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invisible.gif (929 bytes) 8. Later Generations: Nelson, Washington, and Larue Counties

8A1. Children of Theresa Peak (d/o Francis, Jr.) and Francis Henry O'Bryan

Pius Sidney O'Bryan was born Oct. 2, 1858 and baptized Dec. 9, 1858 at St. Catherine's Church in New Haven19, and married Mary Elizabeth Morris49, born 1861, on Aug. 28, 1878, in St. Vincent de Paul Church. Their children included49: Ellen Elizabeth O'Bryan, born Nov. 16, 1880; Joseph Henry O'Bryan, born Mar. 12, 1883; Willard Edward O'Bryan, born Jan. 23, 1888; Maggie "Mary" Theresa O'Bryan, born Mar. 6, 1890; Maggie Sedonie O'Bryan, born June 28, 1892; Martha Alvena O'Bryan, born Apr. 10, 1896, married to Gabe Hayden in Nelson County on Apr. 15, 1913; Annie Ethel O'Bryan, born Aug. 13, 1894; Susanna Cleopha O'Bryan, born Jan. 26, 1899, married first Charles Eric Dant, married second Francis Monroe Masterson; Joseph Edna O'Bryan, born Jan. 8, 1902. Mary Morris O'Bryan died July 16, 1928, and Pius Sidney O'Bryan died Sept. 19, 1933. Both are buried at St. Vincent de Paul cemetery in New Hope.

8A2. Children of William Peak (s/o Francis, Jr.) and Elizabeth Brown

William Lee Peak was born on Mar. 7, 1877, and married Agnes Mueller, born Apr. 2, 1889. Their children included49: William Anthony Peak, married Dolly Adeline Still on Nov. 1, 1940, died Sept., 1962; Appolonia Elizabeth Peak; Leo Peak, married Peggy (surname unknown); Agnes Peak, married James Clarke; Mary Rose Peak, married Connie Ford; Ann Peak, married Mr. Schlorb; Florence Julia Peak, born 1916. William Lee Peak died June 16, 1939 and is buried at arlington National Cemetery. Agnes Mueller Peak died Jan., 1973.

8B1. Children of Thomas Peake (s/o William) and Teresa Elizabeth Culver:

Robert Damascus Peake was born in Nelson County on Dec. 11, 1867. He married Mary Susan Fogle (born Sept. 29, 1870) in Nelson County on Sept. 30, 1890. All their children were born in Kentucky. These were24: Joseph Leslie Peake, born June 9, 1892; Mary Ethel Peake, born Mar. 24, 1897; Thomas Dow Peake, born Jan. 9, 1899; William Earle Peake, born Apr. 10, 1901; Robert Otho Peake, born 1901; Anna Mae Peake, born May, 1903; Cecilia Amanda Peake, born Mar. 7, 1905; James Frederick Peake, born May 3, 1907. The family moved to Knox County, Illinois in 1919. One reason cited for the move was to remove younger son William Earle from the influence of the "moonshiners" who were active in the area at the time. Robert D. Peake died Jan. 9, 1947 in Galesburg, Illinois. Mary Susan Fogle Peake died May 10, 1955 in Galesburg and is buried at St. Joseph's cemetery in Galesburg.

John Otho Peake was born in Nelson County on Nov. 19 or Nov. 27, 1870. He married Martha D. Fogle (born July 11, 1874, sister of Mary Susan Fogle) in Nelson County on Feb. 25, 1895. Children listed in the 1900 and 1910 Nelson County censuses were Mary Helen Peake, born May 15, 1896, baptized May 27, 1896 at St. Vincent's in New Hope; Minnie Peake, born Jan., 1898; Joseph C. Peake, born Mar., 1900; Philip Peake, born 1901/02; Bessie Peake, born 1903/04; Annie Peake, born 1905/06; Mary Peake, born 1908. Another child, Thomas Leo Peake, was born Mar. 12, 1916, died Apr. 2, 1968, and is buried in Holy Cross cemetery in Marion County. John O. Peake died Feb. 23, 1917 in Nelson County. Martha Fogle Peake died Dec. 10, 1961. Both are buried at Holy Cross.

Gabriel Timothy Peake - see Part 10.

Mary R. Peake was born Oct. 22, 1877. She married John V. Coy in Nelson County on Nov. 27, 1900. John Vitus Coy, son of Darius Coy and Isabel McKune, was born Nov. 20, 1867, baptized Feb. 24, 1868 at Holy Cross Church19.

Annie E. Peake was born May 11, 1880. She married Raymond Rhodes in Nelson County on Aug. 9, 1899.

Alice Veronica Peake was born July 25, 1884, and married John R. Hall in Nelson County on Jan. 26, 1910. Alice Peake Hall died Mar. 9, 1958 and is buried at St. Catherine's cemetery in New Haven.

Florence E. Peake was born Sept. 14, 1888. She married Richard R. Watson in Nelson County on May 7, 1912. Their children included Mary Watson, Helen Watson, Erma "Ernie" Watson, Richard "Hank" Watson, and two other sons.

8B2. Children of Richard Peak (s/o William) and Elizabeth Ann Boon

Mary Bell Peak was born Nov. 8, 1856 and baptized Dec. 10, 1856, at Holy Cross Church, with Henrietta Hagan as sponsor. She married George Bartley at St. Catherine's Church in New Haven on Nov. 10, 1874, with John Cahill and Catherine Peak as witnesses.

Catherine 'Kitty' Peak was born Feb. 25, 1858 and baptized Apr. 29, 1858 at Holy Cross Church, with Rosalia Peak as sponsor. She married Thomas Elvy Ferriell on Dec. 4, 1877 at Holy Cross, with Peter Simms and Eliza Jane Ferriell as witnesses. Children include Joseph B. Ferriell (born June 6, 1892, died Jan 7, 1967, married Florence Mannigel July 16, 1956), Mary Ferriell (born about 1898), John Ferriell (born about 1901), and C. E. Ferriell (born about 1903).

Rosa E. Peak was born Jan. 13, 1860 and baptized at St. Catherine's on Mar. 8, 1860. She married William Robert Greenwell in 1882. They had nine children: Raymond Greenwell, born Jan. 1883, died Jan. 31, 1954; Francis V. Greenwell, born Mar., 1886; Joseph L. Greenwell, born Dec, 1890; Mary J. Greenwell, born Sept., 1892; Pauline Greenwell, born Sept., 1894; Cecil Greenwell, born Oct. 1896; Marcellus Joseph Greenwell, born Jan. 1899, married Lorena C. Whitehead June 9, 1925; Lucille Greenwell, born Oct. 18, 1902, died of measles Apr. 14, 1904; Agnus Greenwell, born about 1907. Rosa Peak Greenwell died in 1920 and William R. Greenwell died Feb. 20, 1929. Both are buried at St. Catherine's in New Haven.

Joanna Jane Peak was born Oct. 20, 1862 and baptized in 1862 at Gethsemani Abbey, with Lucenda Hagan as sponsor.

Sylvester Sylvanus (or Stanislaus) Peak was born19 in New Haven on May 20, 1875. He married Isabell Chalmers and died Jan. 18, 1951 in Los Angeles, CA.

Thomas Boone Peak ('Boone') was born39 in May 2, 1882 and married Mary Magdeline Greenwell ('Della', born Sept. 29, 1879) on Jan. 7, 1904. Their children39 included Mary Cecilia Peake (Sr. Thomas James), born Mar. 17, 1905; Francis Xavier Peak, born Dec. 3, 1907, died Feb. 27, 1975, married Helen Graf; Raymond Sylvester Peake, born Mar. 27, 1910, died Sept. 30, 1961 (buried at St. Catherine's), married Helen Virginia Howard; Elizabeth Agnita Peake, born Feb. 14, 1912, married R. E. Applegate; Mary Christella Peake, born June 12, 1914, married Edward Ezra Rogers; Hubert Camillus (Joseph) Peake, born July 18, 1916, died Sept. 30, 1969; Generose Peake, born Jan. 18, 1919, died Mar. 29, 1986, married Glen P. Sowers; Frederick Obrecht Peake, born July 16, 1921, died in World War II on Nov. 13, 1942; Richard Leon Peake, born Feb. 16, 1926, married Theresa Jane Hamilton. Boone Peak was sheriff of Nelson County for a number of years, and in this capacity he gave the alarm5 during mass and ordered the evacuation of the building when St. Catherine's Church was destroyed by fire in April, 1928. Only Rev. James H. Willett remained in the Church to finish the Mass. Family history39 records that Boone Peak also had an episode with the John Dillinger gang at a roadblock set up to stop them in Howardstown. However, the gang was so well armed that they were allowed to pass through without incident. Thomas Boone Peak died July 27, 1945, of internal injuries resulting from an automobile accident on US 31-E near Flaget Hospital in Bardstown. Della Peak died June 4, 1960. Both are buried at St. Catherine's cemetery in New Haven.

8B3. Children of Robert E. Peak (s/o William) and Mary Josephine Greenwell

Thaddeus Andrew Peak was born 1878/79 and married Mary Elizabeth Cunningham on Dec. 21, 1905. Their children19 included Mary Virginia Peak, born Sept. 28, 1906, died June, 1974; Josephine Elizabeth Peak, born Feb. 8, 1908; Olive Catherine Peak, born Aug. 7, 1912, married Adam Joseph Gottbrath on Oct. 10, 1942; Thaddeus Andrew Peak, Jr., born Oct. 21, 1919, married Martha Jane Schott on Apr. 8, 1943 (6 children). Thaddeus A. Peak, Sr. died Apr. 13, 1952 in Jefferson County.

Mary Albin Peak was born Nov. 7, 1881 and married John Alexius Hagan (born July 17, 1881) on Jan. 19, 1910. Their children19 included Joseph Bertrand Hagan, born Dec. 16, 1910 in New Haven; Francis Leo Hagan, born May 26, 1912 in New Haven; Joseph Peake Hagan, born Feb. 12, 1915, became a priest, Very Rev. Joseph Jachim Hagan, OP, STM, JCD. John Alexius Hagan died on Dec 15, 1919 and Mary Albin Peak Hagan died in Jefferson County on Oct. 17, 1959. Both are buried at St. Catherine's cemetery in New Haven.

8B4. Child of William Leonard Peak (s/o William) and Amanda Alma Culver

Lawrence Joseph Peak was born Feb. 5, 1879 and married Marietta Marchand, born Aug. 1, 1879. Their children included Dorothy Peak, born Oct. 27, 1901, married Frank Heickelbeck; Edward Lawrence Peak, born Sept. 4, 1903, married Sophronia Viers; Charles Francis Peak, born July 25, 1906, married Elizabeth Steinmacher; Kathleen Margaret Peak, born July 15, 1908, married Burrell Self; Philip Leo Peak, born Apr. 4, 1910; William Louis Peak, born June 5, 1911, married Elizabeth Cushing; Laurence Oliver Peak, born Feb. 1, 1915, died Mar. 30, 1966; John Anthony Peak, born Jan. 31, 1920, married Ruth Howe.

8B5. Children of Jane Peak (d/o William) and Charles Hillary Clark

Roseanna Clark was born May 27, 1856, and baptized June 10, 1856, at Gethsemani Abbey19. She married James Henry Hagan on Apr. 17, 1876, at Holy Cross Church, with Napoleon Nally and Catherine Peak as witnesses. The child of Roseanna and James Henry Hagan was James H. Hagan, born in 1877. James Henry Hagan, Sr., died Jan. 25, 1877, and Rosella Clark Hagan married Henry "Hack" Cambron on July 31, 1884. Their children included Frances Lima Cambron, born Aug. 12, 1892, and Alfred B. Cambron. Roseanna Hagan Cambron died on July 1, 1899, and Henry Cambron died Mar. 12, 1921. Both are buried at Gethsemani cemetary.

Paul Ignatius "Nace" Clark was born Apr. 17, 1859, and married Mary Bell Ballard at Holy Cross Church on Sept. 29, 1879, with Emmanuel A. Edelen and Rose Ann Peak as witnesses. consent for Paul given by Charles H. Clark, with Moses Hagan and John Newton as witnesses, and consent for Belle was given by her mother, Mary Isabell Wheeler, with John Newton and Charles Donohoo as witnesses19. Children of Paul and Mary Bell Clark included19: William Clark, born after 1880, married Rebecca Jane Willett; Rosa Jane Clark, born May 14, 1890, married John R. Watson, died Dec. 14, 1933, buried at Gethsemani cemetery; Lilly Clark, married James Henry Hagan; John Thomas Clark, married Frances Geneva Hagan on Apr. 25, 1909; Mary Dell "Della" Clark, married John Francis Hagan.

Alethia "Letha" Clark was born May 21, 1864 and baptized July 31, 1864 at Holy Cross Church with Ellen Clark as sponsor. She married Columbus Washington Hicks at Holy Cross Church on Nov. 23, 1880, with Alex Brown, Nannie Thompson, and Genevive Ferrell as witnesses. Their children included19: Mary Eliza Hicks, born Aug. 29, 1881, baptized Sept. 25, 1881, at St. Vincent de Paul Church in New Hope, married Aden Benedict Nalley, died Dec. 17, 1969; Frances Lula Hicks, born about 1883, married William Harlow, died Oct. 21, 1945; Anna Marella Hicks, born Jan. 11, 1888; Thomas Dolor Hicks, born Feb. 6, 1891; Petronella "Nell" Hicks, born about 1894, married Francis Sidney Donahue, died Feb. 24, 1953; Charles Vincent Hicks, born Nov. 8, 1896, married Sara M. Johnson; Bernard Washington Hicks, born Feb. 1901, married Martha Myrtle Donahue; Richard Beckham Hicks, born Nov. 4, 1903; Joseph W. Hicks. An unnamed child died shortly after birth in Oct. 1899. Columbus Washington Hicks died Dec. 12, 1929, and Alethia Clark Hicks died Dec. 14, 1955. Both are buried at St. Vincent de Paul cemetery in New Hope.

Charles W. Clark was born May 3, 1866, and baptized May 7, 1866, at Holy Cross Church. He married Mary Florence Greenwell, and their children included19: Lucy Bernice Clark, born Nov. 14, 1906; Catherine Gertrude Clark, baptized Jan. 26, 1909, at St. Vincent's Church, married James H. Taylor on Oct. 19, 1928 ; Hugh Rodman Clark, born Feb. 15, 1911.

Richard Patrick Clark was born about 1879, and married Rose Bell "Roxie" Sapp. Their children included Richard Clark, born Jan. 16, 1904. After the death of Rose Clark, Richard Patrick Clark, Sr. married Maude Clark19.

Beatrice Frances Clark was born Mar. 5, 1879, and married John Webester Donahue on Feb. 18, 1900. Their children included19: Mary Caroline Donahue, born Nov. 22, 1901, died June 17, 1977; Barbara Ruth Donahue, born June 14, 1903, became Sister Jane Frances, OSU; Nathan Hubert Donahue, born Sept. 1, 1905, married Mary Clara Nalley, died May 29, 1939, buried at Holy Cross cemetery; John Francis Donahue, born Jan. 3, 1908, married Asia Marie Mattingly on July 24, 1928, died Aug. 14, 1963; Mary Fidlma Donahue, born Feb. 11, 1910; Patrick Augustine Donahue, born Feb. 6, 1912, married Mary Emma Clark; Joseph Webster Donahue, born Feb. 6, 1912, died Feb. 11, 1912; Margaret Rose Donahue, born Sept. 3, 1914, became Sister Mary Camilla, SCN; Anna Catherine Donahue, born Nov. 25, 1916, married William Schuman Donahue on Feb. 22, 1941; Camilla Adeline Donahue, born July 3, 1921, became Sister Rose Catherine, OSU.

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