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My name is Sheila Priest and my mother is Maisie Mildred Crawford (nee Sidey).  We decided in 1997 to try and find out what we could about her father's family (Sidey) and her mother's family (Jane). Although stories vary, my maternal grandparents didn't have anything to do with the Sidey side of the family - possibly because it was considered that my grandfather had married beneath him.  Whatever the reason, my mother knew nothing about her father's side of the family, not even if she had any aunts and uncles, and hardly anything about her mother's side. We discovered that her mother's brother had died in the First World War and this was news to us all.  My mother was the youngest of seven children and her mother died when she was 10 so I suppose the family  had other things on their mind.  Amy, the eldest child, was the one who seemed to know the most about the family but unfortunately as is often the case, no-one was particularly interested in her stories until it was too late!

I have acquired a lot of information along the way from many different people for which I am very grateful.  I have also received several photographs which was a real bonus, as we had very few photos in our possession.   I have verified all the information wherever possible and have copies of various official documents which I haven't included on the website but would be happy to share with anyone interested.  If there are mistakes or anomalies (bound to be some!) on this website then I would be glad to rectify them.  Feel free to contact me on the email address below with any comments, queries etc.

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Look at my online photo album. The photo above is of my grandmother Lilian Sidey (nee Jane).


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