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saskatchewan mennonite cemeteries


Saskatchewan Mennonite Cemetery Finding Aid is a free database of rural Mennonite cemeteries located in the Province of Saskatchewan.

CEMETERY DATA -- We would like researchers to take advantage of this collection of transcriptions, however they may not be reproduced for commercial purposes or any kind of financial gain.

We will also welcome the addition of other rural cemeteries on this site, providing they are not already hosted on another site, you have the necessary permission, and that the work is not copy rite.

The society is pleased to make these web resources available to you. However, the society is not able to help you with your genealogical research. Research queries will not be answered unless they pertain to specific files on this web site.

Disclaimer Regarding Data Quality

This data has been compiled by volunteers and is based on monument, burial records, church records, and in some cases information supplied by family members of the deceased. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but human errors are always possible. Users should be aware that the database no doubt contains some errors. Some of the cemetery sites are only partial listings and this can be due to missing documentation and headstones that are no longer readable. In some cases there is no information at all for a specific burial plot. Confirming the information with personal observation or other sources is always advisable. If you find errors, please let us know and, if possible, provide sources and documentation supporting the changes you recommend. This must be done on the "complete the form".

To contact someone from this web site, please click here and complete the form. You must use your real name and complete the form in full.

Arma Cemetery - a small cemetery between Hague and Rosthern, Sk.
Aberdeen Bergthal Cemetery
Aberdeen Community Cemetery (new Feb 2010)
Aberdeen Edenburg Cemetery
Aberdeen Olgafeld Cemetery
Beaver Dale Cemetery-courtesy of Mr and Mrs Henry Zacharias
Bethany Mennonite Church Cemetery
(submitted by Bethany Mennonite Church, Watrous, SK)
Bethel Cemetery
Bergthal-1 Cemetery

Bergthal-4 Cemetery
Bergthal Cemetery (Mistatin)
Bergthaler Cemetery
Blue Jay Bergthaler Cemetery
Blumenheim Cemetery
Blumenhof (Swift Current) Cemetery (new - Feb 2010)
Blumenort Cemetery
Blumenthal Cemetery
Borden-Great Deer Mennonite Brethern Cemetery
Bradwell Cemetery
Brotherfield Cemetery
Carson Community Cemetery- RM of Laird
Chortitz Cemetery – Abe Leidings Land (new - Feb 2010)
Chortitza Sommerfeld EMC Cemetery (new-Apr 2013)
Clarkboro Cemetery -( west of Aberdeen near the ferry crossing)
Coulee-Chortitz Village Cemetery (new Feb 2010)

Dalmeny Bible Church Cemetery
Dalmeny Mennonite Brethren Cemetery
Danzig Cemetery (submitted by of Helen Epp)
Drake North Star Cemetery
Drake Village Cemetery
Dundurn Cemetery
Dyck Homestead Cemetery
Eigenheim Church Cemetery
Elim MB Church Cemetery
Langham Emmanuel Cemetery
First Mennonite Church - Saskatoon
Fiske Cemetery
Glenbush-Hoffnungsfeld Cemetery
Glenbush MB Cemetery (new - April 2010)
Gnadenau Cemetery
Gnadental Cemetery (McMahon) (new - Feb 2010)
Gruenthal Bergthal Cemetery
Gruenfeld Cemetery
Gruenthal Cemetery
Guenter Cemetery
Guenther Cemetery
Guersney Sharon Mennonite Cemetery
Hamm-Fehr Cemetery
Hague Cemetery (new)
Hague Cemetery (old)
Hanley Cemetery
Haultain Cemetery

Hepburn Cemetery
Hochfeld Cemetery
Hochstadt Cemetery
Horse Lake Mennonite Cemetery
Kronstal Cemetery
Laird Cemetery
Langham Community Cemetery
Langham area cemeteries
Langham Bible Church Cemetery (new- Feb 2010)
Langham Emmanuel Cemetery
Lost River Bergthal Cemetery
Lost River Bethany Mennonite Cemetery
Mayfair Hoffnungsfelder (Bethel) Church Cemetery (new Feb 2010)

Mayfair Community Cemetery
MB Church - Aberdeen
McMahon (old colony) Cemetery (new - Feb 2010)
Mierau Cemetery
Maymont Cemetery
McMahon(small village) Cemetery (new - Feb 2010)
Medstead and District Cemetery
Morse Schoenthal Cemetery (new - Feb 2010)
Mullingar Hurricane School Cemetery

Mullingar Mennonite Cemetery
Neuanlage Cemetery
Neuhofnung MB Cemetery
Neuhorst Cemetery
Neu-Stadt Cemetery (new - Feb 2010)
Nutana Park Church
Osler Community Cemetery
Osterwick Cemetery
Peter O. Penner Cemetery-courtesy of Gladys Wiebe
Philadelphia Mennonite Brethren Church Cemetery, Watrous, Sk.
Pierceland North Pine Cemetery
Pleasant Point Cemetery - RM Blutcher #343
(Private Plots 9) Sask Valley
Rempel and Community Cemetery
Rheinland Cemetery
Rhineland Rosenbach Cemetery ( new - Feb 2010)
---------Left blank June 09/2011 for editing purposes.
Rheinfeld-Knelsen Family Cemetery (new - Feb 2010)
Rheinfeld (McMahon) Cemetery (new - Feb 2010)
Rhineland Fellowship Church Cemetery (new - Feb 2010)
Rhineland Rosenbach Cemetery (new April 2010)
Riefertal Cemetery
Regier Cemetery -Swift Current RM (new - Feb 2010)

Rosengard Cemetery

Rosenhof Cemetery (new - Feb 2010)
Rosenort Cemetery
Rosthern Cemetery
Rostsern Private Cemetery (new April 2010)
Rosthern Ukranian Catholic Cemetery (new April 2010)

Rosthern Pioneer Cemetery
Round Hill Cemetery
Ruddell Cemetery

Silberfeld Cemetery(courtesy of Margaret Hildebrand)
Salem Cemetery
Schlorrendarp Cemetery
Schmidtsburg Cemetery - small -private-south of Waldheim, Sk
Schoenfeld NEW sommerfeld cemetery (new Feb 2010)

Schoenfeld OLD cemetery (new Feb 2010)
Schoenthal Cemetery (new Mar 2013)
Schoenwiese Bergthaler Cemetery (new Feb 2010)
Schoenwiese Old Colony Cemetery (new Feb 2010)
Shanzenfeld Cemetery
Sharon Cemetery (also called Guernsey Sharon Cemetery)
Snowbird School near Laird, Saskatchewan
Sommerfeld Cemetery
Speers Cemetery
Stoney Crest Cemetery
Stoney Hill Cemetery
Swift Current Area Small Cemetery (new - Feb 2010)
Swift Current - Cornelius Ray Fehr Land Cemetery (new - Feb 2010)
Teddington Cemetery ( new-Feb 2010)
Tiefengrund Cemetery
Val Jean Cemetery (new Feb 2010)
Waldheim Cemetery
Warman Town Cemetery

Warman EMCC Cemetery
Warman Bergathal Cemetery
Wymark (Jacob Krahn Land) Cemetery (new Feb 2010)
Wymark-Schanzenfeld Cemetery (new Feb 2010)
Wymark – EMC Cemetery in Chortitz (new - Feb 2010)

Shekinah Retreat Centre
This beautiful retreat centre is located on a 287 acre parcel of land, north west of Saskatoon, along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.

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