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in the 1785 Philadelphia Directory

CookJosephgold and silversmith993 2nd Street

HumphreysRichardgoldsmith32 Market Street

MyersJohngoldsmith13 2nd Street


AitkinsJohnsilversmith607 2nd Street

AnthonyJosephsilversmith and jeweller45 Market Street

DavidJohnsilversmith928 Front Street

DupeyDanielsilversmith1011 2nd Street

PinchinWilliamsilversmith520 Front Street

ReynholdsThomassilversmith382 Chestnut Street


SmithSamueljeweller503 Front Street


AnistinIsaacwatchmaker167 Water Street

AustinIsaacwatchmaker379 Arch Street

CarrolJohn & Danielwatchmakers985 Front Street

ClarkEphraimwatchmaker481 Front Street

HaydockRobertwatchmaker994 2nd Street


ScottRobertsilver engraver373 Chestnut Street

13 December 2006