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11B1. The Wheatley Family

The abbreviated information given here is taken mainly from Colonial Settlers of St. Clement's Bay, 1634-1780, M.L. Donnelly, and from Catholic Families of Southern Maryland, T. J. O'Rourke.

11B1.1. The First Immigrant

John Wheatley (1), born in 1605, immigrated into Maryland2 in 1641 with his wife (name unknown) and son. He died around 1657, leaving the bulk of his estate to his children. Details of the properties occupied and other information about the early Wheatley families are available in M. L. Donnelly's text2.

11B1.2. Early generations

John Wheatley (2), son of John Wheatley (1), was born in St. Mary's County and married Winifred Horne before 1681. The couple had 10 known children2. John Wheatley (2) died in 1717.

John Wheatley (3), son of John Wheatley (2), was married2 to Elizabeth Nottingham, with whom he had six known children. John Wheatley (3) died around 1768.

Francis Wheatley (1), son of John Wheatley (3) and Elizabeth Nottingham, was married to Ann (surname unknown). They had four children2, one of whom was Ann Wheatley, mother of Kenelm and Francis Peake. Francis Wheatley (2) died around 1772.

Mary Wheatley, daughter2 of James Wheatley (1) and Elizabeth Cooper and first cousin to Francis Wheatley, was married to Peter Peake. They had at least one child before Peter Peake died around 1768.

James Wheatley (2), son of Joseph Wheatley and Martha (surname unknown) and first cousin to Francis Wheatley, was married to Henrietta Norris, sister of Rodolph Norris, an early settler of the Pottinger's Creek region of Nelson County, Kentucky. James and Henrietta Wheatley had seven known children, whose baptisms were recorded at St. Andrew's or St. Francis Xavier Church2, 37. Two of these, James Wheatley (3) (born Sept. 23, 1759) and Edward Wheatley (born Dec. 23, 1761), were among the first residents of the Cartwright's Creek Settlement in Washington County, Kentucky1,2.

11B1.3. Later generations

Ann Wheatley, daughter of Francis Wheatley, married Edward Peake. See Edward Peake.

Other contemporary Wheatley families are identified by St. Andrew's and St. Francis Xavier church records37. These include the following.

Ignatius and Henrietta Wheatley had two children baptized at St. Francis Xavier: Eleanor Wheatley, bap. Feb. 25, 1770; Raphael Wheatley, bap. Sept. 22, 1771.

Sylvester Wheatley (1) married Sarah Medcalf, a widow, at St. Francis Xavier Church on Mar. 21, 1768. A child, Sylvester Wheatley (2) was baptized there on June 21, 1771. Sylvester Wheatley (1) married Elizabeth Frasier, a non-Catholic, at St. Francis on June 7, 1773, and their child, Ann Wheatley (2), was baptized on Aug. 14, 1774.

Francis (2) Wheatley, son2 of Francis Wheatley (1), married Anastasia Cecil at St. Francis Xavier37 on June 17, 1771.

Henrietta Wheatley, a widow, married Gabriel Newton at St. Francis on Oct. 24, 1775.

Ann Wheatley (3) married James Fish at St. Francis Xavier Church on Aug. 22, 1777.

George and Elizabeth Wheatley had two children baptized at St. Francis Xavier Church. An unnamed child was baptized Feb. 24, 1771; Mary Wheatley was baptized Dec. 8, 1773.

11B2. The Norris Family

The following abbreviated lineages trace those families that are in the direct ancestry of the Nelson County Peakes. The information on the Maryland Norris families is taken from four sources: Corinne Hanna Diller's website, "Outline of the Catholic Norris Family of Maryland38"; M. L. Donnelly's2 "Colonial Settlers of St. Clement's Bay, 1634-1780"; T. J. O'Rourke's "Catholic Families of Southern Maryland37", and E. W. Beitzall's "St. Mary's County, Maryland in the American Revolution: calendar of events11".

In this section we trace the direct lineage of Rodolph Norris and his daughter Bibiana from the first Norris settlers in St. Mary's County.

11B2.1 The First Generation

John Norris (1) was born38 in 1642 and died around 1710. He was married to Susanna Heard, born about 1660 and died after 1719, daughter2 of John Heard and Susanna (surname unknown). Their children included38 John (2) (b. 1680, d. 1748); Luke (b. 1689, d. 1767); Mary (b. 1691, d. 1780); Mark (b. 1695, d. 1780); Thomas (b. 1697, d. 1761); and Clement (b. 1699, d. after 1748). (Note: M. L. Donnelly2 states that the wife of John Norris (1) was unknown, and that John Norris (2), b. 1680, was married to Susanna Heard, and had the children listed above.)

11B2.2 The Second Generation

Direct line:

Thomas Norris (1) was born in 1697 and married Jane Greenwell, born 1700, died after 1763. She was the daughter2 of James Greenwell and Grace Taylor. Thomas and Jane's children included38: John Baptist, (b. 1719, d. 1762); Clement, (b. 1721, d. 1763); Thomas (2) (b. 1728, died 1778); Ignatius (born in the 1730's, d. 1793); and Rodolph (born in the 1730's, d. in 1814 in Nelson County, Ky).

Other siblings:

John Norris (2) was born in 1680 and died around 1748. He and his wife Ann (surname unknown, died in 1766) had the following children: Thomas (3) (b. 1728, d. 1782), John (3) (b. 1729, d. 1781), Susanna (b. 1732. d. after 1774), William (b. 1734. d. 1768), Matthew (b. 1739, d. 1784), Clement (b. 1742, d. 1804), Stephen (b. 1744, d. after 1804), and John Baptist (b. 1747, d. after 1781).

Luke Norris was born in 1689 and died in 1767. He married Catharine Jane (surname unknown), and the two had the following children: John (4), b. 1722, died 1774; Mackelvey, b. 1725, d. 1784; Joseph, b. 1729, d. after 1768.

Mark Norris was born in 1695 and died in 1780. He married Sarah Greenwell, and later Elizabeth Van Reswick. His children included: Thomas, b. 1719, d. 1785.

Mary Norris was born in 1691 and married Stephen Gough, born 1690. They both died in 1743.

11B2.3 The Third Generation

Direct line:

Rodolph Norris was born around the 1730's and took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Maryland in 1778, after the start of the Revolutionary War37. He and his wife Dorothy (surname unknown) had ten known children. Three of these were known to have been born in St. Mary's County37: Mary Ann (b. Apr. 22, 1768, birth registered at St. Andrew's Church), Mary (bap. Aug. 25, 1771, at St. Francis Xavier, with John Bowls, Jr., and Monica Norris as sponsors), and Thomas (bap. June 27, 1773, at St. Francis Xavier, with John Low and Sarah Reily as sponsors). Some of the others10 may have been born in Kentucky: Bibiana, Jane, Susanna, Wilfred, Richard, Enoch, and William. Rodolph and Dorothy Norris were godparents37 to three of the children of his brother Ignatius Norris and Lucy Pike. Rodolph Norris was listed along with Francis Peake among the sixty members of the League of Catholic Families which began moving to Nelson County in 1785.

Rodolph wrote his will on Apr. 9, 1812, and it was probated Feb. 21, 1814 (see copy in Section D of Appendix10). In it he mentions all his children except Thomas, who may have died or stayed behind in St. Mary's County.

Other siblings:

Clement Norris, b. 1721, d. 1763, married Elizabeth Gough. Their children included38 William, Thomas and Vincent.

John Baptist Norris b. 1719, d. 1762, married Mary Howard, daughter2 of Thomas Howard. Their children included38 Mark, Joseph, Philip, Stephen, and John (5).

Thomas Norris (2) b. 1728, d. after 1778, and his wife Mary Ann (surname unknown) had the following children38: Philip, William, and Joseph.

Ignatius Norris married Lucy Pike at St. Francis Xavier church on Mar. 22, 1770. Their children were baptized at St. Francis Xavier37: John (6) (bap. Jan. 27, 1771), Catherine (bap. Oct. 25, 1772), and Margaret (bap. Oct. 9, 1774). Rodolph and Dorothy Norris were godparents for all three children.

Other relations

John Norris (3), cousin to Rodolph Norris, was born in 1729 and died in 1782, He married Mary (surname unknown, died after 1804), and their children included (birth records from St. Andrew's Church37): Philip (b. Dec. 25, 1754, d. 1823 in Nelson County, Ky.), Mary (married to Ignatius Shirley at St. Francis Xavier Church in 1775), Henry Elijah (b. Mar. 14, 1758, died 1834 in Nelson County, Ky.), Richard (b. around 1760), Arnold (b. June 26, 1761), Barbara (Bibiana) (b. Mar. 17, 1766), and Susanna (b. Mar. 14, 1771). Another unnamed daughter may have married Robert Shirley38. Henry and Arnold served in the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War11 (see Francis Peake).

11B2.4 The Fourth Generation

Bibiana Norris, daughter of Rodolph and Dorothy Norris, married Francis Peake on Feb. 14, 1800 (see Francis Peake).

11B3. The Edelen Family

The information given here is taken from the writings and files of Charmaine G. Welker. The early Edelen history is contained in her manuscript, A Genealogy and Ancestry of Richard Edelen21. She quotes among her sources the research of Crolian William Edelen and published books by Harry W. Newman ("Charles County Gentry"), William K. Rutherford ("Genealogical History of our Ancestors"). and Lester Edlin ("The Edlins"), and a manuscript by Vivian B. Edelen.


(a) Early Generations

Roger Edlyn of Hatchend was born around 1500 and was the father of Richard Edlyn (1) of Pinner Marsh, Parish of Harrow-on-the-Hill, County Middlesex, England. Little more is known of Roger Edlyn.

Richard Edlyn (1) of Pinner Marsh was born around 1530. His wife was probably Joane Reding, daughter of Thomas Reding, who was a son of Richard Reding, a groom of the Privy Chamber of King Edward VI. The children of Richard and Joane Edlyn include Richard Edlyn (2), Henry Edelin, Morgan Edelin, William Edelin, Edward Edelin, Roger Edelin, Agnes Edelin, and Mary Edelin (1).

Richard Edlyn (2) was born around 1565 and about 1595 married Margaret (surname unknown, born around 1570). Richard and Margaret had five known children: Philip Edelen (born around 1598), Richard Edlyn (3), Alice Edlyn, Joane or Hanna Edlyn, and William Edlyn (died 1639). Richard Edlyn (2) died in 1616 in Middlesex. His will was dated Aug. 5, 1616 and proved Aug. 27, 1616 in the Peculiar Jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Deanery of Croydon. He is buried in the Parish of Sturkeley, County Buckingham. The relationship between this Richard Edlyn and his grandson Richard Edelen, the immigrant to Maryland, has been established by the College of Arms in London21.

(b) Philip Edelen

Rev. Philip Edelen, son of Richard Edlyn (2) and Margaret (surname unknown), was born about 1598 at Pinner Marsh, County Middlesex, England. He was admitted as a pensioner at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, on June 28, 1614, and was incorporated at Oxford in 1617. He was listed as a scholar in the Alumni Cantabrigienses, having received three degrees21: a Bachelor of Arts in 1618, Master of Arts in 1621, and a Bachelor of Divinity in 1628. On Mar. 17, 1622 he was ordained a minister of the Established Church of England. C. G. Welker21 quotes the records of Cambridge University as saying Philip Edelen was Rector of North Cray, Kent in 1628, of Alverstoke, Hampshire in 1631, of St. John Zackary, London from 1635 to 1637, of Bushey, Hertfordshire 1642-43, and of St. Michael, Bassisham, London, 1656.

A History of the Church and Rectory of St. Michael's Bassisham, by W. B. Passmore, from Home Counties Magazine, Vol. II (1900), as excerpted by C. G. Welker21, gives the following information:

"London, England, 1653

Philip Edlin was 'parson of the parish' until the restoration. Upon Mr. Ash leaving the parish in 1651, there appears a curious account of some negotiations with Parliament as to the election of a new minister. There were two candidates in the field, Mr. Jaggard and Mr. Edlin, and much complication, going to and from with 'boat hire' and coach hire to Westminster to visit 'Lord Whitelock', the Lords of the Council, the Commissioner of the Great Seal, and so on. The inter-regnum must have existed for a lengthened period, for there is a list in the vestry minutes of twenty-eight ministers who preached 58 sermons in church to fill the gap between the going of Mr. Ash and the coming of Mr. Edlin. He must have been elected in 1652, from which time he performed his duty to the satisfaction of the parishioners. The Commonwealth marriages averaged from 20 to 30 a year, nearly all being specified as taking place before a justice, 'and in the church of Mr. Edlin, parson'. Whether he died or resigned his living does not appear; he is not mentioned as one of the ejected ministers."

The published works of Rev. Philip Edelen include21

1. Sermon on 1st Corinthians 15th Chapter, 19th Verse, by Phil. Edelen, London, 1653. "If with this life only in view we have had hope in Christ, we are of all men the most to be pitied." Catalogus - Impressorum Librarum Bibliotheca in Academia Oxoniensi Cura & Opera Thomae Hyde e Coll. Riginal Oxm. Prolobiflisthecaris Oxonii. Theatro Sheldonano MDCLXXIV.

2. Lacrymae - A Book of Verses, by Phil. Edlin, 1619. Verses in Cambridge University No. 5689.

3. The Christian's Hope. A sermon preached at the funeral of William Christmas, December 16, 1652, by Philip Edelen. Printed for R. Thrale. Catalogue of the Thomason Tracts in the British Museum.

Philip Edelen married Catherine Offley around 1630. Their children include Christopher Edelen (1) (bap. Feb. 24, 1631), Anne Edelen (born Sept. 28, 1633), and Richard Edelen (4) (born around 1639). Rev. Philip Edelen died Mar. 22, 1657 in Denham County, Buckingham, England. He is buried in St. Mary's Church in Denham. His work with the Church of England is honored by a black stone mural monument on the wall of St. Mary's Church in Denham.


The information given here on the immigrant Edelens in Maryland and Kentucky is from the research notes of C. G. Welker19.

(a) The First Generation

Richard Edelen (4), son of Rev. Philip Edelen and Catherine Offley, was born around 1639 in Middlesex, England19. He married Elizabeth Banton on Oct. 29, 1663 in London. At some point Richard Edelen (4) converted to Catholicism, and he immigrated to Maryland in 1664. He returned to England in 1665, and his first son, Philip Edelen (2), was born there. Richard returned to Maryland, registering his cattle mark on Mar. 22, 1667. His wife and child came to Maryland in 1669. He received land for bringing his son to the colony. Richard was appointed Deputy Surveyor General of the Province of Maryland on Nov. 10, 1676. Although Catholics were disenfranchised in Maryland when the Protestants took control of the government in the 1690's, Richard Edelen (4) was requested by an order of the Council to continue in his work as surveyor until further notice.

The children of Richard Edelen (4) and Elizabeth Banton include Philip Edelen (2), Catherine Edelen, and Richard Edelen (5), Thomas Edelen (1) (born 1672), Edward Edelen (1), and Christopher Edelen (3). Richard Edelen (4) died in 1695.

(b) The Second Generation

Richard Edelen (5), was born in St. Mary's County in 1671. He married Anna Maria Neale, daughter of Raphael Neale, before 1693. They had one known child, Elizabeth Edelen, born about 1693 in Charles County, Maryland. Anna Maria died shortly thereafter, and Richard married Sarah Hagan (born in Charles County), daughter of Thomas and Mary Hagan. Richard and Sarah had seven known children: Thomas Edelen (2) (born around 1695), Richard Edelen (6) (born 1699), Mary Edelen (3) (born 1705), Philip Edelen (3) (born 1718/19), Edward Edelen (2) (born 1717), Winifred Edelen (born 1711 to 1717), and Jane Edelen (born 1715 to 1725). It is believed that Richard Edelen (5) also married Ann Craycroft, before 1735. Richard died in Charles County before Dec. 17, 1761.

(c) The Third Generation

Edward Edelen (2) was born in 1717 in Newport Hundred, Charles County, Maryland. In his father's will Edward received22 "the remaining part of my dwelling plantation, except 200 acres otherwise disposed of herein and also another tract adjoining thereto, bought of Kenelm Chiseldine, on the south side of Garrard's Run; also the plantation I bought of Adley Davis, in St. Mary's County, Md., called Truman's Hunting Quarter, 630 acres; also all the land called Westwood Lodge 100 acres, and three negroes, viz: Edward, Old Nan (wife of his negro Ned), Lucy and Locust after my wife's death." Edward Edelen (2) was married to Susannah Wathen, daughter of John and Ann Wathen. Edward and Susannah had at least thirteen children: Francis Edelen, Edward Edelen (3), Clara Edelen, Oswald Edelen, Joseph Edelen, John Edelen, Anne Edelen (married name Anne Carrick), Elizabeth Edelen (married Thomas Knott), Sarah Ann Edelen, Richard Edelen (8) (died in Maryland before Apr. 23, 1805), Philip Edelen (4) (born after 1758, died before Aug. 26, 1823), Araminta Edelen, Leonard Edelen (born after 1758, died before June 18, 1827 in Charles County). Edward Edelen (2) died before Mar. 25, 1780 in Charles County.


(a) The First Settler

Joseph Edelen, son of Edward Edelen (2) and Susannah Wathen, was born in Charles County in 1765. He married Catherine Wathen, daughter of Barton and Clothilda Wathen in Prince George County on Apr. 4, 1786. Barton Wathen was a son of John and Ann Wathen, so Joseph and Catherine were first cousins. Joseph sold his brother Edward three tracts of land in Charles County - Hardship, Westwood Manor, and Assington - when he immigrated to Kentucky around 1796. He is listed as a member of the League of Catholic Families along with Francis Peake, Rodolph Norris, and others6. His name first appears in the Nelson County tax roles in 1799. Joseph Edelen died in Nelson County. His will, written Jan. 20, 1830 and witnessed by James Ballard, Randolph Hagan, and George Hagan, was proved Apr. 13, 1840. The children of Joseph Edelen and Catherine Wathen include Clowtilda Edelen (born about 1787), Leonard Edelen (born 1789), Benedict Edelen (born about 1792), Lewis Edelen (born Feb. 6, 1793), Elizabeth Edelen (born about 1796), James Edelen (born Nov. 9, 1800, died July 14, 1879 in Nelson County), George E. Edelen (born 1808), Margaret 'Peggy' Edelen (born before 1810), Lucy Edelen (born before 1810), Helen Edelen (born before 1810), Theresa Edelen (born before 1810).

(b) The children of Joseph Edelen and Catherine Wathen

Clowtilda Edelen was born in Maryland about 1787. She married Nehemiah Webb on Mar. 1, 1810 in Nelson County. Clowtilda Edelen Webb may have died June 7, 1887 in Kentucky19.

Leonard Edelen was born in Charles County, Maryland in 1789. He married Janett "Jane" Cissell on Aug. 21, 1810 in Nelson County. Janet Cissell, daughter of John Cissell and Susan Thompson, was born in St. Mary's County and baptized at St. Francis Xavier Church on Mar. 20, 1790. Children of Leonard Edelen and Janet Cissell include Lucinda Edelen (born May 12, 1811), John Edelen (born about 1812), Priscilla Edelen (born about 1816), Susan Edelen (born about 1819), Louisa Edelen (born Dec. 21, 1821), Charlotte Edelen (born about 1821), Joseph Hilton Edelen (born about 1819), James Hamilton Edelen (born Feb. 1, 1831). Leonard Edelen died May 3, 1864 in Nelson County.

Benedict Edelen was born in Maryland about 1792. He married Mary Ann Harriett Wathen in Washington County on Nov. 21, 1814. Benedict Edelen moved to Missouri before 1844. He died in Missouri between 1850 and 1861.

Lewis Edelen was born in Maryland on Feb. 6, 1793. He married Dorothy "Druth" Cissell in Nelson County on May 23, 1814. Lewis Edelen died on Aug. 18, 1868 and is buried at St. Benedict's in Spencer County, Kentucky.

Elizabeth Edelen was born in Kentucky around 1796. She married James S. Cissell in Kentucky on Aug. 14, 1815. Elizabeth Edelen Cissell died Oct. 14, 1839 in Martin County, Indiana.

George E. Edelen was born in Kentucky in 1808. He moved to Missouri in 1833 and married Anne McElroy on Aug. 8, 1837 in Marion County, Missouri. George E. Edelen died in Missouri in 1843.

Helen Edelen was born in Kentucky before 1810. She married John Donahoo in Nelson County on May 31, 1840. Helen Edelen died before 1847.

(c) The children of Leonard Edelen and Janett Cissell

Lucinda Edelen was born in Kentucky on May 12, 1811, and married William Peak in Nelson County on Nov. 23, 1833. See William Peak.

John Edelen was born in Nelson County about 1812. He married Julia Ann Cecil on Nov. 21, 1836 in Nelson County. John Edelen died on Aug. 21, 1844 and is buried in Holy Cross cemetery in Marion County.

Priscilla Edelen was born in Nelson County about 1816, and married John French in Nelson County on Oct. 24, 1837. She died before 1860.

Susan Edelen was born in Nelson County about 1819. She married Francis "Frank" Bryan in Nelson County on Jan. 18, 1839. She died after 1880.

Louisa Edelen was born on Dec. 21, 1821 in Nelson County. She married Benjamin A. Peak in Nelson County on Aug. 24, 1840. See Benjamin Peak.

Charlotte Edelen was born in Nelson County about 1821 and married Henry Thornberry there on Dec. 28, 1840. She died between 1870 and 1880.

James Hamilton Edelen was born Feb. 1, 1831 in Nelson County. He married Mary Elizabeth Mahoney in Clark County, Indiana, on Oct. 27, 1857. James Hamilton Edelen died in Nelson County on Mar. 22, 1898 and is buried in Holy Cross cemetery in Marion County.

11B4. The Culver Family

The following information on the Culver family of Nelson County is taken from the research notes of C. G. Welker19.

11B4.1 Jonathon Culver

Jonathon Culver was born about 1758 in Washington County, Maryland. Among the children of Jonathon Culver and his wife Elizabeth (surname unknown, born about 1765) are John Culver (born about 1782), Rachel Culver (born about 1784), and Daniel Culver (born 1794). Jonathon Culver died about 1817 in Hardin County, and his wife Elizabeth Culver died before 1820.

11B4.2 The children of Jonathon and Elizabeth Culver

John Culver was born in Nelson County about 1782. He married Catherine Ball on Nov. 9, 1808 in Nelson County. Catherine Ball, daughter of James Ball and Margaret "Peggy" Bray, was born Sept. 7, 1785 in Hampshire County, Virginia. James Ball, born in Ireland, served under George Washington in the Revolutionary War and later applied for a veteran's pension. The children of John Culver and Catherine Ball include James Culver (born about 1808), Jacob Culver (born about 1812), John Culver, Jr. (born about 1812), Eliza Ann Culver (born Nov. 13, 1816), Margaret Culver (born about 1815), Susan Culver (born Apr. 22, 1822), Mary Culver (born about 1822), Rachel Culver, William Culver (born about 1814). John Culver died about 1849 in Nelson County. Catherine Ball Culver died in 1839.

Rachel Culver was born about 1784, and married James Ball in Nelson County on Apr. 28, 1800. She died in Nelson County after 1850 and is buried at Balltown in Nelson County.

Daniel Culver was born in Nelson County in 1794. He married Susan Coy in Hardin County on Oct. 13, 1813. Daniel Culver died between 1860 and 1870 in Crawford County, Indiana.

11B4.3 The children of John Culver and Catherine Ball

James Culver was born in Nelson County about 1808, and married Nellie Leslie on Oct. 20, 1835 in Nelson County. At the age of 64 he married a second time, marrying Mary Catherine Peak, daughter of William Peak and Lucinda Edelen, on Oct. 1, 1874, with Thomas Peake, Louiza Thornsberry and Linus Greenwell as witnesses. Mary Catherine was 33 years old at the time. James Culver died Feb. 21, 1904 and is buried in the Culver cemetery in Nelson County.

Jacob Culver was born about 1812, and married Mary Ellen Thornberry in Nelson County on Feb. 11, 1840. Mary Ellen, born about 1826, was a daughter of Thomas Thornberry and Teresa Greenwell. The children of Jacob and Mary Ellen included Mary Catherine Culver (born May 31, 1841, baptized June 11, 1841 at St. Thomas), Julia Ann Culver (born Feb. 3, 1842), Teresa Elizabeth Culver (born June 30, 1845), Thomas Albin Culver (born Feb. 10, 1847, baptized Apr. 25, 1847 at St. Catherine's, New Haven), John F. Culver (born about 1849), George Hilary Culver (born June 23, 1851, baptized Aug. 4, 1851 at St, Catherine's), James Thomas Culver (born Nov. 27, 1853, baptized June 19, 1854 at St. Catherine's), Susan Olivia Culver (born July 7, 1856, baptized Mar. 1, 1857 at St. Catherine's), Amanda Alma Culver (born Nov. 21, 1858), Joseph Culver (born July 1, 1861, baptized Aug. 30, 1861), Sarah Alice Culver (born Aug. 13, 1863, baptized Sept. 28, 1863 at St. Catherine's), Martha Ellen Culver (born about 1866). Jacob Culver died in Nelson County on Apr. 2, 1896. Mary Ellen Thornberry Culver died Sept. 27, 1879 and is buried at St. Catherine's in New Haven.

John Culver, Jr. was born in Nelson County about 1812 and married Priscilla French on June 10, 1837 in Nelson County. He was baptized as an adult at St. Thomas Church on Nov. 12, 1861.

Eliza Ann Culver was born in Kentucky on Nov. 13, 1816. She married Cornelius Wood at St. Thomas Church on June 17, 1839, and was baptized at St. Thomas on Feb. 11, 1840. She died after 1870 and is buried at St. Thomas cemetery.

Margaret Culver was born in Nelson County about 1815 and married Matthew Norris in Nelson County on Mar. 18, 1841. She died June 10, 1895 and is buried in the Culver cemetery in Nelson County.

Susan Culver was born in Nelson County on Apr. 22, 1822 and baptized at St. Thomas Church on Feb. 11, 1840. She married Albin Greenwell at St. Catherine's in New Haven on Apr. 17, 1846. Susan Culver Greenwell died Aug. 6, 1906 and is buried in St. Catherine's cemetery in New Haven.

Mary Culver was born in Nelson County about 1822 and baptized at St. Thomas Church on Feb. 11, 1840. She married Hiram Gilkey in Nelson County on June 17, 1850.

Rachel Culver married John Sheckles in Nelson County on Feb. 5, 1835.

William Culver was born about 1814 and married Catherine "Kitty" Redman in Nelson County on Apr. 7, 1850. He at Balltown on July 16, 1918 and is buried at St. Thomas cemetery.

11B4.4 Children of Jacob Culver and Mary Ellen Thornberry

Julia Ann Culver was born in Kentucky on Feb. 3, 1842 and married Benedict Joseph Greenwell on Jan. 27, 1863 in Nelson County. Julia Ann Culver Greenwell died in Nelson County on Oct. 7, 1925.

Teresa Elizabeth Culver was born in Nelson County on June 30, 1845, and married Thomas Peake on Feb. 6, 1866. See Thomas Peake.

John F. Culver was born in Kentucky around 1849. He married Mary Ellen Ballard on Dec. 24, 1872 at St, Catherine's in New Haven.

Amanda Alma Culver was born Nov. 21, 1858 and baptized at St. Catherine's on May 1, 1859. She married William Leonard Peak, son of William Peak and Lucinda Edelen in Nelson County on Jan. 7, 1878. See William Leonard Peak.

Martha Ellen Culver was born about 1866 and married Francis Sylvester Greenwells in Nelson County on Mar. 1, 1886.

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