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invisible.gif (929 bytes) Part 11F: Other Nelson/Marion/Hardin County Peakes

11F1.1. The Virginia Peakes

The early Nelson County tax records list three other Peakes who had settled in the area prior to the arrival of Kenelm and Francis Peake. Subsequent records following the partition of Nelson County show that these settlers actually lived in the section which is now Marion County. Some relationships were deduced from census records, and others were obtained from the files of C. G. Welker, who cites loose-leaf records of the Peak/Dodge Family by Marjorie G. Savaba, found in the New Albany (IN) Library. Other information is taken from county census reports, marriage records, wills and guardianship records.

John Peake I was born around 1627 and lived in the area of Fairfax and Prince William County, VA. He married Mary (surname unknown) and had a son, John Peake II. John Peake I died around 1691 in Stafford County, VA.

John Peake II, son of John I and Mary Peake, was born in Virginia and married Mary (surname uncertain, probably daughter of Capt. Snead of Maryland and Virginia, who died around 1690). Their children included John Peake III, Humphrey Peake, and William Peake. John Peake II died in Stafford County, VA, around 1728.

John Peake III, son of John Peake II and Mary Snead, married Lucy Gregg, daughter of James Gregg and Jane Owsley. The couple had eight known children: William Peake; James Peake, married C. Calvert and died in 1825 in Prince William County, VA; Francis Peake, died in Wheeling, VA (now West Virginia); George Peake, died in 1798 in Campbell County, KY; Daniel Peake, died in 1834; Thomas Peake, married Lettice Moseley, daughter of Robert Moseley, in 1808; Sarah Peake, married Robert Mosely, Jr. in Virginia; John Peake IV, born in Prince William County, VA, and lived in Woodford County, KY.

William Peake, son of John Peake III and Lucy Gregg, was born in Virginia and married Barbara (surname unknown). The couple sold their land in Faquier County, VA, and moved to Nelson (now Marion) County, KY, in 1785. William Peak is listed in the 1785 Nelson County tax records with a family of twelve, including three males over 21 years of age. The children included: Ann Peake, married Ephraim Dicken in Nelson County on Dec. 19, 1789; Sarah Peake, married Isaac Williams in Nelson County on Apr. 20, 1791, with Alexander Hunter as surety; Frances Peake, married Alexander Hunter in Nelson County on Apr. 19, 1791, with Isaac Williams as surety; John Peake (5), married his cousin Elizabeth Hunter, step-daughter of Thomas Williams, on Sept. 29, 1792, with Thomas Williams as surety; Peggy Peake, married Benjamin Trenary in Washington County on June 5, 1798. Other probable children of William and Barbara Peake are Winifred Peake, who married William Sutton on July 18, 1789; and Robert Peake, who married Elizabeth Clark on July 13, 1790.

John Peake (5), son of William and Barbara Peake married Elizabeth Hunter, daughter of John Hunter and Jane Cunningham, on Sept. 29, 1792. John Peake is listed in the Nelson County tax records as early as 1786. The New Albany Library notes state that the family, moved to Hartford, Ohio County, KY, around 1787, and that their children included George Peake, born Oct. 10, 1797; Hannah Peake; Margaret Peake; Alexander Peake, born 1798; Barbary Peake; Jane Peake, married Isaac Phillips; Elizabeth Peake; Eleanor Peake; Robert Peake. The records of C. G. Welker show that John Peake (5) died in Feb., 1829 in Hartford, Ohio County, KY, and Elizabeth Hunter Peake died in Washington County around 1842.

11F1.2. Possible descendants of the Virginia Peakes

Winifred Peake, probably a daughter of William and Barbara Peake, married William Sutton in Nelson County on July 18, 1789, with Robert Peak as surety and witness.

Ann Peake, daughter of William Peake, married Ephraim Dicken in Nelson County on Dec. 19, 1789, with John Connor as surety and Winifred (Peake) Sutton as witness.

Robert Peak, probably a son of William and Barbara Peake, first appears in the Nelson County tax records in 1787, listed along with John Peak and William Peake in Captain Wilson's militia company. He married Elizabeth Clark in Nelson County on July 13, 1790, with Thomas Elliot as surety. Robert Peak, along with John Phillips and Thomas Phillips, appraised the estate of Adam Fogle on March 1, 1805, with John Hammett as executor. Robert Peak later appears in the 1810 Washington County census report with a son and three daughters under ten years of age, a son and two daughters between 10 and 16, and a son and daughter between 16 and 26. It also lists a male and female between 26 and 45, a male older than 45, and two slaves. Robert Peak does not appear in any later Washington, Marion, or Nelson County census records.

John Peak (6) is listed in the 1810 Washington County census report with two sons and two daughters under 10 years of age, and two sons and a daughter between 10 and 16. He and his wife were between 26 and 45 years old at that time. John Peak (6) does not appear in later census reports.

Elizabeth Peak, presumably the widow of John Peake (5) or Robert Peak, appears in the 1820 and 1830 Washington County census reports, with seven children at home in 1820 and three still at home in 1830. The 1820 census lists 11 slaves on the plantation.

George Peake, son of John Peake (5) and Elizabeth Hunter, was born in Kentucky on Oct. 10, 1797. He first married Polly Anna Pritle, daughter of John Pritle, in Washington County on Sept. 30, 1820. He later married Lydia (surname unknown), and by 1850 had five children. These included: Jane Peake, born 1827/28; Sarah Peak, born 1830/31; John Peak (7), born 1832/33; Lucy A. Peak, born 1834/35. The 1850 Marion County census also lists in his household Richard Yeager, age 19, Charles Yeager, age 12, and Martha Yeager, age 15. William R. Peak, born 1832/33, who married Louisa Coy (born about 1835) on Mar. 18, 1857, may also be a son of George and Lydia Peak. The 1860 Nelson County census shows George Peake, age 62, living as a laborer on the farm of Alexander Hunter. George Peake married Lucetta Coy, born in 1826, daughter of Amos Coy, in Nelson County on Oct. 5, 1860, with the bond signed by Isaac Coy. The marriage record states that George Peak was a resident of Marion County, 65 years old at the time, and that this was his third marriage. The bride was 30 years old, and it was her first marriage. They had three children: George Robert Peake, born 1861, married Hettie C. Talbot on Feb. 21, 1883 in Bardstown; Alexander Peake, born 1863; and Polly Ann Peake, born 1864. George Peake wrote his will on Sept. 19, 1870, and it was proven in Washington County on Dec. 26, 1870. In it he states: "I have already given my first set of children all they will ever receive", and names his wife Lucretia and children Robert, Alexander, and Polly Ann (all under 21) as beneficiaries. George Peake died Nov. 5, 1870, and Lucetta Coy Peake died Mar. 19, 1875. Both are buried at Smock's Chapel Methodist cemetery in Marion County. Guardianship of their minor children was granted to James S. Drake, and settlement papers filed in 1882, 1884, and 1885 as they came of age. The estate in Washington County, "on the waters of Hardin's Creek", was valued at $4000, rental at $300 per year.

William R. Peak, son of George and Lydia Peak, was born in 1832/33, and married Louisa Coy, sister of Lucetta Coy, in Nelson County on Mar. 18, 1857. The marriage was conducted by the Methodist minister C. J. Wilson at the home of Amos Coy. Their children included Anna Peak, born in 1859.

Carter Peak, presumed to be a son of Elizabeth Peak, was born May 13, 1791 and is listed with his wife Elizabeth, born June 16, 1801, in the Washington/Marion County census reports from 1830 to 1860. Their children included: Mary E. Peak, born 1826/27; Sarah Jane Peak, born 1827/28; Margaret Peak, born 1829/30; William Peak, born 1831/32; Jefferson Peak, born 1834/35; Robert Peak, born 1836/37; Elizabeth Peak, born 1838/39; Nancy Peak, born 1838/39; Ruth A. Peak, born 1841/42; James Peak, born 1842/43; Jemima Peak, born 1848/49; The 1860 Marion County census report identifies Carter Peak as a farmer, and Margaret, Jefferson, Robert, Elizabeth, and Ruth, all living at home, as schoolteachers. Carter Peak died Jan. 28, 1869, and in the 1870 Marion County census Elizabeth Peak is listed with her daughters Jane, Margaret, Ruth, and Jemima, and a five year old, Oscar. Elizabeth Peak is listed again in the 1880 Marion County census at age 78, with children Jane, Ruth A., Jemima, and William in the home along with grandchildren Addie, age 16, Oscar, age 14, Leo, age 12, and William, age 4. Elizabeth Peak died May 3, 1882. Carter and Elizabeth Peak are buried in Smock's Chapel Methodist cemetery in Marion County.

Jefferson C. Peak, son of Carter and Elizabeth Peak, was born in 1834/35. In the 1850 and 1860 Marion County censuses he is shown living in his father's house. Records show that he was a school teacher. In the 1860 Nelson County census he is also shown living in the home of the William Ford family in the Poplar Neck postal region. Jefferson C. Peak is listed in the 1870 Washington County and 1880 Marion County census reports with his wife Emily, born 1849/50, and children Thomas C. Peak, born 1868/69; Bettie Peak, born 1870/71; Robert M. Peak, born 1872/73; William E. Peak, born 1874/75; Samuel J. Peak, born 1876/77, and Daniel R. Peak, born 1879/80.

John D. Peak was born Oct. 2, 1814 and married Elizabeth Anderson, born July 15, 1816, in Nelson County on July 16, 1846. Both were over 21 years of age. The bond was signed by James F. Nall, and the marriage performed by John Atkinson. Prior to this marriage, John D. Peak was listed in the 1840 Marion County census in a home with one female between 5 and 10 years old, one male and two females between 10 and 15, and a female between 40 and 50. These are presumed to be his mother and siblings. The children of John D. Peak and Elizabeth Anderson include William Peak, born 1847, and Amanda E. Peak, born 1850. The 1880 Marion County census shows son William A. Peak in his father's home with his wife Nancy A., age 23, and daughter Mary E., age 4. John D. Peak died Jan. 14, 1892, and Elizabeth Peak died Sept., 15, 1886. Both are buried in Smock's Chapel cemetery.

John Peak (8), born 1832/33, listed in the 1860 Nelson County census as a laborer in the home of Henry and Amanda Greenwell in the Poplar Neck region, may be the son of George and Lydia Peak of Marion County, shown at age 17 in the 1850 census. George Peak is also listed as a laborer in the Poplar Neck region in 1860, at the home of Alexander Hunter.

11F2. Other Peake Records

The following Peakes appear in census and other records, but their relationship to either the Maryland or Virginia Peakes, if any, has not been discovered, and no other family history is available for them at this time.

Thomas Peak, aged between 26 and 45, appears in the 1810 Nelson County census report with two male and two female children less than 10 years of age, one male and two females between 10 and 16, two males between 16 and 26, and a female, presumed wife, between 26 and 45. This Thomas Peak is not listed in the 1820 or subsequent Nelson County censuses.

John S. Peek, aged between 50 and 60, is listed in the 1840 Hardin County census with one male between 20 and 30 years of age, and one female between 60 and 70. John S. Peak and Mary S. Peak appear in the 1850 Nelson County census, both age 65 and both born in Maryland. John S. Peak is listed as insane. Nelson County marriage records show that Nancy Peck, daughter of John S. Peck, married John D. Melton on March 21, 1831, with Thomas B. Willett making an oath that the bride was over 21.

William Peak was born in Kentucky in 1826/27 and appears with his wife Martha in the 1860 Nelson County census. He is listed as a machinist living in Bardstown. Their children include Thomas A. Peak, born 1849/50, listed as a mill wright in the 1870 census; Grace Peak, born 1851/52; H. Peak, born 1853/53; J. Walter Peak, born 1856; William Peak, born 1859/60; Carrie Peak, born 1861/62; James L. Peak, born 1863/64; Noble Peak, born 1865/66, died Nov. 1, 1945. The 1860 census also includes Joseph Peak, age 21, a carpenter born in Indiana, and Henry Dutch, born in Baden, in the household. William Peak is presumed to have died before the 1870 census, as Martha Peak appears as head of the family in the 1870 Nelson County census.

George J. Peak was born in Indiana in 1839/40 and married Lucretia Cotton, born 1844/45, in Nelson County on Aug. 31, 1864. The bond was signed by R. W. Cotton, and the marriage conducted by N. F. Baker. The marriage record states that the groom's father was born in Maryland and his mother in Shelby County, KY. The bride's parents were born in Nelson County. The 1870 and 1880 Nelson County censuses describe George J. Peak as a blacksmith living in the Bardstown postal region. The children of George and Lucretia Peak included Estella Peak, born 1865/66; Howard Peak, born 1867/68; Myrtle Peak, born 1869/70; Ivy J. Peak, born 1871/72; Allie Peak, born 1873/74; Mary Peak, born 1875/76; Ernest Peak, born 1877/78; Genive Peak, born 1880. Juliet Cotton, age 67, and Mary Cotton, age 32, were also living in the home in 1880. Nelson and Jefferson County Court records show that George J. and Lucretia C. Peak moved to Jefferson County and sold their farm of 110 acres on the Bardstown-Springfield Turnpike to William Brown and M. L. Edelman on Jan. 8, 1884.

George H. Peak, born 1839/40, is listed in the 1880 Nelson County census report with his wife Mary, born 1847/48, and children Cavel Peak, a son born 1866/67; Katie Peak, born 1868/69; Hellen Peak, born 1874/75. This family does not appear in the 1900 Nelson County census.

Thomas Peak, born 1850/51 in Indiana, is listed as an engineer in a saw mill in the 1870 Nelson County census.

Ed Peak, born 1811/12, appears in the 1870 Marion County census with his wife Mahala Peak, born 1812/13, and a child, Lucy Peak, born 1857/58.

11F3. The Hardin County Peaks

Patrick Peak appears in the Hardin County tax list46 of 1799 as Patrick Peke, in 1800 as Patrick Peak, and in 1805 as Pady Peak. He is shown in the 1810 Hardin County census with one male 16 to 26, one male over 45, one female 10 to 16, and one female over 45 in residence. Patrick Peak appears again in the 1840 Hardin County census at age 70 to 80, with a female aged 80 to 90 in the home.

William Peak, son of Patrick Peak, married46 Ann Frakes in Hardin County on July 18, 1812. The license was issued on July 11, 1812 with Alexander Frakes and Adam Stader as surety. William Peak of Hardin County is listed in the 1820 census at age 26 to 45, with three females less than 10 and one female 16 to 26 in the house. Records for William Peak after the 1820 census have not been found.

Margaret Peak, daughter of Patrick Peak, married Alexander Frakes in Hardin County on Nov. 9, 1812, with a license issued Nov. 4, 1812, with William Peak providing surety. The record states46 that Patriaroh Peak sent a note requesting clerk to issue "....Lisens as it is Agreeabel to Both Partis...".

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