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Last Updated:
Dec 07, 2012

Plat Map of Nauvoo, Illinois

 Photo Id: 287

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Photo Information:
Place: USA, Illinois, Hancock, Nauvoo
Editor's Comments:
     Nauvoo Map Locations
     1. Stone Quarry
     2. Visitors Center
     3. Stephen Markham Property (due east of visitor center)
     4. Orson Hyde home
     5. Restored Wilford Woodruff home
     6. Restored Heber C. Kimball home
     7. Times and Seasons Printing Complex
     8. Restored Jonathan Browning home
     9. Restored Brigham Young home
     10. Markham property (due east of Brigham Young home)
     11. Restored Noble - Lucy Mack Smith home
     12. Reconstructed Seventies Hall
     13. Reconstructed Webb Wagon and Blacksmith Shop
     14. John Taylor home site.
     15. Erastus Snow - Nathaniel Ashby double home
     16. Ferry Landing (traditional exodus street)
     17. Mansion House
     18. Joseph Smith Store - (upper room Relief Society organized)
     19. Joseph Smith Homestead home
     20. Nauvoo House
     Legal descriptions of Stephen Markham's 2 property locations in Nauvoo from 1842 census records: as obtained from the NAUVOO RESTORATIONS records are:
     1 - Lot 2 of block 69 on Durfee and Cutler Streets. This property line lies directly east of the present Memorial Gardens south of the Visiting Center.
     2 - Lot 2 of Block 125 on Kimball and Main Streets. This property is directly east of the Brigham Young restored home, his being in block 126. (It is thought that this is where Stephen Markham sold his newly built home and moved into a tent and gave the proceeds to the church to aid the Prophet Joseph in his many legal problems. Refer to page 7 and 8 of Gifford History for account.

Associated Persons and Marriages:
MARKHAM, Stephen (Id# 104) Location, MEDIUM