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Grooms listed

Blevins Sisemore  to  Rebecca Sisemore             10-01-1856
Edward Sisemore  to  Lucresy Woods                01-06-1857
Henry Sisemore   to  Rachel Jones                     12-25-1815
James Sisemore  to  Mary Collett                       03-07-1839  applied for license
John Sisemore  to  Nancy Marcum                    03-23-1851
John Sisemore  to  Jane Treadway                     01-13-1852
Nelson Sisemore   to  Anny Sisemore                 04-22-1859
Russel Sisemore  to  Susan Couch                     12-03-1857
Samuel Sisemore   to  Sophia Sizemore              01-15-1859  applied for license 
Smith Sisemore   to  Tilda Hudson                     04-26-1839
William Sisemore  to  Nancy Napier                   03-08-1853  applied for license
William Sisemore  to  Mourrien? Bowling           03-20-1838
Abe Sizemore  to  Louisa Spurlock                     09-07-1925
Abijah Sizemore  to  Lucy Thacker                     02-28-1881
Abijah Sizemore  to  Lusinda Roberts                  04-11-1868
Abijah Sizemore   to  Charity Jackson                 02-05-1885
Abijah Sizemore  to  Nancy Ann Marcum            03-08-1896
A.G. Sizemore  to  Esther Chandler                     05-06-1904
Alex Sizemore  to  Frankie Bowlin                      03-08-1896
Andy Sizemore  to  Mary Taylor                        09-20-1889
Arch Sizemore   to  Aggie Hubbard                    08-27-1910
Autho Sizemore  to  Catherine Philpot                 12-22-1932
Beve Sizemore  to  Lillie Arnett                           06-24-1925
Beverly Sizemore  to  Lou Bowling                     10-23-1911
Bill Sizemore  to  Peggy Jane Gray                      12-17-1916
Bill Sizemore  to  Lucy Wagers                          10-01-1926
Boyd  Sizemore  to  Edna Edwards                     03-20-1930
Bradley Sizemore  to  Sallie Sizemore                  05-06-1917
Bradley Sizemore  to  Mollie Caudill                    03-03-1922
Burgie Sizemore  to  Elverny Hoskins                 08-18-1923
Carr Sizemore   to  Louvina Jones                       08-17-1867
Charlie Sizemore  to  Adna Burns                       03-22-1917
Dan Sizemore  to  Allie Lawson                          12-07-1934  applied for license
Daniel Sizemore  to  Sudie Hensley                     10-14-1890
Daugh Sizemore   to  Myrtle Roberts                  02-09-1913
Dave Sizemore  to  Sudie Jackson                      11-07-1926
David Sizemore  to  Sarah Howard                     01-25-1877
Dewey Sizemore  to  Mary Napier                     05-03-1929
Dillion Sizemore  to  Rutha Asher                       04-18-1874
Edward Sizemore  to  Lora Sizemore                   09-13-1930
Edward Sizemore  to  Jane Murphy                     09-02-1864
Edward Sizemore  to  July Murphy                     10-17-1893
Elhanon Sizemore  to  Tabby Wagers                  07-22-1886
Elhanon Sizemore   to  Nancy Mattingly              04-10-1879
Eli Sizemore  to  Mary Smith                              07-22-1913
Evert Sizemore  to  Lucy Asher                          04-24-1879
Ezekiel Sizemore  to  Liza Scalf                          05-31-1903 s/o Robert Sizemore/Lucinda (Sizemore) d/o James Scalf/Juda (Sizemore)
Frank Sizemore  to  Ida Bowling                         03-16-1931
Farmer Sizemore  to  Almira Wagers                   12-23-1887
George Sizemore  to  Jennie Shepherd                  08-23-1900
George Sizemore  to  Della Mitchell                     03-02-1923
Gillis Sizemore  to  Josephine Jackson                 04-18-1880
Harold Sizemore  to  Ida Robinson                      01-27-1923
Harvey Sizemore  to  Catherine Taylor                 10-16-1926
Harvey Sizemore  to  Ginnie Lee Jackson             09-10-1924
Harvey Sizemore  to  America Collins                  03-22-1907
Henry Sizemore  to  Bernice Hacker                     01-27-1933
Henry Sizemore  to  Jennie Arnett                       10-24-1881
Henry Sizemore  to  Millie B. Ramsey                  02-04-1875
Henry Sizemore   to  George Anna Lewis             07-29-1875
Hiram Sizemore  to  Polly Thomas                       03-13-1876
Hiram Sizemore  to  Paralee Campbell                  06-08-1899
Hugh Sizemore  to  Fannie Bowling                     07-27-1913
Isaac Sizemore  to  Susan Jones                         01-16-1886
Isaac Sizemore   to  Leanna Smith                      10-15-1892
Jack Sizemore  to  Gertrude Hollen                      09-18-1933
Jackson Sizemore  to  China Davis                      05-26-1868
James Sizemore  to  Anny Pennington                 12-27-1861  applied for license
James Sizemore  to  Viney Sizemore                    02-16-1875
James Sizemore  to  Margaret Lewis                    08-15-1909
James Sizemore  to  Lottie Hoskins                      01-06-1917
James Sizemore to  Nellie Smallwood                   01-05-1920
Jas Sizemore  to  Helly Asher                               09-27-1876
Jerry Sizemore  to  Syntha Doil                            09-21-1908
Jesse J. Sizemore  to  Bessie Ruth                        04-17-1924
Jimmie Sizemore  to  Ollie Jackson                       02-16-1930
Joe Sizemore  to  Eliza Banks                               11-16-1911
John Sizemore  to  Martha Burns                          08-13-1879
John Sizemore  to  Nancy Roberts                        01-30-1872
John Sizemore  to  Miney Pennington                    02-24-1877  applied for license
John Sizemore  to  Jane Whitaker                         10-13-1899
Joseph Sizemore  to  Sarah Sizemore                    01-15-1868
Joseph Sizemore  to  Nancy Hensley                     03-26-1869
Joseph Sizemore  to Emma Burns                         05-27-1883

Lawrence Sizemore  to  Lola Clark
Letcher Sizemore  to  Nancy Delph
Lewis Sizemore  to  Lutisha Woods
Oscar Sizemore  to Ollie Owens
Pleas Sizemore  to  Mary Taylor
Pleasant Sizemore  to  Louisa Jones
Pleasant Sizemore  to  Mary Bowlin
Robert Sizemore  to  Cordelia Collett
Robert Sizemore  to  Mallie Davidson
Robert Sizemore  to  Nancy Arnett
Robert Sizemore  to  Nancy Holland
Robert Sizemore  to  Virginia Hoskins
Robert Sizemore  to  Lizzie Keith
Robert Sizemore  to  Martha J. Estep
Robert Sizemore  to  Amanda Collins
Roy Sizemore  to  Mollie Smith
Sam Sizemore  to  Flora Sizemore 
Samuel E. Sizemore  to Nancy Honeycutt
Shelby Sizemore  to Hazel Jones
Sidney Sizemore  to  Nancy Ann Napier
Speed Sizemore  to  Polly Wagers
Spurgion Sizemore  to  Ethel Lipps
Steve Sizemore  to  May Bowling
Taylor Sizemore  to  Elizabeth Waggoner
Taylor Sizemore  to  Martha Collins
Taylor Sizemore  to  Lou Ross
Taylor Sizemore  to  Claudie Stephens
Ted Sizemore  to  Alpha Herd
Thomas Sizemore  to  Susan Britton
W.G. Sizemore  to  Amanda Benge
Walter Sizemore  to  Buelah Hacker
Walter Sizemore  to  Cleo Hayre
Wilkenson Sizemore  to  Franky Ausburn
William Sizemore  to  Nancy Hollin
William Sizemore  to  Dova Napier
William Sizemore  to  Lula Davidson
Willie Sizemore  to  Drucy Banks
Willie Sizemore  to Lena Lawson
Willie Sizemore  to  Nancy Henson
Willie G. Sizemore  to  Annie Hayre
Willis Sizemore  to  Kittie Bailey
Willis Sizemore  to  Sallie Burns
Willis Sizemore  to  Alvie Smith
Wm. Sizemore  to  Ellen Howard
Wm. Sizemore  to  Rachel Sizemore
Wm. Sizemore  to Malvery Cornett
01-29-1876  applied for lic.
05-15-1911  apllied for lic.
01-20-1871  applied for lic.

Brides Listed

Adeline Sizemore to Jordan Smith  07-25-1907
Adna Sizemore to Bradley Hamblin 09-24-1921
Alabama Sizemore to Virgil Burns 08-29-1923
Allie May Sizemore to Luther Scalf 08-03-1925  dau. of Toby Lawson and Alice Gray
Alsey or Alesey Sizemore to Daniel Ellet? 02-17-1813
America Sizemore to Dan Henson 04-28-1905
Anny Sizemore to Jackson Whitehead 12-31-1871
Anny Sizemore to Nelson Sizemore 04-22-1859
Belle Sizemore to Taylor Asher 09-24-1905
Bertha Sizemore to Hermon Clark 03-05-1931
Bessie Sizemore to John H. Hyden 07-30-1904
Betsey Sizemore to Elijah Waters 03-12-1812
Betsey Ann Sizemore to Andrew Collins 03-31-1838
Catherine Sizemore to Gillis Gambrel 04-15-1875
Cintha Sizemore to Joseph Hibbard 12-16-1861
Chloe Sizemore Clyde Abner 02-13-1932   dau. of D. F. Sizemore and Mary Jane Shepherd
Cora Sizemore to Thomas Bowling 09-20-1914
Delia Sizemore to Cal Lawson 12-23-1926  dau. of Elhannon Sizemore and Tab Wagers
Della Sizemore to Robert Lovins 06-02-1925   dau of George Sizemore and Jenny Shepherd
Della Mae Sizemore to Steve Isom 02-12-1922
Dellia or Della Sizemore to Charlie Roberts 04-03-1904
Delora Sizemore to Dewey Langton 12-27-1930
Ebby Sizemore to Humphrey Best 11-04-1813 (Bond)
Edna Sizemore to Theurell White 12-30-1916
Elise or Elsie Sizemore to Isham Hoskins 02-08-1906
Eliza Sizemore to Franklin Smith 09-25-1876
Elizabeth Sizemore to William Jones 11-09-1867
Elizabeth Sizemore or Silcose to Eli Hubbard 03-10-1831
Elizabeth Sizemore to David Shelton 12-08-1904
Elizabeth Sizemore to Eli Waggoner 07-02-1863
Emily Sizemore to Wilson Wagers 08-09-1896
Emily Sizemore to Hogan Hacker 12-04-1886
Emily Sizemore to Key Asher 02-25-1917
Emily Jane Sizemore to Elhannon Asher 12-27-1859
Esther Sizemore to Wood Lyttle Baker 05-22-1931  Dau of Robert Sizemore + Lizzie Keith
Ester Sizemore to Overton Sandlin 07-04-1932
Eva Sizemore to William Hibbard 11-04-1918
Eva Sizemore to James Hacker 02-04-1909
Francis Sizemore to Carlo Marcum 11-13-1931
Gracie Sizemore to Burley Roark 04-13-1917
Ida Sizemore to Oscar Hayre 04-12-1912
Jane Sizemore to James Asher 12-13-1911
Jay Bird Sizemore to Eli Roberts 01-13-1892
Jennette Sizemore to Pearl Hacker 10-14-1932
Jennie Sizemore to Bige Lawson 05-08-1876
Latisia Sizemore to Crit Allen 01-02-1880
Laura Sizemore (17)  to James Smith (34) 10-01-1932
Lizzie Sizemore to Willie Brock 03-22-1911
Lora Sizemore to Edward Sizemore 09-13-1930
Lou Ellen Sizemore (32) to Troy Feltner (22) 09-29-1931
Louisa Sizemore to Samuel Thacker 01-04-1900
Louisa Sizemore to John Napier 09-29-1883
Lucretia Sizemore to Elhannon Roberts 02-28-1866
Lucy Sizemore to James Finley 04-09-1926  Dau of Wilkes Sizemore and Lou Roberts
Lucy Sizemore to Stephen Lawson 05-07-1913
Lucy Sizemore to John D. Lewis 09-20-1906
Lucy Sizemore to Garrett Gambrell 10-26-1890
Lucy Sizemore to William Hunter 05-26-1892
Lucy Sizemore to Felix Jackson 10-04-1894
Maggie Sizemore to Thomas Baker 10-27-1916
Maggie Sizemore to Carlo England 11-22-1912
Maggie Sizemore to Sam Finley 09-14-1914
Mahala Sizemore to Nicholas Carlton 04-20-1856
Mahala Sizemore to Dempsey P. Wilder 04-23-1868
Mahala Sizemore to Collin Nichols or Nicklos 04-20-1856
Mahala Sizemore to Lilburn Woods 07-07-1846
Margaret Ellen Sizemore to Calvin Hall 03-07-1931 dau. of Beve P. Sizemore + Lou Bowling
Martha Sizemore 35 to Henry Henson 36  07-25-1928 
Martha Sizemore to William Mills  12-30-1886
Martha Sizemore to Granville Delph 08-20-1885
Martha Sizemore to Perry Jackson  06-19-1932
Martha Sizemore to Sam Mitchell  05-07-1919
Martha Sizemore to J.A. Burns  07-08-1897
Martha Sizemore to James Hoskins  03-21-1906
Martha Mae Sizemore to Andy Holland  03-17-1914
Martha Pearl Sizemore 14 to Estill Philpot 19 09-08-1927 dau of Walter Sizemore + Cleo

Mary Sizemore to Green Mills  01-26-1914
Mary Sizemore to Jesse Smallwood  01-12-1911
Mary Sizemore to John Wagoner  02-12-1866
Mary Sizemore to Charley Woods  09-06-1901
Mary Sizemore to Elhanon Smith  07-26-1894
Mary Sizemore to William Mills  12-22-1909
Mary Sizemore to William Muncy  10-24-1856
Mary Sizemore to Hampton Napier  10-04-1883
Mary Sizemore to Thomas Collett  09-25-1889
Mary Sizemore to W.O. Grubb  11-23-1930
Mary Belle Sizemore 20 to Beverly McQueen 22  02-05-1927 dau of Bige Sizemore +Nancy
Mary Jane Sizemore to William Lawson  09-20-1917
Maud Sizemore to Joseph Smith  08-14-1910
Maud Sizemore 21 to James Spurlock 03-17-1926 Dau of Bige Sizemore + Nancy ?
Mittie Sizemore to William Downey  09-16-1911
Mollie Sizemore to Preston Collett  08-03-1926
Nancy Sizemore to David Asher  12-12-1865
Nancy Sizemore to John Lucas  09-25-1872
Nancy Sizemore to John Couch  12-04-1857
Nancy Sizemore to David Jones  10-28-1824
Nancy Sizemore to William Woods  04-25-1853
Nancy Sizemore to George Hubbard  01-13-1910
Nancy Sizemore to Joshua Whitehead  01-03-1857
Nancy Ann Sizemore 45 to Johnnie Collins 51  07-22-1929
Nancy Ann Sizemore to Henderson Gray  10-12-1905
Nancy Jane Sizemore to William Bowling 06-30-1920
Nannie Sizemore to W.J. Hoskins  06-21-1895
Nellie Sizemore to Noah Valentine  10-13-1900
Nellie Sizemore to Britt Bowling  02-22-1934
Ollie Sizemore to Robb Hayre  04-01-1915 
Ollie Sizemore (2nd Marr.)to A.B. Henson  11-17-1927 Dau of Robert Sizemore +Sallie Bush
Paralee Sizemore to Lil Jones  01-16-1914
Patsy Sizemore to Riley Napier  05-12-1846
Perlia Sizemore 18 to Henry Roberts 08-15-1931 dau of Willie Sizemore +Lena Lawson
Pollie Sizemore to Andrew Mills  02-20-1916
Polly Sizemore 27 to William Myers 31  12-09-1929  (She is a widow)
Polly Sizemore to Robert Asher  03-26-1827 (Listed as Sesemore)
Polly Sizemore to Huston Hubbard  12-07-1854
Polly Sizemore to John Lewis  07-25-1877
Porsha Sizemore to Robert Harris  09-08-1923
Rachel Sizemore to William Sizemore (No Dates Given)
Rachel Sizemore to David Davidson 07-25-1872
Rebecca Sizemore to Blevins Sizemore  10-01-1856
Rebecca Sizemore to J.R. Thompson  03-03-1900
Ruthie Sizemore 17 to Sam Bowling 07-30-1931 Dau of George Sizemore+Jennie Shepherd
Sabie Sizemore to B.P. McCreary 06-02-1901
Sallie Sizemore to Astor Harold Ledford 10-15-1933 (Creekville, Ky.)
Sally Sizemore to Gorden Mitchell  04-24-1877
Sarah Sizemore to G.M. (G.W.?) Hunter  06-09-1899
Sarah Sizemore to Henry Renis  10-29-1874
Sarah Sizemore to Joseph Sizemore  01-15-1858
Sarah Sizemore 22 to Charlie Henson 02-26-1927 dau of Hi and Sis Sizemore
Sarah Sizemore to John Wilder  04-24-1879
Silvey Sizemore to Granville Mosley  06-12-1875
Sintha Sizemore to Henry Hensley  07-15-1880
Sinthy Sizemore to William Money 10-15-1874
Sis Sizemore to Hiram Hoskins  09-06-1918
Sophia Sizemore to Samuel Sizemore  01-15-1859 (Bond)
Sudie Sizemore 24 to Earnest Bowling 03-20-1933 dau of Daw Sizemore+Myrtle Roberts
Susan Sizemore to John C. Davidson  02-20-1868
Susan Sizemore to George McCreary 05-10-1900
Susan Sizemore to John Thomas  12-02-1877
Viney Sizemore to James Sizemore  02-16-1875
Virgie Sizemore to Albert L. Baker 01-09-1929 Dau of Robert Sizemore+Lizzie Keith


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