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Saskatchewan Mennonite Cemeteries


Neu-Stadt Cemetery

Name of R.M.: No.:
Name of Cemetery:
Name of Community:
Name of Denomination:
Condition of Cemetery:
Ownership of Cemetery:
Approximate number of burials: 7 Burials
Legal Land Location:
Recorded by: Helen Banman
Date: Dec 2009
Local Contact Person:
Phone No:


Name Birth Death Monument Inscription      
Braun, Isaac 11 Nov 1936 12 Nov 1926 son of the John W. Braun Family      
Braun, John 21 Nov 1915 28 Oct 1916 son of the John W. Braun Family      
Braun, Margaret 22 Sep 1919 01 Sep 1920 daughter of the John W. Braun Family      
Giesbrecht, Margaret (Penner) 09 Sep 1896 10 Apr 1940        
Martens, Henry 05 May 1887 29 May 1935        
Martens, Margaret 02 Mar 1888 22 Nov 1961        
Penner, Margaret (Woelk) 22 Jun 1875 28 Feb 1934