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The O'Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan
Han(d)rahan, and Horan DNA Projects

Y-DNA Test Participants

Y-DNA Participant STR data with Modal Haplotypes
Y Results (colorized) at FTDNA
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Yellow pin = Family Finder tester. Blue pin = Y-DNA tester. Green pin = FF + Y-DNA tester. Testers who haven't identified their exact ancestral locations are shown in approximate locations.

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The following table divides participants into groups depending on what we know about their haplogroups and haplotypes.

See A Basic Guide to Y-DNA Testing for Ireland Projects (PDF) for further explanations of these groups as well as the links above plus Further Reading for more scientific explanations.

Y-DNA Test Participants

Participants are grouped with their matches within the Irish haplotype category which they best match based on Jim Cullen's Haplogroup Predictor. Kits within a category match each other at some level, though so far nobody has very close matches in their relatively recent family histories.

NNH - Niall of the Nine Hostages pattern

Kit Number & Details Markers Tested Haplogroup Prediction Earliest Known Ancestor
R1b: R-M 222 Irish Type 1 Northwest Irish/Lowland Scots
64764 12 (NNH) R1b-N.Irish =>50% R1b-M222 (NW Irish) =>50% Thomas HORAN b. 1842 Ireland
R1b: (H)or(ri)gan/Harrigan
some resemblance to an Irish Sea (Leinster) modal
164120 67 R1b-Leinster =>74% but L159.2- Charles HARRIGAN b.c. 1812
208848 67 R1b-Leinster =>78% James HARRIGAN b.c. 1800 probably Co Cork, Ireland
255002 111 R1b-Leinster =>62% Summet HORGAN, b. Ireland
314503 37 R1b-Leinster =>60% Denis HORGAN, b.c. 1798 Kenmare or Macroom, Ireland
N113683 67 R1b-Leinster weak Matthew ORGAIN, b. 1677, Maryland USA
R1b: South Irish
253758 67 R1b-S.Irish =>77% John HOURIHANE b.c. 1800 Caheragh, Cork, Ireland
321445 37 R1b-S.Irish =>76% Laurence HOURIHANE, b.c. early 1800's, Ireland
324446 37 R1b-S.Irish =>100% Patrick HOURIHANE, b. early 1800's Caheragh, Cork, Ireland (==> HOWARD)
R1b: North Central Europe: Horan/Hanrahan
226681 37 R1b =>50% Thomas HOURAN, b.c. 1827-29 Co Kerry Ireland
289359 67 R1b-Frisian4 =>29% William HORAN, b.c. 1787 Co Kerry, Ireland
298333 37 R1b-C.Europe =>27% John HANDRAHAN, b.c 1845, Munster, Ireland
329744 37 R1b =>41% R1b-Frisian4 =>17% Patrick HANRAHAN 1847-1919
R1b: Central Europe (unmatched so far)
115158 12 R1b-C.Europe =>29% Patrick HOWARD, 1821-1869, Ireland

Pending: 324166 (waiting for lineage)

Susan J. Barretta, Project Administrator
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