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(Name Unknown) Unknown
(Last name unknown), Karen C. Rhode Island? Yes
(Last Name Not Known), Trish Unknown Yes
Barnes-Schuster, Dawn  New York road block   Yes

As of February, 2003, Dawn writes:  1.  Jonathan LETSON.  This generation is only a guess, based on some NY state census (Oneida County) results. But I thought I should list it in case anyone else knows anything about this Jonathan.  2. David Letson, Sr. -- abt. 1789 - 1869 married Lydia PIERCE (Perce/Pearce).  She is born RI, he NY.  3. David Letson, Jr. -- 1816-1896  marries Diantha GROSVENOR.  Moves from Oneida Co. NY to today's Lackawanna Co., PA.  I conjecture that the marriage takes place after the move.  4. George Grosvenor Letson -- 1844-1873 marries Emily TRAVIS -- stays in Lackawanna Co. 5. William George Letson -- 1870-1932 marries Blanche WILCOX -- moves later in life to Itaska, NY. 6.  George Wilcox Letson -- 1892-1960 marries Catherine May MERRITT -- moves with young children to Binghamton area, eventually settling in Vestal.   7. John William Letson -- still living, marries Irma WALL -- moves as young man to Los Angeles, where he meets Irma. 8.  Cindy Sue Letson-- still living, marries Howard BARNES -- moves back east after marriage.   9. ME!  Dawn Barnes -- obviously still living, marries Guido SCHUSTER -- and keeps up the short family tradition of moving ever eastward, as right now we are living in Zurich, Switzerland.  And the next little twig on our tree (Fiona Schuster) just turned two years old!

Carmicino, Kay  

Rhode Island

John/Michael/Isaiah Yes Kay wrote that she: "needs information about Mary Ann Meader, who married Harry Letson. Mary Ann Meader Letson died in childbirth with Mary Ann, and her widower, Harry, "gave" Mary Ann, the infant, to his wife's sister, along with the older siblings, Orrin and Ella May. The aunt was Tamer Moore (married name) and she raised Mary Ann the infant with her own last name. So my grandmother, Mary Ann Letson (Moore) grew up with her siblings Ella May and Orrin Letson in the home of their aunt Tamer and her husband Craig Moore. Clear as mud? Mary Ann (the infant)'s only children were Ella May and Thelma (my mother), twins. Harry Letson later married Elizabeth Springer. Tamer was killed, incidentally, when she was struck by a train.
Carpenter, Karen L. of Edmonton, Alberta, CAN  

Perhaps Ireland...? Yes -  Karen wrote: "Looking For information on the Christopher C Smith and Nancy Letson Family.   Nancy and Christopher C ( CC) were married and had 6 Children John, George Washington, Lelela, Hattie and 2 Children that I do not know the names of.  CC was married before to an Elsie Douglas. They had 1 Child, Elsie C. Smith.  Elsie Douglas may have died in Childbirth. That is unknown as CC Married Nancy Letson about 1846. "  Karen further explained: "Nancy Letson May be Nancy Ann Letson born 25 May 1827 in Ballinderry, Antrim, Ireland to Thomas Letson and Sarah Kelly. They had 3 Children : Nancy Ann , Alice born 3 April 1833 in Ballinderry, Antrim, Ireland, and Isabella Born 1835 in Ballinderry, Antrim, Ireland. Alice married a Henry Clark and moved to Hemmingford, Quebec , Canada. It is quite possible that Nancy followed or even the whole family. Does any one have this information to tie my Nancy to this Nancy Ann Letson ?"  Karen updates her profile on 2/12/2005:   My 3rd Great Grandmother is a Letson. Her name is Nancy. She Married a Christopher C. Smith about 1850. She died in 1880 in Rolling Green, Martin County, Minnesota, USA. She lived in Wisconsin in a few places.
Denne', Deborah "Deb" Joseph Edward Letson, Immigrant Yes as of 10 Jul 2014 Lineage explained as such: Deborah Denne', daughter of Srella Gloria Letson Denne', Daniel Letson Sr from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  Daniel Sr and Ruth Danson to William to Jacob to Joseph Edward (Imig. US) to Edward Joseph to Stella Gloria.
Espedal, Sharleen
Unknown Yes as of 19 May 2014
Francis, Wayne and Lynn of 
East Aurora, NY Yes
Lynn writes: "My husband Wayne Francis is a Letson descendant through Julia Letson 1790-1863 who married Joel Ranney 1783-1870 of Griffins Mills (West Falls), Erie County NY. We live in East Aurora, NY right next to West Falls, NY. Anyway, I am fairly new to genealogy but would love to expand my knowledge of this family line."
Hansen, Carol Anne Rhode Island

John/Michael/William Sr. Yes Carol's Family Tree web site:  On 4 Mar 2003, Carol wrote: " 1   John Letson 1710 - 1790 +Mary Smith 1711 
2   Michael Letson  1738 - 1801 +Hannah Osbron  1738 - 1801.  
3 William Z. (Lassen) Letson, Sr. 1707 - 1836 +Mary   1765 - 1824.   
4   [1] William Z. (Lassen) Letson, Jr. 1793 - 1836 +[2] Sarah (Sally) Kelly    1795 - 
5   [3] James B. Letson 1830 - 1892 +Elvira Ann Adams  *2nd Wife of [3] James B. Letson: Esther Ann Lewis  *3nd Wife of [3]James B. Letson: Saharalotta Willard    1829 - 1892 
6   [5] Charles Willard Letson  1870 - 1962 +[6] Emma Hannah Leabo  1879 - 1952 
7   [7] Esther May Letson   1905 - 1975 +[8] George Waltor Hansen, Sr.  1902 - 1992 
8   [9] George Walter Hansen, Jr.   1928 - 1993 +[10] Anna Jean Taylor  1933 - 
Me  9   [11] Carol Ann Hansen   1958 - 
*2nd Wife of [9] George Walter Hansen, Jr.: Janice Jean Clark."
Hansen, Joanne Homer  Rhode Island

John/Ephraim/Freeborn  Yes  Descends from John LETSON who married Mary SMITH; Ephraim LETSON and Mercy Ann MAXFIELD; Freeborn LETSON and Esther ROUNDS; William A. LETSON and Electa Cornelia SMITH and Betsy McKee Newton DONNELLY; Lorenzo Van Rensler LETSON who married Mary Frances DONNELLY; Clarrissa Mae LETSON who married William HOMER; and my father Harold HOMER who married Arline ECKLUND.   Then Joanne who married Thomas HANSEN.  Joanne can't seem to find any information regarding Mary Frances DONNELLY.  Anyone out there that may have some info on her?
Harding, Mary-Lynne  Rhode Island Canadian

John/John Jr./Robert Yes 
Descends from John LETSON and Mary SMITH through their son John LETSON b 1733 d 1826 Halifax NS m 1757 Rhode Island to Susannah HAYWOOD b 1735 d 1821 Halifax NS, and their son Robert LETSON b 9 Sep 1757 New York d 16 Nov 1816 Halifax NS and his third wife (m 1793 Halifax NS) Elizabeth CULLYMORE, their son William LETSON b 23 Aug 1794 Halifax NS d 26 Jun 1866 Chatham NB m Mary Ann FARNHAM b 1794 d 1871 Chatham NB, their son Francis Joshua LETSON b 12 Jun 1836 Chatham NB d 20 Sep 1882 Chatham NB m Isabella Jane KERR b 13 Mar 1838 Chatham NB d 9 Feb 1916 Winthrop Mass, their daughter Isabella Jane LETSON b18 May 1871 Chatham NB d 15 May 1951 Calgary AB m 1898 Thomas Henry FLIEGER b 25 Dec 1871 Chatham NB d Oct 1944 Calgary AB, their son Roy Letson FLIEGER b 2 Jun 1901 Chatham NB. John and Susanna Letson along with their son Robert Letson and his second wife Elizabeth Bruyn d1792, came to Halifax in 1783, as United Empire Loyalists as there are records of them applying for land grants for their loyalty to the King (George III).
Hatcher, Leslie Wilson  Southern Branch Yes  On 13 Feb 2003, Leslie explained her lineage as such:  5. William Wright LETSON b: 2 April 1836 SC d: 7 May 1910 Netawaka, Jackson,KS m: Ann Elizabeth TERRILL,  25 Dec 1861 Granada, Nemaha, KS, b: 10 Sep 1840 OH d: 6 Nov 1899 Horton, Brown, KS.  Overland Stage-shotgun, 1st Postmaster Granada KS, father in law had 1st General Store Granada KS, Mayor of Horton KS 1890's, buried in Netawaka Cemetery - photos of tombstones courtesy Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, photo and bio from Frank Root's book "Overland Stage to California" which is online at:

4. Francis Henry Letson b: 27 Feb 1872 Granada, Nemaha, KS d: 14 Dec 1955 Santa Ana, Orange, CA m: Clara Agnes WILSON, 12 Jun 1901 Enic, Garfield, OK b: 20 Jan 1882 Lincoln, Lancaster, NE d: 26 Dec 1980 Van Nuys, LA, CA

3. Edwin Oliver LETSON b: 17 April 1906 Enid, Garfield, OK d: 24 May 1983 San Diego, San Diego, CA m: Gertrude Eleanor LEAVENGOOD,  24 Feb 1927 b: 19 May 1906 d: 12 Sep 1983 San Bernardino, CA.

My grandparents are the above Ed and Trude.  My parents are still living.  I lose the Letson name at my mother.  She went and married a Wilson giving me 3 Wilson lines to research.

Jennings, Rick  Rhode Island

John/Michael/William Sr. Yes

1. John Letson: what evidence is there in support of his name or as father to "our" Rhode Island John Letson? 2. John Letson (one of 3 brothers, first known Letsons into the US) ca 1710 - 1783, and Mary SMITH; 3. Michael Letson 1738 - aft 1801 (fought in the Revolutionary War), and Hannah Albro (sorry, won't give up that last name); 4. William Letson (DAR listed Revolutionary War Patriot) Dec 5, 1761 - Feb 21, 1835, and Mary; 5. Rowland Letson May 23,1786 - Jan 13, 1852, and Joanna ARNOLD; 6. Albert Henry Letson Jan 16, 1822 - Aug 19, 1890, and Matilda Electra FINCH; 7. Francis (Frank) Eugene Letson Dec 19, 1852 - Nov 12, 1914, and Ida Arcilla FOLSOM; 8. Maurice Devillo Letson Dec 19, 1884 - Sep 23, 1958, and Lola Maree Jones; 9. Carol Maree Letson Dec 21, 1917 - living, and Richard V.JENNINGS Nov 24, 1909 - Nov 8, 1963; 10. Me: Richard M. Jennings.

Lasda, Andrew L. (Andy)  Rhode Island 

John/Michael/Isaiah Yes Descends from: Sir John, Michael, Isaiah, Samuel, John Henry,  b. 1821, Rome, Oneida Co., NY and Sarah (Sally) STAFFORD d. 1887; Hannah Jane LETSON b. Mar. 1851, Phoenix, Oswego Co. NY., d 8 Jul 1917 Phoenix, Town of  Schroepple, Oswego Co., NY. She married Theodore Nelson HOUGHTALING b.1848, Phoenix, Oswego Co. NY.  Theodore was a Civil War Vet serving in 2nd NY Heavy Artillery and wounded at the Siege of Petersburg, VA. in 1864. They had 8 children including my grandfather Tracy HOTALING.
Letson, Alan D. of Columbus, Ohio and Jackson, Wyoming New Jersey Branch

(see James Arthur Letson, Jr.'s update below) Yes

On 13 February 2003, he wrote:  I am Alan Letson and am a descendant of Thomas LETSON b 1725 of the New Jersey Letsons and have a fairly complete lineage of this line, as does Jim Letson in Saginaw, Michigan. Evelyn Letson was my great aunt, wife of my grandfather's brother. This line of Letsons (William Letson m. Allison Chisholm of New York) to whom Evelyn was married left the New Jersey area in the mid 1800's and by train, then wagon helped settle Nebraska in the 1870's.  Eve's husband, William Allison Letson and my grandfather, Holton Cleveland Letson resided in Red Cloud, Nebraska. Bill and Eve had two sons, Ron and Mike, but we have lost connection with them about 35 years ago. Both Eve and her husband died in 1996 and are buried in the family plot in the Red Cloud, Nebraska cemetery.  Eve was obsessed with Letson genealogy and I'm sure would be thrilled to know about this internet list. If any of the New Jersey Letson's are online, I'd love to hear from you.  Jim Letson and I, about 25 years ago crossed paths in our residencies at Ohio State, only to learn by this list last summer that we are related to each other through a common great - great grandfather. Jim has assembled a large amount of info about the New Jersey line.  Hope this info fills in a few gaps.

Letson, Fred  New York road block Yes Is a descendant of George LETSON, 1778 Canada-1816 NY, m Sally (unknown) had 5 children - Robert, Sally Ann, two unknown, & Mathrew Randall LETSON. Mathrew LETSON, Fred's ancestor, 1810-1890 was married twice - 2nd to Clarinda WHIPPLE and had 9 children. Mary, Lucy, Juliette, Charles, George, Edgar Henry, Emily, Lydia, & Clarence. Edgar Henry LETSON 1851-1924. married Jennette RELYEA, and had 5 children - Mauda, Rosa, Cora, Erskine Henry, & Rollie. Erskine Henry LETSON 1889-1978 married Ida SHEFFER had three children - Douglas, Harold, and our subject, Fred. Except for George and Mathrew LETSON all lived in Wisconsin. In 1800 census George was shown to live in Renesselaer Co., New York.and in 1820 in Bergen N.Y.  Fred adds to the above on 14 May 2003: "Mathew Randall Letson, born 1810 was my great grandfather. This I have definite proof however, the fact that his father was George born in Canada 1778, died NY around 1816 is from Twyla Stones book.  She says that George is found in the census of 1800 in Renesselaer Co., NY and in the 1810 census for the Town of Murray, NY. His second wife, either Sarah or Sally appears in the 1820 census of Town of Bergen, NY and she filed for the estate of George 1/16/1816."
Letson, Gary Ireland Yes Researching his great great grandfather, Samuel LETSON (1803-1871) who married Alice KALEN ( 1811-1901). They both were born in Ireland and died in upstate N.Y. above Albany in the eastern part of the state. His siblings were William (Gary's great grandfather), Thomas ( who fought with the 5th Cavalry Brigade for the North during the Civil War), Samuel Jr. and Eliza. Gary has been told that Samuel Sr. and Alice lived in county Antrim in Ireland.  Gary added to this 22 Dec 2002:  "Does anyone reading this have any connection to the Letson family in Mooers, NY?  There is a John and Margaret Letson along with five offspring listed in the 1850 NY census. Mooers is located in the northeast corner of the state about ten miles from the Canadian border.  My line comes from the same side of the state, but to the south and approximately 120-140 miles from Canada in Schroon Lake, Moriah, Crown Point and Ticonderoga.  My gg grandparents, Samuel and Alice Letson, came to North America from Ireland after 1842 and probably before 1846. I could not find them among the passengers entering at NY, but there were a couple of marriages to Canadians (from Quebec) so that might be reason enough to assume that they entered through Canada.. They start appearing in the 1850 NY census records. If anyone has any information, it would be greatly appreciated.
Letson, Geoffrey  Rhode Island Canadian

John/John Jr./Robert Yes 

Wrote on 12 Feb 2003: "I am descended from the immigrant John Letson (Warwickshire, Eng.) b~1710 married Mary SMITH children: John, Calista, Michael, Ephraim, Thomas Michael; John(RI) 1733-->~1780 married Susannah HAYWOOD child: Robert; Robert Letson Sr (NYC) 1758--1816 married Elizabeth NORRIS (1st wife) children: John, Robert; John Letson (NYC) 1780--1826 married Mary Eades AUSTIN (childless) child: John Alexander, born to Catherine Osborne, out of wedlock; John Alexander Letson, Sr. (Dartmouth, NS) 1818--1881 marriedMary Jane WOODLING children: Alice Elizabeth, Mary Louisa (Minnie), John Alexander Jr, Phillip Henry, Francis Thomas; John Alexander Letson, Jr. (Halifax, NS) 1866--1954 marriedEdyth Delia GREENOUGH children: Mildred Gertrude, John Harold, Edward Morse, Howard C., Elsie, Edith L.; John Harold Letson (Boston, MA) 1896--1959 married Helen BRAINERD, married Priscilla Lambert MIDDLETON    children: Helene Laura, Dorothy Mae, Charlotte Louise, Charles Edward, Edward Middleton, Geoffrey; Geoffrey Letson (Hanover, NH) 1941--> married Sandra Jean Bassy children: Michael James, David, Matthew Harvey."

Letson, Keshia Southern Branch Yes
Daughter of Louis Letson.
Letson, Lester  of Fresno, CA Southern Branch Yes

Lester updated us 13 Feb 2003 with:  Robert Letson b1794  d1859 and second wife Susannah MCCLAIN b1796 d1879 SC, GA  and Susan died in Alabama; Calvin Ford (twin) Letson b04151833 d1902 and D. Anna BRIDGES b1839 d 1930 GA; David Pleasure Samuel Letsonb1872  d1946 and  Lula RYAN b1875 d 1906 Alabama; Adrian Jackson Letson  b1903  d 1977 and Pearl Lee ROPER b1902  d 1944 Alabama; Billy Jackson Letson  b1924  d10/17/2002 &Artha Mae MCWHORTER b1928, d 1/7/2003; both born Alabama, but died in California and me, Lester Jackson Letson, born in California.   Early information on Robert Letson came from William and Eve Letson when they visited my parents around 1974 or 1975.  I believe she was the Evelyn Letson referred to as they were travelling around the country and she was collecting Letson information to put together a book on the Letsons at the time.  Also have some bad photocopies of some handwritten notes from the 1970's that refer to the belief that Robert was the son of one of three immigrant brothers, but no connection has ever been made, just word of mouth stuff.  Other notes claim an Irish connection with no proof provided.  I have never seen the Southern Letson book, so don't know if my family info ever made it.

Letson, Matthias (Matt)  from Trinity in Lawrence County, Alabama  Southern Branch Yes 
Descends 1) Robert LETSON; 2) George John LETSON married Nancy MARTIN; 3) Baron Macdonald [Big Mack] LETSON; 4) Baron Macdonald [Little Mack] LETSON; 5) Madison {Mack} LETSON; 6) Matthias Letson [Himself]. Most of George John's descendants are from Lawrence County, Alabama.   Matthias updates us on 12 Feb 2003:  "I'm Matthias LETSON from Lawrence co. Al.  I too descend through Robert LETSON B. 1796 D. 1859 mar. Susan McClain;  George John LETSON b. 1822 d.1904 mar Nancy MARTIN bur. smyrna;  Baron Mcdonald ''big Mac'' LETSON b. Mar 6,1850 d.1934 mar Louisiana Cansada BLACKSTONE "Indian" b. 1852 d. 1934 , both bur. smyrna;   Baron Mcdonald "little Mac" LETSON b. 1880 d. 1973 Mar. Harriet Melinda MOTES b.1890 d. 1946? both bur. smyrna ; Madison LETSON b. Jan.20, 1912 d. May 16, 1987 mar. Bertha Jane KELLEY b. Dec.28, 1911 d. Sept 18, 1980 both bur. smyrna;  Matthias LETSON "me''.   My brick wall is Robert , can't seem to get past 1796 , who was Robert's Parents ?? any help would be greatly appreciated."  Matthias updates us again on 11 May 2004:  "Allow me to open a can of worms that some of my cuzz's may disagree with. I have what I think is proof that Robert Green Letson was never married to Irene Thaxton. I have a copy of a widows pension for the war of 1812 stating that Robert and Susan Mclaine were Mar. in Jan 1820, Ther oldest son was born dec.1820 Irene Thaxton was mar. to Green Martin They are the parents of my grt,grt grandma Nancy Martin Letson that mar. George John. Nancy Martins sister Susan mar. George Johns Bro. David william thaxton Letson please respond if you agree or disagree or if any one has any more info to share.  Your friend and cuz Matt"
Letson, Robert J.) (Bob) of Tucson, AZ Rhode Island

John/Michael/Isaiah Yes  Descends from the Immigrant John Letson 1710-1790 married Mary SMITH; Michael LETSON c1738-1801 m Hannah OSBORN; Isaiah LETSON 1772-1848 m Sarah BLANCHARD (great grandfather was Samuel WHALEY); Orrin LETSON 1823-1884 m (2) Hannah KING; Asel Wilkinson LETSON 1861-1945 m Edith ALVORD; Orrin Wolcott LETSON 1893-1980 m Ethel Sutherlin LATSHAW; Robert Justin Letson m Shirley Ann HARGRAVES. 
Levine, RV Unknown Yes
RV explains:  "My interest is in Ebenezer Adelbert, [of Augusta, Oneida, NY] born about 1860 - or more specifically in his wife.  [skipped]  Given that their first known child (Eva Mary) was born about 1886, Adelbert and Nellie were probably married somewhat before that year. Any information about Nellie would be appreciated."
Luce, Daniel Unknown Yes as of 5 Jul 2014
Mangels, Pat  New York road block or

Looking for relatives of King LETSON (1852-1917) who married Mary SQUIRES  in Norwich, NY.  Also looking for George and Caroline LETSON.  George was the son of Thomas LETSON and Priscilla (NEWCOMB) LETSON and that Caroline was the daughter of Joseph and Eunice (RATHBUN) LETSON.
Marohl, Becky Unknown Yes  
Miller, Shirley New Jersey Yes
Shirley explains: "I am a descendent of Thomas White Letson from NJ through his son Robert Leslie Letson, Warren Co., NJ. "
Monnier, Ann (Lounsberry) New York road block

Looking for relatives of Daniel LETSON, B ca 1781, US, perhaps N.Y. d 1851/1861, perhaps Woolwich, Ontario, Canada. Lived Elora, Ontario, Canada. Children: Nancy; William; Rhodes; Daniel; Jeremiah; George E.; Roxy; Henry and Julia. Ann's ancestor was his son: William b ca 1801, lived Woolwich, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Married Catherine STOVER/STAUFFER/STONER. Children: Jacob; Mary Elizabeth (Ann's ancestor); Julie Ann (Julia) Letson Thomas, wife of John THOMAS; Roxy wife of George ENLER. Catherine STOVER/STAUFFER/STONER was probably the daughter or sister of Christian STAUFFER (he acquired land in the township of Woolwich in 1807). The Letson homestead was this same piece of property. After William's death, Catherine married Peter LONGHOUSE. 
Moore, Colin  Ireland Yes 
Descendant of a non-American line. Colin was born in N. Ireland and knows his Letson line back to 1704. They lived in County Antrim in the Parish of Aghalee. He suspects, but hasn't proven yet, that his Letsons settled in that part of Ireland around the 1660's. They lived on land which belonged to Lord Conway who came from Warwickshire, England. One of the largest English concentration of Letsons also appears to be in Warwickshire so he wonders perhaps if his originated there also?
Murray, Helen Letson Rhode Island Canadian

John/John Jr./Robert Yes
Descends from John LETSON and Mary SMITH; John LETSON  Jr and Susannah HAYWOOD; Robert LETSON  and Elizabeth NORRIS; William LETSON and Mary Ann Farnham; Henry Farnham LETSON and Bethia KELLY; Ethel Bethia LETSON  and John Frederick WELLS; Helen Letson WELLS and Arthur Robert ECKBERG; Karen Joyce ECKBERG and Robert Lloyd HOLDEN; Helen Letson HOLDEN and Thomas George MURRAY.
Reilly, Everett  Rhode Island

John/Michael/Isaiah Yes 
Descends thru John LETSON b: Bef. 1710 in Warwick, Eng d: Bef. 1790 in Warwick, Kent Co., RI m. Mary SMITH b: in Portsmouth, RI d: in Coventry, RI; Michael LETSON b: Abt. 1738 in Coventry, RI d: 21 Dec 1801 in Augusta, Oneida Co., NY m. Hannah OSBORN b: in Richmond, RI m: 28 Sep 1760 in South Kingston, RI d: in Prob. Oneida Co., NY; Isaiah LETSON b: 1772 in Coventry, Kent Co., RI d: 18 May 1848 in Aurora, Erie Co., NY m. Sarah BLANCHARD b: Abt. 1780 in Coventry, RI m: Bef. 1800 in Coventry, RI d: 3 Feb 1837 in East Aurora, NY;Samuel LETSON b: 30 Jan 1803 in Augusta, Oneida Co., NY d: 30 Aug 1858 in Aurora, Erie Co., NY m. Sarah (Sally) STAFFORD d: 3 Feb 1887; John Henry LETSON b: 16 Jun 1821 in Rome, Oneida Co., NY d: 1 Jan 1880 in Phoenix, Oswego Co., NY m. Dorcas NELSON b: Oct 1815 in Oneida Co., NY; Silas Heanon LETSON b: 6 May 1860 in Schroeppel Twp, Oswego Co., NY d: Abt. 1936 m. Emma J. FLETCHER b: 15 Jul 1866 in Palermo, Oswego Co., NY d: 19 Dec 1948; Edward Burr LETSON b: 2 Sep 1886 in Prob. Oneida Co., NY d: 7 Jan 1961 in Prob. Oneida Co., NY m. Grace E. HILL b: 7 Sep 1894 m: 26 Feb 1911 d: 13 Jan 1968; Everett Edward (Reilly) LETSON b: 15 Jan 1912 d: 7 Jan 1988 m. Marion (Sally) MALIOFSKI b: 23 Feb 1919; Everett Edward (Letson) REILLY b: 23 Jun 1940 m. Sherron L. SHOCKLEY b: 8 May 1944; Everett Edward (Letson) REILLY b: 16 Dec 1965.
Schrauben, Barbara



Yes Barbara wrote 23 August 2004:  "I descend from John Henry LETSON and Mary SMITH, Ephraim LETSON and Mercy Ann MAXFIELD, Freeborn LETSON and Esther ROUNDS, William Alonzo LETSON and Betsey McKee Newton DONNELLY, Ella Betsey LETSON and Edmund Gerome HEWETT, Eunice Belle HEWETT and Frank Rexford MALLEAUX, (living) MALLEAUX and Arthur William TAKUS.  I'm just beginning to carry on my grandmother's (Eunice's) family research. She'd be thrilled to see how the internet streamlines the process."
Sellers , Jack of The Woodlands, Texas Southern Branch Yes

Descends from Robert LETSON, Sr. (b 1786 SC; d Jul 29, 1859 Monroe Co. Ga.) m Jan 20, 1820 to Susannah McClain (b. 1796 S.C.); their son David William Thaxton LETSON (b. Dec 31, 1824 Butts Co. Ga.) m. Susan MARTIN (b. Dec 21, 1826 Butts Co., Ga daughter of Green MARTIN and Irene THAXTON); their daughter, Frances E. LETSON (b. Feb 24, 1849 Butts Co. Ga) m. Isaac Gurley SELLERS (b. May 24, 1848 Tuscaloosa Co. Al); their son W.J.Oscar SELLERS (b. Sep 7, 1866 Bessemer, Jefferson Co., Al) m. Molly Anna BOYD (b.Jan 27, 1872 Wortham, Freestone Co., Tx); their son J.K. SELLERS (b.Dec 6, 1902 Coolidge, Limestone Co., Tx).

Siders, Nancy Cluff of Roswell, NM Rhode Island

John/Michael/Isaiah Yes Descends from John LETSON, Sr; John LETSON, Jr (1710-1790) and Mary SMITH of Coventry, Kent Co., RI; Michael LETSON (1738-1801) and Hannah OSBON/OSBORNE of Coventry, Kent Co., RI and Oneida Co., NY; Isaiah LETSON (1772-1848) and Sarah BLANCHARD of Niagara co., NY; Rachel LETSON (1798/99 - 1868) and Joseph McKAY of Augusta, Oneida co., NY and Erie Co., NY; Philander McKAY (1819-1880) and Sally PARTRIDGE of Erie Co., NY; Willis Elery McKAY (1856-1930) and Lucy Rose OLDEN of Erie Co., NY, Wayne Co., KY and Highland Co., OH; Marian Inez McKAY (1906-1967) and David Newton McBride CLUFF of Highland Co., OH ; Nancy Carolyn CLUFF and William Dale SIDERS.
Slatin, Ann Pratt Unknown Yes
Szczesniak, Marion New York road block


Researching her grandson's father's family where an EMMELY LETSON was bn. Wisconsin, married a WILL DAVIS, bn. PA. The 1880 US Census shows them living in Springield, Jackson, WI.   See Fred Letson's lineage on this page.  Emily was a sister to Fred's grandfather, Edgar.
Thoms, Deborah (Debbie) Letson New Jersey Branch Yes Debbie writes: "I descend from Thomas Letson and Elizabeth who came over in 1730."
Unser, Michelle  Canadian Yes Michelle shared the following: "My grandfather was Albert George Letson, born July 1, 1901. He was born in Canada but that is all the further I have gotten! His parents were Harriet Foreman and George Letson who were born in England and immigrated to English Canada. I know he lived on Drummond Island in his youth and ended up in Gulliver, Schoolcraft Co, MI.
Westman, Pam John/Ephraim/Freeborn/Sirrel Andrew Yes
Whitson, Bill Rhode Island

John/Michael/Isaiah Yes
Bob Letson writes:  "Bill Whitson is a new Letson contact. He and I have Orrin Letson as an ancestor."
Yates, Janet Letson  Rhode Island

John/Michael/Isaiah Yes 
Descends from John LETSON, Sr; John LETSON, Jr (1710-1790) and Mary SMITH; Michael LETSON (1738-1801) and Hannah ALBRO (OSBORNE?); Isaiah LETSON (1797-1848) and Sarah BLANCHARD (1781 RI-1837 NY); Samuel LETSON (1803-1858) and Sally STAFFORD; Myron H. LETSON (1827-1902) and Genla "Elma" MATTHEWS (1833-1900); Clifford Myron LETSON (1867-1929) and Charlotte Irene BARNARD (1872-1950); Gordon Barnard LETSON (1892-1984) and Nina Janette MARTIN (1902-1930); Janet Letson YATES.