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History of Hickory County, Missouri


B. B. Ihrig


B.B. Ihrig

1830 John Stark on Stark’s Creek (Wilson, p. 153). Sam Judy at Judy's Gap. J. C. Montgomery, north of Wheatland.
1832 Zumwalts and lngleses settled on Lindley Creek. (Goodspeed, p. 215).
1833 Antioch Primitive Baptist church organized. James Richardson and Elijah Williams, ministers. (Lay, p. 62).
1834 Wax sealed letter from John West to Wm. Montgomery, Little Niangua, Missouri. (Wilson, p. 153).
1835 Boonville to Springfield “old road” cut out. (Lay, p. 10). Land west of Pomme de Terre opened to whites. (Lay, p. 12).
1836 Emigration and cheap money.
1837 Financial panic. Alfred Lindsey settled south of Hermitage.
1838 First land entered by twelve parties. (Goodspeed, p. 22 .
1839 Land entered by Runyan, Malock, Kerchival, Vestal, Taylor, McCarroll, Owings, Mitchell, Farmer, Bryans, Henderson, McCracken, Arbuckle, Bradley, Blue, Ball, Whitehead, Chessur, Clank families.
1840 Slicker War began at Judy's Gap. (Lay. p. 39).
1841 Land entries by I. M. Cruce, Nathan Boswell, S. W. Harris, Aaron Yarnell.
1842 Land entries by Eliza Ingles, Johas Brown, Ephraim Jamison, A. C. Nowell, Joseph Edde.
1843 Antioch Christian Church organized. M. Y. Pitts, Minister.
1844 Mastodon skeleton (20,000 years old) discovered near Avery (1839) sold to British Museum. W. S. Pickett settled near Cross Timbers.
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1845 Hickory County formed from Benton and Polk. First meeting of County Court met in a newly erected crib or stable at Judge Joel B. Halberts. Members-Amos Lindsey, Joel Halbert, and Thomas Davis. County taxes for the year $383.65.
1846 Second meeting of the county court met at Heard's spring one half mile north of Wheatland at the John Heard residence.
1847 Hermitage plotted. Jacob A. Romans, County Seat Commissioner.
1848 Court house built at Hermitage. Quincy plotted.
1849 Gold rush to California. First probate court in the county. Aaron Trippett first probate judge.
1850 W. F, Bradley, presiding judge of county court. Population 2,329. W. B. Estes settled near Wheatland.
1850 Little Niangua Baptist church organized.
1851 Land entries Josiah Brown, H. C. Butler, J. W. Huffman.
1852 Elkton Baptist church organized. Total county taxes $515.98 1/2. Court house burned, (Goodspeed, p. 238).
1853 Micaidh Turner and Martha Brookshire married Dec. 26 by Asa Johnson, Justice Peace.
1854 Dry year in Missouri, J. C. Bernard settled at Quincy.
1855 Jonathan Chaney and Elizabeth Starkey married September 4, by minister Wm. Henderson, E. D. Blair settled at Hermitage.
1856 William C. Pitts and Martha E. Richards married February 28 by Rev. Thompson Pitts.
1857 Financial panic. Preston plotted.
1858 Great Comet. W. E. Dorman built a two story hotel in Hermitage and put up a dinner bell.
1859 Wm. Pippin and Margaret Bybee married April 28 by Joel Harlow, J. P.
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1860 Wooden bridge built across Pomme de Terre was destroyed by high water before it was finished. New Court House built. County population 4,510 (Goodspeed, p, 233).
1861 Civil War Co. D Osage Regiment Missouri Home Guards raised.
1862 Attack on invalid Iowa soldiers at Quincy, under the noted Capt. Rafter. (Goodspeed, p. 243).
1863 John Lawrence commissioned as judge. Served six years. Prevented railroad bonds. J. K. Parks settled at Goose Neck.
1864 "Nearly 1,000 men connected with the armies-about divided." (Goodspeed, p. 242).
1864 Civil War closed. Veterans returned.
1866 Hermitage Lodge A. F. and A. M. No. 288 chartered. Wollen mill at Quincy.
1867 First county attorney, Charles Kroff.
1868 Capt. W. H. Liggett, School Commissioner. (Goodspeed, P4 597).
1869 Pittsburg Baptist Church organized. Wheatland plotted. Hermitage "Enterprise" first published. "Hickory County Mirror" by Wm. Moore.
1870 Stone jail at Hermitage and Wheatland flour mill built. County population 6,452.
1871 Pittsburg Baptist Church house built. Cross Timbers plotted.
1872 First store at Weaubleau. W. C. I. organized. John Whittaker, founder.
1873 Weaubleau Christian College building finished.
1874 Dry year. Macedonia Baptist Church organized.
1875 Baptist annual meeting-W. W. Palmer, Moderator, J. H. Stonecipher, preacher.
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1876 Cross Timbers school house built,. Swedes come to county. Election returns for Governor-Phelps (D) 403; Finklenburg (R) 627.
1877 Swedish Baptist Church near Almon.
1878 First Democratic Court since 1860. For Congress A, M. Lay (D) 303, A. Underwood (R) 439. James Boyd (Greenback) 393. (State Almanac, 1879, p. 94).
1879 Cyclone unroofed jail and court house. Alexander Murphy began ten years service as county school commissioner. (GOOdspeed, p. 602).
1880 Weaubleau surveyed. Election for Congress. Philips (D) 464. Rice (Greenback R) 754. (Official Directory of Mo. 1881, p. 47) County population 7,387.
1881 Second court house burned. Hermitage Brick Church house (M. E. South) built.
1882 Weaubleau Baptist Church organized. Democrats elect Geo. S. Selvidge State Representative, Hill (R) elected Supt. of Schools. (Official Directory of Mo. 1881, p. 62).
1883 Pittsburg Annual Baptist Meeting-J, M. Russell, Modera-tor, L. J. Tatum, Clerk.
1884 First issue of The Index, Election 1063 (R), 626 (D). 1885 Cross Timbers M. E. Church built. Two story frame school house built in Wheatland.
1886 Seven hotels in Wheatland, G.A.R. organized at Hermitage. (Hickory Co. Dem, 4-23-86).
1887 Hermitage School House built. Galmey P.O. established. Wheatland I.0.0.F. organized.
1888 Wheatland Onion Church house built, Elkton Baptist Church built. Clark School House. S. S. organized. Ten doctors in the county.
1889 Twelve members of the Bar in Hickory County (Goodspeed, p. 239). Four advertised at Hermitage (Index). Hickory County Bank organized at Hermitage. W. H. Liggett, President, James Vaughan, Cashier. Capital $5,000.
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1890 Judge Ben L. Mallonee re-elected. Durnell Chapel Baptist Church organized. County Population 9,453.
1891 Iron Bridge at Hermitage ($5,699). Preston steam flour mill built.
1892 Nemo Baptist Church house built. Wheatland Baptist Church organized. Seven Christian Churches reported in the county.
1893 New College building at Weaubleau. Cross Timbers Bank organized ($10,000). Financial panic.
1894 Zinc mining boom near Pittsburg. Republican Primary cast 1198 votes.
1895 Optimistic prediction, "Hickory County will double in population and Hermitage will have 1,000 inhabitants in next three years." (Index, August 15, 1895).
1896 Present court house built by subscription ($5,350). Wire suspension bridge ($2,100).
1897 More Mining for zinc and lead.
1898 Hermitage Camp N.W.A. organized. Seven miles of railroad in the county. Station at Weaubleau. Elkton Christian Church organized.
1899 Hermitage Baptist Church and Preston M. P. Churches built. Weaubleau Bank organized ($5,000).
1900 Zenith reached in population 9,985. Election 1281 (R), 773 (D). J. H. Jones in Wheatland revival.
1901 Dry year. Dr, B. F. Cox reported trip to 1. T. and Oklahoma. (Index, August 5, 1901). First telephones.
1902 Hermitage reunion July 25-26. Weaubleau Christian Church house built. Teachers' Institute at Hermitage, Holly Morton, principal.
1903 Wheatland item, "Roads are muddy as usual; passable as unusual." (Index, May 21, 1903) First Hickory County Fair.
1904 Hermitage Lodge I.0.O.F. No. 670 organized, Jordan, Missouri, steam flour mill built.
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1904 W. W. Graves of Cross Timbers bought automobile from A. M. Harlan of Sedalia. This was the first automobile brought into Hickory County.
1905 Weaubleau flour mill erected. Hermitage Christian Church organized.
1906 $15,000 fire at Hermitage. Citizens Bank organized, W. F. Coon, President.
1907 Hickory County Fair, August 27-30. Wilson's History of Hickory County published.
1908 Pittsburg mines re-opened.
1909 M. N. Neihardt wrote from Winona, Missouri. "Keep sending your paper to Weaubleau and pay for it when I get ready even if it is not worth a darn. Wife says it is all right." Walter Coon's auto visits Hermitage Fair and steals the show. First automobile many had seen.
1910 Index sponsored Piano Contest, Election 689 (10. 1911 Center Baptist Church organized, Dallas Erickson, Pastor.
1912 Demonstration of Majestic Ranges for sale-Knight and sons. Election 730 (R), 421 (D), 375 Progressive, 57 Socialist.
1913 Weaubleau Christian College approved by State normals. Fred Cooper, President, Spring School at Preston with IA R. Chrisope, Principal, First High School Building at Wheatland built.
1914 Young's High Flyer will fly at Hickory County Fair, August 25-28.
1915 Queen incubators advertized. (Index, May 5, 1915), Fair buildings burned.
1916 Rural Mail Carrier's Examination at Wheatland, Many California letters to Paul Murphy, publisher of the Index (October 12, 1916).
1917 533 names registered in the county for the War Department (July 12, 1917).
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1918 United War Work Campaign. Influenza epidemic.
1919 County Conference of S. S. workers at Wheatland, H. E. Shuniate, President. Big fire at Wheatland.
1920 The index purchased from Paul Murphy by U. Elmer Wilson. Republican Primary 1150 votes.
1920 Weaubleau M. F. A. organized.
1921 Ford touring cars advertised for $415.00 by Don Harry-man of Wheatland and Ashcroft Motor Company of Weaubleau.
1921 Enclosed car, Ford Coupe, $595. Don Harryrnan, Wheatland and Ashcroft Motor Company, Weaubleau, agents.
1922 Articles on Consolidated Schools published. New High School building at Hermitage. Primary election, 2307 (R), 305 (D). Wheatland Christian Church dedicated. Dr. A. L. Fisher, Dr. A. S. Johnston, H. H. Rogers, leading donors.
1923 New touring car, Ford-$295. F.O.B. Detroit, Parker Motor Company, Wheatland, agent. The Index is the only paper in the county. Nine died (February 8, 1923).
1924 $2,000 fire in Hermitage. County to have 56 miles of graded graveled roads. 34.6 miles already built.
1925 Lead mines at Seed Tick Prospect near Cross Timbers. Mill Creek Company selling shares $10 each.
1926 Mining machinery still coming. Several hundred acres of land leased by Westerman Brothers. Election 1895 (R), 722 (D).
1927 Extension work to start. O. V. Singleton, District Extension Agent. High School at Pittsburg. Hickory County Fair at Weaubleau.
1928 Hickory County farmers motor 150 miles to market Radio programs advertised in Index.
1929 Clover and Prosperity Days, July 30-31. Two summer resorts near Hermitage—Gum Spring and Dorman Springs.
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1930 4-H Baby Beef Calf Show. A. T. Mahanay began 16 year county pastorate. Highway 54 designated across county. R. W. Hoffman closed six year county pastorate.
1931 Bus transportation for pupils at Hermitage. H. H. Bybee, Supt, O. B. Whitaker serving tenth term in State Legislature,
1932 W. H. Coulter, first Vocational Agriculture Teacher in the county at Wheatland. Election Hoover 1858, Roosevelt 878.
1933 Wet and Dry election-260 Wet, 1088 Dry. (Index, August 24, 1933).
1934 CWA Women's Work, Dorothy Boller, Director,
1935 Pave U. S. 54. Association formed. George H. Miller admitted to the Bar.
1936 Election—Landon 2310, Roosevelt 904.
1937 Permanents $1 to $5 at Ruth's Beauty Shoppe, Hermitage. Thirteen children from County at free Warsaw clinic.
1938 Summer camp for Baptist girls at Gum Spring, June 14-16. Election— Caulfield (R) 1449, Clark (D) 610.
1939 U. S. 54 paved. Terraces built on R. E. Tull farm. County S. S. Convention at Hermitage July 2,
1940 U. S. 54 open through county. History of Draft Order numbers 637. (Index, November 14, 1940) County Population 6,506,
1941 World War II began.
1942 War Relief Fund for Red Cross $473.78. AAA dinner at Brick Church (Hermitage). 9th anniversary of AAA.
1943 New Marriage law explained. Ration Book 3 applications. War Fund Campaign $1,500.
1944 Soybeans for Hickory County recommended by County Agent L. W. Doran. Gerald Parsons awarded the Purple Heart.
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1945 20,000 fish planted in Hickory County waters. Achievement Day Program for Extension clubs September 29.
1946 New Empire substation built east of Hermitage.
1947 Old age assistance $98,290 for county. Monthly average $25,34. School lunch program.
1948 Balanced Farming Field Day at Floyd Pearson Farm. 200 present. New buildings for County Fair, Owsley Pie Supper Proceeds—$163.60, Donald Shull, teacher.
1949 $75,000 fire at Hermitage, Loss of Lightfoot, Troxel, Pope, Dorman and Day buildings. County assessed valuation $4,706,386. Weaubleau Baptist and St. Bridget Catholic churches at Hermitage dedicated. World War I and II Memorial at Hermitage.
1950 County population 5,377. County Historical Society organized—Ralph Nevins, president.
1955 School Building of Cross Timbers for sale; Owsley School House and one acre of land for sale; Hazel Valley School House and equipment for sale.
1958 Quincy dispatches 700 pieces of mail commemorating the Butterfield Mail Centennial. Markers were erected at location of stage stops then known as Salem in 1840, later known as Judah's Gap. Name changed later to Quincy approximately 1840.
1959 Wheatland Community changes to dial phones. 202 subscribers.
1959 Hermitage work on City Water System. Will have 100,000 gal. water tank, Minimum rate per month $3.60, 86 customers.
1959 Hermitage dial phone service goes into effect in April.
1960 Old Gist Hotel in Wheatland advertised for sale. Mail service on new temporary route from Hermitage to Collins begins. Stops to be made at Wheatland and Weaubleau. No Sunday or holiday service.
1960 Results of Special Election called to vote on courthouse, Results: Yes, 867; No, 1,230.
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1960 Old grade school building at Weaubleau, one of the early land marks of the town, is to be razed, 58 years old,
1960 Weaubleau M. F. A. buys Weaubleau Mill property for storage.
1960 Old Avery Store property and equipment advertised for sale.
1960 Orel Gist quits business in old Czarlinsky store. Building razed.
1960 Message to voters: 1. County Courthouse has no vault space for records. 2. The jail has been condemned. 3. Outside offices must be rented because lack of space in Courthouse, 4. Rest rooms are a disgrace to Hickory County. 5. Hickory Countians realizing these needs should support plan proposed, 6. Cost of present building in 1896 was $5,350.
1960 Hickory County voters asked to vote on 150 increase on County levy of 500 which was established in 1932. Pre-sent County valuation of $6,446,814 results in having borrow money to operate business. (July)
1960 Special election ordered by County Court to vote on proposition of issuing general obligation bonds in amount of $135,000 for the purpose of repairing courthouse and building an addition thereto. Also purchase of furniture and equipment for said building. Polling places designated: Jordan, Cross Timbers, Preston, Hermitage, Pleasant Ridge, Pittsburg, Wheatland, Elkton, Weaubleau, Quincy, and Avery.
1960 County Court set bounty on old wolves at $15.00 and $3.00 on young wolves, (February).
1960 Hermitage School District approves Elementary School addition of two class rooms and a corridor extension on north side of present elementary building. (December)
1960 Bids asked for relocation of seven cemeteries in Pomme de Terre Reservoir area. Those that will cease to exist are Carter, Cooper, Delmont, Inglis, Mashburn #1 and #2, and Pitts Cemeteries. (October).
1961 The Catholic Church in Hermitage (built in 1949 at
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original cost of $25,000) has been subject to vandalism. Church ordered windows to be covered with plywood.
1961 New Gist store opens on site of old Czarlinsky store. 1961 Baker Cemetery east of Weaubleau, one of the oldest, has at least one stone dated back to March, 1841.
1961 Hickory County has a total of 70 business places, not including service and professional places. (Dun and Bradstreet, Kansas City).
1961 Total county valuation $5,547,548.00.
1961 Wheatland votes to change from village status to a fourth-class city by overwhelming majority.
1961 New 1,680 ft. Lindley Bridge opened and State Route D cost $535,000 Federal money.
1961 Old overhead bridge constructed about 1918 gives away to new plate girder span of 400 feet on south highway out of Hermitage over Pomme de Terre. Cost $286,000.
1961 Only known grave of a veteran in the War of 1812 in Hickory County (Burwell Pitts) has new government marker and grave moved from old Pitts Cemetery in Pomme de Terre reservoir to Pittsburg Baptist Cemetery.
1961 Examination for fourth class Postmaster in Quincy announced. Salary, $2,254.00.
1961 Hermitage Bank assets: $1,699,726.36. 1961 Pomme de Terre Lake when full will cover 7,280 acres to an average depth of 29 ft. and will reach approximately 18 miles up Pomme de Terre River and 11 miles up Lindley Creek and will contain 243,000 acres of water and have 105 miles of shoreline.
1962. 700,000 Wall-eyed (Jack Salmon), 67,000 large mouth Bass fingerlings, 107,000 Blue Gill fingerlings, and 239 brood size Crappie were released in Pomme de Terre Lake.
Item. Hickory County has more nice homes than we
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have ever known, and more up-to-date business places, Some of the homes are in the $30,000 and $40,000 class, and more are being added. Likewise, a number of new business places, and some not so new, are just as nice as you will find anywhere. Prospects are good that we will be seeing more under construction this spring. Land is selling at an all time high, and bank deposits continue to climb. (May).
1962 Hickory County Historical Society, organized in 1950, has a number of interesting projects in operation. Some of these include location and listing the old cemeteries in the county. Facts pertaining to the naming of post offices, mail routes, school buildings, school enrollments and teachers. Studies of old residents included Selvidge, Swicegood, Boone, and Shindler families. A history of the Mennonites in Hickory as given in the book, "The Bernese Anabaptists", as well as old articles of apparel, linens, fancy work, and other articles used in the 1800s.
1962 441 deer permits were sold in Hickory County during this season.
1962 An automatic gas heater has been installed in the Hickory County jail. Water was installed some time ago.
1962 Dun and Bradstreet report 68 business places in Hickory County this year. This does not include service and professional businesses.
1962 The Hickory County Board of Equalization has raised the valuation of the real estate property. The total valuation of the real and personal property is now $6,003,202.
1962 A siren is established at the Pomme de Terre Dam to warn fishermen and others who may be in or near the water below the dam at the time changes are made in the control gates.
1962 Votes cast in Hickory County for Senator in Congress: Crosby Kemper (R) 902, Edward V. Long (D) 375; State Auditor: Joseph M. Badgett (R) 883, Haskell Holman (D) 378; Representative in Congress 7th District: Durward G. Hall (R) 902, Jim Thomas (D) 373;
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County Representative: J. L. Wright (R) 950, no Democratic opposition; County Presiding Judge: Truman C. Breshears (R) 953, no Democratic opposition; Judge of Eastern District: Frank Meadows (R) 437, no Democratic opposition; Judge of Western District: T. B. Hunt (R) 461, no Democratic opposition; Probate and Magistrate Judge: E. R. Crouch (R) 953, no Democratic opposition; Circuit Clerk and Recorder: Sidney F. Kittel (R) 953, no Democratic opposition; County Clerk: Homer A. Wilson (R) 952, no Democratic opposition; Prosecuting Attorney: Ralph B. Nevins (R) 944, no Democratic opposition; Collector: Gerald Floyd (R) 952, no Democratic opposition; Treasurer: AiWarn H. Russell CR) 953, no Democratic opposition.
1963 Wheatland water customers connect to new water system.
1963 Preston Post Office is moved to a new modern building with new equipment located on Highway 34 east of former location,
1963 Zip Code, new system to improve mail dispatch, goes into effect July 1, 1963. Area code numbers are Cross Timbers 63634, Hermitage 65668, Pittsburg 65724, Preston 65732, Quincy 65735, Weaubleau 65774, Wheatland 65779,
1963 Rural Area Development Committee seeks to revive courthouse plan.
1963 Hermitage to have new and improved street lighting by Empire Post Electric Company; 20-year franchise given to Company.
1963 Mrs. Imogene Nazar of Kansas City, who owns the Bill Stewart old farm on Pomme de Terre north of Hermitage, was informed by a miner from another state that he had located an old silver mine on her farm.
1963 St. Louis Francisco Railroad Company gives notice of abandoning passenger service in Hickory County.
1963 New M. F. A. bulk fertilizer mixing plant is now in operation in Weaubleau.
1963 The Conservation Commission licensed for a period of twenty-five years the right to use and occupy eleven
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irregular parcels of land and water areas under the primary jurisdiction of the Department in the Pomme de Terre Dam and Reservoir areas for development of fish and wild life management.
1963 20 cars of wheat shipped by Frisco from Weaubleau. Price received at station was $1.83 per bushel.
1963 The Sallee Lumber Company on Highway 54 in Hermitage burned. Estimated loss, $6.500.
1963 Attention was called to the fact that the Pomme de Terre Dam was one of the seven engineering wonders in Missouri for the year of 1962 as determined by the Missouri Society of Engineers.
1963 Hickory County has 410 sq. miles, 262,400 acres, and is bordered by Dallas, Polk, St. Clair, and Benton counties.
1963 Hermitage Lions Club sponsors meetings to discuss ways and means to buy 600 additional feet of fire hose to add to the 400 feet already in use as subscribed already for purchase of 2" dacron hose at $1.65 per ft.
1963 Wheatland celebrates its annual 4th of July celebration with usual attractions and old fashioned square dancing.
1963 Wheatland prepares to connect new water system.
1964 Average amount of income by farmers alleged to be $1,171.
1964 Wheatland replaces old incandescent lights on streets with modern mercury vapor fixtures. (March).
1964 Wheatland Commercial Club sponsors project to buy fire truck—capacity, 300 gal, tank with pumps of 500 gals. per minute. Approximately 100 enrolled as volunteers to fight fires in either town or country.
1964 Dr. Easton opens clinic in Weaubleau. Old country Doctors in horse and buggy and Model T days have gone forever.
1964 Thieves take 225 foot log chain from around the town square in Cross Timbers, which was a landmark of the old horse and buggy days. The chain was run through
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cement posts back about 1910. It was used for hitching purposes.
1964 Churches, Lodge, and cemetery receive a gift from the John S. Williams estate. The Wheatland Christian Church received $1,500; Wheatland Methodist Church, $1,000; Wheatland Baptist Church, $500, and the Hogle's Creek A. F. and A. M. Lodge of Wheatland also received $1,000. The Hermitage Cemetery Association received $1,000.
1964 The St. Louis/San Francisco announced September 21 that the High Line from Springfield to Kansas City would remain in operation to service small industries in Hickory County. Weaubleau is the only freight receiving station in the county.
1964 The Index office installs a rebuilt Meihle machine to replace old time Scott newspress. As the Index begins its 79th year, the publisher, Earl Jenkins, announces more improvement in the near future-a new format-and also expresses thanks and appreciation to the more than 2,000 subscribers as of December 31, 1964.
1964 The old building in Wheatland called the "old iron" building has been torn down; also other buildings adjacent to it. The Hogle's Creek Masonic Temple Association will build on the south a new lodge hall on this location-the lower part will house the new Post Office. This building was dedicated July 11, 1965.
1965 Hermitage Fire Department organized. (October)
1965 Citizens express need for Hospital District for Hickory County needed especially for adequate care of the elderly.
1965 Another viewpoint-Story in St. Louis Post Dispatch points to the courthouse building at Hermitage as a link with the distant past. Native citizens agree that it is unique and are proud of their picturesque old building (the courthouse) but feel that if the building could be modernized and presented to the public in a better state of preservation it would be a better advertisement for Hickory County.
1965 Hermitage City Council passed an ordinance to open public alley back of the business buildings on west
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side of the public square to be known as "Dorman Drive".
1965 5,800 seedlings are delivered to the Extension Center in Hermitage to be picked up by those ordering seedlings for planting. Available trees were Scotch, Jack, White, and Loblolly pines, also Red Cedar and Black Walnut.
1965 Dr. Joseph L. Johnston of Springfield and a son of the late Dr. A. S. Johnston of Hickory County has been appointed to the Board of Regents of Springfield Teachers College.
1965 Hickory County valuation is $6,927,000: $5,077,015 in real estate, and $1,849,985 in personal.
1966 Cross Timbers town board is constructing a public water system, Contract for well at a cost of $6,710- 50,000 gal, water sphere, $22,700; distribution system $37,545; $85,000 in revenue bonds; voted July, 1965 by citizens.
1966 New modern clinic building is in process of completion at Hermitage. This is project of the old Hickory Development Corporation.
1966 Circuit Judge W. E. Neff, studies petition for injunction against Board of Education, Hickory County, and District School Superintendent by Cross Timbers residents. They ask that board members be restrained from operating a consolidated grade school at Preston. Previously, grade schools had been operated at both Preston and Cross Timbers and Urbana. Petition was overruled and grades two, three, and six housed at Preston where equipment had been moved from other schools.
1966 500 deer killed during seven day hunting season. (November)
1966 Index installed late model Heidelberg Press. (July)
1966 Open house held in new Post Office building on the west side of the square in Hermitage. Mrs. Gloria Merritt, postmaster. Moved in November, 1965.
1966 Hickory County Court discontinues polling place in
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Avery, Wheatland Townships; also in Pleasant. -- Green Townships, to cut down election expenses.
1966 Wheatland volunteer fire department has a new building. Also used for City Hall and other public uses.
1967 Elkton Christian Church votes to build new addition to church. Rest rooms at courthouse to be modernized. Office of County Superintendent of Schools discontinued. Water and sewage projects completed in Weaubleau. Hickory County graduates sixty Seniors.
1968 Old Preston mill torn down. The Bandel brothers, Fred, Jim, and George were millers there for many years. 5-acre addition to town of Wheatland plotted and surveyed. There are 16 lots in the addition to be known as the Plainville Addition to the town. The location is in the extreme Southeast of the city across east of the school building. Fifty-three people in Preston voted unanimously for $65,000 in revenue bonds to construct a water system for the district—one mile each way from the junction of highway 54 and 65. For Sale: Old Frisco Depot at Weaubleau to highest bidder. A section of the floor of the Old Swinging Bridge at Avery gave way and fell into the Pomme de Terre River. Old Liggett Farm near Wheatland containing 663 acres sold to Jay and Orrie Cumley. Old Hickory Industrial Development Corporation of Hermitage has new office building north of square. The building will be known as "Old Hickory" and will provide office space for the Hickory County Agricultural Stabelization and Conservation Service, also the local Selective Service Office and a bookkeeping and income tax service. 501 deer were checked in at the local checking station during the 10-day firearms deer season. Hickory County court accepted a contract presented by Corps of Engineers for construction of a bridge east of White Cloud and running in a westerly direction off highway 65 north of Cross Timbers to near the Stewart farm. The bridge will cross the Pomme de Terre River affected by the Kaysinger Reservoir, 1969 Post Office will lease a building on the south side of Highway 54 to relocate the Post Office in Weaubleau. The assessed valuation of Hickory County stands at $9,425,700.00. King Variety Store in Hermitage closes out. Two new business places open in Hermitage: Penny's Variety Store and Hermitage House of Flowers.
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1970 Direct mailing discontinued from Wheatland to Hermitage on orders from Postal Department April 4, 1970. Wheatland mail will go to Springfield int he evening and be routed back to Hermitage the following morning. April 10 - Woods fire burns Clark School House east of Hermitage build in 1890.
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