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Page updated 13 October 2009

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Welcome to our web site!


Apologies, but some information and links are out of date. If in doubt, use contact us.


This is a general purpose site for all of us in this particular Simpson family. 

We have absolutely no connection with other sites that have or rootsweb addresses.

If you own a private web site with related material, let's link to each other's - it helps both to appear in the web searches. Send me your site address using Contact Us.  

Please select one of the pages on the left. Or go straight to:


in our family trees. For most surnames, if you keep clicking on the surname, you will reach an outline tree. These trees are mostly in Descendants Chart layout with numbers and indentation according to generations and + indicating spouses. There are also links to other information such as the places where they lived. All places are in Great Britain unless otherwise stated.


All rights reserved for all material in this site. The law of England & Wales shall apply. Use of material for private and personal purposes is fine.

Our household policy is never to accept marketing approaches by emails, phone calls, voice mail, text messages etc. without an explicit prior written appointment and full proof of identity of the caller. We reserve the right to cancel without warning any commitment or promise made in any such approaches. We reserve the right to charge a fee of 50 or more set by us for any such approaches. Caveat Vendor.

The law requires that any company identity (name, head office, company number etc.) be made available in all correspondence. No phone call shall ever be made to us (on any land line or mobile number) without proper CLI being visible. No email will be accepted without correct sender address and Return-Path address. Each attempt to break these rules or be rude in other ways will be charged double.


Parts of this site (mostly the presentation aspects) are still evolving. "E&OE". It has been designed to avoid unnecessary graphics but provide information and accessibility. I am also working on automation of maintenance of family history data. One day there should be end to end automation from original source to the web site, untouched by human hand, but the technology is not up to it.