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Saskatchewan Mennonite Cemeteries


McMahon (Old Colony) Cemetery

Name of R.M.: Coulee No.: 136 - 008
Name of Cemetery: McMahon (Old Colony) Cemetery
Name of Community: McMahon
Name of Denomination: Old Colony Mennonites
Condition of Cemetery: unknown
Ownership of Cemetery: Mr. Petkau
Approximate number of burials: 19
Legal Land Location: SW 15-13-12, W 3rd
Recorded by:
Date: August 2009
Local Contact Person: Phone No:
Comments: This information is taken from a picture of a plaque that appears to be attached to a wood surface, probably on the site of the cemetery. The inscription reads as follows:
In the early 1900’s Mr. Isaac Schmidt gave one acre of land on SW 15-13-12 for a graveyard, currently owned by Mr. Petkau. The Old Colony Mennonites used it until early 1920’s, and left to Mexico. They took their records with them. After this the town of McMahon used the cemetery. There was a severe outbreak of the flu in 1936. The flu was brought to the McMahon District by some visiting Mennonites from Mexico. Three to four members of some families died. Households were put under quarantine. Dr. Irwin, one R.C.M.P. constable, and a nurse were also quarantined at one of the homesteads.
Those known to be buried here:
Ann Driedger Henry Klassen
Peter Driedger son George Wall
Driedger twin Babies Cornie Wall
Cornelius Martens Margaret Unrau
Peter Martens-age 12 years Margaret Unrau’s daughter
Susie Martens-age 9 months Baby son of Mr. & Mrs. Abe Hiebert
Henry Martens Baby twins of Mr. & Mrs. Anton Kuhns
Helen Reimer Samuel Seer 1927 age 7 years

1939 - Last burial