJIn Grain StoreFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Henrietta Mabey Daughter F S W 18   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Charles Mabey Son M S W 16   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   William Mabey Son M S W 14   NJAt HomeFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
Clearfield County, Lawrence, Page 131D, National Archives Film T9-1116
   David Woods Head M M W 50   PAFarmerFa: PAMo: PA
   Nancy Woods Wife F M W 52   NYKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   William Mabee Stepson M S W 19   PAAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Sylvester Mabee Stepson M S W 17   PAAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
Clearfield County, Lawrence, Page 131D, National Archives Film T9-1116
   John Mabee Head M M W 24   PAFa: PAMo: PA
   Harriet Mabee Wife F M W 19   PAFa: PAMo: PA
   Cloe Mabee Daughter F S W  1   PAFa: PAMo: PA
Clearfield County, Lawrence, Page 132A, National Archives Film T9-1116
   Thos. Hollinghead Head M M W 37   PALaborerFa: Mo:
   Margaret Hollinghead Wife F M W 32   PAKeeps HouseFa: Mo:
   Zenia Hollinghead Daughter F S W 10   PAFa: PAMo: PA
   James Hollinghead Son M S W  7   PAFa: PAMo: PA
   Estelle Hollinghead Daughter F S W  5   PAFa: PAMo: PA
   May Hollinghead Daughter F S W  3   PAFa: PAMo: PA
   Anor Mabee Sis-in-Law F S W 26   PAFa: Mo:
Clinton County, Allison, Page 538A, National Archives Film T9-1113
   William Mabey Head M M W 44   NYLaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Martha Mabey Wife F M W 42   PAKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: PA
   Charles Mabey Son M S W  5   PAFa: PAMo: PA
Crawford County, Meadville, Page 344C, National Archives Film T9-1120
   John Mabee Head M M W 37   NYLoc. EngineerFa: NYMo: NY
   Brenett Mabee Wife F M W 36   PAKeeps HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Murry Mabee Son M S W 15   NYAt SchoolFa: NYMo: PA
   Meetie Mabee Daughter F S W  7   PAAt SchoolFa: NYMo: PA
Elk County, Benezette, Page 357A, National Archives Film T9-1125
   James Mayby Boarder M  W 22   PAFa: PAMo: PA
   Note: Boarding in the house of Henry Springer.
Elk County, Ridgway, Page 425D, National Archives Film T9-1125
   Albert Mabee Boarder M S W 25   NYWorks In BrickyardFa: NYMo: NY
   Note: Boarding in the house of A. S. & Jennie Ross.
Erie County, Corry, 1st Ward, Page 51A, National Archives Film T9-1127
   Nicholas Maybee Head M M W 48   NYR. R. EngineerFa: MAMo:
   Abby Maybee Wife F M W 39   VTKeeping HouseFa: VTMo: VT
   Josephine Maybee Daughter F M W 20   NYFa: NYMo: VT
   Harmon Maybee Son M S W 17   NYWorks On R.R.Fa: NYMo: VT
Erie County, Erie, 3rd Ward, Page 253B, National Archives Film T9-1127
   Elizabeth Mabie Head F D W 51   PABoarding HouseFa: PAMo: PA
   Frank Mabie Son M S W 30   PAHotel KeeperFa: PAMo: PA
   Harry C. Mabie Son M S W 26   PAHotel KeeperFa: PAMo: PA
Erie County, Waterford, Page 310B, National Archives Film T9-1129
   Grandison Goodenough Head M M W 56   NYCarpenterFa: MAMo: MA
   Laurie Goodenough Wife F M W 51   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Gilead Mabey Father-in-Law M W W 81   NYRet. PhysicianFa: NYMo: NY
   Elnora Irish Daughter F M W 23   PAHouse KeeperFa: NYMo: NY
   Bertinia Irish GDaughter F S W  3   PAFa: MIMo: PA
Luzerne County, Wilkes Barre, Page 645A, National Archives Film T9-1149
   G. W. Mabey Head M M W 27   NYBartenderFa: NYMo: NY
   Emly Mabey Wife F M W 22   PAKeeping HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
   Mary Mabey Daughter F S W  4   PAHomeFa: NYMo: PA
   Ellisbeth Mabey Daughter F S W  2   PAHomeFa: NYMo: PA
   George W. Mabey Son M S W 5 mo PAHomeFa: NYMo: PA
   Agusta White Sis-in-Law F S W 14   PADomesticFa: IREMo: IRE
Lycoming County, Williamsport, 3rd Ward, Page 506D, National Archives Film T9-1153
   Adam K. Mabie Head M M W 61   NYBook KeeperFa: NYMo:SCO
   Lydia Mabie Wife F M W 59   NYKeeping HouseFa: VTMo: VT
Mckean County, Hamilton, Page 283C, National Archives Film T9-1154
   William Mabee Head M M W 38   PALaborerFa: NYMo: NY
   Hannah Mabee Wife F M W 29   PAKeeping HouseFa: NHMo: NY
   George Mabee Son M S W  6   PAAt SchoolFa: PAMo: PA
Mckean County, Wetmore, Page 473C, National Archives Film T9-1154
   Edson Maybee Head M M W 33   NYMill LaborerFa: CTMo: CT
   Mattie Maybee Wife F M W 29   PAFa: CTMo: NY
   Claude Maybee Son M S W  7   PAFa: NYMo: PA
   Joseph Maybee Son M S W  4   PAFa: NYMo: PA
   Minnie Maybee Daughter F S W  2   PAFa: NYMo: PA
   Grace Maybee Daughter F S W  1   PAFa: NYMo: PA
Mercer County, West Salem, Page 575C, National Archives Film T9-1156
   Caroline Maybee Head F W W 55   PAKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
   James R. Maybee Son M W W 30   PACarpenterFa: NYMo: PA
   Rezen H. Maybee Son M S W 25   PALaborerFa: NYMo: PA
   Caroline Maybee GDaughter F S W  9   MOFa: PAMo: IN
Philadelphia County, Philadelphia, Page 448B, National Archives Film T9-1167
   John Mabie Head M M W 35   INIron MoulderFa: NYMo: CT
   Bessie Mabie Wife F M W 19   IREKeeps HouseFa: IREMo: IRE
Philadelphia County, Philadelphia, E.D. 59, Page 384B, National Archives Film T9-1168
   Mary Mabee  F S W 53   MDLadyFa: MDMo: MD
   Note: Boarding in the house of Sarah Weems (entire family from Maryland).
Warren County, Tidioute, Page 30B, National Archives Film T9-1200
   William H. Mabie Head M M W 37   NYDry Good Mercht.Fa: NYMo:
   Nancy A. Mabie Wife F M W 33   PAKeeping HouseFa: PAMo: PA
   Clarence A. Mabie Son M S W  6   PAAt SchoolFa: NYMo: PA
   Grace E. Mabie Daughter F S W  3   PAAt HomeFa: NYMo: PA
Wyoming County, Mehoopany, Page 81D, National Archives Film T9-1205
   Peter Maybee Head M M W 72   NJFarmerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Hartmesia Maybee Wife F M W 62   NJKeeping HouseFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
   Robert Maybee Son M S W 20   NJLaborerFa: NJ  Mo: NJ
South Carolina:
Charleston County, Saint James Goose Creek, Page 154C, National Archives Film T9-1223
   Charlotte Maybee Head F W B 49   SCFarmerFa: SCMo: SC
   John Maybee Son M S B 18   SCFa: SCMo: SC
   Bimala Maybee Daughter F S B 17   SCAt HomeFa: SCMo: SC
   Mary Maybee Daughter F S B 12   SCAt HomeFa: SCMo: SC
   Benjamin Maybee Son M S B  7   SCAt HomeFa: SCMo: SC
   Job Maybee Son M S B  5   SCAt HomeFa: SCMo: SC
   Lily Maybee Daughter F S B  3   SCAt HomeFa: SCMo: SC
Sumter County, Middleton, Page 133D, National Archives Film T9-1241
   Ben Maybe  M S B 38   NCFa: NCMo: NC
   Note: Residing in the house of Hester Davis.
Sumter County, Statesburg, Page 300A, National Archives Film T9-1241
   Benjamin Maybee Head M S B 42   NCStave CutterFa: NCMo: NC
Fayette County, District 13, Page 444C, National Archives Film T9-1254
   Minta Maby Head F W B 31   TNHousekeepingFa: TNMo: TN
   Sallie Maby Daughter F S B 16   TNWorking FarmFa: TNMo: TN
   Almeta Maby Daughter F S B  9   TNFa: TNMo: TN
   Schorlottie Maby Daughter F S B  7   TNFa: TNMo: TN
Hamilton County, Chattanooga, Page 236D, National Archives Film T9-1259
   Gabriel Mayby Boarder M S B 24   SCLaborerFa: SCMo: SC
   Note: Boarding with Joseph and Annyta Gadesden.
Marion County, District 12, Page 301B, National Archives Film T9-1269
   Oliver D. Mabee Head M M W 62   CANPostmasterFa: NYMo: NJ
   Mary E. Mabee Wife F M W 48   CANKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: CAN
Marion County, District 12, Page 301B, National Archives Film T9-1269
   Charles B. Mabee Head M M W 24   CANFarmingFa: CANMo: CAN
   Maria E. Mabee Wife F M W 28   TNKeeping HouseFa: TNMo: TN
   Oliver C. Mabee Son M S W  7   TNFa: CANMo: TN
   Alice C. Mabee Daughter F S W  4   TNFa: CANMo: TN
   Lizzie Mabee Daughter F S W  1   TNFa: CANMo: TN
Collin County, Precinct 3, Page 146A, National Archives Film T9-1296
   Henry Maybe Head M M W 30   OHFarmerFa: OHMo: OH
   M. A. Maybe Wife F M W 30   OHKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: OH
   William Maybe Son M S W  8   MOFa: OHMo: OH
   Emma Maybe Daughter F S W  5   TXFa: OHMo: OH
   M. J. Maybe Daughter F S W  3   TXFa: OHMo: OH
   M. E. Maybe Daughter F S W  1   TXFa: OHMo: OH
Scurry County, Page 298B, National Archives Film T9-1304
   John Mabee Employee M S W 23   TXHerdsmanFa: MOMo: MO
   Note: Residing in house of James I. Maylan.
Washington County, District 143, Page 101B, National Archives Film T9-1331
   P. A. Mabie  F W W 64   NJFa: NYMo: NJ
   Note: Residing in the house of J. T. and Harriett E. Spann.
Williamson County, Page 447C, National Archives Film T9-1332
   William Mayby Head M M W 45   ALFarmerFa: ALMo: AL
   Martha J. Mayby Wife F M W 40   ARKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
   Nancy A. Mayby Daughter F  W 20   ARFa: ALMo: AR
   John D. Mayby Son M  W 15   ARFa: ALMo: AR
   Cinthy A. Mayby Daughter F S W  7   TXFa: ALMo: AR
   Kate Mayby Boarder F S W 10   TXFa: ALMo: TN
Young County, Graham, Page 380A, National Archives Film T9-1334
   Robert E. Mabey Head M M W 36   TXCattle DealerFa: KYMo: KY
   Savilla Mabey Wife F M W 30   ILHouse KeepingFa: ILMo: IL
   Evans Mabey Son M S W 11   TXAt HomeFa: TXMo: IL
   Ida Mabey Daughter F S W  7   MOAt HomeFa: TXMo: IL
   Ellen Mabey Daughter F S W  4   MOAt HomeFa: TXMo: IL
   Robert Mabey Son M S W  1   MOAt HomeFa: TXMo: IL
Davis County, Bountiful, Page 282A, National Archives Film T9-1336
   Joseph T. Maybe Head M M W 35   ENGFarmerFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Sarah Maybe Wife F M W 25   UTKeeping HouseFa: Mo:
   Judson A. Maybe Son M S W  6   UTAt HomeFa: ENGMo: UT
   William A. Maybe Son M S W  4   UTAt HomeFa: ENGMo: UT
   Charles R. Maybe Son M S W  2   UTAt HomeFa: ENGMo: UT
   Joseph A. Maybe Son M S W 9 mo UTAt HomeFa: ENGMo: UT
Davis County, Bountiful, Page 282B, National Archives Film T9-1336
   Esther Maybe Head F W W 67   ENGKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
Salt Lake County, Fort Harriman, Page 323B, National Archives Film T9-1337
   Albert Maybey Head M M W 35   ENGHauling OreFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Celestine Jennette Maybey Wife F M W 25   UTKeeping HouseFa: CANMo: ENG
   Thomas Maybey Son M S W  5   UTFa: ENGMo: UT
   Bertie Maybey Son M S W  2   UTFa: ENGMo: UT
   James Edward Maybey Son M S W 11 mo UTFa: ENGMo: UT
   Danice Ettie Wood Sis-in-Law F  W 19   UTHouseworkFa: CANMo: ENG
Carroll County, Sulphur Spring, Page 133A, National Archives Film T9-1360
   Martin Dalton  Head M M W 69   VAFarmerFa: VAMo: VA
   Kiziah Dalton Wife F M W 63   VAKeeping HouseFa: VAMo: VA
   Nancy Maby Sister F S W 78   VAFa: VAMo: VA
Greensville County, Belfield, Page 28D, National Archives Film T9-1368
   Ruffin Mabey  M  B 15   VAFarm LaborerFa: VAMo: VA
   Note: Residing in house of Isham and Frances Harrell.
Wythe County, Page 495D, National Archives Film T9-1395
   John Maybe Head M M W 62   NCFarmerFa: NCMo: NC
   Lucinda Maybe Wife F M W 56   VAHouse KeeperFa: VAMo: VA
   Agnes Maybe Daughter F S W 20   VAAt HomeFa: NCMo: VA
Washington Territory:
Yakima County, Lower Natchez, Page 397B, National Archives Film T9-1398
   A. James Mabey Head M S W 21 Wash Terr.FarmerFa: INMo: IN
Yakima County, Lower Natchez, Page 398C, National Archives Film T9-1398
   B. Thomas Nelson Head M M W 33 ORFarmerFa: INMo: KY
   F. Emma Nelson Wife F M W 27 ORKeeping HouseFa: INMo: IN
   E. Charles Mabey Bro-in-Law M S W 18 Wash Terr.Farm HandFa: INMo: IN
   A. Mary Mabey Sis-in-Law F S W 14 Wash Terr.Fa: IAMo: IA
   W. Henry Mabey Bro-in-Law M S W 12 Wash Terr.At HomeFa: IAMo: IA
   C. Clara Mabey Sis-in-Law F S W 10 Wash Terr.At HomeFa: IAMo: IA
Brown County, Green Bay, Page 124D, National Archives Film T9-1418
   John Maibie Boarder M S W 35   NYEngineer R.R.Fa: Mo:
   Note: Residing in hotel.
Buffalo County, Maxville, Page 228C, National Archives Film T9-1417
   Henrietta Maby Head F M W 49   PAMaid Of All WorksFa: PAMo: NJ
Clark County, Hixon, Page 391B, National Archives Film T9-1419
   John Mabie Head M M W 42   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Cerissa Mabie Wife F M W 22   WIKeeping HouseFa: WIMo: OH
   Maud Mabie Daughter F S W  4   WIFa: NYMo: WI
   Leon Mabie Son M S W  1   WIFa: NYMo: WI
Clark County, Thorp, Page 453C, National Archives Film T9-1419
   George H. Mabie Head M M W 36   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Amanda T. Mabie Wife F M W 38   WIKeeping HouseFa: OHMo: NY
   Wallis S. Mabie Son M S W  6   WIFa: NYMo: WI
   Georgeannie Mabie Daughter F S W  2   WIFa: NYMo: WI
   Alonzo S. Mabie Son M S W 10 mo WIFa: NYMo: WI
Clark County, York, Page 474C, National Archives Film T9-1419
   J. Maby Bound M S W 11   WIFarm LaborFa: Mo:
   Note: Residing in the house of W. W. and Mary Warner. There is a "?" on the census form over the word "bound."
Columbia County, Fort Winnebago, Page 87B, National Archives Film T9-1420
   Morris Maybee Head M M W 45   CANFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Ellen Maybee Wife F M W 35   RIFa: IREMo: MA
   Eliza J. Maybee Daughter F S W  9   WIAt SchoolFa: CANMo: RI
   Charlotte Maybee Daughter F S W  5   WIAt SchoolFa: CANMo: RI
Crawford County, Clayton, Page 14D, National Archives Film T9-1420
   Hiram Maybee Head M M W 62   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Nancy Maybee Wife F M W 43   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Rose E. Maybee Daughter F S W 19   NYServantFa: NYMo: NY
   Willard Maybee Son M S W 18   NYFarmingFa: NYMo: NY
   Grant Maybee Son M S W 14   NYFarmingFa: NYMo: NY
   John Maybee Son M S W  8   WIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
Fond Du Lac County, Fond Du Lac, Page 257B, National Archives Film T9-1426
   A. F. Maybie Head M M W 46   CANLaborerFa: CANMo: CAN
   Fannie Maybie Wife F M W 39   OHKeeps HouseFa: VAMo: NY
   Harry Maybie Son M S W 14   WIFa: CANMo: OH
   Pearl Maybie Daughter F S W 12   WIAt SchoolFa: CANMo: OH
   Gertie Maybie Daughter F S W 10   WIAt SchoolFa: CANMo: OH
   Bertie Maybie Son M S W  8   WIFa: CANMo: OH
   Edith Maybie Daughter F S W  4   WIFa: CANMo: OH
Grant County, Bloomington, Page 33A, National Archives Film T9-1426
   Henry Mabie Head M M W 29   WIFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Laura J. Mabie Wife F M W 28   WIKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Harley Mabie Son M S W  7   IAFa: WIMo: WI
Milwaukee County, Milwaukee, 8th Ward, Page 523A, National Archives Film T9-1437
   Daniel Mabee Head M M W 48   NYSailorFa: NYMo: NY
   Agnes Mabee Wife F M W 34   NYKeeping HouseFa: SCOMo: SCO
   Elizabeth Mabee Daughter F S W 15   WIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   David Mabee Son M S W 13   MIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Alexander Mabee Son M S W 10   WIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: NY
   Myrtle Mabee Daughter F S W  4   WIFa: NYMo: NY
   Edna Mabee Daughter F S W  2   WIFa: NYMo: NY
Portage County, Amherst, Page 33D, National Archives Film T9-1442
   Orren Maybee Head M W W 60   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Vinnia Maybee Daughter F S W 25   WIKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Edwin F. Maybee Son M M W 29   WIFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Elvira Maybee Daugh-in-Law F M W 30   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Della Maybee GDaughter F S W  6   WIFa: WIMo: NY
   Wilmer L. Maybee Grandson M S W  3   WIFa: WIMo: NY
Portage County, Stevens Point, 1st Ward, Page 154A, National Archives Film T9-1442
   Frank Mabie Boarder M S W 20   WILaborFa: CANMo: NB
   Note: Boarding in the house of Thos. and Ellen B. Mulanix.
Portage County, Stevens Point, 2nd Ward, Page 177B, National Archives Film T9-1442
   O. Maybee Boarder M S W 22   WIBrakemanFa: CANMo: CAN
   Note: Living in hotel.
Rock County, Center, Page 85D, National Archives Film T9-1444
   James Mabie Head M M W 53   NYFarmer & CarpenterFa: NYMo: NY
   Mary Mabie Wife F M W 48   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   D. Mabie Son M S W 19   WIWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Frank Mabie Son M S W 16   WIWorks On FarmFa: NYMo: NY
   Belle Mabie Daughter F S W 12   WIAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Nellie Mabie Daughter F S W  8   WIAt HomeFa: NYMo: NY
   Nettie Mabie Daughter F S W  4   WIFa: NYMo: NY
   Lydia Adair Step-Daughter F  W 18   WIHouseworkFa: QUEMo: NY
Rock County, Center, Page 88A, National Archives Film T9-1444
   Frank Mabie Laborer M  W 16   WIWorks On FarmFa: Mo:
   Note: Residing with Watson and Harriet Turner (see above).
Rock County, Clinton, Pages 106B & 107C, National Archives Film T9-1444
   Amos Bird Head M M W 57   NYFarmerFa: CTMo: CT
   Maria V. Bird Wife F M W 50   NYKeeping HouseFa: CTMo: CT
   George N. Bird Son M S W 26   WISelling Fruit TreesFa: NYMo: CT
   Clark A. Bird Son M S W 23   WIFarm LaborerFa: NYMo: CT
   Fred A. Bird Son M S W 13   WIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: CT
   Lucy M. Mabie Daughter F W W 30   WIDressmakerFa: NYMo: CT
   Birdie Mabie GDaughter F S W  6   WIFa: ILMo: WI
Rock County, Clinton, Page 107C, National Archives Film T9-1444
   Elias Mabie Head M M W 78   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Elsie Mabie Wife F M W 62   NYKeeping HouseFa: MAMo: NY
Sheboygan County, Plymouth, Page 138C, National Archives Film T9-1447
   J. V. P. Maybe Head M M W 37 NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Celestia Maybe Wife F M W 37 NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
   Nina Maybe Daughter F S W 10 WIAt Home Fa: NYMo: NY
   Giles C. Maybe Son M S W  1 WI Fa: NYMo: NY
Sheboygan County, Plymouth, Page 158B, National Archives Film T9-1447
   Giles Mabee Head M M W 32   NYBaggage ManFa: NYMo: NY
   Hester Mabee Wife F M W 37   NYKeeping HouseFa: NYMo: NY
Trempealeau County, Arcadia, Page 20C, National Archives Film T9-1448
   Edward Mabie Head M M W 47   NYFarmerFa: NYMo: NY
   Juliette Mabie Wife F M W 47   MIKeeping HouseFa: VTMo:
   Lillie Mabie Daughter F S W 21   MNAt HomeFa: NYMo: MI
   Fred Mabie Son M S W 19   ILAt HomeFa: NYMo: MI
   Jennie Mabie Daughter F S W 17   WIAt HomeFa: NYMo: MI
   Nellie Mabie Daughter F S W 15   WIAt HomeFa: NYMo: MI
   Jared Mabie Son M S W 13   WIAt HomeFa: NYMo: MI
   Aaron Mabie Son M S W 11   WIAt HomeFa: NYMo: MI
Vernon County, Viroqua, Page 390D, National Archives Film T9-1449
   Jeremiah Maeby Head M M W 55   CAN WCarpenterFa: VTMo: VT
   Selecta Maeby Wife F M W 45   INHouse KeeperFa: VTMo: NY
   Willas Maeby Son M S W 28   WICarpenterFa: CANMo: IN
   Albert Maeby Son M S W 16   WIAt HomeFa: CANMo: IN
   Ema Maeby Daughter F S W  8   WIFa: CANMo: IN
   Edith Maeby Daughter F S W  5   WIFa: CANMo: IN
Walworth County, Delavan, Page 47C, National Archives Film T9-1449
   Orlando Crosby Head M M W 51   NYDry Good Mercht.Fa: NYMo: NY
   Lora M. Crosby Wife F M W 46   PAKeeping HouseFa: ENGMo: ENG
   Ann Mary Mabie Step-Daughter F S W 24   WIAt HomeFa: NYMo: PA
   Sarah E. Mabie Step-Daughter F S W 20   WIAt HomeFa: NYMo: PA
   Gifford Mabie Stepson M S W 16   WIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: PA
   Montie Mabie Stepson M S W 14   WIAt SchoolFa: NYMo: PA
   James A. Crosby Son M S W  8   WIFa: NYMo: PA
   Esther Crosby Daughter F S W  6   WIFa: NYMo: PA

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Transcribed by Steve Mabie
Last Revision Date: 12/14/2014