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Saskatchewan Mennonite Cemeteries


Rhineland-Rosenbach Cemetery

Name of R.M.: Coulee No.: 136-002
Name of Cemetery: Rosenbach Cemetery
Name of Community: Rhineland
Name of Denomination:
Condition of Cemetery:
Ownership of Cemetery:
Approximate number of burials: 24 known burials
Legal Land Location: NE 2-14-12 W 3rd
Recorded by: Helen Banman
Date: Dec 2009
Local Contact Person:
Phone No:
Comments: First burials in the late 1920’s, last burial in 2007


Name Birth Death Monument Inscription      
Bell, Mary No Date 1943 Baby 1 year old      
Dyck, Abe 24 May 1915 25 Nov 1941        
Friesen, Abe 1935 1935 Baby      
Friesen, Harvey No Date 2007 ashes      
Friesen, Menno 1930 1930 Baby      
Friesen, Peter 1902 1940        
Harder, Abram No Date 23 Feb 1943        
Harder, Elizabeth No Date 12 Nov 1918        
Heinrichs, Mrs. No Date 1930's        
Heinrichs, Isaac No Date 1948        
Martens, Elizabeth No Date 1935 Teenager      
Martens, Child No Date 1920's Baby girl (Twin)      
Martens, Child No Date 1920's Baby girl (Twin)      
Olfert, Abe 1873 09 Jan 1935        
Olfert, Daniel 1882 Mar 1948        
Olfert, Eva 1924 1924        
Olfert, Helena 1883 1926        
Olfert, Helena 1888 09 Jul 1934        
Olfert, Sarah No Date 1942 Mrs.      
Olfert, Peter 1903 1923        
Penner, Peter 1937 1937 Baby      
Peters, Abe 16 Sep 1926 1930 age 14      
Thiessen, Klaas No Date No Date        
Wall, Jacob No Date Nov 1941 Baby