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Civil War Soldiers




James F. Glenn


Civil War 1st. Alabama CAL.,  Co. B

Pension #42932, Mary GLENN, Perry County, Illinois applied 14 July 1862. Her age was 40, she was a resident of Jackson County, Illinois.  James enlisted 14 Jan 1863 for one year at Glendale, MS, and was in service for 7 months, and died at Perry County Illinois 10 Aug 1863 due to diarrhea contracted in service. They were married 10 June 1846 in Lawrence (Laurens), County South Carolina by Jefferson SULLINS, Justice, that she was Mary MITCHELL. She states that the following children are under age 16 and live in Jackson County Illinois: David, b. 29 July 1851, Eusley H., b. 12 June 1857, Russel P., b. 11 June 1860 and Mary J. b. 4 Jan 1863. Mary states that James was ill and he had no absence or furlough but was sent north by order of Col John Morrow to recover his health and that from the time of leaving his regiment he grew worse of the disease of Chronic Diarrhea until he died 10 Aug 1863. Mathew H. GLENN, testified that he knew James and Mary for 15 years.
In the "Claim for Widow's Pension", It is stated that the soldiers together with about 300 other parties, mostly families of the Union men in Alabama, who had joined the Union Army and convalescent union soldiers were ordered to go to Illinois by Col Morrow, who at that time had command at that point. James F. GLENN then very sick with chronic diarrhea was among the number. No written leaves or furloughs were given. The sick & convalescent soldiers were ordered to return to their Regts as soon as they were able. One of these affiauts (Milner) was detailed to take charge of the company & both swear the soldier died with chronic diarrhea Aug 10, 1863. Pension Admitted June 22, 1866 $8.00 per month, commencing Aug 10th 1863. It is stated that James went out in the country and got a house for his family to live in when he got to Illinois.
On the 16 of Nov 1869, in Marion County, Alabama Nancy INNON and Sarah MITCHELL make statement that they have been intimately acquainted with Mary GLENN for at least 20 years, have lived most of that time neighbors to her, that they were acquainted with her children and their ages were from their knowledge the fact that they were present at the time of the births of the children and have been intimate with them nearly all the time since their birth and also that we have noticed the Bible record of their ages, which corresponds with the statements given above. Matthew H. GLENN also signed this paper.(Taken from James F. Glenn's Civil War Records)

Mary Jane Glenn's Civil War Pension Application


Joseph Riley Green

1814-2 Mar 1863

Joseph Green, age 50, born Montgomery County, North Carolina, farmer, private, Co. K & Co. A, Enlisted 14 Nov 1862, Cornith, Mississippi, Mustered In 30 Dec 1862, Cornith, Mississippi, Died 2 Mar 1863, Cornith, Mississippi. Died of disease, buried Cornith National Cemetery.

Enlisted 14 Nov 1862, at Cornith, MS-death 1 March 1863 of disease. Records contain guardianship papers for Susan M., and Joseph N. for father's pension, stating that widow, Martha died in June 1863. Original Pension of Minor Children", Susan M. GREEN, Richard W. SESSIONS, guardian, Jonesboro, Union, IL, Attorney Jas. C. Smith, Joseph GREEN, Private County A., 1st AL Cal., enlistment Nov. 14, 1862, Death March 2, 1863, No widow's pension, Minor's App. filed June 2, 1864, Guardian App. March 25, 1864, Death of widow, Martha GREEN is June 1863. A letter from Richard W. SESSIONS, June 18, 1870 states the minor heirs of Joseph GREEN, "they left here in 1867 I think & said they were going to Texas they said they would write but I have never heard from them since." Susan was the only child under age 16 on June 2, 1864. Union County, IL, In county court March term, 1864, Richard W. SESSIONS appointed guardian for Joseph N. GREEN, aged 20 years on the 1 day of February 1864 and Susan M. GREEN, aged 12 years on the 6 day of May 1863.


Azel T. Hallmark

1835-2 Nov 1890

Private, Companies A & B
Enrolled at 13 Jan 1863 at Glendale, MS for one year.
Mustered in 22 Jan 1863
Missing in action 5 July 1863, Yellow Creek, MS
Confined at Richmond, VA
Parolled at . . . (illegible) Point, VA, 29 Aug 1863; reported at . . .
(illegible) 30 Aug 1863. Sent to hospital. . . to which he was admitted 31 Aug 1863.
(See below that he was parolled because he was exchanged.)
Pension papers state the following:
State of Alabama
Marion County
Personally appeared before me, John A. Pope, Judge of Probate for said
county and state, A. T. Hallmark, who after being duly sworn deposeth and says that he left the hospital at Annapolis, Maryland on the 2nd day of December 1863, or there about. That he went to Washington City and was there detailed by the Secretary of War to drive a team and there remained about one and a half months, driving a team for the government. The reason as stated to me why I was so detailed was that there was not a sufficient number to form a squad that belonged to the Western Army. Then, I was something near a week going from Washington to Memphis, TN. I, there remained about a week before I was or could be mustered out, on account of my Captain's having to rush home to Illinois, I think. I was discharged on the 29th day of January 1864, and while I was at the hospital at Annapolis, Maryland, I was there treated for fever and wound in the
right thigh from gunshot received on Yellow Creek, near Burnsville, MS, from
the Confederates. I was then captured and sent to Richmond, VA, where I remained till August, about the last. Was exchanged and sent to Annapolis, Maryland.
Sworn to and Subscribed to before me on the 18 day of August 1884.
John H. Pope
Judge of Probate
Pension papers state that Azael and Margaret Jackson were married at near Jacinto, Tishomingo County, MS, on 8 Dec 1857.



Abijah H. Lewis

29 Oct 1841-10 Jun 1932

Abijah H Lewis, age: 21, born Marion Co., AL, farmer, Pvt. Co. B, Enlisted 20 Dec 1862, Mustered In 31 Dec 1862, Cornith, Mississippi, Prisoner of War 26 Dec 1863, Vincent's Crossroads, Mustered Out 27 Dec 1863, Camp Davis, Mississippi



Hosea Holcomb Lewis

29 Jan 1840-19 Jun 1910

Hosea H Lewis age: 22, born Coosa County, Alabama, Farmer, Pvt. Co. B, Enlisted 20 Dec 1862, Glendale, Mississippi, Mustered In 31 Dec 1862, Cornith, Mississippi, Prisoner of War 26 Dec 1863, Vincent's Crossroads, Mustered Out 27 Dec 1863, Camp Davies, Mississippi


Peter Lewis

1826-15 Apr 1863

Peter Lewis, Pvt. Co. D, Enlisted 1 Mar 1863, Glendale, Mississippi, Mustered In 20 Mar 1863, Corinth, Mississippi, Died 15 Apr 1863, Corinth, Mississipi, Dies in post hospital of "continued fever".
Company Assignment: D




William Prior Lewis

25 Sep 1843-18 Oct 1876

Prior Lewis, 1st. Alabama Cavalry, age 18, born Marion County, Alabama, farmer, Pvt. Co. B, Enlisted 10 Mar 1863, Glendale, Mississippi, Mustered In 7 Aug 1863, Cornith, Mississippi, Prisoner of War, 26 Oct 1863, Vincent's Crossroads, Mustered Out 22 Jan 1864, Memphis, Tennessee.



Francis M. Mitchell

1834-31 Jul 1863

He is listed as "Frank" Mitchell 1st CAV Alabama, private 30 years, Height 5'8", complexion light, hair light, eyes light, born St. Clair County, AL, occupation farmer, enlistment 13 Jan 1863, Glendale, Mississippi, by P.A. Stanberg, term 1 year, Transferred to Company A. (Card #1)

Frank Mitchell, Pvt., Co's A & B, 1st Regiment, Alabama Cavalry. Appears on returns as follows: Feb 1863, absent sick in hospital at Corinth with Measles. March 1863, transferred to County A, 1 Alabama Cavalry by order Capt. J.C. Cameron, March 1, at Glendale. July 1863, died July 31, 1863, Glendale Mississippi, disease. (Card #2)

Francis M. Mitchell, Pvt. Company A, 1 Regiment, Alabama Cavalry Company muster roll for July and Auguest 1863. Remarks: Died in camp at Glendale, 31 July 1863. (Card #3)

James Taylor and Matthew H. Glenn, gave the following affidavit as to Francis Marion Mitchell's service in the First Alabama Cavalry, U.S.A. This affidavit is found among papers that wife Mary K. (Hallmark) Mitchell filed for a pension: On 21th day of february, A.D. 1870, personally appearaed.....they were well acquainted...He first was taken with the measles, lay some days, then relapsed, was visited with a severe cough, something like pneumony and died about two weeks after such relapse....died on or about the 25th of July 1863 at Glendale, Mississippi. (note: James Taylor married Elvira Mitchell, sister of Francis Marion Mitchell)

Marriage Bond: found among the pension papers states the following: Francis M. Mitchell and Mary K. Hallmark, agreeably to the statute made and provided, and a due return make to the office of the Judge of Probate for the county..(Marion County AL). ..under my hand this 28th day of December in the year of Our Lord, 1855. John D. Terrell, Judge Probate. I, Winston Stidam, a Justice of the Peace, do hereby certify that I soleminized the rites of matrimony between F.M. Mitchell and Mary K. Hallmark on the 30th day of December, 1855. Winston Stidham, J.P.

On 24th day of July, 1868, personally appeared Mary K. Mitchell, a resident of Pikeville in County of Marion..aged 32 years, ..widow of Francis M. Mitchell, ..County A. commanded by F. Burdick..that her maiden name was Mary K. Hallmark, and she married ...on 30th day of December, 1855 at Robert Hallmark's in Winston....

The following are ..children who were under sixteen time of his death:
Martha Malinda b. 2nd Oct 1856, living with mother, John Marion b. 30 March
1858, living with mother.....witnessed by: Benjamin Nichols, John Mitchell.
(Note: Date of death given in affidavits doesn't match with date of death given on military papers, and date of death given on cemetery record. F.M. Mitchell is buried at the National Cemetery, Corinth, Mississippi. Cemetery records list his date of death as 31 July 1863, and his grave number as #2063.


John Mitchell

4 Jun 1825-6 Aug 1913 Civil War Pension Records
John Mitchell
Widow named "Margret"
Co's A&B, 1st AL CAV
Filed 24 Nov 1910, Application #1257983, Certificate #1040.073., filed in AL, class "Invalid"
Filed 11 Sep 1913, Application #1014.153, Certificate #810.309, filed in AL., class "Widow"

Glenda Todd's book says:
John Mitchell, Pvt., Co's A & B, 1st AL CAV, age 33 yrs. , enlisted 6 Jan 1863, Glendale, MS mustered in 22 Jan 1863, Corinth, MS, mustered out 22 Dec 1863, Memphis, TN

Note:  John is son of John Taylor Mitchell and brother of Permela Mitchell Palmer.



John D. Mitchell

1835-4 Aug 1864

John D. Mitchell, Private, Companies A & B, 1st Regiment Alabama Cavlary,
appears on "Returns" as follows:
1. Feb. '63, absent sick in hospital at Corinth with measles. (This was about
the same time that his brother Francis M. was sick in hospital with
2. Mar. '63, transferred to Co. A, 1st AL CAV, by order Capt. J. C. Cameron.
3. Mar. 1, at Glendale absent sick at Jackson, TN.
4. July '63, enlisted in company, July 12, '63. (Must have got well and
returned to his company.)
5. Oct. '63, missing in action, Oct 26, '63 Vincents Cross Roads.
Casualty sheet lists the following:
Name: John D. Mitchell, Private Co A, Regiment 1st ALA CAV, USA.
Nature of Casualty: Death
By Whom Certified: Bat. Maj. W. T. Hartz
Date of Death: 4 August 1864
Place of Death: Andersonville, Georgia
John is buried at the National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA.




William H. Mitchell

1829-23 Aug 1893

William H Mitchell , age: 32, born Laurens, SC, farmer, Private Co. K & Co. A, Enlisted 8 Sep 1862, Iuka, Mississippi, Mustered In 1 Oct 10 1862, Cornith, Mississippi, Mustered Out 16 Sep 1863, Cornith, Mississippi

On daily duty as teamster.

His Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension stated that while in the service and in the line of duty he was a teamster and while in a retreat from Yellow Creek, MS, his team became frightened and ran away. He, in attempting to stop them, was injured in his right leg. An affidavit states William's first wife was Louisa.




Arthur (Arta) Sine Nichols

1837-18 Mar 1886

Arthur S. Nichols, 1St Alabama Cavalry, Co. K, Private





Benjamin B. Nichols

1843-Aft 1870

Military papers of Benjamin B. Nichols state the following:
Benjamin B. Nichols
Enrolled Company K at Glendale 5 Dec 1862 for 1 year. Mustered in 31 Dec 1862 at Corinth Benjamin B. Nichols, Bugler, Company A, age 21 years Appears on Muster out roll dated, Memphis, TN, 22 Dec 1863 One card list name as Benjamin J. Nichols, Bugler, Company A.

Benjamin B. Nichols is the son of William Hedgepath Nichols and Mary Claxton Smith.  He is buried in Marion County, Alabama.



David L. Nichols

1833-2 Jul 1863

Inventory of the effects of David L. Nichols found in papers from National Archives:

Enlisted as recruit 12 May 1863, at Glendale, MS (see correction below)

 Mustered in 12 May 1863, at Corinth, MS Company "A" as a Private

Born in Franklin County, AL 30 years of age

5' 10" tall

Light complexion

Blue eyes

Auburn hair


Died in Hospital at Glendale MS on the 2 Jul 1863, (one card states 1 Jul 1863)

Cause of death: Diarrhea

He owned one blouse, one cotton shirt, one pair trowsers, 1 Jack Knife.

I certify on honor that the above inventory comprises all the effects of Private David L. Nichols, deceased, and that the effects are in the hands of Lieut. W. T. Gray, RQM at Glendale, MS".

Frank C. Burdick, Captain Commanding the Company

Station: Glendale, MS

6 Jul 1863

One Card state's:  Deserted 23 Jan 1863, and the same card at the bottom state's  Absent on recruiting.

Another card state's:  In hosptial at Glendale, MS of diarrhea. . . (illegible).  The charge of desertion against Nichols is removed.  Correct the . . . of the company, so as to show that the names David and David L. Nichols refer to the same man.  That the record of his enlistment as 12 May 1863 is an error and should read 8 Sep 1862.  Enter his name on the roll for March and April 1863, with remark "absent on recruiting service under orders from Head Quarters, District of Corinth", and note  the same remark on the roll for January and February 1863.

Another card state's:  Service under orders from Head Quarters District of Corinth vide nfn 19.1869.  See MOR.

The last card which states vide nfn 19. 1869. see MOR is of course hand- written, and I don't know if I transcribed it correctly.




G. Morgan Nichols 

1838-20 Feb 1863


Military Papers state the following:

Adjutant General's Office, Washington, 6 June 1885, states in a memorandum that he Was enrolled on 1 Feb 1863 at Glendale in Company D, as a Private.  Mustered in on the 4 Feb 1863 at Corinth, MS in Company D, for one year.  Died in Glendale, MS, 20 Feb 1863.  Paper gives name as Morgan Nicholas. 

Casualty Sheet lists Morgan Nicholas, Pvt. Company D.  Complaint when admitted to hospital 28 March 1863, as diarrhea.   Casualty Sheet lists Date of discharge, death, etc. as 3 April 1863

Casualty Sheets states info was obtained from certified transcript from register of sick and wounded at Post Hospital, Corinth, MS.  Signed:   James Dodge, 14 May 1885.

General Morgan Nichols was a son of William Hedgepath Nichols and Mary Claxton Smith.



Isaac J. Nichols

26 Jun 1840-28 Feb 1915

Isaac J. Nichols born Marion Co. AL, age 23, farmer, Co. K, Co. A., Enlisted  Enlisted Sept 8, 1862 in Iuka, Mississippi, Mustered in 1 Oct 1862 in Cornith, Mississippi, Discharged 2 Jul 1863, due to disability of loss of use of right hand.  His widowMargaret West Nichols filed for pension #896.776 filed 31 Mar 1915.  She states:

Isaac was born June 26, 1840 in Marion Co., AL, married Margaret G. West June 11, 1865 at Martins Mills, Wayne Co., TN and died February 28, 1915 in Stantonville, McNairy Co., TN. Children of Isaac and Margaret according to her Widow's Pension #896.766 filed March 31, 1915, were: Mary C., born March 19, 1867 (line drawn through name); John T.G., born July 20, 1869; Margaret L.E., born September 15, 1872 (line drawn through name); James W.R., born February 25, 1874 (line drawn through name); Arthur F., born March 5, 1876; Andrew J., born December 26, 1877; Nancy C., born August 23, 1879; Martha E. and William L. (twins) born September 8, 1882; and Isaac N., born June 10, 1885. Margaret West Nichols was born 1848 and died June 21, 1927 at Parkin, AR.


James F. Nichols

1837-17 Feb 1863

James F. Nichols, Private Company A, First Regiment Alabama Cavalry, USA, age 25 years, enrolled 25 November 1862 at Glendale (Mississippi), mustered in 31 December 1862 at Corinth. Died at Corinth 17 February 1863. 


Jacob L. Nichols

1838-30 Jun 1870

Patience Hallmark Nichols, widow of Jacob filed for Penion #198.229, filed 26 July 1871. Pension Abstract sent to me (JNNM) by Jerry Murphy of Wayne County, Tennessee.  It states:

"Jacob L. Nichols was a Private in Company "D", First Alabama Cavalry, USA, enlisted 3 Sept. 1863, at Glendale Mississippi. Wounded and sent home to recover. Soldier b. 1839 in Alabama. Soldier died, 30 June 1870 in Wayne County, TN. He married Patience Hallmark 22 Nov 1860 at the home of Thomas Hallmark, Marion County, AL. Jacob's and Patience's children listed on the pension records were: Leanner (Leannah) Evaline, b. 2 Jan 1863 and Gracey Elizabeth, b. 24 Aug. 1865. Affidavits filed in the pension records are by:

l. Gracey Hallmark, 26 July 1871, Marion County, AL.
2. Mary K. Mitchell, 26 July 1871, Marion County, AL.
3. Larry L. Nichols, 26 July 1871, Marion County, AL.
4. Washington L. Wigginton, 26 July 1871, Marion County, AL.
5. J. J. Nichols, age 42, 25 July 1887, Leighton, Lawrence County, AL. (Is this John J. Nichols, listed as 5 yrs. old on the Marion County, AL, census, as the brother of Jacob L. Nichols)
6. William Nichols, age 38, 25 July 1887, Leighton, Lawrence County, AL.
7. J. M. Mitchell, age 52, Caffey(?), McNairy County, TN, 4 May 1887.
8. Tom Wigginton, 36, Stantonville, McNairy County, Tennessee, 4 May 1887.


Jasper N. Nichols

1843-14 Jun 1865

Jasper N. Nichols, Civil War Record:
Jasper N. Nichols was a Private in Company B, First Alabama, USA. He was
mustered in 22 January 1863, at Corinth, Mississippi. October 1863 to January
1864, absent, prisoner of war in the hands of the enemy, in engagement with the enemy at Vinsons Cross Roads, October 26, 1863. In Regimental Descriptive Book, his description is given as follows:
Age: 22 years
Height: 5' 6"
Complexion: Dark
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Dark
Where Born: Marion, AL
Occupation: Farmer
Found among his military papers is the following:
Paducah, Kentucky--April 18, 1865
This certifies that I have carefully examined J. N. Nichols, Private, Company
B, First Regiment, Alabama Cavalry, who is now here on furlough from the U. S. General Hospital, Maryland, (Said furlough to expire the 23 inst), and find
him unable to travel to said hospital on account of emaciation and general
debility, contracted while incarserated in a rebel prison at Florence, South
Carolina I furthermore declare my belief that he will not be able to report in
person in a less period of time than thirty (30) days from present date. Signed J. M. Ball
Surgeon, 44 (illegible)
(illegible) Paducah, KY
Military papers further state:
I, certify on honor that Jasper N. Nichols, Private of Company B, of the First
Regiment of Alabama Cavalry. . . . is now entitled to a discharge by reason of his death, June 14, 1865, in . . . Post Hospital, Jeffersonville, Indiana, by
reason of chronic disability. . . . Given in duplicate at Jeffersonville, Indiana this 14th day of June 1865.
Signed John R. McClung
Surgeon (illegible)



Larry L. Nichols

30 Dec 1843-19 Oct 1932

Nichols, Larry L., Pvt., Co. K&A, age 19, Enlisted 8 Sep 1862, Iuka, Mississippi, Mustered In 1 Oct 1862, Corinth, Mississippi, born Marion County, Alabama, farmer, Mustered Out  16 Sep 1863, Corinth, Mississippi.

Pension papers state they had the following children: Sintha Evaline, born December 6, 1866; William Lafayett, born October 1869; John Thomas, born December 6, 1871; Richard Franklin, born July 14, 1873; Sena, born October 15, 1875; Julia Ann, born December 29, 1877; Nancy Ann, born March 6, 1880; Marion Alonzo,born December 23, 1882; Mary Jane, born January 27, 1885; Lorenzo Dow, born July 27, 1887and Sarah.


Joseph M. Palmer

1827-21 Jul 1900

Joseph M Palmer, age 39, Private Co. A, Enlisted 1 Oct 1862,  Corinth, Mississippi, Mustered In 14 Oct 1862, Corinth, Mississippi, Mustered Out 19 Oct 1863, Lagrange, Tennessee

Joseph M. Palmer married Permela Mitchell and had one daughter, Elizabeth Palmer, who married Mathew H. Glenn. Permela was daughter of John taylor Mitchell. Her brother James was the father of Francis Marion, John D. and William H. Mitchell, soldiers in the 1St AL Cav.



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