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Mabie/Maybee/Mabee in the 1790 US Federal Census

Transcribed by Steve Mabie

Last Revision Date: 01/06/2001
COPYRIGHT 2000-2002 Stephen W. Mabie. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

1790 Census Key
1. free white males 16 year upwards and head of families
2. free white males under 16 years
3. free white females and head of families
4. all other free persons
5. Slaves
* = illegible on census form

Washington County:
     Maybe, Elias1-0-0-0-0  Eastport
     Maybee, Soloman1-0-2-0-0  Eastport
New York:
Albany County:
     Mabee, John2-0-2-0-7  Schenectady
     Mabee, Aaron2-2-4-0-1  Schenectady
     Mabee, Hester1-1-7-0-*  Schenectady, South of the Mohawk
Dutchess County:
     Maybee, Tobias1-5-2-0-0  Beekman
     Maybee, Peter3-1-5-0-0  Frederickstown
     Maybee, Daniel2-2-6-0-0  Frederickstown
     Maybee, Abraham4-1-5-0-0  Frederickstown
     Maybee, John3-3-4-0-0  Frederickstown
Montgomery County:
     Mabee, Albert2-3-2-0-0  Canajoharie
     Mabee, Dolly0-0-2-0-0  Canajoharie
     Mabee, Joseph2-2-4-0-*  Canajoharie
     Mabee, David1-1-2-0-*  German Flatts
     Mabee, Hermanus1-1-5-0-*  Mohawk
New York County:
     Mabee, Frederick5-3-4-0-1  North Wardc
     Mabee, Peter1-0-3-0-0  North Ward
     Mabee, Jacob1-0-3-0-0  Out Ward
     Mabey, Cornelius1-0-3-0-0  Montgomery Ward
Ontario County:
     Mabee, Jacob2-3-6-0-0  
NOTE:  In 1790, the census takers refused to cross the Genesee River because of the presence of British troops in the area, so Jacob's family was never recorded.  However, he is known to have been living in the area of the Genesee at that time.  This census data is a reconstruction based on births and deaths recorded in Jacob's bible and the marriage record of his eldest daughter.  A bond on estate of James (Jacob) Maybee of Ontario Co., NY was made by Christian Maybee (wife) on 24 October 1793 (source: OntCW Unrec Adm.)
Orange County:
     Mabie, Abraham1-0-1-0-0  Orange Town
     Mabie, Abraham1-1-5-0-0  Orange Town
     Mabie, Cornelius1-2-2-0-1  Orange Town
     Mabie, Cornelius1-2-2-0-6  Orange Town
     Mabie, Jasper1-1-2-0-0  Orange Town
     Mabie, John1-0-1-0-2  Orange Town
     Mabie, John J.1-1-1-0-2  Orange Town
     Mabie, John P.3-3-4-0-0  Orange Town
     Mabie, Joseph2-0-1-0-2  Orange Town
     Mabie, Peter A.1-1-2-0-0  Orange Town
     Mabie, Peter C.3-2-4-0-2  Orange Town
     Mabie, Jacob1-3-5-0-0  Warwick
     Mabie, Jasper3-2-5-0-0  Haverstraw
Ulster County:
     Maybee, Henry1-3-3-0-0  New Marlborough
Westchester County:
     Mabee, John1-0-2-0-0  Harrison
     Mabee, Abraham1-1-3-0-0  Mt. Pleasant
     Mabee, Deliverance2-1-2-0-0  Mt. Pleasant
     Mabee, Stephen2-1-2-0-0  White Plains
     Mabee, Silas1-2-5-0-0  Stephen Town
New Jersey:
The 1790 Census for New Jersey was destroyed in a fire.  However, there were several Mabie families known to be living in New Jersey at this time.  At a minimum, these included:
Bergen County:  (source: Bergen Co., NJ Taxpayers, 1777 - 1797)
     John Mabie                 Harrington Township
     Peter Mabie  Harrington Township
     Mindert Mabie  Harrington Township
     Isaac Mabie  Harrington Township
     John Peter Mabie  Harrington Township
Sussex County:  (source: New Jersey in 1793)
     John Maybee  Wantage Township
     Jasper Maybe  Wantage Township

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Transcribed by Steve Mabie
Last Revision Date: 01/06/2001

COPYRIGHT 2000-2002 Stephen W. Mabie. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.