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WILLIAM HUBAND; Worcester, June 1855

WILLIAM HUBAND; of the Parish of Himbleton, in the County of Worcester. Farmer, died25 Nov 1866, by oath of Jane Huband, widow.

THOMAS HUBAND; late of Bushey Park in the Parish of Hampton, in the County of Middlesex.Died 3 March 1867.

THOMAS HUBAND; of 60 Summer Lane. Grocer and Provisioner. Died 18 July 1870. Grantedto Elizabeth Foster (wife of Roger Foster - Grocer of Kings Norton in the Countyof Worcester) - the Aunt and Guardian of Eveline Huband, Spinster, & Thomas ArthurHuband, minors, the children and only next of kin. N. B. Final handover was madeto Thomas Arthur Huband of Beckford near Ash Church, Gloucester in 1875. Left £16,000.

WILLIAM HUBAND; late of Moor, in the Parish of Hadbury in the County of Worcester.Farmer, died 1 Oct 1875 at Moor; was proved at Worcester by ElizabethHuband, Widow and Sarah Spiers, Daughter.

CHARLES JAMES HUBAND; of Evesham & Badsey in the County of Worcester. Clock andWatchmaker, but late of Upton on Severn; was proved a Worcester by James Huband,Son, and one of the Executors. Died 24 March 1875.

WILLIAM HUBAND; late of 26 Cokerell St., St. Johnís Wood, Middlesex. Died 9 Aug 1878of Small Pox; to Eliza Huband, Widow.

ALFRED HUBAND; late of Vine St., in the Parish of St. Lawrence, in the Borough ofEvesham in Worcester. Died 13 Aug 1879. Proved by Henry Robert Huband, of the 7thWillows, Breck Rd., Liverpool in Lancaster, Commercial Clerk; and Allan Huband ofChadbury in the Parish of Norton & Lenchwick in Worcester. Miller the sons theExecutors.

SARAH HUBAND; Granby, Nottingham. Proved by John Hoyte and Son.

ELIZABETH HUBAND; late of 56 Alderney Street, Pimlico, Middlesex. Died 1 May 1882.Proved by Alexander Duncan, 26 Broad St., London.

SUSANNAH HUBAND; late of 13 Vine St., Evesham in Worcester. Died 4 April 1883. Provedto Allen Huband of Chadbury in the Parish of Norton & Lenchwick, in the saidCounty. Miller, the son, and one of the next of kin.

HANNAH HUBAND ; formerly of 58 Grant St., Birmingham, late of 109 Spring Hill. Provedat Birmingham by Thomas Huband of the Test House, Lansdowne St., Birmingham. Porter,the son, and Joseph Guest of 231 Market Place, Dudley in Worcester, Confectioner.

JAMES HUBAND; of Lydiate House, Worcester, near Lydiate Ash near Bromsgrove. Died17 July 1887. Proved by Emma Huband , Widow, and Thomas Huband, Law Student, theson, both of Suckley Court in the Parish of Suckley in Worcester.

ARTHUR HUBAND; of Heathleigh Wharn, Cliffe Road, Boscomebe, Bournemouth. Died 2 Jan1894. Proved in Dublin to Caroline Harriette Huband, Spinister, London.

THOMAS HUBAND; Died 30 May 1894. Proved in London, by his son, Joseph Huband of WindmillHill, Cradley, Worcester - Greengrocer; and Charles Beasley, Farmer.

JOSEPH HUBAND ; of 16 Spring Gardens, St. Martinís Gate, Worcester - Vinegar Brewer.Died 17 May 1895. Proved in Worcester by George Harvey Huband , Leather Dresser;and Rosalie Emmeline Huband, Spinster. Left £1060.

SOPHIA WEDGBERRY HUBAND; of 16 Spring Gardens, St. Martinís Gate, Worcester, Widow.Died 9 June 1896. Proved in Worcester by Rosalie Emmeline Huband, Spinster. Left£195.

HENRY HUBAND; of 325 Soho Road, Handsworth, Staffs. Died 11 Feb 1897. Proved in Lichfieldby Jane Grigg, wife of William Grigg. Left £300.

HENRY ROBERT HUBAND; of Tynwald, Hill Stoney Croft, Liverpool; Liverpool SteamshipManager. Died 18 June 1900. Proved in Liverpool to Elizabeth Ann Huband , Widow.Left £1212.

SAMUEL HUBAND; of 29 High St., Walsall, Staffs. Died 12 Jan 1900. Proved in Lichfieldby Hannah Huband, Widow. Left £776.