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Between 1883 and 1890

Port of Wellington

Ship Port Dep Sailed Port Arr Arrived Days Captain Notes Passenger Lists Other Details
Perthshire Glasgow 08-Sep-1882 Wellington 03-Jan-1883 . Sember .

May Queen Gravesend 27-Sep-1882 Wellington 06-Jan-1883 101 G G Colville Brought out 7 standard passengers

Duncraig London 13-Oct-1882 Wellington 15-Jan-1883 94 Storm .

Pareora London 18-Oct-1882 Wellington 18-Jan-1883 92 Power . Go to URL
Gareloch London 15-Nov-1882 Wellington 09-Feb-1883 84 Donaldson .

Montrose London 07-Dec-1882 Wellington 04-Mar-1883 80 A Billet . Go to URL
Closeburn Glasgow 29-Nov-1882 Wellington 18-Mar-1883 . Anderson . Go to URL
British King Plymouth 28-Jan-1883 Wellington 19-Mar-1883 . Kelly Voyage No. 1 Go to URL
Waimea London 03-Jan-1883 Wellington 19-Apr-1883 106 Canese Brought out 5 passengers

Halcione Gravesend 06-Jan-1883 Wellington 01-May-1883 115 Parker No passengers.

British Queen SS Plymouth 24-Mar-1883 Wellington 15-May-1883 49 S Nowell Voy. 1. 415 passengers including 213 for Wellington. Proceeded to Lyttelton with some passengers for Nelson. Go to URL
Ionic Gravesend 26-Apr-1883 Wellington 12-Jun-1883 48 E O Hallett via Plymouth which it left on 28/4/1883, arrived with 400 passengers. Go to URL Invercargill Pass.
Lastingham London 13-Mar-1883 Wellington 07-Jul-1883 . Alex Morrison . Go to URL
Oxford Plymouth 26-Apr-1883 Wellington 23-Jul-1883 88 Braddock . Go to URL
Timaru London 23-Apr-1883 Wellington 26-Jul-1883 94 Duncan Fullerton .

Catalonia Plymouth 03-Jun-1883 Wellington 30-Jul-1883 57 J Talbot .

Wairoa London 19-May-1883 Wellington 29-Aug-1883 102 Holbeche . Go to URL
Wave Queen London 19-May-1883 Wellington 30-Aug-1883 103 William H Kelly .

Mercia London 16-Jun-1883 Wellington 02-Oct-1883 . T Mosey .

Pleione London 13-Jul-1883 Wellington 27-Oct-1883 106 Renaut .

Westland London 11-Aug-1883 Wellington 31-Oct-1883 81 Moffatt Brought out 321 passengers

Ionic Gravesend 21-Sep-1883 Wellington 08-Nov-1883 47 Parsall via Plymouth which it left on 22/9/1883. Brought out approx. 600 passengers. Go to URL
Orari London 28-Jul-1883 Wellington 24-Nov-1883 119 Keen .

British King Gravesend 03-Nov-1883 Wellington 22-Dec-1883 47 Kelly via Plymouth, where it left on 5/11/1883. Go to URL
Margaret Galbraith London 30-Sep-1883 Wellington 05-Jan-1884 95 M Carden .

Villalta Liverpool 01-Oct-1883 Wellington 11-Jan-1884 . Thompson .

Loch Cree Gravesend 22-Sep-1883 Wellington 13-Jan-1884 . John Jones .

Aorangi London 30-Nov-1883 Wellington 17-Jan-1884 45 W A Turpin Maiden voyage via Plymouth, Teneriffe and Hobart. Depatred Plymouth on 2/12/1883

Waimea London 03-Nov-1883 Wellington 14-Feb-1884 103 Canese .

Peebleshire Glasgow 02-Nov-1883 Wellington 15-Feb-1884 . Miller .

British Queen SS London 26-Dec-1883 Wellington 17-Feb-1884 . Wills Voy. 3. Via Plymouth, where it left on 29/12/1883, with 321 immigrants, which included 262 Govt assisted.

Invercargill Gravesend 21-Nov-1883 Wellington 20-Feb-1884 91 John Muir 45 passengers

Loch Ken Gravesend 04-Dec-1883 Wellington 07-Mar-1884 96 Wilson Mrs Wilson, wife of Captain

Halcione Gravesend 29-Nov-1883 Wellington 12-Mar-1884 111 Parker Had a few passengers.

Ionic London 25-Jan-1884 Wellington 13-Mar-1884 . . via Plymouth which it left on 28/1/1884. Proceeded to Lyttelton Go to URL Another List
Merope London 31-Dec-1883 Wellington 09-Apr-1884 100 Issac Sutherland . Go to URL
Cooleen London 01-Jan-1884 Wellington 19-Apr-1884 109 Barkley Cargo only Go to URL
British King Plymouth 15-Mar-1884 Wellington 10-May-1884 . Kelly .

The Auckland Gravesend 07-Feb-1884 Wellington 10-May-1884 93 Alex McDougall .

Victory London 26-Mar-1884 Wellington 25-May-1884 . Elcoate Brought out 470 passnegers, including 370 Govt. immigrants.

Lurline London 23-Feb-1884 Wellington 12-Jun-1884 109 Adair .

Bombay S S Plymouth 26-Apr-1884 Wellington 19-Jun-1884 . Holloway Voyage 2.

Mercia Gravesend 25-Mar-1884 Wellington 29-Jun-1884 . T Mosey No passengers

Hudson Gravesend 11-Mar-1884 Wellington 30-Jun-1884 112 Thomas .

Ruapehu Plymouth 31-May-1884 Wellington 14-Jul-1884 41 W C Crutchley Proceeded to Lyttelton
Invercargill Pass.
Zealandia London 16-Apr-1884 Wellington 18-Jul-1884 93 Phillips .

Peter Stuart London 03-May-1884 Wellington 25-Aug-1884 110 Van Stone .

Lastingham London 28-May-1884 Wellington 01-Sep-1884 . Alex Morrison Ship did not make Wellington. Was wrecked at Jackson's Head, spring 1884.

Cape Clear Liverpool 07-Jun-1884 Wellington 13-Sep-1884 . McLean Passengers - Messrs Tyler & Lenaker.

Aorangi Plymouth 02-Aug-1884 Wellington 15-Sep-1884 . W A Turpin 150 passengers

Doric London 30-Aug-1884 Wellington 17-Oct-1884 . J W Jennings .

Orari London 09-Jul-1884 Wellington 19-Oct-1884 101 Keen .

Pleione London 05-Jul-1884 Wellington 22-Oct-1884 108 Renaut .

Trevelyan Gravesend 03-Aug-1884 Wellington 21-Nov-1884 110 Arthur F Roberts . Go to URL
Piako Gravesend 18-Aug-1884 Wellington 27-Nov-1884 101 Scruby .

Lady Jocelyn Gravesend 30-Aug-1883 Wellington 01-Dec-1884 94 Watt via Portsmouth, where it left on 18/09/1883.

Helen Denny Gravesend 12-Sep-1884 Wellington 18-Dec-1884 97 James 9 passengers

Tongariro London 20-Nov-1884 Wellington 04-Jan-1885 . . via Plymouth Go to URL
Opawa Gravesend 08-Oct-1884 Wellington 08-Jan-1885 97 Mathers .

Ionic Gravesend 04-Dec-1884 Wellington 20-Jan-1885 . J G Cameron via Plymouth which it left on 6/12/1884 with 479 passengers. Proceeded to Port Chalmers.

Mataura London 17-Nov-1884 Wellington 11-Feb-1885 85 Cruickshank Cargo only

Rimutaka London 13-Jan-1885 Wellington 03-Mar-1885 . E O Hallett, R N Maiden voyage via Plymouth & Hobart Go to URL
Akaroa Gravesend 27-Oct-1884 Wellington 10-Mar-1885 130 Thomas Bowling 3, 2nd Class and 7, 3rd Class Go to URL
Halcione Gravesend 09-Dec-1884 Wellington 31-Mar-1885 114 Parker Brought out 24 immigrants. Go to URL
Dunscore London 30-Dec-1884 Wellington 01-Apr-1885 92 Hind No passengers

Villalta Liverpool 22-Dec-1884 Wellington 09-Apr-1885 . Thompson .

Kaikoura London 12-Mar-1885 Wellington 28-Apr-1885 45 W C Crutchley 364 passengers
Bluff Pass.
Highland Glen Liverpool 23-Jan-1885 Wellington 28-May-1885 . Crane .

Rangitiki London 10-Feb-1885 Wellington 28-May-1885 105 Cottier No passengers on this voyage.

Ionic Gravesend 23-Apr-1885 Wellington 14-Jun-1885 . J G Cameron via Port Chalmers

City of Florence London 26-Mar-1885 Wellington 29-Jun-1885 95 Leask 2 passengers onboard

Earl Derby London 11-Apr-1885 Wellington 23-Jul-1885 . Kerr .

Coronilla Liverpool 24-Mar-1885 Wellington 23-Jul-1885 120 Carruthers .

Kaikoura Plymouth 04-Jul-1885 Wellington 17-Aug-1885 . W C Crutchley .

Formosa Liverpool 28-May-1885 Wellington 04-Sep-1885 . McGowan .

Scottish Admiral London 22-May-1885 Wellington 04-Sep-1885 . Ross .

Zealandia London 16-Jun-1885 Wellington 29-Sep-1885 105 Phillips . Go to URL
Nelson Cardiff 15-Jul-1885 Wellington 15-Oct-1885 . . .

Otaki London 06-Jul-1885 Wellington 17-Oct-1885 102 Worster .

Canterbury London 31-Jul-1885 Wellington 24-Oct-1885 86 McMillan .

Ionic Gravesend 11-Sep-1885 Wellington 28-Oct-1885 . J G Cameron via Plymouth which it left on 12/9/1885. Proceeded to Port Chalmers.

Piako London 10-Aug-1885 Wellington 16-Nov-1885 98 J Sutherland .

Helen Denny Glasgow 14-Aug-1885 Wellington 19-Nov-1885 97 James 16 steerage passengers

Pleione London 07-Sep-1885 Wellington 27-Dec-1885 111 Renaut Arrived with 4 second cabin & 4 steerage passengers

Loch Bredan Liverpool 26-Sep-1885 Wellington 11-Jan-1886 107 Cumming .

Hurunui London 25-Sep-1885 Wellington 18-Jan-1886 114 Donaldson .

Wave Queen London 16-Oct-1885 Wellington 02-Feb-1886 107 William H Kelly .

Opawa London 07-Nov-1885 Wellington 12-Feb-1886 96 Hamon .

Candidate Liverpool 10-Nov-1885 Wellington 01-Mar-1886 . Curry .

Buttermere London 01-Dec-1885 Wellington 02-Mar-1886 . Ogilvie . Go to URL
Invercargill Gravesend 04-Dec-1885 Wellington 02-Mar-1886 88 John Muir 23 passengers

Mataura London 03-Dec-1885 Wellington 11-Mar-1886 97 Cruickshank Brought out 1 passenger

Shakespeare Greenock 25-Nov-1885 Wellington 12-Mar-1886 . Luen .

Ionic Plymouth 31-Jan-1886 Wellington 21-Mar-1886 . J G Cameron via Auckland

Oamaru London 03-Feb-1886 Wellington 07-May-1886 93 Maxwell .

Crusader Glasgow 28-Mar-1886 Wellington 22-Jun-1886 86 Scotland .

Wanganui London 22-Apr-1886 Wellington 12-Aug-1886 112 Adams .

Canterbury London 01-Jun-1886 Wellington 13-Sep-1886 104 McMillan .

Orari London 27-Jun-1886 Wellington 02-Oct-1886 96 Keen .

Doric London 09-Sep-1886 Wellington 27-Oct-1886 . J W Jennings . Go to URL
Timaru London 05-Aug-1886 Wellington 19-Nov-1886 106 Duncan Fullerton 28 passengers on board

Turakina London 23-Aug-1886 Wellington 01-Dec-1886 101 R Power .

Ionic London 04-Nov-1886 Wellington 22-Dec-1886 . J G Cameron via Plymouth which it left on 6/11/1886. Via Auckland

Pleione London 17-Sep-1886 Wellington 29-Dec-1886 103 Culbert .

Jessie Readman Liverpool 04-Oct-1886 Wellington 17-Jan-1887 105 Gibson 3 passengers

Hurunui London 13-Oct-1886 Wellington 19-Jan-1887 98 Donaldson .

Hudson Glasgow 14-Oct-1886 Wellington 01-Feb-1887 115 A H Kemp Brought out 1 family and 1 other.

Invercargill London 30-Oct-1886 Wellington 04-Feb-1887 97 John Muir .

Kaikoura Plymouth 16-Jan-1887 Wellington 27-Feb-1887 . W C Crutchley .

Doric Plymouth 30-Jan-1887 Wellington 15-Mar-1887 . J W Jennings via Teneriffe, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney Go to URL
Western Monarch Gravesend 14-Dec-1886 Wellington 19-Mar-1887 93 Cawse .

Arawa Plymouth 26-Feb-1887 Wellington 11-Apr-1887 . John Stuart . Go to URL
Aorangi London 10-Mar-1887 Wellington 24-Apr-1887 . J A Sutcliffe via Plymouth, where it left on 12/03/1887. No passengers.

Trevelyan London 12-Jan-1887 Wellington 29-Apr-1887 106 Bowling Passengers - Mr & Mrs Boothny

Ionic Plymouth 26-Mar-1887 Wellington 13-May-1887 . J G Cameron via Auckland

Port Sonachan London 07-Feb-1887 Wellington 24-May-1887 . Watt .

West Riding Liverpool 31-Jan-1887 Wellington 24-May-1887 . Thomas .

Coptic London 23-Apr-1887 Wellington 08-Jun-1887 . W H Kidley Voy. 8 - left London on 21/04/1887.

Kaikoura Plymouth 04-Jun-1887 Wellington 17-Jul-1887 . W C Crutchley . Go to URL
Arawa London 14-Jul-1887 Wellington 03-Sep-1887 . John Stuart via Plymouth, Capetown, Hobart and Port Chalmers Go to URL
Aorangi London 28-Jul-1887 Wellington 12-Sep-1887 . J A Sutcliffe via Plymouth, where it left on 30/07/1887. Go to URL
Wanganui London 06-Jun-1887 Wellington 22-Sep-1887 108 W Watt .

Rimutaka Plymouth 27-Aug-1887 Wellington 09-Oct-1887 . Turpin via Madeira, Capetown & Hobart Go to URL
Wave Queen London 30-Jun-1887 Wellington 16-Oct-1887 108 William H Kelly .

Opawa London 30-Jul-1887 Wellington 24-Oct-1887 86 Hamon .

Ruapehu Plymouth 24-Sep-1887 Wellington 06-Nov-1887 . Herbert Edward Greenstreet No passengers

Himalaya Liverpool 05-Aug-1887 Wellington 08-Nov-1887 . Patterson No passengers

Marlborough Greenock 16-Aug-1887 Wellington 20-Nov-1887 90 Herd Departed London on 20/8/1887. Via Bluff and port Chalmers. Go to URL
Kaikoura Plymouth 22-Oct-1887 Wellington 03-Dec-1887 . W C Crutchley .
Bluff Pass.
Guinevere London 05-Apr-1886 Wellington 20-Dec-1887 269 Ford .

Invercargill London 15-Oct-1887 Wellington 02-Jan-1888 79 John Muir 16 passengers Go to URL
Tongariro Plymouth 19-Nov-1887 Wellington 02-Jan-1888 41 J E Bone via Madeira, Capetown & Hobart Go to URL
Aorangi Plymouth 17-Dec-1887 Wellington 29-Jan-1888 . J A Sutcliffe .

Waimea London 09-Nov-1887 Wellington 02-Feb-1888 85 Pottinger .

Selembria London 11-Nov-1887 Wellington 10-Feb-1888 . Fowler via Teneriffe & Sydney

Pleione London 22-Dec-1887 Wellington 16-Mar-1888 84 Culbert Ship ran aground just north of Waikanae RIver on Nth Island west coast.

Ruapehu Plymouth 11-Feb-1888 Wellington 25-Mar-1888 42 Herbert Edward Greenstreet Brought out 120 passengers

07-Apr-1888 Wellington 19-May-1888 . . .

Arawa London 21-Apr-1888 Wellington 11-Jun-1888 . John Stuart via Auckland. 20 passengers for Wellington

Aorangi Plymouth 05-May-1888 Wellington 18-Jun-1888 . J A Sutcliffe No passengers

Hermione Gravesend 28-Mar-1888 Wellington 25-Jun-1888 89 J Parker No Passengers

Ruapehu Plymouth 30-Jun-1888 Wellington 12-Aug-1888 . Herbert Edward Greenstreet No passengers

Kaikoura Plymouth 28-Jul-1888 Wellington 08-Sep-1888 . W C Crutchley .

Soukar London 24-Jun-1888 Wellington 12-Oct-1888 110 J E Croker .

Arawa London 06-Sep-1888 Wellington 22-Oct-1888 . John Stuart via Plymouth, which it left on 8/9/1888.

Himalaya London 10-Jul-1888 Wellington 27-Oct-1888 107 Paterson .

Orari London 04-Aug-1888 Wellington 26-Nov-1888 113 Miller .

18-Oct-1888 Wellington 04-Dec-1888 . . .

Invercargill London 01-Sep-1888 Wellington 10-Dec-1888 98 John Muir .

Coptic Plymouth 03-Nov-1888 Wellington 19-Dec-1888 . G Burton Voy. 12

Jessie Readman Liverpool 14-Sep-1888 Wellington 01-Jan-1889 109 Gibson Cargo only

Turakina London 03-Oct-1888 Wellington 08-Jan-1889 85 R Power .

Euterpe London 03-Nov-1888 Wellington 19-Feb-1889 107 A Banks Brought out 7 passengers Go to URL
10-Jan-1889 Wellington 26-Feb-1889 . . .

Brahmin Gravesend 28-Nov-1888 Wellington 03-Mar-1889 96 McKenzie .

Tenby Castle Liverpool 29-Nov-1888 Wellington 11-Mar-1889 103 Davies .

Aorangi Plymouth 09-Feb-1889 Wellington 24-Mar-1889 . J A Sutcliffe No passengers

Mercia London 19-Dec-1888 Wellington 31-Mar-1889 . T Mosey .

Ionic London 20-Feb-1889 Wellington 09-Apr-1889 . William H Kidley via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown & Hobart

09-Mar-1889 Wellington 23-Apr-1889 . . .

Ruapehu Plymouth 06-Apr-1889 Wellington 26-May-1889 . E A Findlay No passengers

Tainui London 18-Apr-1889 Wellington 09-Jun-1889 . B J Barlow .

Kaikoura London 03-May-1889 Wellington 18-Jun-1889 . W C Crutchley .

Coriolanus England 13-Apr-1889 Wellington 15-Jul-1889 93 Torkilson .

Arawa Plymouth 15-Jun-1889 Wellington 30-Jul-1889 . John Stuart . Go to URL
Aorangi Plymouth 29-Jun-1889 Wellington 13-Aug-1889 . J A Sutcliffe No passengers

Pleione London 05-Apr-1889 Wellington 17-Aug-1889 . Ferguson .

Wairoa London 16-May-1889 Wellington 25-Aug-1889 101 R J Bungard .

Zealandia London 15-Jun-1889 Wellington 15-Sep-1889 92 Phillips .

Ruapehu London 28-Aug-1889 Wellington 13-Oct-1889 44 E A Findlay via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown & Hobart. Go to URL
Kaikoura Plymouth 22-Sep-1889 Wellington 06-Nov-1889 . W C Crutchley .

Waipa London 19-Jul-1889 Wellington 11-Nov-1889 115 Forsdick .

Himalaya London 14-Aug-1889 Wellington 06-Dec-1889 114 Paterson .

Lutterworth Liverpool 28-Aug-1889 Wellington 10-Dec-1889 102 Streater .

Arawa London 31-Oct-1889 Wellington 16-Dec-1889 . John Stuart .

Aorangi Plymouth 16-Nov-1889 Wellington 30-Dec-1889 . J A Sutcliffe via Hobart

Turakina London 02-Oct-1889 Wellington 05-Jan-1890 95 J J Hamon .

Oamaru London 26-Oct-1889 Wellington 20-Jan-1890 85 Moffat .

Coptic London 12-Dec-1889 Wellington 31-Jan-1890 . E J Smith Voy. 15 - via Plymouth, where it left on 14/12/1889.

Peri London 13-Nov-1889 Wellington 19-Feb-1890 . J Steel No passengers

Janet Court Liverpool 31-Oct-1889 Wellington 19-Feb-1890 104 Hewer No passengers. Proceeded to Port Chalmers.

Ruapehu London 10-Jan-1890 Wellington 25-Feb-1890 . . via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown & Hobart. Arrived with 73 passengers

Tainui London 23-Jan-1890 Wellington 18-Mar-1890 . B J Barlow via Plymouth & Auckland

Kaikoura London 05-Feb-1890 Wellington 24-Mar-1890 44 W C Crutchley 67 passengers - via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Cape Town and Hobart Go to URL
Doric London 20-Feb-1890 Wellington 06-Apr-1890 . J W Jennings via Plymouth, where it left on 22/02/1890

Tongariro London 06-Mar-1890 Wellington 21-Apr-1890 . J E Bone via Plymouth, Capetown & Hobart Go to URL
Akaroa London 20-Dec-1889 Wellington 29-Apr-1890 124 Cuthbert .

Opawa London 13-Jan-1890 Wellington 30-Apr-1890 107 Hamon No passengers

Aorangi London 03-Apr-1890 Wellington 19-May-1890 . J A Sutcliffe via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown & Hobart Go to URL
Coptic London 17-Apr-1890 Wellington 05-Jun-1890 . C H Kempson via Plymouth

Margaret Galbraith Sharpness 03-Apr-1890 Wellington 13-Jul-1890 101 M Carden .

Ruapehu London 29-May-1890 Wellington 14-Jul-1890 . E A Findlay via Teneriffe, Capetown & Hobart

Otaki London 17-Mar-1890 Wellington 18-Jul-1890 122 Worster .

Tainui London 12-Jun-1890 Wellington 29-Jul-1890 . E J Evans via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown & Hobart.

Lebu Liverpool 25-Apr-1890 Wellington 08-Aug-1890 105 Waddell .

Doric London 10-Jul-1890 Wellington 25-Aug-1890 . J W Jennings via Plymouth, where it left on 12/07/1890

Tongariro London 24-Jul-1890 Wellington 09-Sep-1890 . J E Bone via Plymouth, which it left on 26/07/1890.

Orari London 21-May-1890 Wellington 14-Sep-1890 116 Miller .

Arawa London 07-Aug-1890 Wellington 23-Sep-1890 . John Stuart .

Kenmore Liverpool 07-Jun-1890 Wellington 26-Sep-1890 111 Milne .

Himalaya London 13-Jun-1890 Wellington 05-Oct-1890 112 Hill .

Coptic London 04-Sep-1890 Wellington 25-Oct-1890 . . via Plymouth

Rakaia London 19-Jul-1890 Wellington 04-Nov-1890 108 Cracroft .

Brussels Liverpool 27-Jul-1890 Wellington 07-Nov-1890 . Alsop .

Ionic London 03-Oct-1890 Wellington 18-Nov-1890 . William H Kidley via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown & Hobart Go to URL
Rimutaka London 18-Sep-1890 Wellington 22-Nov-1890 . Herbert Edward Greenstreet via Plymouth where it left on 20/09/1890. Go to URL
Lutterworth London 02-Aug-1890 Wellington 02-Dec-1890 . . .

Turakina London 01-Sep-1890 Wellington 05-Dec-1890 95 R Power .

Ruapehu London 16-Oct-1890 Wellington 07-Dec-1890 . E A Findlay via Tenerife, Capetown, Hobart and Port Chalmers. Arrived Hobart 27/11/1890.

Kaikoura London 13-Nov-1890 Wellington 30-Dec-1890 . W C Crutchley via Plymouth where it left on 15/11/1890 Go to URL

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