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invisible.gif (929 bytes) 9. Later Generations: Meade and Hardin Counties

9A1. Children of Aloysius Peak (s/o Thomas) and Mary Simpson

Thomas Henry Peak, son of Aloysius Peak and Mary Simpson, was born July 8, 1850 and baptized Sept. 8, 1850 at St. Martin's Church in Flaherty, with Mary Peak as sponsor. He married Ann Jemima Ritchie at the home of her father, Godfrey Ritchie, on July 30, 1872, with James Peak and Elizabeth Ritchie as witnesses. The family is listed in the 1880 and 1900 Meade County censuses. Their children, baptized at St. Martin's Church, included: Arthur Eugene Peak, born July 26, 1875, baptized Aug. 28, 1875; Mary Julia Peak, born July 27, 1878, baptized Sept. 1, 1878; Ann Zilfa Peak, born Dec. 22, 1880, baptized Jan. 30, 1881; Henry Peak, born June 14, 1883, baptized July 22, 1883; Emma Josephine (Josie) Peak, born Nov. 11, 1889, baptized Mar. 23, 1890; Adrian Guy Peak, born Oct. 9, 1892, baptized Mar. 2, 1893, married Elizabeth Warren on Nov. 23, 1931 at St. Martin's, with Joe Hickett and Josie Peak as witnesses. George Holeston, age 9, is in the home in the 1880 census. In the 1900 census widow Julia Peak Bickett (daughter of Francis A. Peak) is living in the home with her son James A. Bickett. A visitor, Agnes Peak, age 7, was also in the home in 1900.

Sarah Delila (Sallie) Peak was born Dec. 17, 1852, and baptized Feb. 19, 1853, at St. Martin's Church. She married Charles N. Mills (born 1848/49), and the couple had three children listed in the 1880 Meade County census: Aloysius H. Mills, born Feb. 1, 1872, died July 21, 1948, buried at St. Martin's cemetery; Stephen Joseph Mills, born Feb. 19, 1875, baptized Apr. 4, 1875, at St. Martin's Church; Minnie Mills, born 1880. A fourth child, Ann Mary Mills, was born Mar. 15, 1877, baptized Apr. 15, 1877, at St. Martin's, with Jemima Peak as sponsor, died Apr. 3, 1878, and is buried at St. Martin's cemetery. Charles Mills died in 1894, and Sara Delila Peak Mills died in 1915. Both are buried at Mount Merino cemetery in Irvington, Kentucky

Ambrose Clinton Peak was born Mar. 4, 1861 and baptized June 11, 1861 at St. Martin's Church. He married Emma R. Peak on Nov. 26, 1888 at St. Martin's.

9A2. Children of Rhoda Joseph Peak (s/o Thomas) and Emily Jane Peak (d/o William)31, 40, 47

Sarah Ellen Peak was born in 1854 in Downing, Missouri. She was married to Will Mudd. The couple had two known children: Emma Mudd, married Mr. Barr; Ella Mudd, married M. B. Church. Sarah Peak Mudd died in Missouri in Dec., 1886.

William Thomas Francis Peak was born July 24, 1856 in Davis County, Iowa. His wife's name was Cora (surname unknown). Their children47 included Ella Peak; Bessie Peak, married George F. Gregory; Glenn Peak; Clyde Peak; Opal Peak; Everett Peak. William Thomas Peak died Oct. 11, 1920, and is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Omaha, Nebraska.

John Francis Peak was born May 13, 1858 in Downing, Schuyler County, Missouri. He married Ida Huntington on Dec. 29, 1877, in Girard Kansas. Ida Huntington, born May 25, 1862 in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, was the daughter of Oliver Huntington and Nancy Barnes Huntington. John and Ida spent their early years farming in Missouri and eastern Kansas47. The children of John Francis Peak and Ida Huntington included40 Ella Sarah Peak, born Dec. 6, 1880, died Mar., 1946, married Edgar Bodine; Bertha May Peak, born Oct. 14, 1882, died in 1923, married Chester A. Raley; Frank Benjamin Peak, born June 28, 1885, died in 1920, married34 Agnes M. Marnell; Lucille Violet ('Jennie') Peak, a twin, born Apr. 21, 1888, died Nov., 1966, married Floyd Guy Howell; Jesse Peak, a twin, born Apr. 21, 1888, died Apr. 2, 1902; Leonard William Peak, born Feb. 11, 1891, died July 16, 1971, married Lorene Brown; Rolland Anthony Peak, born Apr. 28, 1893, died May 14, 1964, married Ada Mary Brazil on May 14, 1918; Raymond Oliver Peak, born May 15, 1895, died Oct. 6, 1945, buried at Grafton, North Dakota; William Everett Peak, born Oct. 12, 1897, died Jan. 29, 1964, buried in Portland, Oregon; Eva Frances ('Sis') Peak, born Jan. 31, 1900, died Feb. 21, 1937, married first R. Harold Davison, married second Clifford L. Copeland. Ida Huntington Peak died of pheumonia on April 21, 1901, and is buried in Spangler cemetery near Girard, Kansas. In 1908 John moved to Larned, Kansas, where he worked as a street commissioner and, in his retirement years, as a school janitor47. John Francis Peak married Anna O'Dell Turner Keller on Feb. 22, 1911. Anna was born Oct. 31, 1866, and died May 5, 1937 in Larned, Kansas. She had two children: Glenn Keller, born Oct. 16, 1898, died May 24, 1954; and Edna Keller Avery. John Francis Peak died May 15, 1935, in Larned, Kansas. His funeral service was held May 19, 1935, with Rev. H. L. Shook, pastor of the Methodist Church, officiating47.

Teresa Ann Peak was born Apr. 8, 1860, in Schuyler County, Missouri. She married John Nick Davied in Oct., 1879 in Girard, Kansas. The couple had five children: William J. Davied, born Dec., 1880; Ernest Davied, born April, 1887, moved to Denver, Colorado by 1932; Margaret Davied, born Dec., 1887, married Mr. Stitles; Annie M. Davied, born May, 1895; Ruth Marie Davied, born May 8, 1904, died April 28, 1948, buried in Kansas Ciry, Missouri. Teresa Peak Davied died Apr. 10, 1932 in Girard, Kansas, where she was a member of St. Michael's Church. John Nick Davied died Feb. 22, 1931. Both are buried at the Girard cemetery.

Benedict Joseph Peak was born Jan. 30, 1862 in Schuyler County, Missouri. In 1888 he married Mary Margaret Davied, born May 21, 1868. They had ten children: Emma V. Peak, born Aug. 4, 1889; David T. Peak, born 1891, a twin, married Esther Titmus; Florence A. Peak, born 1891, a twin; Rhoda B. Peak, born Sept. 4, 1892, married Anna L. Reitenger; Mary Agnes Peak, born June 14, 1898, married Edgar Bodine; Benedict M. ('Buzz') Peak, born June 21, 1900, married Mamie Flannel; Francis Peak, born Apr. 28, 1902, married Mary Johnson; Glenn R. Peak, born July 7, 1905, married Julia M. Johnson; Lloyd J. Peak, born June 14, 1908, married Stell A. Zolewski; Willard J. Peak, born June 14, 1908, died 1973, married Viola Van Ness. Benedict Joseph Peak died in Girard, Kansas, on Nov. 28, 1939. Mary Davied Peak died Mar. 22, 1964. Both are buried in the Girard cemetery.

Stephen Aloysius Peak was born in 1864 and married Mamie (surname unknown). Stephen A. Peak was sheriff of Union County, Ky., for a number of years. Stephen and Mamie Peak had four girls and three boys47. They included: May Peak; Amy Peak; Richie Peak. Steven Aloysius Peak died Dec. 23, 1941 and is buried in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Mary Alice Peak: see Martin Stephen Peak (s/o Stephen Bryan Peak).

Mary Elizabeth Peak was born in 1871 and died of appendicitis40 on Aug. 11, 1884. Family history47 relates that Mary Alice and Mary Elizabeth ("Lizzie") went to a dance, and Lizzie came home with a group, while Mary Alice came home with a date. When Mary Alice went to bed, she found that Lizzie was burning with fever. She woke her father, who called for a doctor right away, but Lizzie died of soon after. Mary Elizabeth Peak is buried in St. Patrick's cemetery in Greenbush, Kansas.

9A3. Children of Stephen Bryan Peak (s/o Thomas) and Margaret Flagherty

William Thomas Peak was born July 12, 1858, and baptized at St. Martin's Church in Flaherty, Ky., on Aug. 22, 1858. He married47 Emma Fletcher Thompson at St. Vincent's Church in Union County, Ky., on March 1, 1905. Emma was born Apr. 30, 1882, daughter of James Fletcher and Rebecca Wilson. Their child was Martin Ernest Peak, born Oct. 23, 1906, died in 1968. Emma Fletcher Thompson had two children by a previous marriage: Joseph Thompson and Paul Thompson. William Thomas Peak died in Wavely, Ky., on May 1, 1939, and was buried at St. Peter's cemetery in Wavely. Emma Fletcher Thompson Peak died Jan. 3, 1941.

Sarah Ann Peak was born in Meade County on Feb. 21, 1863, and baptized at St. Martin's Church on Mar. 25, 1863. She married47 Jacob Clements ("Guy") Summers. Their children included Martin C. Summers, born May 12, 1891, died Nov. 30, 1984, married Frances Summers; Stephen Clements Summers, died Jan. 28, 1899; Nellie Summers; Joseph Summers, died Jan. 15, 1901. Sarah Peak Summers died Aug. 25, 1938, and is buried at St. Louis cemetery in Henderson, Ky.

Martin Stephen Peak was born31 July 18, 1865 in Vine Grove, Hardin County, and baptized Aug. 18, 1865, at St. Martin's Church in Meade County. He married Mary Alice Peak at St. John's Church40 in Union County, Kentucky, on Apr. 12, 1887. Mary Alice Peak, born in Downing, Schuyler County40, Missouri, on June 18, 1866, was a daughter of Rhoda Joseph Peak and Emily Jane Peak. Mary Alice was eight years old when the family moved to Kansas in a covered wagon, and eleven years old when her mother died47. She was at school when she received the news of her mother's death. She and her father visited Kentucky in 1886, and while there she met her future husband, Martin Peak. After the wedding, the couple settled first in Kentucky, but moved to Kansas around 1889. They set out groves of catalpa trees, to be used for fencing, rows of hedge, and a ten acre orchard of apples, plums, peaches, and pears. The children of Martin and Mary Alice Peak include31, 40, 47: Margaret Emily Peak, born Mar. 5, 1888, in Elizabethtown, Ky., died Aug. 6, 1969, married Nathan Stephen Gillet in Crawford County, Kansas, on Apr. 20, 1909, moved to Havre, Montana before 1950; Sarah Gertrude ('Gertie') Peak, born July 29, 1890, in Walnut, Kansas, died Mar. 13, 1974, married Claude Alva Baer in Crawford County, Kansas, on Apr. 20, 1909; Thomas Peak, born Oct. 20, 1892, died Dec. 9, 1892; John Martin Peak, born Jan. 30, 1894, died Nov. 3, 1958, married Cecil Goldie Trout on July 25, 1925; Alice Elizabeth Peak, born Aug. 21, 1896, died Jan. 8, 1991, in Paola, Kansas, married Clarence Frederick Viets in Kansas City, Mo., on July 7, 1921; Bryan Joseph Peak, born Nov. 1, 1898, in Walnut, Kansas, died of influenza on Feb. 19, 1920, in Walnut, Kansas; James Bartholomew Peak, born May 21, 1901, in Walnut, Kansas, died Oct. 25, 1979, married Edna Mae Ryan in Greenbush, Kansas, on Jan. 16, 1923; William Francis Peak, born May 21, 1901, in Walnut, Kansas, died Jan. 2, 1976, in Somerset, Kansas, married first Goldie Irene Dilley on June 22, 1926, in Miami, Oklahoma, married second Goldie Harvey Bruce on July 7, 1939, in Paola, Kansas; Bernard Aloysius Peak, born May 12, 1904, died June 28, 1904, in Walnut, Kansas; Clarence Stephen ('Poke') Peak, born Dec. 26, 1905, in Walnut, Kansas, died of a heart attack on Nov. 4, 1973, in Paola, Kansas, married Alma Jewel Dykes in Frontenac, Kansas, on July 5, 1925; Everette Thomas ('Ted') Peak, born Jan. 4, 1908, in Walnut, Kansas, died Mar. 9, 1969, in Albuquerque, N.M., married Airedith Dykes in Chicopee, Kansas, on May 28, 1930. Martin Stephen Peak died of hypertensive heart disease on June 25, 1938 in Pittsburg, Kansas. Mary Alice Peak died of a heart attack on Apr. 18, 1950 in Chicopee, Kansas. Both were buried at Greenbush, Kansas40, following services at St. Barbara's Church.

Charles Joseph Peak was born July 30, 1867, and baptized Sept. 7, 1867, at St. Martin's Church in Flaherty. He married47 Ida Elizabeth Powell, born Mar. 25, 1875, in Henderson, Ky., daughter of Marshall Powell. Children of Charles and Ida included: Elizabeth Mary ("Mae") Peak, born in Henderson on Aug. 18, 1893, died 1969, married Francis Ignatius Payne; Charles Stephen Peak, born in Wavely, Union County, Ky., on Nov. 9, 1897, died Nov. 9, 1993, married Matilda Irene Barker in Morganfield, Ky., on Feb. 3, 1920; Thomas Marshall Peak, born July 12, 1899, died Apr. 20, 1974, married Elizabeth Ann Thomas at St. Peter's Church in Wavely, Ky., on Feb. 23, 1925; Emma Agnes Peak, born Oct. 10, 1903, in Wavely, died Aug. 6, 1980, married John J. Roberts; William Bernard Peak, born Oct. 6, 1910, died May, 1988, married Dorothea Lorena Pearce; Ida Lucille Peak, born Aug. 13, 1912, died Jan. 2, 1985, married Anthony Leo Alvey. Charles Joseph Peak died Nov. 6, 1947, in Wavely, and Ida Elizabeth Powell Peak died July 7, 1958 in Wavely.

Rhoda Bartholomew (or Bryant) Peak was born Dec. 15, 1869, and baptized Apr. 23, 1870, at St. Martin's Church in Flaherty. He married47 Lura Whitledge, born Oct. 15, 1874. Their children included: Bruexia Peak, married Clem Hammerstein; Rhoda Mae Peak, married Clarence Frankenberger. Rhoda B. Peak died Dec. 1, 1948, in Henderson, Ky. Lura Whitledge Peak died in 1956.

Margaret (or Mary) Ellen Peak was born in Mar., 1872, and baptized in May, 1872, at St. Martin's Church in Flaherty. She married47 John Hinton, born Mar. 15, 1867. Their children included: Margaret Estella Hinton, born Aug. 29, 1894, married William Manning; Lillie Agnes Hinton, born Feb. 26, 1896, married W. A. Roy; Mary Gracie Hinton, born Jan. 22, 1898, married R. L. Bangers; Sarah Jenirose Hinton, born Mar. 12, 1900, died July 18, 1909; Johnnie Stephen Hinton, born Oct. 25, 1901; Michael Mathews Hinton, born Jan. 15, 1904; Annie Catherine Hinton, born June 23, 1906, died Jan. 17, 1908; Rhoda Williams Joseph Hinton, born Apr. 18, 1908, died Apr. 17, 1909; James Hinton; Lawrence A. Hinton. Ellen Peak Hinton died Dec. 15, 1946 in Camp Taylor, Ky. She was buried at St. John's cemetery following services at Holy Family Church in Louisville.

John Michael (or Mitchell) Peak was born Aug. 1, 1874, and baptized Sept. 20, 1874, at St. Martin's Church in Flaherty. He married47 Virginia Emma Denton, born Apr. 15, 1886, daughter of Rufus Denton and Mary Higginson. Their children included: Charles Robert Peak; William Michael Peak, born Sept. 23, 1904, died Dec. 20, 1986, married Addie Lee Gaino; Rufus Stephen Peak, born Apr. 4, 1906, died July 18, 1989, married Margaret Green; Thomas E. Peak, born Oct. 11, 1913, died Sept. 13, 1989; Virginia Rosella Peak, born Feb. 28, 1916, died Apr. 30, 1931; Paw Raymond Peak, born Jan. 18, 1925, died June 18, 1975, married Henrietta Adcock. John Michael Peak died July 20, 1943, and Virginia Denton Peak died Aug. 24, 1968. Both are buried at St. Louis cemetery in Henderson, Ky.

9A4. Children of Francis A. Peak (s/o Thomas) and Margaret F. Peak

Julia A. Peak was born 1871/72 and married Joseph Bickett (born Jan. 20, 1875) at St. Martin's Church in Flaherty on May 3, 1898. Their children, baptized at St. Martin's Church, included: James Andrew Bickett, born Jan. 22, 1899, baptized Feb. 28, 1899, with Zilpa Peak as sponsor; Joseph Henry Bickett, born Aug. 5, 1900, baptized Sept. 2, 1900. Joseph Bickett died Jan. 27, 1900, before the birth of his son Joseph Henry, and is buried at St. Martin's cemetery in Flaherty. The 1900 Meade County census shows widow Julia Bickett and son James A. Bickett living in the home of her cousin, Thomas Henry Peak Julia Peak Bickett may be the Mrs. Julia M. Bickett (born July 27, 1878) who married Charles Alexander Montgomery (born Sept. 13, 1855) at St. Martin's on Sept. 2, 1907. Charles Montgomery had previously been married to Mary (Minnie) Schwabenton with whom he had at least five children, baptized at St. Martin's. He and Julia M. Bickett had a daughter, Mary Belle Montgomery, born Aug. 13, 1908, baptized Sept. 5, 1908 at St. Martin's, married to George Alexander Cooper at St. Brigid's Church in Vine Grove on Apr. 6, 1931. Julia M. Bickett Montgomery died Mar. 6, 1910, and Charles A. Montgomery died Mar. 27, 1945. Both are buried at St. Martin's cemetery in Flaherty.

9B1. Children of John C. Peak (probable s/o Edward):

Charles H. Peak was born in 1850 or 1851, the son of John C. Peak and Elizabeth Allen. He married Sarah Jane Peters on Feb. 1, 1876 in Meade County. The family is listed in the 1880 and 1900 Meade County census reports. Children include: David F. Peak, born 1876/77, married Mary S. Yates on Jan. 13, 1898, died Dec. 21, 1955, buried with wife Mary (died 1970) in St. Martin's cemetery; Josapheen Peak, born 1878/79; Mattie Peak, born May, 1883; Ben J. Peak, born May, 1890; daughter Relda A. Peak, born Oct., 1893; Rosella Peak, born Nov. 2, 1894, baptized Apr. 7, 1895 at St. Martin's Church; Ettie Peak, born June, 1895; Eula May Peak, born May 4, 1897, married19 Emanuel S. Mitchell (son of Thomas Edward Mitchell and Annie Bell Snyder), died Jan. 3, 1964.

Nancy J. Peak, daughter of John C. Peak and Elizabeth Allen, was born in 1852. She married William H. Adams in Meade County on July 17, 1876. The couple is listed in the 1880 Meade County census with a child, Martin Adams, age 9 months. Martin Alexander Adams was born Oct. 18, 1879, and baptized May 18, 1880 at St. Martin's Church, with Emma Peak as sponsor.

Martin R. Peak, son of John C. Peak and Elizabeth Allen, was born in Apr. 4, 1854 (burial record has 1857) and married Catherine (Kate) Allen (born 1858/59) in Meade County on Jan. 2, 1877. Martin and Kate are is listed with child Willie Peak (born 1878/79) in the 1880 Meade County census. In the 1900 census Kate Peak is listed as head of household with her children Sam Peak, born Feb., 1882; James Peak, born Jan. 1885; Lillie Peak, born May, 1890; Walker Peak, born June, 1893; Elias Peak, born Feb., 1896. The baptismal records of St. Martin's Church list another child, Ambrose Peak, born Jan. 11, 1894, baptized June 24, 1894. Martin R. Peak died Oct. 26, 1897, and is buried in St. Patrick's cemetery in Hardin County.

William Peak, born June, 1865, son of John C. Peak and Elizabeth Allen, is listed in the 1900 Meade County census with wife Ellen and children: Roy Peak, born Feb., 1889; Charlie Peak, born Apr., 1891; Nellie Peak, born Mar., 1896; Hazel Peak, born Mar., 1899.

9C1. Children of Mary Ellen Peak (d/o Charles) and Absolom Ray

Francis M. Ray, born 1845/46 in Meade County, married Mary Elisa Peak, daughter of William Peak and Sarah Redmon, at St. Martin's on Mar. 30, 1869. See Mary Elisa Peak (6H).

9C2. Children of Nancy Ann Peak (d/o Charles) and James M. Redmon

Thomas Kelly Redmon, son of James M. Redmon and Nancy Ann Peak, was born Oct. 24, 1864, and baptized Mar. 12, 1865, at St. Martin's Church. He married Georgia Susan Peak, daughter of Thomas A. Peak and Minerva A. Yeager O'Bannion, at St. Martin's on Oct. 24, 1888. See Georgia Susan Peak (9D2).

9C3. Children of William R. Peak (s/o Charles) and Elizabeth A. Peak (d/o William)

Charles Joseph Peak was born Jan. 16, 1856, and baptized Mar. 26, 1856. He married Mary Lucy Whelan (born Apr. 2, 1855), daughter of Monica M. (Mahale) Peak and John B. Whelan. Their children, baptized at St. Martin's Church, included: Joseph Earl Peak, born Jan. 14, 1890, baptized Feb. 13, 1890, with William E. Peak and Liz Whelan as sponsors; Paul Peak, born Apr. 30, 1893, baptized Aug. 22, 1893. Mary L. Whelan Peak died in 1934, and Charles Joseph Peak died in 1938. Both are buried in St. Martin's cemetery in Flaherty33.

William Edward Peak was born Apr. 12, 1869, and baptized June 12, 1869 at St. Martin's Church with Julia Peak as sponsor. He married Elizabeth R. Barker (born Feb. 10, 1870) at St. Martin's36 on Feb. 12, 1893, with Gideon Lamkin and Ann Whelan as witnesses. The couple are listed in the 1900 Hardin County census with two children: Hettie G. Peak, born35 Aug. 15, 1894; Parylee Peak (daughter), born Aug., 1899. William Edward Peak died Mar. 14, 1946, and Elizabeth Barker Peak died Mar. 23, 1950. Both are buried at St. Patrick's cemetery in Hardin County.

9C4. Children of Serilda Jane Peak (d/o Charles) and Joseph William Norris

Elizabeth Alice Norris was born Mar. 16, 1863, and baptized May 23, 1863, at St. Martin's Church. She was married to James Henry Pendleton. James Pendleton (born June 9, 1839) had previously married Marcella Dougherty (born May 18, 1847), with whom he had six children. From the 1880 Meade County census and St. Martin's baptismal records32: Martha Emerine Pendleton, born July 17, 1867, baptized Sept. 29, 1867; Mary Elizabeth Pendleton, born Sept. 9, 1868, baptized Nov. 8, 1868, with Elizabeth Norris as sponsor; Elisa Ann Pendleton, born Dec. 3, 1869, baptized Apr. 25, 1870; Thomas H. Pendleton, born 1871/72; William Augustine Pendleton, born May 15, 1874, baptized July 31, 1874; John G. Pendleton, born Oct. 11, 1875, baptized Dec. 4, 1875, with Elizabeth Norris as sponsor. When Mrs. Marcella Pendleton was baptized into the Catholic faith on Jan. 1, 1867, her sponsor was Elizabeth Norris. Marcella Dougherty Pendleton died Dec. 19, 1877, and is buried at St. Martin's cemetery. James H. Pendleton and Elizabeth A. Norris were married in 1880 or 1881, and had the following children, all baptized at St. Martin's: Oscar Sylvester Pendleton, born Nov. 9, 1881, baptized Dec. 31, 1881, with Serelda Norris as sponsor, married to Mary Ethel Metcalf on Nov. 3, 1918, at St. Patrick's Church in Stithton; James Alexander Pendleton, born Feb. 26, 1883, baptized Apr. 29, 1883, with Arabella Norris as sponsor, married to Mrs. Emma Boyd on Aug. 10, 1940, at St. Leo's Church in Louisville; Elizabeth Marcella Pendleton, born June 26, 1885, baptized Aug. 22, 1885, with Serelda Jane Norris as sponsor; Lula May Pendleton, born Feb. 4, 1887, baptized Mar. 22, 1887, married Nov. 15, 1916, to Owen Ovil Hinton at St. Patrick's in Stithton; Josephine Marie Pendleton, baptized Jan. 19, 1889, married on June 13, 1926, to John Jay Jassett at St. Helen's Church in Glasgow, Ky.; Michael O'Connor Pendleton, born May 8, 1890, baptized May 14, 1890; Cora Jane Pendleton, born Feb. 23, 1892, baptized Apr. 3, 1892, with Arabela Norris as sponsor; Bernard Pendleton, born Oct. 13, 1893, baptized Feb. 11, 1894. James H. Pendleton died Mar. 4, 1894, and is buried at St. Martin's cemetery. Mrs. Elizabeth Alice Pendleton married William E. Pendleton on Nov. 16, 1896, in Stithton, Ky. William E. Pendleton had previously been married to Mary McCoy, with whom he had eight children baptized at St. Martin's. Elizabeth Norris Pendleton had been godmother to three of these children. Elizabeth A. Norris Pendleton died Mar. 17, 1902, and is buried at St. Martin's cemetery.

Martha May Norris was born Apr. 23, 1866, and baptized May 31, 1866, at St. Martin's Church. She married Robert A. Monarch on May 3, 1887, at St. Martin's. Robert A. Monarch had previously been married to Elizabeth J. Redmon (born Oct. 8, 1859), with whom he had three children, all baptized at St. Martin's Church: John Malacky Monarch, born Nov. 3, 1875, baptized Dec. 19, 1875; Ann Viola Monarch, born Jan. 22, 1878, baptized Mar. 3, 1878; Rose Elizabeth Monarch, born Feb. 28, 1882, baptized Mar. 25, 1882, died Oct. 30, 1885, buried at St. Martin's cemetery. St. Martin's cemetery records also show an unnamed infant son (James A. Monarch, from 1880 Meade County census), born Aug. 20, 1879, died July 15, 1880. Elizabeth Redmon Monarch died Oct. 20, 1886, and is buried at St. Martin's. The children of Martha May Norris and Robert A. Monarch included the following, baptized at St. Martin's Church32: Lizz Martine Monarch, born Aug. 1, 1889, baptized Aug. 27, 1889; Charles Marion Monarch, born Jan. 2, 1891, baptized Jan. 20, 1891.

9C5. Children of John K. Peak (s/o Charles) and Mary Eliza Medley

Elizabeth Mahulda Peak was born Dec. 1, 1849, and baptized Mar. 20, 1850 at St. Martin's Church in Flaherty. She married Thomas H. Shircliff at St. Martin's on Nov. 16, 1869. The couple is listed in the 1880 Meade County census with children: Joseph C. Shircliff, born 1871/72; Mattie C. Shircliff, born 1873/74; Michael D. Shircliff, born 1875/76; Ella M. Shircliff, born 1877/78.

Catherine Ann (Cassy) Peak was born Jan. 6, 1857, and baptized Feb. 22, 1857, at. St. Martin's Church, with Mary Peak as sponsor. She was married to James J. Thomas on Jan. 20, 1880, at St. Martin's, with Joseph P. Peak and Eliza Brown as witnesses.

John William Peak was born Sept. 18, 1859 and baptized Oct. 25, 1859 at St. Martin's Church, with Mary Peak as sponsor. He married Sarah Lucinda Peak, daughter of Charles Henry Peak and Julia Simpson, on Feb. 1, 1887, at St. Martin's, with Thomas Peak and Lillie G. Peak as witnesses. Their children included Ida May Peak, born Nov. 15, 1887, baptized Dec. 26, 1887, married Thomas Austin Whelan at St. Martin's on Oct. 11, 1911; Andrew Adolph Peak, born Feb. 9, 1890, baptized Apr. 20, 1890; Fred A. Peak, born Nov., 1891.

Charles Americus Peak was born May 25, 1862 and baptized July 13, 1862 at St. Martin's Church. He married his brother's widow, Sarah Lucinda Peak, at St. Martin's on Mar. 24, 1896. A child, Mary Elizabeth Helen Catherine Peak was born June 17, 1896 and baptized Oct. 17, 1896. Charles A. Peak is listed in the 1900 Meade County census with his and his brother's children: Ida May Peak, born Nov., 1887; Andrew A. Peak, born Feb., 1889; Fred A. Peak, born Nov. 1891; Elizabeth Peak, born June, 1896.

9D1. Children of Ann Priscilla Peak (d/o Philip) and Michael McDonough

William Thomas McDonough was born Aug. 28, 1855, and baptized Sept. 23, 1855, at St. Martin's Church. He married Rebecca Brown on May 16, 1894, at St. Martin's. The baptismal records of St. Martin's Church list one child: Marian Geraldine McDonough, born Mar. 16, 1897, baptized Apr. 7, 1897, died Apr. 26, 1898, buried at St. Martin's cemetery33.

Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) McDonough was born Apr. 23, 1862, and baptized May 31, 1862, at St. Martin's Church. She married Louis N. Sipes on Nov. 23, 1886 at St. Martin's. Louis Napoleon Sipes was baptized into the Catholic Church on Oct. 23, 1886, at the age of 26, at St. Martin's Church. The baptismal records at St. Martin's show one child: Mary Verna Sipes, born Oct. 5, 1887, baptized Nov. 2, 1887. Sarah Elizabeth McDonough Sipes died Dec. 4, 1912, and is buried at St. Martin's cemetery.

Catherine Laura (Katie) McDonough was born Sept. 11, 1864, and baptized Oct. 21, 1864, at St. Martin's Church. She married John Henry Hager at St. Martin's on Jan. 11, 1887, with Philip Peak and Ada G. McDonough as witnesses. John H. Hager was born Nov. 4, 1863, son of Thomas H. Hager and Ann Spalding, and baptized Jan. 7, 1864 at St. Martin's, with Teresa Peak as sponsor. The children of John and Catherine Hager, baptized at St. Martin's, included: Joseph Byron Hager, born Jan. 10, 1888, baptized Feb. 20, 1888; Ella Anna Mary Hager, born Aug. 26, 1889, baptized Oct. 4, 1889, married Joseph Elias Ray at St. Martin's on Apr. 21, 1920; William Paul Hager, born Feb. 7, 1891, baptized Apr. 4, 1891. John Henry Hager died May 31, 1904, and is buried at St. Martin's cemetery33.

Ada Generose (Jennie) McDonough was born Feb. 4, 1868, and baptized Apr. 5, 1868, At St. Martin's Church. She married Joseph C. Brown on Jan. 7, 1890 at St. Martin's. Joseph Columbus Brown was born July 3, 1867, and was baptized in the Catholic faith on Jan. 2, 1890, five days before his marriage, with John A. Snyder and Rebecca Brown as sponsors. The children of Joseph and Generose Brown, baptized at St. Martin's Church, included: Joseph McDonough Brown (listed as Bowman in baptismal record), born Jan. 24, 1891, baptized Feb. 3, 1891, married Rita Jane Harsley on Jan. 25, 1921, in Vine Grove; Mary Geraldine Brown, born Aug. 10, 1893, baptized Aug. 20, 1893; Mary Pauline Brown, born Nov. 8, 1895, baptized Nov. 13, 1895; John Robert Brown, born Dec. 5, 1898, baptized Jan. 23, 1899. Joseph C. Brown died on Aug. 27, 1950, and Ada Generose McDonough Brown died Dec. 29, 1951. Both are buried at St. Martin's cemetery.

9D2. Children of Thomas Aaron Peak (s/o Philip) and Minerva Yeager O'Bannion

Margaret Roselia Peak was born Nov. 29, 1852, and baptized32 Jan. 16, 1853 at St. Martin's Church, with Margaret Yeager as sponsor. She married John B. French on Oct. 1, 1878, with William Peak and Mary Magdelen Peak as sponsors36. Margaret Peak French died19 Aug. 7, 1947

James Leo Peak was born July 2, 1855, and baptized Aug. 19, 1855 at St. Martin's Church. He married Georgia Ann Norris Cooper (born 1847) at St. Martin's on Nov. 27, 1884, with Pius Peak, Kate McDonough, and James Cissell as witnesses. Georgia Norris Cooper was the widow of Edward Cooper, by whom she had at least three children (baptized at St. Martin's): James Henry Cooper, baptized Nov., 1872; Felix Jerome Cooper, born Aug. 21, 1874, baptized Sept. 20, 1874; Damon McClosky Cooper, born Sept. 10, 1876, baptized Nov. 1, 1876. James L. and Georgia Peak had a son: Edward Lambert Peak, born Apr. 17, 1886, baptized June 4, 1886 at St. Martin's, died July 3, 1887. The 1900 Hardin County census shows Georgia's son, Damon M. Cooper (schoolteacher) and Wilfred G. Thornsbury (born June, 1888) living in the home. Georgia A. Cooper Peak died in 1922, and James Leo Peak died May 26, 1939. Both are buried at St. Martin's cemetery, along with son Edward Lambert Peak.

Mary Magdeline Peak ('Dillion') was born May 22, 1857, and baptized Aug. 23, 1857 at St. Martin's Church with Mary Peak as sponsor. She married William Thomas Peak at St. Martin's on Aug. 3, 1875. See William Thomas Peak (s/o Benjamin Peak).

Joseph Philip Peak was born Jan. 5, 1859, and baptized Mar. 25, 1859, at St. Martin's Church. He married Bridget Ann Carr, and their children, baptized at St. Martin's, included: Clara Minerva Peak, born Oct. 14, 1889, baptized Nov. 3, 1889, with Georgia Peak as sponsor; Mary Ellen Peak, born Dec. 14, 1890, baptized Apr. 19, 1891.

Pius Michael Peak was born Dec. 19, 1860 and married Minerva Barker (born Apr., 1869) on Nov. 2, 1892. Their children, listed in the 1900 Meade County census and St. Martin's baptismal records, included: Eva Rosella Peak, born Dec. 24, 1894, baptized Apr. 2, 1895, married to Louis Burnett on Feb. 11, 1914 at St. Boniface Church in Lafayette, IN; Jerome Peak, born May, 1896; Thomas Franklin Peak, born Oct. 27, 1899, baptized Dec. 10, 1899; Marc Peak, born Aug. 20, 1901, baptized Oct. 6, 1901; Mary Peak, born May 14, 1903, baptized June 28, 1903; Joseph Hillary Peak, born Oct. 9, 1905, baptized Nov. 12, 1905. Pius Michael Peak died Nov. 6, 1936.

Eliza Ellen Peak was born Aug. 27, 1865, and baptized Oct. 1, 1865 at St. Martin's Church, with Bibi Ann Peak as sponsor. She married Raymond F. Thornberry at St. Martin's on Dec. 30, 1884, with Joseph Peak and Emma Peak as witnesses. They had at least one child: Eugene Thornberry, born Jan. 7, 1886, died Jan. 25, 1888, buried at St. Mary Magdeline cemetery in Meade County. Eliza Peak Thornberry died May 22, 1889, and is buried at St. Martin's cemetery.

Georgia Susan Peak was born Jan. 1, 1871, and baptized Feb. 19, 1871 at St. Martin's Church, with Ann Priscilla Peak McDonough as sponsor. She married Thomas Kelly Redmon on Oct. 24, 1888, at St. Martin's, with Charles Hall and Nora Peak as witnesses. Their children, baptized at St. Martin's, included: Florence Alma Redmon, born Jan. 12, 1890, baptized Feb. 16, 1890, with Minerva Peak as sponsor; Richard Jerome Redmon, born Aug. 23, 1891, baptized Sept. 20, 1891, with Minerva Peak as sponsor, married Simfrosia Barker on Nov. 12, 1913 at St. Patrick's Church in Stithton, KY; Thomas K. Redmon died in 1894, and Georgia Peak Redmon married John Silas Barker (born Jan. 12, 1867, in Hardin County) on Dec. 29, 1896, at St. Martin's Church. The record indicates that they were related in the second degree of consanguity. The children of this marriage, all born in Hardin County, included19: Pearl C. Barker, born Sept. 21, 1898, married Elmer McCoy on Apr. 20, 1922, died Jan. 23, 1981 in Jefferson County; Martin E. Barker, born Sept. 13, 1900, married Viola M. Bowles Jan. 7, 1921, died Dec. 1, 1983, in Jeffersonville, Indiana; Hattie Barker, born Jan. 2, 1903, married Leo Senn on June 10, 1922, later married Eugene Flynn, died Jan. 8, 1988, in Jefferson County; Joseph O'Conner Barker, born Mar., 1905, died Apr., 1905, in Hardin County; Carl Barker, born Aug. 13, 1906, married Gladys Dewees, died Jan. 7, 1981 in Jefferson County; Beth Barker, born Feb., 1909, died Apr. 1909, in Hardin County; Lena Barker, born Mar. 18, 1910, married Theodore Sans on Nov. 24, 1932; Russell Barker, born June 29, 1913, married Mildred Guinn, later married Ruby Bacus, later married Margaret Harshfield. John S. and Georgia Barker moved their family to Jefferson County in 1918 when the Hardin County area in which they lived was procured by the government to build Fort Knox. John Silas Barker died on July 23, 1952, and Georgia Peak Redmon Barker died May 5, 1954, both in Jefferson County.

9E1. Children of Emily Jane Peak (d/o William) and Rhoda Joseph Peak (s/o Thomas)

See Rhoda Joseph Peak (s/o Thomas).

9E2. Children of Charles Henry Peak (s/o William) and Julia Simpson

Christina Margaret Peak was born Oct. 12, 1858, and baptized Jan. 1, 1859, at St. Martin's Church. She married Edward Benjamin Ritchie (born July 22, 1858) at St. Martin's on Oct. 23, 1883. Their children, baptized at St. Martin's Church, included: Ira Augustine Ritchie, born Apr. 6, 1886, baptized May 16, 1886, with John Henry Whelan and Lucinda Peak as sponsors, married Mary Wiesbrook in Leonore, Illinois, on Jan. 19, 1921; Rena Generose Ritchie, born Aug. 22, 1884, baptized Nov. 23, 1884, with Julia A. Peak as sponsor; Robert S. Ritchie, born Dec. 31, 1887, died Jan. 1, 1888, buried at St. Martin's cemetery; Perry Benjamin Ritchie, born Mar. 6, 1890, baptized Apr. 20, 1890, married Beulah Lancaster on Nov. 28, 1911, at St. Martin's. Christina Peak Ritchie died Sept. 12, 1891, and is buried at St. Martin's cemetery. Edward B. Ritchie then remarried to Elizabeth Tewell. Their children, baptized at St. Martin's, included: Francis Ritchie, born Mar. 28, 1893, baptized May 26, 1893; Nicholas Carroll Ritchie, born Oct. 7, 1894, baptized Nov. 16, 1894 (this was the first baptism in the new church); Anna Jeanette Ritchie, born Dec. 22, 1896, baptized Feb. 15, 1897, married to Lee Osborne on Nov. 14, 1936, at Sacred heart Church in Louisville, married to Joseph Kendrick Mills on June 5, 1952, at Sacred Heart Church; Markham Edward Ritchie, born June 14, 1899, baptized July 31, 1899; Julia Magdelen Ritchie, born May 3, 1902, baptized June 15, 1902. married to Lucien M. Ritchie on Aug. 31, 1939, at Sacred Heart Church in Louisville; George T. N. Ritchie, born July 29, 1905, baptized Aug. 29, 1905. Edward Benjamin Ritchie died Aug. 9, 1917, and is buried at St. Martin's cemetery.

Sarah Lucinda Peak was born June 25, 1861, and baptized Aug. 15, 1861, at St. Martin's Church. She married first John William Peak, son of John K. and Mary E. Peak, on Feb. 1, 1887, (see John William Peak), and later married his brother Charles Americus Peak on Mar. 24, 1896 (see Charles Americus Peak).

William Henry Peak was born Oct. 19, 1863, and baptized Oct. 25, 1863, at St. Martin's Church. He married Essie Lampkin at St. Martin's on May 13, 1890, with James Corbett and Ophelia Peak as witnesses. The couple is listed in the 1900 Meade COunty census. Their children included: Mary Peak, born Apr. 1, 1892, baptized May. 15, 1892, at St. Martin's (listed as Ina P. Peak in 1900 census report); Genevieve Peak, born Oct. 1895; Jessie H. Peak, born Feb. 1899.

Lillie Generose Peak was born May 14, 1866, and baptized Aug. 16, 1866, at St. Martin's Church. She married William Lee Wright at St. Martin's on Nov. 11, 1887, with Willie Peak and Lena J. Peak as witnesses. Willie Lee Wright had been baptized into the Catholic faith at St. Martin's on Nov. 5, 1887, at the age of 22. Their children, also baptized at St. Martin's, included: Mary Josephine Wright, born Dec. 21, 1888, baptized Jan. 5, 1889, died Jan. 9, 1889, buried at St. Martin's cemetery; William Alonzo Wright, born Apr. 15, 1890, baptized May 18, 1890; Joseph Wright, born Jan. 25, 1893, baptized Apr. 16, 1893, with Mrs. Thomas Peak as sponsor; Julia May Wright, born Apr. 20, 1895, baptized May 26, 1895.

Leanor (Linnie) Justina Peak was born on Mar. 11, 1869, and baptized June 12, 1869, at St. Martin's Church. She married William M. Medley (born Feb. 10, 1865) at St. Martin's on May 16, 1888, with William Peak and Ophelia Peak as witnesses. Linnie Peak Medley died Feb. 24, 1900, and William M. Medley died Sept. 6, 1900. Both are buried at St. Martin's cemetery.

Alexia Ophelia Peak was baptized at St. Martin's Church on June 4, 1873. She married Gideon Lamkin at St. Martin's on Feb. 12, 1893. Their children included: Joseph A. Lamkin, born35 June 4, 1894; Mary Etta Lamkin, born32 Sept. 24, 1895, baptized Nov. 11, 1895, at St. Martin's; James Lamkin, born Dec. 22, 1899, baptized Sept. 8, 1900, at St. Martin's Church.

9F1. Children of Susan Emily Peak (d/o Benjamin) and Richard Thomas Vaughn

James Thomas Vaughn was born Dec. 31, 1878, and baptized Mar. 16, 1879, at St. Martin's Church. He was married first to Eliza Yates, and their child Evan George Vaughn was born Sept. 16, 1904, and baptized Oct. 27, 1904, at St. Martin's. Eliza Yates Vaughn died July 30, 1907, and James T. Vaughn married Anna Laura Wheatley on May 12, 1908, at St. Martin's. Anna Laura Wheatley was born Oct. 21, 1887, daughter of George A. Wheatley and Georgia A. Redmon, and baptized Nov. 7, 1887, at St. Martin's Church. Laura Wheatley Vaughn died Feb. 23, 1945. She is buried along with James Thomas Vaughn and Eliza Yates Vaughn in St. Martin's cemetery.

9F2. Children of William Thomas Peak (s/o Benjamin) and Mary Magdeline Peak (d/o Thomas Aaron)

Damon V. Peak was born Oct. 27, 1877 and married Margaret E. (Maggie) Fowler on May 11, 1898. Their children include19: Heddie Peak, born Feb., 1899, in Hardin County; Stanley Peak; Avona Peak; Roscoe Peak; Otto Peak; Carl T. Peak, born Jan. 11, 1911 in St. John's, KY, married Rosa Julia Mueller on Aug. 2, 1930, later married Agnes Hall, died Aug. 26, 1976 in Louisville; Harl Peak. Margaret Fowler Peak died in 1935 and Damon V. Peak died Oct. 3, 1962. Both are buried at St. Michael's cemetery in Louisville.

Ashley Peak was born in Dec., 1878. He married Florence French, who was born in 1873. Ashley Peak wrote his will in Elizabethtown on Mar. 20, 1919, in which he left all his property to his wife, identified in the will as Florian Peak. The will was witnessed by C. M. Vertrees and J. R. Coyle, and proven in Hardin County Court on Mar. 14, 1953. Ashley Peak died Mar. 8, 1953 and is buried in St. John's cemetery in Hardin County. Florence French Peak died in 1959.

Emmett Jerome Peak was born Nov. 11, 1881 and married Emily J. Buford, born Feb. 2, 1881. Their children included Emily Jane Peak, born Nov. 4, 1905 in Hardin County. Emmett Jerome Peak died on May 11, 1951, and is buried at St. John's cemetery in Hardin County. Emily Buford Peak died Feb. 6, 1968.

Annie Peak was born in June, 1884 and married Lee Medley. Their children included Rodman Medley.

Agnes Josephine Peak was born Feb. 21, 1886 and married Robert Brown, born Jan. 7, 1879. Their children included: Fonzy Brown, Louie Brown, and William Robert Brown, born Dec. 9, 1923. Robert Brown died Oct. 15, 1959, and Agnes Josephine Peak Brown died July 31, 1964.

Carrie Peak was born in July, 1891 and married Oscar Vessels. Carrie Peak Vessels died in Detroit, Michigan, in 1973.

9F3. Children of Benjamin Alexander Peak (s/o Benjamin) and Mary Theresa Thomas

James Selby Peak was born June 10, 1885 in Meade County. He married Loretta Brennan, born Dec. 11, 1891 in Louisville. The couple had 12 children45, including James Brennan Peak, born Jan. 7, 1915, married Frances Corlott, died Nov. 28, 1955; Mary Margaret Peak, born Mar. 14, 1917, married Tyler Atherton (born Feb. 16, 1912, died Aug., 1990) on May 10, 1937, died Mar. 11, 1985; Anna Louise Peak, born Mar. 16, 1919, married John R. Fogarty, Jr. (born Feb. 18, 1920) on May 30, 1940; John Benjamin Peak, born Jan. 30, 1922, married Rita Cocuzzi (born June 13, 1924, died Apr. 8, 1995), died Dec. 20, 1996; William Peak, born Mar. 25, 1925, married Norma Jean Phillips, died June 24, 1972; Selby Edward Peak, born Feb. 28, 1927, married Arla Maye Meece (born Oct. 6, 1928); Robert Matthew Peak, born Dec. 28, 1928, married Patricia Dowd on June 13, 1934; Loretta A. Peak, born Aug. 12, 1930, died March 22, 1935; Patricia Jane Peak, born Feb. 7, 1933 in Louisville, married to Gerald William Morrison (born Aug. 22, 1933) on Aug. 22, 1953. Three other children died in infancy. James Selby Peak died in Louisville on Dec. 1, 1947, and Loretta Brennan Peak died Nov. 24, 1975, also in Louisville.

9F4. Children of Leonard Augusta Peak (s/o Benjamin) and Elizabeth Thomas

Mary Ellen Peak was born May 2, 1878 and married James A. Hayden, son of George Hayden and Amanda Wiseman, on Apr. 30, 1908 at St. James Church in Elizabethtown. Their children include27: Leonard Hayden (married Helen Lott); William Hayden; Mary Elizabeth Hayden; Virginia Hayden (married Earl Kitchner Cobb); Joseph Herbert Hayden, died Dec. 15, 1935. Mary Ellen Peak Hayden died Oct. 8, 1960 in Louisville.

Leonard Augusta Peak, Jr. was born Aug. 6, 1881 and married Mary Ellen Skees on Oct. 9, 1904 at St. Ambrose Church, Cecilia, Hardin County, KY. Their children include 27: William Augusta Peak, born Aug. 30, 1905; Louvina Catherine Peak (Sr. Ellenita), born Apr. 10, 1907; Lula Mae Peak, born July 11, 1908; Teresa Noema Peak, born Nov. 28, 1909, died Apr. 16, 1920; Mary Agnita Peak, born July 28, 1913; James Robert Peak, born July 20, 1918, died Dec. 27, 1928; Anna Frances Peak, born Feb. 14, 1922. Leonard Augusta Peak, Jr. died Oct. 16, 1962 in Louisville.

Theresa Virginia Peak was born Nov. 29, 1883 in Hardin County27 and married Owen Gardner, son of Frank and Mary Gardner, at St. Louis Bertrand Church in Louisville around 1932. They adopted a child, Linda. Theresa Virginia Peak Gardner died Mar. 3, 1968 in Louisville.

Elizabeth Cicelie Peak was born Jan. 27, 1886 in Elizabethtown and married Zachariah Alonzo Hayden, son of George Hayden and Amanda Wiseman, in Elizabethtown. Their children, all born in Louisville, include27: Joseph Alonzo Hayden, born 1915, died Oct. 30, 1918 in Louisville; Catherine Doloretta Hayden, born July 30, 1916; George Anthony Hayden, born Dec. 17, 1917; Carl Jerome Hayden, born 1922, died Mar. 20, 1925 in Louisville; Mary Rita Hayden, born Mar. 22, 1925. Elizabeth Cicelie Peak Hayden died in Louisville on July 15, 1978.

Charles Richard Peak was born Mar. 12, 1888 and married Emma Katherine Schneider, daughter of Joseph Schneider and Louise Ernst, on Oct. 1, 1913 at St. Paul's Church in Louisville. Their children include27: Charles R. Peak (married Mary Elizabeth Converse); James Peak (married Edna Yates); Edward Peak (married Jeanetta Mills); Donald Peak (married Virginia Miller); Louise Elizabeth Peak (married Raymond Schaetzly). Charles Richard Peak died Mar. 26, 1970 in Louisville.

Zorado Magdalen Peak was born Mar. 16, 1892 and married Lawrence Skees, son of William and Martha Skees, on Nov. 4, 1915 at St. James Church in Elizabethtown. Their children include27: Anthony Skees (married Myrtle Mattingly); Mary Magdalen Skees (married Murrel Girten); Martha Skees (married William Harper); Adrian Skees (married Rose Marie Market); Viola Bernadette Skees (married Joseph French); Hilary Skees (married Winona Mary Mattingly); William Skees (married Uldine Thomas); Albert Ray Skees (married Helen Ellis); Ruth Pearl Skees; Joanne Skees (married Ernest Thomas). Zorado Magdalen Peak Skees died Sept. 24, 1969.

Henrietta Gilly Pearl Peak was born Nov. 3, 1899 and married Joseph Lewis, son of Tom Lewis and Alice Nevitt, at St. James Church in Elizabethtown on Jan. 11, 1921. Their children include27: Joseph Brandon Lewis (,arried Lila Grimes); James Patrick Lewis; Doris Lewis (married Edsel Hutson); Leonard Kenny Lewis, born Aug. 15, 1937, married Beverly Taylor.

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