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Marriage Certificate Page

     Henry W. Bolander of Marion Co.
     and Nancy L. Davidson of Hancock Co.
     on Tuesday Mar. the 4, 1873 at Home
     by Preacher Carnes.

     Witness:  Abednego Bale
     Witness:  George Bolander


         Henry Bolander was Married to Rachel E. McConell Oct. the 22, 1865

         Henry W. Bolander was Married to Nancy L. Davidson March the 4, 1873

         Cora Bolander married Sept. 3, 1901 to Porter E. Roney.


Henry W. Bolander was born Dec the 18, 1838

Infant boy was born September the 11, 1889

William T. Bolander was born November the 10, 1866

Belle Bolander was born May the 15, 1868

Otto Bolander was born October the 31, 1884

Lora Bolander was born August the 21, 1887

Nancy L. Davidson was born April the 30, 1852

Nora Bolander was born July 31, 1874

Eddie Bolander was born July 9, 1877

Arthur E. Bolander was born August the 6, 1878

Porter Bolander was born August the 24, 1880

Cora Bolander was born October the 23, 1882


Rachel Bolander Deceased Nov. the 20, 1869

William T. Bolander Deceased May the 6, 1867

Henry Bolander Deceased April, 27, 1903

Cora Roney Deceased Dec 10, 1918  

Porter Roney died April 29, 1941

Belle Bolander McKeenan Price Deceased Sept. 27, 1940

Nora Bolander Deceased July the 21, 1875

Eddie Bolander Deceased Sept. the 3, 1877

Arthur E. Bolander Deceased January the 1, 1880 *

Nancy L. Bolander Deceased March 16, 1935


* See newspaper article on Porter Bolander.


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