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invisible.gif (929 bytes) Part 11C: The League of Catholic Families

11C. Pottinger's Creek: The League of Catholic Families

Sixty families in the League of Catholic Families, mainly from St. Mary's County, Maryland, pledged to emigrate to the Pottinger's Creek area of Nelson County1, 5, 6. The first group of 25 families left Maryland in 1785, under the leadership of Basil Hayden. A group5 led by James Rapier followed in 1786, settling closer to Bardstown, and another under Thomas Hill and Philip Miles in 1787, some of whom settled in the Pottinger's Creek area1, 5. The heads of the original Pottinger's Creek families included (from The Centenary of Catholicity in Kentucky, B. J. Webb6):

Basil Hayden William Bold Bernard Cissell

Philip Lee Charles Payne William Brewer

Leonard Johnson Henry McAtee Joseph Clark

Stephen Elliott James Mollihorne Henry Norris

Ignatius Cissell Ignatius Byrne Randal Hagan

Ignatius Hagan Jeremiah Brown Robert Cissell

Ignatius Bowles Hezekiah Luckett Stanislaus Melton

Thomas Bowlin John Baptist Dant Philip Miles

Harry Hill John Hutchins Isaac Thawles

John Spalding William Mahoney Henry Lucas

William Bowles James Queen John Bowles

Bernard Nally James Stevens Ignatius French

Washington Boone Francis Bryan Jeremiah Wathen

Thomas Mudd Raphael R. Mudd Walter Burch

Philip Mattingly Joseph Spalding James Dant

Joseph Dant Urban Speaks Joseph Edelen

Joseph Howe Joseph Mills Harry Miles

Monica Hagan Rodolphus Norris Francis Peake

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