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The O'Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan
Han(d)rahan, and Horan DNA Projects

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______________ Purpose of the Project ______________

The O'Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan, Han(d)rahan, and Horan Joint DNA projects are for men either specifically so named or a historically related name (see Who May Join below), or through Y-DNA testing show strong genetic evidence (at 67 markers or better) of a relatively recent name change from Driscoll to another name by an abundance of matches named Driscoll.

The goals of the DNA project are both genetic and genealogical:

Help project members find their recent relatives (with a common direct paternal ancestor within the last few hundred years) and assist with research when we can.

Encourage project members to leave their genetic legacy behind for future generations by extending their own Y STR genetic signatures out to the maximum 111 markers. Maximal testing will also improve the accuracy of calculations that estimate the degree of relationship to other members.

Encourage project members to leave their genealogical legacy behind for future generations by documenting their family histories to the fullest extent possible and submitting their histories for publication on this website.

Encourage interested members to test deep SNPs for clues on the origins of their people several millennia ago. Deep SNP analysis may help researchers discover more about how Ireland and the British Isles overall were populated.

Should circumstances permit, work on recruitment of potential DNA testers with a "high-value" provable lineage from Ireland. Engage in fund-raising drives to cover the costs of testing these potential members. In the event potential testers are recruited, project members will be contacted through the bulk email facility at FTDNA.

There is NO guarantee we can meet these goals!

_________________ Who May Join _________________

Y-DNA test samples must come from men with a project relevant surname. Women may supervise test samples from their male relatives with a qualifying surname.

Only those members testing at 37 markers or better will be included in any analysis and results presentation on this website.

___________ Where to Get a Test Kit/How to Join ___________

There are several companies that do genetic DNA testing. These projects are administered through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). Check the Join Instructions for further details.

_____________ What the Y-DNA Test Does _____________

The Y-DNA STR (short tandem repeats) test examines DNA found exclusively on the Y chromosome of men, directly passed down by their fathers. This genetic material survives largely intact between generations, and is used in conjunction with traditional genealogical records to document paternal lineage.

The Y test also makes a prediction about your haplogroup, the branch of the family-of-man tree to which you belong. Other tests can confirm that haplogroup. Identification of haplogroups may lead us to new discoveries about the ancient settlers of Ireland.

Y Testers who extend their marker definition out to the maximum of 111 markers will best be able to narrow down their most meaningful matches within a relatively recent genealogical timeframe.

Y DNA STR is the "gold standard" for genealogy testing. While deep SNP testing can be helpful in the study of the ancient settlement of Ireland, it is not sufficient for project enrollment.

The project prefers that members test at 67 markers or better. 12, 25, and even 37 marker tests are almost never sufficient for finding very recent relatives. There is also the possibility you won't have any meaningful matches. Do not test unless you can live with these possibilities.

See the Questions & Answers for more information.

______________ Project Member Expectations _____________


A lineage demonstrating your connection to a project-relevant ancestor must be submitted before we list your kit on these pages. View kits on the results pages for examples of how to document your lineage.

In addition, we expect this of participants. If you correspond with us and we see these expectations have not been met, we will remind you in our reponse:

____________________Other DNA Tests__________________

These joint DNA projects no longer performs autosomal DNA analysis. See Part III: Project management in our Q&A for more details.

This email is ONLY for DNA project related questions. The administrators are not an email-forwarding service between non-members and members.
Susan J. Barretta, Project Administrator (or message hourihanedna on
Colm Ó hAnnracháin, Co-Administrator (in training)

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