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Schoenthal Cemetery

Name of R.M.: Morse No.: 165
Name of Cemetery: Schoenthal Cemetery
Name of Community:
Name of Denomination: Mennonite
Condition of Cemetery: Unknown
Ownership of Cemetery: Unknown
Approximate number of burials: 39
Legal Land Location: NE 4-18-8 W3rd
Recorded by:
Date: 2011
Local Contact Person:
Phone No:
Comments: First burial in1922, 39 burials by 1974

NAME BIRTH DEATH Monument Inscription  
Bestrop, Infant     child of Arthur Bestrop  
Bestrop, Infant     child of Arthur Bestrop  
Buller, Infant     child of Jacob Buller  
Derksen, Lena        
Falk, Peter A.        
Falk, Peter A. Mrs.        
Foster, Infant     child of Bernhard Foster  
Funk, Anna        
Funk, Maria        
Gerbrandt, Abraham        
Gerbrandt, Agnes        
Gerbrandt, Anna     dau of J.F. Gerbrandt  
Gerbrandt, J.F.        
Gerbrandt, Jacob        
Gerbrandt, Jacob F. Mrs.        
Gerbrandt, Jean Katherine      
Gerbrandt, Mary      
Gerbrandt, Violet      
Geortzen, David     son of A. W. Geortzen
Geortzen, David     son of Peter geortzen
Geortzen, Infant     child of William Geortzen
Grunwold, Erma      
Hamm, Abraham      
Hamm, Peter      
Hensillin, Olga      
Hildebrant, Infant     child of Gerhart Hildebrand
Hoff, Infant     child of Jacob Hoff
Kehler, Peter Mrs.      
Letkeman, Henry      
Mullin, Infant     child of Isaac Mullin
Penner, Henry W.     son of Walter Penner
Reif, Mr.      
Shwab. Maria      
Wiebe, Cornelius      
Wiebe, Diedrich Mrs.      
Wiebe, Peter     son of Diedrich
Yanley, Infant      
Yanley, Mr.