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R.M. of Blaine Lake No. 434. Formerly, the Great Deer District.
Legal Land Location: SW 6-42-7, W3d. Located 19 km south west of Petrofka bridge on Hwy 12, about 80 km from Saskatoon.
Record of Marked Burials Made on August 11, 1995.
Summary - 34 marked graves, plus 50 unmarked, plus many more not clearly visible.
Cemetery Restoration Project - May 1995:
The cemetery lies at the west end of the churchyard, which is 0.50 acres in area. Cemetery itself measures 185 by 115 feet. There is a row of tall evergreens just outside the north border of the yard, planted by Paul Burima, former owner of the quarter section on which the cemetery is located. Paul passed away in 1977; his grave lies near a tall spruce tree he planted.
This cemetery is owned by the General Conference of Mennonites, and was established in 1915. It is about 80 km (50 miles) from Saskatoon on the Borden-Blaine Lake grid road. The church remained active for 65 years. In 1977, due to a declining farm population, it had to close. In 1993 the church building was taken over by a small congregation and moved to Rosthern, but the cemetery is still very much in use.
In May 1995, discussions were held with Mr. Abe k. Reimer, long time church board chairman, about restoring the cemetery. He made a generous donation, and work commenced right away. A work party was held on June 12th, and was a big success. A new mesh wire fence was put up around two sides of the cemetery, and a wire gate installed. Old pieces of fence and posts were removed. The grass was cut, and lilac bushes trimmed. Since then, the entire cemetery has been mowed again, and nearly all the hard-to-cut badger brush removed. One huge lilac bush has been partly cut down, revealing two or three graves beneath it; hence it will be removed altogether. A new sign will be erected soon, and a toilet put up near the cemetery.
So far, new fencing and posts, a lawn mower and a sign have been purchased for a total of almost $1,100.00. Would you kindly consider making a donation for the upkeep of this cemetery? Thanks very much. Please fill in the portion below and send it in as soon as possible. Plan are underway to make this a non-profit, charitable organization, which will issue tax-deductible receipts.

Name Birth Death Monument Insription
Burima, Linda no date 1947 Infant
Burima, Mary 1910 1933 (Under a nicely trimmed tree)
Burima, Paul A, 1911 1977  
Czarenko, Andrew 1902 1973  
Dyck, Isaac Daniel 1862 1927  
Dyck, Katharina 1861 1920  
Fehr, Anna 14 Jun 1908 12 Dec 1989 Mother
Giesbrecht, Anna 11 Nov 1872 25 Sep 1915  
Heide, Klaas 1874 1955  
Heide, Mary 1892 1961  
Heppner, Johnny Jul 1914 Sep 1917  
Hiebert, Dietrich 04 Dec 1898 01 Sep 1951  
Klassen, Maria (Unruh)(Thiessen) 1878 1948  
Nickel, Daniel 1909 1989  
Nickel, Elizabeth 1890 1965  
Nickel, Gertrude Jun 1930 Aug 1931  
Nickel, Isaac 1895 1960  
Nickel, Katherine 1892 1970  
Nickel, William 1933 1977  
Panko, Baby no date 1930 Infant
Reimer, Annie   20 Jul 1911 19 years, 8 months
Reimer, D.D. 09 Feb 1900 1966  
Reimer, Maria 12 Apr 1918 05 Oct 1977  
Rhode, Helen 25 Jul 1920 22 Dec 1986 Mother
Rhodes, Abram 1909 1973  
Rhodes, Sarah 1945 1953  
Siemens, Anna 1896 1937  
Siemens, Peter no date 01 Nov 1918  
Treptau, Eileen 19 Sep 1965 20 Sep 1965  
Unrau, David 1900 1930 Brother
Unrau, Helena no date 1916 Sister
Unrau, Justena 1917 1918 Sister
Unrau, Maria 1877 1941 Mother
Unrau, Wilham (Wilhelm) 1865 1928 Father
Wall, Helen 15 Mar 1903 13 May 1995