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The McCorkhill family settled in Hamilton County, Ohio, and Tippecanoe County, Indiana.   
Several of the sons served with Tippecanoe County Infantry divisions during the Civil War.    The McCorkhills connect 
to the Carson line.    Family members later lived in Clinton Co., Indiana, and in Lake and Cook Counties, IL, 
as well as in other midwestern states.   Some of the grandchildren spelled the name "McCorkle".       

                     Name                         Date of Birth     Date of Death                    Spouse
*William McCorkhill 1805 KY Before 1860 OH  *Sarah Vail  (b. 1810 OH)
     (Children of *William McCorkhill and *Sarah Vail)        
James McCorkhill      
Deziah McCorkhill abt 1829 OH    
Anna McCorkhill abt 1832 OH   1.William Russell
2. Nicholas Nieburg
Eliza McCorkhill abt 1834 OH    
*Amanda McCorkhill 1836 OH 20 Aug 1891 IN *Robert Carson
Francis Byron McCorkhill abt 1840 OH 16 Sep 1891 IN Elisabeth Ewing
Peter J. McCorkhill 25 Dec 1842 OH 26 Nov 1920 IN Asenath Mattocks
William V. McCorkhill 1845 OH  25 Oct 1925 IN Luella Wright
Sarah McCorkhill 1847 OH bef 1880 William Jessup
          (Children of Anna McCorkhill and  William Russell)    
William B. Russell abt 1854 OH    
Nettie Russell abt 1862 OH    
   (Children of *Amanda McCorkhill and *Robert Carson) See Carson page  
   (Children of Francis B. McCorkhill and Elisabeth Ewing)    
William S. McCorkhill abt 1864 IN    
George N. McCorkhill abt 1866 IN    
John E. McCorkhill 1868 IN   Annie McLaughlin
Norman E. McCorkhill 7 May 1872 IN  15 Dec 1917 IL Mary_____
Burton Jennings McCorkhill 2 Oct 1875 IN 1951 Ellen Barbara Bechtel
Charles Henry McCorkhill 23 Dec 1880 IN 30 Sep 1951 IL Johanna (Anne) Josephine Sullivan
Elizabeth McCorkhill 24 Aug 1881 IN   John Heid
         (Children of Peter J. McCorkhill and Asenath Mattocks)     
Clara Belle McCorkhill 27 Jun 1867 IN 4 Jan 1947 CA   
Cora A. McCorkhill 1869 IN   Charles W. Lewis
Drusilla McCorkhill Jul 1871 IN   Hiram M. Clegg
Oliver McCorkhill Sep 1876 IN    
Maud McCorkhill 6 Jun 1877 IN 10 May 1959 CA George Moss
Erwin McCorkhill Feb 1882 IN    
Anastasia McCorkhill Dec 1883 IN    
Vissa McCorkhill Feb 1887? IN    
   (Children of William V. McCorkhill and Luella Wright)    
Alonzo Wright McCorkhill 30 Jun 1875 IN 30 Jun 1952 IN  1. Alverta May Keister
2. Anna Ella______
Florence Myrtle McCorkhill Apr 1880 IN   1. Harry C. Salts
2. Fernando Burkhalter
Claude C. McCorkhill 1883 IN   Mae S. ________
       (Children of Burton McCorkhill and Ellen Bechtel)      ( Note:   Burt used "McCorkle" as an adult) 
Betty McCorkle b. Indiana    
Robert B. McCorkle b. Indiana    
       (Children of Elizabeth McCorkhill and John Heid)    
Albert Heid b. Illinois    
Edna Heid b. Wisconsin    
Henry Heid b. Wisconsin     
Estelle Heid b. Illinois    
Mildred Heid b. Illinois     
Loretta Heid b. 12 May 1921 IN  d. 6 Apr 2009 IN  Edwin Merwitz
John A. Heid b. Illinois    

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