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Further Reading

This page has links on relevant Y-DNA analysis to this project. These papers get much more technical. The top table contains links to definitive articles. The middle table contains opinion pieces on the scientific papers posted in the bottom table.

Articles (undated)

Topic Publisher Link
Atlantic Modal Haplotype (AMH) Wikipedia Link
Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype (WAMH) ISOGG Wiki Link
R1b1a2 (R-M269) Wikipedia Link
Haplogroup R1b Familypedia Link
Haplogroup R* ISOGG Link
Modal STR Haplotypes for Some R1b Subclades DGMWeb Link
R1b tree at FTDNA FTDNA Link
Y-DNA Haplogroup Projects (list) ISOGG Wiki Link

Opinion Sites (blog postings on scientific research)

Date Title
2011-Aug-24 Back to the drawing board for R-M269

Dated Articles and Scientific Papers

Key: AJPA - American Journal of Physical Anthropology; BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation; EJHG - European Journal of Human Genetics; PLoS - PLoS Biology; PRS - Proceedings of the Royal Society

Date Title Publisher Link
2011-Aug-24 The peopling of Europe and the cautionary tale of Y chromosome linkage R-M269 PRS View
2011-Aug-23 DNA study deals blow to theory of European origins BBC View
2010-Aug A major Y-chromosome haplogroup R1b Holocene era founder effect in Central and Western Europe EJHG View
2010-Jan Population structure and genome-wide patterns of variation in Ireland and Britain EJHG View
2010-Jan A Predominantly Neolithic Origin for European Paternal Lineages PLoS View
2008 Genetic Investigation of the Patrilineal Kinship Structure of Early Medieval Ireland AJPA View

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