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Last Updated:
Dec 07, 2012

The Whitmore Genealogy: A Record of the Descendants of Francis Whitmore of Cambridge, Massachusetts (1625-1685)
Document Number: 73

Author: PURDY, Jessie Whitmore Patten
Institution: SLGS
    Call Number: US/CAN Film #1033975 item #4
Classification: ORIGINAL: GeneralHistory
Location: USA, Massachusetts, Middlesex, Cambridge
Date Range: BTWN 1625 and 1685

WHITMORE, John: Surname History. Family Origins

Document Entry Number: 1

Page: vii-ix

     The name Whitmore is derived from a Gothic king, Wid(spear)-Mar(famous), famous-with-the-spear. As early as 1215, at the signing of the Great charter at Runymeade by King John, the name appears in English records. Whitmore Hall is situated in the village of Whitmore, Staffordshire, England, 146 miles from London and five miles from New-Castle-under-Lyme. By a marriage between the families of Whitmore and Mainwarings, the manor passed into the succession of the Mainwarings, who held it in 1852. It is said that a direct lineal descendant of the Whitmores occupies it at this date.
     The early proprietors of the Manor were called Lords of Whytemore. John DeWhitmore was mayor of London in 1632. From the Whitmores of England came the family of Whittemore, who changed the spelling of the name from Whitmore, and while in this country (USA) they are a distinct family, they have the same origin.
     While it has not been possible to trace the English origin of the American family of Whitmore, the similarity in family names leaves little doubt they were from the Staffordshire Whitmores.
     Tradition says that two brothers, Sir George and John, came to this country in the early 1630's.
     Sir George, a bachelor, was a government officer in Nova Scotia, and lived at Halifax. While on a voyage from Halifax to Massachusetts, supposedly to settle an estate on his brother, he was drowned.
     A field in Nova Scotia bears the name of Whitmore's Field. Mr. Edwin P. Whitmore, in 1891, then at the age of 83 writes: "I remember my grandfather tell of an advertisement calling on all people of the name of Whitmore in the States and Provinces to claim certain moneys or property belonging to Sir George.
     That John Whitmore (called the lost brother) came to this country in the 1630's we know. In what part of the colonies he first landed we do not know, but he appears on the records of Wethersfield, Connecticut, as early as 1638. His lot of 54 acres at that place was sold to Robert Treat. He removed to Stamford in 1641, and was one of its first founders and settlers. His name is on the second and third lists of the colonists; was given in the first distribution of land ten acres; admitted freeman, 1642, Deputy to General Court October 27, 1643; Representative to New Haven Assembly in 1647. Was killed by the Indian in 1648. This act was not an act of private hatred, but seems to have been the deed of the whole tribe, and the colony was moved to unite with that of New Hampshire in a just revenge. Colonial Records of Connecticut and Trumbull's Colonial Recollections: 'This courte, taking into serious consideration what may be done according to God in way of revenge of the bloude of John Whitmore, late of Stamford, and well weighing all circumstances, together with the carriages of the Indians (bordering thereuppon) in and about the premises: doe declare themselves that they do judge it lawful and according to God to make a war uppon them.' A committee was sent to New Haven the next day to confer with the rest of the magistrates, and 'return with what convenient speed they may.' Trumballs Col. Rec. Vol.1, pg. 197
     John married in England. The name of his wife cannot be learned. He married, second, in this country, the widow Jessup, who brought him wealth. By his first wife he had born in England:
     Thomas 1615
     Married Sarah Hall. Lived in Middleton, Connecticut. He changed the name to Wetmore, and is the ancestor of that family, who have retained the name as Wetmore.
     Anne 1621
     Married February 16, 1664, George Farrar
     Mary 1623
     Married October 23, 1647, John Brewer
     Francis 1625
     John 1627
     Died at Stamford, 1650
     That this son (Francis, 1625) is the Francis of Cambridge there can be no doubt, as Francis of Cambridge, on affidavit, gives his age as 1625, and every new research strengthens the belief in this theory. In his later years, Mr. William H. Whitmore accepted their belief, so we can safely consider John our first ancestor. As, however, there is no positive proof, I have, for the sake of accuracy, treated Francis of Cambridge os the first ancestor.
     In all my research I have found our ancestors honest, trustworthy, enterprising, and influential, interested in all that meant the good of their community and country -- all true men and women, worthy examples for this generation to follow.

Associated Persons and Marriages:
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 533) Name, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 533) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 535) Emigration, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 535) DiedD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 535) DiedCause, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 535) LinkFToChildren, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Thomas (Id# 849) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Thomas (Id# 849) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Ann (Id# 851) Name, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Ann (Id# 851) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Ann (Id# 851) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Thomas (Id# 849) Name, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Mary (Id# 853) Name, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Mary (Id# 853) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Mary (Id# 853) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 854) Name, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 854) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 854) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 854) DiedD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 854) DiedP, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 898) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 699) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 699) MarrD, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 698) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 698) MarrD, MEDIUM 

WHITMORE, Francis: Family Group Sheet

Document Entry Number: 2

Page: 13-14

     1 Francis Whitmore - Born in England 1625. Died at Cambridge Oct 12, 1685. Married Isabel Parke, daughter of Richard and Margery Crane Parke. She died at Cambridge March 31, 1665. They resided in Cambridge.
     1-2 Elizabeth - Born at Cambridge May 2, 1649. Married Nov 3, 1669, Daniel Markham, and had James, Elizabeth, James 2nd, Edith and Martha.
     3 Francis - Born at Cambridge October 12, 1650. Married February 8, 1674, Hannah Harris.
     4 John - Born at Cambridge October 1, 1654. Married first Rachael Eliot Poulter, second, June 3, 1724, Rebecca Cutter.
     5 Samue - Born at Cambridge May 1, 1658. Married March 31, 1686, Rebecca Gardner.
     6 Abigail - Born at Cambridge July 30, 1660. Married May 9, 1683, Samuel Wilcox.
     7 Sarah - Born at Cambridge March 7, 1662. Married William Locke.
     Francis married second, November 10, 1666, Margaret Harty. She died March 1, 1686. They had:
     8 Margaret - Born at Cambridge September 9, 1668. Married Thomas Carter.
     9 Frances - Born at Cambridge March 3, 1671. Married Johnathan Thompson.
     10 Thomas - Born at Cambridge 1673. Married Mary Jennison.
     11 Joseph - Born at Cambridge 1675. Married February 13, 1698, Mary Kendall.
     Francis came to this country probably during the 1630's, and had established his residence at Cambridge prior to 1648, as about this time he married, at that place, Isabel Parke. Brooks, in his history of Medford, tells us he owned property in Cambridge near the Plains, Charlestown near the Menetomie River, near Dendruck Meadows; also in Medford and Lexington. His house stood on the dividing line between Lexington and Cambridge, and is mentioned in the Act of Division. His name, with that of his wife, appears on a petition in favor of an old woman changed with being a witch, so he can hardly have been of the extreme Puritan party, though a member of the church.
     Francis served in King Phillip's War; was selectmen and constable in 1668 and 1682. In his will he makes provision for the education of his children, thus early evidencing that regard for education that is so marked a family trait. This document, which is interesting in that it gives us a light on the character if our first american ancestor, is given in full in the appendix.

Associated Persons and Marriages:
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 533) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 533) BornP, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 533) DiedD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 533) DiedP, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 533) LinkFToChildren, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 533) Name, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Isabel (Id# 532) DiedD, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Isabel (Id# 532) DiedP, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Isabel (Id# 532) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Isabel (Id# 532) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Isabel (Id# 532) Name, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Elizabeth (Id# 176) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Elizabeth (Id# 176) BornP, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Elizabeth (Id# 176) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Elizabeth (Id# 176) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Elizabeth (Id# 176) Name, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Elizabeth (Id# 176) LinkMToChildren, MEDIUM 
MARKHAM, Daniel (Id# 177) LinkFToChildren, MEDIUM 
MARKHAM, Daniel (Id# 177) Name, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 795) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 795) BornP, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 795) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 795) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 795) Name, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 796) Name, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 796) BornP, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 796) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 796) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, John (Id# 796) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Samuel (Id# 797) Name, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Samuel (Id# 797) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Samuel (Id# 797) BornP, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Samuel (Id# 797) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Samuel (Id# 797) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Sarah (Id# 801) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Sarah (Id# 801) BornP, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Sarah (Id# 801) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Sarah (Id# 801) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Sarah (Id# 801) Name, MEDIUM 
HARRIS, Hannah (Id# 3919) Name, MEDIUM 
ELLIOT, Rachel (Id# 2) Name, MEDIUM 
CUTTER, Rebecca (Id# 1157) Name, MEDIUM 
WILCOX, Samuel (Id# 798) Name, MEDIUM 
HARTY, Margaret (Id# 1168) DiedD, MEDIUM 
HARTY, Margaret (Id# 1168) Name, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 1371) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 202) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 202) MarrD, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 746) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 3954) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 3954) MarrD, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 62) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 62) MarrD, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 6427) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 6427) MarrD, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 745) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 745) MarrD, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 478) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 478) MarrD, MEDIUM 

PARKS, Richard: Family Description

Document Entry Number: 3

Page: 141

     1. Thomas Parke of London England.
     2. Richard Parke and Margery Crane.
     3. Isabel Parke, wife of Francis Whitmore
     Richard Parke was born at London, England, and came to this country with his wife, Margery Crane, son Thomas, and daughters Isabel and Elizabeth, on the ship Defence, July 1635.
     He settled at Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he purchased a large tract of land on the Charles River. Part of this tract is now the property of Harvard University.
     The land of Francis Whitmore in Cambridge adjoined it. Richard's first wife died at an early age and he married, second, at Duxbury, Sarah Collins, widow of Love Brewster. He died at Newton.

Editor's Comments About Entry:
     This entry was listed under the heading "Families Allied with the Whitmores." This clears up the mystery surrounding Richard Parke's second marriage, and it provides a maiden name for Margery Crane.

Associated Persons and Marriages:
PARKS, Richard (Id# 862) BornP, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Richard (Id# 862) LinkFToChildren, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Richard (Id# 862) Emigration, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Thomas (Id# 864) Emigration, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Thomas (Id# 864) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Thomas (Id# 864) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Thomas (Id# 864) Name, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Richard (Id# 862) Name, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Isabel (Id# 532) Name, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Isabel (Id# 532) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Isabel (Id# 532) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
PARKS, Isabel (Id# 532) Emigration, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 866) Emigration, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 866) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 866) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 866) Name, MEDIUM 
CRANE, Margery (Id# 861) Name, MEDIUM 
CRANE, Margery (Id# 861) Emigration, MEDIUM 
CRANE, Margery (Id# 861) LinkMToChildren, MEDIUM 
WHITMORE, Francis (Id# 533) Name, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 1380) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 1371) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM