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Old Map showing the Parish of Foveran
and the Village of Newburgh.

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James Kelly was born in the Parish of Foveran, Aberdeenshire County, Scotland
on 06 January 1795. He married Isabell Marshall on 19 April 1823, in
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  They had five children - all born in Foveran.
Their son, Thomas Kelly, was born 30 July 1836 in Foveran.  He married Barbara
Cruikshank on 01 July 1865 in Foveran.  Thomas and Barbara had five children - all born in Foveran Parish.
Their son, Charles Johnston Kelly, was born in the Village of  Newburgh, Parish of
Foveran,on 17 June 1879.  Charles married  Ellen Josephine Mulligan in Woolwich, London, England on 21 August 1900.  Charles and Ellen had two sons, Charles and John Norman Kelly.  Charles Johnston Kelly died in Aberdeen, Scotland on 05 January 1939.
     This section of the Kelly Family Genealogy website is dedicated to those
     family members who lived in Scotland.

"Aberdeen impresses the stranger as a city of granite palaces, inhabited
by people as definite as their building material."

[H V Morton in the book "In Search of Scotland"]
Aberdeenshire County  - Northeast Scotland
Grampian Mountain Region - "shoulder" of the British Isles that juts out into the North Sea.

"The coast is mostly bold and rocky, and with little indentation. The chief promontories are Kinnaird's Head, Rattray Head, and Buchan Ness, the last being the most easterly point of Scotland. The surface, on the whole, is hilly and mountainous. It is lowest in the districts bordering on the coasts; hilly in the interior, with much moor, but also with many slopes and hollows in a good state of cultivation; and grandly mountainous in the SW., where numerous summits, including Ben Macdhui(4296 ft.), rise above 3000 ft. Much of the country is well-wooded. The chief rivers are the Dee, Don, Ythan, Ugie, and Deveron. Granite is the principal rock, and is extensively quarried for exportation."

[Bartholemew's Gazetteer of the British Isles, 1887]

 The Parish of  Foveran
The Parish of Foveran derived its name from either "a sweet spring" or in the Celtic language, "the stream of springs".  It is bounded on the north by the parishes of Udny and Logie-Buchan, on the east by tthe Ythan River, and the German Ocean, on the south by the parish of Belhelvie; and on the west by the parish of Udny
[Taken in part from A New History of Aberdeenshire, Alexander Smith (Ed), 1875]

(The German Ocean is now referred to as  the North Sea.)

Coastal Village of  Newburgh

Newburgh is a large stone-built village on the wide sandy estuary of the River Ythan. 

The origins of the village date back to 1261 when a charter was drawn up by Lord Sinclair establishing a settlement here.  The Village of Newburgh  became a center for salmon fishing, and later as a small port.

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