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Mullingar-Hurricane School Cemetery

Name of R.M.: Mayfair No.: 466
Name of Cemetery: Unknown?
Name of Community: Mildred - Hurricane
Name of Denomination: Mennonite
Condition of Cemetery: Unkept
Ownership of Cemetery: Unknown ?
Approximate number of burials: 13
Legal Land Location: SW 19-48-9 W 3rd
Directions: Approximately 15 miles south and 1 mile east of Mildred
Recorded by: Abe Buhler
Date: September 1, 2006
Local Contact Person: Isaac Giesbrecht
Phone No: (306) 427-4943
Comments: This cemetery is found under a tall spruce tree beside the gate of the former Hurricane School. There is only one marked grave and that is of Anna Kasper, Oct 20, 1879 – Aug 26, 1944.
Isaac Giesbrecht, who grew up in the area supplied the following names who also are buried here.



Name Birth Death Monument Insription    
Bergen, Girl No Date No date      
Casper, Anna No Date No date      
Friesen, Baby No Date No date Child of Abe Friesen's    
Giesbrecht, Mrs. David No Date No date      
Hildebrandt, Abe 21 Aug 1936 12 Jul 1938      
Hildebrandt, Edwin No Date 19 May 1923 Son of Preacher Hildebrandt    
Hildebrandt, Ernest 04 May 1926 15 May 1928      
Lettkeman, Helena 12 Jun 1887 06 Nov 1947      
Lettkeman, Mrs No Date No date      
Pauls, Violet No Date No date Daughter of Frank & Mary (Peters) Pauls    
Unrau, Girl No Date No date      
Unrau, Girl No Date No date      
Wiebe, Agatha 17 Sep 1928 24 Feb 1939      
Wiebe, Henry No Date 08 Sep 1927 Son of Henry & Anna (Driedger) Wiebe    
Wiebe, Peter No Date 14 Sep 1940 buried in Prince Albert, son of H & A