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the House of Payne 

The english surname Payne traced from Paien is derived from the Latin word "Paganus".  Coutryman, rustic, heathen, and pagan are merely some of the terms used to describe this clan and/or family.   Nevertheless, it is known that families were using variations of this name even before the Norman Conquest.  However, it is also known that these variations can be traced endlessly, or so it seems at times, through the histories of many different countries and continents. 

index of Payne/Paine/Paien/Paynel/Painel/Pagan/Paganel/Paganis/etc etc etc individuals:

Amanda Payne b. aft 1810

Andrew Flynn Payne b. 1894

Ann Payne b. aft 1810

Anthony Alexander Payne b. bet 1533 - 1544 England

Barnabus Payne b. 1745

Benjamin Payne b. 1818 TN

Cameron Elijah Payne b. July 11, 2001 Southaven MS

Charles C. Payne b. May 1, 1810 Smith TN

Charles Clifton Payne b.Aug 11, 1893

Charles Payne

Charles Phillip Payne b. Mar 3, 1952

Charles Shannon Payne b. Oct 26, 1977

Charlie Anderson Payne b. Mar 18, 1917

Collison Payne b. 1783 MD

David Payne

Davis Payne

Delilah Payne

Diana Payne

Edmund Payne b. abt 1438

Elizabeth Payne

Elizabeth Payne

Elizabeth Payne d. 1675

Elizabeth Payne married Joshua

Enoch Payne

Gracie Payne b. 1893

Hannah Payne married: 1707 MD

Hannah Payne b. 1676 St Mary's Co MD

Henry Payne b. 1600/1610

Holder T. (Bud) Payne (twin) b. Feb 8, 1924

Homer D. (Bit) Payne (twin) b. Feb 8, 1924

Hugh de Payen  b. Feb 9, 1070

Isaac (Isaak) Payne b. aby 1656 St Mary's Co MD

Isaac Nathanial Payne b. Aug 8, 2003 Southaven MS

Isaac Payne b. 1656 married: Sarah Smith d. Mar 14, 1712

Isaac Payne b. 1746 Dorchester Co MD

Isaac Payne b. 1713 Dorchester Co d. 1810

Isaac Payne b. 1713 Dorchester Co MD

Isaac Payne b. 1755 Cambridge Dorchester MD

Isaac Payne b. 1755 Dorchester Co MD

Isaac Payne b. MD

Isaac Payne d. 1756

Isaiah Payne

Isaiah Payne b. 1735 Dorchester Co MD

James Payne

James Payne b. 1731

James Payne b. 1731 Dorchester Co MD

James Payne b. July 22, 1783

Jane Payne

John Payne d. Feb 8, 1763 St Michael's Hundred MD

John C. Payne b. Dec 9, 1807 

John C. Payne b. May 30, 1845

John Payne b. aft 1816 TN

Joseph Payne

Joshua Payne married: Mnne Brannock d. aft 1751

Joshua Payne b. abt 1755  Dorchester Co MD married: Sussannah

Lawrence Payne b. 1783, 1785, or 1793 Dossett Dorchester Co 

Maggie Payne

Margaret Payne b. 1784

Mary Ann Payne b. 1838

Mary Payne

Maude Lee Payne- McMullan b. 1886

Moses (Mose) Payne b. Jun 22, 1860

Moses Payne b. Apr 12, 1824

Nehemiah Payne b. Dec 15, 1733 Dorchester Co MD

Ola Payne b. 1896

Oscar Lee Payne b. Feb 9, 1897

Otis Payne b. Mar 3, 1919

Rachel Payne married John Drury

Ruth Edna Payne b. Nov 11, 1897

Ryan Anderson Payne b. Aug 24, 1986

Sarah Payne

Sarah Payne married 1707 MD

Stephen Payne

Swepp D. Payne b. 1895

Thomas Jefferson Payne b. Oct 9, 1732 Dorchester Co MD

Thomas Paine b. 1145

Thomas Paine/Payne b. abt 1612 St Mary's Co MD

Thomas Paine/Payne b. abt 1586

Thomas Paine/Payne b. bet 1363 - 1372 Market Bosworth Leicester 

Thomas Payne b. 1720

Thomas Payne b. abt 1680 St Mary's Co MD

Thomas Payne b. 1680 d. 1748 MD

William Payne b. 1828