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Tillitha Martin, born 2-1-1827; died 9-18-1894.  Buried at Metz, Missouri.
Jim Martin, brother of Tillitha.  No record of date of birth or date of death.
Tillitha Martin married David Surber in January, 1848.  There were two children born of this marriage:
(1)  Margaret Surber, born 10-16-1848.  Died in infancy.
(2)  David Surber, born 4-20-1849.  Died in infancy.
David Surber, Sr. left Tillitha before the birth of their last child, David.  Tillitha Martin Surber divorced David Surber and later married Noah Bollonder in June, 1855.  NOAH BOLANDER was born 12-11-1825 and died 12-25-1886.  There were five children born of this marriage, three sons and two daughters:
(1)  John H. Bollonder, born 2-21-1856; died 9-4-1881.
(2)  William Francis Bollonder, born 10-16-1857; died 8-20-1936. He is buried in Oak Cliff Cemetery in Dallas, Texas.
(3)  Sarah Bollonder, born 10-22-1860; died 7-28-1896.
(4)  Emma Isetta Bollonder, born 12-31-1867; died 4-13-1926.  She is buried in Oak Cliff Cemetery in Dallas, Texas.
(5)  Louis Merriet Bollonder, born 2-6-1872; died 11-15-1956.  He is buried in Oak Cliff Cemetery in Dallas, Texas.
The next record in the Bible shows the name BOLLONDER changed to BOLINGER.
(1)  John H. Bolinger (Bollonder) was a bachelor and had no children.

(2)  William Francis Bolinger (Bollonder) married Gabriella Morton on July 2, 1895.  Gabriella Morton Bollinger was born 9-17-1872 and died 6-1-1963.  She is buried in Oak Cliff Cemetery in Dallas, Texas.  There were five children born of this marriage:

          (1)  Bertha Mae Bolinger, born 7-18-1896.
          (2)  Harley Bolinger, born 4-8-1899.
          (3)  Beulah Bolinger, born 4-21-1903.
          (4)  Bernice Bolinger, born 1-2-1906.
          (5)  Harold Francis Bolinger, born 5-10-1908; died 4-3-1965.

(3)  Sarah Bolinger (Bollonder) married a man by the name of Taylor.  They had one child, Flossie Taylor born December 11 (year not recorded) and she lived only seven days.  Sarah Bolinger Taylor later married George Jordan.  There were three surviving children born of this marriage:

          (1)  Mabel Jordan, date of birth not recorded.  No date of death.
          (2)  Vera Jordan, date of birth not recorded.  No date of death.
          (3)  Elmer Jordan, date of birth not recorded.  No date of death.

George Jordan had a son from a previous marriage, Burt Jordan.  There were four children born who all died in infancy:

         (1)  Rhonda (or Rhoda) Jordan, date of birth and date of death not recorded.
         (2)  Roseana (or Rowena) Jordan, date of birth and date of death not recorded.
         (3)  Margaret Jordan, date of birth and date of death not recorded.
         (4)  Josiah Jordan, date of birth and date of death not recorded.

There is a record in the Bible at this point of a Mary E. Bollonder (date of birth and date of death unknown) and this child died at the age of 1 year, 7 months.

(4)  Emma Isetta Bolinger (Bollonder) married Charley Owen Frakes in 1890 and they moved to Dallas, Texas soon after their marriage.  Charley Owen Frakes was born Buckner Owen Frakes on February 1, 1868 in Illinois.  Buckner Frakes changed his name, of his own accord, to Charley Owen Frakes.  His mother died when he was 10 years old and his father left home.  His father was later reported dead about 1900.  Charley Frakes had two sisters who raised him, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Frakes and Clarissa (Cal) Frakes.  Lizzie Frakes married a man by the name of Womack and they lived in Illinois.  Cal Frakes married Robinson Pruett, and they lived in Kansas.

Charley Frakes was first married to Dude Morgan who died before their first child was born.  Death was caused by an infection from a coal of fire falling on her foot.  She came from wealthy parents.

Emma Bolinger Frakes and Charley Owen Frakes had two daughters:

          (1)  Sadie Elizabeth Frakes, born 10-16-1892.
          (2)  Ruby Mae Frakes, born 12-24-1898

(5)  Louis Marriet Bolinger (Bollonder) married Mattie Tennison and they had one son, Willie B. Bolinger, born 4-28-1894.  Louis and Mattie Tennison Bolinger separated before Willie was born.  Louis later married Mattie Cumberland (date of birth not recorded.)  Mattie Cumberland Bolinger died in 1958, exact date not recorded.


(1)  Bertha Mae Bolinger married George Granger (date of birth not recorded).  George Granger died in 1917.  They had one daughter, Evelyn Granger, born 3-3-1913.  Bertha Bolinger Granger married Joe Thompson on March 3, 1924.  No date of birth recorded for Joe Thompson, but date of death recorded as January 1, 1955.  Joe Thompson is buried in Laurel Land Cemetery in Dallas, Texas.
(2)  Harley Bolinger married Jessie (last name not recorded) and divorced and later married her sister, Vera (last name not recorded).  They had one son, Billy Rae Bolinger, born in June, 1932.  The Service Record of Harley Bolinger shows the name as Bollinger.
(3)  Beulah Bolinger married Spencer Hart on October 16, 1920.  There is no date of birth recorded for Spencer Hart nor exact date of death, but the year is recorded as 1948.  They had one daughter.
(4)  Bernice Bolinger Married James Griffin and divorced.  She later married Earl Bridges whose birthdate was 7-27-1898.  They have no children.

(5)  Harold Francis Bolinger married Julia Pope and later divorced.  He then married Myrl Crawford, born 3-25-1909.  The date of their marriage is recorded as July 4, 1956.  There were no children born of either marriage.

Evelyn Granger married John H. Crowson on 7-28-1934.  They have two daughters:  (1)  Barbara Ann Crowson, birthdate not recorded; and  (2)  Susan Crowson, birthdate not recorded.


Billy Rae Bolinger is married, but the name is not recorded nor date of marriage.  There is no follow-up information listed

No further information recorded on the surviving children of Sarah Bollonder Taylor Jordan.

(1)  Sadie Elizabeth Frakes married George Franklin Tucker, born 11-21-1887, on May 8, 1910.  George Tucker died 10-16-1931 and is buried in Oak Cliff Cemetery in Dallas, Texas.  Two daughters were born of this marriage.
(2)  Ruby Mae Frakes married Elmer Haden Wright, date of birth recorded as 10-28-1898 in Hillsboro, on August 28, 1919.  There were two sons born of this marriage.

Willie B. Bolinger married Violet Bass in January, 1913.  Violet Bas Bolinger was born 3-22-1896.  There were five sons born of this marriage:

Transcribed between November 12, 1965 and March 18, 1966.

Note:  The spelling for Noah and Tillitha's name should have been BOLANDER, which he then changed to BOLINGER.  It was spelled BOLANDER in census records, as well as their marriage record.

Note:  Tillitha's first husband's name was JOHN Surber.  This record shows DAVID Surber.  They married in Vigo Co., Indiana in 1848, and were divorced in Vigo Co. before 1855.  She married Noah Bolander on June 18, 1855 in Vigo Co.

Note:  This record shows their daughter and son, Margaret and David Surber, both died in infancy.  They, in fact, lived with Tillitha's parents after she and Noah married.  According to the 1860 Vigo Co., IN Census, Margaret and David Surber, ages 11 & 10, were living with their grandparents, Lewis and Margaret Martin.  In the 1880 Clay Co., Indiana census, David Surber is listed with wife Ann Mary in Clay County, Indiana (borders Vigo Co.) with one daughter, Delitha born in 1879.

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