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These pages are where I will attach any photos, birth,death,marriage certificates, tombstone photos, wills, probates, census images and also personal biographies as they are submitted. I will also pull from my huge digital archive of books and family genealogies to add and expand this or other families not currently linked. Thank You for anything you can contribute to help in this new section.

4.1 William Redditt
 sp. Susanna ?- wife
  5.1 John Redditt
   sp. Margaret Ann Lilly - wife
    6.1 Elizabeth Redditt
    6.2 Rachael Redditt
    6.3 Thomas Redditt
    6.4 Josiah Redditt
     sp. Sarah Williams - wife
      7.1 Cynthia M Redditt
      7.2 Asa Redditt
      7.3 Ann Redditt
      7.4 Theophilus Redditt
       sp. Racheal ?- wife
	8.1 William Lytle Bledsoe Redditt
	8.2 Marmaduke D Redditt
	 sp. Sarah Porter Rutledge
	  9.1 Adelia Redditt
	  9.2 Elijah Redditt
	  9.3 Margaret F Redditt
	  9.4 Racheal Redditt
	  9.5 Peter Williams Redditt
	  9.6 Ann L Redditt
	  9.7 James P Redditt
	  9.8 Andrew Jackson Redditt
	   sp1. Augusta E Garrett
	    10.1 Xena Redditt
	    10.2 Lena Redditt
	     sp. John Cothron
	      11.1 Augusta Cothron
            10.3 Sally Louisa Redditt
	     sp. Herbert L Mynatte
	   sp2. Eliza Jane Smith
	    10.1 Annie J Redditt
	    10.2 Andrew Jackson Redditt Jr
	    10.3 Mary Porter Redditt
	     sp. James Harvey Freeman
	      11.1 James Harvey Freeman Jr.
	    10.4 Minerva Catherine Redditt
	     sp. Boyd Kelly Andrews
	    10.5 James Marmaduke Redditt
	     sp. Clara Bertha Vogt
	      11.1 Orlene Camille Redditt
	       sp2. Henry C Schmassman
	       sp1. Charles Edgar Frost
	        12.1 David Charles Frost
		 sp2. Marsha Ann Reigottie
	         sp1. April Ann Harrison
	          13.1 Julianne Louise Frost
	           sp. Steven Henry Solys
	            14.1 Spencer Stepas Solys
	            14.2 Chase Frost Solys
	          13.2 Robin Leigh Frost
		   sp. Scott Edward Bess
		    14.1 Megan Frost Bess
		    14.2 Kelsey Nichole Bess
		    14.3 Erin Marie Bess
		    14.4 Corydon Scott Bess
	        12.2 Marilyn Elaine Frost
	      11.2 James Donald Redditt
	       sp. Ella Kosiek
	        12.1 James Joseph Redditt
		12.2 Elizabeth Carol Redditt
	 	12.3 Laura Le Redditt
	    10.6 William Vincent Redditt
	     sp. Ethel Harper
	  9.9 William L Redditt
        8.3 Starke A.S. Redditt
         sp. Cynthia Williams - wife
          9.1 Matilda Redditt
           sp1 Arthur Armour
           sp2 Amos S Persons
          9.2 Louisa Redditt
           sp. Shadrick W Shivers
            10.1 William James Shivers
             sp. Cynthia Redditt - wife
              11.1- Ann Shivers
               sp. E.B. Keuhn "Kuhn" - husb
                12.1- Ernest Keuhn
                12.2- William Keuhn
                12.3- Vernon Keuhn
              11.2- William James Shivers Jr.
            10.2 Roderick Theophilus Shivers
             sp1. Ella F King - wife1
             sp2. Olivia M King - wife2
              11.1 Melvin Theophilus Shivers
               sp. Lula B Martin - wife
                12.1- Mel Elizabeth Shivers
                 sp. Robert Fletcher - husb
              11.2 Lee Roy Shivers
               sp. Clara Maud Kale - wife
                12.1- Leroy Shivers Jr.
                 sp. Elizabeth Richardson - wife
              11.3 Rufus William Shivers
               sp. Clara Katherine Bromley - wife
                12.1- Rufus William Shivers Jr.
                12.2- Beverly Jane Shivers
                 sp. Robert Boyce Sweeny Sr. - husb
                  13.1- Robert Boyce Sweeny Jr.
                   sp. Leslie Price -wife
                    14.1- Emily Nicole Sweeny
                    14.2- Claire Katherine Sweeny
                  13.2- Katherine Bromley Sweeny
                   sp. Gordon Gary Gregory -husb
                    14.1- Amy Katherine Gregory
                    14.2- Brady Gordon Gregory
                    14.3- Abbey Kate Gregory
                  13.3- William Franklin Sweeny
                   sp. Lisa Lynn Dickson -wife
                    14.1- Mary Katherine Sweeny
                    14.2- Courtney Christian Sweeny
                  13.4- John Elliot Sweeny
                   sp. Carol Keyes
                    14.1- Mary Ryan Sweeny
              11.4 Harry Franklin Shivers
               sp1. Elizabeth Delany - wife -1
                12.1 Dorothy Shivers
                 sp. Warren Leflor - husb
                  13.1- Barbara Leflor
                   sp. Eddie Moran -husb
                  13.2- Buddy Leflor
                12.2 Harry Franklin Shivers jr.
                 sp. Helen Morrow - wife
               sp2. Catherine Anna O'Neill- wife -2
                12.1 Raymon Eugene Shivers
                 sp. Helen Cecilia Maley - wife
                  13.1 Raymon Eugene Shivers Jr.
                  13.2 Daniel Patrick Shivers
                  13.3 Thomas Michael Shivers
                  13.4 Karen Elaine Shivers
                  13.5 Rebecca Shivers
                  13.6 Michael David Shivers
                12.212.2* - Eugene Edward Shivers
                 sp. Mary Katherine Stricklin - wife
                  13.1 John Eugene Shivers (a)
                   sp1. Susie Carter - wife -1
                    14.1 John Carter Shivers Jr.
                   sp2. Wanda Tobey - wife -2
                    14.1 Jennifer Elaine Shivers
                    14.2 Jeaneen Erika Shivers
                    14.3 Jacob Edward Shivers
                  13.2 Janet Marie Shivers
                   sp1. Michael Andrew Osborne - husb -1
                    14.1 Michael Andrew Osborne Jr.
                    14.2 Matthew Adam Osborne
                   sp2. Earl Ayers - husb -2
                  13.3 James Edward Shivers
                   sp1. Carla Renee Stanford - wife -1
                   sp2. Mary Kathleen McNeer - wife -2
                    14.1 Stephanie Diane Arnold
                    14.2 James Edward Shivers Jr.
                    14.3 Christopher Brian Shivers
                    14.4 Catherine Elizabeth Shivers
                    14.5 Mitchell Allen Shivers
                  13.4 Julie Ann Shivers
          9.3 James William Redditt
          9.4 Malvina "Martha" Redditt
          9.5 Theophilus Redditt
          9.6 Greenberry Redditt
          9.7 William R Redditt Sr.
          9.8 Cynthia Redditt
	8.4 Theophilus Redditt Jr.
	8.5 Sally Redditt
	 sp ? Armstrong
	8.6 William Redditt
      7.5 William Redditt
      7.6 Sarah Redditt
      7.7 Josiah Redditt Jr.
      7.8 Aquilla Redditt
      7.9 David Redditt
       sp. Mildred J Moore
        8.1 Harriet Adeline Redditt
        8.2 Susan S Redditt
        8.3 William Redditt
         sp1 ?
         sp2 Rutha Wilson
          9.1 William J Redditt
          9.2 Mary Catherine Redditt
          9.3 Frances L Adeline Redditt
          9.4 John David Redditt
           sp Lewis Permelia Miller
            10.1 Martha Redditt
            10.2 William Marvin Redditt
             sp Margaret Saunders Johnston
              11.1 William Marvin Redditt Jr. (Writer of Redditt Family book)
               sp Elouise Abigail Smith
                12.1 William Marvin Redditt III (now Marian Gail Beddill)
                 sp Julie Catherine Gibbons
                  13.1 Steven Neal Redditt
                  13.2 Paul Eric Redditt
                12.2 Richard Stanton Redditt
              11.2 Patty Lewis Redditt
              11.3 John D Redditt
              11.4 Thomas Lonam Redditt
              11.5 Lamar Buswell Redditt
            10.3 Fannie Elma Redditt
            10.4 Eula Irene Redditt
            10.5 Murphy Lois Redditt
            10.6 John David Redditt Jr.
            10.7 Mary Selden Redditt
            10.8 Paul Edison Redditt
            10.9 "Senator" John Sayers Redditt
            10.10 Thomas Guyten Redditt  
        8.4 D. Leonidas Redditt
        8.5 David Redditt Jr.
        8.6 Rebecca Satterwhite Redditt
        8.7 Julia A Redditt
        8.8 Lafayette Redditt
        8.9 Mary Frances Redditt
        8.10 Lara Redditt
        8.11 Edward Redditt
        8.12 Eliza Jane Redditt
    6.5  Peter Redditt
     sp. Elizabeth Caradine
      7.1 Prudence Redditt
       sp. Thomas Respess
        8.1 Ransom Respess
        8.2 Anna Elizabeth Respess
        8.3 Sarah Respess
        8.4 Nellie Respess
        8.5 Asa Respess
        8.6 Easter Respess
        8.7 George Henry Respess
        8.8 Thomas Respess
      7.2 Elizabeth Redditt
       sp. Langley Respess
        8.1 Lucritia Respess 
        8.2 Frances "Fanny" Respess
        8.3 John Respess
        8.4 Rhoda Respess
        8.5 Langley Respess Jr.
        8.6 Robert Respess
      7.3 Rhoda Redditt
       sp. Hosea Gaylord
        8.1 James W Gaylord
        8.2 Louisa Gaylord
         sp. Mr Putnell
        8.3 Thomas Gaylord
        8.4 William R Gaylord
        8.5 Elizabeth Gaylord
        8.6 Asa Owen Gaylord
        8.7 Ann Gaylord
        8.8 Charles Alfred Gaylord
         sp. Ann Eliza Long
        8.9 Hosea S Gaylord
         sp. Harriet Harrison
        8.10 John Fletcher Gaylord
         sp. Sarah Frances Harrison
      7.4 William Caradine Redditt Sr.
       sp. Frances Edenfield Warburton
        8.1 Alfred Joseph Redditt
         sp. Ada Barraque
          9.1 Eugene B Redditt
          9.2 Mary Frances Redditt
           sp. Robert Dixon Bridger
            10.1 Frances Redditt Bridger
            10.2 Margaret Ada Bridger
            10.3 Eugenia D Bridger
            10.4 Ella Clarissa Bridger
          9.3 William Antoine Redditt
           sp. Alice Graham Pickett
            10.1 Ada Barraque Redditt
             sp. Charles R Ferrand
              11.1 Charles R Ferrand Jr.
          9.4 Baby Girl Redditt
          9.5 Susan Redditt
          9.6 Ella J Redditt
          9.7 Robert Rush Redditt
           sp. Nina Hebert Isbell
            10.1 Robert Rush Redditt Jr.
            10.2 Clayton Redditt
            10.3 Isbell Redditt
            10.4 Adele Adah Redditt
            10.5 Hardie Jackson Redditt
             sp1. Mrs Treanor
             sp2. Imelda Crumhorn
            10.6 Bruce Hampton Redditt
             sp. Agatha Faulk
              11.1 Robin Hebert Redditt
            10.7 Willard Isbell Redditt
             sp. Chrissie Davis
              11.1 Nina Holt Redditt
               sp. James Eugene Toups
                12.1 James Eugene Toups Jr.
                 sp. Elizabeth Ann Erwin
                12.2 Robert Michael Toups
                12.3 Joseph Redditt Toups
                12.4 William Isbell Toups
              11.2 Christine Isbell Redditt
              11.3 Adele Adah Redditt II
               sp. William Floyd Williamson Jr.
                12.1 Adele Redditt Williamson
                12.2 Nancy Scott Williamson
            10.8 Nina Estelle Redditt
             sp. Earl Myatt Harris
              11.1 Nina Sue Harris
              11.2 Earl Myatt Harris Jr.
              11.3 Robert Rush Harris
            10.9 Linus Kay Hebert Redditt
             sp1. Margaret Kemper
             sp2. Ethel Hoffman
              11.1 Robert Henry Redditt
               sp. Dorothy Thompson
                12.1 Robert Henry Redditt
                 sp. Cynthia Susan Landry
                  13.1 Autumn Elizabeth Redditt
                  13.2 Rachel Anne Redditt
                12.2 Gerald David Redditt
                 sp. Unknown
                  13.1 Jerry Redditt
        8.2 William Caradine Redditt
         sp. Susan S Redditt
          9.1 Maria Redditt
          9.2 Christian Redditt
          9.3 Louisiana Redditt
        8.3 Harriet Adeline Redditt
         sp1. William Hardison Price
          9.1 Sylvester Lemeul Price
           sp1. Martha Ann Matthews
            10.1 Charles Graham Price
             sp. Elizabeth Topp
            10.2 Richard Cross Price
             sp. Minnie Ethlyn Tillman
              11.1 Richard Cross Price Jr.
              11.2 Hattie Irby Price
              11.3 Annie Bennett Price
              11.4 Minnie Tillman Price
              11.5 Charles Tillman Price
            10.3 William Frank Price
           sp2. Susan Willis Thornton
          9.2 Franklin David Price
           sp. Anna E Redditt
            10.1 Franklin David Price Jr.
            10.2 William Hardison Price
             sp. Virginia Redditt
            10.3 Sylvester W Price
            10.4 Robert Bond Price
          9.3 Martha A Price
         sp2. William C Irby
        8.4 Frances Warburton Redditt
        8.5 David Lorenzo Redditt
         sp1. Amanda M Irby
          9.1 Mary F Redditt
           sp. L.H. Barrow
            10.1 Will Barrow
            10.2 Roera Barrow
             sp. Mr Carr
            10.3 Dave Barrow
            10.4 F. Barrow
             sp. Miss Baker
            10.5 Charles Louis Barrow
            10.6 Minnie Barrow
          9.2 E. Analiza Redditt
           sp. John Gayden
            10.1 John Gayden
            10.2 Mary Gayden
            10.3 William Gayden
            10.4 Florence Gayden
             sp. Mr. Clements
          9.3 David Redditt
          9.4 William Joseph Redditt
           sp1. Emma M Whitehead
            10.1 Mary Whitehead Redditt
            10.2 Virginia Redditt
             sp. William Hardison Price
            10.3 William Whitehead Redditt
             sp. Caroline Nye
              11.1 William Nye Redditt
               sp. Evelyn Lord
                12.1 William Nye Redditt Jr.
                12.2 William Lord Redditt
                 sp. Charline Stallworth
                  13.1 Cynthia Lou Redditt
              11.2 Virginia Redditt
              11.3 Evelyn Redditt
               sp. Frank Rice McGeoy
                12.1 Caroline Mye McGeoy
                 sp. Richard Alva Cavett
              11.4 Ralph Redditt
               sp. Vivian Bardin
                12.1 Ralph Bardin Redditt
                 sp. Patricia O'Neal
                  13.1 Lisa Patricia Redditt
                  13.2 Ralph Bardin Redditt Jr.
                12.2 Richard Perry Redditt
                12.3 Vivian Louise Redditt
                 sp. ? Hemphill
                12.4 William Joseph Redditt          
           sp2. Kate H Mohead
          9.5 Charles A Redditt
           sp. Helen B Tillman
            10.1 Helen Redditt
             sp. Mr Hardy
            10.2 Stella Redditt
            10.3 Hardy Redditt
          9.6 Virginia Redditt
           sp. Frank Price
            10.1 William Hardison Price
            10.2 Robert Bond Price
            10.3 Frank Price           
          9.7 Anna E Redditt
           sp. Franklin David Price
            10.1 Franklin David Price Jr.
            10.2 William Hardison Price
             sp. Virginia Redditt
            10.3 Sylvester W Price
            10.4 Robert Bond Price
          9.8 Edmond E Redditt
           sp. Mary Elizabeth Kennon
            10.1 William I Redditt
             sp. Lola Breedland
            10.2 John K Redditt
            10.3 Howell K Redditt
            10.4 David Lorenzo Redditt
             sp1. Maze Jones
              11.1 Earline Redditt
               sp. Gilmers Norman
              11.2 Marilyn Redditt
               sp. William F Mann
             sp2. Mary Clyde Etheridge
              11.1 David Lorenzo Redditt Jr.
               sp. Alle Rezell Guy
                12.1 Lewis Etherindge Redditt
                12.2 Wanda Janelle Redditt
                12.3 Francis Wayne Redditt
                12.4 Sebrenea Renea Redditt
              11.2 Irby Dean Redditt
               sp. Mary Louise Stuart
                12.1 Irby Dean Redditt Jr.
            10.5 Edmond John Redditt
             sp. Flora Ray
            10.6 Emma Redditt
             sp. R.P. Quinn
            10.7 Olga Redditt
             sp. J.W. Ryan
              11.1 John David Ryan
              11.2 Kennon L Ryan
              11.3 William E Ryan
              11.4 Arnold A Ryan
              11.5 Donald A Ryan
         sp2. Mary Elizabeth Sledge
          9.1 George Irby Redditt
           sp1. Mary Bellea Dorsey
            10.1 Maybel I Redditt
            10.2 Gladys Redditt
            10.3 Elizabeth Redditt
           sp2. Minnie Wadlington
          9.2 Florence Emma Redditt
           sp. Mr Bryan
            10.1 Rebecca Bryan
            10.2 Maria Bryan
            10.3 Margaret Bryan
          9.3 Thomas H Redditt
           sp. Mary Rebercca Caldwell Harris
          9.4 Albert Rush Redditt
           sp. Rosa Arnold Halsey
            10.1 Louis Rush Redditt
             sp. Lorene W ?
        8.6 Peter Edwin Redditt
         sp. Olivia Ann Redditt
          9.1 Florence Redditt
        8.7 Mary Elizabeth Redditt
         sp1. Richard Cross
          9.1 William Cross
          9.2 Joseph Cross
          9.3 Alice Cross
         sp2. Driral Mitchell
        8.8 Sarah Ann Redditt
         sp. Mr Estis
        8.9 Thomas Henry Redditt
         sp. Martha ?
          9.1 Ralph Redditt
          9.2 Muller Redditt
          9.3 Tommie H Redditt
          9.4 Edgar Redditt
        8.10 Robert Warburton Redditt
         sp. Sarah Frances Reynolds
          9.1 John Buhler Redditt
           sp. Mary Clair Carson
            10.1 Elba Redditt
            10.2 Horace Lamar Redditt
             sp. Margaret Dietzler
              11.1 Ruth Elizabeth Redditt
               sp. Martin Judson Felps Jr.
                12.1 Baby Boy Felps
                12.2 Carolyn E Felps
                 sp. Carroll John Guildry
                12.3 Martin James Felps
            10.3 John Buhler Redditt
             sp1. Mary Francis Hunter
             sp2. Marjorie Skinner
              11.1 Charles Clayton Redditt
               sp. Carol June Berry
              11.2 John Buhler Redditt Jr.
               sp. Unknown
                12.1 David Redditt
             sp3. Frances McBride Drake
              11.1 Frances Elizabeth Redditt
              11.2 Susan Harriet Redditt
              11.3 Robert Wallace Redditt
            10.4 Mary Young Redditt
             sp. Joe Hatley
            10.5 Walton Aaron Redditt
             sp. Matilda Eddy
          9.2 Horace Meux Redditt
           sp. Unknown
            10.1 Horace W Redditt
            10.2 Lillian Redditt
          9.3 Nina Redditt
           sp. T.J. Whitehead
            10.1 Nina Whitehead
             sp. Mr Hosford
            10.2 T.J. Whitehead Jr.
          9.4 Robert Warburton Redditt Jr.
          9.5 James Reynolds Redditt
           sp. Mary E Garnett
            10.1 Thomas James Redditt
             sp. Louise Long
              11.1 Thomas James Redditt Jr.
               sp. Marye Oakes
                12.1 Thomas James Redditt III
              11.2 John R Redditt
            10.2 John Reynolds Redditt
          9.6 Alice Redditt
           sp. J.W. Topp
            10.1 Alice Whitehead Topp
            10.2 Richard Sidney Topp
          9.7 William L Redditt
          9.8 Sarah Frances Redditt
          9.9 Joseph Edwin Redditt
           sp. Julia Vivian Blanks
            10.1 Joseph Edwin Redditt Jr.
             sp. Helen Esther Netterville
              11.1 Julia Esther Redditt
               sp. Jeff Thomas Bauer
                12.1 Thomas Phillip Bauer
                12.2 Joe Ann Bauer
                12.3 Dennis Ray Bauer
                12.4 Tammy Sue Bauer
              11.2 Doyle Talmade Redditt
              11.3 Bronson Morgan Redditt
               sp. Dorothy Mae Delatte
                12.1 Bronson Morgan Redditt Jr.
        8.11 Augustus Lemuel Redditt
         sp1. Cynthia Mitchell Redditt
         sp2. Eliza R Chandler
         sp3. Cynthia Mitchell
         sp4. Elizar Chandler
        8.12 Richard Rush Redditt
         sp. Marya Messill
    6.6  Alexander Terrence Redditt Sr.
     sp1. Sarah ?
      7.1 Peggy Redditt
       sp. Daniel H McCabe
        8.1 Daniel McCabe
        8.2 Alexander Henry McCabe
      7.2 Annie Sally Redditt
       sp. John Cratch
      7.3 Nancy Redditt
       sp. Teuton Major
      7.4 John Redditt
      7.5 Lodowick Redditt
       sp1. Mary
        8.1 McGibery Redditt
        8.2 William Henry Redditt
        8.3 Caroline Paseur Redditt
         sp. Charles William Bonner
          9.1 Mary Pearce Bonner
          9.2 Clarissa George Irwin Bonner
          9.3 Elizabeth Bryan Bonner
          9.4 John Bryan Bonner
          9.5 Miriam Young Bonner
          9.6 Caroline Pasteur Bonner
          9.7 Edward Pasteur Bonner
          9.8 Ella Bonner
          9.9 Mary Bonner
          9.10 Virginia Bonner
           sp. Walter Montague Hooker
            10.1 Roscoe Alston Hooker
            10.2 Charles William Bonne Hooker
            10.3 Ella Bonner Hooker
            10.4 Walter Montague Hooker Jr.
            10.5 Virginia Bonner Hooker
             sp. Lewis Milton Oden
            10.6 John Oglesby Hooker
            10.7 Percy Hughes Hooker
       sp2. Mary Pearce
        8.1 Olivia Ann Redditt
         sp. John S Peed  
     sp2. Sarah ?
      7.1 Lewis Redditt
       sp. Nelly
        8.1 James Redditt
         sp. Juda
          9.1 Sophia Redditt
          9.2 Sarah Redditt
        8.2 Mary P Redditt
        8.3 Elizabeth Redditt
        8.4 Joseph Redditt
        8.5 Peggy Ann Redditt
        8.6 Thomas H Redditt
        8.7 Lewis Redditt
      7.2 Alexander Terrence Redditt II
       sp. Mary
        8.1 William Augustus Redditt
         sp. Sophia A Stilley
          9.1 John W Redditt
          9.2 Harriett Theresa Redditt
           sp. John William Brabble
          9.3 William Augustus Redditt Jr.
           sp. Nancy Watson Davis
            10.1  Cahoa Redditt
            10.2  Mary Absley Redditt
             sp. George Fred Klingburg
            10.3  Ida Mae Redditt
             sp. Davis Mattox Orr
            10.4  Edward Alexander Redditt
             sp. Juanita H Brown
              11.1 William Gayle Redditt
               sp. Bertha Mae Driggers
                12.1 Dale Eugene Redditt
                12.2 Anita Monette Redditt
                12.3 Damon James Redditt
                12.4 Shasta Gayle Redditt
                12.5 David Wayne Redditt
              11.2 Wayne Redditt
               sp. Marilou Lurene Harris
                12.1 Michael Wayne Redditt
                12.2 Stephen Gayle Redditt
                12.3 Gregory Lee Redditt
            10.5  Caroline Hough Redditt
             sp. John Calhoun Waits
            10.6  Arkferebee Redditt
            10.7  William A Redditt
            10.8  Sophia Margaret Redditt
             sp. Warren L Story
            10.9  Nelson George Redditt
             sp. Louise Rawls
              11.1 George Calvin Redditt
               sp. Jacqueline Coby
              11.2 Charles Orr Redditt
               sp. Susan Harvey
                12.1 Kathryn Susan Redditt
                 sp1. Dale Williams
                  13.1 Jessica Susan Williams
                 sp2. ? Hammond
                  13.1 Jennifer Lynn Hammond
                12.2 Charles O Redditt
                12.3 William Scott Redditt
              11.3 Nancy Redditt
               sp. Ronald Eugene Grimes
            10.10 Dixon Irvine Redditt
             sp1. Unknown
              11.1 Dixon Irvine Redditt Jr.
             sp2. Joann Houston
              11.1 William J Redditt 
              11.2 Richard Whitney Redditt
              11.3 Barbara Claire Redditt
              11.4 Carol Annie Redditt
              11.5 John Sandy Redditt
          9.4 Appie Flynn Redditt
           sp. William Weymouth Thorn Caho
            10.1 Baby Boy Caho
            10.2 Appie Camilla Caho
          9.5 Hiram E Redditt
           sp. Georgia Cox
            10.1  Sidney Franklin Redditt
            10.2  Wilbur Warren Redditt
             sp. Helen Lathonie
            10.3  Sophia Olivia Redditt
             sp. Roy Teel
            10.4  Appie Laura Redditt
             sp. Russell Terry
            10.5  Mae Elizabeth Redditt
             sp. Elmo Lee
            10.6  Idell Virginia Redditt
            10.7  Hiram Edgeton Redditt
             sp. Doris Shumate
            10.8  Oswald Mayhew Redditt
            10.9  Guy Elbert Redditt
            10.10 Earl Ray Redditt
            10.11 Georgia Roberta Redditt
             sp. Roy Zehr
            10.12 Vivian Grace Redditt
             sp. Roy Johns
        8.2 Annie Eliza Redditt
         sp. John Edwin Leggett
          9.1 Charles Herbert Leggett
          9.2 Cornelia O Leggett
          9.3 Annie E Leggett
          9.4 Sam Leggett
        8.3 Alexander Terrence Redditt III
         sp. Emily Augusta Orrell
          9.1 Sophia Virginia Redditt
          9.2 David F Redditt
          9.3 James Franklin Redditt
          9.4 Frederick Grice Redditt
           sp. Virginia Childress
            10.1 Eugenia Maude Redditt
             sp. Herbert George ?
            10.2 Robert Lyons Redditt
             sp. Annie Strong
              11.1 Lloyd Lyons Redditt
               sp. Unknown
                12.1 Lloyd Lyons Redditt Jr.
                12.2 Charles Gray Redditt
              11.2 Virginia Mae Redditt
               sp. Mr Newberry
                12.1 William R Newberry
                12.2 Thomas Lee Newberry
              11.3 Franklin Grey Redditt
               sp. Mary Lee Lassiter
                12.1 Franklin Grey Redditt Jr.
                12.2 Mark Lyons Redditt
              11.4 Edward Robert Redditt
               sp. Unknown
                12.1 Robert E Redditt
                12.2 Julia Ann Redditt
                12.3 Marcia Lee Redditt
            10.3 Alexander Terrence Redditt V
             sp. Clara Cordelia Lay
              11.1 Turance Grice Redditt
               sp. Billie Jean Jordan
                12.1 Alexander Turnace Redditt
                12.2 Connie Louise Redditt
                12.3 Cheryl Lynn Redditt
              11.2 Emily Almeda Redditt
               sp. Mr Mills
                12.1 Charles Alexander Mills
              11.3 Clara Lela Redditt
               sp. Phil Handley
                12.1 Allen Duane Handley
            10.4 Thelma C Redditt
             sp. Harry A Tholcken Jr.
              11.1 Leah Eugenia Tholcken
          9.5 Alexander Terrence Redditt IV
           sp. Margaret Bland
          9.6 William Benjamin Redditt
           sp. Ida Virginia Harris
            10.1 Alexander Terrence Redditt VI
             sp. Mary A West
            10.2 Nina Rivers Redditt
             sp. George F Robinson
            10.3 William Harvey Redditt
            10.4 Blanche Elizabeth Redditt
             sp. Robert Russell Jeter
          9.7 Leonidas Harding Redditt
           sp. Cora Mae Boyd
            10.1 Emily May Redditt
             sp1. Wilbur Hallett Ross
              11.1 Minnie Miriam Ross
               sp. Unknown
                12.1 William Howard Brake Jr.
                 sp. Roberta Ellen Shreve
              11.2 Wilma Little Ross
             sp2. Jesse Bennett Brake
            10.2 Leonidas Bryan Redditt
             sp. Nina Belle Harris
            10.3 Ima Kathryn Redditt
             sp. Vernon H Brindell
            10.4 David Earl Redditt
             sp. Helen Spruill
              11.1 Mary Bell Redditt
               sp. B.B. Hollowell
                12.1 Margaret Sue Hollowell
                12.2 Bernard Benjamin Hollowell
                12.3 Rebecca Lynn Hollowell
                12.4 Stephen Earl Hollowell
              11.2 Barbara Spruill Redditt
               sp. Guy T Swain
              11.3 Helen Erle Redditt
               sp. Harold B Morris
            10.5 Thomas Alton Redditt
             sp1. Hilda Cayton McWilliam
             sp2. Nola H Rogers
            10.6 Zelma Elizabeth Redditt
             sp. Noah Tuten
              11.1 Alexander Redditt Tuten
              11.2 David Earl Tuten
          9.8 Emily Augusta Redditt
          9.9 Henry Han Redditt
    6.7  Constantine Redditt
    6.8  Job Redditt
    6.9  Lodowick Redditt
     sp. Sarah Oxley
    6.10 Lewis Redditt
    6.11 Sarah Redditt
  5.2 Ann Redditt
   sp. Thomas Yates
  5.3 Margaret Redditt
  5.4 Martha Redditt
  5.5 Joel Redditt
  5.6 Mary Redditt
  5.7 Joseph Redditt
   sp. Sarah Pendelton
  5.8 Isaac Redditt
   sp. Hannah Perry
  5.9 Rachel Redditt
   sp. Gabriel Manley