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Pierceland North Pine Cemetery

Name of R.M.: Beaver River No.: 622
Name of Cemetery: North Pine
Name of Church: Emmanuel Mennonite Church
Name of Denomination: General Conference
Condition of Cemetery: Well Cared For
Ownership of Cemetery: Church
Approximate number of burials:
Legal Land Location: SW 9-63-25, W 3rd
Directions: located 7 miles north, 1 mile east, and 1 mile north of Pierceland
Recorded by: Shirley Dyck
Date: 31 July 2003
Comments: The land was donated by Cornelius Unrau, and the Cemetery was established about 1943. Rev. Jacob J. Dyck was the pastor at that time.
There is a stone monument erected in Memory of Pierceland Pioneers just 1 mile south and ½ a mile west of the town of Pierceland. Of the 24 names two are Mennonite names: one is a little girl Edna Dyck 1933-1940, and there a young man by the name of Cornelius Neudorf 1901-1939.

Brown, Mr.      
Dyck, Anne Yvonne (Konotopski) 06 Feb 1935 24 Feb 1995  
Dyck, Baby     Baby of J.P. Dyck
Dyck, Betty Jane 05 Oct 1947 05 Oct 1947  
Dyck, Jacob J. 14 Apr 1902 25 Apr 1987  
Dyck, Mary (Unrau) 08 Aug 1912 Feb 1974  
Fehr, Baby     Baby of Abe Fehr
Harder, Frank 1888 1961  
Heide, Baby     Baby of George Heide
Heide, Baby     Baby of George Heide
Hein, Aganetha (Hein) 12 July 1917 08 Dec 1998  
Hein, George 1884 1960  
Henricks, Dan   1949  
Hiebe, Wilf      
Kessler, Pete 1900 1943  
Kohl, Hans 1936 1999  
Montgomery, Mary Feb 1922 Jun 1947  
Peters, Peter K. 30 Aug 1910 24 Dec 1992  
Unrau, Baby     Baby of Abe Unrau
Unrau, Baby     Baby of Abe Unrau
Unrau, Baby Girl     Daughter of Ervin Unrau
Unrau, Cornelius Nov 1914 01 Aug 1952  
Unrau, Daniel 1943 1989  
Unrau, Helena (Siemens) 1889 1978  
Unrau, Isaac 18 Sep 1877 30 May 1946  
Unrau, Lloyd Marvin 20 Aug 1951 26 Aug 1951  
Unrau, Peter 1910 1973  
Unrau, Willard Jonathan 28 Mar 1947 16 May 1947