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Death Certificate Information - Chesterfield and Henrico Counties, VA

Anna May Huband, b. 15 May 1924; d. 20 Dec 1928
daughter of: Albert L. Huband and Thelma Virginia Trimmer
Chesterfield Co, VA
Informant: Albert L. Huband

Fulmer Bright Huband, b. 1 May 1932; d. 5 Nov 1932
son of: Arthur L. Huband and Susie Williams
Richmond, Henrico, VA
Informant: Pauline Dance, R.N.

Stanley Huband, b. 23 Apr 1933; d. 20 July 1933
son of: Arthur L. Huband and Susie Williams
Richmond, Henrico, VA
Informant: mother

Gladys Payne Huband, b. 1901, Covington, VA; d. 19 Jan 1930
age - 29 years - 10 days
wife of: J. E. Huband
daughter of: John J. Chalklin (bp. France) and Nellie Walterson (bp. England)
Richmond, Henrico, VA
Informant: James Edward Huband

Ewell Marcellus Huband
b. 29 Jan 1891; d. 8 Mar 1934
husband of: Mary Oliver
son of: James E. Huband and Annie Burch
Richmond, Henrico, VA
Informant: S. W. Huband

Evelyn D. Huband, b. 12 Dec 1903; d. 5 Dec 1931
age - 28 years - 11 months - 22 days
wife of: Willie Linwood Huband
daughter of: E. A. Phillips and Martha F. Tatum
Richmond, Henrico, VA
Informant: C. D. Huband

Charly Henry Huband, b. 11 May 1855; d. 1 Feb 1930
age - 74 years - 9 months - 10 days
son of: Thomas Huband and Jane F. Moore
Richmond, Henrico, VA
Informant: W. L. Huband

Nellie May Huband, b. 26 Dec 1919; 9 Jan 1920
daughter of: Garland Huband and Nellie May Peroe
Richmond, Henrico, Va
Informant: Garland Huband

James Edwin Huband, 21 Jun 1898; d. 13 Feb 1923
age - 24 years - 7 months - 22 days
son of: James E. Huband and Annie Burch
Richmond, Henrico, Va
Informant: S. W. Huband

George C. Huband, b. 24 Dec 1884; d. 31 Dec 1923
age - 39 years - 7 days
husband of: Mrs. Eva Huband
son of: Henry Huband and Sara Catherine Huband
Richmond, Chesterfield, VA
Informant: (left blank)

George Washington Huband, b. 15 Jun 1843; d. 6 July 1928
age - 85 years
husband of: Josephine Moore
son of: John Edward Huband (bp. England) and Elizabeth Wells (bp. Virginia)
Manchester, Chesterfield, VA
Informant: Mrs. D. B. McCarthy

Susie R. Huband, b. 22 Nov 1858; d. 21 Jan 1932
wife of: Wingfield S. Huband
daughter of: Ben Bolton (of Surry Co, VA)
Richmond, Chesterfield, VA
Informant: W. S. Huband

Unnamed make infant Huband, b. 14 May 1928; d. 14 May 1928
age - 5-1/2 hours
son of: Arthur Lee Huband and Susie May Williams
Richmond, Henrico, VA
Informant: J. R. McCauley, Memorial Hospital

Annie Elizabeth Huband, b. 14 Feb 1867; d. 27 Aug 1929
age - 62 years - 6 months - 13 days
wife of: James Huband
daughter of: James H. Burch and Ann D. Garthright
Richmond, Henrico, Va
Informant: James E. Huband

Andrew C/L Huband. b. 12 Mar 1880; d. 10 Jan 1925
husband of: Mamie A. Huband
son of: William Henry Huband (bp. Petersburg) and Jane Frances Moore (Richmond)
Richmond, Henrico, VA
Informant: Mrs. Jane F. Terry [mother]