History of Hickory County, Missouri


B. B. Ihrig


Ihrig & Jinkens

WILLIAM ALEXANDER was born November 21, 1821, and grew to manhood in Blount County, Tennessee. Moved with his family in 1856 to Hickory County, Missouri, and died at the age of 78 years in Pittsburg, Missouri, and his widow and seven children live in Hickory County, Missouri.

DR. MARK ANDREWS was born December 28, 1812, in Appomattox County, Virginia. He was married to Virginia W. Thompson in 1836, and came to Buffalo, Missouri, In June, 1840; settled one and one-half miles west of Urbana, about the last of February, where he lived until his death, June 30, 1865. He owned a large tract of land and attended to overseeing the farming. Virginia, the wife, was a woman of more than average intelligence, and she was of great assistance to her husband. They raised a highly respectable family, among whom are Dr. John P. Andrews, of Marionville, Missouri. Virginia was born in Petersburg, Virginia, March 31, 1818 and died on the farm left by her husband west of Urbana, February 16, 1898.
Mary E. and Robert J., born in Virginia.
Virginia A., Emily F., Lucy J., and John P., born in Buffalo, Missouri.
Jesse, Harriett V., Joseph W., Susan B., and Mark L., born on the farm west of Urbana.

LEOPOLD BANDEL - Christian Bandel, father of Leopold, was born in Ainhalt Dessault, Prussia in 1792, and Johanna Summers-Bandel, mother of Leopold, was born at the same place in 1795. The father of Christian Bandel died in Germany in 1854, and the mother came to America with her children in 1856. They first located in Davis County, Iowa, but moved to Hickory County, Missouri, in 1866 and settled near Preston. The mother and four Bandel brothers came here: August, Fredrick, Godfrey and Leopold. The mother died in Hickory County in 1876, and the four brothers who were here are all dead.
Leopold Bandel was born in Ainhalt Dassault, Germany, March 27, 1838 and died April 28, 1905. Nancy Dennis was born in Stone County, Missouri, August 4, 1847. Leopold
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Bandel and Nancy Dennis were married June 21, 1867, in Hickory County, Missouri by Thomas Holman, a Baptist minister
William, born December 13, 1868, married March 8, 1895 to Eva Riddle.
Louis C., born December 24, 1870, married June 14, 1899 to Ida Dennison.
Edgar, born March 5, 1873, married July 11, 1900, to Pearl Edwards.
Godfrey, born January 15, 1875.
Mary, born November 11, 1876.
Jacob, born July 25 1878, died August 13, 1878.
Caroline, born November 3, 1879, died March 3, 1880.
James, born February 6 1881.
Annie, born February 12, 1884.
Cora, born March 4, 1886, died March 20, 1899.
George, born March 5, 1890.
Eddie, born March 20, 1892.

FREDRICK BANDEL was born in Prussia, Germany, March 21, 1824 and died in Hickory County, Missouri December 8, 1891. M. Louise Bandel, his wife, was born in Prussia, Germany December 25, 1834
Fredrick, born October 28, 1853.
Charles J. born July 4, 1862.
Wi11iam F., born March 14, 1866, died October 6, 1892.
Zennie M., wife of James M. Robertson, born June 16, 1868.
Elizabeth S., wife of Wm. T. Whillock, born December 22, 1870.
Nannie, wife of ---- Misner, born February 10, 1873.
Pauline M., born October 25, 1875.
Emma C., wife of ---- Miller, born November 28, 1880.

JACOB BARTSHE was born in Pennsylvania in 1801, was married in his native state, Pennsylvania, to Elizabeth Dirk. After their marriage, they moved to Ohio and from Ohio to
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Montgomery County, Missouri in 1840, and to Hickory County in 1841. The old man, Jacob, died in 1874 in Hickory County, Missouri, but it is not known when the wife, Elizabeth, died.
Daniel married four times: first to Eliza Ann Frye; second to Nancy Cook; third to Mary Pierce and fourth to Lizzie Wright. He died in 1907, four miles north of Hermitage.
Catherine was married three times, first to James Haverfield; second to William Clardy and third to Jonathan Scarbrough.
Hannah married John W. Quigg and died in Hickory County about 1852.
Susannah married three times, first to Henry Collins; second to Siler Freeman; third to Sumner W. Carter, and now lives in Hickory County.
Elizabeth married Jonathan Scarbrough. She died, and then her sister, Cathrine Clardy, married Mr. Scarbrough.
George married Clarissa Brooks and lives in Idaho. Henry married twice, first to Frances Elizabeth Brooks and second to Elizabeth Butler. He now lives about five miles north of Wheatland.
Jacob married Susan Brooks and now lives in Idaho
James married three times, first to Repa Harlan; second to Eliza Bangle; third to Martha Palmer, widow of Noah W. Palmer, and now lives in Idaho.
John married Pencelia Harlan and lives about four miles north of Heritage.
Maruah died at the age of fourteen years.
Salma married Columbus Brooks and lives in Idaho.
Rebecca married John W. Cook.
Samuel married Mahala Brooks.

HENRY BARTSHE, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Dirk-Bartshe, was born May 15, 1835, and married Frances Elizabeth Brooks, a daughter of Henry Brooks, March 20, 1856. She was born August 16, 1835.
Jacob Henry, born August 7, 1857, died August 10, 1857.
Mary Cathrine, born July 23, 1858, married Orin J. Butler.
Clarissa Josephine, born November 7, 1859, married Thomas Hopper.
Susan Melissa, born February 20, 1861, married Joseph Dent.
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Emily Frances, born January 5, 1863, married Douglas Grove.
George Columbus, born October 21, 1864, married Mary E. Jordan.
Manerva Ellen, born October 24, 1866, married William Frickey in the West, and died August 20, 1900.
Cordelia Elizabeth, born April 27, 1868, died July 28, 1869.
Frances Elizabeth, the mother, died in June, 1868 and Henry Bartshe married Elizabeth Butler on October 5, 1868, and to this union the following children were born:
Laura Jane, born November 9, 1869, married Andrew Gardner.
William Emery, born October 1, 1871, married Eliza Murphy.
Flora Aminda, born August 8, 1874, married A1fred B. Heard.
John Harrison, born November 4, 1876, married Bertha Paxton.
Sophronia Adelone, born October 16, 1880; single.
Dora Calestine, born July 27, 1882; single.
Gussie Jinnette, born February 29, 1884, married Cornelius Ferguson.
Ira Elmer, born January 5, 1885, married Iva Allen.

DANIEL BARTSHE, born April 13, 1826, died January 2, 1903, first married Levina Fry, who was born September 18, 1813; died. Second marriage was to Nancy L. Cook, who was born April 10, 1841, died April 4, 1874.
Dorcas E., born September 19, 1869.
John, born January 15, 1871.
Franklin, born September 8, 1872.
Third marriage was to Mrs. Mary Pierce in 1874. She died January 1, 1884. Fourth marriage was to Lizzie Wright, October 16, 1886.

JOHN BARTSHE, SR., born June 9, 1841. Pancelia Harlan, born February 13, 1840. They were married December 27, 1860.
Sara E., born March 23. 1862. married James S. Blackwell.
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Cathrine J., born August 29, 1865, married Robert H. Jennings, December 26, 1886.
William Y., born February 4, 1867.
John V., born September 12, 1869, married Sarah C. Blackwell, March 23, 1890.
Pancelia, born September 12, 1869, married James S. Rash, December 21, 1887.

JAMES S. BLACKWELL, born in what is now Hickory County, February 29, 1836, married Elizabeth Carter May 12, 1860. Born December 14, 1844.
William P., born February 27, 1865, married Nancy E. Eskew, August 14, 1885.
Nelson R., born February 9, 1867, married Amanda Fisher, June 23, 1889.
Malissa A., born December 10, 1868, married ----.
Hiram C., born October 31, 1871, married Bessie Welch, September 9, 1900.
Henry L., born May 11, 1874.
Elmer O., born July 17, 1878, married ----.
James P., born February 9, 1881, married Ethel Fisher, January 25, 1903.
Eliz. C., born September 27, 1884, married Oscar Fisher, August 2, 1903.

THOMPSON BLAIR was born in Bath County, Kentucky, in 1811. While a young man, he came to Lincoln County, Missouri, where he married Sarah H. Downing, a native of that county, in 1840. Sarah M. was born in 1820. Thompson Blair died in Hickory County, May 9, 1874, and Sarah M. died in Collins, St. Clair County, December 1, 1898. To them were born ten children:
James H., born in 1841, died during the Civil War in the U. S. Army.
Margarett, born in 1842 and died in infancy.
Ezekiel D., born in 1844, married Nancy F. Walker in 1872, and died September, 1903.
Henry F., born in 1848, married Josie Rayl at Sedalia in 1872; he died September, 1872.
Thomas T., born in 1846, unmarried, now lives in California.
Julia, born in 1850, married Seth Hartzell in 1871, died in Iowa, 1889.
Sarah J., born in 1853, married Robert C. Orr, in Quincy,
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1876, and now lives in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.
William J., born in 1855, unmarried, and lives in California.
John R., born in 1857, was in the West several years; married Stella Boone in Hickory County; have one child, Boone Thompson, born December 18, 1903; now live six miles southwest of Wheatland.
Gen. Marion, born in 1860, was killed in July, 1882 by a fall from a frame swing in Hermitage.
In the fall of 1850, Thompson Blair, with his family, came from Lincoln County to Hickory County, and in 1851 settled on the prairie two and a half miles southwest of Quincy, where he remained until August, 1861, when, on account of the Civil War, he moved with his family first to Lincoln County, then to Illinois, and finally went with his family to Utah and California, but returned to the old homeplace southeast of Quincy in 1869, where he remained until his death. Before the Civil War he had accumulated a large amount of land and personal property, but lost nearly all of it by moving and as a result of the war, except 120 acres of the old homestead and 80 acres of timber, He was always truly loyal to the General Government, but after the Battle of Wilson Creek in August, 1861, he feared that Missouri was going to the Confederacy.

EZEKIEL DOWNING BLAIR was born in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, March 23, 1844, and died in Hickory County, September 19, 1903. Nancy F. Walker, born April 13, 1850, in Hickory County, and Ezekiel D. Blair were married in Hickory County April 25, 1872, by Rev. Levi Bybee, a minister of the Christian Church,
Minnie E., born at Quincy, Missouri, January 25, 1873, married February 24, 1895, to B. F. Cox, who died December 19, 1903; one child, Leona Blair Cox, born January 21, 1896; re-married October 14, 1906, to John H. McCaslin.
E. D., born July 1, 1877, in Hermitage, married Edith M. Taylor, March 29, 1903, Winnie, born February 22, 1880, in Hermitage; died July 2, 1885.
Waverly, born December 1, 1883, married Roscoe Conkling Coon.
Mr. Blair was a good businessman of the county and served three terms as Collector of Revenue, one term as County Treasurer, and one term in the lower house of the Missouri
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Legislature, and was honest and faithful to every trust imposed. His son, E. D. Blair, Jr., was County Treasurer for one term and is at present Assistant Cashier of the Citizens Bank of Hermitage.

JOEL N. AND MARY A. JOPLIN-BOONE. - John Boone, father of Joel N. Boone, born in 1789 in North Carolina, died November 22, 1837. Isabel Kincaid-Boone, mother of Joel N. Boone, was born in North Carolina in 1795 and died March 9, 1843.
Benjamin Joplin, father of Mary A. Boone, was born December 20, 1801, and died February 20, 1870.
Dicey Smith-Joplin, mother of Mary A. Boone, was born August 9, 1811, and died in August, 1869.
Benjamin Joplin and Dicey Smith were married in Burke County, North Carolina in July, 1830.
Joel N. Boone, son of John Boone and Isabelle Kincaid-Boone, was born in Caldwell County, North Carolina, May 21, 1824.
Mary A. Joplin, daughter of Benjamin Joplin and Dicey Smith-Joplin, was born in Caldwell County, North Carolina, May 17, 1831.
Joel N. Boone and Mary A. Joplin were married in Caldwell County, North Carolina, September 3, 1851 and came to Hickory County December 22, 1854. Both died in Hickory County: Joel N., August 26, 1902, and Mary A., May 4, 1904.
August W. S., born in North Carolina, May 24, 1852, married Emma Pruett in North Carolina.
Wm. Edgar, born in Hickory County, April 6, 1856, married Mary Romans in Hickory County, Missouri.
Horace Durant, born in Hickory County, November 6, 1858, married Ann Ragner and died February 12, 1894.
Benj. Elijah, born November 20, 1860, single.
Emma Cathrine, born February 28, 1863, died March 5, 1863.
Harriet Virginia, born June 10, 1864, died November 20, 1866.
John Marshall, born October 20, 1866.
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Margaret Stella, born November 10, 1869, married John R. Blair, March 29, 1903.
Mary Nixon, born November 23, 1872, single.
Edith Ann, born April, 1874, single.
Joel N. Boone was a member of the County Court of this county for one term and postmaster of Wheatland during the administration of President Cleveland.
Copied from his Diary: - The Move to Missouri in 1854, written by Joel N. Boone.
I started from dear old state of North Carolina to find a home in the West. I left Lenoir about the first of November, 1854, in company with Lemon H. Moore. The first night I stayed at the town of Morgantown, at the Mountain Hotel, then kept by Dr. Hoppolt, an old friend. Each of us had a good hack to travel in. Mine was made by that good old man, Noah Spainhour, who was at that time carrying on a shop for any and everything that could be made out of wood in the town of Lenoir. Well from Morgantown we went direct to Commeng, the town of Forsyth County, Georgia, the home of my friend, Mr. Moore. I stayed about ten days in that town with old friends such as Dr. Alex Bogle, J. N. Puitt, and Jacob Leming and others. There I sold my team and hack to John Sims and his brother-in-law. T. Hill’s son took us to Atlanta, where we struck the railroad. The next noon we were in Chatenooga, Tenn., and from there we went to Nashville and stayed all night. I expected the next morning to go on a boat on to Cumberland, but the river was too low for a boat to run. We then took passage by stage to Ky., 155 miles out of the way. There we got a nice boat, the Conowago. I paid $30 to go from Louisville to St. Louis, Mo., but the water was so low in the river that the boat could make no speed on our journey, so we left the boat at Cairo, Ill., and there I saw the biggest Jimson weeds I ever saw. I could almost climb them. There we got on the Central & Illinois Railroad for St. Louis, and we got there and stayed over Sunday. (Here the paper is torn and illegible.)

JAMES A. BRAKEBILL was born in Monroe County, Tennessee, March 2, 1830 and is now deceased. Mary A. Moser was born in the year 1835 in Monroe County, Tennessee. James A. Brakebill and Mary A. Moser were married in Monroe County, Tennessee January 16, 1853, by Lewis Carter.
Henry Holston was born in Monroe County, Tennessee August
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31, 1854, and died in Preston about August, 1895.
Jacob Buchanan was born in Monroe County, Tennessee, December 25, 1856, and died in Hickory County about 1889.
John Williams was born in Jasper County, Iowa, August 2, 1859.
Etna Ann was born in Hickory County on January 2, 1863.
Iona was born in Hickory County on February 10, 1865.
Ofie Jane was born in Hickory County on March 9, 1867.
James A. was born in Hickory County on August 22, 1870.
U.S.P.V. was born in Cross Timbers on February 6,1875.
Bruno was born in Cross Timbers on July 11, 1878.
Mone, the youngest daughter, now lives with her mother and brother, James A., at Preston, but we have been unable to procure date of her birth, and a copy of the Family Record furnished does not give dates of deaths.

CHARLES BRENT was born March 9, 1807, and died in Hickory County January 26, 1858. Sarah H. McTyre was born December 2, 1808, and died in Hickory County, April 26, 1894. They were married in Lancaster County, Virginia, in what is known as Northern Neck between Chesapeake Bay and the Rappahannock River, near Lancaster Court House. After their marriage, they removed to Warren County, Illinois, where they remained two years, and then removed to St. Clair County near Osceola, and after making another move or two, finally settled near Quincy, Missouri in 1837.
Dr. John W., who married Ella Johnson of Boonville, Missouri, and died at Tipton, Missouri, January 26, 1890.
James B., who married Sophronia Bennett in Hickory County.
Alice C., who married Ira Amrine of Buffalo, Dallas County.
Margaret A., who married Lyman W. Stiltz of Quincy, Missouri.
Marcus L., who was married to Mary J. Tummins of Quincy, Missouri.
Sarah, who married Henry Lollar, who came here from North Carolina.
All of the children live in Missouri except Dr. John W. Brent, deceased, and James B., who resides at Guthrie, Oklahoma. It will be seen elsewhere that Charles S. Brent was at one time President of the County Court of this county.

DR. HENRY C. BROOKSHIRE was born in Hickory County,
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March 12, 1848. He is the youngest child of William L. and Sarah Varnell-Brookshire, who were born in Virginia and Tennessee respectively. Both parents died in Missouri, the father in March, 1862, and the mother in October, 1886. The father was the son of Joseph Brookshire, a Virginian. They were married in Tennessee and came to Cole County, Missouri in 1829 and came to what is now Hickory County, near Cross Timbers, in 1841. He and his wife had ten children, only three of whom are living.
Dr. Henry C. was first married to Mildred M. Woolery, a daughter of Andrew Woolery, September 5, 1868. She was born in Cooper County in 1858, and died in ---- County, Missouri, May 16, 1886, leaving four children: Rosa L., wife of John Montgomery; Joseph A., now deceased; Charles C., and William H,
On March 18, 1887, he married Miss Mollie E. Dodson of Green County, Missouri, who was born July 19, 1865 and died October 3, 1899, leaving a son and daughter, Roy Lowell, born September 10, 1888, and Grace Blanch, born December 5, 1889.
He was married again to Marie Brady of Illinois, at Boonville, Missouri, January 3, 1901 and they, with the two children, live in Hermitage.
He commenced to study medicine in 1872, and made it a life business. He attended Medical College at Keokuk, Iowa and graduated from that school in 1878, and later took a post graduate course or courses in the Medical College, St. Louis, Missouri, and has all the time been in active practice when not in school.

JAMES B. BROWN was born in Cambridge, England, April 30, 1897 and died in Hickory County, August 27, 1886. He came to the United States about the year 1828 and settled in Franklin County, Missouri, where he resided until the autumn of 1853 when he moved with his family to Hickory County to the farm on which he died just east of Cross Timbers. In 1832, in Franklin County, Missouri, he married Miss Nancy Richardson, who was born October 23, 1818, and died in Hickory County, September 5, 1884.
Milton, born November 6, 1834, now living in Flemington, Missouri.
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William, born June 27, 1836, died at Wingfield, Kansas in May, 1905.
Amos, born August 8, 1837, now living in Elkton, Missouri.
James C., born June 17, 1839, died in Humansville, April 9, 1901.
John Urvin, born June 13, 1842, died in Franklin County, June 11, 1844.
Mary Jane, born February 10, 1844, died July 18, 1868.
Benjamin F., born November 21, 1845, died January 24, 1887.
Elijah P., born October 23, 1848, now living near Weaubleau. Missouri.
Sarah A. (Proctor), born August 8, 1850, now living in Vernon, Colorado.
Victoria E. (Jamison), born April 28, 1854, died in Humansville, Missouri, December 4, 1896.
Louis C. F., born April 27, 1859, died June 26, 1859.

ELIJAH P. BROWN and M. J. Lively were married in Waynesville, Pulaski County, Missouri, October 8, 1872.
J.E., born March 16, 1875, now in the mercantile business in Osceola, Missouri, married.
William A., born February 4, 1878, now resides near Weaub1eau, married Dora B. Crank, who was born March 24, 1880.

JESSE C, BROWN, born in Green County, Tennessee, in 1789, married Nancy C. Parker of Monroe County, Tennessee in 1827, died in Hickory County to which he came in 1840.
William C., born in 1828, married Polly Horn, died in 1854.
Matthew N., born in 1830, married Manerva A. Hastain. February 16, 1859, and to them were born Bella, who married ----, Ray, Isham, J. M., in 1864, William H., in 1870, and Mary A., who married Orton Paxton.
Elizabeth, the youngest daughter of Jesse C. Brown, married Andrew J. Yeast in 1854 and died in 1877.

FRANCIS COSSAIRT was born February 5, 1895, and married Mary Jane Cossairt, who was born July 24, 1814.
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Henry was born June 5, 1832.
Jacob was born January 3, 1834.
Liza Ann, wife of John C. Patterson, was born October 7, 1835.
John was born May 13, 1837.
William F. was born June 23, 1839.
Sarah Elizabeth, who was the wife of ----- Rogers, and after his death married Edward E. Beezeley, was born January 14, 1842.
James was born April 1, 1844.
George W. was born September 5, 1846.
Jemima, wife of Solomon Darby, was born August 24, 1849.
Francis M. was born October 24, 1854 and died recently in Camden County.

JAMES COSSAIRT was born April 1, 1844 and married Mary E. Lindsey, May 23, 1872. She was born March 26, 1842.
Amos F., born August 23, 1874, married Barbara L. McCracken, May 21, 1896. They have children as follows: Opal, Amillas, and Ermil.
Oliver L., born November 3, 1877, married Adella Stephens, March 10, 1901. They have two children: Elsie and infant.

EDWARD COSTELOW was born April 19, 1809, married Dorcas Wilson December 22, 1842, died May 29, 1878. Dorcas Wilson-Costelow was born February 14, 1820.
Rhoda Ann Wilson, born January 11, 1835.
Amanda Susan, born October 10, 1843, married Mitchell Lord.
Mary Elizabeth, born January 10, 1845, married William Lord.
Nancy Louisa, born September 14, 1847, married Joseph Rountree.
Isabelle, born ------ (date lost).
Sarah Frances, born April 14, 1849, married George W. Gardner.
John James, born June 26, 1850, married Nora Crooks.
George Thurman, born April 12, 1852, died January 14, 1886.
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Franklin, born April 30, 1854, married Rhoda Meadors.
Edward, born May 4, 1857.
Emily J., born August 16, 1859.
Daniel S., born August 6, 1860.
Julia, born April 2, 1862.

PETER COWEN -- does not give dates of birth of either father or mother.
Elizabeth, born March 17, 1809.
Jenny, born January 22, 1811.
Nancy, born December 19, 1812.
Sarah, born March 5, 1815.
Ann, born March 6, 1817.
Margaret A.F.H., born in 1819.
Henry P., born September 13, 1821.
Peggy, born February 15, 1823.
Polly, wife of Chesley C. Pierce, born August 25, 1825.
John Quincy Adams, born September 13, 1827.
Caroline, born July 14, 1832.
Peter M., born July 10, 1834.

HENRY P. COWEN was born September 13, 1821 and died March 4, 1901. Elizabeth Massey-Cowen was born November 27, 1827 and died August 16, 1901.
Mary Frances, born December 13, 1850, married Francis M. Parsons, November 8, 1877.
John Henry, born May 20, 1852, married Lucinda Jane Williams, October 7, 1875, and she died May 16, 1882
Peter Marion, born February 22, 1855, married Allie M. Langford, November 19, 1882.
Joshua Luster, born February 28, 1857 married Amanda J. Mason, November 2, 1881.
Nancy Jane, born March 11, 1859, married John Williams, February 23, 1882.
Margaret Ann, born February 7, 1861, married Fayette B. Dooley, October 22, 1879.
America Elizabeth, born June 21, 1863, married Allen H. Ward, September 18, 1884.
Sherman Alexander, born May 6, 1865, married Nancy J. King, October 29, 1889.
Andrew Franklin, born March 5, 1867, married Irene Hollingsworth. January 16. 1887.
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GIDEON CREED was born March 18, 1817. Eusebia, wife of Gideon Creed, was born March 3, 1817.
Martha, who married David Brooks Pitts.
Elizabeth, who died single.
Mary Jane, who married Nathan K. Pope.
Ellen, who married John Hart.
Margaret, who married Stephen D. Tidwell.
Frances, who married John W. Pope.
Benjamin F., who married Mary E. Lindsey, who died, and he then married Maud Piper.
William H., and "Ab," James and Newton, twins, died in infancy.

ALBERT CROUCH was born January 24, 1821 either in Randolph or Balls County, Missouri, and was killed by guerrillas about four miles north of Quincy, Missouri, in 1862. Nancy Knox was born in Lincoln County, Missouri in 1830. Albert Crouch and Nancy Knox were married in Lincoln County, Missouri in 1851 and came to Hickory Coumty in 1853, settling about four miles north of Quincy, where Nancy now lives. Their children living are: Albert A., John H., Azel H., Mary F. Young, wife of Andrew J. Young, and E. Belle Pack, widow of Dr. George W. Pack, deceased.

JOHN CUNNINGHAM was born April 10, 1815, first married Nancy A. Dodds September 8, 1836; wife died January 12, 1845; married second time to Sara Ann Vinson, July 22, 1845, and she died November 19, 1889. John Cunningham died October 9, 1871.
CHILDREN (first marriage)
Dewy, born July 15, 1837, deceased.
Elizabeth J., born February 15, 1839.
Estiha A., born September 5, 1840.
John S., born October 12, 1842, died December 27, 1865.
Samuel D., born January 5, 1845, died January 29, 1845.
CHILDREN (second marriage)
Nancy A., born May 10, 1846, deceased.
Hester A., born October 25, 1847, died August 3, 1848.
Calista, born June 18, 1849, deceased.
Vinson T., born May 21, 1851.
-page 315-
George C., born March 31, 1853.
William H., born May 3, 1855, died March 25, 1894.
Thomas J., born August 1, 1857.
John Cunningham moved to Hickory County, Missouri from Illinois in April, 1863.

VINSON T. CUNNINGHAM was born May 21, 1851, married to M. E. Goodman, who was born September 23, 1853, September 21, 1871.
John L., born July 31, 1872.
William F., born July 5, 1875, died March s, 1882.
Claud A., born June 16, 1878.
Eva A., born December 8, 1880, died December 9, 1892.
Lillie M., born May 21, 1891. _

DR. A. C. CURL was born in Taylor County, West Virginia, May 29, 1852. Lewis Curl, father of A. C. Curl, was born in Clark County, Ohio, in September, 1824, and his wife, Mary Reynolds-Curl, was born in Taylor County, West Virginia. The doctor first attended Medical School at Keokuk, Iowa. In 1882 he graduated from the Medical School at Joplin, Missouri, but, desiring to learn more and stand higher in his profession, he later attended the Missouri Medical College, St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated from that school in 1888. In 1872 he was married to Louie Feaster, who was born in Benton County, Missouri, February 26, 1854, and they have two daughters: May who is the wife of 0. C. Crudginton, cashier of the Bank of Cross Timbers, and Bernice, who is at home with her parents. He located in Cross Timbers in 1875 and has resided there continuously since that time and enjoys a lucrative practice.

JEDIDIAH and REBECCA SAYERS-DARBY -- Jedidiah Darby was a Colonel of the Continental Army and died at the age at 92 years.
Samuel, Ezra, Daniel, Moses, Aaron, Owen, Rebecca, Sarah, Elijah, Elisha, who is now living at the age of 85 years, Elizabeth, Nancy, now living at the age of 87 years, Isaac, Jacob and Charlotte.
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DANIEL DARBY was born October 31, 1799, married Phebe Evans, September 22, 1822 and died November 27, 1862 in Hickory County, Missouri. Phebe Darby, wife of Daniel Darby, was born November 13, 1803, and died June 18, 1880.
Elizabeth, born September 29, 1823, died January 21, 1851.
Rebecca, born September 17, 1825, died January 24, 1842.
Joseph W., born May 19, 1832, died in January, 1863.
Ezra F., born October 30, 1834.
Ruami, born April 4, 1837.
Ephraim E., born December 10, 1839.
William H., born April 28, 1842.
George W., born May 13, 1844.
Isabelle J., born February 1, 1847.

JOSIAH DENT was born in Madison County, Kentucky, February 4, 1800, and died in Hickory County, Missouri November 9, 1875. Mary Jamison, wife of Josiah Dent, was born July 5, 1811 and died in Hickory County, Missouri, June 29, 1875. Josiah Dent and Mary Jamison were married June 11, 1826 in Franklin County, Missouri.
Harris, born in Franklin County, Missouri May 8, 1827, and died in Oregon.
Celina, born in Franklin County, Missouri October 6, 1829, died in Hickory County, Missouri April 25, 1852.
Ephraim, born in Franklin County, Missouri December 12, 1831.
Martha Ann, born in Polk County, Missouri September 2, 1834, died April 23, 1847 in Hickory County, Missouri.
Mary Jane, wife of John A. Morton, was born in Polk County, Missouri, January 9, 1837.
Clara, wife of Shandy W. Holland, born in St. Clair County, Missouri May 22, 1839.
Samuel, born in St. Clair County, Missouri January 22, 1842.
Sarah U., born in St. Clair County, Missouri June 10, 1845 and died in that county, September 19, 1845.
William H., born in Hickory County, Missouri March 19, 1849.
Josiah Dent, the father of this family, settled the place, where John F. Holland died a few months ago, in the year 1846.

EPHRAIM DENT was born in Franklin County, Missouri
-page 317-
December 12, 1831. Elizabeth F. Dent, a daughter of Joel B. and Tirzah Halbert, was born in Wilson County, Tennessee, August 20, 1838. Ephraim Dent and Elizabeth F. Halbert were married May 23, 1854 in Hickory County, Missouri by Rev. Levi R. Morrison.
Edward H., born April 13, 1855.
Nancy C., wife of Pleasant J. Rogers, born November 15, 1856.
Alanson H., born June 1, 1858, married Iris Augustus Poxton.
Mary A., wife of Samuel T. Gardner, born August 31, 1860.
Ida F., first wife of John H. McCaslin, born October 12, 1863, died in Hermitage, Missouri September 13, 1905.
Tirzah A., wife of William P. Crutsinger, born September 9, 1865.
Clara A., born November 24, 1866.
Josiah E., born March 11, 1868.
Samuel O., born February 18, 1870.
Minnie E., wife of Luther Ihrig, born June 18, 1871.
Hattie L., wife of John Crider, born July 14, 1873.
All of these children were born in Hickory County, Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. Dent have, at this time, 49 grandchildren: 24 boys and 25 girls.

SAMUEL DENT, SR., was born February 28, 1832 and died in Wheatland, Missouri May 28, 1906, was married to Elizabeth Brown in 1854. Mr. Dent served three years in the Civil War in Company “A,” 8th Regiment, Missouri State Militia, and afterwards enlisted in the 14th Missouri Cavalry and served nearly one year.
Joseph S., born May 21, 1856, now lives in Wheatland, Missouri and runs a grocery store and telephone office.
William P., born April 17, 1858, lives on a farm near Wheatland, Missouri.
Both have intelligent and interesting families.

ALANSON F. DOAK came from Wilson County, Tennessee to what is now Hickory County, in the early 40’s. He brought with
-page 318-
him his wife and four children, two boys and two girls. In a few years the oldest girl died at about the age of ten or eleven years. The father, A1anson F., as is shown elsewhere, had been Sheriff and Collector of the County, and when the Civil War came on in 1861 he was Clerk of the courts and Recorder, with his son, Robert F., who now resides at Cross Timbers, as his Deputy who appears, from the scraps of the record left from the Court House fire, to have done most of the work. In February, 1861 the father lived in Hermitage and the mother died. When the family returned from the burial of the mother, the son was taken sick, and in four or five days died northeast of Hermitage on the place now owned by the widow and heirs of Judge Solberg. The other sister also died at the Solberg farm, but we are unable to procure the date. This left of the once happy family only the father, Alanson F., and the son, Robert F. The father died near Cross Timbers in March, 1883. All of the members of the family who have died were buried in the Walker Cemetery north and west of Cross Timbers. Robert F. was born in Wilson County, Tennessee in 1829 and was married to his wife, who was a daughter of Richard Dickerson, December 4, 1851 by Rev. Levi R. Morrison, a Presbyterian minister. The first child born to Mr. and Mrs. Doak was a girl and only lived a few hours. The second child was a girl, Osean M., born July 3, 1845. She grew to womanhood and married James Cunningham, and died May 12, 1885, leaving a son who is now in the United States Army in the Philippine Islands. The third child was a boy, Alanson F., born September 14, 1856. Alanson F., twice-married, now resides in Cross Timbers. He has bought, fed and sold cattle for a number of years and now owns an interest in the flouring mill near the town and valuable real estate near the town and is otherwise well-fixed financially. The fourth child, Richard D., was born July 31, 1858. He married Miss Addie Noland and they have a family of three children, two boys and a girl, and live in the county seat of Armstrong County, Texas. The youngest child, Mary E., was born August 29, 1861. She married Lafayette B. Davis who lives about four or five miles south of Hermitage, and they have an interesting family of eight children.

JOHN DOLLARHIDE was born in the state of North Carolina in 1782 and his wife, Jemimiah Osborn-Dollarhide, was born in 1791 in Scott County, Virginia. The mother died in Hickory County, Missouri in 1871 and the father died in Hickory County, Missouri in 1862. Two brothers of John went from North Carolina to Arkansas in an early day, and another went to Louisiana. John and Jemimmah were married in Scott
-page 319-
County, Virginia and removed to Franklin County, Missouri in 1832 and came to what is now Hickory County a few years later. He followed farming and school teaching in Virginia and in Missouri. He was elected Assessor of Hickory County at the elections in 1850-52 and in 1856, but was defeated by Joel J. Bradley in 1854. The children of John and Jemimmah were as follows: Nancy, who married Henry Dingus; Hiram, who went back to Virginia; William, who has served 24 years as Justice of the Peace in Hickory County, and died a few years ago about a mile east of Preston; Annis, who married Jonathan Compton; Jane, who married I. V. Newbery; Henderson, who was elected Sheriff of Hickory County in 1854, and died in office in 1855; Jemimmah, who married S. W. Short; Elizabeth, who married Barney Richards; John C., who is yet alive and lives on Crane Creek about four miles southeast of Hermitage, and has perhaps a clearer recollection of men and things that have transpired in Hickory County for 70 years than any other man now living. When the county was divided into four assessment districts in 1858, he was appointed Assessor for District No. 2 for 1859. Sarah, the next child, married Allen Moody; and Mary, the youngest, married J. B. Compton. All are new dead except John C. William Dollarhide, the third of the children of John and Jemimmah, married Martha Holt in 1834, in Franklin County, Missouri. He was born in Tennessee and died in Hickory County, Missouri in 1848. Five children were born, only one of whom, Jane Spencer, is now living; In 1849 he was married to Elizabeth Riddle, widow of Riley Riddle, who were father and mother of Judge Joseph Riddle, now President of the County Court of Hickory County, and was born August 6, 1846. To the union between William Dollarhide and Elizabeth Riddle was born one son, William R., who died about three years ago. The wife died in 1855. On October 8, 1861, he married Nancy Jackson, who was born in North Carolina and is now deceased, and to them were born: Amanda, single; Louisa, wife of Anthony W. Bowcher; Virginia, who married Joseph T. Edde and is now deceased; India Anix, who is also deceased.
We are greatly indebted to John C. Dollarhide for many facts we state about the early settlement of the county and its people.

Henry E. Dooley, born March 12, 1799, died November 2, 1849. Jane Caroline, wife of Henry E. Dooley, born February 11, 1798 in Pennington District, South Carolina, married Henry E. Dooley, January 22, 1823 in Marion County, Tennessee.
-page 320-
They came to Missouri in 1831 and settled in Dooley Bend in what is now Hickory County in 1837.
Richmond H. Dooley, son of Henry E. and Jane Caroline Dooley, born in Marion County, Tennessee May 25, 1829, married Nancy J. Rutherford, July 23, 1850, in Hickory County, Missouri, and died in Polk County, Missouri, November 13, 1897. Nancy J. Rutherford was born in Callaway County, Missouri, January 27, 1834, and died November 17, 1889.

WILLIAM M. DORMAN was born February 16, 1772. There is no record of his wife’s birth.
Michael W., born September 2, 1820.
Williamson E., born July 2, 1822.
Franky W., born August 11, 1824.
Wilborn Jesse, born November 30, 1827.
Harriett Ann, born February 28, 1844.

WILLIAMSON E. DORMAN, second son of William M. Dorman, was married to Mary E. Edwards, a daughter of Oliver and Amedia W. Edwards, January 22, 1851, in Hermitage, Missouri. Their only child was Oliver L. Dorman.

OLIVER L. DORMAN, born in Hermitage. Missouri, August 9, 1852. Nancy Elizabeth Hargiss, daughter of Sarah Catherine Hargiss and Phillip L. Hargiss, born August 2, 1855. Oliver Lafayette Dorman and Nancy Elizabeth Hargiss were married at Wheatland, Missouri August 23, 1871.
Sarah E., wife of John Hartman, born September 14, 1872,
married October 6, 1889.
Ella, wife of John P. Wilson, born February 7, 1874, married April 8, 1888.
William Louis, born October 4, 1876, married Dora Stroud, March 13, 1901.
Effa May, born March 1, 1878, died September 19, 1878.
Walter Marvin, born August 2, 1879, died November 2, 1881.
Fanny Eva, born May 27, 1881, died November 14, 1882.
Thomas Bentley, born September 3, 1883, married Fennie Clark. May 24. 1903.
-page 321-
Ethel Belle, born February 6, 1886, married Walter F. Wall, June 14, 1903.
Fredrick Fountain, born March 17, 1888.
Claud Edwin, born August 28, 1890.
Rama Nell, born May 15, 1896.

George W. Durnell came from Kentucky with his family to what is now Hickory County in 1840 and settled near where Union School House is, about three miles east of Weaubleau. He entered land shortly after he came here and gave 20 acres to the school district for a school house site, and the district still owns the 20 acres of land and has a good, convenient school house thereon. He and his wife had ten children, six boys and four girls. The oldest son, William, was born in 1834, married, and raised a family and died on Big Weaubleau Creek, December 24, 1895. Sallie was born in 1836 and died in 1860. James was born in 1838 and was killed by guerrillas during the Civil War. Monroe was born in 1840, raised a family, and lives in Weaubleau Township. John was born in 1842 and, when the Civil War came on, enlisted in Company “C,” 8th Missouri State Militia, died in the army in 1863. George W. was born in 1846 and died January 8, 1870. Frances was born in 1848, married Thomas J. Tucker November 19, 1865, and has a family. Mahala married Thomas Burton the first time, and the second time married Port. Collins, March 20, 1870, Nancy was born in 1854, married Perry N. Thompson, December 5, 1869, and he died in 1898 and in 1904 she married William D. Niblack. Jackson, the youngest child was born in 1856 and married Paulina Brown in 1877.

WILLIAM EDDE was born in Virginia and partly grew up there, went to Tennessee and married Polly Dennis, and they lived there until ten children were born to them, and until the baby, Nathan, was two years old, and he is now 66 years old and lives a mile east of Preston in Hickory County. The father and mother came to what is now Hickory County in 1842. Of their children, there were five boys and two girls who lived to manhood and womanhood. One of the boys and two of girls died in the 50’s. The oldest girl, Ann Reser, is living in Green Township, and is near 88 years old. Joseph died in May, 1906. Jasper is 75 years old and resides in Kansas. John is about 73 years old and resides in Hickory County. William was a member of one of the first juries ever serving at a circuit court in the county. He died in Stone County, Missouri in 1862, and Polly, the wife, died in Hickory County
-page 322-
in 1849. Ann, Joseph, John and Nathan all married in Hickory County and have raised families here, and their children are regarded as some of our best citizens.

JOHN EDDE, a son of William and Polly Edde, was born March 12, 1831 in Tennessee, and married Harriett Alsup, who was born July 19, 1834.
Mary Ann, born September 10, 1854, died July 30, 1855.
Sarah A., born November 11, 1856, married Hugh L. Simmons, October 11, 1877.
Eliza R., born May 23, 1858, married George W. Alexander, November 11, 1875.
William H., born March 3, 1860, died July 19, 1882.
Nathan, Jr., born June 13, 1862, married Phebe Edmundson, March 6, 1881.
Joseph T., born August 14, 1864, first married Jane Dollarhide; she died, and he married Miss Mollie Lewis.
Charles E., born March 28, 1868, married Emma Browder, October 4, 1891.
Albert P., born November 28, 1859,married Caroline Bandel, February 16, 1890.
James M., born November 11, 1872, died May 13, 1874.
Clara A., born December 28, died January 15, 1888.

Oliver Edwards, born March 3, 1810, died March 7, 1851 in Hickory County, Missouri. Amedia W. Edwards, wife of Oliver Edwards, was born June 12, 1814, and died in Hermitage, Missouri September 24, 1869.
Mary E., born April 28, 1835 in Kentucky, died in Hermitage, Missouri March 15 1884.
Sidney Oliver (Zenis), born December 15, 1849 on Four Mile Prairie, Dallas County, Missouri, died in Hickory County, Missouri December 7, 1906.

JOHN T. FERGUSON was born August 24, 1843, married Susan Edds, who was born January 24, 1848 on March 26, 1865 in Tennessee. They came to Missouri October 16, 1869.
-page 323-
Mary E., born May 25, 1866, married Judge F. Samples, July 26, 1881, died May 9, 1906.
William A., born May 17, 1868, married Margaret Low, November 10, 1895.
George W., born December 30, 1870, married Elie Alexander, December 21, 1890.
Martha A., born March 13, 1873, married Andrew J. Alexander, March 10, 1889.
Francis C., born March 23, 1875, married T. J. Brannon, date unknown.
Tennessee P., born March 12, 1877, died July 19, 1894.
John Calvin, born January 22, 1879, died June 11, 1879.
Caroline G., born November 24, 1880, married Elmer Simmons, February 16, 1901.
Cornelius, born June 2, 1883, married Gussie Bartshe, September 2, 1904.
Lillie Ann, born July 27, 1885, died September 12, 1886.
May, born July 17, 1887.
James M., born July 16, 1889, married May Cunningham, March 31, 1907.
Florence E., born November 29, 1893.

HENRY J, FISHER, father of Dr. A. L. Fisher of Wheatland, was of German descent and was born in the state of North Carolina, May 10, 1812 and died May 12, 1906. His father's name was Henry J. Fisher. Rachel White-Fisher, wife of Henry J., was born in North Carolina, February 5, 1832. They came to Missouri in 1867.
Arthur L., born February 28, 1849, married Sarah A. Pitts, daughter of Andrew J. and Malissa Pitts, who was born July 28, 1856 on January 29, 1874.
N. F., born January 27, 1856.
J. D., born May 5, 1857.
Martha L., born October 18, 1859.
Susannah E., born May 31, 1862.
Henry J., born March 9, 1866.
A. P., born November 11, 1873.
Ellen D., born June 8, 1875.

DR. A. L. FISHER - A1va, born December 11, 1875, married Miss Daisy Johnston, April 30, 1899. Zilpha, born May 1, 1885, married William Paul Murphy, a son of John and Sarah A. Murphy, October 1, 1906.
-page 324-
Dr. A. L. Fisher has been an able and successful physician in this county for 34 years. He is a great reader and thinker. He graduated from the Electric Medical Institute at Cincinnati, Ohio, June 7, 1882. The son, Alva, is also a graduate of a Medical School, but has turned his attention to the abstract business and is now a resident of Hermitage and owns a set of abstract books.
JAMES M. GARDNER was born in Monroe County, Tennessee, February 15, 1834. He is a son of Thomas Gardner and Catherine Thatch-Gardner. Thomas was born January 1, 1806, and Catherine was born May 13, 1813. They were married in Monroe County, Tennessee, March 26, 1832, and continued to live there until August 6, 1877, when Thomas, the husband, died. After the death of the father, the son, James M., went and brought his mother to Missouri. The grandfather, Thomas Gardner, was an Irishman, born in Virginia, but died in Tennessee. James M. Gardner is the first of a family of nine children as follows: James M., George W., Henderson, Thomas J., Elizabeth R., Mary A., Eliza J., Bartha B., William L., only four of whom are now living. James M. was married in 1857 to Margaret McSpadden, who was born in Bradley County, Tennessee June 26, 1837. She was a daughter of Samuel and Sarah McSpadden. They came to Hickory County, Missouri in 1858, and to their union has been born nine children as follows: Robert H., Sarah E., who married Dr. L.B. Selvidge, and he is now deceased; Amanda J. who married Thomas A. Nowell; Ulysses G., Mary C., who married Ben P. Nowell, and is now deceased; Barbara A., deceased; Hiram D., Elva T., deceased, and Luke Monroe.

GEORGE W. GARDNER was born in Tennessee, September 8, 1837, married Armazinda Mitchell, who was born September 20, 1838, and died February 16, 1870, November 15, 1357. He died in Hickory County, Missouri October 1, 1905.
CHILDREN (First Marriage)
Martha C., born September 20, 1858.
Samuel T., born October 26, 1860.
John A. and William H., born November 8, 1862.
Terry M., born February 1, 1865.
Delila, born March 14, 1867.
Alonzo, born January 31, 1870.
-page 325-
CHILDREN (Second Marriage)
Second wife, Sarah F. Costelow, born April 14, 1849, married
George W. Gardner June 25, 1871.
George, born May 5, 1872.
James A., born March 25, 1874.
Andrew, born February 26, 1876.
Norma, born July 25, 1878.
Charles Edgar, born January 22, 1880.
Adie J., born April, 1882.
Arthur F., born November 23, 1884.
Harry R., born May 18, 1887.
Robert B., born October 30, 1889.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GIST was born in Moniteau County, Missouri, January 4, 1845. He was the son of John Gist, born November 22, 1792, in Tennessee. He came from Kentucky about 1820. Benjamin Franklin Gist was married to Sallie Ann Scott, December 7, 1871. They moved to Benton County around 1875 or 1876.
Luther, born July, 1875.
Leonard, born -----.
Emory, born September, 1885, married Fannie
Willie, born -----.
Lulu Anna, born December 18, 1889, died December 24, 1932, married George A. Kugler on December 13, 1911.

LOUIS GOODMAN, a native Kentuckian, was left at the age of eight years on the west bank of the Mississippi River by his stepfather; with the help of others, he found his way in 1820 to Morgan County where relatives sheltered him. He came to Hickory County in 1852 and married Mary Duncan Bernard. Their children were as follows:
1. Margaret Goodman, married Vinson Cunningham.
2. Rebecca Goodman, married, but had no children. (married Thomas J. Cunningham)
21. Nellie May Followell (adopted)
3. Fannie Goodman, married Henry Bailey; had no children.
-page 326-
31. Iva Bailey (adopted)
4. David V. Goodman, married Cora Candes Quigg.
41. Lela Pearl Goodman, born August 17, 1890, married August 8, 1909, to Buel Byron Ihrig, born December 19, 1887. (See Ihrig family).
42. Ethel Floy Goodman, born October 11, 1391, married May 26, 1919, to Woodson Newman Heard, born June 26, 1891, died January 2, 1962. (See Heard family.)
5. Asa Goodman, married Maude Lacey.
51. Revah Goodman married -- Smith.
52. Velbur Goodman
6. James Goodman, married Reba Paxton.
61. Warner Goodman, married Oda Mae Niblack.
611. Betty Dean married -- Quarles.
612. Deanie married -- Heberline.
613. Alice Dell married -- Zimmerman.
62. Alma Goodman -- no record.
63. Ada Goodman -- no record.
64. Faye Goodman -- no record.
65. Inez Goodman -- no record.
66. Jewel Dean Goodman -- no record.
67. Stella Goodman --- no record.
68. Ira J. Goodman -- no record.
69. James H. Goodman, Jr. -- no record.
7. Lillie Goodman, married Johnnie Holland -- now deceased.
71. Clyde Holland, married Floy Heard. No children.
-page 327-
72. Roy Holland, married Ada Grove, now deceased; married second to Ada Meador.
721. Louise Holland
73. Lennie Holland, married Fern Powell.
74. Clara Holland, married Hubert Williams.
741. Huberta Williams
742. Mildred Williams
743. Janice Williams
7. Lillie Goodman-Holland re-married to Leander Moore.
75. Elizabeth Moore, married Edward Taylor. No children.
8. Arvilla Goodman, married Tandy V. Hargrove, now deceased.
81. Ivan Hargrove
82. Asa Hargrove
8. Arvilla Goodman-Hargrove re-married to Frank McMillin. No children.

The Halberts came from Wales and mostly settled in Tennessee. Joel Blackburn Halbert was born in Warren County, Tennessee, October 18, 1803, He was married to Tirjah Sherrill in Wilson County, Tennessee in May, 1825. Following the sweep of the Western tide, Joel Blackburn Halbert came to southwest Missouri in 1842 and settled in what was afterward known as Hickory County. He was the owner of slaves and had a large plantation some eight or ten miles northeast of the present site of Hermitage, the county seat of Hickory County.
After getting comfortably settled in his new environment and feeling the need of local organized government, he called
a meeting at his home for the Purpose of establishing Hickory County with Hermitage as the county seat. He had the honor of being chosen as the first representative to the Legislature from the county and was repeatedly chosen as a member of county court.
He was a physician by profession, including surgery, and was given the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of the Regiment of enrolled Militia for the state of Missouri State Guards as they are usually known. This was a Company raised for the purpose of keeping Missouri in the Union. He served throughout the war as a physician and surgeon with the Company. His plantation was the usual gathering place for business transactions. His plantation consisted of a large acreage in the center of which was the plantation home surrounded by log cabins for the Negroes.
This plantation home was a large two-story hewn log house which sheltered the large family of growing boys and girls. The fields were well cultivated for that day and devoted mostly to raising of tobacco. Dr. Halbert deserves much credit because of the treatment he gave his Negroes. He never sold one down the river. He always respected the marriage relation, and if the marriage was on his own plantation among his own Negroes, he provided a home for them. If the marriage involved a neighboring plantation, a trade or sale was made so that a home might be established. He made a practice when one of his own children married to give them a Negro and gave each a boy or girl to serve as a companion.
Dr. Halbert’s death was rather tragic. He had been called in a confinement case but was delayed so long by the little fellow’s arrival that he stopped at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Abner Dickenson, for dinner. After dinner, Dr. Halbert's horse was brought to the front gate and he and Mrs. Dickenson walked down the path to the gate. Dr. Halbert stopped there and said he felt faint and would like to go back to the house and lie down. They hardly got him on the bed when he passed away.
At the close of the Civil War, Uncle Sam found himself with a multitude of children without names, the Negro slave being known only by their master’s name. Dr. Halbert's Negroes, out of respect and devotion to him, called themselves Halbert, and today throughout southwest Missouri, you will find the colored Halbert and the white Halbert living side by side.

JOEL B. HALBERT, SR., was one of the members of the
-page 329-
first County Court, first member of the State Legislature from the county, and Lieutenant-Colonel of the 60th Regiment E.M.M., in the Civil War. Ephraim Sherrill, father of Mrs. Tirzah Halbert, wife of Joel B. Halbert, Sr., was born October 22, 1773, in North Carolina, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, October 17, 1867. Ann Sherrill, wife of Ephraim Sherrill, was born January 17, 1771, died in Hickory County, Missouri, August 14, 1843. Joel B. Halbert, Sr., was born in Wilson County, Tennessee, October 18, 1803, and died in Hickory County, Missouri. Tirzah, wife of Joel B. Halbert, Sr., was born March 24, 1807. Joel B. Halbert, Sr., and Tirzah Sherrill were married in Wilson County, Tennessee, May 25, 1825.
Francis Marion, born April 29, 1826, died July 20, 1850.
Nancy Ann, wife of James D. Williams, born March 20, 1828, died March 17, 1854.
Alanson Sherrill, born June 26, 1830, died August 26, 1852.
Ephraim Foster, born January 18, 1832.
Enos Morrison, born March 19, 1834.
Eli Wilson, born November 28, 1836, died September 13, 1857.
Elizabeth Frances, wife of Ephraim Dent, born August 20, 1838.
Joel Bradshaw, born November 9, 1840.
seventh son, born May 29, 1843, died August 27,1843, unnamed.
Mary Jane, wife of William Q. Paxton, born June 25, 1844, died September 11, 1868.
Edward Duffield, born November 23, 1846.
Eli Rufus, born December 24, 1848.
Christiana Joliet, wife of Albert P. Dickerson, born July 11, 1851.
Joel B, Halbert, Sr., was married a second time, to Mrs.
Charlotte A. Noland on October 14, 1869, and to this union was born Robert Noland Halbert, September 28, 1872.
Malinda Melvina Williams, daughter of Nancy Ann, first daughter of Joel B. and Tirzah Halbert, was born February 26, 1854.
Robert G. Noland, first husband of Charlotte Ha11-No1and-Halbert, was born August 8, 1830, and he was married to Charlotte A., daughter of Thomas D. Hall and T. E. Ha11, January 20, 1852, and died October 19, 1861, leaving children as follows:
-page 330-
Edward Homer, born November 6, 1852.
James Solon, born July 14, 1854.
Thomas Jefferson, born November 10, 1856.
Addie J., born April 10, 1858.
Robert Hugh, born October 23, 1859, died August 21, 12362.

EPHRAIM FOSTER HALBERT, born January 18, 1832.
Margaret F. Donnell, born August 18, 1834, died May 6, 1898. Ephraim F. Halbert and Margaret F. Donnell were married September 13, 1855, in Hickory County, Missouri.
Alanson M., born November 13, 1856.
Calvin B., born August 31, 1859.
Emeline F., born January 28, 1862.
Mary A., born August 21, 1864.
Margaret, born February 14, 1868.
Martha C., born July 21, 1871.
Charles A., born May 3, 1875.

PHILLIP L. HARGISS, third son of Rev. Shadrack Hargiss and Nancy Ann Hargiss, was born in Summerville, Fayette County, Tennessee, September 5, 1834, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, March 2, 1888. The father, Rev. Shadrack Hargiss, died in Cattleburg, Kentucky, August 22, 1869, and the mother died in Kentucky, November 14, 1850. Sarah Catherine Rice, daughter of T. J. and Elizabeth Rice, was born in Sumner County, Tennessee, December 27, 1837, and was married to Phillip L. Hargiss in Sumner County, Tennessee, March 28, 1854.
Nancy Elizabeth, wife of Oliver L. Dorman, was born in Sumner County, Tennessee, August 2, 1855.
Thomas Shadrack, born January 31, 1859, in Sumner County, Tennessee, married Jessie Pritchard, March 20, 1880,
Edwin W., born in Green County, Illinois, April 26, 1861, married Fannie Powell, May 29, 1881.
William Pendleton, born in Jersey County, Illinois, April 21, 1868, married Josie Downs, February 13, 1895.
Emma Arvilla, born in Wheatland, Missouri, November 8, 1875, married Henry W. Ramsey, April 14, 1894, in Hickory County, Missouri.
-page 331-

CHRISTOPHER Z, HARRYMAN was born in St. Louis County, Missouri, June 20, 1813, and died in Hickory County Missouri, November 15, 1892. Nancy Ann Smith-Harryman was born in Henry County, Virginia, December 24, 1824, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, January 4, 1879.
Nancy L., born October 15, 1840, died July 5, 1895.
John 1=‘,, born August 13, 1842, died March 10, 1865.
Martha A., born September 18, 1848.
William D., born October 8, 1850.
George S., born March 4, 1852, died October, 1896.
Hezakiah E., born May 2, 1854, died August 19, 1857.
Sarah M., born August 13, 1858.
Alfred Wesley, born April 5, 1861, died August 1, 1884.
Nathaniel L., born March 7, 1866, died April 18, 1880.
James T., birth date in Probate Record.
Christopher Z., born January 26, 1884.
The father Christopher Z., was first married to Martha Lineville in Cole County, Missouri, January 5, 1840, and two of the children whose names and dates of birth are given in the foregoing record, Nancy L. and John, were born of the first marriage, and the two last names in the foregoing family record, James T. and Christopher Z., were born of a third marriage of the father, Christopher Z., with Mrs. Lucinda Cox of Benton County, Missouri. Mr. Harryman lived in Cole County until 1844, when he came to Benton County, and in 1848, came to Quincy in Hickory County. In the Civil War, he served more than three years in Company “F,” 5th M.S.M., and was in the terrible battle with the Confederates at Lone Jack, Jackson County, Missouri, in which the Federal troops were outnumbered four to one. He was also in the battles at Humansville, Jefferson City, Boonville and Sedalia. He was captured at Sedalia by the Confederates.

WILLIAM D, HARRYMAN, the first Child born to Christopher Z. and Nancy Ann Smith-Harryman, was born October 8, 1850, in Quincy, Missouri, and was married to Miss Nancy M. Rogers, December 19, 1876, a daughter of John Powell and Nancy B. Owens-Rogers, who was born on Little Weaubleau Creek in Hickory County, Missouri, June 18, 1860.
-page 332-
Don, born September 21, 1877, married Agee Reese, June 24, 1903.
May, born January 15, 1879, married L. P. Forbes, June 9, 1903.
Eve, born October 18, 1880, unmarried.
It will be seen elsewhere that Mr. Harryman has served his county as Sheriff and Prosecuting Attorney several years and is now Postmaster at Wheatland, which position he has held for several years.
1. Don Harryman, born September 21, 1877, on Rogers Homestead, 5 miles east of Weaubleau, died April 19, 1945, Weaubleau, Missouri, (buried in Crutsinger Cemetery), married June 24, 1903, at Wheatland, Missouri, to Gelia Agee Rees, born December 4, 1884, Dresden, Missouri.
11. Eugene Forbis Harryman, born June 25, 1904, Wheatland, Missouri, married April 19, 1935, Hermitage, Missouri, to Ruth Christina Swicegood, born March 9, 1908.
111. James Porter Harryman, born March 29, 1938, Weaubleau, Missouri, married August 23, 1959, to Robbie Joan Mabery, born March 11, 1943.
1111. Carla Jean Harryman, born November 3, 1960, Wheatland, Missouri.
1112. Ramona Jayne Harryman, born ---, 1963.
112. Charles LeRoy Harryman, born March 17, 1941, Weaubleau, Missouri.
113. Willard Benton Harryman, born March 28, 1943, Weaubleau, Missouri.
12. Nancy Irene Harryman, born August 4, 1905, Wheatland, Missouri, married August 26, 1833, Kansas City, Missouri, to Leslie Dean Hackley, born November 13, 1906.
121. Sammy Dean Hackley, born and died January 12, 1941.
122. Nancy Ellen Hackley, born October 7, 1941, Kansas
-page 333-
City, Missouri, (adopted child), married 1960, Miami, Oklahoma, to David William Greene, born July 26, 1841.
1221. Shawn Stacey Greene, born July 11, 1961, Kansas City, Missouri.
13. Lorna Vivian Harryman, born July 9, 1907, Wheatland, Missouri, married December 20, 1949, Mexico, to David Barajas, born June 19, 1912.
131. Luisa Lorna Barajas, born May 13, 1951, Kansas City, Missouri.
William Rees Harryman, born December 3, 1909, Wheatland, Missouri, married October 5, 1840, Weaubleau, Missouri, to Jeanne Keith Nieman, born September 29, 1921.
141. Linda Louise Harryman, born and died in Phoenix, Arizona.
142. William Rees Harryman, Jr., born November 4, 1947, Phoenix, Arizona.
143. Paula Frances Harryman, born December 12, 1951, Denver, Colorado.
W. D. Harryrnan, born November 5, 1914, Wheatland, Missouri, married March 8, 1941, Kansas City, Missouri, to Frances LaVaughn Boggs, born April 11, 1922.
151. Jeffrey Ray Harryman, born April 8, 1942, Kansas City, Missouri.
152. Debora Lou Harryman, born April 8, 1942, Kansas City, Missouri.
Anna May Harryman, born October 19, 1916, Wheatland, Missouri, married June 2, 1940, Weaubleau, Miissouri, to George James Walden, born October 1, 1905.
151. Pamela Joyce Walden, born December 17, 1941, Chicago, Illinois, married February 25, 1962, Longmont, Colorado, to Leland Wayne Ernst.
162. Janie Louise Walden, born March 11, 1945, Falls Church, Virginia.
163. Gelia Arm Walden, born May 31, 1948, Denver, Colorado.
-page 334-
164. Kristin Rees Walden, born December 15, 1952, Denver, Colorado.
165. James Scott Walden, born November 1, 1962, Longmont, Colorado.
17. Kathryn Walden, born September 5, 1918, Wheatland, Missouri, married January 13, 1945, Seattle, Washington, to Libero Stella, born October 2, 1913.
171. Madelyn Ann Stella, born ----.
172. Cerrina Louise Stella, born ----.
18. Don Rogers Harryman, born May 15, 1921, Wheatland, Missouri, married January 14, 1950, Kansas City, Missouri, to Katherine Mae Carpenter, born February 5, 1926.
181. Donna Kay Harryman, born ---.
182. Mark Alan Harryman, born ---.
183. Lorna Lee Harryman, born ---.
19. Barbara Lee Harryman, born December 7, 1925, Weaubleau, Missouri, married April 4, 1958, Kansas City, Missouri, to Joseph LeRoy Driver, born October 21, 1926. No children.

ISHAM B, HASTAIN was born in 1811 in White County, Tennessee, married Rebecca Starkley in 1834, and moved to what is now Hickory County in 1834.
Minerva A., born 1835, married Mathew N. Brown.
James P., born 1837.
Rebecca, born 1840.
W. D., born 1842, died 1864.
Daniel L., born 1844, married Eliza Dorris in 1867.
A. F., born 1850, married George W. Mashburn, and is now deceased.
Martha E., born 1853.
Robert, born 1856.

EPPY D. HAWKINS, born March 10, 1822, died January 6, 1876. Emily Hawkins, wife of Eppy D. Hawkins, born September 12, 1828.
-page 335-
Nancy E., married Joseph Aspey, and now resides near Galmey, Missouri.
William J., who is President of the State Normal at Warrensburg, Missouri.
Albert L., who resides in Kansas.
Thomas M., who resides in Weaubleau, Missouri.
Martha J., who married --- Barber, and now resides in Boise, Idaho.
Mary A., who married --- Snyder, and resides in Oklahoma.
Eva J., who resides in Kansas.

JOSEPH HAYES was born in North Carolina, December 7, 1791, married Lavina McConnel-Young, May 4, 1815, came from Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, to where the John M. Pippin farm is in Section 31, Township 37, Range 19, in 1838, and went to Texas in 1848. He died in December, 1869. Lavina McConnel-Young was born January 28, 1798, and died September 17, 1841.
George W., born March 3, 1816, married Nancy Lindsey, October 10, 1840, died June 14, 1875.
Andrew J., born September 21, 1817, died February 18, 1818.
Polly C., born December 2, 1819.
Benjamin F., born June 12, 1822.
Rebecca A., born May 16, 1824.
Nancy A., born March 19, 1827.
Joseph M., born November 30, 1830, died October, 1831.
Charity E., born January 14, 1833.
Judge W. R., of Skidmore, Bee County, Texas, born December 30, 1835.
Thomas H. B., born June 24, 1838, died September 10, 1838.
Amanda M., born November 5, 1839.

GEORGE W. HAYES, born March 3, 1816, married Nancy Lindsey, daughter of Amos and Mary Madison-Lindsey, October 10, 1840. He died June 14, 1875. She died February 3, 1893.
Dr. Thomas J. Hayes, born December 4, 1841, resides at
-page 336-
Fresno, California, married Hannah Lindsey, August 10, 1865.
Irene L., born January, 1844, married Nathan R. Tucker, May 28, 1866, died April, 1890.
Mary A., born January 1, 1847, married Samuel P. Inks, March 28, 1867, died December 11, 1878.
Amos F., born September 13, 1848, married Susie Scott, November 9, 1879.
Lucy W., born February 4, 1852, married John M. Pippin, September 2, 1872, died March 29, 1889.
Adella, born January 12, 1854, married Robert P. Redifer, January 24, 1882, and now lives in Riddle, Oregon.
Joseph, born October 21, 1856, married Ellen Rains, March 10, 1883, and lives at or near Forsyth, Missouri.

JOHN ALEXANDER HEARD was the eldest son of Vern Heard. No record of his birth date is available; however, he died in February, 1918. He married Bonnie Virginia Newman who died October 7, 1941. Their children were as follows:
1. Leah Heard, born November 10, 1887, died March 18, 1910.
2. Sophia Heard, born March 18, 1889, died in 1919.
3. Woodson Newman Heard, born June 26, 1891, died January 2, 1962, married May 26, 1919, to Ethel Goodman, born October 11, 1891.
31. John David Heard, born January 6, 1922, married December 24, 1941, to Esther Lucile Pool, born August 19, 1923.
311. John David Heard II, born November 4, 1942, married November 4, 1962, to Mary K. Smith, born May 8, 1943.
3111. John David Heard III, born May 27, 1963.
312. Sharon Lucile Heard, born July 19, 1945, married July 27, 1963, to Max Kent Rickerson, born December 12, 1942.
3121. Tammy Lynette Rickerson, born March 15, 1964.
313. Connie Lea Heard, born February 21, 1948, married June 19, 1967, to Delbert Leon Ludlum. No Children.
-page 337-
314. Dale Louis Heard, born February 19, 1956.
4. Hannah Heard, born May 4, 1899, married in 1922, to Keet Amrine.
5. Helen Heard, born November 5, -, married #1 to Bill Kerby. Helen Heard-Kerby re-married to George White who died April 6, 1967.

WILLIAM C. HICKMAN was born in Wilson County, Tennessee, near Lebanon, August 2, 1832. He is a son of Snowdon and Frances Newman-Hickman, who were born in North Carolina and Virginia. The father died in Hickory County, Missouri in 1882, at the age of 82 years. The grandfather of William C. was also named Snowden, was born in North Carolina, and died in Wilson County, Tennessee. The mother of William C. was a daughter of Joel Newman, a Virginian, who died in his native state.
William C, was one of a family of six children, only three of whom were living in 1889. Dr. Zacharia who lived at Benton, Illinois, Martha Ann, who also resided in Illinois, and the subject of this sketch.
In 1851, William C. came west and traveled over a great deal of the country. In 1853, he went to California, driving an ox team over the Carson route, and was six months and eighteen days in making the trip. He made about $2,400 in California, and in about four years, returned to Tennessee, coming back by way of Panama, Cuba, and New Orleans.
After staying a short time in Tennessee, he came to Hickory County, Missouri, and purchased the lands on which he now resides. He was married to Martha Hicks, December 17, 1857, in Hickory County, Missouri. She is a daughter of Thomas M. Hicks and was born in Wilson County, Tennessee July 14, 1833. They have six children now living: Fanny, wife of George W. Morgan of Kansas; Cora, wife of William Y. Bennett of Collins, Missouri; Robert; Nina, single; Horace and Joel N., who reside in Hickory County, Missouri. William C, has always been an industrious public-spirited citizen, up-to-date with the younger men on public enterprises, has been a member of the county court two terms, although a Democrat in a Republican county, and as will be seen elsewhere, was the first and prime mover in building the present court house by subscription. During the Civil War, he served as a member of Company “B," 8th Missouri S.M., received no wounds, but on several occasions had his clothing cut and torn with bullets
-page 338-
from the enemy’s guns. Early in 1861, in a convention held at Buffalo, Missouri, in which the question of secession was discussed, he stood on the side of the union of the states, although many of his Wilson County, Tennessee friends among whom he lived were secessionists.

THOMAS HOLLAND and Nancy Shemwell were married December 11, 1820. Thomas Holland was born in Kentucky, January 24, 1797, and died in Arkansas, January 26, 1879. Nancy Shemwell-Holland was born in Kentucky, November 20, 1800, and died in Hickory County, Missouri December 3, 1855. There were sixteen children born to Thomas and Nancy Holland, only five of whom are now living, viz: Adaline 0. Thompson, born in Kentucky, January 14, 1823; Henry W. Holland, born in Kentucky, September 20, 1826; Caroline 1. Williams, born in Kentucky, December 31, 1830; Shandy W. Holland, born in Kentucky, April 21, 1832; T. J. J. Holland, born in Missouri, January 30, 1840.

SHANDY W. HOLLAND was born April 21, 1832, in Kentucky. Clara Dent-Holland was born in St. Clair County, Missouri, May 22, 1839. Shandy W. Holland and Clara Dent were married in Hickory County, Missouri, August 28, 1856, Rev. Adkisson of the Methodist Church officiating.
Thomas W. L., born March 11, 1859.
Mary A., born January 31, 1662.
Clara I., born April 8, 1864.
John F., born September 15, 1866, died November 22, 1906.
Landrine R. S., born December 22, 1868, died December 18, 1882.

LEVI BENTON IHRIG, eldest son of George and Jane Ihrig, was born near Avery, Missouri, on November 26, 1869, and passed away October 5, 1954, at the age of 84 years and 10 months.
On April 13, 1887, he was united in marriage to Mary A. Breshears, who preceded him in death October 2, 1947 in the sixtieth year of their married life.
Mr. Ihrig served as pastor of the Spring Branch Church of the Brethren near Avery, Missouri, for thirty years. At the same time, he farmed and operated a general merchandise
-page 339-
store. Throughout the years, he kept an active interest in the Spring Branch activities through a continuing correspondence with many of its members.
He retired from the active ministry when he moved in 1919 to McPherson, Kansas, where he operated a grocery store and worked as a salesman until 1939.
He and his wife participated in the “Cherokee Strip Opening” and proved up a claim near Guthrie, Oklahoma. This and other adventures of his life as a pioneer gave him a wide fund of experiences which he enjoyed sharing with those about him. The Ihrigs were the parents of six children of whom one daughter, Mrs. Loren Sibley, of Topeka, survives. For the past several years, Mr. Ihrig has made his home with his daughter and family.
Other survivors of the immediate family include two brothers, L. V. Ihrig, of Wheatland, Missouri, and Joe Ihrig of Modesto, California; a sister, Mrs. John Rash, also of Modesto, California; three grandchildren, Mrs. Donald Gamet of Prairie Village, Kansas; Royce Fleming, a teacher in the Topeka Public Schools, and Gerry Sibley of the home; three great-grandchildren, Marilyn, Carleton and Kathy Gamet of Prairie Village.
His friends, who knew him as “Bentie” or “Grandpa,” as well as his own family, will remember his industrious nature, his love for children, his faith in humanity, his interest in and concern for his church, and the fact that an unkind word spoken about another was unknown to him.

PETER IHRIG, born in 1818, was among those who were in the gold rush to California in 1849. He returned to Indiana, then to Hickory County, Arkansas, and later to the Coos County region of Oregon. He died there in 1886 aged near 68 years. He married Elizabeth Tombaugh, born April 9, 1822, daughter of George and Susanna Tombaugh, in 1840. She died in Fruitdale, Alabama in 1895. There were ten children in this family: Clementine, Valentine, John B., Susanna, George, Joel, Elizabeth, Nancy J., Mary A., and Frank. No this was obtained on these children except that of John B. lhrig.

JOHN B. IHRIG was born in 1843 and died January 11, 1893. He married Mary Cordelia Condley, born 1846, died December 12, 1909, daughter of Elisha T. and Elizabeth Beck-Condley. Ten children were born in this family:
-page 340-
1. Fannie Ihrig, born July 13, 1862, died 1883, married Homer Noland.
11. Florence Noland
1. Mary E. Ihrig, born January 14, 1866, died March 25, 1950, married William W. Graves, born November 4, 1853, died June 13, 1913.
21. Jessie Lillian Graves, born February 11, 1889, married to Roscoe Bliss, born December 8, 1888, died August 12, 1947.
211. William Henry Bliss, born September 17, 1909, married to Dorothy ----. No children.
22. Grace Graves, born June 29, 1890, married to Monte Robertson, born September 11, 1888, died December, 1968.
221. William Graves Robertson, born April 12, 1917, died July 11, 1943, in World War II.
222. Monte Robert Robertson, born September 11, 1924, married June 19, 1948, to Marie Amelia Hildebrand, born February 7, 1927.
2221. Monte Robert Robertson, born May 25,1951.
2222. Grace Marie Robertson, born October 21, 1952.
2223. Sue Ann Robertson, born February 6, 1857.
23. Genevieve Graves, born August 9, 1894, married June 5, 1916, to Floyd Robertson, born February 25, 1894. (Genevieve died April 25, 1970)
231. Roberta Robertson, born July 7, 1918, married to Shelby P. Sharp, born January 30, 1917,
2311. Flora Gene Sharp, born March 15, 1941, married March 9, 1965, to Gary Washburn.
23111. Mark Washburn, born January 25, 1967.
21112. Michelle Washburn, born January 25, 1967.
-page 341-
2312. Thomas Shelby Sharp, born November 23, 1945.
2313, Elizabeth Ann Sharp, born March 11, 1950, married October 12, 1967,to Ewing Wright.
2314. Robert Walker Sharp, born November 30, 1952.
3. John T. Ihrig, born March 13, 1868, died February 16, 1954, married Grace Holmes, born September 4, 1871, died June 22, 1942.
31. Infant boy, died at birth.
32. Infant boy, died at birth.
4. Benton M, Ihrig, born March 23, 1870, now deceased, married to Elizabeth Crawford.
41. Olive Ihrig
42. Nadine Ihrig
43. Waverly Ihrig
44. Basil Ihrig
45. Avis Ihrig
46. Zona Ihrig
5. William Luther Ihrig, born August 12, 1872, died April 4, 1955, married to Minnie Bell Dent, born June 18, 1871, now deceased.
51. Bernice Ihrig, born January 9, 1896, married to Clive Hartnett, born October 17, 1897.
511. Myron Hartnett, born May 22, 1921, married to Virginia Lee Hutchinson, born June 13, 1922.
5111. Ann Hartnett, born September 6, 1949.
52. Wendell Ihrig, born November 25, 1897, died June 19, 1953, married to Rosalie Selvidge, born November 14, 1903. No children.
53. Marita Ihrig, born February 20, 1906, married January 31, 1931, to Bert Hickman, born January 31, ---.
531. Gloria Jean Hickman, born November 22, 1943, married August 15, 1964, to Ritchie Quentin Scott, born August 16, 1942. No children.
-page 342-
6. Ada Ihrig, born May 12, 1875, now deceased, married to Monroe Thompson.
61. Buel Thompson 62. Margie Thompson 63. Cecil Thompson 64. Earl Thompson
7. Hattie B. Ihrig, born January 25, 1878, now deceased, married to Fred White.
71. Jewel White, married to Travers.
8. Herman L. Ihrig, born June 9, 1881, married August 12. 1906, to Cora Edith Shelby, born November 24, 1884, died August 29, 1936.
81. Harold Ihrig, born June 8, 1907.
82. Kathleen Ihrig, born January 12, 1909, married to Ed Adams.
83. Lloyd Ihrig, born February 13, 1917, died of accidental electrocution.
84. Kenneth Ihrig, born October 7, 1918, married.
9. Homer Graves Ihrig, born February 21, 1883, married October 4, 1905, to Margaret Esther Kugler, born December 11, 1881; died June 29, 1967. Homer re-married May 9, 1969, to Mrs. Della D. Yeater, born April 1, 1900.
91. Anna Lane Ihrig, born May 7, 1906, married April 2, 1926, to Theodore Eitel Apolius.
911. James Allen Apolius, born October 24, 1929, is married, and has children.
92. Wilbert Kugler Ihrig, born June 7, 1907, died February 11, 1908.
93. Infant boy, born October 7, 1908, died December 4, 1908.
94. Lillian Margaritte Ihrig, born July 18, 1912, married March 10, 1930, to William Henry Stark, born April 6, 1911.
941. Barbara Jean Stark, born November 24, 1930.
942. Collene Genevieve Stark, born August 29, 1933.
-page 343-
943. Janet Margaritte Stark, born July 25, 1934.
944. Charles Daniel Stark, born October 25, 1941.
945. David Lee Stark, born July 13, 1944.
95. Mary Elizabeth Ihrig, born July 15, 1913, married March 5, 1931, to Harold Fenwick.
951. Gerald Fenwick, born December 7, 1933.
952. Harold Dean Fenwick, born July 5, 1936.
953. Carol Lea Fenwick, born July 1, 1942.
96. Viola Genevieve Ihrig, born October 27, 1918, married December 31, 1936 to Wayne Bullock, born December 30, 1914.
961. Noel Ward Bullock, born August 2, 1939, married April 6, 1958, to Kareim Bohnsen, born September 23, 1439.
9611. Scott Wayne Bullock, born August 11, 1966.
97. Wilma Kathryn Ihrig, born August 11, 1923, married March 20, 1943, to Alfred Alex. Blaue, born December 29, 1921.
971. John W. Blaue, born January 10, 1947.
972. Ronald W. Blaue, born June 17, 1948.
973. Thomas A. Blaue, born November 19, 1949.
974. Robert S. Blaue, born August 2, 1951.
1A. Buel Byron Ihrig, born December 19, 1887, married August 8, 1909, to Lela Pearl Goodman, born August 17, 1890.
1A1. Angel Pearl Ihrig, born September 11, 1910, married January 23, 1941, to William Kahrs Reynolds, born May 2, 1908.
1A11. Linda Kay Reynolds, born December 28, 1941, married October 27, 1961, to George H. Turner, born October 28, 1941.
1A111. Susan Kimberley Turner, born January 14, 1966.
1A112. Jon Christopher Turner, born September 28, 1968,
1A12, Michele DeAnn Reynolds, born September
-page 344-
1943, married June 6, 19651 to Leslie Wayne Scott, born November 17, 1943.
1A121. Michael Wayne Scott, born September 25, 1967.

WILLIAM R. JORDAN was born in Middle, Tennessee May 16, 1836, came to Missouri in 1860, and was married to Sarah A. Breshears, a widow, whose maiden name was Jordan, October 14, 1861. She was born July 11, 1832, and died June, 1896. William R. died February 20, 1901.
Nancy Jane, born May 15, 1862, married Lewis W. Butler, December 1, 1905.
Mary E., born February 3, 1864, married George C. Bartshe, February 26, 1888.
Marshal L., born September 26, 1866, died October 13, 1894.
Emma Mabel, born January 29, 1868, married William Thornton, September 24, 1892; he died in November, 1894, and she married Mayler Tockey, September 3, 1905.
John W., born October 13, 1869, married Gussie Pitts, December 10, 1891.
Shandy A., born April 28, 1873, married Rosa Breshears, September 20, 1896.
William A., born July 18, 1871, married Lou Cook-Compton, December 25, 1901.
Terry L., born November 14, 1876, married Norma Gardner, July 28, 1895.

JOHN KUGLER was born April 22, 1849 and died February 6, 1937; he was married March 30, 1875, to Mary Elizabeth Ort, who was born November 26, 1855, and died August 30, 1926.
Mary Karoline, born February 4, 1876.
John Peter, born September 5, 1877.
William Godfred, born July 29, 1879.
Margaret Esther, born December 11, 1881.
Anna Elizabeth, born March 20, 1884.
Otto Ferdinand, born March 17, 1886.
George Albert, born February 17, 1888.
Henry Ort, born February 8, 1890.
-page 345-

PHILLIP H. LACEY was born in Alabama, January 15, 1823, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, August 27, 1881. Martha J. Nowell, born in Hickory County, Missouri, June 8, 1829, married Phillip H. Lacey, May 8, 1845 and died in Hickory County, Missouri, October 29, 1885.
A. Clark, born April 26, 1846, married Clara Davis.
John W., born September 25, 1848, married Nannie Stewart.
E. Jane, born August 16, 1851, married John DeWitt.
Aurelius L., born February 26, 1854, married Mary E. Whitaker, July 28, 1881.
Phillip S., born July 26, 1856, married Lula Biddle.
Ethan H., born March 21, 1859, married Ida Harland.
Frances, born September 26, 1861, died February 17, 1862.
Martha J., born March 11, 1863, married John Ellis Marton, November 25, 1880.
Sarah Rebecca, born March 2, 1866, married William H. Gardner, February 28, 1884.
Clara E., born August 14, 1871, married James Williams, December 27, 1896.
Maud, born February 22, 1873, married Asa G. Goodman, December 15, 1889.

WILLIAM H. LIGGETT was born in Guernsey County, Ohio March 14, 1831, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, December 20, 1901, and is buried in the cemetery near Hermitage, which was deeded by him for the benefit of the town and vicinity. Mr. Liggett’s father, William Liggett, was born in Pennsylvania, October 5, 1795, and died in Ohio July 4, 1874. The mother, Nancy Vincent-Liggett, also was born in Pennsylvania February 9, 1797, and died in September, 1851,in Ohio. They married in their native state and became the parents of eight children. The grandfather of William H. Liggett, Alexander Liggett, was born in Pennsylvania, October 4, 1775, and died in his native state in 1866. The grandmother, Isabella McCoy-Liggett, was born September 19, 1771, and died in 1841 in her native state. They were married January 5, 1795. Mr. Liggett was a teacher in the schools of Iowa and Missouri up to the Civil War. In the spring of 1859 he was married in Benton County, Missouri, to Miss Louera E. Heath, and moved to his farm in Section 17, Township 37, Range 20, about three- fourths of a mile north of the Thomas S. Morgan old farm. From that place he removed to Hermitage, where John H. McCaslin and wife now live, in June, 1862. To the union of William H. Liggett and Louera E. Heath were born:
-page 346-
Alexander C., who died in Hermitage at the age of seven years.
Minnie, the wife of S. A. Jackson.
Ida M., who died at the age of twenty years.
Eva I., wife of J. B. Crowley, Cashier of the Hickory County Bank.
Henry Paxton, President of the Hickory County Bank.
Ernest Cuthbert, who now resides at El Dorado Springs, Missouri.
Louera E., the mother, died in Wheatland, Missouri December 28, 1901, and was buried in the Hermitage Cemetery. A further history of Judge Liggett and his official history from 1862 to 1901 is found in the history of the county and with the towns of Hermitage and Wheatland.

AMOS LINDSEY was born in South Carolina, December 25, 1786. He was the first child of Abraham Lindsey, who was an officer in the Continental Army in the War of the Revolution. While a young man, Amos emigrated to Virginia, where he was married to Mary Madison in 1810. They removed to Butler County, Kentucky, where all their children were born, eight boys and two girls. In the year 1834 they removed to Winchester, Illinois and came to Missouri in 1837, settling on the “Fifteen Mile Prairie,” where he died. When he made his settlement there were only five families on or about the prairie. As will be seen elsewhere, he was a member of the first county court of this county. He had previously been sheriff of Butler County, Kentucky for two or three terms. The first child born to Mr. Lindsey and wife was Irene, who became the wife of Jacob A. Romans, and was born October 21, 1811, and died in Hickory County, Missouri August 7, 1889, after raising two daughters, one of whom married Ben F. Simmons, and the other Rufus B. Green. Anthony W. was born September 14, 1814, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, June 9, 1890. He had a fair education, was a great reader, and perhaps knew more of the history of the world and its people, and of the history of his own country, than any other man who has ever lived in the county.
James and Abraham, twins, were born May 21, 1817. Abraham died January 28, 1894, and James died October 1, 1903. Both raised families and died in Hickory County, Missouri.
Nancy, the Wife of George W. Hayes, was born April 20, 1820, raised a family and died in Hickory County, Missouri, February 4, 1893.
Amos F., born January 16, 1823, died in Hickory County, Missouri when about twenty-eight years of age,
-page 347-
Lycurgus, born November 8, 1825, is now living on his farm about four miles southeast of Preston. Further mention of him will be found with our reference to the War of 1861-65.
Alfred, born June 23, 1828, has raised a family, lived in Preston and been Postmaster and kept store the greater part of the time since late in 1866. Thomas was born September 6, 1831, and raised a family and died April 23, 1903 in Dallas County, Missouri, within half a mile of his father's old residence in Hickory County, John J., the youngest one of the family, was born April 2, 1834, has raised a family on the farm where he now resides about a mile south of Preston.
The old father, Amos, died June 24, 1875, and his wife, Mary Madison-Lindsey, died in 1868.

JAMES LINDSEY, a son of Amos Lindsey and Mary Madison-Lindsey, was born in Butler County, Kentucky May 21, 1817, and died in Hickory County, Missouri October 1,1903. Cynthia Jones-Lindsey was born in Tennessee December 11, 1818 and died in Hickory County, Missouri. She was the daughter of G. W. Jones and wife, and wife of James Lindsey. They were married March 18, 1841. G. W. Jones, the father of Cynthia, removed from Tennessee in the year 1828 and settled on the Lebanon and Tuscumbia road, about eight miles north of Lebanon, Missouri, on lands that were known twenty years ago as the John Bohannon farm. Later, Mr. Jones moved to Hickory County and settled on Little Niangua, on what is known as the John Mabary old farm, where John N. Mabary now lives. It is believed that James Lindsey and Cynthia Jones were married at that place.
Mary Ellen, wife of James Cossairt, born March 26, 1842.
Ester A., wife of Herod M. Holt„ was born May 19, 1844.
Leonidas, born January 9, 1847, died April 24, 1893.
George W., born September 10, 1849.
Amos F., born January 19, 1852.
Abraham L., born January 19, 1855.
Irene, Widow of John A. Wesner, born October 28, 1857.
Estella Grant, wife of Livingston Miles, born April 22, 1860.

LYCURGUS LINDSEY, son of Amos and Mary Madison-Lindsey, was born in Butler County, Kentucky, November 8, 1825. Mrs. Lucy Tobey- Lindsey was born near Madison,
-page 348-
Indiana, December 2, 1833, and was married to Lycurgus Lindsey January 16, 1851. She was a daughter of Samuel Tobey and Lucy Wheeler-Tobey.
Cynthia, born February 1, 1852, married John T. Pendleton and died, leaving one child, a girl, Neva, who married George W. Lightner, Jr.
Mary E., born December 27, 1853, married Benjamin F. Creed, and died, leaving two boys, Raymond R. Creed, who married Etta Lord, and Thornton Creed who married Maud True.
Josephine, born December 11, 1855, married Luther Johnson Slavens, has a family and lives at Aztec, New Mexico. Emma, born February 3, 1858, married James S. Thurston, has a family and resides at Aztec, New Mexico.
Matilda, born May 26, 1860, married William Franklin Coon, has a family and resides in Hermitage, Missouri.
Laura L., was born April 30, 1864, married Dr. John W. White, who died, has three children; married a second time, obtained a divorce and now lives in Pueblo, Colorado.
Eugene T., born September 8, 1871, married Pearl Turk of Polk County, Missouri, and has a family, resides in Hermitage, Missouri, and is Collector of the Revenue. More extended information about the father, Lycurgus Lindsey, is given elsewhere in this volume.

ALFRED LINDSEY was born in Butler County, Kentucky June 21, 1828. He is a son of Amos and Mary Madison-Lindsey. He came to Missouri with his parents and other members of the family in the spring of 1838 and lived with his parents until the Civil War came on in 1861, then joined the Missouri Home Guards that were organized under orders from Gen. Nathaniel Lyon of the United States Regular Army, and served until the Home Guards were disbanded, December 20, 1861, at Jefferson City, Missouri. He then enlisted in Company "B," 8th Regiment M.S.M., and served until honor-ably discharged March, 1863, went to Illinois in June, 1863, and remained there until May, 1864, when he came home and lay out in the woods and outbuildings most of the time until the Civil War was over in 1865. He was married to Ruth C. Humphrey at Buffalo, Missouri November 26, 1866. She was born February 17, 1842.
Theodore, born July 25, 1867.
-page 349-
Son, born February 23, 1869, not named.
Elnora and Victoria, born February 13, 1870; Elnora died August 18, 1870.
Florence, born November 29, 1871.
Leona, born January 28, 1875.
Cora, born August 8, 1877.
Minnie, born March 10, 1879, died March 15, 1879.
Son and daughter, born July 22, 1880, the daughter died July 22, 1880 and the son died July 28, 1880.

THOMAS LINDSEY was born September 6, 1831 and married Mary Jane Simmons, October 14, 1866, died April 23, 1903. Mary Jane Simmons was born October 24, 1839.
Lycurgus Franklin, born October 3, 1867.
Mary Elizabeth, born March 19, 1869, married to C. C. Lightner, September 4, 1892; they have three girls.
Victor Marshall, born November 2, 1870, married Bettie Hayes September 4, 1895; she died May 10, 1896, and he married Edna Crump, June 9, 1897 and they have two boys.
John Sheridan, born May 19, 1872.
Lorena Vane, born February 18, 1874.
Sarah Margaret, born July 5, 1876.
Amos, born November 8, 1878, married Ida Pitts, February 4, 1902.
David Philip, born November 30, 1880, married Winnie Morgan December 3, 1906.
Leona Blanche, born June 4, 1884.

JOHN I. LINDSEY was born in Butler County, Kentucky, April 2, 1834, married August 15, 1869, to Mary W, Wright, a daughter of Edward F. Wright and Melissa Kelley-Wright, who was born in Perry County. Illinois December 10, 1850.
Lucilla M., born June 10, 1870, married William J. Edde, January 3, 1894.
Viola B., born August 9, 1872, died December 1, 1875.
Flora B., born October 21, 1874, married William Tankesly, October 18, 1891.
Lillian E., born November 12, 1877, married George W. Helms November 23, 1896.
Alfred H., born January 25, 1880.
-page 350-
Charles E., born March 14, 1882, married Iva Pope, December 17, 1905.
Preston B., born March 11, 1885.
Mary L., born March 10, 1887.
Earl R., born September 4, 1889.

EDWARD F. WRIGHT, father of Mrs. John J. Lindsey, was born in RawLeigh, North Carolina August 6, 1806, died in Perry County, Illinois April 2, 1856. He was married to Melissa A. Kelley in Henrico County, Virginia, February 2, 1832. To this union nine children were born, only two of whom are living: Levin B. Wright and Mary W. Lindsey. The wife of Edward F. was born in Chesterfield County, Virginia August 2, 1810, moved with her three children, James H., Levin B., and Mary W., from Perry County, Illinois to Hickory County, Missouri January 2, 1866, where she died February 14, 1878.

ABRAHAM LINDSEY was born May 21, 1817, married first to Cynthia A., who was born April 22, 1821 and died August 12, 1844. He re-married to Dorcas M. Wisdom-Runnels, who was born December 5, 1823, May 4, 1847; she died October 1, 1886. Abraham Lindsey died January 28, 1894.
James F., born December 28, 1842.
Virginia T., born March 10, 1848.
Francis and Amos, born November 15, 1849; Amos died August 12, 1851.
Anthony W., born September 27, 1852.
William J., born August 9, 1854, died September 10, 1880.
Cynthia A., born October 20, 1857.
Emily M., born October 7, 1858, died October 30, 1886.
Thomas L., born November 7, 1860, died February 10, 1880.
Jessie F., born May 7, 1865, died November 28, 1879.

JOHN MAHARY was born in Tennessee March 1, 1816, but was principally raised in Clinton County, Illinois. Sarah Dalton, wife of John Mabary, was born in Tennessee March 17, 1815. They were married in Clinton County, Illinois May 15, 1834.
-page 351-
William Jasper, born on Black River in southeast Missouri March 13, 1835, married Elizabeth Ann Payne, daughter of James Payne, in Polk County, Missouri, January 1, 1867.
Syntha, born in Henry County, Missouri January 24, 1837, died in September, 1837.
Sarah Ann, born December 12, 1838, married George W, Rains, widower.
John Newton, born January 3, 1841 in Hickory County, Missouri, married Ruby.
George Washington, born in Hickory County, Missouri January 3, 1843, married Louise Rains.
Francis Marion, born in Hickory County, Missouri November 6, 1844, married Dulcena Parks.
Mary Jane, born in Hickory County, Missouri July 6, 1847, married George C. Dunn.
Andrew Jackson, born February 9, 1849, died September 10, 1866.
Frances Caroline, born in Hickory County, Missouri October 5, 1850, married Ambrose Ruby.
John, the father, died July 23, 1863; Sarah, the mother, died April 15, 1875. John Mabary was a strong man of great common sense, but with a limited education. An inspection of the dates of entry, selections of tracts of land entered by him in Sections 20, 21, 22 and 26, Township 37, Range 21, and Sections 25 and 26, Township 37, Range 20, attest his great common sense in the selection of farm lands and timber.

WILLIAM JASPER MABARY was born on Black River in southeast Missouri, March 13, 1835. Elizabeth Ann Payne, wife of William Jasper Mabary, born August 19, 1848. They were married in Polk County, Missouri January 1, 1867.
Henrietta, born August 19, 1868, married William Stewart, April 19, 1893.
Robert H., born November 30, 1870, married Lucy Stewart, December 27, 1893.
Florence, born February 5, 1874, single.
Effie E., born March 5, 1876, married Wright Oliver February 21, 1897.
Fannie, born November 8, 1880, married Everett Simmons in April, 1897,
-page 352-

BEN L. MALLONEE was born in Baltimore, Maryland January 20, 1848, and came to Missouri in 1867 and was married to Lucy Kendall October 11, 1867, a daughter of Edward J. Kendall, who was born in Morgan County, Illinois, August 12, 1850. Ben L. was the youngest boy in the family of seven children born to John A. and Rachel Lym-Mallonee, who were born near Annapolis and Baltimore, Maryland in 1790 and 1814 respectively, and died in Baltimore in 1860 and 1862, respectively. The grandfather, John Mallonee, was a soldier in the Continental Army and died at the age of ninety-eight years.
Len G., born September 2, 1870, at Pittsburg, Missouri, married Atha Creed, September 29, 1901.
Clara L., born January 21, 1873 and died in October, 1878.
Fannie M., born October 18, 1876, married February 6, 1898 and died May 15, 1899.
Lou K., born September 15, 1880, married Arthur Davis, March 7, 1901.
Rachel L., born July 27, 1883 at Pittsburg, Missouri.
Victorine D., born April 18, 1886, at Pittsburg, Missouri.
Edward K. and Ben L., Jr., were born May 20, 1889, at Pittsburg, Missouri.

William Mashburn and Sally Mashburn, his wife, with their children, came to what is now Hickory County, from Kentucky in 1841. They both died in Hickory County, Missouri, William in 1847 and Sally in 1873.
Charity, born in North Carolina, February 13, 1807.
Turner, born in North Carolina, January 1, 1809.
Jordan, born in North Carolina, June 15, 1810.
Martha, born in Kentucky, December 5, 1817.
Emanuel, born in Kentucky, January 1, 1820.
John Jackson, born in Kentucky February 11, 1822.
William, born in Kentucky September 22, 1829.
Turner was the father of James H. and Thomas C, Mashburn of Humansville, Missouri.
-page 353-
Jordan was the father of Benjamin F., Andrew J,. Henry C., Thomas J., and Irvin.
Emanuel was the father of George W., John H., William Turner and Columbus A.
John Jackson raised no family.
William, the youngest son, married Jane Pitts and they have no children; he now owns and resides on the farm that his father, William Mashburn, settled in 1841.

WILLIAM McCAIN was born April 9, 1828, married Mary C. More, January 12, 1851. She was born October 22, 1831. William died October 27, 1897.
Tennessee J., born March 23, 1852.
William A., born June 24, 1854, married Lucy A. Eidson, February 10, 1878.
Sarah E., born November 22, 1856, married L. C. Sheriff, May 20, 1875, died July 21, 1883.
James F., born February 14, 1859, married Mahala Wilson, April 13, 1880.
Henry R., born April 9, 1862, married Sarah E. Curnutt, February 9, 1880.
Eliza H., born October 2, 1865.

HENRY McCASLIN was born October 14, 1817, died in Hickory County, Missouri May 12, 1894. Rachel Parker-McCaslin was born December 8, 1819 died November 1, 1880, in Hickory County, Missouri. Henry McCaslin and Rachel Parker were married in March, 1835 and came from Tennessee to Missouri in 1852 and settled in Hickory County.
Margarett Jane, born in Tennessee May 14, 1837, married
James C. Forshe in August, 1853.
Mahala Catherine, born in Tennessee December 3, 1835, died January 2, 1836.
Sarah Ann, born in Tennessee December 27, 1840, died in Hickory County, Missouri May 11, 1854.
William Logan, born January 7, 1842 in Tennessee and married Eliza Ann Lewis, January 22, 1865, is now Judge of the county court.
Mary Elizabeth, born October 11, 1844 in Tennessee, married to William D. Hiblack, in Hickory County, Missouri December 15, 1864 and died August 13, 1881.
-page 354-
Amanda Caroline, born September 17, 1846 in Tennessee, married Benjamin J. Gott, November 16, 1865, and lives near Springfield, Missouri. Daniel McKindre, born in Tennessee September 8, 1849. James Henry, born in Tennessee August 1, 1852, died Sept-ember 14, 1852. Nancy Angeline, born in Hickory County, Missouri March 30, 1853, married Montgomery Knott March 22, 1874 and is now a widow. Rachel Manerva, born September 1, 1856, died October 11, 1857. John Henry, born in Hickory County, Missouri October 15, 1858, married Ida F, Dent May 7, 1882, who died September 13, 1905, leaving the following children: Gertrude A., born April 29, 1883; Ethel May born May 18, 1886; and Harry D., born August 6, 1891. Mr. McCaslin is Cashier of the Citizens Bank of Hermitage, Missouri. Alice Evalena, born in Hickory County, Missouri November 28, 1862, married Benjamin Naffziger March 2, 1879 and is now deceased.

The earliest accurate information received about this family is that Robert McCracken, a full blooded Scotchman, who lived and died in Scotland, was the father of two sons and a daughter who came to America sometime in the eighteenth century before the War of the Revolution. Names of these children of Robert were: Joseph, John L., and Elizabeth Ann. Joseph settled in New York, and John settled in Maryland. Joseph was a Colonel in the Continental Army and John L. was a non-commissioned officer. The descendants of Joseph and Elizabeth Ann, if they left any, are lost to the McCrackens of Hickory, Polk and Green counties. The latter are the descendants of John L. McCracken who settled in Maryland. He had six children: John, Robert, James, Ephraim, Thomas and Sarah. Some of these children are believed to have been born in Scotland, but Thomas was born in Maryland, and it was he and his children who came to southwest Missouri. Thomas and his family moved from Maryland to North Carolina and settled in Rowan County. From there, the children scattered. Sarah married a man named Warthan and went to Indiana. Where the other children went, except Thomas McCracken, is not known by the McCrackens here. Thomas McCracken, fifth son of John L., was born February 26, 1778. He was married in North Carolina about 1805 to Elizabeth Holmes, a girl of pure Irish blood. He
-page 355-
moved with his wife to Williamson County, Tennessee, where their children were all born -- ten sons and three daughters in the following order: John Little, August 9, 1808; Robert Holmes, December 26, 1809; Samuel, March 30, 1811; Nathaniel, October 17, 1813; James, September 28, 1815, Miles, September 11, 1817; Doctor T., August 7, 1819; Ephraim, May 17, 1821; Albert G., January 28, 1823; Nancy M., April 17, 1828; and Joseph Carroll, April 15, 1830. The following is a sketch of all these children of Thomas McCracken, who came to Missouri in the years 1838 to 1842: John Little, married Elvira McMinn in Tennessee, and moved to Greene County, Missouri, about 1840. They had nine children as follows: Calvin, Matilda, who married a man named Turner and went to Texas; Emily, who married William Riggs and lived in Springfield, Missouri; Albert, who married and went to Arkansas; John, who married Jennie Jarrett; Elvira and Eliza.
John Little McCracken, father, died in Greene County, near Springfield, Missouri, about 1878. Robert Holmes and Samuel McCracken came to Hickory County in 1837 or 1838 and Robert Holmes entered land in Section 27, Township 36, Range 23, October 22, 1838; this entry and another in the same section by William Metcalf being of the same date were the first land entries in what is now Hickory County. Robert Holmes married Clarissa Richardson, and they lived, raised a family, and died on the land he first entered. To their union were born ten children as follows: Thomas A., John T., Christopher C., Saina, Martha 0., Robert P,, Richard M., Nancy, Cicero, and Nettie. Of these, John T., Cicero, and Saina are dead. The others live in Hickory County, except Nettie, the wife of F. F. Yoast, who lives in Polk County.
Samuel McCracken married Elizabeth Owens, and to them were born eight children as follows: Joseph C., Margaret, Lafayette, Jerome B., Paris, Louisa, Samuel and Leonidas. Samuel, the father, died of measles in 1855, and his widow lived on the farm where her husband had first settled in 1838 and raised the family. After the Civil War, she, two sons, and a daughter moved to Texas. Joseph C., Lafayette, and Margaret are dead. Jerome B. lives in Hickory County.
Nathaniel came to what is now Hickory County in 1842. He married Arrissa Cates of Polk County, Missouri, and he, as well as his brothers, Robert Holmes and Samuel, opened up his farm, clearing and fencing his land with a rail fence, building a
-page 356-
log house with "clapboard" roof, "puncheon" floor, limestone chimney and "batten" doors. He and his good wife died at the old place. He died December 24, 1897, at the age of 84 years. To them were born eleven children as follows: James N., Ransom C., Emily, I. G., Robewrt A., Henry, Thomas J., Edith, McClellan, John R., and Julia. These children are scattered in the southwest. Emily and Julia are dead, and Ransom C. and Thomas J. reside in Hickory County, Missouri.
James McCracken came to Hickory County, Missouri in 1840, from Tennessee, and entered land in Section 2, Township 35, Range 23. He afterwards married Ann B. Douglas of Polk County, Missouri, and lived in Bolivar, where to him and his wife were born three children: William Thomas Jewett, Albert J., and Intha Ann. The father, James, died of measles in Bolivar, February 4, 1852; also, the daughter, Intha Ann, died there about the same time. William T. J. improved the lands his father entered in Hickory County after the Civil War in which he served in Company "C," 8th Regiment M.S.M., and lived on the farm until after he was elected Sheriff of Hickory County at the November election, 1880. He was Sheriff and Collector of the county and resided in Hermitage until 1891, when he was appointed Register of the United States Land Office at Boonville, Missouri. He moved with his family to Boonville, where he resided until October, 1893, and then came to Cross Timbers, where he took stock in and assisted in organizing the Bank of Cross Timbers and was its first cashier, in which position he remained until 1896, when he removed to Warrensburg, and remained there until 1903, a year or so of the time coming to Hickory County and acting as Assistant Cashier of the Hermitage Bank. In August, 1903, he accepted a position in the bank of Humansville, and is now cashier of that bank and resides with his family in Humansville. Albert J. resides in Bolivar. Miles McCracken died at the home of his brother, Robert Holmes, in 1865. Doctor T. died in Polk County, Missouri, February 8, 1852; Ephraim died near Rondo in Polk County, July 6, 1898; Albert G. died in Greene County, September 28, 1878; Joseph Carroll resides in Polk County near Rondo, where his father, Thomas, settled in 1842. The father, Thomas, died on the farm January 26, 1859, and the mother, Elizabeth, died September 6, 1870. Joseph Carroll was married to Mary F. Bodine, of Hickory County, who was born September 13, 1837, on October 21, 1856, and to them were born children as follows: Henry Clay, Marcus A., Charles C., Marcellus Belle, Theopilus P., William T., Sherman, L. C., wife of John E. Kendall, Virginia F., and Martha F.
-page 357-
WILLIAM MONTGOMERY, father of John J. Montgomery, and grandfather of John William Montgomery, present Prosecuting Attorney of Hickory County, was born in North Carolina August 17, 1797, and his wife, Nancy Ballou-Montgomery, was born in April, 1800. William Montgomery and his son, John J., went to the state of California in 1850, and William died there October 8, 1853. Nancy, his wife, died in Dallas County, Missouri, February 23, 1S54. William Montgomery came to Missouri from Tennessee and settled on the Gasconade River in what is now Pulaski County, Missouri, in 1817, and moved to what is now Camden County, on Little Niangua, about two miles east of what is now the northeast corner of Hickory County, in 1829, and settled what was known several years ago as the Hugh Allison-Drenon place, about four miles below where Fritz Muller now owns a large tract of land, In 1829 or 1830, John Stark settled near the mouth of Stark Creek, and Reason Jones settled what was once known as the James P. Huffman place, in the Niangua bottom, now a part of the Fritz Muller tract of land about 1834. Wash Jones settled the Elias Cook old place in 1830, in Section 24, Township 37, Range 20, and included in his claim some of the John Mabary land, now owned by John Newton Mabary. William Montgomery moved with his family in 1831 to the farm now owned by John J. Montgomery, on Little Niangua, about one mile east of the southeast corner of Section 36, Township 37, Range 20, and his son, John J., has resided there except about four years he was in California, and a few years he was in Texas, until about three years ago, when he came to live with his son in Hermitage. In 1831, Joseph Hayes, who came from North Carolina with William Montgomery, lived on what is now the John M. Pippin place in Section 31, Township 37, Range 19. Judge Mitchell Ross settled on Niangua below the Pippin place in 1832. Joseph Hayes was the father of George W. Hayes, who married Nancy Lindsey, and died about 1875, on a farm on Little Niangua about a mile above Almon. Wash Young settled the place where George W. Hayes died in the early 30's. In 1838-39, William Montgomery settled a place further south than his farm on Little Niangua. It was on "Four Mile Prairie." He moved to it in 1840 and it was from there that he went to California.
Uncle John J. Montgomery recites some amusing stories of early days in Missouri. In 1833, one of William Montgomery's daughters, Elizabeth Ann, was visiting with friends and relatives down near where the family had first settled on the Gasconade River, and became engaged to marry a young man named John West. There was some difficulty down there about consent of the parent, William Montgomery, or a Minister or Justice of
-page 358-
the Peace to solemnize the marriage, so they, with several friends, set out on horseback and came up to where the parents lived. There was no trouble about the consent, but there was no Minister or Justice of the Peace over there on Little Niangua, so they sent over into Benton (now Hickory) County to get a Justice of the Peace. But the difficulty was not yet settled, for the Justice of the Peace, when he came, didn't think that he was authorized to marry people outside of Benton County, so the bride and groom and friends and relatives came over into Benton County, as far as the farm recently owned by William C. Pippin, on what is called the "Pippin Hollow", and on the Pippin old farm, under a large white oak tree, among the woods and tall grass, John West and Elizabeth Ann Montgomery, were joined together in matrimony by the Benton County "Squire," whose name was Riddle, in his own county. Jonathan Dennis and family lived on that hollow at the time. The married couple went back down into the Gasconade country, but moved back in a year or two near William Montgomery's place. The children of William and Nancy Ballou-Montgomery were: Robert Carroll, John J., (now living at Hermitage), David M., Thomas J. B., Elizabeth Ann (West), Ruth Amina (Jones), Margaret Evaline (Davis), Charity Caroline (Pointer), Nancy Emeline (Lakey).

JOHN J. MONTGOMERY, born May 26,1826. Julia W. Clark, born December 12, 1836. John J. Montgomery and Julia W. Clark were married December 11, 1856.
John William, born October 23, 1857.
Gilford Waldo, born April 17, 1861.
Alley Virginia, born September 2, 1869.
Some rather old documents and papers exhibited to the writer of this book by John I. Montgomery. Exact copies:
We the subscribers do join ourselves in wolf hunt compeny for which we appoint William Montgomery Esqr. as our Stock-holder upon the underwritten condition, each subscriber Shall put up in Stock two Dollars and for want of cash he Shall put in his note due Wm. Montgomery or bearer or his successor in office, we therefore agree that any Subscriber who Shall kill a wolf panther or wild cat Shall for each wolf have one dollar
-page 359-
out of the joint fund and for each panther two dollars and for each wild cat fifty cents it is also understood that if any Subscribers servent child or printice shall kill any of the above named animals it shall be as valad as he had killed them hisself provided they may not have been penned previous to the partyes becoming a subscriber each subscriber who puts in his note Shall have that for pay first pro-ded it may not be drawn out first before he claims it for a scalp, we therefore do agree to meet at the house of Wm. Gilasaby on the first day of January next to prove our scalps and draw money for them for which we make Montgomery the Sole Judge and authorize him to prevent fraudulance and Should there not be a sufficient number of scalps produced to draw all they money out of they bank at they first meeting we do agree to continue of from time to time under such rules as a Majority of may agree in testimony whereof we sign our names Sept. 16, 1825.
Wm. Morrison $2.00
Henry Q. Johnson
Jonathan Cain Note
Isaac N. Davis $2.00
John Coursey
Daley Williams $2
William Baker
Jacob Anderson
G. Henson Notes
Wm. Gillaspy 2
Joseph Turpin $2.00
George Dull
John Flanssiger $2.00
Wm. Montgomery $2.00
Thomas G. Wilson Paid
Elias Williams 2
Dear Father and Mother
I have taken the opportunity of informing you that Elizabeth Ann and myself are well at present. I received information by Mr. Ross that you and your Family was in the same state of health. Elizabeth Ann have been sick five or six days - part of the time verry sick, Mrs. Stark and Mirarn is now sick and has been dangerous, but are both better. Mrs. Stark is mending as fast as could be expected Miram is still dwindling, have Feavors every knight - and Primus have also been sick - the circumstances have kept us from coming at the time we expected and circumstances have occurred that deprives us of going for some time we have taken a notion of going to my Fathers first, depending sickness induces us to do so, the Sickness is depending in my brother-in-laws family Mr. Wherry that if we dont do so we cant until the first of September, and I could not
-page 360-
get back in time to take as much Fodder as I want. I would be glad you could delay coming until we return if you have no particular business and if you have come on and we will be out as soon as we come back we shall start about the 26th of the present instance and will aim to be back a little better three weeks which will be about the 24th or 4th of August.
I Am Yours & C
John West
Sealed with wax, without envelope and addressed William Montgomery, Little Niangua, Mo. Favor Per Mr. Ross.
William H. Ashley
Lieutenant Governor of Missouri, and exercising the Powers of Governor.
To all who shall see these presents -Greeting, Know Ye, That whereas the County Court for the County of Gasconade, in the state of Missouri, have nominated and appointed William Montgomery a Justice of the Peace, for the Township of Cullen in the county of Gasconade, Now Therefore, I do hereby commission the said William Montgomery a Justice of the Peace for the county and township aforesaid, and do authorize and empower him to discharge the duties of said office, according to law: To Have and to Hold the said office, with all the powers, privileges and emoluments, to the same of right pertaining unto him the said William Montgomery for four years, unless sooner removed according to law.
In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the Great Seal of the State of Missouri to be affixed.
Done at St. Charles, this Eighth day of June A.D. 1824, and on the forty Eighth year of the Independence of the United States.
By the Governor, William H. Ashley
Wm. G. Pettus
(LS) Secretary of State.

THE MORGANS—Mary Scott, mother-in-law of Achilles Morgan, was born June 10, 1755, and died November 10, 1842, aged 87 years, 10 months, and 2 days. Achilles Morgan, father of Thomas Scott Morgan, was born July 18, 1772, and died January 20, 1860, aged 87 years, 6 months, and 2 days. Achilles Morgan was born in Virginia.
-page 361-
Susannah Morgan, wife of Achilles Morgan and mother of Thomas Scott Morgan, was born September 28, 1772, and died September 16, 1851, aged 78 years, 11 months, and 18 days. Thomas Scott Morgan was born in Monongalia County, Virginia, July 3, 1808, came to Illinois in 1820, and lived there until 1857, when he came to Missouri and settled three miles east of Preston, where he died July 23,1869. He was a lieutenant in the Black Hawk War. He was a miller by trade and assisted in the erection of the first steam mill in Vermilion County, Illinois. In the early days, he shipped flour down the Wabash River to the Ohio, down that to the Mississippi to New Orleans. This was in the days of flat boats. Very shortly before the commencement of the Civil War, Mr. Morgan bought the machinery for a steam mill from the Donnell people, who had erected the first steam mill in the county, where the Cross Timbers mill now stands. He moved this machinery to a point about half a mile north of where the Morgan old residence stands, three miles east of Preston, and there erected a steam mill, which he later moved to a point about half a mile northeast, down in a hollow, where he ran a distillery.

THOMAS S. MORGAN was born July 3, 1808, and died July 23, 1869, while serving as President of the county court of this county. Brooky Kyger, first wife of Thomas S. Morgan, was born August 17, 1817, and died May 8, 1852. Thomas S. Morgan and Brooky Kyger were married February 20, 1834.
CHILDREN, first marriage
Sylvester was born March 12, 1835, and now lives near Danville, Illinois.
William S., born December 6, 1837, died December 9, 1852.
Levi, born August 7, 1841, married, and lives in Kansas.
Achilles, born August 27, 1843, has been Judge of the county court, and resides two and a half miles east of Preston.
Eliza S., born October 24, 1845, died April l, 1847. John, born January 2, 1848, resides two and a half miles east of Preston.
Caroline, born in 1850, died when about six months old. Mary, born April 28, 1852, died September 6, 1852.
Thomas S. Morgan and Pheby Ann Lightner were married August 29, 1852, Pheby Ann Lightner-Morgan was born February 27, 1827, and died November 18, 1892.
-page 362-
CHILDREN, second marriage
Nancy Elizabeth, wife of Russell G. Pendleton, was born July 21, 1853.
Sarafine, wife of William Padgett, was born February 2, 1855.
Cynthia Ann, wife of Washington F. Reser, was born February 9, 1857.
Susannah, wife of Matt J. Orr, was born February 1, 1859.
Thomas D., was born December l, 1860, died Mary 5, 1862.
Liberty M., was born January l, 1864.
Martha, born February 21, 1866, died March 8, 1866..
Jesse L., born October 11, 1867, died September 5,1888.

ACHILLES MORGAN was born August 27, 1843. Samantha Hires-Morgan was born February 16, 1839. Achilles Morgan and Samantha Hires were married December 31, 1871. Both had been previously married-he to Nancy Dollarhide, daughter of William Dollarhide, and she to Joseph Wilson Hires, the son of Lewis Hires, who died in the United States Army during the Civil War. James H. Hires, son of Samantha L., by former marriage, was born August 16, 1862, and married Inda James, December 23, 1886.
Nancy E., born December 22, 1872, married John A. Johnson, November 29, 1891.
Thomas W., born October 8, 1874, married April 28, 1918, to Odessa Walker, born August 5, 1892.
Cora E., born October 9, 1877, married Dr. George C. Losey, November 6, 1907.

THOMAS W. MORGAN was born October 8, 1874, married Odessa Walker, born August 5, 1892, on April 28, 1918. Thomas W. Morgan died February 21, 196l.
Thomas Clifford, born March 4, 1919, married May 28, 1949, to Elizabeth Jean Nelson, born May 7, 1926. They had children named Kathryn Louise, born September 24, 1952, and Thomas Dee, born February 16, 1956.
Odessa Mae, born April 28, 1920, married November 19, 1938, to Oscar F. Lindstrom. They had children named Wade, born September 24, 1942; Sandra Carol, born August 27,
-page 363-
1944, married June 1, 1963, to Donald Paul Thomas, and their children are Edward Paul, born March 2, 1964, Frederick Lee, born July 10, 1965, and Juanita Marie, born April 10, 1969.
George Dee, born January 1, 1927, died January 6, 1927
Evelyn B., born June 26, 1928, married July 27, 1945, to William Charles Hart, born December 2, 1921. They had children named Joyce Ann, born September 29, 1948, married June 25, 1967, to John E. Frazen, and they have one child named Carolyn Dianne, born July 29, 1968; William C., Jr., born March 28, 1952; Anita Marlene, born November 17, 1955; Melvin Leroy, born November 29, 1957; Darla Dianne, born September 13, 1960; Judith Jean, born December 5, 1962; and John Marc, born March 23, 1967.

JOHN MORGAN was born January 2, 1848. Matilda Lain was born July 27, 1851, married John Morgan, January 4, 1872.
Cynthia Elnora, born December 5, 1872.
Lyman, born August 1, 1874.
Raymond, born July 15, 1878.
Rachel Elvora, born January 10, 1881.
Arthur, born January 10, 1886.
Ethan, born September 12, 1888.
Thomas S., born June 29, 1891.
Ora Ellen, born May 18, 1894.

JOHN H. MORGAN, a grandson of Judge Thomas S. Morgan, and son of Sylvester, was born July 14, 1858, married Nancy Jane Wilson, September 23, 1882, by Charles Kroff, Justice of the Peace. Nancy Jane Wilson-Morgan was born in Miller County, Missouri, November 8, 1861.
Otto H., born November 28, 1883, single.
Olin T., born February 23, 1886, married Edna Nease, March 17, 1907.
Jessie, born October 13, 1888, married Elmer Earsom, October 28, 1906.

THE MARCUS WALKER FAMILY (Parents of Odessa Walker-Morgan)
-page 364-
Marcus Walker, born September 17, 1867, died June 19, 1920, married August 16, 1891, to Mary Alice Sapp, born February 16, 1871, died January 4, 1915. They had children named Odessa, born August 5, 1892, married April 28,1918, to Thomas Wilson Morgan, born October 8, 1874; Odus, born March 18, 1894, married Vesta Dillon; Ina, born January 16, 1896, died March 11, 1966, married Roscoe Walker; Crissie, born May 10, 1898, died April 15, 1962, married first to Harry Johnson, and second to Addison Urie; Harry, born February 19, 1901, died September 3, 1950, married Rosie Lee Rowe; Lester, born October 19, 1903; Velma Eugenia, born July 7, 1906, died February 13, 1951, married Bernie Carter; Kenneth, born April 19, 1912, died May 1, 1912; and Vernon, born August 10, 1913, married Erma Lynch.

ALEXANDER MURPHY was born in Pennsylvania in 1802, removed to Ohio, thence to Randolph County, Indiana, in 1849. He died in the early 50's in Indiana. Mr. Murphy married Eliza Quigg of the “Keystone State” in Wayne County, Ohio, September 8, 1835. After the death of her husband in Indiana, she removed to Hickory County, Missouri, accompanied by her six children: William, John, Elizabeth, George W., Henderson, and Alexander. Eliza, the widow, died in Hickory County, Missouri, February 26, 1897. William was ambushed and killed during the Civil War; Elizabeth married John Kinross and died; George W. has been twice married and now lives about five miles north of Wheatland; John married Sarah Ann Ritchey and died in 1904. Sarah Ann survives him and lives on the farm left her by the husband. William Paul, one of their sons, is now owner and publisher of the Index at Hermitage, Missouri. Henderson died a few years ago in Hickory County, and Prof. Alexander, youngest son of Alexander and Eliza Quigg-Murphy, is somewhere in the mountain states. James S. Ritchey, who was the father of Sarah Ann, wife of John Murphy, was born in Kentucky, March 4, 1820, and came to Hickory County, Missouri, in 1837, and died in St. Claire County, Missouri, in 1874. His wife, Patsy Bradley, was born in North Carolina, August 27, 1819, and came to Missouri in 1838, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, August 28, 1858. They were married in Polk County, Missouri, in 1842. Their children were: Sarah Ann, born April 17, 1845,and Hannah E., born March 4, 1849. Hannah E. is the wife of Joseph W. Cooper who resides on Pomme de Terre River, six miles southwest of Hermitage.

MOSES N. NEIHARDT was born in Williams County, Ohio, January 21, 1847, his parents being Jacob and Anna M.
-page 365-
Neihardt. The father was born in Center County, Pennsylvania, December 17, 1795, and was of German ancestry, and the mother was born in Maryland, December 11, 1807, and was of German ancestry. He and his wife became the parents of eleven children. Moses N. was next to the youngest in the family.
He received an education in the Northeast Indiana Institute at Orland, Indiana. In June, 1863, he enlisted in Company “E”, 86th Regiment of the Ohio Infantry Volunteers, and was discharged October 28th of the same year. He thence commenced to teach school, teaching in the winter and attending school in the summer months. He came to this county in 1866 and followed the occupation of teaching until 1870, when he came to Hermitage and formed a partnership with Amos S. Smith, a lawyer, in the real estate business, and at the same time studied law, and was employed as Deputy County and Circuit Clerk in 1872 by William Q. Paxton, who then held those offices, and continued to hold this position until he was elected to fill those offices in November, 1874. He served eight years. He was admitted to the bar in 1871. He attended to farming, was Deputy Assessor and Deputy County Clerk from January 1, 1883, to January 1, 1887, when he became Judge of the Probate Court, having been elected at the previous November election. He served four years in this office and retired January 1, 1891. He attended to farming and acting as Deputy for the Clerks and collector until November, 1898, when he was elected Clerk of the County Court and served until January 1, 1903. Since that time, he has been Deputy for the Clerks and Collector, but last year, he began traveling for the Samuel Dodsworth Book Company of Leavenworth, Kansas, and is still on the road for them. He knows more about the records and the people of this county for the last thirty-five years than any other man living. He is a Master Mason and belongs to Hermitage Lodge No. 288, A.F. & A.M. He is also a P.G. of Hermitage Lodge No. 670, I.O.O.F. He was married March 26, 1873, to Mary S. Pack, a daughter of Dr. James R. and Rachel Pack of Hermitage. James R. Pack was an eminent physician and died in Hermitage on the 21st day of March, 1901; his wife Rachel is yet living at the old residence in Hermitage. To this union between Mr. Neihardt and Miss Mary S. Pack were born the following children:
Otto K., born October 11, 1878, married Lottie Craig in October, 1904.
Mary Ada, born February 16, 1881, married Henry Sherwood.
Melbem Moses, born May 31, 1885.
-page 366-
The mother died February 10, 1900, in Hermitage, Missouri. Mr. Neihardt was again married to Lizzie S. Dickinson on July 8, 1906. Miss Dickinson was a former schoolmate of Mr. Neihardt and spent most of the time teaching since her girlhood days.

NATHANIEL PAXTON, son of John Paxton, was born in York County, Pennsylvania, February 4, 1769, died in Wayne County, Ohio, October 6, 1849, and was married to Isabella McFarland, October 25, 1792, who was born in Tyrone County, Ireland, February 11, 1774, and came to Wayne County, Ohio, at the age of fifteen years. Well kept family records in Ohio and Missouri attest data of a part of Nathaniel Paxton’s family.
John, born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, January 4, 1794, went to Kosciusko County, Indiana, married and raised a family.
Nathaniel, born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, March 9, 1799, went to Indiana, married a Luce, raised a family, and died.
Hugh, born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, February 15, 1801, went to Ashland County, Ohio, married Nancy Parr, had no children, and died in 1880.
James, born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, March 31, 1803, was a physician, married, and raised a family, and died in Iberia, Morrow County, Ohio, June 24, 1874.
Ann, born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, January 4, 1805, died in Wayne County, Ohio, November 30, 1824, unmarried.
William, born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, April 4, 1807, died in Hickory County, Missouri, in 1862, married
Rebecca Shinnagarger in Wayne County, Ohio, in 1828, and they came to Missouri in 1834.
Hannah, born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, April 22, 1809, died in Morrow County, Ohio, August 8, 1834.
Amos, born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, August 6, 1811, married Rebecca Quigg, who was born near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, October 2, 1819, and came to Hickory County, Missouri, in 1840. He died in 1902, and the wife, Rebecca, died January 11, 1893, about nine years before he died.

WILLIAM PAXTON was the fifth son of Nathaniel and Isabella McFarland-Paxton.
Ethan, born in Wayne County, Ohio, December 31, 1829,
-page 367-
died in Hickory County, Missouri, January 9, 1898, first married Minerva Bennett, and she died; after her death, he married Mary U. Kinross, September 29, 1867. She was born April 24, 1851, in Worcestershire, England.
Hugh, born in Wayne County, Ohio, January 16, 1834, died in Hickory County, Missouri, October 8, 1893, first married Martha J Walker, June 8, 1854. She was born in Wayne County, Ohio, June 11, 1837, and died in Hickory County Missouri, April 1, 1868. On January 2, 1870, he married Paulina Smith, who was born in Anderson County, Illinois, October 12, 1851.
Martha A., born in Wayne County, Ohio, February 16, 1838, unmarried
Almina, born in Hickory County, Missouri, April 3, 1842, married Samuel Dent, July 11, 1860, died recently in Utah.
Amos M., born in Hickory County, Missouri, December 8, 1845, married Hattie Culley-Jenkins, July 27, 1881, died in Wheatland, January 27, 1902.
William J., born in Hickory County, Missouri, September 28, 1849, died in Hickory County, Missouri, June 1, 1875, unmarried.
Lucy D., born in Hickory County, Missouri, ---, married.
John M. Sherman, and died, leaving children.

AMOS PAXTON, son of Nathaniel Paxton.
William Quigg, born in Wayne County, 0hio, September 17, 1837, first married Mary J. Halbert, October 1, 1867, who died September 11, 1868, childless; was married January 11, 1872, to Harriett E. Tillery-Noland, who was born near Knoxvllle, Tennessee, March 2, 1842 He died at Humansville, Missouri, January 20, 1903.
Hugh B., born in Wayne County, Ohio, May 15, 1840, married
Mary F. Babb, in Hickory County, Missouri, in 1867.
John Wesley, born in Hickory County, Missouri, January 6, 1843, married July 12, 1861, to Elmira J. Satterfield, and now lives in Arkansas.
Iri J., born in Hickory County, Missouri, December 12, 1845, married Martha Amelia Duke, August 26, 1869, who was born in Cass County, Indiana, October 1, 1854.
Rebecca J., born in Hickory County, Missouri, January 12, 1849, married Lafayette Bennett, February 6, 1870.
Amos L., born in Hickory County, Missouri, January 8, 1852, unmarried.
Theodore, born in Hickory County, Missouri, January 22, 1856. unmarried.
-page 368-
Eramus M., born in Hickory County, Missouri, January 23, 1858, unmarried.
Cyrus, born in Hickory County, Missouri, January 23, 1862, unmarried.
Walter B., born in Hickory County, Missouri, April 29, 1866, married to Clara Dent, in 1887.

REBECCA J. BENNETT children were born in Hickory County, Missouri.
Omer w., born June 22, 1871; Ora w., born February 16, 1873; Ceborn, born August 23, 1875; Harry, born November 29, 1878; and Ellen O., born March 18, 1881.

ETHAN PAXTON's children, born in Hickory County, Missouri, grandchildren of William Paxton.
Flora L., born March 7, 1870.
Amos A., born November 5, 1871.
John H., born January 13, 1874.
Mary Rebecca, born February 27, 1877.
Jesse W., born November 25, 1879.
Elizabeth J., born September 17, 1883.
Lillie M., born October 19, 1889.

HUGH PAXTON’s children, first marriage:
William Wayne, born April 5, 1855.
Harriett M., born June 11, 1859.
Amaranda, born October 26, 1861.
Ethan W., born March 28, 1864.
Amos A., born August 24, 1866.
CHILDREN, second marriage
John C., born July 19, 1871.
Elmer H., born August 14, 1873, died April 6, 1889.
Laura E., born November 1, 1875.
Lucy A., born December 30, 1877.
Myram B., born December 17, 1879.
Ira Norman, born January 29, 1882.
Oliver M., born March 18, 1884.
Ernest J., born June 4, 1890.

AMOS M. PAXTON’s only child was Maud Cecil, born June 4, 1882, married in 1903, at ElDorado Springs, Missouri, to Slaughter Hall.
-page 369-
WILLIAM QUIGG PAXTON’s children, grandchildren of Amos Paxton.
Harry Landon, born in Hermitage, Missouri, October, 1872, married Julia Smith, September 8, 1893. She was born in Waverly, Iowa, July 4, 1878.
Stella Lee, born in Hermitage, Missouri, March 5, 1874, Married Albert G. Morrison, April 27, 1892.
Ella May, born in Humansville, Missouri, February 1, 1876, married November 5, 1895, to O. J. McLane.
HUGH B. PAXTON’s children, born in Hickory County, Missouri.
Elmer E., born in 1868.
Edward, ---.
Thomas B., ---.
Arthur, ---,
Dorrie, ---.
Ira, A, ---.
Bertha, ---.

JOHN W. PAXTON’s children, born in Hickory County, Missouri.
S., born July 8, 1862, married December 5, 1887, to Lema Crates, killed in June, 1893.
William, born March 5, 1864, married May Blair, July 19, 1888.
Charles P., born June 7, 1867.
Cora G., born November 3, 1869, first married Amos Quigg; second marriage to George T. Millner.
Orton A., born November 30, 1871, married to Mollie Brown, January 8, 1890.
Judson K., born January 8, 1873.
Rosa M., born May 21, 1878.
Robert, born August 16, 1883.
Peter, born April 11, 1885.

IRA J. PAXTON’s children, born in Hickory County, Missouri.
Iris Augustus, born October 21, 1870, married Rev. A. H. Dent, a Baptist minister, has six children.
Rhoda May, born September 30, 1872, married William U. Morton, has three children.
-page 370-
Harvey Amos, born August 19, 1874, married Clara Belle Morton, June 19, 1892, has five children.
Alice Rebecca, born September 14, 1876, married James H. Goodman, January 31, 1892, has four children.
William Holly, born October 19, 1878.
Raymond Arlington, born November 21, 1880, died October 28, 1895.
Cyrus C., born September 9, 1883.
Ada Blanche, born March 6, 1885, married Oscar Rogers.
Ina Fay, born October 24, 1889.
Rena Dell, born November 21, 1891.

WALTER B. PAXTON’s children, all born in Hickory County, Missouri, except the two youngest, who were born in the state of California.
Orpheus Dwight, born February 13, 1888.
Winnie Lee, born September 8, 1889.
Verdie, born March 20, 1891.
Rosa Wave, born December 2, 1892.
L. H., born October 16, 1894.
Walter Hale, born April 12, 1896.
Cyrus T., born December 9, 1898.
Harry Amos, born January 8, 1900.
William Dent, born November 2, 1901.
Margaret, born September 8, 1903.
twins, born November 12, 1906.

SQUIRE L. PINE, born April 12, 1823, married Emeline Parsons, May 23, 1847, who was born February 27,1830.
James A., born August 15, 1849, married Drinda A. Elliott, December 6, 1868, deceased.
Mary E., born September 1, 1853, married William F. Bangle, August 8, 1869.
William R., born April 23, 1855, married Susan C. Elliott, June 28, 1874, deceased.
Matilda A., born July 6, 1858, married James K. Moore.
Adam W., born December 10, 1860, married Maria Edwards, September 30, 1880.

ADAM W. PINE’s children:
Bertha N., born July 10, 1881, married A. C. Bradley, September 30, 1897.
-page 371-
Arthur L., born July 18, 1883, married Olive Hostetler, January 23, 1902.
Susie E., born August 16, 1885, married Max Friedley, December 25, 1902.
Minnie M., born November 2, 1887, married --- Rorer, October 3, 1905.
Bulah M., born February 10, 1894.
Mary E., born July 26, 1896.
Nellie, born October 27, 1903.
Ernest, born March 27, 1906.

JOHN PITTS was born in North Carolina in 1753, moved to Logan County, Kentucky, about the close of the 18th century. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, joined the army in 1777 or 1778. Several of his children came to what is now Hickory County as early as 1840. He was twice married.
Barb, born in 1770, died without children.
Burrell, born in 1772; children: Bamey, Barb, John, Burrell, Thomas, Mary, Annie, Caroline, and Elizabeth.
David, born in 1774; children: John, James, David Brooks, (Polly) Mary Ann, Elizabeth, and Jane.
John, born in 1776; children: Dillard, Mims, John, William (Buck), Giddy, Mary, and Patsy.
William, born in 1780; children: Young, Richard, Milly, Elizabeth, Polly, Sarah, Nancy, and Carroll.
Giddy, born in 1783; children: Carroll, Alvis, Micy, and Andromica.
Mary Henry, born in 1786; children: not known.
Elizabeth, who married Skinner, born in 1794; children: Giddy, Wiley, John, Carroll, Sarah, Marthan, and Marcella.
Miley, who married Dorris, born in 1797; children: Isaac, Nancy, Miley, Jackson, and Piety.
Thompson, born in 1808; children: Martin, Mattison, Green, Young, Logan, and Warren.
Warren, born in 1810; children: Elizabeth, Nancy, Warren, Fountain, and Mary.
Meekin, born in 1812; children: Sophronia, Laura, and Fount M.
Susan, who married Harvey, born in 1815; only child: Bartley.
Nancy, born in 1817; children: Moten, Jonathan, Monica, Manica, Victoria, Elvira, (Gima Alice).
-page 372-
Delaine, who married Ragan, and afterwards married Lawrence; children: John, Lucy, Harriett, Henry C., and Virginia. This record was furnished me by Fount M. Pitts, son of Meekin Pitts, and Meekin Pitts, it will be seen from the family record, was the ninth son of John Pitts, who was born in 1753.

DAVID PITTS, son of John Pitts, who was born in North Carolina, in 1753, was born in Kentucky, October 7, 1774, and died in 1840. Jane Pitts, his wife, was born in South Carolina, June 30, 1878, and died in 1845.
Mary Ann, born August 3, 1809, died in 1860.
Elizabeth, born October l, 1811, died in 1888.
John N., born January 12, 1814, died in 1866.
James G., born March 5, 1816, died in 1851.
William, born November 30, 1818, died in 1820.
David Brooks, born February 8, 1826, died January 17, 1900.
Margaret Jane, wife of William Mashburn, born January 20, 1829.

DAVID BROOKS PITTS was a son of David Pitts, who was born in North Carolina, October 7, 1774, and a grandson of John Pitts, who was born in North Carolina in 1753, and served in the Continental Army in 1777-78. David Brooks was one of the four sons of David Pitts who came to what is now Hickory County, Missouri, as early as 1840. David Brooks was born in Kentucky, February 8, 1826, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, January 17, 1900. Martha A. Creed-Pitts, wife of David Brooks, was a daughter of Gideon and Eusebia Creed, and was born April 29, 1839, and died January 16, 1897. David B. Pitts and Martha A. Creed were married March 23, 1859, by James T. Wheeler, M. G.
CHILDREN born in Hickory County, Missouri
Mary Jane, born August 9, 1860, died October 15, 1861.
William Halleck, born July 11, 1862.
James T., born March 31, 1864, died May 21, 1902, in Kansas.
Lan S., born May 10, 1866.
Jasper C., born January l, 1868.
-page 373-
Margaret E., born November 4, 1870, died October 3, 1901.
Dullie F., born March 8, 1873.

ANDREW J. PITTS, son of Burrell Pitts, born July 4, 1830, came from Mississsippi with his father’s family to what is now Hickory County, Missouri, in 1845, married to Malissa A. Pitts, February 27, 1852. Malissa A. was born January 1, 1838.
Nancy E., born January 17, 1853.
Louisa J., born November 16, 1854.
Sarah A., born July 28, 1856.
William Lafayette, born October 12, 1858.
Christopher C., born November 26, 1861.
Mary C., born April 3, 1864.
Lucy C., born April 26, 1866.
Ulysses G., born February 25, 1868.
Young Albert, born March 23, 1871.
Ida, born August 14, 1879.

JOHN W. QUIGG was born December 29, 1821, first married Hannah Bartshe in Hickory County, Missouri, July 30, 1846. She died September 11, 1855. He married the second time to Lucretia A. Bradley, August 17, 1856; she died February 20, 1900. He died November 11, 1893.
CHILDREN, first marriage
William R., died September 28, 1849.
John W., living, married Sara A. Miller, now deceased.
George A., married Amanda Adams.
Catherine J., married Baley D. Skinner, now living in Oklahoma.
CHILDREN, second marriage
Charles C., married Martha A. Root, living.
Amos T., married Cora G. Paxton; he died.
Perry C., married Sarah A. Head.
Horace D., married Lizzy Cully of Cooper County, Missouri; physician, has represented Cooper County two terms in the Missouri Legislature.
Samuel S., died March 16, 1864.
Ira F., died in November, 1892.
-page 374-
Priscilla L., married John L. Bennett.
Enos S., married Nancy B. Roberts.
James M.
Cora C., born September 22, 1872, married September 29, 1889, to David V. Goodman, born Mary 25, 1867, died May 1, 1950. (Cora C. died February 21, 1967.)
John W. Quigg’s mother was Elizabeth Dasher. His father and mother were both born in Ireland and lived in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The father of John W. died when John W. was a small boy, and the mother married a man by the name of York, and he died, and she came to Missouri with her son in 1840 and died at the residence of Henry C. Butler, May 19, 1849. As will be seen elsewhere, Mr. Quigg was a prominent citizen and official of this county. He was appointed Sheriff and Collector of the county in 1863, which was during the dangerous times of the Civil War, and by subsequent elections, held these positions until January 1, 1869.

JACOB RESER was born May 14, 1799, married Eliza Yeager, and died December 20, 1859. Eliza Yeager was born February 24, 1802, and died February 24, 1901.
Jacob S., born January 21, 1821, married Ann Edde in 1845 or 1846.
Susannah C., born February 11, 1823, married Aaron Darby, July 18, 1837, by Elijah Yeager, M. G.
Mary J., born November 13, 1825, married Robert C. Montgomery, September 18, 1842, by Elijah Yeager, M. G.
Solomon A. L., born September 8, 1828, married Elizabeth Runnells, January 7, 1858.
Annanias B., born November 11, 1830, married Nancy C. Richards, January 13, 1853.
Martha E., born March 14, 1833, married James H. Vaughn, November 2, 1851.
Josiah W., born March 28, 1837, married Elizabeth Cox, date not given.
Jacob Reser, Daniel Darby, Moses Darby, Rev. Elijah F. Yeager, Aaron Darby, and others came to what is now Hickory County in 1838, and settled in the southeast corner of the county in what is now Green Township.

JACOB S. RESER was born January 21, 1821, married Ann Edde in 1845 or 1846, died March 31, 1861. Ann Edde, wife
-page 375-
of Jacob S. Reser, was born February 16, 1819, and died April 25, 1907.
Mary Ann, born January 4, 1847, married Patrick McDowell.
John W., born February 17, 1848, married Abbie Jordan.
Washington F., born November 30, 1849, married Cynthia A. Morgan, June 17, 1877.
Francis Marion, born August 19, 1852, married Sarah Clayton.
Jacob Elijah, born March 30, 1856, married Rachel Stanley.

WASHINGTON F. RESER was a son of Jacob S. Reser and Ann Edde-Reser, born November 30, 1849, married Cynthia A. Morgan, daughter of Thomas S. and Phebe A. Morgan, June 17, 1877. Cynthia A. was born February 9, 1857.
Winer Daughn, born March 3, 1878, died July 30, 1948, married Effa May Cogle, December 3, 1903.
Alto Fair, born September 1, 1879, died July 28, 1880.
Thomas Stevens, born March 6, 1881, died March 17, 1960, married Catherine Shumate, October 11, 1902.
Edna Bulo, born August 8, 1883, married Archie A. Liggett, November 5, 1903.
Washington Ottoway, born February 14, 1885, died August 31, 1936, married first to Mary Elizabeth Hopkins; second, to Mary Martha Wahlens, March 15, 1923.
Fanny Ethel, born February 20, 1887, married Emory Howard Gist, August 8, 1906.
Horace Preston, born April 12, 1889, died January 20, 1858, married Lazora D. Nevins, October 3, 1916.
Tincy May, born March 25, 1891, died March 25, 1891.
Mabel Bell, born January 26, 1893, married Seth Thomas Cogle, February 12, 1911.
Marshall Otho, born November 16, 1895, died January 14, 1898.
Floyd Estes, born March 31, 1898, died September 2, 1898.
Otis Morgan, born January 27, 1900, died January 20, 1965, married Ella Gertrude Wolf.

PLEASANT E. ROBBINS was born July 20, 1836, in Hawkins County, Tennessee, and moved to Missouri in the autumn of 1853. Lucinda Holt was born in Cannon County, Tennessee, March 6, 1839, and came with her parents, Herod and Lucinda Holt, to Missouri in 1840. Pleasant E. Robbins and Lucinda
-page 376-
Holt were married in Ozark County, Missouri, October 7, 1860.
James Houston, born December, 1861, married Emma Giffin, December 13, 1885.
Stephen H., born November 11, 1863, died January 1, 1864.
James Houston, born December, 1861, married Emma Giffin, December 13, 1885.
Stephen H., born November 11, 1863, died January 1, 1864.
Lucinda M., born March 20, 1865, married William Giffin, September 15, 1886.
Nancy A., born October 18, 1866, died November 7, 1869.
Margaret C., born March 24, 1868, married Thomas S. Hall, November 1, 1885, died November 19, 1892.
Hansel P., born April 7, 1869, married Nora Harbor, January 31, 1892.
Aaron W., born June 22, 1870, died May 19, 1880.
Fielden E., born December 15, 1871.
Abram A., born February 11, 1873, married Analee Jones, December 22, 1895.
John C., born March 4, 1874, married Ellen Grizzell, January 3, 1897, and died May 21, 1901.
Francis M., born November 9, 1875, died December 19, 1875.
Ester E., born November 9, 1876, married Henry Johnson.
Rachel P., born in May, 1878.
William W., born December 16, 1881, married Cora L. Owsley, January 21, 1904.
All of the members living reside in Hickory County.

JAMES A. ROBERTSON was born in Washington County, Missouri, November 11, 1818; Mary Jane Robertson was born in Kentucky, March 12, 1825. They were married in St. Francois County, Missouri, November 3, 1844.
William J., born July 23, 1845.
Mary E., born December 1, 1846, died January 12, 1847.
Nancy J., born April 10, 1848.
Willis G., born December 10, 1850.
Richard M., born November 29, 1854.
-page 377-
Paulina C., born January 12, 1856.
Robert H., born November 14, 1857.
James M., born January 12, 1860.
Martha E., born October 11, 1863.
John W., born May 4, 1865.
Cora, born June 6, 1866, died February 3, 1867.

JOHN POWELL ROGERS, a prominent pioneer of this county, was born in North Carolina, October 13, 1812, entered land on Little Weaubleau Creek in 1839, and died there February 18, 1876. Nancy B. Owens-Rogers, wife of John Powell Rogers, was born in Simpson County, Kentucky, in 1824, was united in marriage with John Powell Rogers in Hickory County, Missouri, in 1840, and is living at the age of 82 years.
Emily, born January 26, 1844, married John G. Crutsinger, January 22, 1859.
Richard D., born January 8, 1849, has been married twice.
Mary, born February 24, 1852, married Owen W. Butler, October 28, 1866, and raised a family.
Pleasant J., born March 20, 1855, married Nancy C. Dent, daughter of Ephraim and Frances Halbert-Dent, March 15, 1876.
Nancy M., born June 18, 1860, married William D. Harryman, December 19, 1876.
Celia, born December 16, 1868, married Albert H. Doerman, March 11, 1888.

PLEASANT JASPER ROGERS, born in Hickory County, Missouri, March 20, 1855, married March 15,1876, to Nancy Celina Dent, born November 15, 1856.
Harry H., born May 24, 1877, died December 31, 1957, married Anna Holmes Johnston, born August 17, 1881. No children; however, reared a niece, Rowena Johnston, who married Lucian Morrison.
Ola, born October 21, 1878, married Lou Mcshane, January 26, 1900. One child, Neil.
Cyrus S., born August 26, 1880, died (no data). Never married. Was a Christian Science Practitioner.
Dot, born August 5, 1882, married Tommy Halbert. Had two children: Lee and Avis.
-page 378-
Oscar L., born February 25, 1884, married Blanche Paxton. Children were Kenneth and Lenore.
Nancy Fannie, born November 28, 1887, married H. J. Shands. One child, Helen, who married Fred Casler; they have three daughters.
John, born April 4, 1890, married. One child, John, Jr.
Albert H., born ---, married Alena Brawner. Children are Dorothy Jane and Albert, Jr.
Homer, born October 9, 1894, married Edith Chapman. One child, Harriet Anne, who married Franklin Nichols. They have one daughter.
Leslie, born April 20, 1897, married. No children.
Logan, born October 1, 1901, died early in life.
Biography of Harry H. Rogers (1877 to 1957)
Harry H. Rogers, eldest son of P. J. Rogers, was born on a farm near Wheatland, Hickory County, Missouri, and died in San Antonio, Texas, December 3, 1957. He attended the Public Schools of Hickory County and later M.S.T.C., Warrensburg, Missouri. He married Anna H. Johnston, June 26, 1901. He served as teacher and Superintendent of Schools in Hickory County prior to 1900. He taught in the Osceola Public Schools from 1900 to 1903, during which time he studied law under the direction of a prominent lawyer in Osceola. After being admitted to the bar in Missouri, he moved to Wewoka (Indian Territory), Oklahoma, in 1903, and continued as an attorney until 1913, when he moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and became counsel for and associate of McFarlin, Chapman, Harwell, Barnard, and McFar1in, in their farm, ranch, and oil operations. He also established a reputation as an authority on Indian Land titles and was President of the Oklahoma Bar Association.
In 1920, he moved to San Antonio, Texas, and became active in many business endeavors. In 1938, Mr. Rogers returned to Tulsa to become President of the Exchange National Bank, now the National Bank of Tulsa, and remained in that position until 1932, when he resigned and returned to San Antonio, Texas. During the time he lived in Oklahoma, he was a member of the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma and was a member of the Board of Trustees of Phillips University, Enid, Oklahoma. While in Texas, he served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, and several years as Chairman of the San Antonio Independent School District Board. A new San Antonio school building was named for him.
-page 379-
Mr. Rogers was a 33rd Degree Mason and was an active leader in the fraternal order for a number of years. He was also an active member of several civic organizations as follows:
1. President of Tulsa Chamber of Commerce
2. Rotary Club of San Antonio - president in 1922
Director of Rotary International, 1926
President of Rotary International, 1926-27
Attended Convention of Rotary lnternational in Ostend, Belgium, in 1927 and received the Order of the Cross King Albert of Belgium.
His leadership in granting student fellowships and promoting the educational program of Rotary International was, perhaps, his greatest service to the organization.
He was a member of the First Christian Church in Tulsa, and was an active member of the official board, as well as teaching a large Sunday School Class. This same work carried over in San Antonio where he was a member of the Central Christian Church. In 1929, he was elected President of the International Convention of Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ), the first lay member to hold this position. This is the highest honor one can receive from his church.
He served one year as a member of the Oklahoma Legislature. During these years when so many activities and responsibilities required much of his time, he did not forget Hickory County. He kept in touch thru visits and letters and contributed generously to many projects and programs in different schools and churches in the County.
Biography of John Rogers
John Rogers, son of P. J. and Nancy Celina Rogers, and younger brother of Harry H. Rogers, was born in Hickory County, Missouri, on April 4, 1890. Ile attended the Public Schools of Hickory County, but went to Oklahoma in 1908 and received his legal education in the University of Oklahoma, and graduated from the School of Law with Bachelor of Laws degree in early 1914. He was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Oklahoma, United States Supreme Court, and Circuit Court of Appeals, Tenth District. During the years from 1914 to April, 1917, he was Assistant Attorney and Secretary to McMan Oil Company, and later General Attorney for McMan Oil and Gas Company.
-page 380-
In April, 1917, he volunteered for military service and received a commission as First Lieutenant in the Infantry. Later, he was promoted to Captain, and appointed Personnel Adjutant of the 348th Infantry for overseas duty. He served in the A.F.F. about seven months and was honorably discharged March, 1919.
On return from military duties, he resumed his position as Attorney General and Vice-President of McMan Oil and Gas Company until 1950. Thru these years, he also served as general counsel for Chapman-McFarlin-Barnard interests and advisor for other Oil Companies. In 1933, he severed all connections with Superior Oil Corporation, and devoted his entire time to Chapman-McFarlin-Barnard interests. He was Dean of School of Law of the University of Tulsa from 1948 to 1956, a special lecturer from 1943 to 1962. In 1964, he became a member of Board of Home Federal Savings and Loan Association, Tulsa, and also a member of Board of National Bank of Tulsa, and still serves in that capacity.
An article written by a member of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation presents a summation of the civic activities, public positions, and honors accorded to Mr. Rogers.
We quote: John Rogers of Tulsa, well-known attorney and civic leader, will be honored by the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation with a dinner and presentation of his portrait in bronze, Saturday, January 18, 1969, at 6:30 p.m. in Tulsa's Summit Club.
Rogers has served the Foundation in a number of leadership positions since it was chartered in 1946. He has been president of the organization 14 years. Under Rogers’ leadership, the non-profit, non-tax supported research and educational institution has achieved national prominence as a center for the study of incurable diseases and for training of promising young Oklahoma scientists.
Reece McGee, vice president-director of administration for the Foundation, said, “The leadership and interest given to this institution by John Rogers typifies his seemingly tireless desire to help man face a better future in every phase of his existence, particularly in the health and educational fields.” “The stability and productiveness of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation today is a tribute to his devotion, fathomless
-page 381-
energy, and determination that Oklahoma will make major contributions of new knowledge in medicine for the relief of human suffering,” McGee said.
The bronze bust of Rogers is displayed in the lobby of the Foundation at 825 N. E. 13th, Oklahoma City.
Rogers is a partner in the Tulsa law firm of Rogers and Bell. He is listed in “Who's Who in America” and is a member of the Tulsa County, Oklahoma, and American Bar Associations. He is an ABA Fellow, a Research Fellow, and an honorary trustee of the Southwestern Legal Foundation, which last year named him recipient of the Hatton W. Sumners Award.
Rogers is considered one of the prime movers behind educational progress in Oklahoma and for the establishment of high standards of practice in the legal profession. He helped establish Tulsa University Law School and served as Dean from 1948 to 1956.
In 1926, Governor Ed Trapp appointed Rogers to the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma, and in 1941, he helped create and served on the Board of Regents for Higher Education. In total, he has received appointments or commissions from six Oklahoma governors.
Equally well-known for work in his church, Rogers sponsored and taught a class for young adults for 25 years in Tulsa’s First Christian Church. He has served as Chairman of the Official Board and the Board of Elders of the church and on the boards of the United Christian Missionary Society, National Benevolent Association, Disciples of Christ Historical Society, and National Council of Churches.
In 1956, he was elected President of the International Convention of Christian Churches and became one of only two laymen (the other, his brother, Harry H. Rogers) ever to hold the two-million-member denomination’s highest office. He joined a long list of notables when he received a Brotherhood Citation from the National Conference of Christians a Jews.
Rogers served on the Board of Trustees for Tulsa University almost continually from 1926 and is now an honorary board member. He also is a member of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.
-page 382-
One of Rogers’ first thrusts for the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation was when he played a key role at a statewide gathering in Oklahoma City late in 1947 which launched a fund-raising campaign for establishment of the Foundation.
That effort resulted in two million, 100 thousand dollars in pledges from citizens of every county. The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation was born “In the minds, hearts, and pocketbooks of thousands of Oklahomans,” Rogers has said. “It is unique in that respect because no similar organization in the world, to our knowledge, enjoys such a broad base of voluntary support from people at the grass roots level."
Rogers stated, “The Foundation is located in Oklahoma City out of necessity to be close to a major medical center and the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine." “The Foundation, however, belongs to every person in each section of this state. They have a stake in its future. And, it has a stake in their future,” Rogers said.

THOMAS G. RONEY was born in Sumner County, Tennessee, April 8, 1813, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, March 9, 1886. Elizabeth R. Lambeth-Roney was born in Sumner County, Tennessee, May 17, 1819, and died July 24, 1906.
William L., born in Sumner County, Tennessee, September 25, 1832,
Martha A, E., was born in Sumner County, Tennessee, July 11, 1841, and died September 27, 1877, in Hickory County, Missouri.
George H., born in Van Buren County, Iowa, April 10, 1844.
Mariller J., born in Warren County, Illinois, November 16, 1846, and died in Camden County, Missouri, February 29, 1889.
Thomas B., born in Warren County, Illinois, January 11, 1849, and died December 20, 1885, in Arizona.
Mary Caroline, born in Warren County, Illinois, November 30, 1851.
John E., was born in Warren County, Illinois, February 11, 1854, and was drowned August 24, 1857.
Reuben A., born in Warren County, Illinois, May 21, 1856.
-page 383-
James A., was born in Hickory County, Missouri, July 29, 1859.
Ulysses G., born in Hickory County, Missouri, October 10, 1863, and died May 16, 1864.
Martha A. E. was married to William Carroll Drenon, February 9, 1860, and was afterwards married to George W. Woods on September 8, 1876.
William L. was married to Margaret A. Drenon, September 13, 1860, in Hickory County, Missouri, and Margaret A. died April 7, 1864.
Mariller J. was married to John G. Huffman in Hickory County, Missouri, March 8, 1867, and John G. died in May, 1872, at Jefferson City, Missouri. On September 9, 1877.
Mariller J. married G. S. Howard.
Mary Caroline married Daniel B. Huffman, July 4, 1869, in Hickory County, Missouri.
Reuben A. was married to Julia Green, March 10,1887, in Hickory County, Missouri.
James A. was married to Hester A. Thurston, December 23, 1880, and she died November 14, 1884, in Hickory County, Missouri. He married Hester A. Dodd, April 15,1888, in Benton County, Missouri.
Carroll T. Drenon, son of William C. Drenon and Martha A. E. Roney-Drenon, died September 9, 1875.

GEORGE H. RONEY and America England were married March 2, 1865, in Hickory County, Missouri.
Elizabeth A., born December 31, 1865, married Benjamin J. Creach, December 10, 1885.
Lewis S., born March 16, 1867, married Ellen C. Chrisope, March 8, 1880.
Amanda A., born March 24, 1870, married R0bertS. Simmons, May 4, 1890.

THOMAS SANDERS was born in North Carolina in 1808. He was a son of Jacob Sanders, who was of English descent, born in North Carolina. The maiden name of the wife of Jacob was Ailsey High, and she was Irish. Sarah Dark, wife of Thomas Sanders, was also born in 1808, in Christian County, Kentucky. Her father's name was Oliver Dark, and her mother's maiden name was Amey Hayes, and she was Irish.
-page 384-
Jacob Sanders and wife and Oliver Dark and wife all died in Kentucky. Thomas Sanders and Sarah Dark were married in Callaway County, Kentucky, and came to Hickory County, Missouri, December 24, 1853.
Amy Jane first married Henry G. Glenn, and one child of that marriage, Thomas H. Glenn, is now living in Oklahoma. She was married a second time to James G. Johnson, and died, leaving Frances, who married Jesse Stroud and is now a widow; Mary, who married Joseph G. Stroud, and has raised a family; Martha, who married Thomas Jordan; and James and William, twins, of whom James is dead.
Jacob H., born in Kentucky October 13, 1831, married Nancy Robbinson, daughter of Rev. Munford B. Robbinson, February 18, 1857, and they have nine children living as follows: James W.; Mary F., who married L. G. Chaney; Emma, single; William H.; Thomas M.; Alice, who married John S. Williams; Jacob A.; Ellen, who married Estman Dietz; Waidy Marvin.
Mary Elizabeth, who married Ju1ian Calhoun,and died in Kentucky about 1866.
Lydia Ann, who died in infancy.
Sarah J., who married William Drillen, and lives in Denver, Colorado. They have two daughters.
William W., who married Armeade Smith. They have five children living: Etta, who married Charles Pitts, and lives in Aztec, New Mexico; Thomas H., single; and Landrino and Nora who are at home.
Alabama, who married James M. Robbinson. They have three children and live in Oklahoma.
Lucy P. Buenavista and Thomas W. died when small.
Alice, who married a man by the name of Flum; they have three children and live in Colorado.
Missouri F., the youngest, died a few years ago.

ELI COLTER SELBY was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, in 1821, of English parentage. The mother, Nancy Barnhart-Selby, was born in 1821, in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and was of Scotch-German descent. They were married in 1838.
Samuel B., born in 1839, married Josie B. Patterson-Hooper, in 1889. in Hickory County, Missouri. They have
-page 385-
three children: Grace, born in 1892; Maud, born in 1896; and John T., born in 1904. Samuel B. Selby resides one mile south of Preston on the Bolivar road.
George W., born in 1841.
Josephine Selby-Thompson, born in 1844.
Mary K. Selby-Berry, born in 1847.
Agnes, born in 1849.
Lafayette, born in 1851, died in Benton County, Arkansas, in 1889.
Austin, born in 1854.
Lycurgus, born in 1857.
Lewis, born in 1859.
Emma Selby-Mackey, born in 1862.
Seven of the family are dead, part of them dying before the family came to Missouri. The father and son, George W., died from injuries received in the Civil War. The mother died in Hickory County, Missouri.

JOHN SELVIDGE, son of George Selvidge, was born in Monroe County, Tennessee, May 3, 1816, married Lucinda Black, February 15, 1835. They removed to Dade County, Missouri, in 1851, thence to Hickory County, in 1855. Lucinda Black was born in Buncombe County, North Carolina, February 20, 1812, and died September 14, 1872. John was married a second time to Elizabeth Brakebill in October, 1876. He united with the M. E. Church in early life, and in 1855, was licensed to preach, and was ordained an Elder in 1866 or 1867. He studied medicine under Doctors Hurley and Frank and did quite a practice for some time.
CHILDREN, First marriage
Mary C., born December 18, 1835, married William E. Pine in 1860, died April 9, 1900.
Joseph B., born May 22, 1837, married Ann Mactyre in October, 1859, and he died April 24, 1906.
George S., born May 9, 1840, single.
Nancy, born February 12, 1842, died November 21, 1902.
John W., born May 20, 1844, died August 27, 1900.
James S., born March 5, 1846, married Susan J. Kirby in 1870.
Margaret L., born July 9, 1852, married Rev. Henry Threlfall, August 4, 1886, died December 12, 1887.
L. B., born July 27, 1854, married Elizabeth Gardner, November 3, 1882, died January 12, 1906.
Marinda, born August 27, 1857, married J. T. Selvidge, June 14, 1855.
-page 386-
CHILDREN, second marriage
Annie, born April 5, 1878, married Ira R. Thatch. September 26, 1897.

JOSEPH B. SELVIDGE was born in Monroe County, Tennessee, May 22, 1837, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, April 24, 1906. Ann M. Selvidge, wife of Joseph B. Selvidge, was born in Lancaster County, Virginia, March 12, 1838.
J. W., born December 16, 1860.
W. L., born November 26, 1862.
Nancy F., born August 30, 1864, died June 16, 1867.
James O., born December 2, 1866, died August 9, 1869.
A. J., born February 3, 1869.
Ida B., born February 12, 1871.
T. M., born October 9, 1873.
H. W., born May 22, 1876.

WILLIAM S. SNIDOW was born in Virginia, February 3, 1829, and died about three miles southeast of Weaubleau, September 23, 1903. He was a remarkable man in many respects, was a carpenter and farmer, a man of limited education, but represented this county 16 years in the lower house of the Missouri Legislature, and the Senatorial District in which Hickory County was in 1864 in the Missouri Senate for four years, without “even a whisper of wrongdoing” as a legislator. Elizabeth Brown-Snidow was born June 24, 1832 and died March 9, 1906. They were married June 27, 1849. She was a daughter of Abraham Brown.
Margaret J., born July 21, 1850, married April 9, 1891.
James C., born September 21, 1852, married in July, 1902.
Miriam L., born December 3, 1854, married February 6, 1883.
Mary A. W., born March 31, 1857, married November 3, 1877.
Giles L., born in April, 1859, married March 3, 1885.
Laura E., born March 26, 1862, married October 6, 1889.
Annie E., born July 14, 1864.
William S., born September 25, 1866.
Carl S., born January 8, 1869.
John B., born January 3, 1872, married December 18, 1892.
-page 387-
PETER SOLBERG was born November 13, 1844, and died October 6, 1906. Malinda Dennis was born November 22, 1851. Peter Solberg and Malinda Dennis were married January 20, 1872.
William, born January 2, 1873, married Mary J. Haverfield, December 22, 1895, and died November 4, 1898.
Olof L., born May 5, 1875, died June 4, 1875.
Anna, born March 15, 1875.
Christina, born January 28, 1879, married to James Hinkle, January 4, 1897. He died July 14, 1905, leaving two sons.
Nancy, born February 21, 1881, married William Rash, May 4, 1898.
Mary, born June l, 1883, married Robert Lightfoot, October 11, 1899.
James and Moses, twins, born October 1, 1886; Moses died April 20, 1906.
Pearl, born July I0, 1889.

JOHN W. STARK, (date of birth not given), was one of the early pioneers in this section of the country. He settled in what is now the Northeast part of this county, near the mouth of Stark Creek, in 1830, and died there about 1866. John W. Stark and Rachel Casebolt were married November 24, 1828. She was born April 26, 1810, and died November 15, 1830. The only child born of this marriage whose record we have is James C. Stark, born December 6, 1829.

JAMES C. STARK was born December 6, 1829, married Elizabeth J. Walker, December 15, 1850, who was born March 1, 1834. She died February 26, 1886.
Thomas Leroy, born November 16, 1851, married Sabrina C. Howard, June 8, 1875.
Mary Ann, born July 19, 1853, married Joseph H. Pile, August 21, 1870.
John W., born March 11, 1855, married.
Rebecca J., born December 12, 1858, died December 26, 1858.
James Marion, born in March, 1860, married Mary F. Jones, July 1, 1885.
Virginia P., born April 21, 1862, married E. B. Owsley, March 31. 1883.
-page 388-
Susan Caroline, born May 13, 1866.

FREDRICK VANDEMAN and Mary Ann Worley were married in Ohio, November 12, 1840, came to Missouri in 1844, and stayed a while at St. Joseph, Missouri. They went back to Ohio and came back to Missouri in 1865, entered land in Sections 17 and 18, Township 37, Range 22. They settled in Wheatland in 1868 when there was only one store, a blacksmith shop, and shoe shop. Fredrick and Mary Ann Vandeman had eight children.
William, born December 13, 1841, who served in the Union Army in artillery, and died in 1907.
Jane, born July 1, 1843, died October 26, 1844.
Mary Ann, born October 18, 1846.
George W., born September 7, 1848, now lives in Kansas City, Missouri.
Edward M., born August 12, 1850, married Martha Collins, December 8, 1870.
Charles, born September 10, 1852, died May 1, 1902.
Emma, born August 12, 1854, lives in Kansas City, Missouri.
Sussie, born October 3, 1851, lives in Sedalia, Missouri.

SAMUEL C. VAUGHN was born in Kentucky, August 20, 1813. He left Kentucky in 1826 and went to Illinois, afterward coming to Missouri, and was married to Jane Hughes April 27, 1843, in what was then Osage County, Missouri. She was born in Missouri February 7, 1826. They both died in Hickory County, Missouri, Samuel C. on December 4, 1877, and Jane on January 11, 1902.
John C., who died single on October 4, 1864, in the Union Army.
Alexander S., who married Mary E. Boone, and has a family of six boys and two girls.
Lucretia, who married John P. Chaney; they have one daughter.
Nancy E., who married David E. Skaggs.
James, who married Atha Tillery; they have one son and one daughter.
William H., who married Fannie C. Williams; they have five sons and one daughter.
-page 389-
Sherman C. S., who married Maggie Williams; they have three sons and two daughters.
George W., died when about two years old.
Mahala, also died in infancy.

ALEXANDER S. VAUGHN was born February 27, 1848, in Osage County, Missouri, married Mary E. Boone, April 17, 1870, in Polk County, Missouri.
Annie E., married W. T. Palmer, January 1, 1891; they have two sons and two daughters.
George W., married Rosa Lee Remington, October 18, 1895; they have one daughter. He has taught school several years, has been manager of the Akins Store at Humansville, and is now a stockholder in the department store at that place.
S. J., married Rosa Perry of Springfield, Missouri, December 31, 1900; they have one son. He has taught school for several years and is now a teacher in the high school at Springfield, Missouri.
John C., married Mattie Reese, October 23, 1901; they have one son and one daughter, and reside in New Mexico.
W. H., married Mabel Creed, September 6, 1903; they have one daughter. He is teaching in the public schools.
Andrew S., died when about one year old.
Charles O., was a teacher and a farmer.
Elsie J., youngest child, single, at home.

SAMUEL WALKER was born July 5, 1811, and died June 11, 1888. Priscilla Quigg, wife of Samuel Walker, was born September 15, 1815, died December 21, 1881.
George Washington, born March 26, 1837, went to California and married.
Ann Jane, born April 21, 1839, married William Jamison, died very recently.
Mary Elizabeth, born June 5, 1842, unmarried.
Amos P., born October 14, 1844, married Elizabeth Thornton.
Rebecca, born December 5, 1846, married first to Thomas Thornton, second to Eli R. Halbert, January 17, 1887, and third to John P. Finney, now a widow.
Nancy Franklin, born April 13, 1850, married E. D. Blair, April 25, 1872, now a widow.
-page 390-
Henry H., born January 29, 1853, married first Orlena Sherman, October 15, 1874, second to Ida Tilford, April 7, 1881, now a widower.
Martha F., born May 5, 1855, married Eli R. Halbert, December 4, 1873, and died November 15, 1881.
Charles W., born July 24, 1857, married Mary T. Jamison, September 29, 1877.

We have elsewhere the family record of John S. Williams, who was the first Sheriff and Collector, and represented the county in the State Legislature in 1852-56 and 1860, and here we give something of his father and mother. The father and mother, Nathaniel and Elizabeth, were married and lived in Wilson County, Tennessee, and their children were all born there, and the parents died there. The father died suddenly, probably about 1845, and the mother, during the Civil War. The following were the children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Williams: Anderson, Howell, John S., Abraham, William, James D., Robert N., Stephen M., Sally, Polly, Martha, and Harriett. Anderson, Howell, Abraham, Sally, Polly, Martha, and Harriett were never in Missouri. William came here, but went back to Tennessee. John S. and James D. came here about 1840, and Robert N. and Stephen M. both came later. The whole family is now dead.
The children of John S. are named elsewhere in his family record.
The children of James D. were (from memory): Francis M.; Melvina M.; William T., who now resides in California; Nancy, wife of John A. Dickerson, who now resides in Oklahoma; and Dr. Johnson Williams of Weatherford, Oklahoma.
The children of Robert N. were (from Memory): James, Elizabeth, and Dellia, now deceased.
The children of Stephen M. were (from memory): Caroline, wife of William W. Clardy; Mary, who was the wife of Eli R. Calkins, now deceased; Elizabeth, wife of John Bradshaw, who now resides in Oklahoma; James, who now resides in Oklahoma; Robert N., Jr., who now resides in Hickory County.
Robert N. Williams, Sr., was born June 1, 1827, and died April 19, 1904, and his widow, Mary Thurman-Williams, now resides in Hermitage.
-page 391-

JOHN S. WILLIAMS and Charity Davis were married in Wilson County, Tennessee, July 8, 1834; he died in Arkansas, January 22, 1881. John S. Williams was born in Wilson County, Tennessee, April 10, 1810. Charity Davis-Williams, wife of John S. Wi11iams, was born in Wilson County, Tennessee, November 12, 1814, and died November 29, 1853. John S. Williams was the first Sheriff of Hickory County, and afterwards, a member of the lower house of the Missouri Legislature.
Archibald, born in Wilson County, Tennessee, February 28, 1836, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, August 28, 1853.
Nathaniel P., born in Wilson County, Tennessee, February 13, 1838.
The parents, John S. and Charity Williams, moved these two boys from Tennessee in 1841.
Mary E., wife of James Holland, who lives in Arkansas, was born December 6, 1841, in what is now Hickory County, Missouri.
Sarah Ann, wife of Burdette L. Daniel, born in what is now Hickory County, Missouri, August 8, 1843.
James R., born in Hickory County, Missouri, August 11, 1847.
John T., born in Hickory County, Missouri, August 24, 1850.
Caroline I., second wife of John S. Williams, was born December 30, 1830. They were married August 30, 1854, and to this union were born two children: Parallel E., born August 31, 1856, in Hickory County, Missouri; and William T., born December 23, 1859, in Hickory County, Missouri.

NATHANIEL P. WILLIAMS and Tennessee Roberts married in Arkansas, February 13, 1870. She was born in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1847, and died in Wheat1and, Missouri, March 29, 1907.
Charity Ann, born in Hickory County, Missouri, January 8, 1871, died October 13, 1871.
Lucy Bell, born in Hickory County, Missouri, February 9, 1873, died January 13, 1879.
-page 392-
John S., born in Hickory County, Missouri, October 1, 1875, married Alice Sanders.

VIRGIL S. WILLIAMS, son of Benjamin H. Williams, was born March 22, 1837. Ann E. Williams, daughter of E. T. Condley and Elizabeth Beck-Condley, was born December 13, 1839. Ann E. Condley and Virgil S. Williams were married October 28, 1855.
Martha E., born March 28, 1857, married Thomas S. Heath, February 22, 1874.
Elish H., born October 28, 1859, married --- Nease, March 19, 1878.
Mary E., born December 3, 1861, died August 10, 1872.
Thomas M., born February 5, 1864, married June 22, 1884, died Ju1y 14, 1954.
J. J., born July 8, 1866, married February. 1889.
Fannie, born June 23, 1868, married Frank Staup, January 14, 1891.
Eli S., born April 28, 1877, married April 13, 1898.
Scruggs, born November 16, 1880, died November 8, 1887.

LARKIN WILLIAMS was born in Tennessee, January 7, 1807, and married Kathrine -----, who was born March 29, 1806. They moved from east Tennessee in 1838 and settled near Humansville, Missouri, where the husband resided until he died in October, 1881.
The first child, a boy, died in infancy.
Charlotte, new Weir, born June 7, 1830, lives in Cedar County, Missouri.
W. K., born December 2, 1832, lived in Cedar County, Missouri, but is new deceased.
Mathis, born January 14, 1835, died in 1861.
Elijah, born March 4, 1837, lives near Elkton, Missouri.
A11 of the above named children were born in Tennessee; however, those named below were born in Missouri.
Samuel, now of Humansville, born February 16, 1839,
Thomas Y., born April 18, 1841, lives near Elkton.
Susannah, born in July, 1843, died at about three years of age.
-page 393-
George W., who lives near Humansville, born March 17, 1846.

THOMAS Y. WILLIAMS was a son of Larkin and Kathrine Williams, was born April 18, 1841, and remained with his father’s family after he was 21 years of age. He left Hickory County, January 31, 1863, in the Company of William A. Pitts and William L. McCaslin and went to Sedalia, Missouri, left Sedalia on a Missouri Pacific Train and went to Illinois, where, on the second day of October, 1864, he was married to Angeline Duncan.
Charlotte, wife of Isaac N. Owens, born September 12, 1865.
Sarah L., wife of Peter M. Hardy, born September 24, 1867.
Sylvanus, now of Weaubleau, born September 5, 1870.
Kathrin L., now deceased, born September 5, 1873.
Melvin E., born December 12, 1879, lives on Wheatland Prairie.
Della A., born January 27, 1881, died in October, 1881.
The father, Thomas Y., returned to Missouri in 1881 and lived with his children until 1896, when he was married February 27, 1896, to Mrs. Clark of Ray County, Missouri, whose first husband, W. A. Clark, a Virginian, was a Confederate soldier who died in the Federal Prison in Maryland in May, 1864. Mr. Williams and wife now reside near Elkton on Rural Route 1 from Weaubleau, Missouri.

ISAAC D. WILSON (old family name was “Willson”), son of James and Martha Wilson, was born January 15, 1803, probably in North Carolina, and died in Laclede County, Missouri, of pneumonia, December 15, 1855. He was married to Mary E. Wood, who was born May 20, 1808, in Whitley County, Kentucky, near the Cumberland Gap, July 12, 1824. The wife, Mary E., died about 1847 in Miller County, Missouri. It is known that Isaac had four brothers: James, John, Joseph, and Linzy. James died about 1839; John died about 1868; Joseph died about 1875; and Linzy died about 1880. John and Joseph died in Maries County, Missouri, and Linzy probably died in Carroll County, Missouri. Isaac moved with his wife and two boys, James L. and George, to Tennessee, and then came to Callaway County, Missouri, in 1832, and later moved to Miller County, Missouri, probably in 1833, and from there
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to Laclede County, Missouri, about 1849. The children of Isaac D. and Mary E. Wood-Wilson were as follows:
James Love, born September 27, 1825, died in Laclede County, Missouri, about June 20, 1894.
George, born November 4, 1827, died in Hermitage, Missouri, February 13, 1903.
Waid H., born January 25, 1830, died at Joplin, Missouri, in 1904.
John, born March 31, 1837, died in Miller County, Missouri, in 1863.
William Perry, born August 14, 1840, died in Hickory County, Missouri, about 1874.
Alexander, born June 26, 1832, died when small.
Elander M., born February 13, 1834, died when small.
Sarah Ann, who married John Henry, was born September 25, 1835, and died at Joplin, Missouri, about 1873.
Pleasant, born October 23, 1842, and now resides two miles northeast of Preston, Missouri.
David, born March 13, 1845, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, about 1901.
Isaac D., the father, was married a second time to Frances Mayfield-Jones in 1849 in Laclede County, Missouri. She was born March 20, 1817, and to this union, three children were born as follows:
Lucy E., born April 25, 1850, married John Bohannon, and now lives near Richland, Missouri.
Isaac L., born January 4, 1853, died when a boy.
Joseph T., born January 16, 1856, was never married.
During the Civil War, James L. and William Perry served in Company “K”, 47th E.M.M.; George, John, and Pleasant were in Company "B", 10th Mo. Cav. Vols.; Waid H. served in the Confederate Army; and David served in Company “H”, 8th Mo. Cav. Vols.

GEORGE WILSON, born November 4, 1827, in Whitley County, Kentucky, married Eliza J. Jones, a daughter of Hiram Jones and Phalissa Zana Hicks-Jones, in Miller County, Missouri, March 12, 1846, and died February 13, 1903, in Hermitage, Missouri. Eliza Jane Jones was born in McMinn County, Tennessee, July 24, 1827, and died in Hermitage, Missouri, April 29, 1906. Her father, Hiram Jones, died in Miller County, Missouri, in 1867, and her mother, Phalissa Zana Jones, died in Miller County, Missouri, April
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24, 1861. Alter the death of Phalissa Zana, Hiram married Margaret Shelton, and to their union, three children were born, the eldest ost whom was named James Madison. They are probably in Arkansas.
James Madison, born November 30, 1846, only lived a short time.
Francis Marion, born in Miller County, Missouri, January 24, 1848, married Mary E. Alexander, March 28, 1872.
Elizabeth Ann, born in Miller County, Missouri, February 21, 1850, died when about two years old.
William Louis, born in Miller County, Missouri, September 3, 1853, married Sarah Armead Pendleton, April 19, 1877.
Sarah Ellen, born in Miller County, Missouri, July 21, 1855, married Albert Krone.
Mary Phalissa, born in Miller County, Missouri, October 4, 1858, married John F. Brown in 1873, and died in Texas; they have a son, George Wilson Brown, now residing in San Antonio, Texas.
Nancy Jane, born in Miller County, Missouri, November 8, 1861, married John H. Morgan.
John Pleasant, born in Miller County, Missouri, March 22, 1865, married Ella Dorman, April 8, 1888.
Trophena Hardin, born in Hickory County, Missouri., September 22, 1869, married Isaac E. Archer and lives in Pittsburg, Kansas.
George Wilson removed from Miller County, Missouri, to Hickory County, Missouri, in February, 1866, reaching the S. E. 1/4 and S. W. 1/4 and S. W. 1/4 S. E. 1/4 of section 35, Township 38, Range 21, February 26, 1866, which he had bought from Col. Joel B. Halbert in November, 1865. He later traded this land to William Bozarth for land in Section 1, Township 37, Range 21, and lived on that until April, 1884, when he bought of Williamson E. Dorman, the hotel on the east side of the public square in Hermitage, and moved to it.

JAMES LOVE WIISON was born in Whitley County, Kentucky, September 27, 1825, first married Sarah C. Mayfield in Laclede County, Missouri, March 16, 1854. Twin boys were born to them, and they both died when less than a year old. Sarah C., the wife, died February 9, 1855. James L. was married the second time to Nancy Caroline Alexander, January 9, 1862, in Laclede County, Missouri, and she died in Hickory
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County, Missouri, November 22, 1880, and James L. died June 20, 1894, in Laclede County, Missouri. To the union of James L. Wilson and Nancy C. Alexander, the following children were born:
Sarah Jane, born in Miller County, Missouri, May 2, 1863, married E. T. Bayless in Laclede County, Missouri.
George Ewing, born in Miller County, Missouri, June 19, 1865, married Georgia Carter at Maple, Carroll County, Arkansas, March 2, 1899.
John F., born in Miller County, Missouri, March 1,1867, married Flora Tomlinson at Stoutland, Camden County, Missouri, January 17, 1900.
Mary E. born in Laclede County, Missouri, December 12, 1868, married J. E. Brasier.
Louis N., born in Hickory County, Missouri, March 2, 1871, married Cuba Bethurem in Laclede County, Missouri, January 14. 1898.
Margaret Louvena, born in Hickory County, Missouri, May 22, 1873, died in Laclede County, Missouri, July 9, 1897.
Lucy E., born in Hickory County, Missouri, October 5, 1877, married George E. Holman in Laclede County, Missouri, December 27, 1899.

PLEASANT WILSON, son of Isaac D. Wilson and Mary E. Wood-Wilson, was born in Miller County, Missouri, October 23, 1842, married Sophia Hardin Burlingame, daughter of Asa Burlingame in Miller County, Missouri, April 16, 1865. She was born in Morgan County, Ohio, October 19, 1843.
Asa B., born in Miller County, Missouri, March 6,1866, married Martha E. Tankesley in Hickory County, Missouri, February 12, 1888, and to this union were born:
Cora M., born February 10, 1889; Everet B., born September 15, 1890. Martha E., the wife, died January 2, 1892. He was again married, this time to Ruth England of Benton County, Missouri, on April 6, 1898, and to them was born
Issalee A. on April 22, 1900.
George W., born in Laclede County, Missouri, May 31, 1868, married Martha T. Dollarhide, February 14, 1892, and to their union were born: Everet, March 4,1893, died the same day; Zilpha V., born September 21, 1894; Milburn A., born April 7, 1898; Vice S., born October 14, 1900; Celia, born August 11, 1905.
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Effie E., born in Hickory County, Missouri, February 13, 1871, died, unmarried, January 6, 1907;
Eliza J., born in Hickory County, Missouri, May 16, 1873, married Albert N. Tankesley, January 7, 1897, and to their union were born: Melvin G., born November 12, 1897; Euba
M., born November 21, 1899; Ruby E., born May 12,1902;
Alba S., born December 25, 1903.
James P., born August 10, 1876, died January 16, 1877.

F. MARION WILSON was born in Miller County, Missouri, January 24, 1848. Mary E. Alexander was born in Laclede County, Missouri, April 22, 1851. She was a daughter of George E. Alexander and Margaret Ann Tate-Alexander. They were born in Wilson County, Tennessee. F. Marion Wilson and Mary E. Alexander were united in marriage in Laclede County, Missouri, March 28, 1872.
Ulysses Elmer, born in Cross Timbers, Missouri, January 2, 1873, about 4 o’c1ock a.m., married.
EuDora Louera, born in Hermitage, Missouri, March 12, 1875, died October 19, 1878, in Hermitage, Missouri.
Eugenie EuDona, born in Hermitage, Missouri, March 27, 1877, married.
Ennis Ebert, born in Hermitage, Missouri, January 2, 1882, about 11 o’clock a.m.
Vide Vivian, born in Hermitage, Missouri, February 13, 1884.
George Emery, born in Hermitage, Missouri, August 12, 1887.

WILLIAM LOUIS WILSON, son of George Wilson and Eliza J. Wilson, was born in Miller County, Missouri, September 3, 1853, married Sarah Armead Pendleton, a daughter of George L. Pendleton, a Kentuckian, in Hickory County, Missouri, April 19, 1877. She was born in Kentucky, March 1, 1859. The maiden name of her mother was Cole.
Myrtle L., born in Hickory County, Missouri, June 19, 1880, married John W. Harlan near Checotah, Indian Territory, March 20, 1897.
Oral R., born in Hickory County, Missouri, November 22, 1882, married May Thomison near Checotah, Indian Territory, March 10, 1904.
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Russell R., born in Hickory County, Missouri, April 15, 1885. Buel G., born in Hickory County, Missouri, July 16, 1887. George F., born in Hickory County, Missouri, April 15, 1889, and died July 12, 1889.
Mary J., born In Hickory County, Missouri, March 6, 1891.
William H., born in Hickory County, Missouri, February 5, 1893.
Harry H., born in Hickory County, Missouri, October 9, 1896.

JOHN P. WILSON, youngest son of George Wilson, born March 22, 1865, married Ella Dorman, daughter of Oliver L. and Nancy E. Dorman, April 8, 1888. She was born February 7, 1874, in Hermitage, Missouri.
Claudie Vinson, born March 25, 1888, died February 14, 1889.
Curtis Alvin, born January 4, 1890.
Clarence Edward, born August 7, 1893.
Ralph Floyd, born March 13, 1896.
Alta May, born February 2, 1899.
Nannie Elores, born February 27, 1902.
All of the above children were born in Hickory County, Missouri.

ASA WRIGHT was born March 9, 1825, and married Nancy Close. Nancy Close was born December 12, 1831.
James M., born June 24, 1850, married Mary Saylor.
George D., born January 17, 1852, married Elizabeth Haskins.
Ora M., born February 5, 1856.
Sarah E., born November 19, 1859.
William T., born January 9, 1861.
Gabrel, born February 1, 1864.
Fielding H., born April 1, 1866.
Grayson, born February 1, 1868.
Dorcas, born March 6, 1870.
One child born whose name and birth date is not given.

REV. ELIJAH FISHER YEAGER was born July 11, 1804,
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in Washington County, Kentucky, and during his infancy, his parents, Daniel and Susannah, moved to Washington County, Tennessee, where he was married to Hannah Stanfield, March 9, 1826. She was born November 10, 1808, and died September 30, 1839.
Maria Emeline, born January 9, 1827, married William
Harvy Reser, July 15, 1841, died August 22, 1879.
Paulina Jane, born November 4, 1828, married Emanuel Bower, February 18, 1844, died August 26, 1903.
Thomas Franklin, born July 9, 1832, married Mary E. Reser, June 18, 1857, served in the Civil War in the Iowa Infantry, and died May 7, 1900.
Mary Eliza, born September 25, 1836, married May Burtin Wisdom, August 15, 1852, died May 28, 1888.
Hannah Susannah, born September 5, 1838, married Jona White Reser, March 4, 1857, died August 15, 1862.
On March 10, 1840, Elijah, the father, married Bower, and the children born of this marriage were as follows:
Sarah Lovena Elizabeth Fisher, born October 23, 1841, married to Jacob Harrison Bruner, October 21, 1858, died July 4, 1882.
Wilbur Fisk, born October 16, 1843, married Sarah Ruth Glanville, March 25, 1866.
Melvin Merrit, born November 8, 1846, married Eliza Ann Pare, December 15, 1870, died September 12, 1886.
Elijah Fisher, born September 12, 1849, married Hattie A. Morris, May 5, 1872, and she died November 12, 1883; he married Melissa Green, January 8, 1887.
Lucy Caroline, born August 13, 1853, died November 24, 1870.
Henry Bascom, born June 29, 1857, died October 18, 1874,
Margaret Ann, born September 13, 1860, married Basil Elbert Niblack, December 31, 1885.
Louisa Nancy Florena, born March 22, 1863, married Valentine Bonner, September 29, 1901.
In 1828, Elijah F., the father, moved with his family from Tennessee to Illinois and settled in Vermilion County, near River, and in 1838, he moved to Missouri and sett1ed in what is now Hickory County. He was converted and joined the M. E. Church at the age of 23 years and was licensed to preach and was ordained an Elder by Bishop William Capers.
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He was only a local Minister, but was a power in the church and an able and effective preacher. He died April 16, 1885.
Wilbur Fisk is a prominent Minister in the M. E. Church and has been a member of the Conference of that church since 1880. He served in the Civil War in Company “I”, 8th Regiment, Cavalry, Missouri Volunteers, one of the best fighting Regiments that Missouri sent to the field. Melvin Merrit was also in the service of the United States for about six months during this war.

AMASA YEAW was born in Rhode Island on June 6, 1823, came to Missouri in 1857, and died in Hickory County, Missouri, September 21, 1877. Clarissa J. Nichols was born in Rhode Island, February 18, 1824, married Amasa Yeaw in 1845, and died near Cross Timbers, Missouri, January 28, 1907.
Sarah J., widow of Rev. William Jenkins, born in Rhode Island, October 23, 1850.
Edwin H., born in Rhode Island, September 27, 1853, died in Hickory County, Missouri, November 14, 1900.
Henry, born in Wisconsin in 1855, died in 1856.
Annie E., born in Missouri, November 9, 1858, died February 12, 1880.
Emma J., wife of Robert D. Manning, born in Missouri, December 13, 1860.

WILLIAM M. JENKINS, born in Tennessee, December 31, 1839, came to Missouri in 18869, was married to Sarah J. Yeaw in Missouri in 1869.
George W., born in Douglas County, Missouri, July 12, 1870, now Prosecuting Attorney of Ray County, Missouri.
Edwin G., born in Taney County, Missouri, October 3, 1872, now engaged in the Mercantile business in Ray County, Missouri.
Francis Marion, born in Hickory County, Missouri, September 9, 1875, resides in Texas.
Russell H., born in Hickory County, Missouri, February 5, 1878, Principal of Cross Timbers School.
Giles G., born in Hickory County, Missouri, September 24, 1880, a farmer.
Nora J., born in Hickory County, Missouri, September 30, 1883, died August 8, 1884.
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੻††††††瀠⭮✽愠捣畯瑮㨠✠瀫ㅛ⹝畳獢牴湩⡧⤱਻†††††素攠獬⁥੻††††††瀠⭮✽猠瑩❥਻†††††素 ††††⁽汥敳笠 †††††湰㴫‧潨敭㬧 ††††੽†††素ਠ††素 †捽瑡档攨笩੽†慶⁲瑵条摟瑡⁡‽絻਻†瑵条摟瑡⹡慰敧湟浡⁥‽湰਻੽⼼捳楲瑰ਾ猼牣灩⁴祴数∽整瑸樯癡獡牣灩≴ਾ昨湵瑣潩⡮ⱡⱢⱣ⥤⁻慶⁲湥㵶瀧潲❤※牴筹瘠牡搠浯楡‽楷摮睯搮捯浵湥⹴潬慣楴湯栮獯湴浡⹥灳楬⡴⸧⤧※潤慭湩㴠⠠潤慭湩氮湥瑧⁨‾⤲㼠搠浯楡孮崱㨠搠浯楡孮崰※晩⼨潬⽣琮獥⡴潤慭湩