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Caleb Edgar Slocomb 1823 - 1893
Adeline Baker Slocomb 1831 - 1911

Caleb Edgar Slocomb, the son of Captain Caleb and Mary (Hamilton) Slocomb, was born 30 August 1823 in Wilmot, Nova Scotia, Canada the fifth of the 10 children. Capt. Caleb’s ancestry has been traced back to Simon Slocomb of Boston, Massachusetts and is recorded in Volume 1 of A Short History of the Slocums, Slocumbs and Slocombs of America: Genealogical and Biographical: Embracing Eleven Generations of the First-named Family, From 1637 to 1881: With Their Alliances and the Descendants in the Female Lines as far as Ascertained by Charles Elihu Slocum. Little is known of Mary’s ancestry other than her birth date. One source lists her birthplace as St. John, New Brunswick, Canada; but is listed as Scotland by the Slocomb family in the 1880 Census

     Caleb met and married (05 October 1846) Adeline Baker (born about 30 October 1831) in St. Francis, New Brunswick, Canada . She was the daughter of John and Sophie (Rice) Baker.  John and Sophie were involved in the Maine – Canada border dispute in the late 1820’s.  A lengthy article an their involvement and other history can be found at  Sophie, in one article was referred to as the “Barbara Freechy of the North”.

     The 1880 Census lists Caleb and Adeline, along with sons Havelock H., and Johney T. in Fort Fairfield, Maine.  In Charles Slocum’s book, these sons are listed as Henry Havelock and John Tibbets.  Caleb’s occupation is listed as “Blacksmith”.  The family can be difficult to locate in the Census, as the last name is spelling is “Sloecumb”

Both Caleb and Adeline died in Fort Fairfield Maine, Caleb 18 May 1893, and Adeline 10 April 1911.  Both are buried in Fort Fairfield’s’ Riverside Cemetery.

Descendants and Ancestors of
Caleb Edgar Slocomb(2)  and Adeline Baker Slocomb(3) 

the 15th generation in the Slocomb family, their descendants and their ancestors

In the Charles Slocum book on the Slocum family, with all the spelling variations, Caleb Edgar Slocomb is assigned the number of [737]. The focus and outline of this page is on Caleb and Adeline, an outline of their descendants and an outline of their ancestors. In the outline below I'm using the following format for ancestors and descendants :

Ancestors have the number from the Slocum book in [square brackets], Caleb was assigned the number [737] and an Ahnentafel number in (parentheses); Caleb is (2) and Adeline is (3). I've also assigned a number to each generation. In the "Slocum book, Simon would be counted as the first generation, as his ancestors had not been determomed. Counting Simon as generation 1, however, would create negative numbers since other family lines go back past the time of Simon. To overcome this problem I assigned Simon as generation 11 and built forward and backward off that point.

Descendants (and their spouses) have only a generation number in front of their names.

If anyone has information on either descendants or ancestors that can be added to this page to make it more complete please drop me a line with the information and I'll see it gets in place with the proper credit.

Moving forward starting with the 16th Generation 

......16 Edwin Leroy
...........17 Eugene Freeman Slocomb m Charlotte ___
................18 Marjorie m Hyram ___
................18 Caleb m Maude ___
.....................19 Frank
.....................19 Esther
................18 Ruth m Squire ___
................18 Alan m Elsie ___
....................19 Walter m Mary Ann ___
...............18 Edwina m William ___
......16 Mary Elizabeth m Henry C. Collins
...........17 Frank Collins
...........17 Walter Collins
...........17 Emma Collins
......16 Sarah Amelia m George W. Peavey
...........17 Inez Peavy
...........17 Adeline Peavy
...........17 Gertrude Peavey
...........17 Bertha Peavey
......16 Eliza Nichols m Frank W. Burns
...........17 William Burns
...........17 Henry Burns
...........i7 William Burns
...........17 Pearl Burns
......16 Emma March
......16 Henery Havelock
......16 William Wallace
......16 John Tibbits m 1st Mary ___
                                m 2nd Sarah ___
...........17 Jack

Moving backward starting with the 14th generation     

14th Generation                                                                                                                
[707] Caleb Slocomb (4)  m Mary Hamilton (5)
John Baker (6) m Sophia Rice (7)

13th Generation                                                                                                                
[680] Caleb Slocomb (8) m Mary Bass (9)
Enoch Rice (14) m

12th Generation
[669] John Slocomb (16) m Experience Healy (17)
Alden Bass (18) m Christina Burns (19)

11th Generation                                                                                                                  
[667] Simon Slocomb m Elizabeth Casheer
Paul Healy (34) m Hannah Titus (35)
Joseph Bass (36) m Lydia Searle (37)

10th Generation                                                                                                                  
Paul Healy (68) m Elizabeth ???
John Titus (70) m Hannah ???
Joseph Bass (72) m Elizabeth Breek (73)
Jobez Searle (74) m Patience ???

9th Generation                                                                                                               
William Healy (134) m Pheobe Green (135)
John Titus (140) m Sarah Miller (141)
Joseph Bass (144) m Mary Belcher (145)
Edward Breek (146) m Suanna Wiswall (147)

8th Generation                                                                                                                
Bartholomew Green (170) m Elizabeth ???
John Titus (280) m Rachel ???
John Miller (282) m ???
John Bass (288) m Ruth Alden (289)
Moses Belcher (290) m Mary Nash (291)
John Breek (292) m Susanna ???
Enoch Wiswall (294) m Elizabeth Oliver (295)

7th Generation                                                                                                                 
Robert Titus (560) m Hannah ???
Samuel Bass (576) m Anne Savil (577)
John Alden (578) m Pricilla Mullins (579)
Gregory Belcher (580) m Catherine ???
James Nash (582) m Alice ???
Edward Breek (584) m Isabel ???
Thomas Wiswall (588) m Elizabeth ???
John Oliver (590) m ???

6th Generation                                                                                                              
 Silas Titus (1120) m ???
William Savil (1154) m ???___
George Alden (1156) m Jane ???
William Mullins (1158) m Alice ???
Thomas Belcher (1160) m Catherine ???
Thomas Oliver (1180) m ???

5th Generation                                                                                                               
John Oliver (2360) m Elizabeth Newdigate (2361)

4th Generation                                                                                                               
Thomas Oliver (4720) m ???
John Newdigate (4722) m ???

There is also a general "Slocomb" Family web page with information on the Slocomb name and background on the Slocomb family line. If you have any family information or links to add to either page please contact me.                                                                                                   
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