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Welcome to the DNA Project website of Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan, Han(d)rahan, and Horan, which was created in August 2012 to support the O'Hourihane DNA Projects. The project aggregates Y-DNA tests of participants and analyzes them for both very recent genealogical relationships and deeper haplogroup relationships. Y-DNA test takers must be in the direct paternal line of descent from a male ancestor with a surname of interest.

Houlihane/Hoolihane/Whoolihane does not qualify.

In conjunction with the 2014 year-end sale at FTDNA, the project is offering Y37 scholarships to any man named Hourihane, Horrigan, Handrahan, or Horan, or variations of these names. (If you can show that your name was changed (e.g., Houran to Horn, Hourihane to Howard) you may still qualify. If you can show that your earliest known direct paternal ancestor was Cork-born, the project will fund 100% of your 37 marker test. If you can show that your ancestor was born in Clare, Galway, Kerry, Kilkenny, Limerick, Tipperary, or Waterford, the project will fund 50% of your test. Offer good until December 31.

If you don't quite qualify only because you cannot prove exactly where in Ireland your direct paternal ancestor was from, but would still like to participate in the DNA test sale and enroll in the project, please email me before you order a kit so that I can pass on an additional discount coupon to you.

Were the O'Hourihanes erenaghs of Ross? Did they come from County Clare? Was the name ever anglicized as Horan? Were they secretly Horgans? Or were they Hanrahans who migrated down from Tipperary? Visit the Project Background and Project Goals pages for more details on what we aim to cover. There are many surnames to examine, not just O'Hourihane. See the sample surname distribution map below. Specifically, we want to differentiate between the Galway-based O'Horan group, the Tipperary-based O'Hanrahan group, and Cork-based O'Horgan, where such distinctions exist. Variants for these three surname groups have been confused for each other. The areas of geographic interest are Cork, Kerry, Tipperary, Limerick, and Galway, but may spread to other counties. A major goal of this project is to bring some DNA clarity to these names.

If you do not join the DNA project but otherwise wish to be notified of project activities and DNA test sales, mailing list membership (above ^^^) is required.

DNA Project

Men with a surname of interest who have taken a Y-DNA test are eligible to join. Any man or woman with a surname of interest in any line of their ancestry (not just the direct paternal line) may join with an A-DNA (autosomal DNA) test. Visit the DNA Project page for more information on DNA testing and joining the project. Click here for join instructions:

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This email is ONLY for DNA project related questions.
Susan J. Barretta, Project Administrator (or message hourihanedna on
Colm Ó hAnnracháin, Co-Administrator (in training)

DNA Project

Visit the DNA page for information on DNA tests.

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