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Dave Skinner's Genealogy Pages

NEW! July 11, 2003 - I have uploaded scanned images from some very old photos and family Bibles. These are all on thumbnail pages for easy browsing. CLICK HERE to go to the master list of image files on this website.

I have not been actively researching my family history for several years, but have maintained an interest and would like to share my many years of research from the past. Thanks to RootsWeb free web space, I have a place to share the information, and thanks to Leslie Howards freeware program, GED2WWW, I found a quick and simple way to build a complete website from my gedcom files.

I have loaded two sets of genealogy information here. The first is my direct ancestry and closely related families, which I have traced all the way back to one of the Charlemagne lines. There are nearly 3000 names in this data. To search these webpages go to skinner.html.

The second set is a very extensive genealogy of the Landon family in America..

I hope these pages are helpful to you, and might fill in a missing link in your own search. If you would like to contact me for any additional information on my sources or information connected with these families, feel free to contact me.

Happy hunting
Dave Skinner