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Y-DNA Project Information
Purpose and Goals of the Project
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To get a Y test, review these pages and click here to order a test kit. 37 markers is acceptable, but 67 markers or better is greatly preferred.

Our Joint DNA Project is for family historians with a project-related surname (Hourihane, Horrigan, Hanrahan, or Horan, and their variants) who wish to enhance their research with a yDNA component. Our project goals are primarily to help people discover the origin of their ancestry in Ireland, and secondarily to contribute to the research on the surname, how its people moved and relocated in Ireland, and how Ireland was settled by ancient peoples.

There is NO guarantee we can meet these goals.

The project prefers that members test at 67 markers or better. 12, 25, even 37 markers are almost never sufficient for finding very recent relatives. 37 markers is acceptable as a start, members can upgrade their kits with more marker testing later. Only the project members that have tested at 37 markers or more are analyzed and included in any project discussions, reports and papers.

yDNA testing is like casting a fishing line and waiting for a bite. There is the possibility that you will find NO meaningful genealogical matches and you will have to wait for others to test. Do not test unless you can live with these possibilities.

Our FAQ at Family Tree DNA fully covers project Administrative Policies and Project Member expectations.

Our New to DNA Testing FAQ covers the basics of testing and the testing process for people new to using genetic genealogy as part of their family history research.

Y-DNA Project Data contains a member kit directory of our Y testers, project groups with technical genetic details, a project map link, and our annual reports archive.

Legacy genealogies contains the genealogies of other legacy members who are not yDNA testers but joined when the project was experimenting with autosomal DNA (the Family Finder test at FTDNA). These pioneering project members are grandfathered in to the project.

The Project Participant

You are researching your family history and have a project surname. You're trying to figure out where your male paternal line was from in Ireland. Adding a yDNA test to your research is a great complement to your genealogy records. The project welcomes and needs your participation.

As an added benefit for all yDNA surname-relevant test project members, the Joint Project Administrator will retrieve any records from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City you want that are relevant to your surname, including Ireland civil registration. You'll need to specify which records to retrieve by providing film, fiche, or book references. The records don't have to be from Ireland. The library also carries subscriptions to, Find My Past, My Heritage, and Fold3 which can be accessed for your benefit.

The Ideal Sponsored Project Participant

You must know unequivocally where your paternal lineage was from in Ireland - down to the civil parish, better yet the townland or village. Maybe you know because you live near where your ancestors lived, or you know from traditional family lore and a family bible, or from carefully researching and documenting your family history, or some combination of all three!

You are interested in the deeper genetic origins of your paternal line, and have an interest in the settlement of Ireland and the movement of its ancient peoples. You like sharing your family tree and get a sense of satisfaction helping others find their connections back to Ireland. You are willing to work with the project administrator to put "polish" on your family tree with citations if necessary.

For such individuals, the project would like to, when circumstances permit, fund your 37 marker test. We value your exceptional knowledge about your family origins and feel your yDNA could not only help other project members find their connection back to Ireland, but it could contribute to the study of the settlement of Ireland overall. Our most critical needs now are for Horan in Cork, Kerry, and Clare; Hanrahan in Clare; Hourihane, Horohane, and Hanrahan from virtually anywhere in Ireland.

The project financially sponsored two 37 marker test kits in 2015. We keep candidates on a waiting list for funding. If you think you qualify as a sponsored participant, be sure and read our FTDNA FAQ for more on qualifications and expectations.

Interested women have our permission to wheedle, cajole and coax their male relatives into participating, and supervise their relatives' test accounts!

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