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The O'Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan
Han(d)rahan, and Horan DNA Projects

Surnames of Interest and Other Forms of the Name

Surnames of Interest for this project

Arragan, Handrahan, Hanrahan, Haran, Harhan, Harragan, Harraghan, Harrigan, Haughran, Herrigan, Horan, Horgan, Horohan, Horrigan, Hourahan(e), Houran, Hourican, Hourigan, Hourihan(e), Howard (Irish origin), Howran, Howren, Organ

Other Forms of the name (some unexpected!)

Land Valuation records of Caheragh civil parish near Skibbereen mark a few of the Hourihanes with the additional name Glassogue or Glissoge. In addition, church records for Caheragh R.C. parish near Skibbereen, Cork cite families named Glassany (or similar), who may have been Hourihanes.

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