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The O'Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan
Han(d)rahan, and Horan DNA Projects

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Yellow pin = Family Finder only tester. Group 1 = green pin. Group 2 = turquoise pin. Group 4 = deep blue. Group 5 = red pin. Unmatched/ungrouped = purple pin. Testers who haven't identified their exact ancestral locations are shown in approximate locations. See group definitions below.

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The following table divides participants into groups depending on what we know about their haplogroups and haplotypes.

See A Basic Guide to Y-DNA Testing for Ireland Projects (PDF) for further explanations of these groups as well as the links above plus Further Reading for more scientific explanations.

Y-DNA Test Participants

Participants are grouped with their matches within the Irish haplotype category which they best match based on Jim Cullen's Haplogroup Predictor and also based on the terminal SNPs of their matches within FTDNA. Kits within a group match one or more kits within the same group.

The Participants by Haplotype page has been discontinued. Project subgroups are being allocated their own pages. Pages have been created for Groups 2, 4, and 5. Additional pages will be created as more members enroll in the project and more groups are identified.

Results less than 37 markers are not included in our results / analysis.

Haplogroup Possible SNPs Group Description
Kit Number & Details Markers Tested Haplogroup Prediction Earliest Known Ancestor
R1b CTS4466 Group 2: South Irish (Irish Type II) West Cork Hourihan/Hourahan
253758 111 R1b-S.Irish =>77% John HOURIHANE b.c. 1800 Caheragh, Cork, Ireland
321445 111 R1b-S.Irish =>76% Laurence HOURIHANE, b.c. early 1800's, Ireland
324446 37 R1b-S.Irish =>100% Patrick HOURIHANE, b. early 1800's Caheragh, Cork, Ireland (==> HOWARD)
R1b L513
Group 4: North and Central Europe Horan/Hanrahan
226681 37 R1b =>50% Thomas HOURAN, b.c. 1827-29 Co Kerry Ireland
289359 67 R1b-Frisian4 =>29% William HORAN, b.c. 1787 Co Kerry, Ireland
298333 37 R1b-C.Europe =>27% John HANDRAHAN, b.c 1845, Munster, Ireland
329744 37 R1b =>41% R1b-Frisian4 =>17% Patrick HANRAHAN 1847-1919, Co Meath, Ireland
R1b Z255 Group 5: Irish Sea Hor(ri)gan/Harrigan
B9451 37 (67 pending) R1b-Leinster =>79% Thomas HORRIGAN b.c. 1817, Ireland, possibly son of a Michael HORRIGAN of Clonmel, Tipperary.
164120 67 R1b-Leinster =>74% but L159.2- Charles HARRIGAN b.c. 1812, possibly Northern Ireland; data inconsistent in member's account
208848 67 R1b-Leinster =>78% James HARRIGAN b.c. 1800 probably Co Cork, Ireland
255002 111 R1b-Leinster =>62% Summet HORGAN, b. 1800's, possibly Co Cork, Ireland
314503 67 R1b-Leinster =>63% Denis HORGAN, b.c. 1798 Kenmare or Macroom, Ireland
B11296 111 R1b-Leinster =>76% Patrick HORRIGAN, b.c. 1805, lived in Skibbereen, Ireland
This result has a more remote link to the remaining results in Group 5.
N113683 67 R1b-Leinster =>88% Matthew ORGAIN, b. 1677, Maryland USA

Unmatched without a clear home

Kit Number & Details Markers Tested Haplogroup Prediction Earliest Known Ancestor
Group 6: R1b Hourigan Smith family, midwest, USA
270086, 279601, 292762, 292763 111 R1b =>48% R1b-Leinster =>37% Michael HOURIGAN, b.c. 1820-1830, Ireland
R1b: Leinster
324166 111 R1b-Leinster =>84% Michael HOURAHAN/HORAN, early 1800's, Cork, Ireland
R1b: maybe P312
394341 37 R1b-S28 =>35% R1b-Leinster =>34% Michael Horgan b.c. 1816, Castleisland, Co Kerry

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