Robert Edward Sloan
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Robert Edward Sloan

        Robert E. Sloan ,son of Shumate J. and Betsy Woolf Sloan was born on 7 Jun 1833 in Hall Cty Ga.?? He enlisted as a private in the Army of the Confederacy of Southern States on the 10th day of May, 1862 at Talledega, Alabama in Company B of the 31st Alabama Infantry. He fought in the battles at Cumberland Gap, Stone's River, Vicksburg, Port Hudson and others. His brother-in-law M.A. Hardin, was also in the 31st Alabama Infantry and they appeared to be together most of the time throughout the war. He was honorably discharged from such service on the 1st day of May 1865..

          On  May 13,1899 Robert E.Sloan made application to the state of Alabama for a pension, saying that he is now 66 years of age and has diabetes. At that time he listed his property as being:

2 horses and mules_____$50.00

3 cattle                 ______$45.00

52 hogs, sheep&goats___$29.00

furniture              ______$25.00

tools                    ______$10.00


         On May 31, 1900 Mahalia Ann made application for reclassification as a widow. They suffered many hardships as a result of the war.

         During the time of his service in the War Between the States, Robert Sloan would go A.W.O.L. from the Army just long enough to come home and plow some land. He would stay perhaps 2 or 3 days, plowing only at night,and hiding during the day. Mahalia Ann would walk beside the plow carrying a pine torch for him to see while he plowed a steer. These vegetables were all the food they could grow to eat. They had no salt, so the women would go to the meat houses, scrape up the dirt, put the dirt in a washpot full of water and boil it, then drain off the water and boil it again and again until only salt was left. Previously, meat was cured by salting it, hanging it up and smoking it. Some of the salt always fell on the ground.

         After the war, when times were so hard, Robert would make wooden shoes for his family, and they would wear them to church at Arrington Chapel. Robert and Mahala's children were;

  M i Lewis Carlton Sloan
  M ii Henry A. Sloan was born on 26 Nov 1859 in Cherokee Cty Al. He died on 11 Mar 1862 in Cherokee Cty Al from unknown.
  F iii Adeline Montry Sloan
  M iv George L. Sloan
  F v Fannie E. Sloan
  F vi Aurrie Addie Sloan
  F vii Mittie A. Sloan
  F viii Beulah E. Sloan
  F ix Clara L. Sloan
  M x William Porter Sloan

Robert E. Sloan was a good man. He had diabetes and died on April 29, 1900 in Cherokee Cty Al of natural causes, and was buried in Arrington Chapel, Cherokee Cty. Al