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The House of Payne and Paganel,
Chaumont, Bellomont, Gisors, Languedoc,
St Michael, St Clair, and Anscough.
We are Paine and Paynel, we of Vixon, we of Nor,
we of York.

This is a compilation of the Payne and Downs connection written by Charles Shannon Payne.  Like all genealogical research, information is correct to the best of the compiler's ability and will be corrected if any information is proven inaccurate.  Many debates have derived over the years dealing with the lines of certain families and it's individuals, however, we must all know for a fact that no matter which way you look at our candy coted surface, we are all  . . . Family.

Major surnames include:  Payne, Payne, Holmes, Graham, Downs, Barkley, Roberts and Reed.

Minor surnames include: 

This site is dedicated to:  Tinnie Daphine Roberts - Downs    b. Nov 12, 1922   d.  Jul 15, 1999   -  Loving grandmother and the deliverer of a genealogy bug.

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