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Autosomal DNA Tables and Map

A-DNA Participant Origin Map
Key: Yellow pin = Family Finder tester. Blue pin = Y-DNA tester. Green pin = FF + Y-DNA tester.

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A-DNA Participant Connection Diagram

A-DNA Participant Matches with Shared CentiMorgans

A-DNA Participant High Activity Chromosome Segments

A-DNA Participant Ancestors

How to participate in the autosomal DNA Project

A-DNA test (Family Finder, sometimes abbreviated here FF) samples can come from anybody (male or female) who has ancestry of a project-relevant surname or agnomina within the past five generations.

Participants ideally will undertake as many as possible of the additional steps listed below. If you want your data to appear on the results pages, we will need your lineage connecting you to your project ancestor. Browse some of the project test kit pages for lineage examples.

  1. In your FTDNA account, upload a GEDCOM of your family tree. Cyndi's List has links to many free GEDCOM utilities (e.g. GenealogyJ), or try Family Tree Builder.

    When your GEDCOM file is ready, log in to your FTDNA account and click My Account | GEDCOM/Family Tree. Then follow the prompts for uploading your GEDCOM.

  2. In your FTDNA account, click My Account | Surnames and fill out your surname list.

  3. In your FTDNA account, Click My Account | Most Distant Ancestors to enter information on your oldest known paternal and maternal ancestors. These steps are all helpful to your genetic matches in FTDNA and also to your project administrators.

  4. Submit your lineage to a project administrator. Links to websites that publish your lineage are acceptable as long as they are not subscription-based websites. Look at existing test kit pages for examples on how to write up your lineage.

  5. Join the public mailing list and submit your lineage to the list for discussion.

Your kit will not be listed here if we don't have your lineage !

The autosomal DNA project is experimental. The tools required to manipulate autosomal DNA in a way that can be presented on web pages don't even exist. We are in the process of developing some of our own. Second, there is no guarantee you will find project relevant surname relatives through your autosomal matches. The science is very new and it can take hundreds to thousands of testers all claiming the same ancestor before we are able to identify which DNA segments can be traced to that specific ancestor. Think carefully about these realities so you will not suffer disappointment after you purchase a test and get back your results.

These pages will be updated occasionally as time permits, not on a schedule.

Susan J. Barretta, Project Administrator
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