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The O'Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan
Han(d)rahan, and Horan DNA Projects

DNA Project

As of September 2014, this project is no longer accepting autosomal-only DNA test participants. It has never accepted mitochondrial DNA participants. Existing autosomal test participants who have complied with project requirements and wish to stay are grandfathered in. Only Y STR marker tests are accepted.

There are several companies that do genealogy DNA testing. This project is administered through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). If you are interested in joining the Y-DNA project, purchase your Y STR marker test at FTDNA or transfer in your markers to FTDNA from another company.


Y-DNA Transfer from another company

Deep SNP tests such as Geno 2.0 and Big Y are not sufficient and do not qualify for the project by themselves. You must have a Y STR marker test to enroll in the project.

It is recommended that project members fully extend their haplotype definition to 111 markers with Y STR testing. This will narrow down your most relevant matches within a very recent genealogical timeframe. 'New Generation Sequencing' SNP testing such as Geno 2.0 or FTDNA's Big Y can potentially advance the project, however its use is limited if the full testing of Y STR markers has not been performed. Note: There is NO guarantee with STR testing that you will have matches.

Men with a surname of interest are eligible for the project with the Y test. Women may of course supervise the test kits of their male relatives.

Y 37 Scholarships
If the tester is a male with a project relevant surname and can document his parents or grandparents in Ireland, scholarship funds may be available that can be contributed towards the cost of the Y 37 test kit. Contact the administrator beforehand with the specifics of the person you want tested. The closer the tester comes to meeting project goals and can document recent (parents or grandparents) lineage of the tester back to Ireland, the better the chance of receiving scholarship funds.


  1. 1. You must contact me beforehand so I can advise you on what steps to take.
  2. 2. You must provide full contact information for yourself and for the person being tested [name(s), mailing addresses, phone number, email addresses], so FTDNA can properly mail the kit and contact you and/or the tester if necessary.
  3. 3. You must provide the full known lineage, including documentation and citations if I request them.
  4. 4. You must donate the remainder of the cost of Y 37 testing to the project BEFORE the kit is mailed. (You will know what your portion of the cost will be after email communication with me.)
  5. 5. You and/or the tester must bear the cost of package tracking postage on the kit when it is mailed back to FTDNA.
  6. 6. The tester must sign a consent form releasing data for project research. (See FAQ for concerns about privacy.)
  7. 7. You and/or the tester must bear the costs of any kit upgrades or additional DNA testing on that kit.

No kit will be ordered and sent until the lineage and all contact details are known and your financial contribution has been made. Scholarship kits will only be ordered during summer sale or end-of-year sale periods. The summer sale typically runs in June and the end-of-year sale runs from mid-November through December 31. The administrator CANNOT guarantee the seasonal sale price, but historically FTDNA has offered the Y 37 test for $119 + $4 S&H (US) or 7$ S&H (overseas).

Join the public mailing list if you wish to receive future communications about the project and DNA test sales.

How to Join the Project

  1. Read the Questions and Answers page for information on Y-DNA and the project itself.

  2. Click here for Join Instructions, which includes a link for ordering your Y-DNA or a transfer product.

  3. Along with your DNA test, these steps will help us support the goals of our study.

    1. 1. Share your information with your DNA matches at FTDNA and with the project administrator.

    2. 2. Fill in your list of surnames in your FTDNA account and upload a GEDCOM there.

    3. 3. We want every participant represented on a test kit page. Submit a minimal family history that gives the geographic origin and genetic connection between the test taker and the tester's earliest known Hourihane ancestor. Living people in the family tree can be labeled anonymous. For examples of minimal family histories in various data formats, view a sample test kit page.

Additional Ways You Can Help the Project

  1. 1. Help us grow our DNA test base and recruit others to this project and tell your friends and relatives.

  2. 2. Upload a GEDCOM at FTDNA. It is a useful visual aid for your test matches. You can upload your GEDCOM at our sister site at World Families or on Rootsweb World Connect. A link to your GEDCOM posted elsewhere is another way to provide some documentation on your family history.

  3. 3. Subscribe to the public Rootsweb mailing list to correspond with others who are researching the O'Hourihane surname and forms of the name. These messages are publicly archived. Post your family history on the list by emailing the list. Membership on the mailing list is required if you wish to receive communications from the project administrator but do not otherwise join the DNA project.

  4. 4. Submit a family history for publication here on Rootsweb. They can be fairly short or quite extensive. For examples, see the Family Biographies on the Driscoll of Cork website.

  5. 5. Refer eligible people to this project in online genealogy forums. See Surname Forums.

  6. 6. In the course of your own research, if you have extracted surname of interest records from church resources, civil registration, Griffith's Valuation, Tithe Applotment books, or other historical materials, your contributions of such material to this website would be a welcome addition! When you have information ready, contact the administrator.

  7. 7. A monetary donation to the General Fund of the project is always appreciated. USD $55 (about €42) would pay for a 12 marker Y-DNA test plus shipping and handling. This project is a 100% volunteer effort and the project administrators do not receive any compensation nor are they employees of or earn commissions from testing laboratories. Donations enable interested project members to pool their resources together. Even occasional $5 or $10 donations may accumulate to the point where we can purchase a test kit for somebody whose lineage may be of importance to the project.

Although I may be interested in your family history, I have several DNA and Cork genealogy related projects to research and administer. My priority to responding to emails is to those who have actively assisted this project. The more help somebody gives me, the more help I try to give that person.


This email is ONLY for DNA project related questions.
Susan J. Barretta, Project Administrator (or message hourihanedna on
Colm Ó hAnnracháin, Co-Administrator (in training)

DNA Project

Visit the DNA page for information on DNA tests.

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