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Blue Jay Cemetery

Name of R.M.: Moose Range No.: 468
Name of Cemetery: Blue Jay
Name of Community: Carrot River
Name of Denomination: Mennonite
Condition of Cemetery:
Ownership of Cemetery: Old Bergthaler Mennonite Church
Approximate number of burials: Just over 100
Legal Land Location:
Directions: 20 miles east of Nipawin on the south side of the Highway
Recorded by: Submitted by Abe Buhler
Date: October 2, 2006
Local Contact Person:
Phone No:
Comments: This cemetery was owned by the Bergthaler Church and was started in the early 1900’s by Bishop Kornelius Epp. I haven’t seen this cemetery, so I don’t know the condition of it.
A. Buhler

Name Birth Death Monument Inscription    
Bergen, Abraham     79    
Bergen, Abraham Mrs.     80    
Bergen, Isaak          
Bergen, Susie     20    
Buhler, Frank   2000 74    
Buhler, Helena     Infant    
Buhler, Pete     Infant    
Derksen, Dave M.     51    
Doerksen, Baby     Infant    
Doerksen, Baby     Infant, Stillborn    
Doerksen, Baby     Infant, Stillborn child of I. P.    
Doerksen, Danial     Infant, 1 month    
Doerksen, Dave   1995 69    
Doerksen, Frank   1938 Infant    
Doerksen, G.P. Mrs.     74    
Doerksen, Isaac   1940 Twins    
Doerksen, Isaac     Infant, Stillborn    
Doerksen, Isaac     Infant , 5 months    
Doerksen, Isaac     Infant, Stillborn child of D.    
Doerksen, Isaak   1996 76    
Doerksen, Jacob     90    
Doerksen, Jacob     63    
Doerksen, Katrina     69    
Doerksen, Margaret     Infant, 1 year, 3 months, 21 days    
Doerksen, Maria     74    
Doerksen, Peter P.     56    
Doerksen, Philip J.K.   1943 Infant    
Doerksen, Susanna   1940 Twins    
Dyck, Abraham     Infant    
Dyck, Anna     9 months    
Dyck, Baby     Twins    
Dyck, Baby     Twins
Dyck, David     Infant, 3 months
Dyck, George Rev.     73
Epp, Baby      
Epp, Jacob D.   2003 79
Epp, John     96
Epp, Katherina     79
Fehr, Anna     70
Fehr, Helena     81
Fehr, I.D.     49
Fehr, Isaac     23
Fehr, Isaac      
Fehr, Jacob D.     69
Fehr, Peter     83
Froese, Abram     Infant, 3 weeks
Froese, Baby     Stillborn
Froese, Peter     59
Hamm, Elisabeth     65
Harder, Elisabeth      
Heide, Abram     82
Heide, Isaac     27
Hiebert, Anna Miss     19
Hiebert, Cornelius      
Hiebert, Katrina     58
Klassen, Martin     68
Krahn, Jacob     63
Martens, David     64
Martins, Baby     Infant, 6 weeks
Martins, Helena      
Matins, Baby     Infant, 13 days
Penner, Agnes     Infant
Penner, K. Baby     Infant, 9 months
Penner, Katherina     66
Peters, Abram     Son, 9 years
Quiring, Cornelius      
Quiring, Cornelius     85
Quiring, Gertrud     57
Reimer, Abraham     74
Reimer, Helena     77
Reimer, Mary     81
Rempel, Diedrich     63
Rempel, Sarah     59
Sawatzky, Abraham     67
Sawatzky, Abram Mrs.      
Wall, Abe     61
Wall, Edith      
Wall, John     71
Wall, Tina      
Wiebe, A.     Stillborn
Wiebe, Baby     Infany
Wiebe, Heinrich     49
Wiebe, Jacob     Son, 5 years
Wiens, Abram   1987 84
Wiens, Agatha   2004 97
Wiens, Anna     82
Wiens, Anna   1987 79
Wiens, Ben     Infant, Stillborn
Wiens, David   1996 20
Wiens, Helen     Infant, 1 month, 14 days, Child of H. U.
Wiens, Henry K.     89
Wiens, Jacob     80
Wiens, Jacob K.   1983 96
Wiens, Jake     25
Wiens, Maria     Infant daughter of H. K. 4 months  
Wiens, Mary   1996 63  
Wiens, Tena   1988 79