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The following index lists all the names appearing in bold type in the manuscript, and the corresponding section number in which the name appears. It is to be emphasized that the spelling of the name Peak/Peake was inconsistent until recent times, and an individual could be listed under either spelling. A few key individuals are listed under both spellings.

Name Section

Abell, Robert 11C
Adams, Martin Alexander 9B1
Adams, William H. 9B1
Adcock, Henrietta 9A3
Allen, Catherine (Kate) 9B1
Allen, Elizabeth 6E, 9B1
Alvey, Anthony Leo 9A3
Anderson, Elizabeth 11F1.2
Applegate, R. E. 8B2
Atherton, Tyler 9F3
Avery, Edna Keller 9A2

Bacus, Ruby 9D2
Baer, Claude Alva 9A3
Ball, Catherine 11B4.2
Ball, James 11B4.2
Ballard, George 6B
Ballard, Mary Bell 8B5
Ballard, Mary Ellen 11B4.4
Ballard, Teresa Ellen (Tressey) 6B
Ballard, Thomas 7
Bangers, R. L., 9A3
Banton, Elizabeth 11B3.2
Barker, Beth 9D2
Barker, Carl 9D2
Barker, Elizabeth R. 9C3
Barker, Hattie 9D2
Barker, John Silas 6G, 9D2
Barker, Joseph O'Connor 9D2
Barker, Lena 9D2
Barker, Martin E. 9D2
Barker, Matilda Irene 9A3
Barker, Minerva 6G, 9D2
Barker, Pearl C. 9D2
Barker, Russell 9D2
Barker, Simfrosia 9D2
Bartley, George 8B2
Bickett, Fidelis 5D
Bickett, James Andrew 9A1, 9A4
Bickett, Joseph 9A4
Bickett, Joseph Henry 9A4
Bickett, Julia 9A1, 9A4
Bodine, Edgar 9A2
Bodine, Edgar 9A2
Boon, Elizabeth Ann 6A, 8B2
Boon, Rosina Hagan (w/o William) 5E
Boone, Henrietta 5B, 6E
Boone, Miles 5E
Boone, Walter 5A, 5B
Boone, Washington 11C
Booth, Walter 11D
Bold, William 11C
Bowles, Ignatius 11C
Bowles, John 11C
Bowles, Viola M. 9D2
Bowles, William 11C
Bowlin, Thomas 11C
Boyd, Mrs. Emma 9C4
Bradley, Delila 6D
Bradley, John M. 6D
Bradley, Raymond Henry 6D
Bradley, William 6D
Bray, Frederick 5D
Bray, Margaret 11B4.2
Brazil, Ada Mary 9A2
Brennan, Loretta 6I, 9F3
Brewer, William 11C
Brophy, Stephen 6B
Brown, Charles F. 6E
Brown, Charles Tyler 6B
Brown, Elizabeth 6A
Brown, Fonzy 9F2
Brown, James A. 6B
Brown, Jeremiah 11C
Brown, John Robert 9D1
Brown, Joseph Columbus 9D1
Brown, Joseph McDonough 9D1
Brown, Lorene 9A2
Brown, Louie 9F2
Brown, Mary Geraldine 9D1
Brown, Mary Pauline 9D1
Brown, Rebecca 9D1
Brown, Robert 6I, 9F2
Brown, Thomas Edward 6B
Brown, William Robert 9F2
Bruce, Goldie Harvey 9A3
Bryan, Ellen 6F
Bryan, Francis (f/o Trecy) 5D, 11C
Bryan, Francis (h/o Susan Edelen) 11B3.3
Bryan, Mary Ann 6B
Bryan, Theresa (Trecy) 5D
Bryant, Ada 5B
Buckler, Mary E. Campbell 6F
Buckman, Mary A. 5D
Buford, Emily J. 6I, 9F2
Bunger, Barbara 5B, 6G
Burch, Charles 6D
Burch, Francis 6D
Burch, Laura 6D
Burch, Margaret 6D
Burch, Rebecca 6D
Burch, Walter 11C
Burnett, Louis 9D2
Burns, John F. 5D
Byrne, Ignatius 11C
Byrn, Fr. Robert 5D

Calvert, C. 11F1.1
Cambron, Alfred B. 8B5
Cambron, Frances Lima 8B5
Cambron, Henry 8B5
Cambron, Henry Parker 5B
Cambron, Mayme Sapp 6B
Carr, Bridget Ann 6G, 9D2
Carrico, Aquilla 5D, 11E
Carrico, Francis 5C
Carrico, James (h/o Henrietta Peake) 5B
Carrico, James (h/o Eleanor Peake) 5D
Carrico, Joanna 5D
Carrico, Mary Ann 6D
Carrico, Pius Richard 5D
Carrico, Rosella 5D
Carrico, Teresa 5D
Cecil, Anastasia 11B1.3
Cecil, Julia Ann 11B3.3
Chalmers, Isabell 8B2
Church, M. B. 9A2
Cissell, Bernard 11C
Cissell, Dorothy 11B3.3
Cissell, Ignatius 11C
Cissell, James S. 11B3.3
Cissell, Janett 5D, 5E, 11B3.3
Cissell, John 11B3.3
Cissell, John J. 5B
Cissell, Robert 11C
Clark, Alethia 6B, 8B5
Clark, Amanda 6B
Clark, Beatrice Frances 6B, 8B5
Clark, Bernadette 6B
Clark, Catherine Gertrude 8B5
Clark, Charles Hillary 5E, 6B, 8B5
Clark, Charles W. 6B, 8B5
Clark, Clothilda 6B
Clark, Delphena 6B
Clark, Elizabeth 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Clark, Elizabeth O. 6B
Clark, Francis Jerome 6B
Clark, G. M. 7
Clark, Geneva 6B
Clark, George 6B
Clark, Hugh Rodman 8B5
Clark, James C. 10
Clark, John Thomas (s/o Charles Hillary) 6B
Clark, John Thomas (s/o Paul Ignatius) 8B5
Clark, John W. 6B
Clark, Joseph 11C
Clark, Lilly 8B5
Clark, Lucinda 6B
Clark, Lucy Bernice 8B5
Clark, Magnus Pearman 6B
Clark, Mary Dell 8B5
Clark, Mary Emma 8B5
Clark, Mary L. 6B
Clark, Mary P. 6B
Clark, Maude 8B5
Clark, Maxwell 6B
Clark, Neil J. 6I
Clark, Paul Ignatius 6B, 8B5
Clark, Richard 8B5
Clark, Richard Patrick 6B, 8B5
Clark, Rosa Jane 8B5
Clark, Roseanna 6B, 8B5
Clark, Susan Emily 6B
Clark, William (s/o Charles H.) 6B
Clark, William 5E, 6B
Clark, William (s/o Paul Ignatius) 8B5
Clarke, J. L. 5C
Cobb, Earl Kitchner 9F4
Cocuzzi, Rita 9F3
Connor, John 11F1.2
Converse, Mary Elizabeth 9F4
Cooper, Damon McClosky 9D2
Cooper, Elizabeth 11B1.2
Cooper, Edward 9D2
Cooper, Felix Jerome 9D2
Cooper, George Alexander 9A4
Cooper, Georgia Ann Norris 6G, 9D2
Cooper, James Henry 9D2
Cooper, Polly 5D
Copeland, Clifford L. 9A2
Corlott, Frances 9F3
Cotton, Juliet 11F2
Cotton, Lucretia 11F2
Cotton, Mary 11F2
Cotton, R. W. 11F2
Coy, Amos 11F1.2
Coy, Darius 8B1
Coy, George 10
Coy, Isaac 11F1.2
Coy, John Vitus 8B1
Coy, Louisa 11F1.2
Coy, Louise Rhodes 10
Coy, Lucetta 11F1.2
Coy, Mary Russell 10
Coy, Susan 11B4.2
Craig, Joseph D. 10
Croxton, Col. John 7
Culver, Amanda Alma (d/o Jacob) 6B, 8B4, 11B4.3, 11B4.4
Culver, Daniel (s/o Jonathon) 11B4.1, 11B4.2
Culver, Eliza Ann (d/o John) 11B4.2, 11B4.3
Culver, Elizabeth (w/o Jonathon) 11B4.1
Culver, George Hilary (s/o Jacob) 11B4.3
Culver, Jacob (s/o John) 7, 11B4.2
Culver, James (s/o John) 5E, 11B4.2, 11B4.3
Culver, James Thomas (s/o Jacob) 11B4.3
Culver, John (s/o Jonathon) 11B4.1
Culver, John (s/o John) 11B4.2, 11B4.3
Culver, John F. (s/o Jacob) 11B4.3, 11B4.4
Culver, Jonathon 11B4.1
Culver, Joseph (s/o jacob) 11B4.3
Culver, Julia Ann (d/o Jacob) 11B4.3, 11B4.4
Culver, Martha Ellen (d/o Jacob) 11B4.3, 11B4.4
Culver, Mary (d/o John) 11B4.2, 11B4.3
Culver, Mary Catherine (d/o Jacob) 11B4.3
Culver, Margaret (d/o John) 11B4.2, 11B4.3
Culver, Rachel (d/o John) 11B4.2, 11B4.3
Culver, Rachel (d/o Jonathon) 11B4.1, 11B4.2
Culver, Samuel 7
Culver, Sarah Alice (d/o Jacob) 11B4.3
Culver, Susan (d/o John) 11B4.2, 11B4.3
Culver, Susan Olivia (d/o Jacob) 11B4.3
Culver, Theresa Elizabeth (d/o Jacob) 7, 11B4.3, 11B4.4
Culver, Thomas Albin (s/o Jacob) 11B4.3
Culver, William (s/o John) 11B4.2, 11B4.3
Cunningham, Jane 11F1.1
Cunnigham, Mary Elizabeth 8B3
Cushing, Elizabeth 8B4

Dant, James 11C
Dant, John Baptist 11C
Dant, Joseph 11C
David, Fr. John 5C
Davied, Annie M. 9A2
Davied, Ernest 9A2
Davied, John Nick 9A2
Davied, Margaret 9A2
Davied, Mary Margaret 9A2
Davied, Ruth Marie 9A2
Davied, William J. 9A2
Davison, R. Harold 9A2
Denton, Virginia Emma 9A3
Denton, Rufus 9A3
Dewees, Gladys 9D2
Dicken, Ephraim 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Dillinger, John 8B2
Dilley, Goldie Irene 9A3
Donahoo, John 11B3.3
Donahue, Anna Catherine 8B5
Donahue, Barbara Ruth 8B5
Donahue, Camilla Adeline 8B5
Donahue, Francis Sidney 8B5
Donahue, John Francis 8B5
Donahue, John Webester 8B5
Donahue, Joseph Webster 8B5
Donahue, Margaret Rose 8B5
Donahue, Martha Myrtle 8B5
Donahue, Mary Caroline 8B5
Donahue, Mary Fidlma 8B5
Donahue, Nathan Hubert 8B5
Donahue, Patrick Augustine 8B5
Donahue, William Schuman 8B5
Dougherty, Marcella 9C4
Dowd, Patricia 9F3
Downs, Mary Eleanor 5D
Drake, James S. 11F1.2
Drury, Ann Maria 6E
Dutch, Henry 11F2
Duvall, Rosa Jane 5E
Duvall, Stephen 5E, 7
Dykes, Airedith 9A3
Dykes, Alma Jewel 9A3

Edelen, Anne (d/o Edward) 11B3.2
Edelen, Anne (d/o Philip) 11B3.1
Edelen, Araminta (d/o Edward) 11B3.2
Edelen, Benedict (s/o Joseph) 11B3.3
Edelen, Catherine (d/o Richard IV) 11B3.2
Edelen, Charlotte (d/o Leonard) 11B3.3
Edelen, Christopher (s/o Philip) 11B3.1
Edelen, Christopher (s/o Richard IV) 11B3.2
Edelen, Clara (d/o Edward) 11B3.2
Edelen, Clowtilda (d/o Joseph) 11B3.3
Edelen, Edward (s/o Edward) 11B3.2
Edelen, Edward (s/o Richard IV) 11B3.2
Edelen, Edward (s/o Richard V) 11B3.2, 11B3.3
Edelen, Elizabeth (d/o Edward) 11B3.2
Edelen, Elizabeth (d/o Joseph) 11B3.3
Edelen, Elizabeth (d/o Richard V) 11B3.2
Edelen, Francis (s/o Edward) 11B3.2
Edelen, George E. (s/o Joseph) 11B3.3
Edelen, Helen (d/o Joseph) 11B3.3
Edelen, James (s/o Joseph) 11B3.3
Edelen, James H. (s/o Leonard) 11B3.3
Edelen, Jane (d/o Richard V) 11B3.2
Edelen, John (s/o Edward) 11B3.2
Edelen, John (s/o Leonard) 11B3.3
Edelen, Joseph (s/o Edward) 11B3.2, 11B3.3, 11C
Edelen, Joseph H. (s/o Leonard) 11B3.3
Edelen, Leonard (s/o Joseph) 5D, 5E, 11B3.3
Edelen, Leonard (s/o Edward) 11B3.2
Edelen, Lewis (s/o Joseph) 11B3.3
Edelen, Louisa (d/o Leonard) 5D, 5E, 6I, 11B3.3
Edelen, Lucinda (d/o Leonard) 5E, 6A, 11B3.3, 11B4.3, 11B4.4
Edelen, Lucy (d/o Joseph) 11B3.3
Edelen, Margaret (d/o Joseph) 11B3.3
Edelen, Mary (d/o Richard V) 11B3.2
Edelen, Oswald (s/o Edward) 11B3.2
Edelen, Philip (s/o Edward) 11B3.2
Edelen, Philip (s/o Richard IV) 11B3.2
Edelen, Philip (s/o Richard V) 11B3.2
Edelen, Rev. Philip (s/o Richard II) 11B3.1
Edelen, Priscilla (d/o Leonard) 11B3.3
Edelen, Richard (s/o Edward) 11B3.2
Edelen, Richard (s/o Philip) 11B3.1, 11B3.2
Edelen, Richard (s/o Richard IV) 11B3.2
Edelen, Richard (s/o Richard V) 11B3.2
Edelen, Sarah Ann (d/o Edward) 11B3.2
Edelen, Susan (d/o Leonard) 11B3.3
Edelen, Theresa (d/o Joseph) 11B3.3
Edelen, Thomas (s/o Richard IV) 11B3.2
Edelen, Thomas (s/o Richard V) 11B3.2
Edelen, Winifred (d/o Richard V) 11B3.2
Edelin, Agnes (d/o Richard I) 11B3.1
Edelin, Edward (s/o Richard I) 11B3.1
Edelin, Henry (s/o Richard I) 11B3.1
Edelin, Mary (d/o Richard I) 11B3.1
Edelin, Morgan (s/o Richard I) 11B3.1
Edelin, Roger (s/o Richard I) 11B3.1
Edelin, William (s/o Richard I) 11B3.1
Edlin, Charlotte 6D
Edlin, James H. 6B
Edlyn, Alice (d/o Richard II) 11B3.1
Edlyn, Joanne (d/o Richard II) 11B3.1
Edlyn, Richard (s/o Roger) 11B3.1
Edlyn, Richard (s/o Richard I) 11B3.1
Edlyn, Richard (s/o Richard II) 11B3.1
Edlyn, Roger 11B3.1
Edlyn, William (s/o Richard II) 11B3.1
Elliott, Stephen 11C
Ellis, Helen 9F4
Elmore, Andrew 7
Ellison, Susanna 5C, 5D

Ferriell, C. E. 8B2
Ferriell, Mary 8B2
Ferriell, John 8B2
Ferriell, Joseph B. 8B2
Ferriell, Thomas Elvy 8B22
Fish, James 11B1.3
Flagherty, Judy 5B
Flagherty, Margaret Emily 6E
Flagherty, Martin 5B
Flagherty, Rosella 5B
Flannel, Mamie 9A2
Fletcher, James 9A3
Flynn, Eugene 9D2
Fogle, Adam 11F1.2
Fogle, Martha D. 8B1
Fogle, Mary Susan 8B1
Foley, William 6G
Fogarty, John R. 9F3
Fowler, Maggie 6I, 9F2
Frakes, Alexander 11F3
Frakes, Ann 11F3
Frankenberger, Clarence 9A3
French, Florence 6I, 9F2
French, Gabriel 5B
French, Ignatius 5B, 5C, 11C, 11D
French, James 5B
French, John 5C, 11B3.3
French, John B. 6G, 9D2
French, Joseph 9F4
French, Louiza 5B
French, Mary Boone 5C
French, Nancy 5B
French, Nancy 6E
French, Preston 5B
French, Priscilla 11B4.3
French, Reubin 5B
French, Susan 5B

Gaino, Addie Lee 9A3
Gardner, Linda 9F4
Gardner, Owen 9F4
Girten, Murrel 9F4
Gilke, Sallie 6B
Gilkey, Hiram 11B4.3
Gillet, Nathan Stephen 9A3
Gottbrath, Adam Joseph 8B3
Gough, Elizabeth 11B2.3
Gough, Stephen 11B2.2
Graf, Helen 8B2
Green, Magdalen 6D
Green, Margaret 9A3
Greenwell, Agnus 8B2
Greenwell, Albin 11B4.3
Greenwell, Benedict Joseph 11B4.4
Greenwell, Cecil 8B2
Greenwell, Francis V. 8B2
Greenwell, Katherine 7
Greenwell, James 11B2.2
Greenwell, Jane 5C, 11B2.2
Greenwell, Joseph L. 8B2
Greenwell, Linus 11B4.3
Greenwell, Lucille 8B2
Greenwell, Marcellus Joseph 8B2
Greenwell, Mary Florence 8B5
Greenwell, Mary J. 8B2
Greenwell, Mary Josephine 6B, 8B3
Greenwell, Mary Magdeline (Della) 8B2
Greenwell, Pauline 8B2
Greenwell, Raymond 8B2
Greenwell, Teresa 11B4.3
Greenwell, William Robert 8B2
Greenwells, Francis Sylvester 11B4.4
Gregg, James 11F1.1
Gregg, Lucy 11F1.1
Gregory, George F. 9A2
Grimes, Lila 9F4
Guinn, Mildred 9D2

Hagan, Frances Geneva 8B5
Hagan, Francis Leo 8B3
Hagan, Ignatius 11C, 11D
Hagan, J. A. 5E
Hagan, James H. 8B5
Hagan, James Henry 8B5
Hagan, John Alexius 8B3
Hagan, John Francis 8B5
Hagan, Joseph Bertrand 8B3
Hagan, Joseph Peake 8B3
Hagan, Maria 6D
Hagan, Mary 11B3.2
Hagan, Mary B. 5D
Hagan, Monica 11C
Hagan, Pious 5C
Hagan, Randal 11C
Hagan, Sarah 11B3.2
Hagan, Thomas 11B3.2
Hager, Ella Anna Mary 9D1
Hager, John Henry 9D1
Hager, Joseph Byron 9D1
Hager, William Paul 9D1
Hall, Agnes 9F2
Hall, John R. 8B1
Hamilton, Theresa Jane 8B2
Hammerstein, Clem 9A3
Harlow, William 8B5
Harlow, William T. 6B
Harper, William 9F4
Harshfield, Margaret 9D2
Hayden, Basil 11C
Hayden, Carl Jerome 9F4
Hayden, Catherine Doloretta 9F4
Hayden, George Anthony 9F4
Hayden, James A. 9F4
Hayden, Joseph Alonzo 9F4
Hayden, Joseph Herbert 9F4
Hayden, Leonard 9F4
Hayden, Mary Elizabeth 9F4
Hayden, Mary Rita 9F4
Hayden, Virginia 9F4
Hayden, William 9F4
Hayden, Zachariah Alonzo 9F4
Hayes, Homer 6I
Haynes, Henry 11E2
Head, Albert 6I
Heard, John 11B2.1
Heard, Susanna 11B2.1
Heickelbeck, Frank 8B4
Hicks, Anna Marella 8B5
Hicks, Bernard Washington 8B5
Hicks, Charles Vincent 8B5
Hicks, Columbus Washington 8B5
Hicks, Frances Lula 8B5
Hicks, Joseph W. 8B5
Hicks, Mary Eliza 8B5
Hicks, Petronella 8B5
Hicks, Richard Beckham 8B5
Hicks, Thomas Dolor 8B5
Higginson, Mary 9A3
Hill, Harry 11C
Hill, Thomas 11C
Hinton, Annie Catherine 9A3
Hinton, James 9A3
Hinton, John 9A3
Hinton, Johnnie Stephen 9A3
Hinton, Lawrence A. 9A3
Hinton, Lillie Agnes 9A3
Hinton, Margaret Estella 9A3
Hinton, Mary Gracie 9A3
Hinton, Michael Mathews 9A3
Hinton, Owen Ovil 9C4
Hinton, Rhoda W. J. 9A3
Hinton, Sarah Jenirose 9A3
Holeston, George 9A1
Holsen, Thomas 6E
Horne, Winifred 11B1.2
Howard, Alexander 5B
Howard, Charles William 6H
Howard, Helen Virginia 8B2
Howard, Juliann 6H
Howard, Mary 5C
Howe, Joseph 11C
Howe, Ruth 8B4
Howell, Floyd Guy 9A2
Hunter, Alexander 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Hunter, Elizabeth 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Hunter, John 11F1.1
Huntington, Ida 9A2
Huntington, Oliver 9A2
Huntington, Nancy Barnes 9A2
Hutchins, John 11C
Hutson, Edsel 9F4

Jassett, John Jay 9C4
Johnson, Julia M. 9A2
Johnson, Leonard 11C
Johnson, Mary 9A2
Johnson, Sara M. 8B5
Jones, Zachariah 6E

Keith, Joanna 5D
Keller, Anna O'Dell Turner 9A2
Keller, Glenn 9A2

Lamkin, Gideon 9E2
Lamkin, James 9E2
Lamkin, Joseph A. 9E2
Lamkin, Mary Etta 9E2
Lampkin, Essie 9C2
Lancaster, Beulah 9E2
Lawless, John 10
Lee, Philip 11C
Leslie, Nellie 11B4.3
Lewis, Doris 9F4
Lewis, James Patrick 9F4
Lewis, Joseph 9F4
Lewis, Joseph Brandon 9F4
Lewis Leonard Kenny 9F4
Lott, Helen 9F4
Lucas, Henry 11C
Luckett, Hezekiah 11C
Lush, Christopher Columbus 6D
Lush, Elizabeth 6D
Lush, Sara Ellen 6D
Lush, Thomas 6D
Lush, William 6D

Mahoney, Mary Elizabeth 11B3.3
Mahoney, William 11C
Mannigel, Florence 8B2
Manning, William 9A3
Marchand, Marietta 8B4
Market, Rose Marie 9F4
Marnell, Agnes M. 9A2
Martin, John T. 6E
Massey, Augusta 5D
Masterson, Anastasia 6A
Masterson, Cecily Joanna Louise 6A
Masterson, Cordelia 6A
Masterson, Elizabeth 6A
Masterson, Frank 6A
Masterson, Joseph F. 6A
Masterson, Joseph Meredith 5D, 6A
Masterson, Mary Leonora 6A
Masterson, Merida 6A
Masterson, Nicholas Raymond 6A
Masterson, Simon Peter 6A
Mattingly, Asia Marie 8B5
Mattingly, John T. 5D, 6C
Mattingly, John William 6C
Mattingly, Joseph 5B
Mattingly, Mary Eliza Virginia 6C
Mattingly, Myrtle 9F4
Mattingly, Philip 5B, 11C
Mattingly, Winona Mary 9F4
McAtee, Henry 11C
McCoy, Elmer 9D2
McCoy, Mary 9C4
McDonah, Hannah 6E
McDonah, Mary Elisa 5B
McDonah, Sara Ann 5B
McDonough, Ada Generose (Jennie) 6G, 9D1
McDonough, Catherine Laura (Katie) 6G, 9D1
McDonough, J. Michael 6G, 9D1
McDonough, James Edward 6G
McDonough, John Henry 6G
McDonough, Marian Geraldine 9D1
McDonough, Martin 5B
McDonough, Mary Ann Elisa 6G
McDonough, Michael 5B
McDonough, Rosella Flagherty 5B, 6I
McDonough, Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) 6G, 9D1
McDonough, William Thomas 6G, 9D1
McElroy, Anne 11B3.3
McGill, Margaret 6D
McKune, Isabel 8B1
Medcalf, Ignatius 11D
Medcalf, James 11D
Medcalf, Sarah 11B1.3
Medlay, John B. 6F
Medley, Lee 6I, 9F2
Medley, Mary Eliza 6F
Medley, Rodman 9F2
Medley, William M. 9E2
Meece, Arla Maye 9F3
Melton, John D. 11F2
Melton, Stanislaus 11C
Metcalf, Mary Ethel 9C4
Miles, Catherine 6C
Miles, Harry 11C
Miles, James 6C
Miles, Philip 11C
Miller, Virginia 9F4
Mills, Ann Mary 9A1
Mills, Aloysius H. 9A1
Mills, Charles N. 9A1
Mills, Jeanetta 9F4
Mills, Joseph 11C
Mills, Joseph Kendrick 9E2
Mills, Minnie 9A1
Mills, Stephen Joseph 9A1
Mitchell, Benjamin 5D
Mitchell, Emanuel H. 9B1
Mitchell, Mary Ann 5D, 6A
Mitchell, Thomas Edward 9B1
Mollihorne, James 11C
Monarch, Ann Viola 9C4
Monarch, Charles Marion 9C4
Monarch, James A. 9C4
Monarch, John Malacky 9C4
Monarch, Lizz Martine 9C4
Monarch, Robert A. 9C4
Monarch, Rose Elizabeth 9C4
Montgomery, Charles Alexander 9A4
Montgomery, Mary Belle 9A4
Morgan, Gen. John Hunt 7
Morris, Mary Elizabeth 6A, 8A1
Morrison, Gerald William 9F3
Moseley, Lettice 11F1.1
Moseley, Robert 11F1.1
Moseley, Robert, Jr. 11F1.1
Mudd, Dr. Edward 7
Mudd, Ella 9A2
Mudd, Emma 9A2
Mudd, Raphael R. 11C
Mudd, Thomas 11C
Mudd, Will 9A2
Mueller, Rosa Julia 9F2

Nalley, Aden Benedict 8B5
Nally, Bernard 11C
Neale, Anna Maria 11B3.2
Neale, Raphael 11B3.2
Nevitt, A. Lee 5B
Nevitt, Eleanor 5B
Nevitt, Jane 5B
Nevitt, Joseph 5B
Nevitt, Lucy 5B, 6F, 11E2
Nevitt, Mahalie 5B
Nevitt, Margaret Ann 5B
Nevitt, Mary B. 5B
Nevitt, Mary Ann Spalding 5B, 6G
Nevitt, Philip P. 5B
Nevitt, Richard 5B
Nevitt, Richard (s/o Joseph) 5B
Nevitt, Treacy 5B
Newton, Gabriel 11B1.3
Newton, Mary 5B
Norris, Arnold (s/o John III) 5C, 11B2.3
Norris, Barbara (d/o John III) 11B2.3
Norris, Bibiana (d/o Rodolph) 5C, 5D, 11B2.3, 11B2.4, 11D
Norris, Catherine (d/o Ignatius) 11B2.3
Norris, Charles Ignatius 6F
Norris, Clement (s/o John I) 11B2.1
Norris, Clement (s/o John II) 11B2.2
Norris, Clement (s/o Thomas) 11B2.2, 11B2.3
Norris, Dorothy (w/o Rodolph) 5C, 11D
Norris, Elizabeth Alice 6F, 9C4
Norris, Elizabeth Catherine 6F
Norris, Enoch (s/o Rodolph) 11B2.3, 11D
Norris, Henrietta 11B1.2
Norris, Henry 11C
Norris, Henry Elijah (s/o John III) 5C, 11B2.3
Norris, Ignatius (s/o Thomas) 11B2.2, 11B2.3
Norris, Jane (d/o Rodolph) 11B2.3, 11D
Norris, John 11B2.1
Norris, John (s/o Ignatius) 11B2.3
Norris, John (s/o John I) 11B2.1, 11B2.2
Norris, John (s/o John II) 5C, 11B2.2, 11B2.3
Norris, John (s/o John B.) 11B2.3
Norris, John (s/o Luke) 11B2.2
Norris, John Baptist (s/o John II) 11B2.2
Norris, John Baptist (s/o Thomas) 5C, 11B2.2, 11B2.3
Norris, Joseph (s/o Luke) 11B2.2
Norris, Joseph (s/o John B.) 11B2.3
Norris, Joseph (s/o Thomas II) 11B2.3
Norris, Joseph William 6F
Norris, Joseph William II 6F
Norris, Lucy Arabell 6F
Norris, Luke (s/o John I) 11B2.1, 11B2.2
Norris, Mackelvey (s/o Luke) 11B2.2
Norris, Margaret (d/o Ignatius) 11B2.3
Norris, Mark (s/o John I) 11B2.1, 11B2.2
Norris, Mark (s/o John B.) 11B2.3
Norris, Martha May 6F, 9C4
Norris, Mary (d/o Rodolph) 5C, 11B2.3, 11D
Norris, Mary (d/o John I) 11B2.1
Norris, Mary (d/o John III) 11B2.3
Norris, Mary Ann (d/o Rodolph) 5C, 11B2.3, 11D
Norris, Matthew (s/o John II) 11B2.2
Norris, Matthew 11B4.3
Norris, Philip (s/o John III) 11B2.3
Norris, Philip (s/o John B.) 11B2.3
Norris, Philip (s/o Thomas II) 11B2.3
Norris, Richard (s/o John III) 11B2.3
Norris, Richard (s/o Rodolph) 11B2.3, 11D
Norris, Richard Alexander 6F
Norris, Rodolph 5C, 11B2.2, 11B2.3, 11C, 11D
Norris, Stephen (s/o John II) 11B2.2
Norris, Stephen (s/o John B.) 11B2.3
Norris, Susanna (d/o John II) 11B2.2
Norris, Susanna (d/o John III) 11B2.3
Norris, Susanna (d/o Rodolph) 11B2.3, 11D
Norris, Thomas (s/o Clement) 11B2.3
Norris, Thomas (s/o Mark) 11B2.2
Norris, Thomas (s/o John I) 5C, 11B2.1, 11B2.2
Norris, Thomas (s/o John II) 11B2.2
Norris, Thomas (s/o Rodolph) 5C, 11B2.3
Norris, Thomas (s/o Thomas) 11B2.2
Norris, Vincent (s/o Clement) 11B2.3
Norris, Wilfred (d/o Rodolph) 11B2.3, 11D
Norris, William (s/o Clement) 11B2.3
Norris, William (s/o John II) 11B2.2
Norris, William (s/o Rodolph) 11B2.3, 11D
Norris, William (s/o Thomas II) 11B2.3
Nottingham, Elizabeth 11B1.2

O'Bannion, J. H. 6G
O'Bannion, Minerva Yeager 5B, 6G, 9C2, 9D2
O'Bryan, Anne Ethel 8A1
O'Bryan, Cecily A. 5B
O'Bryan, Charles 6A
O'Bryan, Ellen Elizabeth 8A1
O'Bryan, Francis Henry 5D, 6A
O'Bryan, Henry 5D, 6A
O'Bryan, John 6A
O'Bryan, Joseph Edna 8A1
O'Bryan, Joseph Henry 8A1
O'Bryan, Katherine 6A
O'Bryan, Maggie Mary 6A
O'Bryan, Maggie Sedonie 8A1
O'Bryan, Maggie Theresa 8A1
O'Bryan, Margaret Ann 6A
O'Bryan, Martha Alvena 8A1
O'Bryan, Martha Ursula 6A
O'Bryan, Mary Elizabeth 6A
O'Bryan, Pius Sidney 6A, 8A1
O'Bryan, Rebecca 6A
O'Bryan, Rosa Ann 6A
O'Bryan, Rosa Jane 6A
O'Bryan, Susan 6A
O'Bryan, Susanna Cleopha 8A1
O'Bryan, Virgil E. 6B
O'Bryan, Willard Edward 8A1
Offley, Catherine 11B3.1, 11B3.2
Osborne, Lee 9E2
Owsley, Jane 11F1.1

Payne, Charles 11F2
Payne, Francis Ignatius 9A3
Peak, Addie (gd/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, Adrian Guy (s/o Thomas H.) 9A1
Peak, Agnas (d/o Francis A.) 6E
Peak, Agnes 9A1
Peak, Agnes J. (d/o William T.) 6I, 9F2
Peak, Albert O'Connor (s/o Rhoda E.) 6I
Peak, Alexia Ophelia (d/o Charles W.) 6H, 9E2
Peak, Alice E. (d/o Martin S.) 9A3
Peak, Allie (d/o George J.) 11F2
Peak, Aloysius (s/o Thomas) 5D, 6E, 9A1
Peak, Amanda E. (d/o John D.) 11F1.2
Peak, Ambrose (s/o Martin) 9B1
Peak, Ambrose C. (s/o Aloysius) 6E, 9A1
Peak, Amy (d/o Stephen A.) 9A2
Peak, Andrew Adolph (s/o John W.) 9C5
Peak, Ann (d/o Ignatius) 3B
Peak, Ann (w/o Kenelm) 5A, 11D
Peak, Ann Priscilla (d/o Philip) 5B, 6G, 9D1
Peak, Ann Zilfa (d/o Thomas H.) 9A1
Peak, Anna (d/o William R.) 11F1.2
Peak, Anna Frances (d/o Leonard A., Jr.) 9F4
Peak, Anna Louise (d/o Leonard A.) 6I
Peak, Anna Louise (d/o James S.) 9F3
Peak, Anna S. (d/o John F.) 6C
Peak, Annie (d/o William T.) 6I, 9F2
Peak, Anthony F. (s/o Leonard A.) 6I
Peak, Arthur Eugene (s/o Thomas H.) 9A1
Peak, Ashley (s/o William T.) 6I, 9F2
Peak, Avona (d/o Damon V.) 9F2
Peak, Barbara Ann (d/o Thomas) 5D, 6E
Peak, Barbara Jane (d/o William) 5E, 6B, 8B5
Peak, Ben J. (s/o Charles H.) 9B1
Peak, Benedict J. (s/o Charles T.) 6E
Peak, Benedict Joseph (s/o Rhoda J.) 6E
Peak, Benedict Joseph (s/o Thomas) 5D, 6E
Peak, Benedict M. (s/o Benedict J.) 9A2
Peak, Benjamin (s/o Francis I) 5C, 5D, 5E, 6I, 11B3.3, 11E
Peak, Benjamin Alex. (s/o Benjamin) 5D, 6I, 9F3
Peak, Bernard Aloysius (s/o Martin S.) 9A3
Peak, Bernard Bruce (s/o Rhoda E.) 6I
Peak, Bertha May (d/o John F.) 9A2
Peak, Bessie (d/o William T.) 9A2
Peak, Bettie (d/o Jefferson C.) 11F1.2
Peak, Blanche (gd/o Aloysius) 6E
Peak, Bruexia (d/o Rhoda B.) 9A3
Peak, Bryan Joseph (s/o Martin S.) 9A3
Peak, Carl T. (s/o Damon V.) 9F2
Peak, Carrie (d/o William) 11F2
Peak, Carrie (d/o William T.) 6I, 9F2
Peak, Carter (s/o Robert) 11F1.2
Peak, Catherine Ann (Cassy, d/o John K.) 6F, 9C5
Peak, Catherine (d/o John) 3B
Peak, Catherine (Kittie, d/o Richard) 6B, 8B2
Peak, Cavel (s/o George H.) 11F2
Peak, Cecilia Jane (d/o Thomas) 5D, 6E
Peak, Charles (s/o Kenelm) 5A, 5B, 6F, 11D
Peak, Charles Americus (s/o John K.) 6F, 9C5, 9E2
Peak, Charles F. (s/o Lawrence J.) 8B4
Peak, Charles Henry (s/o John C.) 6E
Peak, Charles Henry (s/o William) 5B, 6H, 9C5, 9E2
Peak, Charles Joseph (s/o Stephen B.) 6E, 9A3
Peak, Charles Joseph (s/o William R.) 6F, 9C3
Peak, Charles Richard (s/o Leonard A.) 6I, 9F4
Peak, Charles R. (s/o Charles R.) 9F4
Peak, Charles Robert (s/o John M.) 9A3
Peak, Charles Stephen (s/o Charles J.) 9A3
Peak, Charles T. (s/o Francis A.) 6E
Peak, Charles Thomas (s/o Thomas) 5D, 6E
Peak, Charlie (s/o William) 9B1
Peak, Christina M. (d/o Charles H.) 6H, 9E2
Peak, Clara Minerva (d/o Joseph P.) 9D2
Peak, Clarence S. (s/o Martin S.) 9A3
Peak, Claudia (d/o William) 6A
Peak, Clyde (s/o William T.) 9A2
Peak, Columbus C. (s/o John K.) 6F
Peak, Damon V. (s/o William T,) 6I, 9F2
Peak, Daniel R. (s/o Jefferson C.) 11F1.2
Peak, David F. (s/o Charles H.) 9B1
Peak, David T. (s/o Benedict J.) 9A2
Peak, Donald (s/o Charles R.) 9F4
Peak, Dorothy (d/o Lawrence J.) 8B4
Peak, Ed 11F2
Peak, Edward (s/o Charles R.) 9F4
Peak, Edward (s/o John) 3B
Peak, Edward (s/o Kenelm) 5A, 5B, 6E, 11D
Peak, Edward Lambert 9D2
Peak, Edward Lawrence (s/o Lawrence J.) 8B4
Peak, Elias (s/o Martin) 9B1
Peak, Eliza (d/o John C.) 6E, 9B1
Peak, Eliza Ellen 5D
Peak, Eliza Ellen (d/o Thomas A.) 6G, 9D2
Peak, Elizabeth (d/o Benedict J.) 6E
Peak, Elizabeth (d/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, Elizabeth (d/o Philip) 5B
Peak, Elizabeth (d/o Simon P.) 6I
Peak, Elizabeth (d/o Benjamin A.) 6I
Peak, Elizabeth (d/o Edward) 5A, 5B, 6D
Peak, Elizabeth Ann (d/o William) 5B, 6F, 6H, 9C3
Peak, Elizabeth Cicelie (d/o Leonard A.) 6I, 9F4
Peak, Elizabeth Mahulda (d/o John K.) 6F, 9C5
Peak, Elizabeth Mary (d/o Charles J.) 9A3
Peak, Ella (d/o William T.) 9A2
Peak, Ella Sarah (d/o John F.) 9A2
Peak, Ellen Elizabeth (d/o Thomas) 5D, 6E
Peak, Emily (w/o Jefferson C.) 11F1.2
Peak, Emily J. (d/o Francis A.) 6E
Peak, Emily Jane (d/o Emmet J.) 9F2
Peak, Emily Jane (d/o William) 5B, 6E, 6H, 9A2, 9A3, 9E1
Peak, Emma Agnes (d/o Charles J.) 9A3
Peak, Emma Josephine (d/o Thomas H.) 9A1
Peak, Emma R. (w/o Ambrose C.) 9A1
Peak, Emma V. (d/o Benedict J.) 9A2
Peak, Emmet Jerome (s/o William T.) 6I, 9F2
Peak, Ernet (s/o George J.) 11F2
Peak, Estella (d/o George J.) 11F2
Peak, Ettie (d/o Charles H.) 9B1
Peak, Eula May (d/o Charles H.) 9B1
Peak, Eva Frances (d/o John F.) 9A2
Peak, Eva Rosella (d/o Pius M.) 9D2
Peak, Everett (s/o William T.) 9A2
Peak, Everette T. (s/o Martin S.) 9A3
Peak, Florence A. (d/o Benedict J.) 9A2
Peak, Frances (w/o Ignatius) 3B
Peak, Francis (s/o Benedict J.) 9A2
Peak, Francis A. (s/o Thomas) 5D, 6E
Peak, Frank (s/o William) 6A
Peak, Frank Benjamin (s/o John F.) 9A2
Peak, Fred A. (s/o John W.) 9C5
Peak, Genevieve (d/o William H.) 9E2
Peak, Genive (d/o George J.) 11F2
Peak, George (s/o John) 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Peak, George H. 11F2
Peak, George J. 11F2
Peak, Georgia Susan (d/o Thomas A.) 6G, 9C2, 9D2
Peak, Glenn (s/o William T.) 9A2
Peak, Glenn R. (s/o Benedict J.) 9A2
Peak, Grace (d/o William) 11F2
Peak, H. (s/o William) 11F2
Peak, Harl (s/o Damon V.) 9F2
Peak, Harriet (d/o Leonard A.) 6I
Peak, Hattie J. (d/o Benjamin A.) 6I
Peak, Hazel (d/o William) 9B1
Peak, Hellen (d/o George H.) 11F2
Peak, Henrietta G. P. (d/o Leonard A.) 6I, 9F4
Peak, Henry (s/o Thomas H.) 9A1
Peak, Heddie (d/o Damon V.) 9F2
Peak, Hettie B. (d/o Thomas A.) 6G
Peak, Hettie G. (d/o William E.) 9C3
Peak, Hina (d/o Kenelm) 5A, 11D
Peak, Howard (s/o George J.) 11F2
Peak, Ida Alice (d/o James M.) 6I
Peak, Ida Lucille (d/o Charles J.) 9A3
Peak, Ida May (d/o John W.) 9C5
Peak, Ignatius 3B
Peak, Ina P. (d/o William H.) 9E2
Peak, Ivy J. (d/o George J.) 11F2
Peak, J. Walter (s/o William) 11F2
Peak, James (s/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, James (s/o Charles R.) 9F4
Peak, James (s/o Francis A.) 6E
Peak, James (s/o Martin) 9B1
Peak, James Alexander (s/o Aloysius) 6E
Peak, James B. (s/o Martin S.) 9A3
Peak, James Brennan (s/o James S.) 9F3
Peak, James Edward (s/o Francis I) 5C, 5D, 6C, 7, 11E
Peak, James L. (s/o William) 11F2
Peak, James Leo (s/o Thomas A.) 6G, 9D2
Peak, James Madison (s/o Benjamin) 5D, 6I
Peak, James Robert (s/o Leonard A., Jr.) 9F4
Peak, James Selby (s/o Benjamin A.) 6I, 9F3
Peak, James Thomas (s/o James E.) 5D
Peak, James W. (s/o John F.) 6C
Peak, Jane (d/o George) 11F1.2
Peak, Jane (d/o Kenelm) 5A, 5B, 11D
Peak, Jane (d/o William) 5E, 6B, 8B5
Peak, Jefferson C. (s/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, Jemima (d/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, Jerome (s/o Pius M.) 9D2
Peak, Jesse (s/o John F.) 9A2
Peak, Jessie H. (s/o William H.) 9E2
Peak, John 11F1.2
Peak, John (h/o Susan Yates) 3B
Peak, John (s/o George) 11F1.2
Peak, John (s/o John) 3B
Peak, John (s/o Kenelm) 5A, 5B, 11D
Peak, John (s/o Philip) 5B, 6G
Peak, John Anthony (s/o Lawrence J.) 8B4
Peak, John Arthur (s/o Charles H.) 6H
Peak, John Benjamin (s/o James S.) 9F3
Peak, John C. (s/o Edward) 5B, 6E, 9B1
Peak, John D. 11F1.2
Peak, John F. (s/o James E.) 5D, 6C
Peak, John Francis (s/o Rhoda J.) 6E, 9A2
Peak, John H. (s/o Francis A.) 6E
Peak, John K. (s/o Charles) 5B, 6F, 11E2
Peak, John M. (s/o William) 5B, 6H
Peak, John Martin (s/o Martin S.) 9A3
Peak, John Michael (s/o Stephen B.) 6E, 9A3
Peak, John P. (s/o John F.) 6C
Peak, John S. 11F2
Peak, John T. (s/o Thomas) 5D
Peak, John T. (s/o John C.) 6E
Peak, John William (s/o John K.) 6F, 9C5, 9E2
Peak, Joseph 11F2
Peak, Joseph (s/o Charles) 5B
Peak, Joseph Earl (s/o Charles J.) 9C3
Peak, Joseph Hillary (s/o Pius M.) 9D2
Peak, Joseph Philip (s/o Thomas A.) 6G, 9D2
Peak, Josapheen (d/o Charles H.) 9B1
Peak, Josephine Elizabeth (d/o Thaddeus A.) 8B3
Peak, Julia (Juley) A. (d/o Francis A.) 6E, 9A4
Peak, Kathleen Margaret (d/o Lawrence J.) 8B4
Peak, Katie (d/o George H.) 11F2
Peak, Kenelm (s/o Edward) 3B, 5A, 11D
Peak, Lawrence (s/o Aloysius) 6E
Peak, Lawrence Joseph (s/o William L.) 6B, 8B4
Peak, Lawrence Oliver (s/o Lawrence J.) 8B4
Peak, Leo (s/o Benedict J.) 6E
Peak, Leo (gs/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, Leonard Augusta (s/o Benjamin) 5D, 6I, 9F4
Peak, Leonard Augusta II (s/o Leonard A.) 6I, 9F4
Peak, Leonard William (s/o John F.) 9A2
Peak, Leonor Justina (d/o Charles H.) 6H, 9E2
Peak, Louvina Catherine (d/o Leonard A., Jr.) 9F4
Peak, Louise Elizabeth (d/o Charles R.) 9F4
Peak, Lillie (d/o Martin) 9B1
Peak, Lillie Generose (d/o Charles H.) 6H, 9E2
Peak, Lloyd J. (s/o Benedict J.) 9A2
Peak, Loretta A. (d/o James S.) 9F3
Peak, Louisa (d/o James E.) 5D, 6C
Peak, Lucille Violet (Jennie, d/o John F.) 9A2
Peak, Lucy (d/o Ed) 11F2
Peak, Lucy (d/o John C.) 6E
Peak, Lucy A. (d/o George) 11F1.2
Peak, Lucy Ellen (d/o John K.) 6F
Peak, Lula Mae (d/o Leonard A., Jr.) 9F4
Peak, Lydia Ellen (d/o William) 5B, 6H
Peak, Mahala (w/o Ed) 11F2
Peak, Marc (s/o Pius M.) 9D2
Peak, Margaret (d/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, Margaret (d/o Patrick) 11F3
Peak, Margaret L. (d/o William) 5B, 6E, 6H
Peak, Margaret Emily (d/o Martin S.) 9A3
Peak, Margaret Ellen (d/o Stephen B.) 6E
Peak, Margaret Frances (d/o Philip) 5B, 6G, 6I
Peak, Margaret Roselie (d/o Thomas A.) 6G, 9D2
Peak, Martha (d/o Charles ) 6F
Peak, Martha (w/o William) 11F2
Peak, Martin (s/o John C.) 6E, 9B1
Peak, Martin Ernest (s/o William T.) 9A3
Peak, Martin Stephen (s/o Stephen B.) 6E, 9A2, 9A3
Peak, Mary (w/o George H.) 11F2
Peak, Mary (d/o George J.) 11F2
Peak, Mary (d/o John C.) 6E
Peak, Mary (d/o Kenelm) 5A, 5B, 11D
Peak, Mary (d/o Pius M.) 9D2
Peak, Mary (d/o William H.) 9E2
Peak, Mary Agnes (d/o Benedict J.) 9A2
Peak, Mary Agnita (d/o Leonard A., Jr.) 9F4
Peak, Mary Albin (d/o Robert E.) 6B, 8B3
Peak, Mary Alice (d/o Rhoda J.) 6E, 9A2, 9A3
Peak, Mary Alice (d/o William R.) 6F
Peak, Mary Ann (d/o Edward) 5A, 5B, 6D
Peak, Mary Ann (d/o James E.) 5D
Peak, Mary Ann (d/o Thomas) 5D, 6E
Peak, Mary Bell (d/o Richard) 8B2
Peak, Mary Catherine (d/o William) 5E, 11B4.3
Peak, Mary E. (d/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, Mary E. (d/o Charles T.) 6E
Peak, Mary E. (d/o William A.) 11F1.2
Peak, Mary Elisa (d/o William) 5B, 6H, 9C1
Peak, Mary Elizabeth (d/o Rhoda J.) 6E, 9A2
Peak, Mary Elizabeth H. C. (d/o Charles A.) 9C5
Peak, Mary Ellen (d/o Charles) 5B, 6F, 6H, 9C1, 11E2
Peak, Mary Ellen (d/o Francis A.) 6E
Peak, Mary Ellen (d/o James E.) 5D, 6C
Peak, Mary Ellen (d/o Joseph P.) 9D2
Peak, Mary Ellen (d/o Leonard A.) 6I, 9F4
Peak, Mary Ellen (d/o Stephen B.) 6E
Peak, Mary J. (d/o John F.) 6C
Peak, Mary Julia (d/o Thomas H.) 9A1
Peak, Mary Magdeline (d/o Thomas A.) 6G, 6I, 9D2, 9F2
Peak, Mary Margaret (d/o James S.) 9F3
Peak, Mary S. 11F1.2
Peak, Mary Virginia (d/o Thaddeus A.) 8B3
Peak, Mattie (d/o Charles H.) 9B1
Peak, May (d/o Stephen A.) 9A2
Peak, Monica (d/o Kenelm) 5A, 5B, 11D
Peak, Monica Mahale (d/o Charles) 5B, 6F, 9C3, 11E2
Peak, Myrtle (d/o George J.) 11F2
Peak, Nancy (d/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, Nancy A. (w/o William A.) 11F1.2
Peak, Nancy Ann (d/o Edward) 5A, 5B, 6D
Peak, Nancy J. (d/o John C.) 6E, 9B1
Peak, Nancy Ann (d/o Charles) 5B, 6F, 9C2, 11E2
Peak, Nellie (d/o William) 9B1
Peak, Noble (s/o William) 11F2
Peak, Norah Regina (d/o Thomas A.) 6G
Peak, Olive Catherine (d/o Thaddeus A.) 8B3
Peak, Opal (d/o William T.) 9A2
Peak, Oscar (gs/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, Otto (s/o Damon V.) 9F2
Peak, Parylee (d/o William E.) 9C3
Peak, Patricia Jane (d/o James S.) 9F3
Peak, Patrick 11F3
Peak, Paul (s/o Charles J.) 9C3
Peak, Paw Raymond (s/o John M.) 9A3
Peak, Philip (s/o Kenelm) 5A, 5B, 6G, 11D
Peak, Philip Leo (s/o Lawrence J.) 8B4
Peak, Philomany (d/o John C.) 6E
Peak, Pius Michael (s/o Thomas A.) 6G, 9D2
Peak, Priscilla (d/o James E.) 5D
Peak, Raymond Oliver (s/o John F.) 9A2
Peak, Rebecca (d/o James E.) 5D
Peak, Relda A. (d/o Charles H.) 9B1
Peak, Rhoda B. (s/o Benedict J.) 9A2
Peak, Rhoda Bartholomew (s/o Stephen B.) 6E
Peak, Rhoda Edward (s/o Benjamin) 5D, 6G, 6I
Peak, Rhoda Joseph (s/o Thomas) 5D, 6E, 9A2, 9A3, 9E1
Peak, Rhoda Mae (d/o Rhoda B.) 9A3
Peak, Richard (s/o William) 5E, 6A, 8B2
Peak, Richard (s/o Benedict J.) 6E
Peak, Richie (s/o Stephen A.) 9A2
Peak, Robert (s/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, Robert (s/o William) 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Peak, Robert E. (s/o Aloysius) 6E
Peak, Robert M. (s/o Jefferson C.) 11F1.2
Peak, Robert Matthew (s/o James S.) 9F3
Peak, Rolland Anthony (s/o John F.) 9A2
Peak, Rosa E. (d/o Richard) 6B, 8B2
Peak, Roscoe (s/o William) 6A
Peak, Roscoe (s/o Damon V.) 9F2
Peak, Rose Arabella (d/o James E.) 5D, 6C
Peak, Rosella (d/o Charles H.) 9B1
Peak, Roy (s/o William) 9B1
Peak, Rufus Stephen (s/o John M.) 9A3
Peak, Ruth A. (d/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, Sam (s/o Martin) 9B1
Peak, Samuel J. (s/o Jefferson C.) 11F1.2
Peak, Saphronia Ann (d/o Aloysius) 6E
Peak, Sarah (d/o George) 11F1.2
Peak, Sarah Ann (d/o Stephen B.) 6E, 9A3
Peak, Sarah Catherine (d/o James E.) 5D, 6C
Peak, Sarah Delila (d/o Aloysus) 6E, 9A1
Peak, Sarah Ellen (d/o Rhoda J.) 6E, 9A2
Peak, Sarah Emele (d/o William R.) 6F
Peak, Sarah Gertrude (d/o Martin S.) 9A3
Peak, Sarah Jane (d/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, Sarah Lucinda (d/o Charles H.) 6F, 6H, 9C5, 9E2
Peak, Selby Edward (s/o James S.) 9F3
Peak, Serilda Jane (d/o Charles) 5B, 6F, 9C4, 11E2
Peak, Silvester (s/o Richard) 6B
Peak, Simon Peter (s/o Benjamin) 5D, 6I
Peak, Stanley (s/o Damon V.) 9F2
Peak, Stephen Aloysius (s/o Rhoda J.) 6E, 9A2
Peak, Stephen Bryan (s/o Thomas) 5D, 6E
Peak, Stephen C. (s/o Charles T.) 6E
Peak, Susan C. (d/o John F.) 6C
Peak, Susan Emily (d/o Benjamin) 5D, 6I
Peak, Susanna (d/o Charles T.) 6E
Peak, Sylvester S. (s/o Richard) 6B
Peak, Teresa (d/o Thomas ) 5D, 6E
Peak, Teresa Ann (d/o Rhoda J.) 6E, 9A2
Peak, Teresa Noema (d/o Leonard A., Jr.) 9F4
Peak, Teresa Rosella (d/o Stephen B.) 6E
Peak, Thaddeus Andrew (s/o Robert E.) 6B, 8B3
Peak, Thaddeus Andrew II (s/o Thaddeus A.) 8B3
Peak, Theresa Virginia (d/o Leonard A.) 6I, 9F4
Peak, Thomas 11F2
Peak, Thomas 11F2
Peak, Thomas (s/o Francis I) 5C, 5D, 6E, 11E
Peak, Thomas (s/o Martin S.) 9A3
Peak, Thomas A. (s/o Benjamin A.) 6I
Peak, Thomas A. (s/o William) 11F2
Peak, Thomas Aaron (s/o Philip) 5B, 6G, 9C2, 9D2
Peak, Thomas Boone (s/o Richard) 6B, 8B2
Peak, Thomas C. (s/o Jefferson C.) 11F1.2
Peak, Thomas E. (s/o John F.) 6C
Peak, Thomas E. (s/o John M.) 9A3
Peak, Thomas Franklin (s/o Pius M.) 9D2
Peak, Thomas Henry (s/o Aloysius) 6E, 9A1
Peak, Thomas Marshall (s/o Charles J.) 9A3
Peak, Thomas R. (s/o Benedict J.) 6E
Peak, Virginia Ann (d/o Benjamin) 5D
Peak, Virginia Rosella (d/o John M.) 9A3
Peak, Walker (s/o Martin) 9B1
Peak, Willard J. (s/o Benedict J.) 9A2
Peak, William 11F2
Peak, William (s/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, William (gs/o Carter) 11F1.2
Peak, William (s/o John C.) 6E, 9B1
Peak, William (s/o Francis I) 5C, 5D, 5E, 6A, 7, 11B3.3, 11B4.3, 11B4.4, 11E
Peak, William (s/o Kenelm) 5A, 5B, 6E, 11D
Peak, William (s/o Patrick) 11F3
Peak, William (s/o Thomas) 5D
Peak, William (s/o William) 5B
Peak, William (s/o William) 11F2
Peak, William (s/o James S.) 9F3
Peak, William A. (s/o John D.) 11F1.2
Peak, William Augusta (s/o Leonard A., Jr.) 9F4
Peak, William Benjamin (s/o Leonard A.) 6I
Peak, William Bernard (s/o Charles J.) 9A3
Peak, William E. (s/o Jefferson C.) 11F1.2
Peak, William Edward (s/o William R.) 6F, 9C3
Peak, William Everett (s/o John F.) 9A2
Peak, William F. (s/o Martin S.) 9A3
Peak, William Henry (s/o Charles Henry) 6H, 9E2
Peak, William Lee (s/o William) 6A
Peak, William Leonard (s/o William) 5E, 6B, 8B4, 11B4.4
Peak, William Louis (s/o Lawrence J.) 8B4
Peak, William Michael (s/o John M.) 9A3
Peak, William Oscar (s/o John) 6G
Peak, William Richard (s/o Charles) 5B, 6F, 9C3, 11E2
Peak, William R. (s/o George) 11F1.2
Peak, William Thomas (s/o Benjamin) 5D, 6G, 6I, 9D2, 9F2
Peak, William Thomas F. (s/o Rhoda J.) 6E, 9A2
Peak, William Thomas (s/o Stephen B.) 6E, 9A3
Peak, Willie (s/o Martin) 9B1
Peak, Zachariah Francis (s/o Charles T.) 6E
Peak, Zorado Magdalen (d/o Leonard A.) 6I, 9F4
Peake, Alexander (s/o John) 11F1.1
Peake, Alexander (s/o George) 11F1.2
Peake, Alice Veronica (d/o Thomas) 7, 8B1
Peake, Allean (d/o George W.) 6B
Peake, Amanda (d/o William) 5E
Peake, Ann (w/o Kenelm) 5A
Peake, Ann (d/o William) 3B
Peake, Ann (d/o William) 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Peake, Ann Victoria (d/o Richard) 6B
Peake, Anna Camilla (d/o Gabriel T.) 10
Peake, Anna Mae (d/o Robert D.) 8B1
Peake, Annie (d/o George W.) 6B
Peake, Annie (d/o John O.) 8B1
Peake, Annie (d/o Richard) 6B
Peake, Annie E. (d/o Thomas) 7, 8B1
Peake, Augustus (s/o John) 3B
Peake, Barbara (w/o William) 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Peake, Barbara Jane (d/o William) 5E, 6B, 8B5
Peake, Barbary (d/o John) 11F1.1
Peake, Ben (s/o George W.) 6B
Peake, Benjamin (s/o Francis I) 5C, 5D, 11E
Peake, Bessie (d/o John O.) 8B1
Peake, Bridgett Olan (d/o Gabriel T.) 10
Peake, Catharine (d/o Francis) 5C, 5D, 11E
Peake, Catherine (Kittie, d/o Richard) 6B, 8B2
Peake, Cecilia Amanda (d/o Robert D.) 8B1
Peake, Charles (s/o Edward) 3B
Peake, Daniel (s/o John III) 11F1.1
Peake, Disney (s/o Robert E.) 6B
Peake, Edward (f/o of Francis) 3B
Peake, Eleanor (d/o Francis I) 5C, 5D, 6A, 11E
Peake, Eleanor (d/o Francis II) 5D
Peake, Eleanor (d/o John) 11F1.1
Peake, Eleanor (d/o William) 3B
Peake, Elizabeth (d/o Francis I) 5C, 5D, 11E
Peake, Elizabeth (d/o Francis II) 5D
Peake, Elizabeth (d/o John) 11F1.1
Peake, Elizabeth (Sr. Beatrice, d/o William) 5E, 6B
Peake, Elizabeth Agnita (d/o Thomas B.) 8B2
Peake, Emma Elizabeth (d/o Gabriel T.) 10
Peake, Ethel (d/o Robert E.) 6B
Peake, Florence E. (d/o Thomas) 7, 8B1
Peake, Frances (w/o Walter) 3A
Peake, Frances (d/o William) 11F1.1
Peake, Frances Erma (d/o Gabriel T.) 10
Peake, Frances N. (d/o Thomas) 7
Peake, Francis (s/o Edward) 3B, 5C, 6A, 11B2.4, 11C, 11E
Peake, Francis (s/o Francis I) 5C, 5D, 6A, 11E
Peake, Francis (s/o John III) 11F1.1
Peake, Francis (s/o William) 5E
Peake, Francis L. (s/o George W.) 6B
Peake, Francis Xavier (s/o Thomas B.) 8B2
Peake, Frederick Obrecht (s/o Thomas B.) 8B2
Peake, Gabriel Timothy (s/o Thomas) 7, 8B1, 10
Peake, Generose (d/o Thomas B.) 8B2
Peake, George (s/o John III) 11F1.1
Peake, George (s/o John) 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Peake, George Robert, (s/o George) 11F1.2
Peake, George W. (s/o William) 5E, 6B
Peake, Hannah (d/o John) 11F1.1
Peake, Henrietta (d/o Edward) 3B
Peake, Henrietta (w/o William) 3B
Peake, Henry Barton (s/o Edward) 3B
Peake, Hubert Camillus (s/o Thomas B.) 8B2
Peake, Humphrey (s/o John II) 11F1.1
Peake, Jacob L. (s/o William L.) 6B
Peake, James (s/o John III) 11F1.1
Peake, James Edward (s/o Francis I) 5C, 5D, 11E
Peake, James Frederick (s/o Robert D.) 8B1
Peake, Jane (d/o George) 11F1.2
Peake, Jane (d/o John) 11F1.1
Peake, Joanna Jane (Gennie, d/o William) 6B, 8B2
Peake, John (of Virginia) 11F1.1
Peake, John (s/o Edward) 3B
Peake, John (s/o Francis II) 5D
Peake, John (s/o John I) 11F1.1
Peake, John (s/o John II) 11F1.1
Peake, John (s/o John III) 11F1.1
Peake, John (h/o Susanna) 3B
Peake, John (s/o William) 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Peake, John Otho (s/o Thomas) 7, 8B1
Peake, John R. (s/o Richard) 6B
Peake, Joseph (s/o William) 3B
Peake, Joseph (s/o John) 3B
Peake, Joseph C. (s/o John O.) 8B1
Peake, Joseph Leslie (s/o Robert D.) 8B1
Peake, Joshua (s/o William) 3B
Peake, Katie R. (d/o George W.) 6B
Peake, Kenelm (s/o Edward) 3B, 5A, 11D
Peake, Lawrence Joseph (s/o William L.) 6B, 8B4
Peake, Leon (s/o George W.) 6B
Peake, Margaret (d/o Francis II) 5D
Peake, Margaret (d/o John) 11F1.1
Peake, Margaret Lucille (d/o Gabriel T.) 10
Peake, Marie Antoinette (d/o Robert E.) 6B
Peake, Mary (d/o Edward) 3B
Peake, Mary (d/o John O.) 8B1
Peake, Mary (w/o Peter) 3B
Peake, Mary (d/o Peter) 3B
Peake, Mary Albin (d/o Robert E.) 6B, 8B3
Peake, Mary Ann (d/o Francis II) 5D
Peake, Mary Bell (d/o Richard) 5E, 11B4.3
Peake, Mary Cecilia (d/o Thomas B.) 8B2
Peake, Mary Christella (d/o Thomas B.) 8B2
Peake, Mary E. (d/o George W.) 6B
Peake, Mary Ethel (d/o Robert D.) 8B1
Peake, Mary Helen (d/o John O.) 8B1
Peake, Mary M. (d/o George W.) 6B
Peake, Mary O. (d/o Richard) 6B
Peake, Mary Pauline (d/o Gabriel T.) 10
Peake, Mary Praxedes (d/o Gabriel T.) 10
Peake, Mary R. (d/o Thomas) 7, 8B1
Peake, Matilda (d/o Francis II) 5D
Peake, Mildred (Milly, d/o Francis I) 5C, 5D, 11E
Peake, Minnie (d/o John O.) 8B1
Peake, Peggy (d/o William) 11F1.1
Peake, Peter 3B, 11B1.2
Peake, Peter (s/o Walter) 3A
Peake, Philip (s/o John O.) 8B1
Peake, Polly Ann (d/o George) 11F1.2
Peake, Raphael (s/o William) 3B
Peake, Raymond Sylvester (s/o Thomas B.) 8B2
Peake, Richard (s/o William) 5E, 6A, 8B2
Peake, Richard Leon (s/o thomas B.) 8B2
Peake, Robert (s/o John) 3B
Peake, Robert (s/o John) 11F1.1
Peake, Robert (s/o Richard) 6B
Peake, Robert (s/o William) 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Peake, Robert Damascus (s/o Thomas) 7, 8B1
Peake, Robert E. (s/o William) 5E, 6B
Peake, Robert Otho (s/o Robert D.) 8B1
Peake, Rosa E. (d/o Richard) 6B, 8B2
Peake, Rosella (d/o William) 5E
Peake, Sarah (d/o John III) 11F1.1
Peake, Sarah (d/o William) 11F1.1
Peake, Susan Louise (d/o William) 5E
Peake, Susanna (w/o John) 3B
Peake, Sylvester S. (s/o Richard) 6B
Peake, Thaddeus Andrew (s/o Robert E.) 6B, 8B3
Peake, Theresa (d/o Francis II) 5D, 6A
Peake, Theresa Blanche (d/o Gabriel T.) 10
Peake, Thomas (s/o Francis I) 5C, 11E
Peake, Thomas (s/o John III) 11F1.1
Peake, Thomas (s/o William) 5E, 6C, 7, 10, 11B4.3, 11B4.4
Peake, Thomas Boone (s/o Richard) 6B, 8B2
Peake, Thomas Dow (s/o Robert D.) 8B1
Peake, Thomas Leo (s/o John O.) 8B1
Peake, Vannie (s/o Richard) 6B
Peake, W. Pius (s/o Francis II) 5D
Peake, Walter 3A
Peake, William (s/o John II) 11F1.1
Peake, William (s/o John III) 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Peake, William 3B
Peake, William (s/o Francis I) 5C, 5D, 5E, 6A, 7, 11B3.3, 11B4.3, 11B4.4, 11E
Peake, William (s/o Francis II) 5D
Peake, William (s/o William) 3B, 5B
Peake, William Earle (s/o Robert D.) 8B1
Peake, William Henry (s/o Richard) 6B
Peake, William Leonard (s/o William) 5E, 6B, 8B4
Peake, Winifred (d/o William) 11F1.1, 11F1.2
Pearce, Dorothea Lorena 9A3
Peek, John S. 11F2
Peck, John S. 11F2
Peck, Nancy 11F2
Pendleton, Bernard 9C4
Pendleton, Cora Jane 9C4
Pendleton, Elisa Ann 9C4
Pendleton, Elizabeth Marcella 9C4
Pendleton, James Alexander 9C4
Pendleton, James Henry 9C4
Pendleton, John G. 9C4
Pendleton, Josephine Marie 9C4
Pendleton, Lula May 9C4
Pendleton, Martha Emerine 9C4
Pendleton, Mary Elizabeth 9C4
Pendleton, Michael O'Connor 9C4
Pendleton, Oscar Sylvester 9C4
Pendleton, Thomas H. 9C4
Pendleton, William Augustine 9C4
Pendleton, William E. 9C4
Percefull, Richard 5B, 11E2
Peters, Sarah Jane 9B1
Philips, Isaac 11F1.1
Phillips, Norma Jean 9F3
Pike, Lucy 11B2.3
Powell, Ida Elizabeth 9A3
Powell, Marshall 9A3
Pritle, John 11F1.2
Pritle, Polly Anna 11F1.2

Queen, James 11C

Rapier, James 11C
Raley, Chester A. 9A2
Ray, Absolem 6F, 6H, 9C1, 11E2
Ray, Ambrose 6H
Ray, Ambrose Eugene 6F
Ray, Annie E. 6F
Ray, Catherine 6F
Ray, Charles W. 6F
Ray, Elias 6F
Ray, Elizabeth 6F
Ray, Emma J. 6H
Ray, Frances C. 6H
Ray, Francis M. 6F, 6H, 9C1
Ray, James M. 6H
Ray, James Spiridian 6F
Ray, John 6F
Ray, Joseph 6F
Ray, Joseph Elias 9D1
Ray, Lamar 6H
Ray, Lloyd Thomas 6F
Ray, Lucy Ellen 6F
Ray, Marcus 6H
Ray, Margaret Jane 6F
Ray, Martha E. 6F
Ray, Martha Ellen 6F
Ray, Mary E. 6H
Ray, Moses J. 5D
Ray, Stephen Edward 6F
Ray, Susanna 6F
Ray, Victoria 6F
Ray, William E. 6H
Reding, Joane 11B3.1
Reding, Richard 11B3.1
Reding, Thomas 11B3.1
Redman, Catherine 11B4.3
Redmon, Elizabeth J. 9C4
Redmon, Florence Alma 9C2
Redmon, James Edward 6F
Redmon, James M. 6F, 9C2, 11E2
Redmon, John William 6F
Redmon, Lucy Ann 6F
Redmon, Martha Florence 6F
Redmon, Richard Jerome 9D2
Redmon, Sarah 5B, 6E
Redmon, Thomas Kelly 6G, 9C2, 9D2
Redmon, William 5B
Reitenger, Anna L. 9A2
Rhodes, Raymond 8B1
Ritchie, Ann Jemima 9A1
Ritchie, Anna Jeanette 9E2
Ritchie, Chestine 6E
Ritchie, Edward Benjamin 9E2
Ritchie, Elizabeth 6E
Ritchie, Francis 9E2
Ritchie, George T. N. 9E2
Ritchie, Godfrey 9A1
Ritchie, Ira Augustine 9E2
Ritchie, Julia Magdelen 9E2
Ritchie, Lucien M. 9E2
Ritchie, Markham Edward 9E2
Ritchie, Nicholas Carroll 9E2
Ritchie, Perry Benjamin 9E2
Ritchie, Rena Generose 9E2
Ritchie, Robert S. 9E2
Ritchie, Susan Emeline 5D
Roberts, John J. 9A3
Rogers, Edward Ezra 8B2
Rollaw, Lottie Geneva 6F
Rosecrans, Gen. William 7
Roy, W. A. 9A3
Ryan, Edna Mae 9A3

Sans, Theodore 9D2
Sapp, Rose Bell 8B5
Schaetzly, Raymond 9F4
Schott, Martha Jane 8B3
Schwabenton, Mary (Minnie) 9A4
Self, Burrell 8B4
Senn, Leo 9D2
Shackelford, Matilda 6D
Sheckles, John 11B4.3
Shircliff, Ella M. 9C5
Shircliff, Joseph C. 9C5
Shircliff, Mattie C. 9C5
Shircliff, Michael D. 9C5
Shircliff, Thomas H. 9C5
Shirley, Ignatius 11B2.3
Shirley, Robert 11B2.3
Simms, Thomas 6C
Simpson, Julia Florida 6H, 9C5, 9E2
Simpson, Martin 5D
Simpson, Mary E. 6E, 9A1
Sims, Edward 6D
Sims, Francis A. 6D
Sipes, Louis Napoleon 9D1
Sipes, Mary Verna 9D1
Skees, Adrian 9F4
Skees, Albert Ray 9F4
Skees, Anthony 9F4
Skees, Elizabeth 6E
Skees, Hilary 9F4
Skees, Joanne 9F4
Skees, Lawrence 9F4
Skees, Martha 9F4
Skees, Mary Magdalen 9F4
Skees, Ruth Pearl 9F4
Skees, Sarah Ann 6E
Skees, Viola Bernadette 9F4
Skees, William 9F4
Snead, Mary 11F1.1
Snyder, Annie Bell 9B1
Sowers, Glen P. 8B2
Spalding, Aaron 5B
Spalding, Lt. Charles E. 7
Spalding, John 11C
Spalding, Joseph 11C
Spalding, Mary Ann 5B
Spalding, Michael 5B
Speaks, Urban 11C
Stader, Adam 11F3
Steinmacher, Elizabeth 8B4
Stephens, Edward 5D
Stephens, Thomas 5D
Stevens, James 11C
Stewart, Gordon 10
Stith, Benjamin A. 5D
Summers, Augustine 5B
Summers, Frances 9A3
Summers, Jacob Clements 9A3
Summers, Joseph 9A3
Summers, Martin C. 9A3
Summers, Nellie 9A3
Summers, Stephen Clements 9A3
Sutton, William 11F1.1, 11F1.2

Talbot, Hettie C. 11F1.2
Taylor, Beverly 9F4
Taylor, Grace 11B2.2
Taylor, James H. 8B5
Tewell, Elizabeth 9E2
Thawles, Isaac 11C
Thomas, Catherine Elizabeth 6I, 9F4
Thomas, Elizabeth Ann 9A3
Thomas, Ernest 9F4
Thomas, James J. 6F, 9C5
Thomas, Mary Theresa 6I
Thomas, Uldine 9F4
Thompson, Emma Fletcher 9A3
Thompson, Joseph 9A3
Thompson, Paul 9A3
Thompson, Susan 11B3.3
Thompson, Thomas 5B
Thornberry, Annie P. 5D
Thornberry, Eugene 9D2
Thornberry, Henry 11B3.3
Thornberry, Mary Ellen 7, 11B4.3
Thornberry, Mary Josephine 5D
Thornberry, John A. (h/o Mildred Peake) 5D
Thornberry, John A. (h/o Rosa A. Peake) 5D, 6C
Thornberry, John B. 5D
Thornberry, Joseph B. 6C
Thornberry, Raymond 5D
Thornberry, Raymond F. 6G, 9D2
Thornberry, Rudolph Francis 5D
Thornberry, Stephen J. 5D
Thornberry, Thomas 11B4.3
Thornberry, Thomas B. 5D
Thornberry, William Henry 5D
Thornbury, Henry 6D
Thornbury, Louisa Ann 6D
Thornsberry, Louiza 11B4.3
Titmus, Esther 9A2
Trenary, Benjamin 11F1.1
Trout, Cecil Goldie 9A3

Ulsas, Carrie 6I

Van Ness, Viola 9A2
Van Renswick, Elizabeth 11B2.2
Vaughn, Allen Talbut 6I
Vaughn, Catherine Elizabeth 6I
Vaughn, Clara Ellen 6I
Vaughn, Evan George 9F1
Vaughn, Frances Ethel 6I
Vaughn, George Fuller 6I
Vaughn, Ida Bell 6I
Vaughn, James Thomas 6I, 9F1
Vaughn, John Jesse Lee 6I
Vaughn, Joseph 6I
Vaughn, Lawrence 6I
Vaughn, Mary Louise 6I
Vaughn, Nancy Virginia 6I
Vaughn, Richard Thomas 6I
Vaughn, Robert Henry 6I
Vessels, Oscar 6I
Viers, Sophronia 8B4
Viets, Clarence Frederick 9A3

Wathen, Ann 11B3.2, 11B3.3
Wathen, Barton 11B3.3
Wathen, Catherine 11B3.3
Wathen, Clothilda 11B3.3
Wathen, Jeremiah 11C
Wathen, John 11B3.2, 11B3.3
Wathen, Mary Ann Harriett 11B3.3
Wathen, Susannah 11B3.2
Watson, Erma 8B1
Watson, Helen 8B1
Watson, John R. 8B5
Watson, Joseph M. 5D, 6C
Watson, Mary 8B1
Watson, Mary Josephine 6C
Watson, Richard R. 8B1, 10
Watson Richard (Hank) 8B1
Webb, Nehemiah 11B3.3
Wheatley, Ann (d/o Francis) 3B, 11B1.2, 11B1.3
Wheatley, Ann (d/o Sylvester) 11B1.3
Wheatley, Anna Laura 9F1
Wheatley, Edward 11B1.2
Wheatley, Eleanor 11B1.3
Wheatley, Elizabeth 11B1.3
Wheatley, Francis (f/o Ann) 3B, 11B1.2, 11B1.3
Wheatley, George 11B1.3
Wheatley, Henrietta 11B1.2
Wheatley, Henrietta 11B1.3
Wheatley, Ignatius 11B1.3
Wheatley, James 11B1.2
Wheatley, John 11B1.1
Wheatley, John (s/o John I) 11B1.2
Wheatley, John (s/o John II) 11B1.2
Wheatley, Joseph 11B1.2
Wheatley, Mary 11B1.2
Wheatley, Permelia 5D
Wheatley, Raphael 11B1.3
Wheatley, Susan 6C
Wheatley, Sylvester 11B1.3
Wheatley, Sylvester (s/o Sylvester) 11B1.3
Whelan, Charles J. 6G
Whelan, Elizabeth E. 6F
Whelan, John B. 6F, 9C3, 11E2
Whelan, Mary Lucy S. 6F, 9C3
Whelan, Thomas Austin 9C5
Whelan, William Benjamin Franklin 6F
Whelan, William 6E
Whitehead, Lorena C. 8B2
Whitledge, Lura 9A3
Wiesbrook, Mary 9E2
Wilkins, Mary Ellen 6D
Wilkins, Richard 6D
Willett, Elizabeth Smith 5D
Willett, George 5E
Willett, Rev. James H. 8B2
Willett, Jennie 6B
Willett, Rebecca Jane 8B5
Williams, Emily 6C
Williams, Isaac 11F1.1
Williams, Mary Ann Cordelia 5D
Wilson, C. J. 11F1.2
Wilson, Rebecca 9A3
Wimsett, Felix 11D
Wiseman, Cecilia 6I
Wiseman, M. Tina Christina 6I
Wood, Cornelius 11B4.3
Woods, Jane 6D
Wright, Joseph 9E2
Wright, Julia May 9E2
Wright, Mary Josephine 9E2
Wright, William Alonzo 9E2
Wright, William Lee 9E2

Yates, Edna 9F4
Yates, Eliza 9F1
Yates, Mary S. 9B1
Yates, Susan 3B
Yeager, Charles 11F1.2
Yeager, Martha 11F1.2
Yeager, Minerva 6G
Yeager, Richard 11F1.2
Yeager, Susan 6G

Zolewski, Stell A. 9A2
Zwicker, Henry C. 10

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