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Charles Henry McCorkle

Charles Henry McCorkle was also known as Henry Chalmer McCorkhill.    His father was Francis B. McCorkhill
of Tippecanoe County, Indiana.    Charles Henry chose to change the spelling of his name to "McCorkle".  
He lived in Waukegan, Lake Co., IL, for many years and was employed by Abbott Laboratories.
Below are some of his Descendants plus Articles, Obituaries and a Photo.   

Photo of Charles H. McCorkle

News Articles & Obituaries - McCorkle Family
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                Name     Date of  Birth    Date of Death                      Spouse
Charles Henry McCorkle 23 Dec 1880 IN 30 Sep 1951 IL Johanna Josephine Sullivan
       (Children of Charles H. McCorkle &   Johanna  Sullivan)     
Ruth D. McCorkle 18 Dec 1912 IL 27 May 1956 IL Dr. George Wiltrakis
Mildred Louise McCorkle abt 1916 IL 4 Jan 1966 IL Lawrence Willis
Dorothy Elizabeth McCorkle 5 May 1917 WI 18 May 1997 KY 1.Curt Herman Hadlich
2. Leslie J. VanBelkum
Marjorie McCorkle 24 Jul 1919 SD 11 Dec 1975 KY Harry Donald Sutphen
Donald McCorkle abt 1921 8 Mar 1923  
Catherine McCorkle abt 1925 IL aft 1973 1. Chet Becker
2. George H. Kegeler
              (Child of Mildred McCorkle and Lawrence Willis)    
Beverly Ann Willis 15 Sep 1936 IL 11 Jun 1994 IL   
              (Child of Dorothy McCorkle &  Curt Herman Hadlich)    
Curtiss Charles Hadlich 3 May 1938 FL 17 Apr 2008 NY Ann Louise Siddall

                                     (Note:   Descendants who are still living are not listed here.)

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