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Writes: My ggg grandparents were David Kennedy and Elizabeth Clark had a son, Alexander Sackett Kennedy, born about 1812 in Hamilton County, Ohio. Elizabeth's parents were Barzilla Clark and Nancy Wells. They are buried in the "Old Sackett Cemetery" in Sangamon County, Illinois, near Springfield. I can think of a couple of possible reasons David and Elizabeth would name their son such: either Nancy's mother was a descendant of an Alexander Sackett, or he was a greatly admired famous person. So far none of the Alexanders mentioned in the postings have seemed to any significant renown. Do any of you Alaexander descendants have any thoughts or a connection to Nancy Wells Clark? Any help will be greatly appreciated."

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(Name Not Known) No   Researching John M. WEEKS (1845-1919 m. Mary SACKETT) children: Harry O. Weeks, Altha Weeks, Mabel Weeks, & James H. Weeks 1875-1949
(Name Not Known) No - Subscribed 10/28/2003/ Unsubbed 10/30/2003    
(Unknown), Erwin and Ida No - Unsubscribed 3 September 2007   Researching George and Jessie (Hartson) Sackett. George was Erwin's grandfather. George and Jessie had the following children: Harold, Frank, Ruth, Eva, Pearl, Charles, Ethel, Lloyd, Nora and Mary (stillborn). George farmed in Fairchild most of his life, moving from Ohio around 1935. 
(Unknown), Jim and Dene No - Unsubscribed 10 February 2009 Unknown  

Unknown, Lillian

No Subbed/Unsubbed Winter 2002


Is of the belief that Heman, Roswell and Jame H. SACKETT, from Herkimer County, New York, were criminals who took up the Sackett name in order to hide from the law and then came west to distance themselves even more. Can only find mention of them in the 1850 census for that county and state. There is a record of Roswell marrying but after the census there is nothing more except in California. It is said that Roswell went back to New York but I still haven't been able to find him.

(Unknown), Roger No - Bounced out 5/24/2004      
Aber, Roy No as of April 2003 update   Researching Enos PEMBROKE b 1766 NY,Colonies d 18 Dec 1832 Ottawa, LaSalle, IL, USA m Lucinda WARNER b 1780 MA d 1815 NY > David C WARNER b12 Jul 1758 Longmeadow, MA d 16 Apr 1831 Walworth, NY m Mary RUSSELL b 20 Nov 1754 Corham, NY d 21 Apr 1846 Albion, MI > Jesse WARNER b 5 May 1718 Hatfield, MA d Hinsdale, MA 10 May 1793 m Mary COOLEY b 5 Apr 1724 d 3 Jul 1781 Longmeadow, MA > Samuel WARNER b 13 Apr 1680 m Hannah SACKETT b 15 Aug 1692 Westfield, MA d 1731. 
Adams, Eva of Berlin, Germany Yes - NEW 17 March 2007 Simon TSFA Member 166

Adams, Gordon Sackett

No -  Bounced out 7/14/2006


TSFA Member 13

Adams, Janis

No Unsubbed Winter 2002



Akin, Patricia (Pat) No - Unsubscribed 28 November 2005   Pat explains:  "Howard Sackett was my husband's (Rick) biological father who was killed in an auto accident when he was very young. My husband has since assumed the name of a stepfather and has never had any information on his father. We know that before he married Rick's mother he was married before and had other children (step-siblings). This was in Southern California. Howard died when a cement truck (or something similar) hit his car and killed him. It would have been in the 1950's and we're guessing he was in his 40's or 50's at the time. There was a letter sent to Rick's mother regarding the dispersement of his estate where it referenced the other children but his mother has since passed on and we can't find the letter. Looked in the death index but could find no Howard with dates that would connect. Unless Howard was his middle name. Would really like this information to pass on to our children as part of their heritage and maybe reach ! out to some relatives that may not know they have a brother, uncle, cousin, etc. Actually Rick has a brother who was a product of that union as well.  My name is Pat Akins and I would appreciate any help you could give me."

Wendy Sacket found the following at RootsWeb's CA Death Record:  Last Name, First Name, Middle, Birth Date, Mother Maiden, Father Last, Sex, Birth Place, Death Place, Residence, Death Date, SSN, and Age

SACKETT HOWARD ETHAN 10/05/1902 POOL SACKETT M UTAH LOS ANGELES(19) 07/01/1955 554-26-2037 52yrs

Angevine, Laura

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Allen, Sharon Lee Yes


TSFA Member 24
Allen, Terri Mulliken No - Unsubscribed 4 August 2003


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Attwell, Jill


Yes - NEW 9 January 2008 England TSFA Member 193 

Jill explains her connection:  "I am not a Sackett but I live in a cottage built in 1633 at Sacketts Hill, St Peters, England."

Avent, Tony No - unsubbed December 2002 England Searching for the year and port of emigration from the US to England of Sarah FILE and Ann Elizabeth FILE and where they were born. The details thus far are as follows: Sarah (b. about 1838 somewhere in the US; d 1896, Prestwich, England and Ann Elizabeth (b ca 1843 in the US; d. 1916, Salford, England). Both these sisters married Tony's great grandfather, Jeremiah SACKETT (b. 10 Dec 1836 St Leonards, Hythe, Kent in England, d. 1918 in Hathersage, UK). Sarah married Jeremiah 12 August 1861 in Elham, UK, and when she died, Ann Elizaeth married Jeremiah sometime after 1896 in England, place and ate unknown. Jeremiah's second eldest son, George File emigrated from England to Australia in 1886; his son Hubert File (Tony's maternal grandfater) was born 1898 in Australia; his dau - Tony's Mother Winsome May was born 1927 in Australia. 
Bagnell, Diane


No- Unsubscribed 28 Mar 2007 Unknown  
Barbarow, Barbara of Irvine, CA Yes - Subscribed 6 September 2004 - Updated Intro 16 September 2004 Simon
TSFA Member 90
Barbee, Deb Yes Simon TSFA Member 32
Barker, Jack No - No longer subscribed; no trace of why not.  21 December 2005 Simon Descends from Thomas SACKETT I (b. 1530 Eng; d. 1596 Eng) m Joane (d. 1593 Eng) their son Thomas SACKETT II (b. 1557 Eng; d. 1615 Eng) m Martha STROWD (d. 1632 Eng) their son Simon SACKETT I (b. 1595 Eng; d. 1635 MA) m 2nd wife Isabell PEARCE their son John SACKETT I (b. 1632 MA; d. 1719 MA) m 1st wife Abigail HANNUM (b. 1640; d. 1690 MA) their son William SACKETT (b. 1662 MA; d. 1700 MA) m 2nd wife Ann FILER (b. 1705; d. 1773 CT) their son Reuben SACKETT (b. 1732 CT; d. 1803 CT) m Mercy FINNEY (b. 1729; d. 1800 CT) their son Aaron SACKETT (b. 1760 CT; d. 1827 OH) m Dorcas CLARK (b. 1768 MD; d. 1857 IL) their son Thomas SACKETT (b. 1787 PA; d. 1871 MO) m 1st wife Catherine CHAMBERS (b. 1787 CT) their daughter Dorcas SACKETT (b. 1809 Ohio; d. 1877 IL) m. Levi BATTERTON. 

Beadle, Lynn of Washington State

No - Unsubscribed 8 December 2006

Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 104
Becker, Melora Sackett Yes - NEW 12 August  2007 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 181
Beggs, Alyce Yes   TSFA Member 15
Bekey, Marlene Yes - NEW 9 November  2006 Simon TSFA Member 153
Bell, Barbara Yes Simon TSFA Member 60
Bergland, Cathy No as of April 2003 update   States she is the 2nd gr granddaughter to a Julia Ann SACKETT born 1837 in Cassoplis, Cass Co., MI and married Elijah REAMES ca 1860, who was born in Michigan in 1833. Julia's first two children were born in Cass county, Michigan and by 1867 she was living with her husband and children in Cambridge, Story, Iowa.
Berry, Sandra (sister of Brenda Sias)


Yes - Email Address Change  8 November 2006 John TSFA Member 151

Besocke, Darlene

Yes - UPDATED Email address changed 2 October 2008


Biddle, Ali (Sackett) of Hertfordshire, England Yes - Name and Email Address Change 8 September 2005 England TSFA Member 70

Bish, R.G.

Yes - NEW 20 January 2005



Boden, Jeanette B.  of Spokane, WA Yes Simon TSFA Member 18
Bohler, Patricia (Patty)  Maubach of Minooka, Il Yes  -UPDATEDEmail Address Update 31 December 2004 Simon TSFA Member 30

Bourdeau, Kalina

No - Subscribed and Unsubscribed 27 January 2006

(pronounced suh-ketty)

Bowditch, Linda lives  outside Chatham, UK No -UPDATED Unsubscribed 18 June 2006 England Linda's Roll Call explanation:  My Sackett connection though very slim, has quite a few names. Condensed version; Phoebe Sackett, 1814-1889 Thanet, Kent. married John Hogbin of Ramsgate. daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Sackett, who just to complicate things a bit more were 1st cousins. This couple had eleven children, including Phoebe.

Linda explains her connection with: "Phoebe SACKETT b 1814, St Peter in Thanet. Father; Henry SACKETT b 1774 - 1862; Mother; Elizabeth SACKETT b 1778-1861. Henry and Elizabeth were cousins."

Bowman,, Joe (Grokett) Yes  UPDATED Re-subscribed 10 August 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 125
Braden, Jake Yes - NEW 12 March 2006 Unknown TSFA Member 135
Breck, Richard M. of Chicago, IL. Yes UPDATEDEmail Address Update 25 January 2007   Richard writes:  Lizzie is/was my great-grandmother, Joseph Wesley.  Sparks died sometime in the 1920s, they had a daughter Elisabeth (my grand-mother) born 1901/1902 and I think three sons, my grandmother died 1951 of cancer, who married Merrick Roblee Breck, MD (born 1900, El paso, TX) in 1923 or 1925, he died in WWII Medical Corp in the Pacific Theater in 1944. My Mother, Elinor F. Breck was born in 7/10/29 and died 11/17/1996.  I would be most interested in finding out what happened to my grandmother's brothers and their offspring. They would have the last name of Sparks.
Brusack, Jim and Ruth (nee Sackett) Yes-Email Address Changed 21 May 2008 Unknown TSFA Member 182 

Buening, Nancy

No -Unsubbed June 2003


Believes her GORDON's are related to the Ct. SACKETTs.

Bundy, Gina Yes - NEW 2 April 2007 John TSFA Member 167

Burgess, Joe of Grants Pass, Oregon  

No - Unsubbed 4/13/2006


Descends from John the Colonist, John Jr. and Agnes (Tinkham), Samuel and Sarah (Sackett) Alling, Amos and Sarah (Alling) Thompson, Lieut. Samuel and Rebecca (Thompson) King, Rev. Joseph and Deborah (King) Avery, Samuel and Rebecca (Langdon) Avery, Nathaniel and Millicent (Avery) Smith, Joseph Elisha Harmon and Frances Ann (Millsap) Smith, Edward Isaac and Julia Josephine (Smith) Burgess, Theodore Francis and Marguerite Irene (Billings) Burgess, me. Sacketts are a fairly new ancestral family; for years had believed that the wife of Lieut. Samuel King was Rebecca Mead.

Burnett, Deborah Belle Sterling of Vero Beach, FL (sister of Charles Sterling) No - Bounced off the lists 4/14/2007 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 148

Byrd, Barbara 



Barbara's Roll Call explanation:  "Elijah Sacket (b.1800 Oneida Cnty NY) m. Laura Metcalf (NY) (according to son Watsons death cert); Watson Sacket (1828-1922) m. Cecelia Sprague; Lucy Sackett (1868-1947) m. William Imrie; Frank Imrie (1896-1983) m. Earla May Counterman; Jean Imrie (1926-present) m. Delbert Reuther;  I've never been able to attach Elijah to any of the other Sackett Lines but they moved from Oneida County, NY to Ashtabula County, Ohio to Livingston County, Illinois to Adams County Indianna and I suspect there are relatives in all these places.  It's fun to see all the lines listed here.

Cairns, Cindy of northern Vermont 

Yes - Re-subscribed 23 July 2006


TSFA Member 74

Callihan, Jane

No - As of August 15, 2008


Jane explains that  husband relates as such: "Erastus SACKET>Mary SACKET ROLAND> Nettie ROLAND CALLIHAN>Roland CALLIHAN>my husband. "  We learned that Capt. Erastus E. SACKET, born Aug. 2, 1817, died  April 17, 1869, in Luray, Clark Co., Missouri. He was a very important man in this area during the civil war era. Beside being a Captain in the  Union army, he was also a politician."

Campbell, April

Yes - NEW 11 January 2004


April writes:  I am looking for info about Ira SACKETT. He was my great grandfather.I hit a dead end up to him. Can any one help me?  Thurman King provided April her Ira's connections to John The Colonist in an email to SACKETT-L on 8 Feb 2005. 

Campbell, Kathy Yes - Re-subbed 1 August 2005 Simon Descends from Phebe SACKETT (b betw 1790-1810) of CT or VT and Levi NICHOLS (b 1791) of VT or NH, (both are buried in Adirondack, NY); through dau Amanda NICHOLS. Phebe is supposedly the daughter of Aaron and Phebe (HART) SACKETT. 

For the January 2006 Roll Call, Kathy explained her lineage further:  "Simon Sackett - Isabel Pearce;  John Sacket - Abrigail Hannum;  John Sacket - Deborah Filley;  Benjamin Sacket - Thankful King;  Benjamin Sacket - Deborah (Dorothy?) Buell;  Aaron Sacket - Phebe Hart;  Phebe Hart SACKETT, b. 27 May 1798, Litchfield, CT; died abt. 1879, Horicon, Warren County, NY; m. Levi NICHOLS;  Amanda NICHOLS, m. Joseph GREGORY;  Jasper GREGORY, m. Frances CAREY;  Morgan GREGORY, m. Ida Mae BRUNSON;  Mildred GREGORY, m. Hollis SWEET;  Me"

Campbell, Phil and Kathy

No - Subbed/ Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001



Cardiel, Shelley No - Unsubscribed 21 April 2006 Unknown  
Carlson, Scott L. of Parsippany, NJ Yes - NEW 30 December  2006   TSFA Member 157
Carman, Matthew (Matt) of Gilbert, AZ Yes -  Re-subscribed 1 August 2006 Simon  
Carmichael, John No -  Email address bounced 8 November 2008 England TSFA Member 163
Carpenter, Jean Yes - UPDATEDEmail address change 29 November 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 132
Cavilla, Richard of Pembroke, MA No - Unsubscribed 30 January 2007 Simon Richard explains that he is a descendant of Laura Bolinda Sackett/Chase daughter of Rowland Sackett and Lovina Edson of Crawford County Pennsylvania/New York/ Massachusetts.
Chambers, Daphne No - Bounced out due to excessive failures 7/19/2007 Simon? TSFA Member 165

Chilson, Meredith

No Subbed/Unsubbed Winter 2002



Chrisman, Patty Sackett  formerly of Portland, OR, now from Brooklyn, NY  Yes - UPDATEDEmail address 6/22/2004  Simon

DNA=Y (father)

TSFA Member 07
Clark, Jill


No - Unsubscribed 30 November 2007   Jill explains her connection: "My great-great grandmother was Laura Louisa SYERS, nee SACKET(T). She was one of the Meadville, PA bunch and we probably have the dates wrong for her birth. (People used to lie to the census taker, I think! ;) From various sources (including her death record) we have her being born in 1823 or 1827 but I'm wondering now if she may have been the daughter of Rolin and his second wife, Parmilia, listed as being 14 yrs. old in the 1850 census for Crawford Co. but the problem with this is that she would've been an awfully young bride. I will post dates and places later but since I'm currently in my place of business I can't get to those details."

Pulled from the archived previous list of subscribers:  " Jill Clark is the great-great grand daughter of Laura Louisa Syers nee SACKETT, who was b in either Dec. 1823 or 1827 in Crawford county, PA or NY; m David Alexander SYERS in Venango Township, Crawford County, PA during the winter of 1841-1842. She died on Oct. 17, 1904 in Holton, MI, the Mother of 14 children.. Her father may have been Gavan SACHET on the 1830 Crawford Co., PA Census. Folks with Sackett's in Crawford Co., PA in the early to mid-1800's, feel free to contact Jill. Bounced Fall 2000. (Jill wants everyone to know that this is still a valid address as of 4/11/2002 and that she will rejoin us when she take's up her dad's Sackett connection in the near future.  At present she is focusing on her Francisco/Pigsley line.)"

Cobb, Dianne No Unsubbed 31 March 2007 Simon TSFA Member 53

Conklin, Jim 

No Unsubbed Winter 2002



Corwin, Kay Prindle


Yes - NEW Subbed 22 October 2007 Simon   TSFA Member 208

Cotton, Theresa and Frank

No - NEW 13 March 2005 -Request to be unsubscribed 1 May 2005

 Unidentified Branch

TSFA Member 113

Crain, Charles (Charlie)
No - Bounced out due to excessive failures 7/19/2007 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 82
Crego, Roy No Unsubbed 4 February 2008    
Crandall, George and Elaine Yes Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 72
Crawford, Robyn Yes - NEW Subbed 11 March 2005 Unknown  
Cuneta, Rose Yes - NEW Subbed 13 July 2006 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 143
Cutler, Donn Patrick of South Dakota Yes  Simon TSFA Member 23
David, Jackie No-Unsubbed Spg/Summer 2001 Simon Researching Anne SACKETT (Jonathan, Jonathan, William, John, Simon) who m Joel FINNEY. They had a daughter Lydia FINNEY who m William David. William and Lydia were Jackie's ?grandparents.

Dean, B______




Denny, Jan

Yes - NEW Subbed 14 March 2004



Desmond, Michelle of New Zealand

Yes - Re-subbed 27 January 2008



Diel, Lauri Sacket Yes John TSFA Member 73
Donoghue, Sam No - Subbed and unsubbed before April 2003. England Looking for info on Robert Sackett, he married Maria or Mariah in the late 1800 or early 1900's they lived in England. Maybe Essex area?  His mother, nan and grandad, etc are all Sacketts of Essex and around the Dagenham and Barking area. Also Romford.
Dreelan, S. Howard formerly of Sangamon Co., IL, now living in Collinsville, IL. No-Unsubbed 29 October 2007 Simon TSFA Member 61

Dressel, Linda

No Subbed/Unsubbed Winter 2002



Drew, Linda S.


Yes NEWas of 6 November 2008 England TSFA Member 218
Easterbrook, Hazel (Sackett)


Yes NEWas of 10 January 2009 England TSFA Member 224

Elliott, Taraleen

No - Bounced 22 December 2008


 Taraleen wrote: "I'm working on a Sackett line; Henrietta Estelle Sackett born 1882 (daughter of William Sackett and Huldah Long), married to George DuRelle Fairleigh on June 8, 1904. Their children were Joyce Sackett, George DuRelle, William Sackett.  Henrietta had a brother, Mathew Gresham Sackett born March 14, 1890 and Kathryn Maud born July 28, 1892. I haven't verified any more than that. I have the "Sackett's of America" book and that connects with this line.  If anyone is working on this line I'd love to hear from them."

Ellis, Cathy Conrad  of Surprise, AZ

No - Bounced 11/15/2005     Researching her  Sackett family from Irving, New York.  Her great great grandfather was Judge Niram SACKETT, who married Arvilla BONNEY and had among others, daughter Catherine A. SACKETT, b 1867 in Irving, Chautauqua Co., NY.  Catherine m Leverett Calvin MANLEY in 1886, had three children, a son Addis, who later became by grandfather, daughter Abba and son Henry.  Catherine and Leverett were Cathy's great grandparents.  Catherine, known as Kittie, died 6 July 1894 in Gowanda, Cattaraugus Co., NY. 
Ellis, Michelle Sackett No - As of 2 May 2004    
Ellis, Thomas (Tom) Yes   Descent of Betsey SACKETT (b 21 Feb. 1783, d about 26 July 1868) m. 19 June 1817 to John ELLIS. Their children were: Mary Marie, Harlow Wood, Shepherd Edward, Delilah, David Stiles, and John Wilson. Tom has photos of ?, Betsey SACKETT, Howard SACKETT - Meadville, PA, Dr. James SACKETT - Plainwell, Mich and May SACKETT HUNTER. - Meadville, PA. However, Tom has no information on the last three Sacketts. Any of these names sound familiar? See summary of family lore concerning the old Ellis house.  

Emmell, Don of Napa, CA

No - Unsubscribed 8/5/2003



Evans, Martha Thayer 

No - Unsubscribed 28 March 2007

 Vermon Sackett

TSFA Member 137

Fairbrother, Beverley J. of New Zealand


Yes NEWas of 8 April 2009 England TSFA Member 236
Farquhar, Robert Nichols of Centerville, Ohio No - Bounced 11 November 2008 Tryphenia of Vermont TSFA Member 38
Fay, Dan and Annette


No - Unsubscribed 11/7/2006 Simon Searching for information on Nancy Sackett. Her lineage looks like this: 1) Thomas; 2) Thomas; 3) Simon 4) Simon; 5) Joseph b.1656; 6) Simon b. 1678; 7) Thomas b. 1718 served in Rev. War. from Franklin Co. Pa. 8) Joseph b. bef. 1755 over 45 in 1800, (also in Rev. War); 9) Azariah b. 1784; 10) Nancy b.1788. Nancy bequeathed her estate to the subject's GGgrandfather, (her grandson), John B. Fay, b.1833 Centre Co. Pa. The Fay's are trying to find John's father. He may have been Wm. Fay. They know John's mother's name was Sarah, and think her maiden name was Cole. Nancy lived in Warrior's Mark Twp. Huntingdon Co. Pa.
Feeser, Jeffrey Carl Sackett  of York Haven, PA


Yes-UPDATED Resubscribed 21 October 2007 Wisconsin Sackett's TSFA Member 154
Felde, Marcus (Marc) No-Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001 John Relates to SACKETT through his grandmother Ida Leone b 10 Jun 1860; Harvey Chafy SACKETT (1821-1892) and Sophia Irene POST; Joseph (1780?-17?) and Phylinda (Unknown); Joseph (1712-17?); Lt. Joseph (1660-17?) and Hannah DENNISON; John SACKETT and Agnes TINKHAM; John the colonist. 
Fisher, Mike Yes - NEW 23 May 2008 Thomas TSFA Member 205
Fitch, Marlene (Roberts) No - Unsubscribed 14 February 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 130
Flannery, John Halsey No - Unsubbed October 2002 John Descends through John the colonist; John b ca 1628, England m Agnes TINKHAM; Jonathan m Hannah ?; Richard m Mrs. Margery L. Sleade; John, M.D. of Dover and Stephentown, NY; Mary m Alexander McKAY; Medad McKAY m Wealthy TARBOX; Daniel McKAY (1799-1852) m Margaret (?); Sarah McKAY (1834 NY) and John (Halsey?) LaGRANGE; Edward E. LaGRANGE (1858, Hornell, NY) and Ida M. DREHMER; Rhea Sarah LaGRANGE (1894, Hornell, NY) and (?) FLANNERY; John Halsey FLANNERY.
Fletcher, Pamela (Pam)> Yes - NEW 24 April 2009 Simon TSFA Member 240
Flynn, Charles (Chuck) of Memphis, TN No - Unsubscribed 20 January 2005  

Chuck writes:  "I am the son of Rita Ann Garren, who is the daughter of Garna Jane Sackett, who is the daughter of Ralph Howard Sackett of New London Wisconsin. I look forward to contributing to this group and possibly meeting some relatives."

Fonken, Carolyn L.  of Austin, TX No-Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001 John Descends through John SACKETT the emigrant who married Agnes TINKHAM; Sarah SACKETT married Samuel ALLING, Sarah ALLING married Amos THOMPSON, Sarah THOMPSON married Samuel BEAMAN, Abraham BEAMAN married Alice ADAMS, Samuel H. BEAMAN married Frances J.A. CONE, Mary Elizabeth BEMAN married John W. DANIEL, Anne DANIEL married George L. DAVIDSON, Catherine Jane DAVIDSON married William M. WATSON, Stella F. WATSON married William R. STAY, Carolyn L. STAY married Gerhard J. FONKEN.
Foster, Judy No - Un-subscribed 12 September 2006 England TSFA Member 97
Francis, Diane Yes Simon TSFA Member 40
Frank, Steven W. No Unsubbed 5 Oct 2006 Unknown TSFA Member 131
Fredenburg, Adel Murray No Unsubbed Winter 2002 Simon Adel's grandmother left behind a book with the following lineage. #l Simon, #4 John, #8 John, #39, Isaac, #184 Zaven, #579 Jabez B., #1304 Levi Dewey, #3319 Grace Imogene, Adel's paternal grandmother. 
Freeman, Bruce No - Unsubbed 24 January 2008    


No-Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001



Fuhlendorf, Charlene No-Unsubbed Spg/Summer 2001   Descendant of Cyrus SACKETT as such: Cyrus, Jr. and Nancy JEFFERIES (JEFFRIES) and their child, Aner Sackett who married George SCOTT, and their child Emily Lutitia SCOTT. She married James Wesley HOARD. Their child named Thomas Miller HOARD married Martha Ellen McCOMBS. They had Ernest Edward Oliver HOARD, who was Charlene's grandfather. He married Leona HEAD. (see also Ima Jean  Martins' (mother) listing and Charlene's web site on The Sacketts)
Garrity, E. C. No, Unsubscribed 1/25/2002   Looking for primary source documenting that Margaret SACKETT married Truman MERCHANT 6 Jan 1790 prob. in Dover, Dutchess Co., NY.  Margaret was the daughter of Richard SACKETT and Chloe ATHERTON. Richard and Chloe married 15 Apr 1771.  Richard died ca. 1778, resident of Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY and Chloe married shortly after to Constant WEBSTER of Worthington, Hampshire Co., MA.  Did Richard and Chloe have other children? 
Gendreau, Kathy

No- Unsubscribed 28 November 2007

Unknown Kathy has "a photo, probably taken sometime around 1930, of twin girls who appear to be about two years of age. The girls' names, Janet and Judy, are written on the back, along with the following:  'Aren't the twinfants growing, and aren't they sweet. They still are in pictures & just finished a Mother Goose one for MGM. They have been in about 7 the last year. They sure keep Helen busy.'  Kathy did a search on twin child actors named Janet and Judy, and came up with Janet and Judy Sackett. I found that they had roles in "The Long, Long Trailer" (1954), "Mrs. Mike" (1949), and another movie called "Reach for the Sun." She wasn't able to find any reference to them in an MGM film, or anything else from the 1930's. She would like to find out if Janet and Judy Sackett are indeed the twins in this picture. If so, she would like to find out if Sackett is their real name or a screen name, and any information about them that could help her find out what connection they might have had to my family (see below for surnames.)  Any information would be helpful.
Gerke, Karen Sackett in Minnesota Yes Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 35
Gerard, Leslie No Unsubbed Winter 2002   Looking for any information on an Elizabeth SACKETT, born 1858 in Michigan City, Laporte Co, Indiana. Parents unknown. She married William Henry GERARD from Ft. Wayne, Allen Co. Indiana. They later moved to Harrison, Clare Co, Michigan, where Leslie's grandfather was born in 1892.
Gibbs, Patricia B.  Snail Mail Only Snail Mail Only Simon Researching her husband's Sackett line through Simon the colonist 1595-1639 m 2nd wife, Isabel PEARCE; then John 1632-1719 m Abigail HANNUM; John Jr., 1660-1745 m 2nd wife, Mahitable Danks HARRIS; Isaac 1703-1773 m Elizabeth SHEPARD; Ensign David 1743-1838 (served in Rev.) m Lucretia SHEPARD; Polly Anna 1795-1872 m Linus GIBBS; Joseph Addison GIBBS 1831-1873 m Hannah Algytha FISH; Frank NELSON GIBBS 1863-1946 m Olive Laura MOREY; Donald Frank GIBBS 1894-1980 m Ruth McWHIRTER; Richard W. GIBBS 1925-1996 m Patricia BOWMAN.
Gilbert, Walter of Lanham, Maryland No   John Walter writes:  "The ten generations of my lineage from John Sackett are:
1.  John Sackett (~1628 - 1684)
2.  Sarah Sackett (1665 - ?) 
3.  Nathan Alling (1695/6 - 1774)
4.  David Alling (1723/4 - 1794)
5.  Lois Alling (1752 - 1838)
6.  Lois Atwater (1784 - 1813)
7.  Ella Judson (1809 - 1872)
8.  Washington Judson (1844 - 1908)
9.  Primrose Judson (1876 - 1958)
10.  Truman Judson Gilbert (1911 - 1962)
11.  Walter John Gilbert (1938)
    While I have only two generations surnamed Sackett, genetically, I'm just as much a Sackett as a Gilbert (or any of the other ~1000 families that I am a tenth generation descendant of)."
Giusti, Kathleen No- Unsubscribed 17 February 2006 William of France? TSFA Member 106
Glaus, Glen


Yes - NEW 20 June 2007   TSFA Member 174
Goodwin, Sharon C. No - Unsubbed Winter 2002   Researching husband's connection through his ggrandmother Alice Jeannette SACKETT.  Assumed to be born about 1853 in Northampton, MA. Alice may very well have been married twice, first to ? then to ggrandfather, William Nettles GOODWIN. They lived in California and had one son that is known, John Daniel GOODWIN, born October 24, 1885, died March 10, 1952. 
Gordon, Lorelei of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

No - as of 16 April 2009

Unidentified Lorelei explains: "Looking for information about who my relative Mary Holmes (Sackett) married. I have very little information to work with. Her father,Morgan Holmes, 2 half brothers and 2 of her brother-in-laws served in the civil war. The relative that gave me this info would be in her 90's if she were alive today. Unfortunately, she did not give the names of the husbands or wives of Morgan Holmes's children(including his daughter, Mary Holmes Sackett) or any birthdates/place of birth. I'm hoping someone will have some info to help me solve the mystery of Mr. Sackett, Mary's husband."

Gottier, Dennis

Yes - NEW as of 24 June 2008


TSFA Member 207

Graetz, Gerry and Susan

No - Not subbed as of April 2003 update



Grammer, Joyce and Ron

Yes - NEW 27 January 2005


TSFA Member 107

Gray, Michael Edward (Big Mike) Yes - NEW 11 June 2007 Unidentified TSFA Member 172
Grissom, Irene Haas Yes - Re-subscribed 23 December 2006 Simon TSFA Member 156
Gulzow, Jeff No Unsubbed Winter 2002   Relates through Guy SACKETT; then Elijah, Francis and then to John.  Jeff's mother was a SACKETT. Her father is from Columbus, Nebraska. His name was Leland (Bud) SACKETT.
Gustafson, Sally in Santa Barbara, CA No - Unsubscribed Unknown Date Simon Descends through Thomas, Simon, John SACKETT Sr. (1632-1719) and Abigail HANNUM; John SACKET (1660 MA-1745) and Deborah FILLEY; Benjamin SACKET (1698 MA-1753) and Thankful KING (dau of David KING and Abigail SACKETT (youngest child of John and Abigail HANNUM SACKETT); Benjamin SACKET (1731-?) and Deborah BUEL; Lieut. Eijah SACKET (1768 MA-1812) and Dorthy HITCHCOCK; Erminia SACKETT, (1796-1876) m 1819 to: James PARKER, b 1 Apr 1789, eleven children, one known child: Augustus Sackett PARKER b 11 Nov 1819, Gouveneur, St. Lawrence Co., NY, d 1865, Virginia City, ID, m 1861, St. Louis, MO to Amelia BIRD b 1833, Boonville, MO; only child: Augusta Sackett PARKER b 1865, Atchison, KS. See Sally's write-up of The Overland Train Robbery.
Hadley, Ross No Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 89
Hallum, Barbara McKay No - Bounced 10 November 2008 John TSFA Member 25
Hancock, William and Jennifer (Jenny) of Tasmania, Australia No - Unsubscribed from both lists May 2009 Unknown TSFA Member 217

Handley, Richard J.

No - Unsubscribed 5 January 2004



Hare, Linda Alstrom
Yes - Updated email address 6 January 2006   Simon Linda's Roll Call explanation:  "My line is John Sackett and Abigail Hannum; John Sackett, Jr. and Deborah Filley; Daniel Sackett and Mary Weller; Asher Sackett and Sarah Kellogg; Jerusha Sackett and Luther Atkins; Albert Sumner Atkins and Sarah Robinson; Carrie Atkins and Icilius T. Alstrom my great grandparents and I knew Carrie."
Harrison, George No - Unsubscribed 1 April 2007 England TSFA Member 129
Harnden, Jane Sackett Yes - NEW as of 27 March 2008 England TSFA Member 200
Hartman, Tonya Sackett


Yes - NEW as of 19 February 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 164
Hayden,  Kathy Sackett of Kent, OH No Simon Descends Thomas SACKETT m. Joane---; Thomas SACKETT m. Martha STROWDE; Simon SACKETT m. Isabel PEARCE; Simon SACKETT m. Sarah BLOOMFIELD; Joseph SACKETT m. Elizabeth BETTS; Simon SACKETT m. Mary MCGAW; Thomas SACKETT m. Sarah HAYWOOD; Joseph SACKETT m. ------; Azariah A. SACKETT m. Elizabeth --------; Robert L. SACKETT m. Sarah Anne JACKSON; William Clarence SACKETT m. Lavina GRAY; Clarence William SACKETT m. Ethyl COOKERLY; Clarence Lewis SACKETT m. Grace MCMASTER; Kathleen Anna SACKETT m. Robert HAYDEN (aka Kathy).
Haynes, Wilma Fleming


No - Unsubscribed 5 June 2006 John TSFA Member 52
Heath, Wendy Sackett in the UK


Yes - NEW 8 November 2007 England TSFA Member 187
Henion, Peggy Yes Simon Peggy writes: "My grandfather, William E. Sackett (#8864), born in 1900, is listed in the (Weygant) book. I traced back to find my ancestor, Captain Daniel Sackett (#165), who served in the Revolutionary War. He was born to Daniel and Mary Weller Sackett of Westfield and Pittsfield, MA in 1734. I purchased microfiche of Westfield Vital Records from Archive Publishing and found records that include the marriage of Daniel and his second wife Mahitable Caldwell Dewey. They had a son Lemuel (#483) who was born in 1758 by Weygant's record but recorded as June 25, 1769 in the vital records. According to Weygant, Lemuel married Annie Francis before 1788. I need to find documentation of that marriage and their children, specifically Daniel Sackett (#1051). I am needing proof of the Captain Daniel Sackett - Lemuel Sackett - Daniel Sackett connections. I would also like to know where Captain Daniel and Lemuel died and where they were buried. Do you have any information on these Sacketts?"

In the January 2006 Roll Call:  "Greetings from Peggy My line is as follows:  Simon Sackett - Isabel;  John Sackett - Abigail Hannum;  John Sacket - Deborah Filley;  Daniel Sacket - Mary Weller;  Capt. Daniel Sacket - Mahitable Cadwell Dewey;  Lemuel Sacket - Annie Francis;  Daniel Sacket - Nancy Fulton;  William Francis Sackett - Lois Avis Huggett;  John Sackett - Flora Schriber;  William Edward Sackett - Ruth Y. Lesti;  Marian Ruth Sackett - Forest D. Smith;  Peggy Smith (me) - Timothy R. Henion.  I have documentation for proof going back to Captain Daniel Sackett which allowed me to join the DAR."

Henningsen,  Florence Lorrene (Sackett) NoUPDATED Unsubscribed 21 June 2006   Simon Lorrene is a daughter of Clarence B. SACKETT. He was born 15 June, 1895 as the 11th child of William O. SACKETT and Martha Ann MOODIE. From the information I have; Clarence was probably born in Kansas.  William descends to Simon through Archibald Wilson Sacket , Letus Sacket , Filer Sacket , Jonathan Sacket , Jonathan Sacket , William Sacket , and John.
Hernandez, Jill Jessen of Southern California Yes-Resubscribed 13 Jun 2008   Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 08
Hertzler, Don Yes John TSFA Member 45
Hertzler, Glenna Yes John TSFA Member 09
Hesson, Julie C. No - Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001   Descends through Ira Waller (Mom's nee) HOWE married Elizabeth SACKETT. the places were Scranton PA to Elba, Genesee Co., NY... When Eliz died Ira married Rhoda UPHAM. Anyone familiar with this family?
Hobbs, Patti (Lee) of Christian Co., Missouri  Yes - UPDATED Email address update 6 January 2007 Simon TSFA Member 108
Hoeft, Jan of Pendleton, OR No - Not subbed as of April 2003 update Simon Descends from Rachel Mahala SACKETT (1841, IL - 1881, Newberg Twp., Pike Co., IL) m Jacob Joshua STAUFFER on 6 Aug 1862 in Adams Co., IL. Ch: William S., Henry James, Jacob Joshua, Charles J., Franklin, and Herbert M. Rachel died 1881 in Newburg Township, Pike Co., IL. Jan found Perry SACKETT and Ellen COLE m in Pike Co., IL who have a child living in their home on the 1860 Census named Mahala. She's looking for those linked to Rachel or Perry SACKETT.
Hoening, Elizabeth Yes - NEW5 September 2007 Simon TSFA Member 185
Hoover, Kim No - Unsubscribed 21 March 2009   Searching for ggggrandmother, Betsey A. SACKETT (ab 1812/14-ca 1862) who m Samuel POLLOCK. They had 8 children, 5 girls and 3 boys. Lived in Pierrepont, St. Lawrence Co., NY after their marriage.
Horky, Kenneth No   Looking for info on Wm. H. Sackett, born 4-16-1839 in Seneca Falls,N.Y.  He was Col. Wm. H. Sackett of the Union Army when he died of wounds in Va. on 6-14-1864. He was married in 1862 to Anna SISSELBERGER in Wash. DC. I Trying to find out more about his wife Anna, especially her parent's names, her birth date & if she was born in Baltimore, Md. & what happened to her after her husband died.  Ken's wife's maiden name was SISSELBERGER.
Howard, Lanny No Unsubbed Winter 2002   Ggrandparents were Jedediah Joseph HOWARD b.19 Aug 1854 in Albany,N.Y.and Sarah Eugenia SEAGER b.12 Dec 1858 in Grand Marsh,Adams County,WI. They were married in Reedsburg,Sauk County,WI on 16 Aug 1873. Sarah's parents were Rev. George W. SEAGER b.18 Dec 1833 in Phelps, Ontario County, N.Y. and Jael (Martha?)SACKET b.2 Mar 1838. They were married 18 Dec 1853 in Dorset, Ashtabula County, OH. Jael's parents were Mark SACKET and Sarah (Sally) HEALD.  Mark was the son of Ensign David SACKET and Lucretia SHEPARD.
Howe,  Sandra Marie (Sally) of Nampa, Idaho Yes NEWas of 21 July 2007 John Sally lists her descent as such: "Minnie E. McKay 1890 Michigan and sister of Fred McKay 1894 was my mother; Fred McKay 28 May 1894 Michigan; Fred McKay 1857 Michigan; Daniel McKay 1833 New York; Casey McKay 12 June 1797; Medad McKay 20 March 1767; Alexander Mackey abt 1729/1731 New York; ; Elkenny McKay abt 1706 Edinborough Scotland (d. UNKNOWN in Lenox or Hadley, Mass."
Howorth , Linda of Grand Rapids, Michigan Yes Resubscribed on 13 March 2008 Simon  Outlines her lineage through Thomas SACKETT Sr. b:1530 d:1596 St Peter in Isle of Thanet Kent England m: Joanne 1555; Thomas SACKETT Jr.b:1557 d:1615 Birchington Isle of Thanet Kent England m: Martha STROWDE 1582 St Peter Isle of Thanet of Kent England; Simon SACKETT b:1595 St Peter Isle of Thanet Kent England d:10/25/1635 Newtown Massachusetts m:2nd wife Isabell PEARCE 08/06/1627 St John,Margate Isle of Thanet Kent England; Simon SACKETT b:1630 d:1659 m: Sarah BLOOMFIELD 1652 Springfield Massachusetts; Joseph SACKETT b: 02/23/1656 d: 09/23/1719 Springfield Massachusetts m: 1st wife Elizabeth BETTS; Judge Joseph SACKETT b:1680 d:09/27/1755 English Hills Newtown m: Hannah Alsop b:1690 d:1773 m:05/23/1706; John SACKETT b:05/15/1716 d:1783 m: Phebe BURLING Flushing NY; John SACKETT b:? Newtown Massachusetts d:1811 Cornwall Orange Co. NY M: Jane _______; Rev. Nathaniel SACKETT b:07/03/1787 Cornwall NY d:11/08/1834 Benton NY m: Margaret Lazier b:1790 d:1876 m:06/26/1815; Richard SACKETT b:07/28/1825 Potters Yates Co. NY m: Lydia _______; Jefferson Sackett b:1844? m:____ ____; Richard Jefferson SACKETT b:07/13/1863 NY d:06/10/1929 Odessa twp Ionia Co. m:Ella May JOHNS b:04/2/1873 d:08/10/1941 Hastings Michigan m:09/30/1891; Pearl Anna (SACKETT) WALDRON b:05/19/1892 d:05/17/1971 m: Homer WALDRON b: 04/16/1919; Etta May (WALDRON) ALLEN b:12/01/1935 m: Ernest Lee Allen b:09/16/1930 m:07/29/1955; Linda May (ALLEN) HOWORTH Ionia Michigan m:William HOWORTH Ionia Michigan divorced:05/29/1990 Ionia Michigan.
Hughes, Robert of Weybridge, Surrey, UK YesNEW as of 11 February 2009 England TSFA Member 229
Hume, Jack NoUPDATED Bounced 27 August 2005 Simon TSFA Member 27
James, Kathryn (Kathy)
Old Coin or Charm Photo#1
Old Coin or Charm Photo#2 Yes - NEW as of 13 June  2005 Simon TSFA Member 122
Jensen, Sindy Yes   Looking for any information on Lorinda SACKET b 1806 NY. It is an assumption that her maiden name was Sacket because "Sacket" was given to her oldest son as a middle name. (Alanson Sacket SUTTON) Lorinda was b ca 1806 in NY; d 1850 at the age of 44 in Greenwich, Huron, OH. She married Henry SUTTON also from NY and they had nine children: Alanson Sacket, William, Juliett, Riley, Charles, Orrin, Sarah, Matilda, Etson. They moved to Huron Co., OH where she died in 1850.
Johnson, Genevieve (Brown) Yes NEWSubscribed 9 December 2004 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 101
Jones, Nancy Yes - NEW as of 9 June  2005 Simon TSFA Member 121
Keely, Carol of  Sheridan Lake, Cariboo-Chilcotin, British Columbia, Canada Yes - Re-subscribed 6 July 2007 John TSFA Member 63
Keir, Richard and Grace of MN 


Yes - UPDATED Re-subscribed 19 November 2007 Simon TSFA Member 140
Kelly, Marian W. (Wallace) of California No - Unsubbed April 2002 and went to Wyoming to the aid of her ailing sister. Simon Descends through Simon SACKETT and Isabell; John SACKETT(1632-1719) and Abigail HANNUM; William SACKETT (1662-1700) and Hanna GRAVES; Jonathan SACKETT (1695-1773) and Ann FILER; Jonathan SACKETT (1727-1777) and Hanna PHILPS; Almeran SACKETT (1771-?) and Rachael WHITE; David SACKETT (1796-1850) and Margaret VILAS; Thompson Davidson SACKETT (1827-1892) and Rebecca Evans LAWRENCE; William Alford SACKETT (1854-1912) and Mahala Matilda PETTY; Jeannett Matilda SACKETT (1890-1962) and Harrison Henderson "Harry" Wallace; Marian W. (Wallace) Kelly. Marian is trying to trace the PETTY side of her grandmother's family. She believes there is a connection to the SACKETT family through Rebecca EVANS having a sister, Jeannett that married a James PETTY. Rebecca and Thompson Davidson SACKETT were married in Arkansas and understands that she was from Alabama. Know that someone had to have gotten to Texas because Marian's grandmother, Mahala PETTY left Texas on a wagon train, and married her grandfather William Alford SACKETT in Los Angeles, Downey area. 
Kerschner, Cheryl


No - Bounced 5/2/2009 Unidentified Branch
King, Thurmon E. of Pasco, WA.
Yes  - UPDATED Email address change on 25 September 2008 Simon
TSFA Member 05
Kirkendall, Steve and Jane Yes - NEW as of 20 June  2005 Simon TSFA Member 120
Kissy, Kim of Tasmania, Australia No Subbed/Unsubbed Winter 2002 England Has just started researching her English Sackett ancestors, have an Eliza Ann Sackett (by deduction born circa 1850s) who married Charles Roberts - children Lillian, Jinny, Walter, Vince, Bart, Mable, Edith, George and Edward. Her father is Eli Sackett, mother unknown. Have found an Eliza Ann Sackett on LDS born 1852 to Eli John Sackett (b Aug 1823) married Amelia, his parents John Sackett and Louisa. All around London area, which matches recollections of my now deceased grandmother (daughter of Lillian Roberts).
Klim, James Yes Simon TSFA Member 123
Klippel, Denzil J. No - Unsubbed  10/9/2003 Simon Descends from Thomas; Thomas, Simon and Isabel PIERCE; John and Abigail HANNUM; William and Hannah GRAVES; Jonathan (1) and Ann FILER (FYLER); Jonathan (2) and Hannah PHELPS; Almeron and Rachel WHITE; David and Margaret Viles (VOYLES); Thompson Davidson SACKETT and Rebecca Matilda EVANS; Marcus George SETTLE and Emily (Ella) SACKETT; Benjamin Franklin KLIPPEL and Lottie May SETTLE; William Denzil KLIPPEL; father of Denzil James KLIPPEL.

Kohl, Catrina of Middle Grove, NY

Yes NEWas of 20 May 2004; UPDATED Email address change on 25 June 2004


 TSFA Member 87

Laffer, Joanne Porter Denniston No John Descends from John SACKETT Jr. and Agnes TINKHAM; Jonathan and Hannah; Richard and Margery L. SLEADE; John and Elizabeth MASTON; Mary SACKETT and Alexander McKAY (1769-1832) and Elanson EDWARDS (1766-1834); Elizabeth EDWARDS (1797-1866) and Isaac SMITH II (1790-1883); Edward SMITH (1817-1909) and Mary C. EVANS; Lucius Henry SMITH (1862-1936) and Cathrine Augusta HERBERT (1861-1936) Eleanor Porter SMITH (1905-1973) and George Jacacks DENNISTON (1888-1968) - Joanne's parents.

Lanctot, Diane

Yes - Resubscribed 2 June 2004

  Unidentified Branch

TSFA Member 57

Landry, Estelle Washburn Yes Simon Descends from Simon 160?- 1635 and Isabel PIERCE; John 1632-1719 and Abigail HANNUM; John 1660-1774 and Deborah FILLEY; Daniel 1693-1776 and Mary WELLER; Abner 1751- and Rhoda KELLOG; Nobel 1772-1828 and Olive WALKINS; Marietta SACKETT (Estelle's reat great grandmother) from Westfield, Massachusetts married Joshep WASHBURN April 24,1838. The Sackett Estelle is hunting now is a Dorothy SACKETT who was the 2nd wife of Frederick MORAND. Morand was born in 1821 and lived most of his life in Westfield ,Mass. 

Lapare, Denise

No - Bounced 15 November 2006


Researching W.O. SACKETT  b. March 15, 1858 married Martha Ann MOODY  b. April 7, 1860 on October 14, 1878. They were married in Fort Scott, KS.  W.O. was born in Mt. Auburn, IL-Christian County and Martha was born in Wangler, MO-Douglas County. No death dates on either. Children: Charley b. December 15, 1879; Lottie Mable b. February 21, 1880 d. January 8, 1969 Married a Koons; Bertha Blanch (Denise's grgrandmother) b. September 18, 1882 Married Lyde Covert February 3, 1903 in Bourbon County, KS; Lillie b. February 14, 1884; Ethel b. September 11, 1885; Maude b. April 30, 1887; Hazel b. September 29, 1888; Clyde b. February 5, 1890; Fantie b. May 30, 1891; Paul b. July 26, 1893; Clarence b. June 15, 1895; Albert b. July 15, 1897; Fred b. August 25, 1900; Harry b. July 18, 1902.

Lawson, Carroll M. (Butch) Yes Simon TSFA Member 28
Leary, Joan


Yes NEWas of 27 June 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 178
LeBeau, Arthur


No - Unsubscribed 2 April 2009 NEWas of 6 November 2008 England TSFA Member 219
Lewis, Barbara B. No - Unsubbed  18 June 2003 Simon Descends from Eliakim SACKET and Bethesda FOWLER through their daughter, Polly/Mary/Molly SACKET who married Captain William JONES 25 Sept 1782 in Great Barrington, MA. They named a son Justus Jones after her brother Justice SACKET. He was my second great grandfather born in Shoreham, Vermont 1790. 

Lewis, Linda Carlisle of St Louis

No - Bounced out 11 December 2005

Simon Linda writes: "Actually it is my husband's family who is related to the Sacketts.  His Sackett line daughters out with Mercy Sackett (1768-1809) who married Henry BRASS (aka BROSS) (1762- after 1790). This particular Mercy was the daughter of Ozem Sackett (1736-1801) of Westfield. So he comes down through Simon, the Colonist. My husband's BRASS line continues in Westfield down to the 1960's to his grandmother Christine 'Lulu' BRASS."

Lindstrom, Chuck

No- Re-Subbed /Unsubbed Winter 2002



Lisle, John B. of Burlington, MA

Yes - Email Address Change 26 Dec 2004


TSFA Member 54

Logan, Kathleen Yes NEWas of 1 May 2007 Unknown  
LuMaye, Judith No - Unsubbed 14 March 2008   TSFA Member 198 
Lyda, Gail and Dennis No - Unsubbed 15 January 2007 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 146
Mac Donald, Illyce of Alexandria VA Yes  Simon Descends from the colonist, Simon and Isabel PEARCE; Simon and Sarah BLOOMFIELD; Joseph and Elizabeth BETTS; Simon of NJ and Mary McGAW; Thomas of NJ, PA, MD and Sarah HAYWOOD; Azariah of PA, OH and Elizabeth YOUNG; William of OH and Rachel LISLE; Elizabeth of OH and George AGNER; Sarah AGNER of OH, MD, NY and Julius McDONALD; Lehr MacDONALD of OH and Clara CRITCHELL; Smead MAC DONALD of OH, MI and Dora PATRIDGE; Illyce MAC DONALD and Frank Graziano. 
Macintosh, Ross No - Unsubbed 14 July 2006   Ross writes that he is "either a descendent of Zera Ruth Sackett Ingram born Oct. 17 1899 or Florence Sackett Mogge born May 11, 1906.  One of these women gave birth to my mother Faith Mogge who was given up for adoption on July 1942. She was 6 months old when she was adopted. I was curious if anyone of you Sackett clan knows about this and has any information regarding the above."
Mack, Ann H. of Carmel, CA  No - Unsubbed 6 June 2006   Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 69
Marek, Nathan


Yes NEW as of 15 January  2008 Unknown TSFA Member 194
Marolis, Michelle Yes NEW as of 29 April  2008 Unknown TSFA Member 202
Marr, Jimmy from Essex, England Snail Mail Only Snail Mail Only England Descends from Thomas (1642 Thanet - 1680 Birchington) m 1669 Canterbury, Anne BROWN
Martin, Mary Lee of Warren, Ohio No - as of 16 April 2009 Unidentified
Martin-Dickin, Dr. Paul and Mrs. of Thanet, England Yes NEW as of 20 March  2005 England TSFA Member 114
Martins, Ima Jean No Unsubbed Winter 2002   Looking for the parents of her ancestor George SCOTT b 1828 IN who married Aner SACKETT in Franklin Co., IN 9 Oct 1847. Aner is the dau of Cyrus SACKETT and Nancy JEFFERIES. If anyone can help Ima with her family, it will be greatly appreciated.  (see Fuhlendorf, Charlene ).
Matthews, Mary E. No - Un-subscribed 12 February 2007 Simon Mary's Roll call explanation:  "Simon Sackett Sr. & Isabel Pearce; Simon Sackett Jr. & Sarah Bloomfield; Capt. Joseph Sackett & Elizabeth Betts; Elizabeth Sackett & Joseph Moore; Sarah Sackett Moore & Benjamin Fish Sr.; Nathan Fish II & Nancy Jane Campbell; Nancy Fish & William McCandless; Robert W. McCandless & Matilda Hays; Marietta (Etta) McCandless & Rev. Alvin Judson Christy; Frances Willard Christy & Clyde Allen Murphy; Mary Elizabeth Murphy (ME) & Charles William Matthews."
McCool, Larry of Calgary, Alberta No   Researching James Arthur Sackett b Nov 24, 1880 in Westfield, Mass who came to Crossfield, Alberta, Canada prior to 1908. m in June 1908, Lula Dell McCOOL ( Larry's aunt). Art died 1 Nov 1960, buried at Crossfield, Alberta. They had eleven children. None of these children know anything about their father. They and Larry, as the McCool family historian, would like to know something about Uncle Art's parents and siblings. They have learned that Arthur's grandfather "apparently owned" a whip factory in Westfield. It is their understanding that the manufacture of top grade buggy whips was the main product of this factory. Arthur moved to Oregon before coming to Alberta. He may have had (read quite likely) at least two sisters, Hazel and Grace. Can anyone help Larry on firstly the factory and then a SACKETT family in Westfield about 1880 that had an Arthur, Grace and Hazel??
McFarland, Ryan of Petersburg, Alaska No Unsubbed Winter 2002   Descends through Shirley Mae SACKETT to Harry Elzy SACKETT who's father was Robert L. SACKETT. See Kathy Sackett Hayden's listing at this site for further lineage beyond Robert. 

McHam, Laura Angevine


No - Unsubbed 3 July 2003



McKay,  Blanche and Harry from Jacksonville, FL Yes John TSFA Member 51
McKay, Ron of Alamogordo, NM No - Unsubscribed 20 January 2007   Apparently descends through a Benjamin McKAY m Izabell NELLIS; Martin McKAY m Izadore Charity MASON; Lester Martin McKAY M Elsie Armanda SMITH; Mnester Grady McKAY m Alice Mae JONES; Ron m Shirley Jean DILLMAN. At first Ron thought he was related to the Benjamin McKay who descends from Mary SACKETT and Alexander McKAY but that proved not to be correct. He has documented his ggg grandmother, Charlotte SHERWOOD as being born and reared in Niagara Falls New York, and Niagara Falls, Ontario. The source for her husband, David McKAY, is unknown, but it is looking more and more like he was born and reared in the same area. This leads Ron more and more to look for the connection to an Elkenny McKay offspring. He still may find he's related through a different McKay to Mary SACKETT and remains loyal to the SACKETT-L list.
McQuire, Bob No - Subscribed 18 March 2004; Unsubscribed 23 March 2004    
Meacher USNR (Ret.), Capt. John Yes John? TSFA Member 91
Medved, Katrina (Sackett) Yes NEW as of 5 January  2008 Unknown TSFA Member 192
Miller, Carrie No - Unsubbed 26 November 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 186 
Mineer, Peggy McKay of Idaho Yes - Email Address Change 4/13/2009 John TSFA Member 48
Moncrief ,  Rebecca (Becky) Rose Sackett Yes - Email address change 9 November 2006 Simon TSFA Member 152
Moran, Rebecca Baker Yes - Subscribed 2 July 2006 Simon  
Morris, Michelle


No - Bounced 30 November 2008 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 189
Morrison, Opal Yes NEW as of 5 April  2008 Unidentified Branch  

Mudge, Ted of Oceanside, CA.

No - Un-subscribed 29 June 2006

Simon Ted is researching the family and descendants of Zavan Sackett & Abigail Bill. Their son, Roland, married Lovina Edson, then Permelia Chamberlian. Roland's daughter, Laura B., is said to have married Martin L. Chase.   Ted is 3rd cousins with Dianne Cobb.
Mueller, Sandra


Yes - Email address update 6 Aug 2007 John TSFA Member 50
Murray, Anne Hastings of Port Angeles, WA Yes NEW as of 4 May 2009 Simon TSFA Member 242 (16 May 2009)
Neese, Eve Sackett of SLC, Utah Yes - Resubscribed 10 Sep 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 145
Nelson, DL No- Subbed as of 1 Feb  2004; Unsubbed 23 Feb 2004    

Nolder, Donald F. of California



TSFA Member 59

O'Donnell, Mary R.  of Michigan No - Bounced out 6/18/2004 John Descends through John the colonist; John m. Agnes TINKHAM; Jonathan m Hannah?; Richard m Mrs Margery L. Sleade; John, M.D. (Dover & Stephentown, NY); Mary m Alexander McKAY; Lucy m John CARY; Miner m (1) Sarah ROBINSON; John m Permelia DOLPH; Polly m Oliver Smith WILLCOX; Arthur Wilcox m Emma SINGER; Arline m Thomas ROWLAND; Mary m Raymond O'DONNELL.
Offerdahl, Pam Schuster Yes - UPDATED email address as of 10 January  2004   Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 31
Oglesby, Alvin


Yes NEW as of 31 July  2008 Simon TSFA Member 211
O'Keefe, Kate of Minneapolis, MN

No - Not subscribed as of shortly after subscription.

Simon A descendant of Laura B. Sackett (Rolin, Zaven, Isaac, John Jr., John Sr., Simon Jr., Thomas Jr., Thomas Sr.). Kate visited Isle of Thanet and St. Peters, St. Johns and the church at Birchington in October and met with the Birchington church archivist and took some pictures of tombstones. Unfortunately, not much of the writing showed up. Laura B. Sackett m Martin L. Chase. She lived in PA, OH, IA, and mostly in MN and died on November 5, 1896 in MN. Two of her sisters (Harriet and Ursula, I believe) also m Chase men, although I cannot find if they are related to Martin.

Orr, Stacey

No - Subbed/ Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001


Researching Alfred SACKETT who married Electa BURRIES, parents of George LaFayette SACKETT born Dec. 27, 1874.  He was Stacey's great-grandfather.  Her grandmother was Eva Electa SACKETT, born in Fairchild, WI and died in 1994 .  Stacey Orr is a cousin of Shannon Spencer.

Oster, Floyd Yes - Since June 2006 Simon TSFA Member 109
Otey, Danielle


Yes - Email address change 25 November 2008 Unknown TSFA Member 220
Owens, Cindy Torres from Stafford, VA 

Email address change 29 March 2004

Yes Simon


TSFA Member 26
Owens, Lisa


Yes - NEW 20 February 2009 Unknown TSFA Member 230
Page, Ed in Washington No - Unsubscribed 8 August 2007   Simon SACKETT'S came from New England, then IN. They are  Sackett , Ray C #559; Sackett, Alonzo L #537; Sackett, Asa J #561; Sackett, Earl B #560. Alonzo was b Wabash, IN 15 Jun 1869; his father, Joel Bascom SACKETT was b in ME, 16 Apr 1815; Joel's father was Charles SACKETT, b Litchfield, CT.  

In the January 2006 Roll Call, Ed writes: "We [he and Brian Sackett] are the same from Simon Sackett clear down to Edmund Sackett. Then my ancestor is Joel Bascom Sackett rather than Edmund. You are the closest Sackett related to me in all the 'roll call'' emails I have read. Aha, I see that Joel and Edmund are brothers."

Partington, Sheila and Alan of Clarkston, MI Yes - UPDATED Email address change 18 September 2008 Simon TSFA Member 127
Pearce, Michelle Etcheverry


Yes - NEW 22 September 2006 Unknown TSFA Member 149
Pepper, Jackie Yes - Had to remove Prodigy email address due to bouncing.  19 May 2004    
Pepper, John No - Unsubscribed 4 January 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 150

Peters, Jon

No Unsubbed Winter 2002


 Researching his gggrandfather, Cassius Morrell SACKETT who was b Nov 6, 1854 in NY and later moved to MN.  He m Ida Alice BATTERSON and they lived in Chatfield, MN.

Peterson, Pauline


Yes UPDATED Email address change 31 August 2007 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 66
Petrie, Mary Lou of Covina, CA No - Bounced 5/1/2009 John TSFA Member 22
Phillips, Wanda


No - as of 14 November 2008 Unidentified TSFA Member 212
Phythian, Shelia of Tasmania, Australia Yes UPDATED Email address change 5 October 2008 England/Australia TSFA Member 180

Pierce, Linda

No - Bounced out 19 May 2004 



Pike, Alan

No - Un-subscribed 17 November 2008



Porter, C. E.

No-Unsubbed Spg/Summer 2001



Powalka, Sharon Yes NEW as of 22 April 2007   TSFA Member 169

Sharon's photos taken of the Sackett Tavern in Westfield, MA in August 2007:
1)  Tavern plus lawn and flower garden
2)  Front view
3)  Another front view from an angle

Powell, Kaye of way-far out in the wilds of TX

No - Unsubscribed March 2003


 Researching  for a (William?) Sackett HILL b about 1799 NY.  She question the William because what she has is shown with only Sackett, but males in successive generations had the William Sackett. She's looking at a line from Andrew, Uriah b 1759, since Andrew was the next child's name down my Sackett's list of kids. (Thomas b 1824, Andrew b 1827, Shoemaker b 1829 for mother's surname, Eliza b 1832, last John b 1836 Chemung Co) The time period is between wives Mary SWARTOUT and Catharine DAVIS, when other researchers have found at least one other, er, associated woman. Each of those 2 wives of Uriah named a son Andrew.   Kaye has found multiple marriages and child-namings all along HILL SACKETT, DAVIS, SWARTOUT, SWARTHOUT lines that has her brain fogged. Atop that are the religious affiliations - Dutch Reformed, Mormon, and Moravian, who knows what else! Add to that, She's run across what seems to be kids names as honorifics, -apparently- unrelated and I don't especially mean the many George Washingtons et al, but those, too. 

Pritchett, Karen No - Bounced 5/9/2008 Simon TSFA Member 105
Procknow, Bette  Yes - UPDATEDEmail Address Change 27 December 2005   Simon Bette's Roll Call explanation:  "Simon Sackett & Isabel Pierce; John Sacket & Abigail Hannum;  John Sackett Jr & Deborah Filley;  Daniel Sackett & Mary Weller;  Abner Sacket & Rhoda Kellogg;  Noble Sackett & Olive Watkins;  Edmund Sackett & Cynthia Field;  Charles Henry Sackett & Ruth Ellen Booth;  Edmund Samuel Sackett & Maude Elsa Overman;  Harold Eugene Briggs & Elsie Ruth Sackett;  Bette Jean Briggs ( me) & Roy Austin Howard (2) Bruce Procknow."

Ramsey, Wanda

No - Unsubbed 20 April  2004



Randall,Jr., Edward V.(Ned) No - Unsubbed 10 Septemberl  2007  
Ratkovich , Jean No - Unsubscribed 7 December 2007 Supporting TSFA Member 79
Rawlings, Ruth Elzey No  -  Deceased 6 May 2005  - Obituary Web Version or local newspaper version Simon TSFA Member 29
Ray, Charles E. (Charlie) of Plainfield, IL Yes John TSFA Member 44
Rayburn, Bev of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Yes   Thinks she may have a connection to the Sackett name in her ancestry. The first time that the name appears it is as a forename and a middle name - Sackett ADAMS, the son of Josiah ADAMS and Mary Sackett Watson HORTON. Mary Sackett Watson HORTON was the daughter of John HORTON and Mary WATSON. On the list, information was given about Elizabeth6 Sackett (Thomas5, John3,Thomas2, Thomas1) daughter of Thomas SACKETT and Elizabeth NUBY. Elizabeth Married Benjamin WATSON, April 7, 1840 in Birchington. Does anyone have any information on the children of Elizabeth SACKETT and Benjamin WATSON? Bev suspects that she was a child of this union.

Raymond, Julie Harris

No - Unsubbed Winter 2002

  Julie's g-g-ggrandmother was Abigail SACKETT married to David HARRIS and they lived in Potsdam, N.Y.  
Rees, Cathie No - Unsubscribed 5 April 2007 Unknown  
Reid, David  & Ida Marie No - Bounced out 21 November 2007 Simon TSFA Member 21

Rexford, Joanne (Jo) Barton of Vero Beach, FL

No - Un-subscribed 15 February 2008


TSFA Member 88

Reynolds, Martha (Marty) Sackett No - Subbed and Unsubbed Feb. 2003. John Marty explained that her grandfather, "Herbert Lee SACKETT was born on May 6, 1877 in Smithville, New York, son of Washington Irving SACKETT and Maria NEVINS. He and Wilhelmina (?) had three children, Kathryn (who died in childhood), Herbert William (my father) and John Theron." From Weygant,  the following is ancestry of Washington Irving Sackett-4439:  Theron, Joel, Samuel, Joseph, Josep , Joh , to John, The Colonist.
Robarge, Liesa
 Yes - Email Address Change 6 March 2005 John
TSFA Member 02
Roberts, Dave of London, England Yes - NEW 2 February 2009 England TSFA Member 227
Roberts, Jan Yes - NEW 22 July 2006 Simon TSFA Member 144

Roberts, Susan

No -Unsubbed June 2003


Looking for the predecessors of Maria SACKET born 31 Aug 1772 in Nine Partners, New York; married Eldad or Eldred SKINNER.

Robertson, Angela (Angie)


Yes - NEW 31 March 2008 England TSFA Member 201
Robinson, Don of Amherst, MA Yes Simon TSFA Member 37
Roe, Dean of Kewaskum, WI Yes UPDATEDEmail Address Change 16 May 2007 John TSFA Member 80
Roehl, Kari Yes - Email address change 5/8/2006 Simon TSFA Member 77

Rohan, Dawn

No - Unsubscribed 5 April 2004



Rowles, Ruth Yes - NEW as of 15 April  2006 Unidentified Branch "have a brick wall with Maria Sacket....  Is anyone else researching the Sackett name in Sandisfield, Berkshire County, MA, or Colebrook, Norfolk, Canaan area in Litchfield County, CT?"
Ruberstell, Ronald (Ron) Yes - NEW 23 Juy 2008 England TSFA Member 209
Russell, Eileen Sacket Yes - Resubbed 8/14/2008 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 71
Russell, Katherine No   Katherine's relationship to the Sackett surname:  John SACKETT m. Hannah PHELPS, Almeron SACKETT m. Rachel WHITE, Hannah SACKETT m. Thomas KIMMITT 1817 Gallia Co., OH.
Russell, Virginia Yes Simon Descends from the immigrants Simon & Isabell SACKETT, John & Abigail HANNUM, William & Hannah GRAVES, Jonathan & Ann FILER, Rueben & Mercy FINNEY Sackett, Cyrus & Nancy STAPLETON Sackett, Sarah SACKETT b 24 may f1795 Bourbon Co KY d. 8 Jan 1872 Miami Co OH m. Benjamin HAND 16 Apr 1816 Greene Co OH, Nancy HAND b. 28 Oct 1825 Greene Co OH d. 9 Sep 1903 Miami Co OH m. Daniel BRELSFORD Jr 18 Jan 1846 Miami co OH. Virginia is looking for the death date & place of Mercy SACKETT b. 26 Feb 1797 Bourbon Co KY m. Charles THOMAS 9 May 1825 Greene Co OH..moved with her husband to Darke Co OH. Virginia found Charles & children 1850 census Darke Co OH but Mercy was not listed; she must have died before 1850.
Ryan, Gina No - 10 April 2009 Unidentified Branch
Ryan, Sharon No - Unsubbed June 2003 John Explains her Sackett connection as follows: John SACKETT 1 or Sr.; John SACKETT 2 or Jr. m Agnes TINKHAM; Joseph SACKETT m Sarah DENNISON; Joseph SACKETT m Abigail ROWE; Samuel SACKETT m Thankful WOOD; Joel SACKETT m Betsey ? (HUSTED); Leonard SACKETT m Ruth GILDERSLEEVE; Emma SACKETT m Theron KNICKERBOCKER; Edith KNICKERBOCKER m Arthur WURSTER; Ruth WURSTER m John BRIGGS
Sacket, (Loren) Wayne of El Reno, Oklahoma Yes Simon
TSFA Member 46
Sacket, Wendy Ellen of Irvine, California Yes - Resubscribed 4 July 2008 John TSFA Member 10
Sacket-Mowers, Stephanie Ellen No - Unsubscribed 27 March 2006 John TSFA Member 92
Sackett, Albert M. of Iowa City, Iowa No - UPDATED Unsubscribed 13 September 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 170
Sackett, Alice E. of San Antonio, TX

Summary of Sacketts Gift


Yes NEW as of 11 December 2008 Unknown TSFA Member 221

Sackett, Alisha & Odell of Belleville, IL


No - Bounced out 30 Sep 2006


TSFA Member 133

Sackett, Allen Eric No - Unsubscribed 31 July 2008 Simon TSFA Member 176
Sackett, Amanda, granddaughter of James (Jim) Sackett of Chicago, IL No - Un-subscribed 25 February 2007 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 161

Sackett, Art of Loveland, CO  Possible other addresses used previously:

No-Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001



Sackett, Bill (William M. ) of Apalachin, N.Y. NoUPDATED Unsubscribed 1 February 2006 Simon TSFA Member 78
Sackett, Bill


Yes NEW as of 22 March 2008 Unknown  
Sackett, Brian H. of Kalispell, Montana Yes  - UPDATED Email address change 14 April 2009 John, Simon or neither?


TSFA Member 42
Sackett, Brian John of Margate, England


Yes NEW as of 20 September 2008 England   TSFA Member 214
Sackett, Brian William of O'Fallon, IL No - As of 30 July 2008 Unknown TSFA Member 115
Sackett, Bruce K. No-Unsubbed Fall 2006   Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 67

Sackett, Callie

Yes NEW as of 11 January 2009


 TSFA Member 225

Sackett, Carol

No-Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001



Sackett, Carol

Yes NEW as of 30 January 2007


 TSFA Member 159

Sackett, Catherine (Cathy) J. of Pennsylvania No - Re-subscribed 27 January 2005; unsubbed 14 March 2005   Relates through her father, David Leroy SACKETT  (1920-1982) who m Diane J. WYNN, her grandfather, Leroy SACKETT (1896-1956) who m Catherine Lillian QUINN, and her ggrandfather, Samuel Sylvester SACKETT  who fought in the Civil War. All of her family is from PA.

Sackett, Charles L.



TSFA Member 34

Sackett, Charles (Chuck)

No - UPDATED Email address change 30 June 2005



 Descends from the Simon line through Almeron.

Sackett, Chris from the Isle of Guernsey, England Yes England


TSFA Member 04
Sackett, Chris from Rochester, NY No - Unsubbed 10 December 2004 Unknown TSFA Member 99
Sackett, Chris from Queensland, Australia Yes NEW as of 14 August 2007 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 183
Sackett, Christina (Crissy) from Grants Pass, Oregon Yes Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 160
Sackett, Claudette No - Permanent Failure 7/30/2003   Thinks that Almeron SACKETT and Rachel WHITE were ancestor of her husband.
Sackett, Collin (Ted) No - Bounced out 5/14/2004 England Descends through the Essex Sacketts. His ancestors are all from the Barking and Dagenham areas. He is also trying to track down a family story about a Castle belonging to the Dunsdon's that was turned over to the Goverment in lieu of taxes after the Second World War. Apparently Collin's uncle went to England and viewed the property but it was in disrepair and the back taxes made it impossible to deal with. The story has it that it was turned into a hospital or something similar.
Sackett, Daniel Floyd of Missoula, MT Yes Simon Descends from Simon Sr., the colonist and Isabell PEARCE; John Sr. and Abigail HANNUM; William and Hannah GRAVES; Jonathan and Ann FILER; Reuben and Mercy FINNEY; Aaron and Dorcas CLARK; John W. and Elizabeth BATES; David Alexander and Mary SHAW; Alfred and Ivy Virginia BOOTH; Edwin Floyd and Helen Elizabeth SWAB-HENKLE; Oliver Floyd and Isobel Rita D'AMBOISE; Daniel Floyd and Mary Rae CURRAN. Daniel and Mary have two children, Christopher Nathan and Elizabeth Marie.
Sackett, Daniel P. (Danny) born in Texas; now living in Washington State Yes NEW as of 1 February 2009 Unknown
Sackett, Daniel Scott from Michigan's Upper Peninsula (brother to John of Mount Holly, NJ Yes NEW as of 23 June 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 175
Sackett, Darlene J.  (Tabor) and Jon Tabor of Portland, OR



Yes - Email address change 22 Nov 2006 Simon TSFA Member 06
Sackett, David Allen of New York City Yes     Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 56
Sackett, David C. from Liberty Lake, WA Yes NEW as of 1 April 2009 Unknown TSFA Member 234
Sackett, Dean No Subbed/Unsubbed Winter 2002    
Sackett, Dennis Yes NEW as of 1 May 2009 Unknown TSFA Member 241
Sackett, Ed and Sherry of Cumming, GA No - Unsubbed from SACKETT 20 May 2007

(Unsubbed from TSFA 17 March 2007)

John TSFA Member 86
Sackett, Edmund from Gloucestershire, England  Snail Mail Only Snail Mail Only England Descends from Thomas (1642 Thanet - 1680 Birchington) m 1669 Canterbury, Anne BROWN; Thomas (1676 - 1760 Birchington) husbandman m 1706 Monkton, m Elizabeth NUBY; Henry (1710/11 Birchington - 1790 Thanet), yeoman m 1733 Thanet, Elizabeth CLIFFORD; Jeremiah (1749/50 Birchington - 1838 Thanet) m 1779 Thanet, Hannah NEWING; Benjamin (1789 - 1854 Thanet) gardener m Ann COX; Benjamin (1811 Thanet - 1885) miller, preacher m 1834 Ramsgate, Mary Ann COOPER; Jeremiah (1836 Hythe - 1918 Hathersage) miller, pastor at Wesleyan Mission, Manchester m Elham Sarah FILE; Alfred Barrett OBE (1862 - 1951) Wesleyan Methodist minister m 1893 Wirral, Lydia Ann SANDFORD; Alfred Barrett MC MA (1895 Strood - 1977 Bath), headmaster m 1925 Oxford, Dorothy Eleanor SALTER; Edmund John Christopher m 1954 Bristol, Helen Mary PHILLIPS. Contact available through Chris Sackett, or John Sackett (Edmund's son),
Sackett, Fred of Butler, GA or Yes Simon TSFA Member 03 

Here are two photos of the Sackett Tavern that Fred Sackett took several years ago:
1)  From the side.
From the front.

Sackett, Fred of Kalamazoo County, Michigan No - Unsubbed from SACKETT 19 August 2007 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 100

Sackett, George and Arabella  nee Blake {Author and broadcaster}




TSFA Member 94

Sackett, Glen Yes NEW as of 16 January 2009 Unknown Writes: "I'm Glenn Sackett of the California Sackett clan. Ancestors Jacob and Hannah are listed in the 1890 census as living in Los Gatos, where my dad, (Francis) Allen Sackett, grew up. Dad was born in Tillamook, OR, on a brief family sojourn before they returned to Los Gatos. His father was Jesse. The "old home place" where we've had many family reunions, with Dad's 10 siblings, still stands at 412 University Ave. in Old Town Los Gatos, though it is no longer "in the family."
Sackett, Gregory Duane  gregsackettNOSPM@Radix.Net No Unsubbed Winter 2002 Simon Decends through Thomas SACKETT (1530) m. Joane; Thomas SACKETT (1557) m. Martha STROWDE; Simon SACKETT (1595) m. Isabell PEARCE; John SACKETT (1632) m. Abigail HANNUM; William SACKETT (1662) m. Hannah GRAVES Jonathan SACKETT (1695) m. Ann FILER; Justus SACKETT (1729) m. Lydia NEWCOMB; Salmon SACKETT (1764) m. Matilda CURTIS; Harvey SACKETT (1793) m. Thalia ELDRED; Erasmus Mason SACKETT (1822) m. Abigail GATES; Charles Gates SACKETT (1854) m. Almina STOUT; Cloyd Mason SACKETT (1882) m. Lena RUSSELL; Harold Russell SACKETT (1911) m. Evelyn FAST; Duane Harold SACKETT (1937) m. Margaret ATTERHOLT; Gregory Duane SACKETT (1971) m. Dana MEDFORD.
Sackett, Isobel Rita No - Deceased June 26, 2004 Simon Descends from Zephryn D'AMBOISE and Iola Marie BENJAMIN married Oliver Floyd SACKETT of Missoula, MT who descends from Simon Sr., the colonist and Isabell PEARCE; John Sr. and Abigail HANNUM; William and Hannah GRAVES; Jonathan and Ann FILER; Reuben and Mercy FINNEY; Aaron and Dorcas CLARK; John W. and Elizabeth BATES; David Alexander and Mary SHAW; Alfred and Ivy Virginia BOOTH; Edwin Floyd and Helen Elizabeth SWAB-HENKLE; Oliver Floyd and Isobel Rita D'AMBOISE; Daniel Floyd and Mary Rae CURRAN. Daniel and Mary have two children, Christopher Nathan and Elizabeth Marie.
Sackett, Irving D. Jr. of Springfield, VA

No -  Unsubscribed 3 September 2007

Unknown TSFA Member 118

Sackett, Jackie No Subbed/Unsubbed Winter 2002    
Sackett, James Edward (Jim) of Hallock, MN Yes - Email address change as of 16 October 2008 Unknown TSFA Member 162

Sackett, James L.

Yes - NEW as of 20 December 2008


TSFA Member 223

Sackett, James (Jim) Morris of Chicago IL
Yes   Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 19
Sackett, Jamey No - UPDATEDUnsubbed as of 1 October 2008   TSFA Member 199
Sackett, Jeremy No - Unsubscribed 23 February 2007 England TSFA Member 128
Sackett, Jim of Des Moines, Iowa No, bounced September 2002   Grandfather was Frank SACKETT, a blacksmith in Frisco, UT who died before Jim was born. Anyone have Frank in their database? 
Sackett, Joan D. of Seattle, Washington No - UPDATED Bounced off list 14 September 2007 Simon TSFA Member 147

Sackett, John David of Vermont

No - UPDATED as of 9 November 2008


TSFA Member 206

Sackett, John Howard

Yes - NEW as of 26 April 2006


TSFA Member 138

Sackett, John Gordon

No - Unsubscribed 8 April 2007


TSFA Member 103

Sackett, John L. (Jr.) and Jean

Yes - Resubscribed 27 June 2007


TSFA Member 84

Sackett, John W. (Jack) and Susan (Sue) Yes - Re-subscribed 15 November 2008 John

TSFA Member 76

Sackett, Josh of Citrus Heights, CA Yes - Re-subscribed 14 November 2008 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 158
Sackett, Ken No - Bounced off  7 December 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 188 
Sackett, Lee No - Unsubscribed 10 September 2007 Unknown  

Sackett, Leo Grant of Red Bluff, CA


Yes - NEW as of 10 December 2006

Unidentified Branch

TSFA Member 155

Sackett, Leonard A. of Berkley, MI Yes - Re-subscribed 28 November 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 83
Sackett, Lester  of Cambridge MA Yes Vermont


TSFA Member 36
Sackett, Marianne of Chicago IL
No - Unsubscribed 30 April 2005   Unidentified Branch
(Daughter of Jim Sackett TSFA# 19)
TSFA Member 117
Sackett,  Marion from Berkshire, England  Snail Mail Only Snail Mail Only England TSFA Member 49
Sackett, Mary Lou  of Hillsdale, MI (Formerly Mary Lou Sackett-Penn) Yes Vermont


TSFA Member 11
Sackett, Matthew (Matt)  No - Unsubscribed 2 June 2005 Unknown  
Sackett, Michael of Canada Yes - NEW as of 13 June 2007 England TSFA Member 173
Sackett, Michael and Basha

No - Unsubscribed 27 June 2007

  Unknown Branch TSFA Member 142

Sackett, Michael Anthony (Mike) & Eileen now living in South Africa.

(formerly from Australia)

Yes - NEW as of 31 December 2004


TSFA Member 110

Sackett, Michael F. (Mike) and Annie of Binghamton, NY Yes   Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 43

Sackett, Michael John (Mike)

Yes - NEW as of 19 March 2009


TSFA Member 232

Sackett, Michael Oliver from Somerset, England Snail Mail Only Snail Mail Only England Descends from Thomas (1642 Thanet - 1680 Birchington) m 1669 Canterbury, Anne BROWN; Thomas (1676 - 1760 Birchington) husbandman m 1706 Monkton, m Elizabeth NUBY; Henry (1710/11 Birchington - 1790 Thanet), yeoman m 1733 Thanet, Elizabeth CLIFFORD; Jeremiah (1749/50 Birchington - 1838 Thanet) m 1779 Thanet, Hannah NEWING; Benjamin (1789 - 1854 Thanet) gardener m Ann COX; Benjamin (1811 Thanet - 1885) miller, preacher m 1834 Ramsgate, Mary Ann COOPER; Jeremiah (1836 Hythe - 1918 Hathersage) miller, pastor at Wesleyan Mission, Manchester m Elham Sarah FILE; Alfred Barrett OBE (1862 - 1951) Wesleyan Methodist minister m 1893 Wirral, Lydia Ann SANDFORD; Alfred Barrett MC MA (1895 Strood - 1977 Bath), headmaster m 1925 Oxford, Dorothy Eleanor SALTER; Michael Oliver. Contact available through Chris Sackett at:
Sackett, Michael W. (b New Orleans, LA) msackettNOSPM@m1* (*remove asterisk)


No - Un-subscribed 12 February 2008 Unknown TSFA Member 196
Sackett, Katherine Margaret (Molly)


Yes - NEWas of 14 August 2008 Unidentified TSFA Member 210
Sackett, Nancy  Yes - UPDATED  Re-subscribed 11 October 2005   Simon Husband, Keith is a great-great-great-great grandson of Reuben; through Reuben's son Aaron and his wife Dorcas CLARK; Thomas L and wife Catherine CHAMBERS; John and Rhoda HART; Alfred M. and wife Louisa DEAR; Alfred Earl and wife Flossie ELLIOTT; Burl E. and Grace BUTT; Keith R. and Nancy BRYANT. The migration to Iowa started with John, who settled in Henry Co., IA, the Alfred M. emigrated to Ringghold Co., IA.

For the January 2006 Roll Call, Nancy explained the lineage as:  "Simon & Isabel;  John & Abigail;  William & Hannah;  Jonathan & Ann Filer;  Reuben & Mercy Finney;  Aaron & Dorcas Clark (?);  Thomas & Catherine Chambers;  John & Rhoda Hart Butler County OH;  Alfred & Louisa Dear b. Franklin Co. IN, moved as a child to Henry County IA from there to Ringgold County Iowa where the family is still living:  1) Alfie E. & Florence Elliott Alfie d. 2/1972; 2) Burl E. & Grace Butt Burl d. 3/1996; 3) Keith & Nancy Bryant; 4)Thomas & Kristi Wilson; their son Raines."

Sackett, Pamela J.  of Manassas, Virginia

No Unsubbed Winter 2002



Sackett, Peter Living in India


Yes - Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 190
Sackett , Ralph No - Unsubscribed 7/28/2003 Simon See Fred Sackett's lineage.  Ralph is Fred's Uncle's son.
Sackett, Ralph Norman of Staffordshire, England

No - Unsubscribed 2 March 2005

England TSFA Member 102
Sackett, Ray J.  of Boise, Idaho and
Yes Simon TSFA Member 17
Sackett, Richard Heath (Jr.) Yes John


Descends through John the colonist; thru his son John Jr. b ca 1628, England m Agnes TINKHAM; to their son Lieut. Joseph b Mar 2, 1660 m Hannah DENISON; to their son Joseph and (Unknown); to their son Samuel b 1747 d Aug 20, 1816 m Thankful WOOD; to their son Joel b 1786 in Stamford, Dutchess Co., NY d 1836 m Betsey HUSTED; to their son Hiram 1812-1895 of Dutchess Co., NY and Irving, Chautauqua Co., NY m Millicent SMITH; to their son George (Grandfather) m Catherine (Kate)  BURMASTER; to their son (Father), Herbert Joel b May 8, 1895 Irving, NY d Jan 31, 1990 Erie, Pa., m Alice Katherine HEATH b Nov 8, 1 892 Hamburg, NY d June 14, 1981 Silver Creek, NY (both buried in Glenwood cemetery, Silver Creek, NY); to their sons Richard Heath m Mary T. BAYNES; Richard Jr m Karen BARKER; son Richard Herbert is present end of thread.
Sackett, Richard W. from Bethesda, MD Snail Mail Only Snail Mail Only John Descends through John the colonist; John b ca 1628, England m Agnes TINKHAM; Lt. Joseph b 1660 m 1st, Anna (Unknown) and 2nd, Hannah (Unknown); Samuel 1747-1816 m Thankful WOOD; JEHIAL 1768-1832 m Samantha KNAPP; Stephen 1794-1871 m Rachel BARTON; Morgan Hunting b 1827 m Mary Ann NEWTON; Duane G.. 1854-1925 m Frances A. WILCOX; Walter M. 1885-1975 m Rurh G. PORTER; Richard W. m Melodie CARROLL. Contact available through the list owner at:
Sackett, Richard and Sue No - Unsubscribed 21 March 2008 Unknown

(2nd cousin to Leonard Sackett)

TSFA Member 191
Sackett, Rita of Australia Yes England/Australia TSFA Member 93
Sackett, Rita of Colfax, ND


No - UPDATEDBounced off list 14 September 2007 Unidentified TSFA Member 179

Sackett, Robert A.

No - Bounced off list 1 November 2008


 TSFA Member 39 Removed 2 November 2008 from TSFA due to mailbox being full and being bounced off list

Sackett, Ronald L. (Ron) from Blomington, MN No -  Unsubscribed 3 February 2008 Unknown


Sackett, Scott 

No - Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001



Sackett, Sean No - Bounced off list 12 September 2007 John

TSFA Member 98

Sackett, Susan Lynne  from Sangamon County, Illinois Yes - UPDATEDEmail change 2 February 2009   Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 65
Sackett, Teri Yes    
Sackett, Terry from Las Vegas, USA No - Unsubbed 1 February 2007 Unknown

TSFA Member 136

Sackett, Vic

No - Subbed/ Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001



Sackett-Abraham, Bonnie No-Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001   Researching g.g.g. grandfather, Henry Preston SACKETT married to Martha BARCLAY. His son Edward "W" SACKETT born Nov. 1867, Pleasant Grove, Minn. married 12 Oct. 1892 in Payette, Idaho to Edith Amelia POWELL. Died 28 March 1942 . Family is looking for line of descent and correct name as "W" is questionable whether it is William or ??
Sackett-Frausto, Diane of Hubert, NC No - Unsubbed from TSFA 21 May 2007  Unsubbed from SACKETT 15 June 2007 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 14

Sackett-Nichols, VeAnn




Sackett-Wilk, Susan Yes    

 TSFA Member 237

Saether, Eva of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Grandmother's Family PDF file Yes - NEW 23 April 2009 Simon TSFA Member 238
Salzano, Edith (Edie) Aline Sackett No - Excessive or fatal bounces 19 May 2007   Father was George Brown SACKETT. He was born in New York City, his Father was George SACKETT (b 1892, d 1958) (don't know if there is a middle initial) and his mother was Sarah Elizabeth BROWN (d 1954) There was an Uncle Jim SACKETT married to Celeste and as far as Edie can remember they had a daughter Virginia. There was a Hazel and Rob, don't know the connection, and Don and Edith BURROUGHS. And in that family somewhere was a Ruth and daughter Geneveve. 

Sanders, Linda

No-Unsubbed 17 January 2007


 TSFA Member 126

Schraeder, Catherine Ann (Cathy) Oderlin Yes - Re-subscribed 19 July 2007 Simon TSFA Member 177
Schramm, Sharon No- Bounced 9/30/2003  


Schultz, Kathi

No Unsubbed Winter 2002



Schuster, Bob of Naples, NY Yes   Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 33
Scott, Janet of Leyland, Lancashire, England Yes - NEW 2 February 2009 England TSFA Member 226
Selvaggio, Frank


Yes - Email address change 28 March 2009 Simon Frank shared: ..".my g-g-great grandmother Margaret Jane Sackett which married James Harvey WELLS in Sangamon County, Illinois."  Parents: Thomas & Elizabeth DICKERSON; GParents: Aaron & Dorcos CLARK; GGParents: Reuben & Mercy FINNEY; GGGParents: Jonathan & Ann FILER; GGGGParents: William & Hannah GRAVES; GGGGGParents:  John & Abigail HANNUM; GGGGGGParents: Simon & Isabel PEARCE.
Service, Beverley of Goldendale, Washington Yes - Re-subscribed 12 June 2007 Simon TSFA Member 195
Sexsmith, Louella Ormsby Yes NEWas of 11 March 2006 Simon TSFA Member 134
Shears, Arna G. (Nygaard, Kessinger) Yes - Email address change 14 January 2006 John
Descendant  of Mary SACKETT b 1737 married Alexander MCKAY b 1732; their son: Daniel MCKAY b  1778 married Lydia EDWARDS b 1785; their son: George Clinton MCKAY b 1807 married Rachel HAMPTON b 1810; their son: Albert Alfonso MCKAY b 1853 married Mary Amelia KENISON b 1858; their daughter: Gertrude Geraldine MCKAY b 1875 married James HOLSWORTH b 1865; their son: William Albert HOLSWORTH b 1894 married Goldie Grace CARMICHAEL b 1899; their daughter: Doris Corrine HOLSWORTH b 1924 married Arnold Henry NYGAARD b 1912; their daughter: Arna Gene NYGAARD.
Shepard, Wayne Lewis  of Hampton, ME No - Email Address Change 5/3/2003 but unsubscribed 5/5/2003 Simon Descendant of Lt. John SHEPERD (1733-?) and Elizabeth SACKETT (1734-?). Her parents were Benoni and Mindwell (SMITH) SACKETT ; grandparents were Samuel and Elizabeth (BISSELL) SACKETT ; great grand parents John and Abigail (HANNUM) SACKETT . John and Elizabeth SHEPERD removed to Hebron, Washington Co., NY, with their extended family (sons, daughter, nephews, and possibly a sister) in 1783. Wayne has documents dated 1798 from Hebron of John and his sons and the 1800 Census showing this couple still at Hebron, but he (and a few other researchers) has been unable to locate the date and place of their deaths.
Sias, Brenda Eash No - Unsubbed date not available  John

TSFA Member 12

Siders, Nancy Cluff of Roswell, NM Yes John


TSFA Member 01
Skinner, John Sackett No-Unsubbed Spg/Summer 2001 Simon Relates to Simon as follows. His grandmother was Ella SACKETT, daughter of Kirtland, who was the son of Pliny (2), who was the son of Pliny (1), who was the son of Eliakim, the son John, who was the son of Simon, the son of Thomas (2), who was the son of Thomas (1) and Joane.
Sloan, Ann No - Unsubbed May/June 2003   Ann writes: "Has anyone every come up with any information on Elizabeth Sackett who married Justus Reynolds of Greenwich, CT in 1737? They had a son named Sackett Reynolds. Sackett's daughter Mary Reynolds Towne was gr-gr-gr-grandmother."
Smandych, Jo(anne) of Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada


Yes NEWas of 7 February 2008 England TSFA Member 197
Smith, Bob No - Bounced 22 August 2003 Simon Looking for any information on wife's grandmother, Eva Clara SACKETT, born in Westfield, Mass. 9/14/1854, m Albert BEACH 1873, died in 1875. She was the daughter of Daniel and Corlestia SACKETT of Westfield, Mass. Daniel's parents were Daniel SACKETT and Tryphene LOOMIS. Thanks to Thurmon King, the rest of the lineage goes as follows: Stephen SACKETT and Eunice ROSS; Eliakim SACKETT and Maria ROOT; John SACKETT and Mahitable DANKS (HARRIS); John SACKETT and Abigail HANNUM; Simon SACKETT and Isabel PEARCE.
Smith, Michael Scott (Smitty) Yes   2nd great-grandfather was Fred SACKETT (1849-1914). He is buried in the Pittsford Cemetery in Pittsford, Monroe Co., NY. His wife was Johanna PEGLOW (1858-April 12, 1938), also buried in Pittsford Cemetery. Johanna died in Honeyoe Falls, NY. Their children were as follows: Anna (married to FREDERICKS), Caroline (married to BATZEL), Emma (married to STEINFELDT), Frederick, George, Minnie (also married to a BATZEL), my great-grandmother Matilda (April 20, 1881-1918), married to John C. SCHMIDT (also, had a child by Claude S. COON, who was my grandfather, Carl F. SMITH), and lastly, Carl SACKETT (December 18, 1896-April 1983) - Carl died in NY.
Smith, Robin Sackett                  Yes - NEW 20 January 2004   Robin writes: "Looking for the parents of Dwight Sackett b. 1823 in MA, married Caroline Bolton 1 Mar 1845, living in MI by the time of the 1870 census. Found a Dwight Sacket (note different spelling) listed on 1850 census as living in S. Hadley, Hampshire, MA, and a Dwight R. Sacket listed in 1860 census as living in Westfield, Hampden, MA but not sure if they are the same person. In any case, can find no info on parents. Any information or suggestions would be most welcome."
Smith, Shelley of Slidell, LA No - Un-subscribed 24 February 2005 Belgium Sackett Shelley writes: "I am looking for information on a Mary Sackett who was married to August Clarambeau. According to 1880 Census they were born in Belgium and eventually settled in South Dakota. Mary was born around 1857. In the 1895 South Dakota Census they were located in Richland, Beadle Co., SD They had the following children: Victor b. 25 May 1874 m. Lila Bennett, Matilde b.1876, Josephine b. Nov 1879, Joseph b.1883, Sela b.1884, John b. 1 Sep 1886, Felix b.1888, Arthur b.1891, Edeth b.1892, Julie b.1894 and Charles b. 3 Mar 1896.  I would appreciate any information on Mary Sackett. Thanks."
Smith, Theodore Cabot (Ted) of Citrus Heights, CA Yes - Email Address Update 1 May 2004 Simon TSFA Member 55
Smith, Thomas C. (Tom) of Clinton, CT Yes Simon TSFA Member 20
Smyth, Nick No - requested to be unsubscribed 16 April 2009 from SACKETT and 2 May 2009 from TSFA Supporting TSFA Member 235
Smyth,  Sharon Yes Simon TSFA Member 16
Snyder, Sheila                  No - Bounced 18 February 2007 Simon Sheila writes: "I am descended from Simon Sackett and looking for info on Joseph & Ann Vandolah's Sackett's family of Greene and Mercer Co., Ohio. Their son, Samuel Sackett who married Zoah Ann Gallaher was my ancester."
Sparks, Joe and Ruth Yes - NEW 29 August 2007 Unknown TSFA Member 184
Spencer, Shannon No - Unsubscribed   Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 85
Spink, Donna Yes - NEW 17 April 2007   TSFA Member 168
Stanek, Teri (Bell)             Yes Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 75

Stansbury, Mary Lou

No Subbed/Unsubbed Winter 2002


States "Sackett is one of the only names I know to begin with for my father's line. He & his father were both named Mervyn Lafayette Stansbury, and from the NY, NJ area. His father was the son of Isaac Stansbury who married Mary Sackett. The two families were all very close, and I remember meeting 3 lovely elderly cousins, who lived in Oradell, NJ, named Beth, Mabel and (Maybe Virginia?) Sackett back in the late 60's."

Steenbock, Audrey Yes - NEW 18 July 2007 Unidentified Branch  
Stella, Rachel  of Richmond, IN Yes Indiana Branch TSFA Member 112
Stempski, Pat Yes - NEW 31 May 2007   TSFA Member 171
Sterling, Charles John III Yes - Re-subscribed 24 July 2006 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 119
Streeter, Debra (Debbie) Lee Leffler Yes Simon TSFA Member 68
Tazey, Sue nee Mummery Yes - NEW 11 March 2009  England TSFA Member 231
Tentou, Lynn supporting granddaughter, Bethany Lyn Sackett Yes - NEW 3 September 2008  Unknown
Terry,  Barbara  Barnes of Pittsboro, NC Yes   Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 81
Thomas, Gary L. No - Bounced Winter 2002 Simon Descendant of Simon Sackett Sr and Isabel Pearce through their son, Simon Sackett and Sarah Bloomfield. Currently researching on the descendants of William W. Sacket and Susan Smith of Orange Co., NY.

Thomas, Danny and Kim

No - UPDATED Bounced out 19 November 2007


Same lineage as Mildred Thomas.

Thomas, Mildred I.

Yes - UPDATEDEmail change 17 Dec 2007


TSFA Member 58

Tinsley, Lynn of Bradford Co., PA


Yes - NEW 30 October  2005 Simon TSFA Member 124
Tiry, Ed No - UPDATED Unsubscribed 17 January 2009   Unidentified Branch? Researching Mary Carolyn SACKETT who  m. George M. TIRY July 28, 1862 in St. Clair Co. Illinois. She was the daughter of Myron SACKETT and Elizabeth HILL. Myron was the son of Reuben SACKETT and Elizabeth DIBBLE. George M. TIRY was the son of Solomon TIRY and Mary RITTENHOUSE.

Trakker?, Dan




Trickey, Michael Yes - NEW 24 September 2008 Unknown
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Tschirky, Claire of Long Beach, CA Yes - NEW 23 April 2009 Simon
(Same as Eva Adams)
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Tutt, Jan Yes - NEW 21 September 2008 Unknown
(Same as Susan Wood)
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Venne, Eugene Yes - UPDATED Email Address 14 December 2006 Simon TSFA Member 62
Viviano, Michele Yes - NEW 16 November  2004 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 96

Wagner, Susan (Sackett)

No - unsubbed 1/14/2006



Warner, Randall A. RWarnerAdj<


Yes NEW as of 20 August 2008 Unidentified TSFA Member 213
Watkins, Lacey Rae (Niederstadt) Yes - NEW 1 May 2008 Unknown TSFA Member 203
Weller, Jane of Great Shefford, Berkshire, England Yes - NEW 2 February 2009 England TSFA Member 228
Werst, M. L. No - Unsubscribed 15 September 2007 Unknown  

Whitt, John B.

Yes - NEW 22 March 2005


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Wilkerson, Lynette Sackett Yes - Re-subscribed as of 18 January 2008 Simon TSFA Member 47
Williams, Brian of Lake Stevens, WA  Yes - UPDATED 7 December 2005 Email address change Unidentified Branch but not for long! TSFA Member 111
Williams, Barbara No - Unsubscribed 21 September 2007 John Barbara's Roll Call explanation:  "My husband's line:  John Sackett and Agnes Tinkham; Lt.Joseph Sackett and Hannah Denison; Joseph Sackett and Unknown; Samuel Sackett and Thankful Wood; John Sackett and Betsy Husted; Dudley Sackett and Elizabeth Jane Brown; George Sackett and Mabel Alice Loudon; Gerald Sackett."

Williamson, Pat

Yes - NEW 19 March 2009


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Wilmore, Kay

No - UPDATED 2 March 2009 Unsubscribed


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Witherden, Ed of South Surrey, B.C., Canada  No-Unsubbed Spg/Summer 2001 England Has a question for other researchers. Has anyone of you come across any information on George John Sackett WITHERDEN who was baptised at Margate, Kent, England on 20 Sept 1824; the son of George and Susanna? My particular interests are: (a) the occupation of his father; (b) his mother's maiden name; and (c) whatever became of him in later life. If you can shed any light on this matter Ed would be most grateful.
Wolfe, Nora of California No - Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001   Researching Aner SACKETT who m Preston POGUE in Greene Co. OH in 1836. Aner BD 1/24/1807 Greene Co. OH, DD 11/06/1876 Fletcher, Miami Co OH, is the daughter of Cyrus and Nancy Ann STAPLETON. She married Preston POGUE 13 Nov 1836 in Greene CO. OH. Preston 's BD June 20, 1818 place unknown, DD May 3, 1905 Fletcher, Miami CO. OH. One of their children Joseph Pogue moved to Adams CO. Indiana where all Nora's ancestors from both sides of her family came from and stayed. Nora's mom and Dad are the only ones who ever left.
Wood, Susan Yes - NEW 27 May 2006 England TSFA Member 139
Wright, Paulette Yes - NEW 23 May 2008 John TSFA Member 204
Wurz, Dorothy Yes - 12 June 2006 UPDATEDEmail Address Change   Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 64
Dorothy explains her lineage as such: "I am descended from Marilla Sutherland born in Stephentown, NY, November 1798, daughter of Lois Sackett and Tobias Sutherland, married Pliny Chase, lived in Westfield, NY, Otsego County and died March 4, 1886. Marilla and Tobias are my two brick walls."
Yother, Nancy Jo (Ryan) No-Unsubbed Sprg/Summer 2001 John Descends through John SACKETT b ca 1628, England m Agnes TINKHAM; Jonathan m Hannah ?; Richard m Mrs. Margery L. SLEADE or SLADE (maiden name unknown); John, M.D. of Dover and Stephentown, NY and possibly Elizabeth MASTEN; Mary m Alexander McKAY; Medad McKAY b l765, d in Augusta, Michigan, Kalamazoo Co. m Wealthy TARBOX; Casey McKAY b June l2 l797 m Lucy MILLER; Chauncey McKAY (May 30, l820 - l896 Augusta MI) m Jane CAMP (l831 - June ll, l87l) on Oct ll, l854; Darwin McKAY (Sept. ll, l855 - May l3, l93l) m on June l0 1875 to Mary Ann McDERMOTT (Feb. l1, l850 - Mar.20, l935); Chauncey McKAY (who was Nancy's grandfather) m Hattie CASHMORE,  both lived and died in Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., MI. They had 4 children: Leslie Deo, Fannie Pauline, Maxine, and Beverly Jean (Nancy's mother).
Zehr, Dale of Ponca City, Oklahoma No - UPDATED Bounced out 23 November  2007 Unidentified Branch TSFA Member 95