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Last Updated:
Dec 07, 2012

Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Lord: an original proprietor and founder of Hartford, Conn., in 1636
Document Number: 104

Author: LORD, Kenneth
Institution: SLGS
    Call Number: US/CAN Book 929.273 L884LKA
Institution: HBLL
    Call Number: CS 71.L873 1946
Classification: COMPILED: FamilyHistory
Location: USA, Connecticut, Hartford, Hartford
Date Range: BTWN 1555 and 1800

Historical Sketch for LORD, Thomas

Document Entry Number: 1

Page: 1-6

     THOMAS LORD was born in 1585, son of Richard and Joan Lord of Towcester, County of Northton, England.
     Richard Lord's will, dated May 30, 1610, probated February 7, 1611 is filed in the Archives of North Hants, Second Series, Second Volume V, folio 38, and is as follows:
     In the name of God Amen - 30th Daye of Maye in the Yeare of our Lord, God 1610 - I Richard Lorde of Towcester in Co. of Northton, husbandman of whole mynde doe make this my last will and testament - my soull unyo Almighty God and my bodie to be buried in the Churchyard of Towcester -
     1st I give towards the repare of the said parish church of Towcester xij d.
     Item I give to Elizabeth my Daughter x li. of currat money of England.
     Item I give and bequeath to Ellen my Daughter xxx li. of currant money of England to be paid unto her by my Executor hereafter named in manner and forme following - viz. the one half thereof att her daie of marriage and the ohter half within twelve moneths after her said daie of marrige Yf she shall then be livinge. And yf it shall happen that she shall marry with one Robert Marriot of Calcot yeom then my will is that the saide sume of xxx li. be made vpp xl li, and to be paid her at the said daies before married by equall porcons. But if she happen not to marrye then my will is that she shall have xxx li. oneli for her porcon to be paid to her within three yeares after my Decease.
     Item I give and bequeath to Alice my Daughter 30 li. to be paid unto her by my executor the one half thereof at her daye of marrige and the other half- twelve moneths after her said daie of marrige yf she shall then be livinge. But if she the said Alice happen not to marrye then my will is that her said legacye be paid to her within five yeares next after my decease.
     Item I give & bequeath to Joan my wife the one half of all my goods and chattels whatsoever moveable except the long Table in my hall and the seelinge and benches about my house and my will is that she shall haue & enjoy during her natural life (yf so long she keepe Herself my widdowe) the chamber over the kitchen where she and I due lodge and third pt of the apples & onle which shall growe yearely in the orchard belonging to the house wherein I now dwell in Towcester .
     Item I give & bequeath moreour to my said wife during her natural lyfe (& yf so longe she keepe hereself my widowe) out of my Land and tenements & hereditamts in Towcester aforesaid the Yearlie sume and annuitie of fyve pounds of currant money of England to be paide unto her by my Executor hereafter named his heires or Assignes yearly quarterlie by equall and even porcons provided allwaies that she my said wife shall not claym any Dower or thirde out of my said lands or hereditenaments.
     ltem I give and bequeath to Thomas my sonne and to his heires and assignes foreuer all my Lands ten'ts & hereditaments whatwoeuer in Towcester and within this Realm of England.. That he shall instly and trulie prforme this my last will & testement without fraude or deceipt. And all the rest of my goods and cattels my Detts and Legacies paid & my funerall expenses p'formed I give and bequeath to my said sonne Thomas whom I Doe make and ordaine my sole Executor of this my Last will and testament but utterly Denye all other former wills heretofore by me made given or bequeathed Provyded allwaies that if anie one of my said children Ellen Alice or Thomas Doe Decease their lyves before they are to receive their saide Legacies, That then the Legacie of the one of them soe deceasinge shall remayne & be Due to the other two of them onely then survivinge. But if any two of then shall happen to Decease as aforesaide that then my saide Daughter Elizabeth shall have fifteen pounde of their Legacies proportionablye to be paid unto her yf she the said Elizabeth shall then be livinge. My Legacie guift bequest, thinge or things els whatsoeur herein expressed to the contrarie hereof in any wise notwithstanding.
     And fynally Doe earnestlie Desyre my wellbelowed friends Mr Henry Peddler and Thomas Peddler of East Purye in the Counte of Northton gent's and Paul Boughton of the same toune clerk to be my supervisors of this my last will and testament. And I Doe give and bequeath to each of them for their paynes to be taken ij s. vj. d. of currant English money.
     In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand & Seale the daye and yeare first aboue wrytten.
     Signed: Richard Lord
     Sealed and subscribed in the p'sence of:
     Thomas Peddler
     Paul Boughton
     Richard Abbot
     Richard Lord was buried at Towcester October 16, 1610; his wife was buried there September 22, 1610. He was born about 1555 and they were married about 1582.
     Elizabeth, born about 1583
     Thomas, born about 1585
     Ellen, born about 1587
     Alice, born about 1590, married May 20, 1611, Richard Morris.
     Richard Lord had a brother William, whose will is recorded in Northampton Probate Registry, pp. 1560-66, folio 72. It would seem that Richard and William descended from the Lord family of Yelvertoft, County Northhampton, England.
     Thomas Lord (1) married February 23, 1610-11, Dorothy Bird, daughter of Robert and Amy Bird of Towcester, England.
     The records of The St. Laurence Church, Towcester, show that Dorothy Bird was baptized May 25, 1588.
     There is also a record on page 25 of the ancient Marriage License Book of Petersborough (near Towcester), England, of the marriage license issued to Thomas Lord and Dorothy Bird on February 20, 1610-11.
     The Towcester Registers, 1561-1633, give the following baptisms:
     Richard Lord, baptized, Jan 5, 1611-12
     Anne Lord, baptized, Sept 18, 1614
     Thomas Lord, baptized, Nov 15, 1616
     William Lord, baptized, Dec 27, 1618
     Robert Lord, baptized, May 12, 1620
     John Lord, baptized, Jan 21, 1623-24
     Aymie Lord, baptized, Nov 30, 1626
     Dorothy Lord, baptized, July 1, 1629
     ("The Founding of New England" by Ernest Flagg; "Lords of Towcester" by Garvin L. Payne; "Essex Institute," Vol. LIV).
     Thomas Lord was a man of means, position and influence, and in 1632 he sent his eldest son, Richard, then about twenty-one years of age, to America. He settled at Newtown, Mass., which afterwards became Cambridge. In 1633, Governor Haynes and The Rev. Thomas Hooker, friends of Thomas Lord, sailed for America with about two hundred passengers important to the colony, and it is thought possible that Richard Lord went in advance in order to select a place to settle.
     From Hotten's "Original Lists," we learn that "on the 29th of April 1635 were registered for transportation from the port of London to New England in the ship 'Elizabeth and Ann,' of which Capt. Robert Cooper was master, Thomas Lord, aged fifty; his wife, Dorothy, aged forty-six; and their children Thomas, aged sixteen; Ann, aged fourteen; William, aged twelve; John aged ten; Robert, aged nine; Aymie, aged six; and Dorothy, aged four. They landed in Boston and joined Richard Lord at Newtown. The ages of the children as given on the ship's Register are probably only approximate as they vary from the actual baptismal records.
     In 1636, with his entire family, Thomas Lord joined the party of Rev. Mr. Hooker and Mr. Stone and one hundred men, women and children, which took its departure from Newtown to form a new settlement on the Connecticut River.
     "They traveled more than a hundred miles, through a hideous and trackless wilderness to Hartford. They had no guide but their compass; and made their way over mountains, through swamps, thickets and rivers, which were passable with great difficulty. They had no cover but the heavens, and no lodgings but such as nature afforded them. They drove with them one hundred and sixty head of cattle and subsisted by the way on the milk of their cows. Mrs. Hooker was borne through the wilderness on a litter. The people generally carried their packs, arms and some utensils. They were nearly a fortnight on their journey. This adventure was the more remarkable as many of this company were persons of figure, who in England had lives in honor, affluence and delicacy, and were strangers to fatigue and danger. Gov. Haynes and some others did not appear in the colony until 1637. (Trumbull's Mermorial History of Hartford.)
     It was early in June when they reached their journey's end. Their first labor was to prepare their dugouts in the hillside and provide shelter for their cattle. They had for same time been close friends and neighbors in Newtown and were already organized as a church, had been members of townships and were familiar, therefore, with action as a body. They agreed to purchase territory jointly and afterwards parcel it out, and Mr. Samuel Stone and Mr. William Goodwin were appointed, in behalf of the proprietors, to treat for land with the tribe of Suckiage Indians, of whom at this time Sequassen was the Chief Sachem. In this they were successful and soon purchased a large area. It is not known what they bartered - probably cloth, axes, knives, etc. That a consideration was given, that it was increased when Sequassen confirmed the grant and was enlarged again when his heirs ans successors renewed it "to near the value the land was esteemed at before the English came into these parts" is apparent from the deed of renewal itself. As soon as acquired, the land was distributed to the new proprietors.
     Thomas Lord thus became an original proprietor and one of the first settlers of Hartford. He lived on the north side of the highway on the bank of the Little River (now Wells Street), a near neighbor of Gov. Haynes, Rev. Mr. Hooker, Mr. Goodwin, Gov. Wyllys and others of the prominent inhabitants. His sons, Richard and Thomas, had the lots next to his. The Hartford settlers were largely people of some culture cast into raw conditions, and there was a mingling of high breeding and rough life.
     Neither the date of death nor the place of burial of Thomas Lord (1) is known. There is an entry on the Hartfort Town Votes, under date of January 29, 1643-44. The Governor, Mr. Hooker, and several others, including Thomas Lord, Sr., and his son Thomas, were freed from "Common worck in the hyway" for the next three years. As this is the last reference to Thomas Lord, Sr., in the volume, it might be conjectured that he died shortly after that time. ("The Founding of New England." by Ernest Flagg) The land records of Hartford show that Dorothy Lord owned lands as early as May 29, 1651, and that on March 7, 1652, she sold some land to Richard Goodman, and according to the laws in effect at that time (see Epaphroditus Peck's "The Property Rights of Husband and Wife under the Laws of Connecticut") a wife could not make contracts while her husband was living. The graves of Dorothy Lord and quite a number of descendants are in the graveyard in the rear of the First Church of Hartford, and the names of Thomas Lord and his son Richard are inscribed on the granite monument as among the first settlers. Dorothy Lord died in 1675 at the age of 86, and her will, dated February 8, 1669, is now on file among the probate records in the Connecticut State Library at Hartford, and is as follows:
     "In the name of God Amen, I Dorathy Lord of Hartford in the colony of Connecticutt in New England, being stricken in yeares, & at present labouring under some bodyly weaknesses; Though through the mercy of God, I at present haue ye use of my understanding and memorye, yet I know not how suddenly the Lord may put an end unto my fewe dayes in this life, & therefore according to my duty I am willing soe to setle & disspose of that little estate the Lord hath lent me, that peace may be continued among my children when I am gathered to my fathers, & In order thereunto I doe declare this as followeth to be my last will & Testament. First that all my just debts be pd out of my estate.
     I doe giue & Bequeath my now dwelling house & Barne & my Home lott & my lower lott in the North meadow unto the children of my son Thomas Lord deceased, at the age of 18 years & if any decease before they attayne that age the suruiuor or suruiuors to possess it, & they all dye then my son Wm or his children to possess what is given to them.
     Itt: I give unto my daughter Amy Gilbert & her children Three Acres of Meadow or Swamp in my upper lott in th Long meadow next to that Mrs. Olcott hath now in possession.
     Itt: I give unto my son Robt: Lord (If he live after my decease so long s to have Notice of this my will) Three Acres of my upper lott adjoyneing to that which I haue giuen my Daughter Gilbert.
     Itt: I giue unto my son Wm Lord & his heires foreuer Two Acres in my great lott in the long meadow next adjoyneing to that which I haue giuen my son Robert.
     Itt: I give unto my son John Lord Tenn pounds in Currant pay of this country.
     Itt: Whereas my Grandson Richd: Lord hath disbursed seuerall sums of money or country pay for the Building my chimneys & shingling my house & repayres about it, I doe for the payment of him, giue grant & confirme unto him & his heires foreuer; all that my meadow lott in the long meadow which abutts upon the great Riuer east the little riuer west Mr. Westwoods land North & Barth Barnards land south.
     I doe also giue & bequeath unto my sd Grandson Richard Lord & his heires foreuer all the remaynder of my upper lott in the long meadow, which I have not given to my sons Robert & Son Wm: & my daughter Gilbert &her children, he payeing this legacie hereafter exprest, to my sonn John Tenn pounds. And in case my sonn Robt: shall depart this life before he hath notice of this my last will, Then that Three Acres of Land giuen to him shall be diuided Between my Son Wm. & my Grandson Richd Lord, I doe allso confirme unto my Grandson: Richard Lord & his heires all my wood land that is all ready then layd out or to be layd unto me wth in the Bounds of Hartford.
     I giue unto my Grandchild Hanna Ingersall my youngest cowe & my other cowe I giue unto my Grandchildren Dorothy & Margery Ingersall.
     I giue my moueable estate & Cattell to my son Wm Lord my grandson Richd Lord my daughter Stanton my daughter Gilbert & the children of my daughter Ingersall, the whole to be divided into fiue partes, & my daughter Ingersalls children to haue one part, & the rest of them, each of them one part.
     I giue unto the wife of Nicholoas Clarke Tenn shillings.
     I doe ordayn & constitute my son Wm. & my Grandson Richd: my executors, & desire my louing Freind Mr. John Allyn to be ouere seer of this my will, & for the confirmation hereof I have hereunto sett my hand this 8th of February: 1669:
     Signed in presence of us:
     John Allyn, Steuen Hopkins
     DORATHY LORD (her marke)
     After the general distibution by the Will, a supplementary disposal of special articles was ordered by Dorothy Lord, as follows, in abstract:
     To Richard Lord's wife her iron dripping-pan and great pewter pie plate; to Richard Lord Jr., her great brass pot. To Mrs. Haynes one pair of her best sheets, two napkins, a pewter pie plate (the smaller one) and a pewter candle stick. To her dauther Stanton her great brass pan and her great Bible. To her son William Lord "my Siluer drinking-Bowle" and her great brass kettle. To her daughter Gilbert her smaller brass pan, a brass skimmer, a brass chafing dish, and two "Joynt-Stooles." To Elizabeth Gilbert a great pewter platter. To her widowed daughter Lord, (widow of Thomas) the bed she lay on, a feather bolster, and a brass skillet. To Dorothy Phelps her coverlet, a feather pillow and a "beere" (pillow-case). To Margery Ingersoll a white blanket and a pillow. To Hannah Kelsey her hood, scarf and hat, a great white chest, a feather-bed, and two blankets, a bolster, two pillows, two pair of sheets, a small brass pot, a small brass kettle, a warming pan, a pair of curtains and curtain rods, a brass candle-stick and all her earthen ware. To the children of her son Thomas all the fire utensils in her house, a table, "forme" and chairs. To Mary Lord Jr. (daughter of her son Thomas) her bedstead. To Marjery Ingersoll 20 shillings; to her sister Dorothy Ingersoll 20 shillings -- if remaining after all her debts and funeral expenses are paid.
     These articles were inventoried at (pounds)187.17.8. The large number of brass and pewter articles, the linen, curtains, etc. selected for these special gifts, indicate a handsome style of living for the time.
     Dorothy Lord sealed her will with arms of "Lord alias Laward" family (Argent on a fess gules between three cinquefoils azure, a hind passant between two pheons or). The crest on the seal is a demi-hind issuant, and not a demi-bird with wings expanded as given on the Salisbury Chart, and this is confirmed by the statement of the Committee on Heraldry in the New England Genealogical Register, Vol. 86 (1932) page 270.

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(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9931) MarrD, LOW 
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(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9951) MarrD, LOW 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9951) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9982) MarrD, LOW 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9982) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 

Historical Sketch for LORD, Richard

Document Entry Number: 2

Page: 7-8

     Captain Richard Lord, bapt. England, Jan. 5, 1611-12, came to America, ahead of his father, in 1632. He settled in Newtown (now Cambridge), Mass. In 1636, in company with his father and mother and brothers and sisters, he traveled with Rev. Dr. Hooker and their party through the wilderness and settled the town of Hartford, Conn. He became a patentee of Connecticut under charter of King Charles II and an Original Proprietor and first settler of Hartford, his home lot in 1639 being next west to his father's.
     Porter's "Hartford, Conn. Settlers" quotes from town records:
     March 1640
     An Order Concerning Graves
     It is ordered that Thomas Woodford shall attend the making of graves for any corpses deceased: and that no corpse shall be laid less than four foot deep; nor that be above four years old, shall be laid less than five foot deep; nor that be above ten, shall be laid less than six foot deep.
     He shall receive for giving notice by ringing the bell, making the grave, and keeping of it in seemly repair, so that it may be known in future time,-- when such graves have been made for the lesser sort, 2s. 6d., for the middle sort, 3s., and for the higher sort, 3s. 6d.
     Town Crier
     It is further ordered, that if any person hath lost anything that he desireth should be cried in a public meeting, he shall pay for crying of it 2d. To Thomass Woodford, to be paid before it be cried; and the crier shall have a book of the things that he crieth.
     February 22, 1651
     There was an agreement between the town and Richard Lord: He is to have the use of the burying place, to put in horses and calves; he to make and maintain the fence about it, that belongeth unto it, until the town shall desire to take it into their own hand; and then they are to give a year's warning; and if he desire to leave it, he is also to give the like warning.
     September 29, 1664
     This writing witnesseth an agreement between Richard Lord of Hartford, and the Townsmen respecting the burying yard:
     The said Richard Lord doth covenant, promise and engage to and with the said townsmen, that there shall be a sufficient pale fence set up round about the said burying ground,-- that is to say so much of the said fence as doth property belong to the burying ground, and the fence next the highway,-- the pales and post heads to be handsomely sharped, and the said fence set up straight, and the pales set even by a line at the tops, and this to be done at or before the 25th of October next ensuing the date hereof. The said Richard Lord is to feed off the grass with horses and calves, according to the former agreement. He is at no time to suffer hogs to come into the said burying yard, nor to fodder cattle in it. The said Richard is also to reduce the divident fence between his said orchard and the burying yard to its ancient bounds. All this to be done according to this agreement, and so maintained during the whole term that the said Richard shall improve the said burying-yard. And upon the breach of this agreement, or any part of it, he shall forfeit all the cost and labor upon it, to the town. By pale fence, we intend only the fence against the highway, and the divident fence between his orchard and the said burying-yard.
     To which agreement these parties have subscribed.
     Richard Lord
     Robert Webster
     James Steele
     John Gilbert
     Daniel Pratt
     Richard Lord was one of the most energetic and efficient men in the colony. When the first Troop of Horsemen was organized, he was chosen commander, March 11, 1658, and distinguished himself in the Indian Wars. He was constable in 1642, townsman in 1645 and represented Hartford in the General Court from 1656 until his death. He was the captain relied on, in conjunction with John Pynchon, for securing the persons of the regicides Goffe and Whalley. He married, in 1635, Sarah -----. He became a very prominent citizen and in addition to being captain of cavalry, wis a ship owner in the carrying trade between New London and the West Indies. He found it necessary to have a home in New London, Conn., where he purchased a corner at Main and Pearl Streets. He died in New London May 17, 1662, in the fifty-first year of his age, and his gravestone may still be seen there, with the following epitaph:
     "The bright Starre of our Cavallrie lyes here;
     Unto the State, a Counselor full Deare
     And to ye truth a Friend of Sweet Content,
     To Hartford Towne a silver Ornament.
     Who can deny to Poore he was Reliefe,
     And in compsing Paroxysmes was Chiefe.
     To Marchantes as a Patterne he might stand,
     Adventring Dangers new by Sea and Land."
     His inventory, taken May 10, 1662, amounted to (Pounds)1539.9.5. His widow died in 1676.
     In the records of the County Court of Hartford, 1694/5, March 18, Vol. V, p. 83, there is this interesting entry concerning Abigail Lord, wife of Richard Lord (IV), grandson of Richard Lord (II) :
     "Mrs. Abigall Lord makeing complaynt of Japhet Mr. Tho Richards Indian for breaking into Mr. Lord's house," and the Indian acknowledging same, the Court orders "sayd Indian to be secured in the goale" to await further trial. Two days later the Court ordered him severely whipt but remitted the sentence "untill Mr. Thomas Richards, his master come Home from England provided his master will pay a suitable fine in the roome of sayd punishments."
     Names on the Founder's Monument, Hartford Connecticut
     On the East side of the monument: John Haynes, Thomas Hooker, George Wyllys, Edward Hopkins, Matthew Allyn, Thomas Wells, John Webster, William Whiting, John Talcott, Andrew Warner, William Pentrey, William Westwood, James Olmstead, Thomas Hosmer, Nathaniel Ward, William Wadsworth, John White, John Steele, Thomas Scott, William Goodwin, Thomas Stanley, Samuel Stone, Stephen Hart, William Spencer, John Moody, William Lewis, William Rusco, Timothy Stanley, Richard Webb, William Andrews, Samuel Wakeman, Jeremy Adams, Richard Lyman, William Butler, Thomas Lord, Matthew Marven Gregory Wolterton, Andrew Bacon, John Barnard, Richard Goodman, Nathaniel Richards, John Pratt, Thomas Birchwood, George Graves, John Clark, William Gibbons, John Crow, Edward Stebbing, James Ensign, George Steele, Stephen Post, George Stocking, Joseph Mygatt, Nathaniel Ely, William Bloomfield.
     On the North side of the moument: Thomas Judd, William Hill, Richard Lord, William Hyde, William Kelsey, John Arnold, Richard Butler, Arthur Smith, Robert Day, John Maynard, Seth Grant, William Heyton, Thomas Spencer, Thomas Stanton, George Baysey, John Hopkins, William Pratt, Nicholas Clark, Thomas Bull, John Marsh, William Holton, Edwin Elmer, Francis Andrews, Richard Church, James Cole, Zachariah Field, John Skinner, Joseph Easton, Thomas Hales, Richard Olmstead, Samuel Hales, Richard Wrisley, Thomas Alcott, Robert Bartlett, Thomas Selden, Thomas Root, William Parker, John Wilcox, Samuel Greenhill, Benjamin Burr, Ozias Goodwin, Richard Seymour, Thomas Bunce, John Bidwell, Clement Chaplin, Thomas Bliss.

Associated Persons and Marriages:
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) ChrD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) ChrP, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) Emigration, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) Profession, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) DiedD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) DiedP, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) BurP, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) Headstone, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 564) Name, MEDIUM 
WARREN, Abigail (Id# 1171) Name, MEDIUM 
LORD, Thomas (Id# 9385) Name, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9901) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9901) MarrD, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9719) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 

Genealogy for LORD, Richard

Document Entry Number: 3

Page: 9-10

     II CAPT,. RICHARD LORD, bapt. England, Jan. 5, 1611-12, d. New London, Conn., May 17,1662; m. 1635, Sarah ------, d. 1676. Sarah's maiden name is unknown. In her will, she refers to her brother George Graves, but she was not his sister. He had a sister Sarah who married a Mr. Demming. George Graves was a deacon, and in those days a deacon was usually referred to as "brother." If he was her brother-in-law, her maiden name would have been Ventris. In her will she refers to Priscilla Brackett (alias Reynolds) and Sarah Brackett (alias Shaw), as cousins, but the word cousins was more loosely used then than it is now. They may have been nieces and if such was the case, she might have been a sister of Peter Brackett, the father of these two "cousins," or a sister of one of his wives. There is record that be had a sister Sarah Brackett and he is not mentioned in Sarah Lord's will. The connection between Sarah Lord and the two "cousins' is not apparent
     III Richard Lord, Jr., b. Hartford, Conn., 1636, d. Nov. 5, 1685; m. Apr. 15, 1665, Mary Smith, b. Mar. 7, 1643, d. May 17, 1702, dau, of Henry and Anne Pynchon Smith of Springfield, Mass., who afterward m. 1686, Dr. Thomas Hooker of Hartford. He was Deputy in 1669 and often afterward. He was one of the wealthiest merchants of his time, made many trading voyages and was lost at sea Nov. 5, 1685, aged 49, leaving a large estate to his widow and his only child. The inventory of his property amounted to (Pounds)5,786, and was with one exception the greatest up to that time in Hartford.
     IV Richard Lord of Hartford, b. Feb. 1, 1669, d. Jan. 29, 1712; m. Jan. 14, 1692, Abigail Warren, b. May 10, 1676, d. Jan. 1, 1754, dau. of John and Elizabeth Crow Warren of Boston. She m. 1716, Rev. Timothy Woodbridge. (Richard IV had ten children: V Abigail, Richard, Abigail 2d and Jerusha, listed on this page; Elisha, page 10; Mary, 14; Richard 2d, 14; Elizabeth, 15; Epaphras, 15; and Ichabod, 45.)
     V Abigail Lord, b. Mar. 15, 1694, d. May 22, 1694.
     V Richard Lord, b. Aug. 16, 1695, d. Dec. 16, 1699.
     V Abigail Lord, 2nd, b. Jan. 19, 1698, d. Apr. 19, 1698,
     V Jerusha Lord, b. Feb. 25, 1699, d. Oct. 21, 1776, at Windsor, Conn.; m. Sept. 16, 1720, Col. John Whiting of Hartford, b. Dec, 15, 1693, d. Feb. 12, 1766.
     VI Jerusha Whiting, b. 1720; d. July 6, 1803; m. Samuel (or Daniel) Skinner.
     VII Jerusha Skinner.
     VII Daniel Skinner.
     VII Abigail Skinner.
     VII Sarah Skinner.
     VII Theodore Skinner.
     VII Elisha Skinner, m. (1) Abigail Pratt; m. (2) Achsa Webster.
     VII Abigail Skinner, 2nd.
     VII William Skinner.
     VII Sarah Skinner, 2nd.
     VI Ann Whiting, b. Feb. 16, 1724; d. May 31, 1762; m. Oct. 27, 1746, Benjamin Colton.
     VI John Whiting, b. June 17, 1727; m. twice. Six children by second marriage.
     VI Mary Whiting, b. Aug 25, 1729; m. Nov. 27, 1748, John Skinner.
     VI Susan Whiting, b. Feb. 10, 1732.
     VI Sarah Whiting, b. Apr. 6, 1734.
     VI William Whiting, b. Oct. 12, 1736.
     VI Allyn Whiting, b. June 23, 1740.
     VI Elizabeth Whiting, b. June 25, 1743.
     V Elisha Lord, b. Hartford, Conn., Mar. 15, 1700-01, d. Hartford, Apr. 15, 1725 (Yale 1718) ; m. May 4, 1723, his second cousin, Mary Haynes, b. Nov. 27, 1703, d. New Haven, Conn., Sept. 23, 1769, dau. of Judge John and Mary Glover Haynes of Hartford. She m. (2) Apr. 6, 1727, Roswell Sattonstall of Bradord, Conn., d. Oct. 1, 1783; m. (3) Feb. 5, 1741, Rev. Timothy Clap of Windham, Conn., b. June 26, 1703, d. Jan. 7, 1767, President of Yale College. (See page 54).
     VI Capt. John Haynes Lord, b. Hartford, Conn., bapt. Dec. 17, 1724 (Yale 1745), d. Mar. 24, 1796; m. abt. 1746, Rachel Knowles, b. 1727, d. Feb. 15, 1803, dau. of Capt. John and Rachel Olcutt Knowles. He lived on the Lord corner and had a large estate bordering on Front Street and the Little River, and in other parts of Hartford.
     VII Mary Lord, b. 1747, d. 1748.
     VII Elisha Lord, bapt. Dec. 25, 1748, d. Feb. 29, 1808; m. (1) abt. 1772, Elizabeth Ledlie, b. 1754, d. Dec. 19, 1786, dau. of Hugh and Chloe Ledlie; m. (2) abt. 1788, Theodosia Bidwell, bapt. Jan. 20, 1758-59, d. Sept. 13, 1792, dau. of Jonathan and Hannah Hubbard Bidwell; m. (3) Dec. 13, 1795, Susannah Olcott, d. 1808. Lived in Farmington, Conn.
     By first marriage (Elisha Lord VII to Elizabeth Ledlie):
     VIII Three children who died in infancy.
     VIII Chloe Lord, m. Adino Hills, b. East Hampton, Middlesex Co.. Conn., Aug. 20, 1770, son of Samuel and Thankful Rowley Hills of Colchester, Conn.
     IX Elisha Hills, b. Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., N. Y., 1807, d. 1896; m. ------
     X Adino Hills, b. Eagle, N. Y., 1838.
     VIII Lucy Lord, m. Feb. 17, 1794, Col. Samuel Foote, b. Mar. 27, 1771, d. Torrington, Conn., Oct. 1848.
     IX Lucy C. Foote, b. Nov. 1795; m. Deacon Amasa Scoville of Norfolk, Conn.
     IX Samuel H. Foote, b. Jan. 1797; m. Delia Moore, dau. of Capt. Elihu Moore
     IX Julia E. Foote, b. Jan. 11, 1807; m. Aug. 19, 1828, William Leach of Torrington.
     IX Cornelia M. Foote, b. Mar. 22, 1809; m. Elias Hatch of Winchester, Conn.
     IX William Foote, b. Apr, 11, 1811; m. Alvira Belden of Wethersficld, Conn

Associated Persons and Marriages:
LORD, Richard (Id# 564) BornD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 564) DiedD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 564) LinkFToChildren, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 564) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 564) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
PYNCHON, Ann (Id# 1331) LinkMToChildren, MEDIUM 
WARREN, Abigail (Id# 1171) BornD, MEDIUM 
WARREN, Abigail (Id# 1171) DiedD, MEDIUM 
WARREN, Abigail (Id# 1171) LinkMToChildren, MEDIUM 
WARREN, Abigail (Id# 1171) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WARREN, Abigail (Id# 1171) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
LORD, Abigail (Id# 1387) BornD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Abigail (Id# 1387) DiedD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Abigail (Id# 1387) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
LORD, Abigail (Id# 1387) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
SKINNER, Samuel Or_Daniel (Id# 1403) LinkFToChildren, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1431) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1431) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 1454) BornD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 1454) DiedD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 1454) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 1454) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1502) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1502) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
LORD, Abigail (Id# 1523) BornD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Abigail (Id# 1523) DiedD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Abigail (Id# 1523) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
LORD, Abigail (Id# 1523) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1531) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1531) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
LORD, Elisha (Id# 1592) BornD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Elisha (Id# 1592) BornP, MEDIUM 
LORD, Elisha (Id# 1592) DiedD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Elisha (Id# 1592) DiedP, MEDIUM 
LORD, Elisha (Id# 1592) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
LORD, Elisha (Id# 1592) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1601) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1601) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1629) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1629) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1656) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1656) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1725) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1725) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1752) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1752) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1824) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
(Living) (Id# 1824) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WOODBRIDGE, Timothy (Id# 2000) Name, MEDIUM 
WARREN, John (Id# 2069) LinkFToChildren, MEDIUM 
SMITH, Henry (Id# 3435) LinkFToChildren, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Allyn (Id# 5774) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Allyn (Id# 5774) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Allyn (Id# 5774) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Anna (Id# 6972) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Anna (Id# 6972) DiedD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Anna (Id# 6972) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Anna (Id# 6972) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Mary (Id# 7070) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Mary (Id# 7070) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Mary (Id# 7070) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Susan (Id# 7163) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Susan (Id# 7163) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Susan (Id# 7163) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Sarah (Id# 7261) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Sarah (Id# 7261) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Sarah (Id# 7261) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITING, William (Id# 7358) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, William (Id# 7358) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITING, William (Id# 7358) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Elizabeth (Id# 7396) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Elizabeth (Id# 7396) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Elizabeth (Id# 7396) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
CROW, Elisabeth (Id# 8767) LinkMToChildren, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 8835) BornD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 8835) BornP, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 8835) DiedD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 8835) DiedP, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 8835) DiedCause, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 8835) LinkFToChildren, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 8835) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 8835) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 8835) Profession, MEDIUM 
SMITH, Mary (Id# 8907) BornD, MEDIUM 
SMITH, Mary (Id# 8907) DiedD, MEDIUM 
SMITH, Mary (Id# 8907) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
SMITH, Mary (Id# 8907) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) ChrD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) ChrP, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) DiedD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) DiedP, MEDIUM 
LORD, Richard (Id# 9047) LinkFToChildren, MEDIUM 
GRAVES, Sarah (Id# 9119) DiedD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, John (Id# 9697) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, John (Id# 9697) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITING, John (Id# 9697) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITING, John W. (Id# 9833) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, John W. (Id# 9833) DiedD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Jerusha (Id# 9902) BornD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Jerusha (Id# 9902) DiedD, MEDIUM 
LORD, Jerusha (Id# 9902) DiedP, MEDIUM 
LORD, Jerusha (Id# 9902) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
LORD, Jerusha (Id# 9902) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
LORD, Jerusha (Id# 9902) LinkMToChildren, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Jerusha (Id# 9971) BornD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Jerusha (Id# 9971) DiedD, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Jerusha (Id# 9971) LinkCToFather, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Jerusha (Id# 9971) LinkCToMother, MEDIUM 
WHITING, Jerusha (Id# 9971) LinkMToChildren, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 8094) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9669) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9669) MarrD, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9700) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9751) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9751) MarrD, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9832) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9862) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9862) MarrD, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9882) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9882) MarrD, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9901) LinkMarriage, MEDIUM 
(Living) and (Living) (Id# 9901) MarrD, MEDIUM