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The O'Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan
Han(d)rahan, and Horan DNA Projects

A-DNA (Family Finder) Test Participants

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Key: Yellow pin = Family Finder tester. Blue pin = Y-DNA tester. Green pin = FF + Y-DNA tester.

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Table of Hourihane Family Finder Test Participants


12345 - known close relative (sibling, aunt/uncle, parent, grandparent, first cousin)
12345 - match through Family Finder

FFinder Test Date Earliest Known Ancestor Relationship to Test Taker Kit Number & Details Matches *
Name Birth or
Charleville, Cork Cluster
2012-May-21 Jeremiah Howard b. early 1800's Charleville?, Cork, IRE 2g-grandparent 157403 266289
Skibbereen, Cork Cluster
2010-Apr-27 Patrick Horrigan 1807 Skibbereen, Cork, IRE 2g-grandparent 171005 253758
2012-Aug-31 Owen Hourihane late 1700's Bawnishal/Cloghane, Caheragh, Cork, IRE 4g-grandparent 248002 N73108(1)
2012-Oct-23 John Hourihane c. 1800 Bauravilla, Caheragh, Cork, IRE 2g-grandparent 253758 171005
2013-Mar-14 Owen Hourihane c. 1795 Cloghane Beg, Caheragh, Cork, IRE 2g-grandparent 264348 171005
2013-Mar-14 Owen Hourihane c. 1795 Cloghane Beg, Caheragh, Cork, IRE 2g-grandparent 266289 264348
(pending) Owen Hourihane c. 1795 Cloghane Beg, caheragh, Cork, IRE 2g-grandparent 266291
          B3983 253758
2010-May-21 Owen Hourihane c. 1795 Cloghane Beg, Caheragh, Cork, IRE 3g-grandparent N73108 248002(1)
Tipperary Cluster
2011-Feb-16 Bridget Hogan(2) c. 1770 Clogheen, Tipperary, IRE 5g-grandparent 196422  
  1. (1) These two kits were matches prior to FTNA Build 37. Initially they did not match in Build 37 but FTDNA seems to have resolved the issue.
  2. (2) While Hogan technically is distinct from the names in the project it is nevertheless *close* enough to have been vulnerable to mistranscription and the tester also has geographically important ancestry.

* - When people share a common geographic ancestral origin, they may potentially match through Family Finder in numerous ways, and the matching relationship may not necessarily be through a Hourihane line.

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